Southland s05e03 Episode Script


He was left, right? He was left-handed.
The L.
serves four million people speaking over a hundred different languages.
Sometimes, things get lost in translation.
You're one of my best guys.
What the hell is going on? I explained it already.
You're short on T.
I was glad to help.
But I am done training Boots.
You don't like kids these days, fine.
That's why we need you.
You see a problem, you don't run away from it.
Oh, who says I am running? This about the shootout? Something like that will shake anybody up.
It isn't that.
I gave BSS all the right answers.
I'm clear.
You caught a round.
How's your bill of health? Clean.
Before you ask, my back isn't an issue.
Maybe I'm just sick of hearing my own voice.
Oh, bullshit.
You take some time.
You think about it.
Till then, you got your wish.
You're riding with a senior guy.
Lucero, right? First name's Henry.
Just call me Hank.
You transferred in.
You don't know the streets.
I do.
I'm driving.
I was born and raised in Lincoln Heights.
That's great.
You ever been a cop in this division? Hey, Coop, you going to Hicks' tonight? Oh, a bunch of retired cops on a boat in the marina? How could I miss that? Bring your Speedos, fool.
I ain't skinny-dipping with your ass again! Hey, hey, some guys down at the harbor said they know you.
You seen Dee lately? Dee? Deez nuts.
That supposed to be funny? What are you, 16? What are you -- someone that needs glasses? Look around.
You ain't riding with some Boot.
Never heard of deez nuts before? All right, you ask somebody if they know, uh, Dee.
Or better yet, if they, uh, know Bofa.
Bofa these nuts.
I think I get the concept.
I heard about your Boot washing out.
Your boy was probably too tense.
That ain't me, okay? Not a day goes by that I don't laugh, all right? Let's roll.
Never walk to school alone.
Always walk with a group of children.
Isn't that right, Samuel? Oh.
Sure, Benjamin.
But you can also walk with a responsible adult.
You sure can! So, there are many ways for us to avoid -- all together now, children Stranger danger! Yay! Yay! Hey! Pretty cool stuff.
Okay, class, I think we have time for a few questions for Officer Bryant and Officer Sherman.
Yeah, go ahead.
Um, officer Sherman, is that really you on the poster? They were, like, super excited to know you were coming in.
Uh yeah, I'm just -- I'm honored the department asked me to do it.
Uh, any questions for Officer Bryant? Yeah.
Yeah, Officer Bryant, did you shoot my uncle in the leg? Uh, I think we want to stay on topic, don't we? Um, maybe Officer Bryant can give us some examples about how to protect ourselves from stranger danger.
Oh, well, uh Y-you know, w-we're here to p-protect you guys, and, uh, but there are people out there like this guy we arrested last week.
He was, um, hanging out at schools.
He was using a fake badge, not -- not a real one like this one, and he was getting kids to his car.
Yeah, he wanted to -- he said he wanted to put GPS trackers on the kid's pants.
Uh, what Officer Bryant is -- is saying is that you should use a buddy system to protect yourselves.
Right? Yeah.
Yeah, you got to watch out for each other, huh? Good.
Okay, guys, let's take our chairs back to the tables and sit down, okay? Note to self, screen questions next time.
Thanks for coming in.
Yeah, sure.
You guys were great.
Even those.
Officer Sherman, um, is there a way I could get ahold of you in case I have any follow-up questions? Absolutely, yeah.
Uh Let me give you my card.
Here you go.
Just number on top.
Give me a call.
Ready, Romeo? Hey.
You good? Yeah.
Uh, Goodwill.
Just trying to get them to Pick up some of my mother's things.
Know it can't be easy.
How was everything? You know that funeral homes offer packages? If you want to bury someone in a pine box, you can, but if you really love them, you can go with the mahogany special.
That's how they get you, you know? They try to -- they try to play into your guilt.
Yeah, and my aunt bought into it, which means I'm stuck with the bill.
But she did at least offer to help with the baby while she's in town.
She good with kids? We'll see.
He was asleep when I left.
So, this poor lady has no idea what she's getting into? Hey, I sent, uh, flowers over to -- Oh, yeah, I got 'em.
Hey, Lydia, how you doing? What's going on, Chuck? Look at this poor freaking guy.
Somebody pumped a couple of rounds in this guy's melon.
I got one casing, a 9-millimeter.
Looks like a hit to me.
Talking to one of the witnesses, says that our guy Floyd here is a college kid who rents out this place.
See anything? Nah.
She heard a couple of shots, but by the time she came to the window, the shooter was gone.
Yesterday, Floyd had a visitor.
They got into this pissing match, shouting back and forth, got heated.
I don't know.
You working on a description? Yeah.
We'll see what we can find.
So, you want to map it out? I'll take the body.
Easy to get the digits when you're wearing a badge.
Oh, is Officer Bryant upset that somebody didn't want his card? Hmm? Hmm? Please.
Somebody has to be professional.
Like telling a bunch of 6-year-olds about rape.
I already said it wasn't the best choice.
Tammi didn't show up for our exchange this morning, and now she's not answering her phone.
Sounds like Tammi being Tammi.
Last time we talked, she kept saying she was gonna move to Chicago, take Nate with her.
You think she actually did it? She'scrazy.
Plus, she and Victor, they stay shermed up all day.
I never know what they're gonna do.
Maybe she just forgot.
You don't forget custody exchanges.
Z-27 -- I need backup! Zebra 27.
What'slocation? Z-27! A36 -- show us responding, Code 3.
Adam-36 -- show us responding.
You there? What the dispatch is dead? That was Dewey's call sign.
East 114th is his old stomping ground.
Nickerson Gardens.
Let's do it.
There he is, there he is.
Black and white shirt! Yellow bellies! I think he's in Nickerson Gardens! Oh, sh-- are you all right?! Stay down, stay down, stay down! I'm okay, I'm okay! Go! Officer down, officer down! Officer down! Hey! Hey, enough, enough! Stop it! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey! Hey, okay, ma'am.
I defended myself! Okay! All right.
Right here, she hit me in my face.
I'd do it again if I have to! You need to arrest her.
Okay, let's bring it down.
We're not gonna get nothing solved if we're yelling.
Listen, these young men -- Okay, tell me what happened.
These young men, they play in the streets! He hit me, so I hit him! It was an accident! I was skating.
A car came, so I swerved, and I ran into her.
Okay? Tell him what you called me! What, a schvartzer? I survived Auschwitz.
Back up, back up, back up, back up! I'm not gonna die being run over by a skateboarder! I've lived in this neighborhood for 60 years! My father built the bakery! My husband ran the deli! That's bullshit! That building was abandoned.
That spot was empty.
All right? We brought the business back to the block.
We brought it back.
At the end of the day, it's all we have! I understand, ma'am.
I understand, but it doesn't seem like he's an intentional threat.
I get it, all right? Gentrification's a trip.
But just so I'm clear for the report, how did grandma hit you -- w-with a haymaker or an uppercut, yo? The shit hurt.
Okay, let's go.
I don't understand what you don't understand.
Excuse me.
How do you want to call this? I don't know.
We good? Are we good? I'm good.
Call it a public disturbance that has been partially quelled.
All right.
All right, listen up.
Ain't got to stay here, but you know the rest.
Let's go.
Ma'am Stupid Boot.
Guess who just ate a shit sandwich because of her? What are you doing out of your Division without approval, not going Code 6? Man, I'm trying to be a decent T.
, show the kid, uh, you know, where it all started, show her the ropes a little bit.
And it's all Ah, she'll be okay.
Her face won't be the same, but she'll be fine.
No, not her, man.
I mean, I shouldn't have made a traffic stop out of my division.
I get that.
I had her lock that piece of shit up, and she turned her back on him.
His name is Roadrunner, for God's sakes.
Of course he's gonna run.
You hear anything about dispatch? Yeah, word down at the station says that, uh, Valley and Metro centers are down.
Something about a blown generator on Mount Lee.
You kidding? The good news is, the power's back up, but it's gonna take hours for dispatch to get rebooted.
Until then, we're just gonna have to go into, uh, fall-back mode like the old days.
That's gonna delay calls.
Should we be talking about this in the open? Do I give a shit about that? I hope all the calls in this shithole are delayed.
Oh, beautiful! Yeah, just when I thought you people couldn't read or write! Who did this, huh?! - Oh, really?! - You want to with me?! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Huh? You piece of shit! - Do that again Hey, hey, hey! Back.
Who did this?! You see that?! Huh?! Huh?! You're in enough trouble already.
Hey, hey, who did this?! Do you recognize this man? Yes, that's my son, Floyd.
I'm sorry, but he's been killed.
Guess it had to happen sometime.
Why would you say that? My oldest son, Leroy, was shot and killed After that, we moved from the neighborhood.
Then my middle son, Julian, was shot.
That one was an accident.
Floyd is my youngest.
I don't Even know what to say.
Um Is there any reason you think Floyd may have been targeted? I don't know.
After what happened to his brothers, he's always been careful.
All he does is go to class and come home.
Just go to class and come home.
Fall-back mode till end of watch.
Now would be a good time to upgrade dispatch.
We could always use cans and string.
Sir, you all right? "Let us go and confound their language, "that they won't understand each other's speech.
"And the Lord scattered them "across the face of all the earth, "and then they -- and then t-they built a city.
"And therefore, it is called by the name of Babel!" Oh.
All right! A-57.
He crash into our restaurant! I can see that.
It was the white lady.
Excuse me? The white lady.
In the street.
White lady.
No, uh No sign of drugs in the vehicle.
They do have this dixie cup.
But I don't smell alcohol.
This woman says that there was somebody in the street, a white woman.
Oh, yeah, she's always causing trouble in a Filipino town.
She have white shoes, white hair, white dress? Yes.
Filipino superstition.
Anytime there's a strange car accident Some people think it's caused By a ghost in the middle of the street.
The white lady.
The white lady.
The white lady.
The white lady.
Tammi, this is now the fifth message I've left regarding our agreed upon custody exchange at 6:00 a.
this morning at McDonald's, which you missed.
Please return my phone correspondence at your earliest convenience.
Thank you.
Here I am, I'm jumping through hoops because she records everything.
She won't even answer her phone.
They could be anywhere.
I read this article about a lady who took her kids to Germany.
Kids didn't see their father for 10 years -- 10 years.
Why do we come here again? 'Cause they're nice to us.
Wish they weren't, then maybe I could teach her how to make coffee.
Intelligentsia is only 4 bucks more.
When you pay Tammi's legal fees, then we can go to intelligentsia.
All right, got it.
Word on the street is, Dewey's offering a round of beers for anyone who spots some asshole with a Roadrunner tat.
Good luck getting him to pay.
You go way back in this division, right? What's the real reason why you stopped training Boots? Honestly? Just got tired of driving.
We got something.
Ready? Hey, hey! Don't run, don't run! Oh, son of a bitch.
Come on, come on, come on, come on! All right, all right! All right, man.
Come on.
What are you grabbing me for? 'Cause you're slow and stupid.
Come on.
Come on, man, I wasn't doing shit.
You like pissing on people? Man, I'll piss on any fool who bangs El puño.
That fool's in my hood.
Banging in your hood? Ain't tossing signs, you idiot.
He's deaf.
It's sign language.
Hey, I don't do that habla.
- Why? - You a coconut? You ain't down and brown or what? Hey.
No, you got me confused, little homey.
See, we're the same complexion, but you're not my people.
I'm the police.
I make the rules, you understand? You don't like it, get the out of Dodge.
Huh? Get out of here.
Go home to your mother.
Yeah, okay.
You should not be showing people that picture.
Got some info.
That's good.
'Cause the description of our visitor, that's like half of Hyde Park.
Ballistics came back, and our casings match a shooting from last year.
That's the D.
I'll check the DCTS, see who had the case.
Maybe they have a shooter I.
'd already.
So, what were you and Salazar over there laughing about? What? Ah, nothing.
Just, uh, exchanging baby pics on the phone.
That's all.
Between you and me, Salazar's kid -- kind of ugly.
Look like Mr.
Um, I got your message.
Everything's okay.
Um No, actually, it's not.
Um I'm a little stressed out doing this all by myself.
But, um I'm gonna be fine.
Everything's okay, really.
Feels like every call today is Nickerson.
I called y'all I bet you if I lived in Silver Lake, it wouldn't have took this long! Sorry, ma'am.
We got here as soon as we could.
Whatever! Hurry up! I need you to arrest my boyfriend.
Come on! A few more minutes, and he would've left! Arrest him for what? Yeah, we got you, Katrell! Yeah, we got your punk ass! What? This had a baby by me, her, her, her and her! He got 5 kids that are 4 years old and ain't none of them twins! All right, sorry, sorry, ma'am, but why exactly did you call the police? He got 30 kids by 11 different women, and I'm the only one he's paying child support to.
He owes the state money! Y'all need to arrest his punk ass! All right, keep your hands to yourself.
Y'all set me up, though! Huh?! Bitches set me up! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Take a -- take a step back! Step back! Don't you touch him again! Step back.
I got the women together, okay?! I got the women together! This is an intervention for child support! Listen, man, look.
I thought everything was copacetic! We was chilling.
I was about to give you some daddy dick later! Hey! Hey, that's the last time! Hey, listen, I'm glad she called the police 'cause I want to file a complaint, man! These bitches tried to cut my nuts off, man! All right, all right! Everyone, shut up! Hey, hey, hey, hey, shut up! Listen, man, you need to relax.
Shut up! Look, ladies, ladies, I'm very sorry.
There is nothing we can do here.
You got to contact -- for real? Yeah, for real! You got to contact child-support services.
It's not our department, all right? How much money do you make? I don't make nothing, like minimum wage! Shit, man, for 30 kids, that's like $1.
50 per kid per month.
That's what I'm saying! You know what I'm saying?! And, look, I don't even know why you're here in the first place! I ain't had no baby by you! You just gave me head! Case has been open for a year, and we're the first ones to talk to the victim? Hey, you're preaching to the choir.
Maybe one good thing will come out of Floyd's murder.
If we find his killer, we may have found her shooter.
There were two Muhammads at the party.
I say we bring them both in and see if one of them rolls.
Ray Chavez, you live in Venice? This dude lives in Venice.
You sure you want to drive all the way out to the West Side to drop him off? He's not in good shape, and he's high as a kite.
Who -- Ray-Ray? He's chillin'.
You're just soft on him 'cause he's deaf.
Bad teeth, burns on his fingers, burns on his mouth.
This guy's an addict.
Look, we can leave him at the station, hope someone comes looking for him, or we can do some good.
Hey, I bet Ray-Ray uses two hands to masturbate, one to jerk off and the other to moan.
Okay, okay.
All right.
Just sit back down, bro.
Seriously? You're antagonizing a deaf guy? It's just a little hell-bound humor.
Do you even know any sign language? No.
Seriously? What the Whoa! Look at that shit.
Sir? Sir, stay in the vehicle! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Sir, sir, sir! Get you out of the road.
Come on! English.
Sir, do you speak English? Sí, sí, sí.
Sí, sí, sí.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Gardener said he was working Larchmont, right? Yeah.
Here we go.
Put the cups down.
Let me have that.
Put the cups down! Put the cups down! Hey, that's my -- those were my customers, man.
What are you doing? What is Hey! That's my special garnishment! Really? Yeah! You know it's poisonous? No.
It's called Datura.
Makes people hallucinate when they ingest it.
Okay, first of all, that's a really dumb name, and second of all, hallucinate -- It's a dumb name? You know what? What? This kills people.
What? You think that's funny? You live around here? Yeah, just over there.
Come on, let's go take a ride.
Give me that.
I just finished with Muhammad Kennedy.
He does have priors for illegal possession of a firearm, but he's got an alibi for this morning.
Says he was picking up trash on the 101 -- part of his prison-release program.
I don't know.
I'll check with his P.
Yeah, Muhammad Salaam has an alibi, too.
Says he was at a mosque on Exposition.
And his name wasn't even muhammad a year ago.
It was Stanley Butler.
Guess we out of Muhammads, huh? Yeah, but my Muhammad did dish some dirt on our vic.
Said that Floyd was using his brothers' murders as street cred, and he was selling weed out of his apartment.
Ooh, will you look at that? Getting called to the principal's office.
Brooke, right? Oh, I don't know about that.
I heard somewhere you're not supposed to socialize with strangers.
Yeah, well, I guess a coffee couldn't hurt.
I know a really good place.
You ever heard of Intelligentsia? Why are we stopping? It's Victor's place.
I want to make sure Nate's here.
Think that's a good idea? Hey, yeah, no, sorry about that.
Just Dealing with a Tammi! I've been trying to call you all day.
Yeah, I haven't called you back 'cause you have the extra day next week, remember? Hey, little guy.
How you doing? Next week, remember? Pick up the phone.
How hard is that? Let me know where you are.
Every day.
Every time, it is a new drama with you.
That's why you can't be around him.
Watch your language.
You're crazy.
You're crazy.
Okay, okay.
That's why you have to call me.
How am I supposed to know where he is if you don't call me? Didn't the lawyer tell you that I'm supposed to know where he is at all times? And how am I supposed to spend time with my son if I pick up the phone from you every five minutes? It's like you're a stalker.
You're constantly calling.
I can't deal with this! Is that really your plan? You want to take him to -- to Chicago? You want to take a kid away from his dad? You think that's in his best interests? Yes, yes.
Yes, I should take him to Chicago 'cause look at you right now! Look at you! Have you looked at yourself, Sammy? How are you gonna do that, huh? You don't even have a job.
I-I-I have a job! Your job is spending his child support on -- on drugs.
That's what your job is.
God, you're always -- hey, stop! Your job is spending his child support -- let go -- let go of me! Turn around! Let go of -- let go of me! Let go! What the Let go of me! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Help, help, help! Hey! I'm not touching her! Hey, partner! I'm not touching her! Partner, everything okay?! Hey, hey! You can screw my wife, you can have my kid call me crazy names, but you're not using my camera, buddy! What the was that?! What the was that?! I didn't touch you.
Oh, you didn't touch me?! Back up.
You didn't touch me?! You choked me in front of the entire street! Just trying to keep you off of me with all the crazy! - You're not gonna arrest him?! - You're a cop! You're not gonna do anything?! Or do you hate your wife, too?! Listen, you better lawyer up, man! You better lawyer up 'cause you are never seeing your son again! Excuse me! Detective Adams? I need to know why you've been leaving voicemails on my husband's phone.
Uh, Yvette, um, let's talk about this privately.
We have nothing to talk about.
You're sleeping with a married man.
You want a man?! Get your own! Okay.
We can handle this here if that's what you want, or we can talk about this privately.
He called me, and I called him back.
You think that makes it any better? He promised me this was over, and yet, here you are again.
And it is over, okay? My mother died.
I guess he was calling and checking up on me, and it's been a lot with my mom, the job, the baby.
I've just been trying to keep it together.
I don't believe a word you say.
I saw the photos you sent him, all the texting at 2:00 a.
, and don't think I don't know about that three-day weekend! Wait -- wait a minute, no.
There's a misunderstanding.
I did not send him any photos.
I didn't! Terrell and I had something, but Whatever's going on now isn't me.
What's up with all the plant knowledge? You some kind of closet botanist or something? I have a garden.
It's just a hobby.
How about you, Mr.
"I don't do that habla"? Sounds like you speak it just fine.
Look, I'm gonna be straight with you.
I didn't always like cops, okay? Maybe 'cause of where I grew up.
Not even sure I agree with all the laws, but it's my job to enforce them, which means I ain't brown.
I'm blue, all right? Got to keep everyone in line, including the eses.
Excuse me, ma'am? I'm Officer Cooper.
This is Officer Lucero.
Do you know this gentleman? He's my brother.
Officers, thank you for your good intentions, but the world would be a better place if you had left him out there on the street.
Maybe somebody would relieve him of his miserable life.
You don't know who my brother is, do you? Figueroa Ray.
I should have recognized him.
The biggest dope man in L.
Becomes a shell of himself because he's an addict.
Funny how that works.
The fool should have lost more than his hearing.
My old partner and I ran into one of his rock dens back in the day.
He had 13-year-old girls in there spread eagle on dirty mattresses.
Tricking for food, a roof over their heads, and all the crack they could smoke.
That the 1% of the job that ain't comedy? Driver in the Caddie with the "aw, shit" look on his face.
If he makes a move, we'll jam him.
There he goes.
You want me to take contact? I'm driving.
I am contact.
How you doing today? You see that stop sign back there? The stop sign? Yeah, I saw it.
Yeah, Lee me see your hands.
You nervous? I just dropped my wife off.
Hey, both hands on the wheel.
I can't see his hands, Coop.
Keep your hands on the wheel.
Hey! I said put your hand up! Put both hands on the wheel and keep them there! Do you hear me?! Do you hear me?! I hear you! Great! Take your right hand, place it outside the window, and open the door -- slowly.
Your right hand.
Do it! Step out of the vehicle.
Hands in the air.
You turn around.
I'm just trying to -- hey! Hey! I'm trying to show you all it's nothing! Ground.
It's nothing! Notorious Roadrunner.
Somebody's looking for you, buddy.
Any available units, shots fired at community center at 2233 Washington Boulevard.
A36 -- show us responding.
We have shots fired.
Request backup and an airship.
Go, go, go! Behind you.
Behind you.
Gun! You okay? You okay?! Eh, gavacho.
One Mexican asks another, "how do you top a car?" "'Tep on the brake, 'tupid.
" Come on.
Watch your head.
Let's go.
Meep, meep! The catch of the day, baby! You remember me, dipshit? I'm Officer Wile E.
Coyote, and we're gonna fry your roadrunning ass.
Get out of here, man.
Drinks are on me, brother! Thank you.
Thank you, man.
Thank you.
How's it going with la cucaracha? You missed a lot out there today, Dewey.
Bofa was asking about you.
Bofa? Bofa deez nuts.
You -- you think that's funny? Coming from you, that's hysterical, man.
Some asshole with white-supremacist tats busted in on an E.
class, started shooting.
Six dead, five critical.
He took a shot at us, and then he jetted out through a side exit.
You get a look at him? No.
But everybody here is a witness.
The problem is, nobody can speak English.
He was left, right? He was left-handed.
Gun! Gun! So, we just wanted to come by in person and tell you that we have some news.
We were able to bring in Floyd's killer.
His name is Ernest Maurice Hamed.
We found a shell from the gun that he used in his car.
This house used to be so noisy.
It was full of their voices.
Miss Jones, I have to tell you something before you hear it on the streets.
Ernest is claming that he killed Floyd over a drug debt.
He said the two of them were in business together.
Does it matter? I know he wasn't perfect But there's only one person in this world who loved him like he was.
He was my baby.
Hey! You ladies decent? Hey, Sarge.
I, uh, spoke with the F.
I gave him my gun, said that he could get in touch with me if he -- No, it's not about the shooting.
I just want to let you know that your ex filed an assault report against you.
You know we have to go through the motions, but it's bullshit, right, Sammy? Yeah, of course.
Whatever I can do.
It's our word versus hers, right? Whatever you need.
My God.
Look at all this gray hair.
I feel like I'm in "Cocoon," for God's sake.
Whew! Which one of you guys is Wilford Brimley? Word is that somebody is not training Boots anymore.
That the word? Mm-hmm.
Let me guess.
They just don't speak your language, huh? The guys coming out of the Academy these days are just doing it 'cause they can't find other jobs.
Got no business wearing a badge.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's the problem.
We all forget how worthless we were.
You were always stepping on your meat.
What was it I told you? "Look sharp.
Act sharp.
Be sharp.
" Every retired guy in there was an ass kicker and a heartbreaker.
Good thing we had solid T.
s to build a foundation under us.
Except for mine, huh? A real son of a bitch.
Yeah, no doubt about that.
It's the natural order of things.
You come in thinking you know who's who at the zoo, and then one day, you wake up and realize that you are the last of the Mohicans.
New kids around and a new way of doing things.
It makes you about as useless as tits on a bowling ball.
What do you do then? What do you do then? Then you buy yourself a used hull in the water and you kick back and enjoy the good life.
It's what you do then.
Thanks, Aunt Hattie.