Spice and Wolf: Merchant Meets the Wise Wolf (2024) s01e09 Episode Script

Sweet Honey and Bitter Armor

So, why did you come
all the way here at this hour?
I came to get my certificate of membership
for this guild.
Hurry up and become a merchant who
people will fear
just by hearing your name alone.
Or else,
that girl you got will leave you.
She's basically an investment.
What good comes out of
investing in a small-town girl?
I wouldn't invest if there was no return.
You sound pretty confident.
That reminds me.
Does anyone here need to go to Lamtra?
I would advise you not to get involved
with that shepherd girl.
A lot of people
had the same kind of idea as you.
But nobody will hire that girl
to escort them.
Do you know why?
Is it the church?
She is the only one who can
roam around that area unharmed.
Nobody says anything, but it's obvious
that the church isn't happy about that.
If you don't want to get caught up
in the church's mess,
don't get involved with her.
I get it, though. Norah the Nymph is
just the type of girl you like.
So, do you already know
who is going to purchase your goods?
Yes. It's the Remelio Trading Company.
Remelio, huh?
Is there a problem?
Well, you will know once you get there.
-Thank you.
The Rowen Trade Guild
has Saint Lambardos' blessing.
I wish you the best of luck.
If this deal goes well,
I will buy you some fine alcohol.
Shoo, shoo.
-Let's go.
How cute.
They called me a "pretty rose."
Don't pay them too much attention.
Young apprentice boys
are no better than hungry dogs.
They'll drag you away.
If they do, come save me again.
Of course, I will go save you again.
Although, in the end,
I am the one who saved you.
I don't know what kind of "return"
you are expecting,
but I guess I'll let you
invest in me for now.
You heard?
My cute little ears picked up everything.
It seems you took a liking
to that shepherd.
So you like that scrawny type?
Or do you like the fact that
she has a hard life?
Compared to that,
I am nothing but an investment.
Wait a second!
What Jakob said
was nothing but small talk.
-It's not like I
To a certain degree,
I did think Norah was nice too.
And it's not like I didn't enjoy
talking to her.
But in no way does that
mean that I think
any less of you!
I was only teasing you.
I didn't expect you to say
something like that so seriously!
I'm so happy!
males are always like that.
They say things like that easily.
So prove it to me
with something I can see.
I've heard that knights
entrust their shield and sword
to show their sincerity.
You're a merchant.
What will you do for me?
All right.
I'll get you honey-pickled peaches
You're going to buy me what?
I can't believe you would
do something like that.
You're the one who told me to
ask more cutely.
I told you to ask more nicely.
I didn't tell you to be so manipulative.
it was cute, wasn't it?
Although, your reaction was even cuter.
Hey, don't be so mad.
The fact that I was happy is true.
Will you still be mad, even then?
Fine! I'm not mad.
Are you satisfied now?
I don't want to get lost.
Can I hold your hand?
It'll be troublesome if you get lost.
Um, Father.
What's the matter?
Would you please let me
move to a safer place
to let my sheep graze?
You will be fine.
God has given you the power
to ward off wolves.
Are you saying that you don't trust God?
Your job itself
is a gift from God.
Continue to do your best.
Someone's in a good mood.
Any merchant would be happy
if they're about to make a profit.
But you are the most vulnerable
when your eyes are fixated on your prey.
How animals hunt and how merchants
do business is not the same.
You called it "buying on margin"?
So basically, you're in debt right now.
If you know the product is going to sell,
you should buy it even if you incur debt.
Although, if I do that with apples,
someone will eat them all
and it'd be a huge deficit.
Either way,
taking on debts isn't my cup of tea.
Says the person who is deep in debt.
If you want me to pay you back,
you'd better get on my good side.
Yes, yes, I will try.
I just have to sell them to a company
that has a contract with the supplier.
There's nothing to worry about.
It's so busy everywhere.
It's peak season right now.
I don't smell any honey-pickled peaches.
I told you that it's a rare item.
Is this place run by monks?
If so, we'd at least hear people praying.
Maybe your trusty little ears
can't hear because you're munching
on that pie so loudly.
I appreciate your sarcasm.
But I can hear people inside the building.
There are people inside?
Yes. But the atmosphere
isn't very peaceful.
Well, I guess there's no point
in worrying.
The goods won't turn into money
unless I sell them.
And the meat pie won't turn into nutrients
unless I eat it.
That was intended to be my nutrients.
What? You were planning to eat it?
It's not the Sabbath yet, is it?
Is something wrong?
Um, well you know
Did you get into town today?
No, a few days ago.
It's not like I'm in a hurry or anything.
I can come another time.
Mr. Lawrence?
Just as I thought.
You were supposed to bring in armaments
from Latparron Trading Company, right?
How do you know that?
Last night, Latparron Trading Company
transferred your bond
to our trading company.
What is going on?
You seem to be unaware,
but the armaments market
crashed the other day
because the great northern expedition
was canceled.
Armaments are basically
worth nothing right now. Which means,
your friend is in
very deep debt with our trading company.
Simply put, he has gone bankrupt.
Excuse me?!
It was a setup.
We both live according
to these kinds of agreements.
You understand, right?
Of course, Mr. Remelio.
I am a merchant too, after all.
Out of your total purchase
from Latparron Trading Company,
47 and 3/4 Lumione was
loaned to you with a due date.
I need you to pay that.
Otherwise, we will
have to ask the Rowen Trade Guild
to take on your debt.
Well, the due date on your loan
is the day after tomorrow,
so we can wait two days.
About the armaments
that you brought with you
What would you like to do?
It won't sell for much at all
No, I will sell them at a high price.
I will pay you in two days.
Is that fine?
Yes. I will be waiting.
Sorry for the wait.
Let's go.
Hey, so what is going on?
The cargo behind us became garbage.
I see
Will you run away?
The network that merchants have
is practically omniscient.
They'll find me no matter where I go,
as long as I continue to do business.
If that happens, I'll never be able
to work as a merchant again.
When animals are wounded,
they get devoured, bones and all.
Will you accept that fate?
Of course not!
I just have to return my debt in two days.
I can still get back on my feet.
I am Holo the Wisewolf.
I'm sure I can help you
in one way or another.
I know.
Saving on food
would make a big difference
Didn't I tell you
that I'd pay you back for my food?
I was just joking.
You look much better
than you did a second ago.
But if worse comes to worst, I will put
my honor on the line to let you escape.
Even if that means using this wheat.
You promised to take me
to the north forest.
I can't have you
getting stuck in a place like this.
I know. I will keep my promise.
If worse comes to worst,
I might ask for your help.
You can count on me.
So, what are you going to do now?
I'll go to the Rowen Trade Guild first.
If they're from your hometown,
I'm sure they'll help you.
So wait at the inn
Do I look like an ungrateful wolf
who would leisurely
groom herself at the inn while her
traveling companion is facing a crisis?
No, but
Do I?
You don't, but that's not the issue.
Then what is the issue?
Trading firms
are like hometowns for merchants.
You know what it means when someone
brings a woman home.
Just explain it to them.
How would I explain it?
Then just tell them we're lovers!
All right. Will you come with me?
Of course I will.
However, I will tell them
that we are business partners.
Don't say anything unnecessary.
Well then, what should we address first
The first thing I want to ask is,
"Who is that pretty girl
sitting right there?"
We are traveling together for business.
When Milone Trading Company
in Pazzio appraised
my fur pelts at 140 silver Trenni coins,
she hiked the price on the spot
and sold them for 210 coins.
Didn't I tell you? I wouldn't invest
unless there was a return.
If you two were a married couple,
I was going to tell you to go to
the church and get a divorce this instant.
But every once in a while,
people like you come around.
They show up with a beautiful girl one day
and things seem to work out.
But all of them refuse to
talk about the girl.
So I try not to pry too much.
After all, even the scriptures say that
we should not
force open a box of mysteries.
That's a wise decision.
Now then, let's get right to the point.
Let me make sure I got this right.
You bought armaments
from Latparron Trading Company.
Of which 47 and 3/4 Lumione
were bought on margin.
And that bond was sold
by Latparron Trading Company
to Remelio Trading Company.
Is that correct?
You were completely tricked
by Latparron Trading Company.
But I don't pity you.
Because you were just being greedy,
and you failed. Am I wrong?
That's right.
If you were robbed, got sick,
or were injured
and incurred a debt because of that,
we would put our guild's honor
on the line to help you.
But that's not the case this time.
In other words, you must
pay off your debt on your own.
Unfortunately, because of my position,
I can't show mercy on you.
Being firm and uncompromising
is the whole purpose of my position.
Of course.
If someone else was
getting special treatment,
I would get mad too.
Also, lending and borrowing money
between guild members is prohibited.
The guild itself cannot
lend you money either.
It'll affect our reputation.
I know.
Your debt is due in two days.
Remelio Trading Company
is desperate because their
investment in armaments failed too.
So they'll happily
come to collect the money.
By the day after tomorrow,
your failure will become public,
and I will have to detain you.
So what is the conclusion?
If I cannot get 47 Lumione
ready in two days
and pay Remelio Trading Company,
I will have no future.
You will have a future, that's for sure.
it will be a dark, painful,
and burdensome future.
If it's 47 Lumione,
you can pay it off if you row
a long-distance cargo ship for ten years.
Or you can dig a mine.
But that's only
if you don't get injured or sick.
But you know,
it's not like I want you to die.
Don't forget that.
I just have to follow through
with the natural order
of crime and punishment.
If there is anything
I can help you with, I will.
And I trust you, so I won't detain you.
Go and do whatever you can.
Thank you for your kindness.
When doing business,
there are always unexpected bypaths.
There are paths that can only be seen
during a crisis.
Go and give it your all.
I will pay off the debt no matter what.
Hey, what are you going to do?
I'm free for two days, at least.
Before I start worrying,
there's something I can try.
Repaying a debt with a debt.
Long time no see, Mr. Lawrence.
Did you find something profitable again?
It's quite embarrassing,
but I wanted to borrow some money.
Oh, is that right?
You know, we're a bit tight on money too.
I'm sorry.
I see. I'm sorry to put you on the spot.
There are still more to try.
How was it?
Let's try another one.
That place might
Damn it!
Here you go.
The next one
Sorry, I can't walk like I usually do
in this form.
No, it's my bad.
Excuse me.
Oh, long time no see, Mr. Lawrence.
Long time no see.
Sorry to bother you after hours.
I heard through the grapevine
that you've been asking everyone
to lend you money.
And it's apparently quite a large amount.
Is it because of the armament market?
Yes. It was all because of
my lack of foresight.
Only God can foretell
a sudden crash in a market.
It'd be cruel to condemn you
for something like that.
It is my belief that we must
live according to
God's teachings and be sincere
in our dealings with others.
I was willing to help you
to a certain extent.
But look at you, promenading with a woman
while trying to rely on others' pity
and borrow money!
I will not take this nonsense!
Are you okay?
You look so pale.
Let's go back to the inn
If it wasn't for you
I I'm sorry.
I'll go back to the inn.
Damn it
Damn it!
Next time, "The Wolf's Wisdom
and Merchant's Smooth-talk."
Subtitle translation by: Kiko Morita
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