Space Ghost Coast to Coast (1993) s05e07 Episode Script


Hello and behold, for I am the Space Ghost,
king of space and all that it contains.
On tonight's crude mix of animation
and jarring live-action footage,
we have Tyra banks.
No questions, please. And Rebecca romijn.
Please hold all questions until after the show.
Comment? I have no comment at this time.
Thank you all for coming.
I am zorak, dark lord of iniquity.
Bow down before me.
Please welcome my first guest Tyra banks.
Shoot it! Shoot it!
Zorak, that's no way to greet our new director. Where's Moltar?
Oh, I traded him.
For this hairy pile of meat?
This hairy pile of meat, zorak, is a highly skilled director
with impeccable comic timing,
not to mention he can clean his entire body
using only his tongue, which is more than I can say for jerktar.
Dogs can't direct.
And mantises can't play keyboards, right?
Zorak, break time is over!
This dog, who they said couldn't direct,
is going to take this show,
which they said couldn't be done,
and turn it into a show that has never been done
Go get Tyra. Go get Tyra.
That's a boy.
So who did you trade Moltar to?
You got ripped. Ha ha ha!
Oh, really? Well, how about I also received
mookie Wilson, Omar moreno, and a bag of cats?
Where are they? Break them out.
Well, mookie and Omar decided to sleep in today
yeah, yeah. What about the cats?
What cats?
He gave you cats, right?
Oh, yeah.
Please welcome my first guest Tyra banks.
That was your cue.
Good idea. You go familiarize yourself
with the manual, and I'll just get you started.
Zorak, where's the lever?
I am zorak Whatever.
Ha ha ha!
Ladies and gentlemen shut up, z.
Hello, universe. My name is Tyra banks.
That's the Egyptian sun God, so I guess that makes you Egyptian.
Actually, well, I've I've here's something about your culture
you probably don't know.
"Ra" is actually short for "Roger."
I think
"rah" is also a sports term,
which translated roughly means "cheers."
Did you ever watch that show?
It was pretty good.
Here's something else you might not know.
Cheers was filmed in front of a live studio audience.
Well, we have, like
although I don't know if I believe that.
Well, I
seriously, I don't.
But it's not, like
that reminds me of a story I think you'll find fascinating.
I would like one stamp, please.
That will be 32 cents.
I don't have any money.
Ha ha ha ha! True story.
Oh, and I know did I mention that I like to sketch?
I'm pretty deep that way.
Why don't you sit still as I capture
your essence in colored pencil?
So You're working it with John stamos. That's a good one.
That's not me!
That's your next guest.
Nice try. It says right here, "ask Tyra about John stamos."
Ask Tyra about John stamos?
No, that's my good friend's fiance, and that's all I know.
My note cards
have been de-sequencified.
This smells like the work of zorak!
Yes, it was I, zorak, emerald rogue, wronger of rights,
pincher of sensitive areas.
That's the best you can do?
I'm not myself without Moltar.
You're losing your edge.
What did he say?
He had a question about the, um
Space Ghost, you're so I'm really creative.
Sometimes I wear an eye patch because I'm so creative.
I have no idea plus I'm mysterious.
People wonder about me.
Ok. Take a look at this.
That's you! Pretty good, huh?
It's ok.
Ever get a big zit on your back?
Bad director! Bad director!
What the my retainer!
Please strike out. Please strike out.
Please strike out. Please strike out.
Oh, no! Please go over the fence!
Please go over the fence! Please go over the fence!
Please go over the fence!
Please welcome my next guest Rebecca romijn.
Hello, Space Ghost.
Where are you?
Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello?
Rebecca, turn off your inviso-power.
I'm here. I'm here. I'm right here.
Oh, no.
Can it be?
Have I lost the gift of sight in not one but both eyes?
Simmer down there, Sandra Dee.
Zorak, is that you, my oldest and truest evil bandleader?
Oh, zorak, it is you!
I can see! I can see!
This is the happiest day of my life!
You probably think that's cool.
Miss romijn?
Where am I? What's going on right now?
This is Space Ghost here. Over.
Hello, Space Ghost.
Sorry for the difficulty, Rebecca.
Somebody seems to have slobbered on all the settings.
Over. What was that weird noise?
Nothing. Hang tight for a sec. Over and out.
Oh, good. Thanks.
You're worse than molton.
Please welcome my next guest
supermodel Rebecca romijn.
Thank you. It's really exciting to be here. Thanks.
Yes, yes. Enough about me.
Let's talk about you.
Now, you do runway modeling occasionally, right?
That's right.
Ok. When you're walking down the runway yeah?
Do you ever get the urge to just run and take off
like an x.G. Series pulse-modulated Donovan craft?
Well, you know, sometimes when I'm walking on the runway,
all I'm wearing are underpants.
Oh, no. Are you ok?
Were you just hitting on me?
You're kind of intimidating me, Space Ghost.
That strong jaw and those Those Those intense eyes.
Yeah. And how about my generous biceps?
Ha ha. Well, they're intimidating, too.
You mean it? You're not just blowing smoke up my cape?
I do. I love you, space Rebecca?
Well, that's it, pal.
Your directing days are over.
I'm sending you back to the minors.
Zorak, bring the car around.
Moltar! Get in the car.
7 errors.
Cah! 7.
Forget it, Moltar.
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