Southland s02e03 Episode Script


- Season 2 Episode 03 - - U-Boat- Previously on Southland - I can smell the booze on you.
- From two days ago! Turn him in.
- Do it or I'll do it.
- You know I have your back.
Wait a minute, who are you? I'm Rene Cordero, your new partner.
You said I'd work alone til Russ gets back.
We're not sure he is coming back.
Dewey, stop You're being like a fucking kid! Sooner or later every police officer will learn you can't save everyone.
I think everything is fine, okay? I just thought I heard something and I need to be sure.
Okay, I want you to get into the tub.
Use this only if you have to.
Take it.
Be on the lookout for a homeless man with active TB.
He's carrying an orange blanket.
Most of you know him as Homeless Joe.
If you see him, don't approach.
Call the Health Department.
They'll come and contain him.
Okay, Cooper and Sherman are working in A43.
Garcia and Montoya are in A91.
Becker's on the front desk.
Park, you're in U-2.
Brown, you're assigned to kit room.
I'm not on light duty.
You got a problem with this, see me after the roll call.
Animal Control is doing roundups today.
If they ask for backup, do it.
What are you putting me in the kit room for? It's for your own good.
You're not safe out there.
For now, you're in the kit room.
You told me to turn in Dewey.
I do the right thing and now I'm the bad guy? - This is such bullshit.
- Go get the gear.
Dewey gets paid vacation in Palm Springs like he's some kind of celebrity and I get stuck in the kit room? You told me to do it, John.
You made me do it.
- Already have keys.
- I'm taking it.
You're in a U-boat by yourself.
You got your book signed.
You can ride alone.
It's your first time without a partner, so pay attention.
You be safe out there.
Remember your training.
Hands watch the hands.
Okay, Dad.
Don't thank me yet.
It's not even funny! Niecy James, please.
Hey, Niecy, you called me? Look, I'm sorry.
I just I've been busy, all right? I promise, I'm gonna get by there today.
Come on.
Wait a minute.
Of course I care about her, all right? I've just been busy.
People are still killing each other out there, all right? Bye.
I never heard you apologize to no one.
You don't know me that well.
What are you sorry about? It's this case from a while back.
We found this baby, Jimmy, crawling across the street by himself.
His dad put him in a box and left him in front of a power station.
He thought it was okay - to just drop him off there.
- No way.
But the mom, Brianna, she's really a sweet kid, so I told Family Services that I would become part of her team.
You know, help her make decisions, things like that.
Anyway, she's up for review and I've gotta get by there make sure she's set up right and doing the right things for Jimmy.
You want a ride? Yeah, I mean, can we do this? There aren't any dead bodies since last night, so we have a window.
- Okay, let's go.
- Give me a minute.
Yeah, Russell Clarke's room.
Can you tell him that his partner called? All right, thanks.
Hey, Jerry, you listen to music? I'm on to you.
I mean it, Coop thanks for riding with me.
You know how much this sucks? Everyone's mad at me, thinks I'm a rat.
Come on, stop, okay? It's not fucking Serpico.
It's not why no one wants to ride with you.
- Of course that's why.
- No, it's not, all right? You're a crap cop, Chickie.
You used to be a good one, but you're not anymore.
You know, say what you want about Dewey but, man, he would, he would charge right in there, right in there! You, you have been hiding behind him for years.
You should have drag his ass into rehab a long time ago, but you didn't.
Now I don't know what the hell happened to you, but you are nothing like the girl that I met.
Cut it.
- You all right? - Yeah I'm fine.
Parents home? Just my dad.
What do you want? Sir, can you explain why your kid is dressed like that? None of your business.
Seems kind of upset.
Yeah? He should have thought about that before he let those assholes take a brand-new $100 pair of sneakers off his skinny ass.
Act like a pussy, dress like a pussy.
- How long you gonna make him do this? - Long as I feel like it.
You got a problem with it? Yeah, I do.
So, arrest me, you little punk.
You think humiliating him is the answer? Look Junior G-man, why don't you just get the hell out of here.
This is private property.
You're a total dick, you know that? He touches you, call me.
Cut the grass.
Yeah, but I changed the locks.
- So, how do you think he got in? - I don't know.
That's why I'm freaking out so much.
I was out for a couple of hours for a job interview, and when I got back, my shower's on, and there's towels all over the floor.
And And this.
He pissed on it.
Right? I'm terrified of him.
He's totally obsessed with me.
- How long did you guys go out? - About six months.
That's what's so awful, it wasn't even that long.
And then, he just went insane, fired me from my job.
And he's a really big deal in the culinary world.
Thomas Sorensen.
- Yeah, I've heard of him.
- Right? Water? No, thanks.
Anyway I find out later that this is his thing.
I mean, he has a history of violence against women.
I know that he's stalked other women before.
Did you get a restraining order? No, I got an emergency protective order, because that's what they give you first.
But every time they try to serve him, the people that work in his kitchen, they protect him.
I can't even get work! Cause he's spreading these rumors about me, and it's really crazy cause I'm a really good chef! - Sorry.
- It's okay, it's all right.
Okay, look, I'm gonna fill this out, you're gonna sign it, and that way we can start documenting this.
Create a paper trail.
Okay? All right.
Sign right there.
I'm gonna give you one of these, too.
If anything happens, you call 911, but you can call me, too.
Thank you.
Thank you, Ben.
It's, like, all I've been doing all day is handing out cards.
Just thought maybe I was special.
- There's a term for that.
- Really? It's called converting on-duty contact into an off-duty relationship.
We're not supposed to do it.
I'm gonna go.
Really, thank you.
U-3, call the watch commander.
U-3, copy.
Can you swing by 2622 South Ardmore, number 12? Woman wanted to make a report.
There's some kind of language problem.
I'll have a Korean-speaking officer meet you there.
Roger that.
Lock your doors.
Look at that.
Look at it.
He's so handsome.
Brianna - where's his crib? - It broke.
I got it second-hand, and it just fell apart.
He was trying to get out, and it just busted up.
He needs to have a crib.
Why? He loves sleeping with me so much.
Hello You're being evaluated tomorrow.
Do you want to lose him for real this time? He needs a safe place to sleep, Brianna.
Do you know how many parents have killed their children by rolling over - on them in the middle of the night? - I'm working at the bakery and at one of the shelters now, and baby-sitters cost a fortune.
I can't afford a new crib.
Why didn't you call me? I'm a part of your team, remember? I'm gonna get you a crib, okay? I'll probably have to have it delivered, you need to be here.
I will, I promise.
Thank you so, so much.
I'll pay you back, I promise.
- Okay.
- Won't we, Jimmy? I'll give you a call with an ETA.
Bye, Jimmy.
See you later.
They got the call from school around 9:00.
Their son said his sister didn't get on the bus.
How old are they? Son Matthew is seven, and the girl is nine.
Her name is Jane.
The father said it's not a problem.
She wanders a little bit, she always comes home.
She "wanders" a lit She's nine years old.
He's saying he's saying no problem, they'll take care of it.
All right.
Tell him we're going to the school right now.
They can follow with you.
Hey, Sarge, we might have a missing child.
I'm gonna go to the school, see if she turned up, talk to the brother.
You gonna sulk now? I'm not sulking.
Come on.
You're contact, I'm cover.
You! Over here, pull it over.
I'm sitting at the intersection, he jumps in the car, says he won't get out unless I pay him.
I know, sir, we saw it.
Get out of the car, please.
That's not what happened.
It was a business transaction.
- I'll pay him.
- Get out of the car, please.
Please, just get out of my car.
Give him back the money, Donna.
Dude beckoned me.
Dude didn't beckon you.
Get out.
Get out of the car.
How else am I supposed to make a living? Business is slow.
- We're in a recession.
- Next time, I'll arrest you.
This is Hollywood, idiot.
Keep your doors locked.
Ask 'em, tell 'em, make 'em.
She didn't get on the bus.
She just walked away.
She does that a lot.
I started crying, and when I got to school, - I told Miss Pitts.
- You did the right thing, Matthew.
Anybody ever call you Matt? Matthew, did you see anybody at the bus stop waiting for her, talking to her or anything like that? You sure? All right, come.
Thank you.
- You searched the school for her? - Yeah, of course.
Look, I think she has Asperger's.
I told the parents, and the father got very angry, said she was normal.
We brought in an interventionist to work with her, the father threatened to sue.
I worry about her all the time.
She has almost no friends.
She likes art.
She keeps building these.
Sorry, these structures.
It's weird? She's kind of a savant.
- Can I keep this? - Yeah, of course.
I gotta call this in.
Hey, Sarge, we got an at-risk missing child.
Last seen at a bus stop at Ardmore and Harvard around 8:00.
She's got a disability.
I think she may have Asperger's.
I really think you can't go wrong with a Storkcraft.
And that's this one here? We stopped carrying some others.
Lead problems, bracket problems, - mattress collapses, you name it.
- Mattress collapses.
Really? I really like this one, honey.
You're a gorgeous couple.
Well, thank you.
- When are you due? - I'm not pregnant.
I run six miles a day, do I look fat to you? Sorry.
Give me your credit card, we're splitting this, honey.
Why would I have to split this with you? I'm gonna pay you back, it's just for right now.
Thanks, sweetie.
I'll need to have it delivered.
Yeah, room 617, please.
- You have an incisional hernia.
- What were you doing, sit-ups? Going for a new personal best? Heavy weights? So what happens now? The bulge has a loop of intestine in it.
We gotta go in and get it.
- How about the colostomy takedown? - Not, not yet.
What about the numbness and weakness in his leg? Totally normal.
The blast from the bullet caused damage to the lumbrosacral plexus.
Nerves need to heal.
Takes time.
Hey, Russ, I tried you at the hospital a couple times.
Just wanna hear your voice, say hello, something.
I went and saw Brianna, today.
Jimmy is getting so big.
Anyway, give me a call, partner.
All right? I love you.
Yeah, that's it.
She was last seen at a bus stop at Ardmore and Harvard around 8:00.
I spoke to your watch Commander.
You're clear from this, go back to handling your calls.
Thanks for your help.
Good work.
- Sherman.
- It's Stella.
Stella Holmes.
You all right? No, he keeps calling me and threatening me.
- Where is he? - He's at the restaurant.
I can hear the kitchen in the background.
It's called "Soren.
" It's in Silverlake.
I'm sorry.
I wouldn't bother you if I wasn't so scared.
It's just, it was so bad, you know? He just, he kept ranting.
Yeah, all right.
Sit tight for a minute.
I'm gonna call you back, okay? Bye.
All right, people, let's go! It's gonna be a full house tonight! Pick up the energy! Who are you? What are you doing in my kitchen?! Can I talk to you outside, please? All right, here we go.
What did she say I did this time? Tom Sorenson.
The day I hired this chick was the worst day of my life.
Did you meet her? She seems great, right? At first, yeah, - she's a total doll, and then - I'm onto you.
What you just say to me? I'm onto you.
Arrested for stalking and trespass in 2008.
- Come on, man.
Case dismissed.
- Battery, 2006.
Date rape, 2006.
- No charges filed.
- Is that how you do it? You scare 'em into dropping the charges? This is no longer a consensual encounter.
Where'd you learn that term? From the lawyers you hire after you beat up women? She was a lousy cook, and I fired her, okay? Now you tell her to stop stalking me! You touch her I'm coming after you.
Have a nice day.
Stay for dinner! Let's go, people! Keep it up! Why wasn't he wearing a helmet? I told him not to.
You what? We were filming it.
It's like a Jackass kinda thing.
Famous people never wear helmets.
You gotta be able to see their face.
Otherwise, - it could be anyone.
- Let me get this straight.
The end of the stunt going at 35 miles an hour, jumping into an empty swimming pool, and you told him not to wear a helmet? We were gonna put it on YouTube, man.
It was gonna be radical.
I bet.
You know, it's manslaughter.
He acted recklessly.
That's exactly why they're not gonna file for manslaughter.
You saying it's reckless endangerment? The parents will never let him say that he made him take the helmet off.
It's your call.
These kids aren't going anywhere.
We'll run it by the DA.
They've gotta live with this for the rest of their lives.
What are you looking at, pig? Wanna grab a quick bite? No, I'm gonna run by the hospital and say hi to Russ.
I'll drop you off at the station, all right? You think that's a good idea, - you going to see him all the time? - What? He's lying in a hospital bed, and you're still calling him "partner.
" That can't make him feel good.
You should let him go a little bit.
You're telling me how to treat this man you've never even met before? You're kidding me, right? You don't know anything about us.
You don't know anything about our bond.
I'm just trying to give him hope and let him know I'm there for him.
I'm sorry.
I'm just saying calling him "partner" all the time and trying to keep him up-to-date with cases, I just think, I don't know Look, just stay out of it, all right? It's none! It's none of your business, all right? You're driving too close to them.
What are you trying to do, the PIT maneuver? Look in your rearview mirror.
See the dope they just threw out of the car? If you weren't so far up their ass, you'd have seen that.
Go get the dope.
Driver, put your hands outside the car where I can see them.
Passenger! Put your hands outside of the vehicle where I can see them.
U-3, report back to 2622 South Ardmore.
See the mother of the missing child.
Roger that.
Ma'am, please come over here, kneel down, and lay flat on your stomach.
- I can't.
- Ma'am? I'm pregnant.
Keep your eyes on her.
Control her.
Don't look at me! Ma'am, come over here.
- Felony kneeling.
- Kneel down, put your hands above your head.
Now! Do it! Hands above your head! No frigging command presence.
She said you had kind eyes.
She wants to show you something in the house.
Ask her if they've ever taken Jane there.
I'm sorry.
I'm looking for somebody.
Excuse me.
Looking for a little girl, 9 years old, Korean.
You see anything like that? What kind of car was she driving? Look, if I had seen a little girl walking by herself, don't you think I'd turn her in? Try the west garage.
Got a card? Give you a call if she turns up.
What are you doing? I'm writing.
What are you writing? My blog.
Thought you were gonna give that up.
Why would I stop blogging about my life? Did you write about me getting shot? Yes.
It happened to me, too, Russell.
Did it, Dina? Cause I don't see you with a piss bag and tubes coming out of you.
I don't see you having your intestines carved out.
You got time.
Visiting hours are still another hour.
Come on in.
you're probably never gonna get to do again! It's not a good time.
I'm sorry.
Cause she's obsessed with the Nokia Center.
Is there any way people can get back up in here? You got any other monitors? Any other angles, anything? All right.
Are you Jane? The stage measures No seat is further than 220 feet from the stage.
Orchestra has 4,340 seats.
The seats are 231/2 inches wide.
That's great.
Come on.
It's not a problem.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
You make sure you get her some help.
Okay? Make sure you get her help? It's okay.
No problem.
No problem.
- Sherman.
- Ben, it's Stella.
I think he's here.
I keep hearing things outside my doorway and I think he's got a key.
All right.
Hang up and call 911.
Do it now, Stella! See, the thing with police work? It's a perishable skill.
You know, you don't use it, you lose it.
Maybe you're not cut out for the street anymore.
Then you can go over to - the communications division.
- Just Shut up.
You wanna take a gun off the street? Sir.
Turn around.
Put your hands in the air.
Turn around.
Put your hands in the air.
Interlace your fingers behind your head.
Spread your legs.
How'd you know? I have cop eyes, just the same as you.
You missed this one.
Breathe! Breathe! Come on, breathe! Sherman, we got this! We got it! Do something! Help her! Control 118-16 to 1097.
We're code four on that 242.
Be advised.
Victim is non responsive at this time.
You okay? Fine.
Everybody's congratulating me like I did something great.
I hit that guy, hard.
He had cuffs on.
I don't know where the lines are.
You got a lot of power out there.
You can't get control of it, maybe you shouldn't be here.
Everyone, when getting out of the academy, thinks it's all black and white.
But you know what? It isn't.
We live in the gray.
We live there.
Now you know what you're capable of.
That's it! Who? You? - How could you do this to me? - You deserved it.
Coming in here with your fancy pictures, thinking you're all that.
I'm sorry about before.
No, it's all right.
I should have kept my big mouth shut.
Like you said, none of my damn business.
No, I think you're right.
I need to give him his space.
I woke up today cause I had a dream about him.
I was in the shoot-out, but I wasn't shooting Marta's kid.
I was shooting Russell.
It just I don't know.
It just stuck with me all day.
It must be hard.
Knowing how much he loved it.
Not knowing if he'll make it back.
Survivor's guilt or whatever they call it.
You know what? Let's go get a drink.
Let's go.
Where? - Where? - Yeah, Hollywood, you're so slick.
I don't wanna end up on Sunset Strip with a bunch of teenagers drinking fancy $20 martinis.
- Did you just call me Hollywood? - I did.
Hollywood? - Hollywood.
- You do know I'm from the Bronx? Thanks for coming.
I once had to do CPR on a baby.
Was eight nine months old.
She had choked on a piece of apple.
By the time I got there, she was dead, but, I couldn't stop.
I'd give her two breaths, compressed her chest two more breaths, compressed again, just over and over and over.
I dreamt about her for a long time after that.
A couple years.
Once in a while, I still dream about her.
That I save her.
You can't save everyone.
Owes me a favor.