Space: Above and Beyond s01e22 Episode Script

Sugar Dirt

This airstrip on Demios is vital to securing the entire planet.
The Sun-Yat-Sen can insert the Third Chinese Infantry on Snyder's Plateau.
We will pour down from there in two major thrusts.
The Gurkhas, moving from Hornsby Ridge will crush them from the opposing side.
Seagram's E.
Troops and the West African brigades tighten the circle.
The Saratoga's Hammerheads and Phalanx II missiles will soften up the target followed by the Fifth Marine Expeditionary Force landing here establishing a toehold on the field.
When the Chigs took the airstrip from us six months ago it cost them three of their finest divisions.
We should expect no less of a sacrifice.
Let's hear it.
For the marines, - Bloody ground.
- I know.
It's steep, Glen but whoever controls Demios controls the entire Pegasus sector.
Besides, to see an airstrip we built and lost now the launchpad for strike after strike killing thousands of our men and women, is unacceptable.
Yes, sir.
We'll take it back, sir.
Ladies and gentlemen, the invasion of Demios is the first step of Operation Roundhammer an ambitious series of planet-hopping maneuvers designed to drive the war to the heart of Chig territory.
As supreme commander of Earth Forces I'm proud to lead you all into this battle.
Today is the first domino.
Let's make it fall.
- Wow.
Real steak and fresh eggs.
- [Chattering] Only one reason we're gettin' this kind of chow.
We're goin' in.
[Man] We thought we were alone.
We believed the universe was ours.
Until one night in 2063, on an Earth colony 16 light-years away they struck.
And now we are at war.
My name is Lieutenant Colonel T.
I'm an InVitro, a race of artificially gestated humans.
I command a Marine Corps squadron- the 58th.
They call us the Wild Cards.
We fight when called- in space, on land and at sea.
To lose this war means more than defeat.
To surrender is to never go home.
All of us must rise to the call above and beyond.
May the Lord bless you and keep you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
[Chattering] - Pick it up! - [McQueen] Five-eight.
You'll supply air support until the ground forces have secured their positions.
At that time, you'll put 'em down and anchor the airstrip.
Loading bays one through 14 operational, sir.
- [Static Burst] - Secure for deployment.
[Buzzer Sounds] - [Alarm Blaring] - [Man On P.
] All support personnel, clear flight deck.
Commence Hammerhead engagement sequence.
Eisenhower, Yorktown battle groups are in position, sir.
Ships report no return fire from planet, sir.
- Butter's melting.
- Drop the hammers.
[Alarms Blaring] [Man On P.
] Hammerhead engagement sequence complete.
Prepare for launch.
Two ducks on the pond.
Who wants 'em? [Paul] I got 'em.
Saratoga, this is Wild Cards.
Butter's melted.
[Marines Shouting] [Shouting Continues] [Man] Sector 212 taken.
No resistance.
- [Woman] Sector 2-1-niner secured.
- [Man] Sector four overrun.
- Sector 247, we are secure.
- [Man On Radio] 315 in place.
's armed and ready, sir.
All MEU's accounted for, reporting minimal casualties, sir.
Airstrip sector secured.
[Distant Chattering] [Shane] Key code is Zulu Bravo Charlie.
- 39.
1 gigahertz.
- Azimuth? Stellar waypoint finder says 38 degrees.
Direct parabolic antenna? - Solar cell.
- Ready.
Saratoga, this is Wild Cards.
Transmission code is 4-3-64.
Alien presence nominal.
Why aren't I celebrating? It seems fruits of victory have fallen too easily into our mouths.
Eight months ago, the Chigs nearly bled themselves dry to take this airfield and today, they just walk away.
Why? Why? Call the Eisenhower.
Proceed with the next stage.
Admiral Vetter, General Weirick instructs you to reinforce Demios as per stage "B.
" - Let's get on it.
- Aye-aye.
Sir, single bogey bearing 1-7-niner.
- Where the hell did he come from? - It's reversing its course back towards the moon Opus Five.
If I were a lonely Chig, I'd turn tail when I saw the Eisenhower.
Before we deploy to that sector, launch Hammerhead Squadron 34 - and have 'em take that Chig pest out of my sky.
- Yes, ma'am.
[Man] Eisenhower command, this is The Croaker.
has visual contact with the bogey.
Roger that, Croaker.
Maintain radio contact.
King Air, this is The Croaker.
You'll be the first to take your shot.
Roger, Croaker, and thank you for my next medal.
Locking on to bogeyman.
King Air, this is The Croaker.
Come in.
King Air, this is The Croaker.
Do you read me? Eisenhower command, this is The Croaker.
Rounding Opus Five.
- [Croaker] I think King Air may have waxed his target.
- Roger that, Croaker.
- [Weapons Firing] - [Screams] - Mission status, Lt.
Feeley? - We just lost radio and LI DAR contact.
But that's to be expected when they round the moon.
Admiral it was five on one, ma'am, and they'd already locked on to it.
I can't let one Chig warship keep supplies from our people on planet.
- Is sector 2-1-niner clear? - Crystal, Admiral.
Then set course.
All ahead full.
[Metal Clattering] [Vanessa] Look at this place.
You'd think we were off theJersey Turnpike instead of millions of miles from home.
Ow, man! Chigs dumped all over the food before they left.
- Go for it.
High in protein.
- I already get my allowance from you guys.
They didn't get to the coffee sweeteners.
We'll secure it and make it our command center.
Would've been a nice gig being stationed on this planet.
[Glen] The Eisenhower should've checked in by now.
Try them again.
- Eisenhower, this is Saratoga.
Come in.
- [Radio Static] Maybe it's a radio problem, sir.
The Eisenhower's not transmitting.
- Switch frequencies.
- Yes, sir.
Eisenhower, this is Saratoga.
Do you read me? [Radio Static] Eisenhower, this is Saratoga.
Eisenhower, this is the Saratoga.
Please come in.
[Woman] Eisenhower, this is the Saratoga.
Please come in.
[Chattering] [Vanessa] Eisenhower, this is Wild Cards.
Come in.
What's up? Should be the Eisenhower overhead.
I can't get a fix.
- This thing's out of juice.
- [Device Whirring] Never thought when I was goin'in that I'd have time for a shave.
You know what this battle reminds me of? You remember that Lakers-Bulls final about seven years ago? - Wasn't born yet.
- Right.
Then I guess it would be tough for you to remember.
- That one that went to a ninth game? - Everyone thought the Lakers were gonna pound Chicago, but it was the 60th anniversary of MichaelJordan's Bulls got fired up just like us.
It's nothing from the Eisenhower's battle group.
What's the Saratoga's key code frequency again? - 39.
- [Radio Static] Waypoint finder says 38 degrees by 120 degrees.
[Woman On Radio] Sir, the H.
Invincible is down.
Tecumseh is signaling Mayday.
- The Eisenhower's gone.
- Ready those forward fire decks now! Enemy's superior.
Squadrons descending on planet.
Scramble! Scramble! Get airborne! Come on! - [All Shouting] - Enemy aircraft 50 miles out.
! [Marines Yelling] [Yelling Continues] [Panting] [Screams] [Pulsating] [Yelping] [Vanessa] In here! [Screams] - Get down! Get down! - [Shane] Move it! Go! Enemy has achieved air superiority over the airstrip.
Do not dispatch any further squadrons until so ordered.
The Chigs must have pulled their forces from another position.
Frankly, sir, Intelligence is not sure.
Clear the room.
Clear the room.
As you were, Colonel.
Gentlemen, we find ourselves in the midst of our collective countries' greatest military disaster because of which a door has opened possibly to our greatest achievement.
A territory of monumental strategic importance being a mere 50 astronomical units from the Chigs' home planet.
This was so heavily fortified and believed so unobtainable that Earth Force battle plans conceded Ixion to the Chigs.
- "Believed"? - This communiqué is from the Earth Forces Chiefs of Staff in New York.
The alien fleet currently attacking us is from Ixion.
They're using the Ixion forces to counterattack and have left the planet unprotected.
- Why would they do that? - They must be spread thinner than we believe.
They're gambling to engage us here.
It's hard enough to know the hearts and minds of a human enemy.
In any case, their butter becomes ours if we don't seize this opportunity.
Dispatch the Fourth Fleet to that area instead of bringing it here for support.
Sir, without their support, our fight is made all the tougher.
General, the Fourth Fleet would never get here in time.
They're 1,400 A.
's away.
We are closest to Ixion.
[Glen] Ourjob is not finished here.
You said it yourself, Glen.
Without support, this fleet is going under.
Lxion is infinitely more important than a tiny airstrip on Demios, Commodore.
Taking Ixion now would cut two years off the war and could save a million lives.
At the expense of 25,000 lives, my lives, fighting down on planet.
Colonel, I know you to be a student of military history.
What is your counsel? I would retreat this fleet and then advance to Ixion.
The Chig counterattack will be severe.
I would send the Fourth Fleet to Ixion as support.
The 58 is down there, McQueen.
In the Second World War, theJapanese committed their finest troops to protecting the island of Guadalcanal neglecting the strategic importance of New Guinea.
Our marines were on their own for eight months while the Allies exploited theJapanese mistake.
It broke the back of the Nippon Offensive.
After the Canal, we took the war to them.
We will not abandon our troops on planet.
Ming, pull back two supply ships to a distance of one A.
It will resupply the forces on Demios at any window of opportunity.
I respect your thoughts, Commodore, but this battle will not be won here.
We'll win it at Ixion.
- [Marines Shouting] - [Man] We got 'em.
! - [Shouting] - Incoming! Saratoga, this is Demios in immediate need of air support.
[Gunfire] The French division is in retreat.
We've lost our right flank.
! In jeopardy of losing our position.
- Request immediate air support.
- Where the hell are they? Commodore Ross.
The right thing to do is rarely the easiest.
McQueen, right now our people on planet don't have the luxury of time to consider right or wrong.
Hell, they don't have time to think.
They can only react, dead or alive.
You and I have been there and we know that amidst all the hellfire and fear and the seconds between firing and being fired upon there is a whisper in their hearts that feels like a scream at the top of their lungs saying, "We'll be there to back them up.
" And now we won't be.
Yes, sir, I have been there.
I know that hell.
And I would give my life if it meant that one other human being would not have to go through what those kids are going through down there.
And I know my kids feel the same way.
Taking Ixion now would save a million kids from that hell.
I just can't bring myself to leave them.
Me neither.
I wanna join them sir.
Request permission to stay with the supply ship with the intent of going on planet.
Permission denied.
I'm not going to reduce the Corps's finest pilot to a supply sergeant.
Commodore Ross- Glen- I'm asking as a friend.
And I'm responding as one.
All of us are going to lose too many friends in this war.
[Explosions] Hey, man, everyone else has bolted over the ridge.
We're the only ones left out here.
We should fall back to supplementary positions.
McQueen and Ross would want us to hold our position and wait for air cover.
- Ross and McQueen ain't down here! - Yes, they are.
- [Shane] What's the word? - Saratoga, this is Demios.
Request response to request for air cover.
[Vanessa On Radio] Situation deteriorating.
Many units in retreat.
Airfield in jeopardy of being taken.
Many casualties.
Request response.
- Demios, this is the Saratoga.
- [Shell Exploding, Distant] Lieutenant.
Marines, this is Commodore Ross of the U.
[On Speaker] We remain proud of you.
Due to security reasons I am unable to explain this painful directive.
Due to the fortunes of war: Black Forest.
I say again: Black Forest.
- No air support.
- [Shell Explodes, Distant] [Glen] Red Sea.
Red Sea.
No ground reinforcement.
You are encouraged but not so ordered to continue to engage the enemy.
Lf, however, your positions become untenable you are authorized to surrender.
Semper fidelis.
- And may God be with you always.
- [Beep] Helmsman.
Weigh anchor.
Set a course for the Helios system.
- We'll be back for them.
- Yes, sir.
If they're still here.
You know the drill.
No ammo.
[Metal Clanking] Oh, man.
[Clears Throat] A man's gotta have hope.
[Vanessa] Oh, God, the Creator and Redeemer of all the faithful - hear our supplication - [Stomach Growling] And through thy infinite love and mercy graciously grant to the soul of thy servant departed [Stomach Growling] The remission of all their sins, by which they may have - deserved the severity- - [Stomach Growling] - Don't look at me.
- That was me that time.
Of thy justice and punishment in the world to come.
I don't know why we bother with this.
Nobody's gonna do it for us.
- It's not gonna happen to us.
- [Shane] Marines always bury their dead.
- Oh, but they abandon their living.
- Give it up, man! We all know they wouldn't have left us here for no reason.
And when they're done with whatever it is, they'll be back.
[Scoffs] - Key code? - Tango Echo Charlie.
[Vanessa] Frequency 42.
4 gigahertz.
[Paul] Stellar waypoint finder indicated 49 degrees azimuth.
Solar cell? Hawkes? We may be out of this war, but we still have a duty.
Now, on your feet.
- [Beeping, Whirring] - Saratoga, this is Demios.
[Alarm Sounding] People, this is the 53rd day of the counterattack and we have not lost any ground.
- I don't wanna lose any today.
- [Explosion] Has E.
Third Wing reported yet? Sir, I'm searching all frequencies, but I can't cut through incoming transmissions.
Every day at 1900, this happens.
[Shane On Radio] Planet Demios reporting enemy location at grid point approximately 3,000 in number.
[Shane] Enemy appears to have abandoned this fight.
They brought 'em all here to fight this one.
Buried 15 marine casualties today.
Uncertain of survivors on planet.
Have not come in contact with any friendlies.
[On Radio] Demios, this is Saratoga.
You are jamming our communications! Cease with your transmissions! [Grunts] Five-eight, this is Queen Six.
[On Radio] Transmission received.
Relay to Pegasus Theater command.
Good work.
These are vital reports.
Keep up the good work, 58.
This is Queen Six, out.
Don't you ever make them think they are not needed! I say we bail this burial patrol start spending our time looking for any supply drops we can find.
[Man] Help.
! Help me.
! - Help.
! - [Panting] Help.
! I need help.
! - We can't just let him suffer.
- It's B.
It's a playback device.
There's three Chigs out there.
- Let's take 'em out.
- No ammo.
- You just gonna let 'em mess with our heads like this? - Shh.
! Help.
! - You eat yellow snow, you Chigs! - Shh.
- "You eat yellow snow"? - It was off the top of my head.
[Man] Hear me.
Abe Lincoln's dead.
- What's that supposed to mean? - They're using stuff they think will get us mad, psyche us out.
"Abe Lincoln's dead's" supposed to psyche us? That's just a statement of fact.
Chigs didn't do their homework.
- [Man] Hey, marines, Chicago Cubs suck.
! - Let's get those sons of- - It's okay.
It's okay.
- [Man] Help me.
! Hey.
Give it up.
- [Man] Help me.
! - No.
It's real.
They're goin' out for him! Let's move! [All Panting] - [Man Yells] - [Blows Landing] [Blows Landing] - [Nathan] They're finished.
- Come on.
Come on.
Nathan, Cooper, keep an eye out.
Foot powder.
[Container Clunks] Finally luck in on a supply drop.
All we get is foot powder.
Paul? Paul, that's dirt.
Paul? Paul, are you all right? [Whimpering] The heat from the explosion melted the sugar into the dirt.
[Laughing] [Sniffs] Better leave this here.
For the time when this battle is finally over.
I've lost count ofhow many times I've wondered if I'll ever see them again.
But some lives never leave your heart.
Some lives are more important than our own.
I have to tell you, sir.
Some time ago I wouldn't understand what you were talking about.
But those kids, we- I left behind.
I can't stop thinking about them, if they're all right what they must be going through, how proud I am when they call every day at 1900.
You know, Ty someday that call won't come.
A shooting star.
Maybe it's a sign ofhope.
That's not a shooting star.
It's debris from the Eisenhower falling out of orbit.
That'll happen for years.
Well, we ain't gonna be around to see it.
Shut the hell up! From day one, you have made cracks like that! What the hell good does it do, huh? What is the point? Shane, he's just worn down.
We all are.
This area's familiar.
It's the airstrip.
We're back where we started.
Commodore, the enemy is clearly superior.
There are 100,000 troops on planet.
I will not do to them what you had me do to the troops on Demios.
Ross, it is time to get the hell out of Dodge.
That's an order.
Stand down, Ross.
I am responsible.
I was responsible for the defeat on Demios, and I will be responsible for our defeat here.
Stand down.
[Beep] [Shane On Radio] Saratoga, this is Demios.
As of 0620 this morning we have retaken the airfield.
Awaiting orders.
Sir, there was no defeat at Demios - and there will be no defeat here.
- [Distant Explosions] Raise position to 15,000 kilometers.
I want the 27, the 32 and the 53rd Squadron in my sky on the double and raining fire.
! [Clicking] [Electrical Arcing] U.
Michigan and Nevada reporting enemy retreat.
- Air forces on planet have achieved air superiority.
- It's ours.
[All] Yeah! Yeah! No word from Demios.
Saratoga, this is Demios at 1900 hours.
- We report signs of other survivors on planet- - Tell 'em we need supplies.
- None have come forth to the airfield.
- And not foot powder.
! Or shoelaces! We need food! [Grunting] Listen to me! I know you left us here to die, and- [Grunting] This radio's dead.
- It fried out about 12 days ago.
- Why didn't you tell us? You been puttin' us through this charade for the last two weeks? Does Captain Vansen think we couldn't handle it? Do you think we're children, a bunch of idiots? Back off, Hawkes.
What are you gonna do? You gonna throw me in the brig for striking an officer? If that's the kind of leader you are- a liar- I am not one of you anymore.
I can't believe you did that to us.
How long would you have let it go on? I'm goin' with Hawkes.
I did it because without the radio, without a purpose every day I knew this would happen.
But now that it's done, now that it's over, go.
It will be a relief not to be in command anymore not to be responsible for four other lives.
[Nathan] More pieces of the Eisenhower.
It's not losing altitude.
Looks like a Chig attack squadron maybe a few hundred miles out.
They're gonna bomb and level this place.
Let's get to the diner.
We'll get our gear and take off.
I don't wanna run anymore.
Without the hope of them coming for us or us sticking together, I don't wanna run anymore.
If you can't run, I won't either.
I took this from that drawer a while ago.
And I'll be honest.
I wasn't gonna tell anyone.
Our last supper.
- [Packet Tears] - Everyone gets to wet a finger to the first knuckle.
Whatever sticks is yours.
[Rumbling] It's not a bombing run.
They're landing.
I ain't gonna be no Chig prisoner.
Sorry to just drop in, but you don't call anymore.
As a commander, I feel no need to explain my actions.
But as a man, as a human being I must share my emotions.
I have never been more ashamed of myself or more proud of you.
Welcome home.
[Sighs] I thought you'd like to know APC's picked up approximately [Vanessa] Sir.
All of us who made it back don't ever want to forget those who didn't.
Oh, I'm so tired.
I just wanna sleep, but I can't.
It's like I'm supposed to be doin'something.
I can't remember what.