Southland s05e01 Episode Script

Bats and Hats

Hey! Sherman.
Poster boy, come on, man.
This is your night.
Yeah! Oh, no, no, no.
I'm done, man.
I'm done.
I'm done.
Hey, hey, hey.
Your night.
Party! Yeah! All right.
Enjoy it, Sherman.
Ohh, man! Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! We hold cops to a higher standard because we give them a gun and a badge.
Only trouble with that is they're recruited from the human race.
Christopher crying ] Little man can eat.
Yeah, if you pick him up every time, he cries.
Well, I'll sleep-train a baby if I know his tummy is full.
But he might have gone a little bit longer if you fed him on both sides.
I thought he was done, okay? Are you getting any sleep at all? Yeah, from about 4:00 to 4:25.
Look, I-I got to go.
Oh, I don't know how you do it.
From nursing a baby to examining a corpse? Must feel strange.
Which part? And it's a rape, actually.
Oh, you know, there's only six ounces in the fridge! There are four bags in the freezer.
So, I've been thinking Maybe April We rent a house in Palm Springs.
Use up some of your days.
I don't know.
No, you never do.
You serious? We're gonna have that conversation? Because I don't It's not just the house, John, and you know it.
Oh, God.
I'm 36 years old.
It's been three years.
Are we really still just two guys banging each other? Please, stop moving my gun.
Then stop leaving it by the bed.
Maybe we want kids, huh? Some real meaning in our lives? Or if we're just gonna say, "screw all that," let's at least do it together.
I like things the way they are.
How many times do I got to say that? At this rate, not many more.
Uh, you know that they say when you actually use coupons, it's it's almost like an endorphin release.
It's sort of like, you know, even using drugs or eating a good meal.
It makes people feel good physically when they use coupons.
Don't know if you knew that? Whatever however good you feel, the guy behind you doubles that in depression.
I got screwed the other day.
I was in Vons, and this lady behind me had two items, right? And I got like a cart full of crap.
So I said, "Hey, you want to go ahead of me?" And she goes, "Oh, you know, okay, sure.
I'd love to.
" They're both returns.
Oh, no.
She's returning a dairy product.
You're late.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Fountain was a total piece of shit.
Might want to, you know, plan for that next time.
And watch your mouth.
Hey, buddy.
Hi! What's happening? I know you want mommy's sunglasses, but she needs them when she drives, okay? Okay? There you go.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Still with one shoe? Oh.
Sammy, please.
You know he doesn't like to wear his shoes in the car.
I've got it right here.
We were rushing, okay? What's with the crappy car seat? Huh? Read the ratings it's not safe.
The other one was $200, and I can't afford it, okay? Give me a break.
What, it's not worth it? Where's my child support going? Huh? See? This isn't how daddy should speak to mommy, okay? Come on.
Come on.
What whoa.
Really? You're drinking in the morning? What? You smell like a brewery.
What the hell are you are are you taking video right now? W hey, hey.
Um, you're acting a little paranoid.
Can you calm down? Acting paranoid? What are you what are you doing? What kind of sick person tries to bait her kid's father into taking a swing at her? Wait, taking a swing? We're talking about violence.
You're a fit mother, Tammi? Whoa.
Calm down, okay? Calm down? Calm down.
No one's talking about taking a swing at anybody except for you.
Well you need to get some help.
You're crazy.
Back away, okay? Let's just back away.
Another rough night? Well, you still you still look all right.
What happened? Anonymous 911 call, Said they saw a man in a red jacket raping someone who looked dead.
Left no other information.
Just hung up.
The suspect left his pants? Those are our victim's.
Armando Guerra.
EMT said when they found him, he was unconscious, naked from the waist down, and bleeding.
What's wrong? Okay? He took the whole bottle.
Mom, I don't need to get the play-by-play, okay? Just call me when something's wrong.
Hey, you're, uh you're leaking.
I'm sure you all heard, Patrol shot and killed a suspect last night in a foot chase on East Romaine.
Turned out he was unarmed.
Officers fired three rounds when they saw him reaching for his waistband.
He was probably trying to keep his pants up.
You sag, you gag, baby! You cut me off again, Dudek, you'll hump the pine till you get hemorrhoids.
Anyone else shares his view, keep it to yourself.
This is the second fatal shooting of an unarmed teen in six weeks in the same hood, so tensions are off the chart.
You got to use your heads out there when engaging the community.
Safety first, but restraint when possible.
Now roll out.
Fill up the tank.
I'll be down in five.
Well, I checked the tank, sir.
It's 3/4 full.
How about your taser? You got half a charge in that, too? Fill up the tank, Steele.
Yes, sir.
Everything all right? Yeah.
Kid's a little salty getting under my skin.
Why did you let him go short sleeves? I didn't.
Hey, you want to trade? Seriously.
I mean, I'll take the ex-soldier that can bench-press a Volkswagen.
You can have my little, And before you say no, she's a black belt when it comes to leafing through the manual and fiddling with her hair bun.
I can wire that up, Cooper, if you don't think you can get his mind right, huh? Thank you, sir.
Uh I'll handle him.
And on March 13, 2012, the suspect shot into their cruiser, injuring his partner, Officer Bryant.
But this did not deter him.
It just increased his vigilance.
Then, a week later, on patrol, supported by Officer Ferguson, he encountered the suspect again.
In the foot chase that followed, he was forced to shoot and kill the suspect when the suspect pulled a gun.
So, for his courage in protecting the people of Los Angeles, I am proud to award him today with the police star for bravery.
Officer Ben Sherman.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
It's an honor.
Thank you.
Thanks very much.
Hey, what can you do? - I don't know.
Officer, great news looks like your face will be appearing on all our new recruiting materials.
Okay? Good.
Thank you.
That's that's terrific.
They asked.
No, no.
I just got to get used to it riding with a celeb.
What's next? "Dancing With the Stars"? Oh, that's good.
That's good.
There is a party tonight in your honor.
Hey, don't go wide.
Just our circle.
Thanks a lot.
Appreciate it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
That's cool.
Right there.
Good eye, Steele.
Shouldn't we hook her up? What scrape the dope off her shoe for a weak felony the D.
will toss? I thought we were about enforcement.
We are.
We're the brain.
Got to learn to fish, Steele.
That one You throw back.
Whoop-whoop! Whoop-whoop! This is a different war, huh? They hate us there, they hate us here.
If you wanted to be liked, you should have been a fireman.
Hey! Get over here.
Come close to my car 'cause you want to shoot me? No.
No? No, sir.
No, sir.
"No, sir"? Oh, we got religion all of a sudden.
You toss the gun back there? 'Cause I could have sworn I saw you toss something.
No, sir.
No? No.
The very least, I got you for impeding traffic.
Should I haul your ass in? No, sir.
Get on your bike and get out of here.
We ignore the obvious drug offense, but you make that kid shit his pants? Our crack whore will be here tomorrow.
Now there's a chance that kid won't be.
Neighbor reports seeing a man brandishing a knife through the window of a house at 4848 Coyle.
Show us responding.
Code 3.
Show us code 6.
Hey! Holy shit.
Aah! Jerry! Shit! Jerry! Aah! Aah! Aah! Don't shoot! Don't shoot me.
It's a joke? I'm sure the final cut will be.
Get up, numb nuts.
You almost had a real nightmare on your hands.
I told you, Jerry.
We should have told the neighbors! I wanted their real reactions.
It sucks when things look fake.
You know what else sucks, Jerry? It sucks when people are robbed and raped while the cops are out dealing with a bunch of rich kids who are making a C-minus horror flick because they think it's gonna make them famous.
Hey, we okay, we have a permit.
To be a dip shit? You want that shoved up your ass? You turn it off right now.
You have a nice day.
Yes, Jerry? Could You guys if we roll, possibly drive up again? No, Jerry.
I'll put your names in the credits.
Oh, and maybe take out your guns.
Oh, yeah.
Why not why why just take them out? Yeah, why not pistol-whip you, too? Steele.
And don't worry.
It'll look real.
Seriously, let's go! Action! Hey! Hey! Somebody call it! Let's go.
Have a nice day, Jerry.
So now, not only do I have to pay for the entire custody battle, that bitch is trying to make me out to look like some kind of a wife beater So she can win custody.
On my nickel! Yeah.
Is that messed up or what? Yeah, just watch the road.
She looked like crap, too, like she'd been sniffing glue all night.
I know that the law favors mothers.
I know that.
But Tammi is not a mother.
She's just an egg donor.
So, uh what's with the new haircut? Is that the "Police Star" special? I just cut it different.
You made them do it like that.
What, are they remaking "Taxi Driver"? Thought you might audition? I think you're jealous 'cause you could never pull it off.
Trust me, that's not it.
You good? No.
But I'm dressed, if that's what you mean.
Unbelievable what women put up with.
God is definitely a man.
Patrol find any wits? Nope, but we do have two cameras.
One's an ATM.
And the camera from the bank across the street? And the other is a security camera from the building next door got a better angle.
Phone calls out to both of them.
Just covering all our bases here, Lydia.
I'm sorry.
Christopher wailed all night.
I finally know why babies are shaken.
Why don't you let me see a picture of your handsome, little devil? You saw the picture on my desk.
You don't have a picture of your baby on your phone? No, I don't.
Call DCFS.
Our rape victim just woke up.
We are code 6.
Manager called it in already.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Police! Police! Police! Police! Get down! Get down! I'll kill you! Hey! Hey! Get off him! Hey! Get off him now! Now! Stay down! Stay down! Stay down! A36.
Need an R.
Unit at our location.
Stay down.
What are you doing? Applying pressure till the EMTs get It's a gay bathhouse, man.
You want to get AIDS? Leaving Nate to Tammi? Let the EMTs handle it.
Apply pressure.
It'll stop the bleeding.
You'll be fine, man.
Use your head.
We're in here.
In here.
Want to talk about what happened back there with those kids? You going off on them.
Blood, guts all fun and games until you've been in it for real.
What, you gonna give them a beat down in uniform as a cop? I was just making a point, same as you with the kid on the bike.
No, the difference was I was in control and you weren't.
Maybe I'm just a better actor.
Getting hot, huh? I bet you're glad you're in your short sleeves.
Even though, as I'm sure you know, it's the T.
that makes that call.
Lets the Boot go short sleeves when the Boot's making progress.
I didn't see that in the manual.
It's not in the manual.
It's tradition.
Well, I feel no connection to it.
But now that you mention it, yeah, it is hot today.
You know, why the hell did you sign up for this? Huh? With that attitude? What, do you think you played varsity running around kandahar clearing I.
s or whatever the hell it was you did? Why are you here? I'm here because the lumber yard near my house offered me The L.
offered me $50,342 a year with benefits a true no-brainer.
I'm sorry if that pisses you off.
Finish up.
We're done for now.
Let's go.
That's right.
You didn't think that was gonna you didn't think about anything.
All right, all right, chill.
Hey, Armando.
Excuse me.
I'm Detective Adams.
This is my partner, Detective Robinson.
Did you guys get the pendejo who robbed him? Well, we're doing our best.
Why don't you tell me what happened, man? Pardon us.
Uh, I went to this club, you know, and I got wasted.
They told me, "Don't walk home alone," but, nah, I was stupid.
I didn't listen.
Next thing I know, somebody jumped me from the back, and he took my cellphone and my wallet.
I fought back, but you know what happened.
You were shit-faced, ese.
If not, that guy would be dead.
Did you get a look at the guy? No.
That's all I remember.
And then I woke up here.
What do say we talk for a minute alone, huh? What? Why? You asking me why? Um, our, uh, idiot supervisor, he makes us do these statements one-on-one.
I know it's stupid, but we can get in a lot of trouble.
Yeah, no, it's cool, Pia.
Just, uh, go get me some chips or something.
Hey, but not barbecue.
Those taste like ass.
All right.
Excuse us.
Armando, the 911 caller that saw you being assaulted last night she said you were being raped.
What? The paramedics said that when they found you, your pants were off, and you were you were bleeding from the anus.
We're gonna need to get your consent to do a rape kit so that we can get DNA to match any potentials.
No, no.
I must have fell or something Like, jumping over a fence.
Listen you'll want to get tested for HIV, for Hep-C, and Did you not hear what I just said? Yes, I heard you.
Are you hearing us? Do me a favor don't go telling Pia or my friends any of this shit.
I've got my rights.
I'll sue you.
Yo, man.
You're, like, calling me.
Ah, let me have it.
Hello? Uh, no.
I'm his girlfriend.
Yeah, you found the phone.
It's our friend's phone.
He was he lost it.
It was stolen and reward? Yeah.
Say, like, 100 bucks? Cool.
We'll meet you there.
You make it to that age and then get knifed in the shower? I hate these calls.
It's better than dead kids.
Those haunt me.
So, tonight, we rented out Cheetah's, 8:00 to 10:00.
A private show, no civilians.
It's just to get things started, then we'll see where we wind up.
Yeah, okay.
She was in the backyard reading with her hearing aid off.
Didn't even know it was happening.
What do you think? Flocking Crew? Maybe BMKs? TV's gone, all their jewelry.
I bet someone knocked.
No one answered.
They thought no one was home.
They're sisters.
Never married.
Lived together 60 years.
These are the detectives I told you about.
Okay, I'll check up on you later, okay? Okay.
Hey, sis.
I was just doing my job.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's pretty exciting.
Yeah, it's crazy, right? Yeah, I bet he liked it.
Uh, you know, tonight's not good for me, but, um You couldn't have just said "Starbucks", huh? How about you get it next time? No red jacket.
You the guy who bought the phone? Shit.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Come on, man.
Hey, don't make me.
Don't make me.
Come on, man! Hey! Stop! Yeah.
Next time, I pick the place.
Hey, I got to take a piss! You'll wait till I'm done here.
No, man bad.
I can't hold it.
All right, go ahead.
In my pants? You got to go, you got to go.
Next time, wear a diaper.
You all right? Eh, just that old lady.
You know, can't quite shake it.
I know, man.
It sucks.
You answer the door, they might kill you.
You don't answer, the same.
No escape.
It's awful.
You're so sympathetic, you take a call near the victim.
It's my sister.
About the medal.
She was calling to say congrats.
All of us could hear it.
The old lady was practically deaf.
It's just not very professional.
Got to get a pen.
Man, come on! I'm gonna piss myself.
Whip it out for me.
Shut up! Shut up! I don't care.
Please, man.
You know what? Stand up.
You know I got your I.
and your keys.
You're not gonna run, are you? Over here! 911! Over here! Someone's shooting! They were shooting! There were two shots! Two shots! See anybody run out? No, no! All right, get back! Where are you going? Hey! Help! Oh, my God! There were two shots.
They're still in there.
Oh, my God.
Drop it.
Drop the gun! Hands on your head.
Hands on your head! I killed him! Oh, Jesus! I didn't mean to kill him! Worked.
Barry! Barry! Oh, my God! Are you okay, man?! I'm so sorry, Barry! What the hell are you two thinking? Lady pawned it yesterday.
Get up.
I don't sell no crap nothing I won't stand behind.
That was very conscientious of you.
He had me shoot him to test it.
You're lucky he didn't ask you to stick it up your ass and pull the trigger.
Why would I do that? What happened here? Oh.
I missed the first time.
No, give me that back.
Thank you.
Permission to toy with these people, sir.
Or do you want them all to yourself? You take them.
There's a law against that, you know.
Let me know if you see any coppers.
What? You know what? Screw her.
She wants to take Nate to San Diego over Presidents' Day, which is my weekend.
I do backflips to stick to the court-approved schedule.
She can, too.
N- o.
" Sammy, baby carriage.
Just testing, man.
What's the matter with you?! I was just testing you, man.
Put the phone down.
"Just testing"? You know what? I don't exactly like listening to this shit 24/7.
You know what put the phone down.
Have kids someday.
You'll understand.
How do you know he's really yours? We did a paternity test.
And who told you the results? The lab.
On the phone.
You don't think Tammi could have had one of her burn-out pals make that call? I mean, Victor's not paying for San Diego.
You are.
He wants to take pictures of parking meters and call it art.
Meanwhile, you're forking over child support and alimony.
I mean, Tammi's no genius, but she's smart enough for that.
Of course he's my kid! He's got my feet, my personality.
You're being a dick.
Hit and run.
The Taliban uses P.
s to test out body armor.
Different worlds, man.
You talk a lot about the war.
Well, I did two tours.
It's kind of hard not to.
Did you ever serve? All through high school.
Baskin-Robbins down on Crenshaw.
I bet you were an asset.
Oh, I dug a mean rocky road.
What about college? No, I dodged that bullet, too.
I learned all I need to know right out here.
You got any advice? You really asking? Yes, sir.
Treat it like a circus.
"It"? All of it.
It starts to get to you, just remember "Circus.
" That's been working out for you? Well, I haven't gone postal yet.
You're not gonna talk? It's him.
I can feel it.
No alibi.
Won't look at me.
Hey, I'm right there with you, partner.
But he's too smart to roll.
At least until we have more.
I'm not sure this will help.
Please, tell me he looks up.
Not for the entire six minutes.
We need Armando's rape kit.
We think he's done this to at least two other people.
Okay, if you don't help us, he's gonna walk.
Yeah, that's not my problem.
And stop saying, "did this.
" All he did was steal my shit.
Now, can you please leave me alone? That button right there if you want to know the truth.
I know I would.
That isn't me.
Get the out of my room.
They're gonna say I must have wanted it or I would have fought back.
I could have been a man.
A man gets justice.
Let them give you this rape kit so we can put this guy away.
- Rape kit? - What the My boyfriend didn't rape nobody.
Come on, chill, Pia.
Some girl got raped last night right 'round where I got rolled, and cop here was just asking if I saw anything, you know? He told you.
He was wasted.
Why don't you go get the guy, not harass him about some rape? We're on it.
Mendoza text you about tonight? Nope.
Must have missed the cut.
He probably just forgot.
It's, uh, Cheetah's 8:00.
Just for kicks, then we'll move from there.
I got Nate tonight, man.
Not sure I can make it.
Oh, come on.
What is this? That's "Flaco" and "Cuete," but who's that other dude? I don't have a clue.
Hey! Hey! Shots fired.
Suspect down.
Corner of All right, I got him.
Go, go, go, go! I got two suspects heading north on foot the alley behind Douglas.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Freeze! Put it down! Put it down! Man, I swear I'm a On your knees! I'm a cop! Get on your knees! On your knees! I'm a cop! Hands behind your head! I swear it! Hands behind your head! Dude, I'm a I'm a cop.
Over your head! I'm a cop, man.
I'm a cop.
Officers requesting backup.
Possible disturbance on the 5000 block of East Romaine.
That's the hood where those kids got shot.
Reply to call.
Show us en route.
Kid that got killed last night lived a couple blocks over on Edgemont.
I read the bulletins.
It's a habit.
Here we go.
Are you okay? Whoa! A57.
Show us taking rocks and bottles.
Come on! This side! Stay close! Okay, stay close.
Dewey! What's going on?! Come on! Come on! Come on! Who's in charge? Hey! Get those kids out of here now! - Back up, people.
Back up.
- Back up! Back up! Get them out! Get them out! They're crazy over there! Man, go.
Come on! Come on, ruben.
Don't go soft on me.
I got a baby at home.
I don't need another one at work.
All right, listen.
Make it fast.
I can't ask background questions forever.
All right.
You get out.
I already had this talk with your partner.
I know.
He told me.
Well, I don't care what he told you.
That 911 call was a prank.
The bitch was just high.
I got robbed.
Now can you please get out? What? There's been a terrible mistake.
Your family, friends, Pia they know about the video.
It was an accident.
We were showing the video to our lieutenant.
We didn't know your family was around, and your dad got a glimpse of it.
He engaged us about it, and We had no choice but to show it to him.
We're so sorry.
Oh, no, "so sorry.
" Your mother and father, they they want to see you.
They're fine.
But your friends and Pia, I'd give them a bit more time.
So, the secret's out now.
Let us get who did this to you.
Do the rape kit and get your blood tested.
God, I wish I were dead.
You don't wish that.
Look, don't make a big production out of it.
Just just just clean it up, okay? What are you what are you doing? Just put that down.
Go to the car.
Stop touching shit.
What just let me have that.
Let me have that.
You gonna live? Me? Yeah, man.
I've never been better.
I just wish I'd shot more of these bastards.
If it was half of them would be in the morgue by now, and you and me would be at the bar drinking, right? What was that? Your Boot just give me attitude? You still want to trade? Jesus, man.
Freaking Boots.
Hey, uh, who was the incident commander? Sergeant Crespo allegedly.
He was working the phones at first until he shrunk into his car and lost his water.
They just started shooting at us and innocent kids! Oh, yeah, real innocent.
Screaming and yelling, grabbing, punching.
One of them came after me with a hammer.
Then I got hit in the head with a bottle.
Am I gonna lose an eye over this, Johnny? Mother are lucky that I was shooting rubber bullets.
I'll tell you that.
A buddy of mine says they got more craziness over on Silver Lake.
Welcome to the info age.
Instant riots, just add Tweets.
Can I get some, uh some help here? You get sewn up, bro.
I'll see you at the station.
All right, man.
A few idiots lose their minds, and now we all got to pay for it.
We came in at the end.
What, are you gonna Monday-morning quarterback it now? Isn't it obvious? What's your point, Steele? Just that it's pointless.
Us, them the whole goddamn thing.
What is this? Take a deep breath, officers.
We've got to tell you something that will require your understanding.
Thank you, Captain.
Gentlemen, what you rolled into was supposed to be an integrity check.
Half the gangsters were U.
s posing as drug dealers.
Rocks of crack were planted in the gutters.
What we wanted to see is if any of the cops that rousted them would try to pin the dope on them anyway.
Regrettably, when you showed up, so did some real assholes.
Asked our guys where they were from, all hell broke loose.
So, on behalf of I.
, I've come down here personally to apologize.
That's it? You knew about this? No.
It was all I.
So, you pull this kind of nonsense in a gang-infested area? How felony stupid are you, huh? Sammy.
What about your integrity, huh, sir? Who's checking you? Come on.
Come on, Bryant.
He is trying to apologize.
Yeah, yeah, I see what he's trying to do.
He's trying to toss me some empty "sorry" so he can sweep it all under the rug, right? Well, I risk my life out here every day.
You're gonna have me shot or make my kid an orphan that you might find a dirty cop? Is that it? Sammy.
Go yourself.
"Integrity check.
" Holy shit.
You lied to me.
Pia came in here.
She got me this.
She acted totally cool.
I could tell she didn't know.
You lied.
What kind of a person are you? It's good news, right? And since you're 18, you can keep it from them forever.
Your choice.
Any word on those tests? The doctors will let you know if the blood shows something.
No, I mean the other.
Not yet.
We'll keep you posted.
Take care.
You're a real bitch.
So, uh, Mendoza's going nuts.
He's buying everybody lap dances.
You want one? No, I've had my fill.
I got to get home to Nate.
All right.
Crazy day, huh? Listen um congrats on the medal.
I've been meaning to tell you that.
Thanks, man.
Appreciate it.
Say hey to the kid for me.
I thought your nephew flew in from Phoenix.
Called the detectives.
They said that they reached him.
Daniel? Yeah, Daniel.
His plane got kept back.
When will he get here? When will Daniel come? Oh.
He said late, I think.
I'm gonna stay.
Coker, is that okay with you? I'm gonna stay till he gets here.
Just got to take care of my babysitter.
What are you doing? I have to go to the bathroom.
Not there.
Coker, did nobody clean the bathroom? Didn't the detectives tell you you could pay someone that there's people that will do that for you? Hey! Sherman.
Poster boy, come on, man.
This is your night.
Yeah! Oh, no, no, no.
I'm done, man.
I'm done.
I'm done.
Hey, hey, hey.
Your night.
Party! Yeah! All right.
Enjoy it, Sherman.
Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Get off the car.
Put the gun down.
Get down.
Get down! Get off the car and put down the gun! Just get out of here.
Go, go, go.
What? You need to go.
I take my days just like all the rest of you guys.
Don't be stupid.
Get your ass out of here.
I'll take care of it, okay? Go! Yo.