Space Ghost Coast to Coast (1993) s04e16 Episode Script


Um, uh, Eric, um, hi.
I-I-I'm Moltar, I-I-I'm Moltar,
and, um, I--I really like your show,
you know, that chips show?
You know, that chips show?
Where you guys, like, wreck all that stuff,
all the cars Got any Rouge?
Connie! Get in there and get that man some Rouge!
This is Erik estrada, for crying out loud!
I've got to do it all around here.
Yup, I'm the captain of this show.
That's enough, Connie, he's not a clown.
Thank you.
Hi, Moltar.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
You're the man, Erik.
You and me, we got a thing going.
We like each other.
Yeah, right.
Ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha!
Greetings! I'm space g-- Go to the desk!
What now?
Erik estrada! Poncherello!
The ch master!
Here he is now!
All riiiight!
Whoo hoo hoo.
Cut it out, Moltar, that music guy is first.
Uh-uh! Ponch is first!
Music guy! Erik!
Music guy! Erik!
Hey! Where's zorak?
I was just Doing something.
Down there.
Without you.
Music guy!
Erik, Erik, Erik, Erik, Erik!
Hey--my show! My show!
Now just settle down, we'll get to Erik.
When the earth cools.
Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. funkenstein
himself, Mr. George Clinton.
Roof, roof, roof, how you doing?
That was great, bring on Erik.
Hey! I just started here.
I thought you were done.
Give me back George Clinton.
No. I dropped him.
Good move.
And he broke. So there.
And he broke. So there.
Aren't you busy with something?
Oh, yeah. Thanks for reminding me.
See you later.
What's he doing?
Mmmm Look at all that human hair.
Who owns that dog?
And where's that music guy?
Send him out, Moltar. No.
Send him out, Moltar. No.
Send him out, Moltar! No.
Send him out, Moltar! No.
Send him out, Moltar! No.
I'm not going to tell you again!
I'm telling you-- I'm not going to tell you again!
I am telling you-- no.
I am not going to tell you again!
No, no, no, no, no!
Time out!
Aw, man!
And you will stay in time out until
I'm done with the funkmaster.
I'm really sorry, George.
Moltar's got this estrada problem.
Yeah, he wants to shake his hand
and then pull it up to his mouth
real quick, so he can kiss it.
That's zorak.
Oh, I was wondering who was that guy.
Look at him, he's got a full head of hair.
Yeah, that toupee looks funny.
What toupee?
This is my natural hair.
Oh, I figured that was fake.
This is the ancient hair from a young king's tomb.
It gives me The power.
The power to do what?
What kind of stuff?
Powerful stuff.
Oh, he has a good illusion on
something on top of his head.
That's a nice trick.
No trick zorak plays is ever nice.
Watch as I destroy him!
I kind of figured you would.
I paid $40 for that rug!
And look what it got you.
The king will be very disappointed.
King like that don't need hair.
Speaking of hair, what's up with your 'do?
Oh, my 'do.
Well, what comes around went that way.
And I can get around, you know what I'm saying?
No. I wear a hood.
You wear a hood? I liv in the 'hood.
I have a 'hood dwelling,
but how would I wear a 'hood?
It's not hard.
I take an entire neighborhood,
put it on my head, and dance around
where the neighborhood used to be.
Where the neighborhood used to be.
The people who live in the neighborhood
are terrified by my hopping,
and some of them fall off my head and are trampled.
It is then that the dance
becomes a dance of sadness.
Why are you telling me this?
Because I care about the innocent
victims of my ill-advised dance of joy.
Fries don't come with that deadly shake.
Shake like that don't need fries.
Can I come out now? I've been very good.
Have you learned your lesson?
You mean don't go stripping in the woods?
That's a good lesson, Moltar,
albeit not exactly the lesson I had hoped.
I'm coming out.
Oh, all right.
What's this joker still doing here?
Go forth and funk, my child.
Funk this, you wookie!
This is nuts.
Bring him back, Moltar.
Let go of the lever.
Let go of the lever.
You let go of the lever!
I'm serious. Let go.
I'm serious. Let go.
No,  let go! I said let go!
I said let go!
I said let go!
I said it, too!
Give me that lever,
I'm going to The breach of peace,
The breach of peace,
fueled by a sprinkle of pandemonium.
The vultures have come.
If you don't let go of that lever right now,
I'm going to punch you in the nose!
I don't have a nose!
Eww, you don't?
I have a cadmium alloy inhalant receptacle.
Oh, well, uh, then I'll kick you in the hands!
No, please, not the hands!
Here I go, kicking you in the hands!
Put your hands down here!
Come on, pretty boy! How's that feel?
You like that?
To the death, you toads!
Spread the hatred far and wide!
You're hurting me.
But I'm giving you my hands.
Not fair, let go of my cape.
I'll take your mask off.
Not the mask! Not the mask!
Well, Moltar, I Guess I lost the fight.
No, Space Ghost, I lost the fight.
We both lost,
therefore we both won.
I apologize.
Ahh, you big lug.
I love you, too.
Give me a big ol' hug.
Oh, yeah Frack!
Hello, everybody!
And now, back to the show.
Nothing. Moltworm.
Nothing. Moltworm.
What did you just say, just then?
I heard that, you said snapdragon.
Did not! Did too!
Did not!
That's creepy, isn't it?
And now, let's welcome Erik estrada.
Hang on a second.
I wrote some questions for him.
Well, hurry up!
Welcome to the show, citizen.
Thank you.
Hi, Moltar.
You're the man! Whoo hoo! Yeah!
You're the man! Whoo hoo! Yeah!
Going to stand there all day?
I'm not hurting anything. Just talk.
I'm not hurting anything. Just talk.
Don't worry, I'll read your stupid questions.
You better.
Moltar's first question Well,
it's not really a question,
it just says, "Moltar is your number-one fan."
Yeah, I know, we're buds.
You are the man!
Question t-- whoo!
Question two says, "how do you
handle the pressures of being
an international sex symbol?"
Ohhhh, how do I handle it?
Well, you just have to just say,
"ok, thank you, I take that as a compliment."
Ok, thank you, I take that as a compliment.
And don't get offended by it,
or don't think that it gives you a license
to practiceSex With just anybody.
Oh, the sounds of happiness fester in my brain!
Let me ask a question.
Sure. Go on, molt.
We know each other, I can call him molt.
Whoo, doggie!
Shut up!
You and me, zorak, after the show!
You and me, zorak, after the show!
You name the time, scab!
I thought I just did!
Oh, right.
After the show.
What am I becoming?
Ask your question!
Erik, why was sergeant getraer always so mean?
Well, the sergeant never got
out of the station much.
Well, the sergeant never got
out of the station much.
He didn't get to ride and meet the people,
meet all the children--
or maybe your pants were too tight.
Or maybe-- oh Ahem.
Hey, remember the episode where
you saved Heather Locklear
from the biker gang?
Ooh, and remember the time
when the skateboarder grabbed onto
the back of that Chevy Malibu?
When the skateboarder grabbed onto
the back of that Chevy Malibu?
Right, right.
And kept on skating? That was so cool!
That wasn't very smart, that wasn't really cool.
Well, that's what I meant.
That was totally uncool!
Let the power of ponch compel you!
Shut, up, zorak!
Zorak? Who's zorak?
That thing over there.
He's pretty mean.
Let the power of ponch compel you!
I said, shut up!
You're wrecking my interview!
Let the power of ponch compel you!
Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up!
Stop yelling!
Let the-- shut up!
Hey, Baker, this is 7-Mary-3.
We got a 9-11 in progress.
I need you over here.
Drop that burrito and get over here.
A 911 in progress?
Up and away!
Let the power of ponch compel you!
You're ruining my chance of a lifetime!
Shut up! Shut up!
Erik? Just give me a second, I can fix it.
Oh, no.
"It's a 911, better hurry! 911!"
I hate this job.
Hey, it's hot in here.
Wonder if the air conditioner's broke--
I'm here for you-- to make children smile,
to make profits rise.
I am the subservient of the network.
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