Spice and Wolf: Merchant Meets the Wise Wolf (2024) s01e11 Episode Script

Forest of Wolves and Frigid Rain

Good morning.
Good morning.
We look forward to working with you.
He will be helping us with this job.
I'm Marten Liebert from
the Remelio Trading Company.
I'm Norah Arendt.
Well then, let's get going.
All right, please follow me.
Do you think it will work?
It has to work,
or else our future will be pitch black.
Let's take a break here for today.
We don't have time for that.
The sun hasn't even set yet.
Time is of the essence.
Then why don't you go ahead on your own?
Hungry wolves will be waiting for you.
Shepherds take an early rest
so they can guard the sheep
through the night.
If we want this job to succeed, we have to
prioritize the safety of the sheep.
So I believe it's best to
listen to Ms. Norah's directions.
I apologize.
I'm getting nervous
and it's making me impatient.
I don't blame you.
The entire company is on the line.
Tomorrow, we'll be entering the woods.
We should get some rest now.
Anything could come out of that forest
and I wouldn't be surprised.
Don't panic even if wolves come out.
I promise that I'll take you
to town safely.
We're counting on you.
May God be with us.
Hey, do you think we'll really be
safe from the wolves?
It's no good. We're already surrounded.
Even if something like that happens,
I promise that you will be safe.
But everything else is out of my control.
I need to make sure
everyone here will be safe.
Honestly, I can't be sure about that.
Right now, the forest is downwind.
If there are wolves,
I'm sure they already noticed the sheep
and are sharpening their fangs.
What a smart dog.
That dog knows what I am.
He's been giving me
an annoying look ever since we met.
That look is telling me,
"Just you try harming the sheep."
"I'm ready to tear into
your throat at any time."
However, I am Holo the Wisewolf.
I won't fall for that dog's provocation.
I wonder if Norah notices?
If this smuggling job fails,
Norah will be the most at risk.
We might be able to get away
as long as we keep silent.
But Norah would have no excuse.
You really have a soft spot
for that girl, don't you?
Didn't I tell you
what the punishment will be?
I doubt that
she will be able to endure that.
Well then, why don't you protect her
so that doesn't happen?
According to Ms. Norah,
if we leave at dawn,
we can get to Lamtra by noon.
Then from there, it will be my job.
All right, I will get some rest so that
I don't mess up the negotiation.
Good night.
Wake up!
-What's going on?
-Stay back.
Did you ward them off?
I don't know,
but they seem to have gone far away.
The wolves here are always like this.
I rarely hear them howling
and they never try to attack.
It's as if they're just staring at us.
It is strange that they won't even howl.
It might be something other than a wolf.
Like a traveler who died here
and turned into a monster, for example.
Holo, that's enough
-I'm partially serious.
Well then, I'll get going.
I hope it goes well.
Me too.
Um, Ms. Holo,
do you know a lot about wolves?
Oh, it's just that,
it seemed as though you noticed
the wolves very quickly last night.
It was a coincidence.
It was?
First of all, the men who are with us
are absolutely no help at all.
Don't you agree?
Huh? That's not true
You think that man is dependable?
You can be honest. Tell me.
I guess you are a good judge of character!
First of all,
asking someone like me,
who is traveling alone with a man,
whether I know a lot about wolves
is just silly.
What do you mean?
The wolf comes out every night.
After all, a bunny as cute as me
is right under his nose.
It's only natural that
a bunny who is preyed on
by a wolf every night
is knowledgeable about wolves.
Um, does that mean?
Granted, this guy is more like
a bunny than a wolf.
He will die from loneliness
if I don't give him attention.
it was just a coincidence
that I was quick to notice
the wolves last night.
I thought that maybe you were a shepherd.
Oh, why is that?
Because I felt like Enek
was really interested in you.
That's probably because he likes me.
Um, you're talking about Enek, right?
Since you treat him very well,
he knows that
your love for him is unchanging.
So he became a little greedy and wanted
to play around with someone else.
At times, you just have to be
a little cold toward men.
That is how you hold their reins.
I will do just that
if he ever tries to
cheat on me again in the future.
But for now,
I want to reward him as much as I can.
After all, whether this job ends
in success or failure,
I will no longer work
as a shepherd anymore, either way.
Didn't I tell you?
I guess you're right.
How did it go?
Take a look.
Now we just have to take this with us,
have the sheep eat them at the right time,
and pass through the city gates.
The sun has already set.
So let's camp outside the forest
and cross it tomorrow.
I agree.
It's going to rain.
They're going to catch up!
-We're already surrounded.
Damn it!
That girl really is skilled.
Wolves surround their prey as a pack
and hunt them cautiously and cunningly.
That girl knows that
and is giving out precise orders.
And since we're spread out in a long line,
it's not easy for the wolves to attack.
So will we be okay?
No, with this bad weather,
it'll only be a matter of time.
Mr. Lawrence!
Get back!
Humans also use the phrase,
"young ones these days," right?
Hey, make the girl and the boy
go ahead without us.
After that, you stand back as well.
Why all of a sudden?
What was that?
The wolves in this forest
are not normal wolves.
They are not after the sheep.
Petty resolve and worthless pride
Those are things
that are important to youngsters.
I will have to clean up this mess.
Come on, you have to say something
or nobody will move.
You are my partner, after all.
We will take care of this.
You two go ahead according to plan.
Mr. Lawrence!
Let's go, Ms. Norah.
It'll all be for nothing
if the wolves get to us.
We'll meet by the walls of Ruvinheigen!
At that point, we will all be rich!
I wish you luck!
Stay back a good distance.
It'll be troublesome if you're too close.
You understand, right?
You'd better not lose.
If this was a charming male,
he would have kissed me right now.
Oh, that's right.
Hold this for me, will you?
I'd like to settle this peacefully,
but I don't know what will happen.
If I come back naked, I'll be cold
and you'll be flustered.
See you.
The wolves aren't following us.
We somehow got rid of them, huh?
Those two haven't caught up either.
Let's hurry.
We can't let them die in vain.
"Die"? How could you say that!
Oh, my apologies.
But if we stop here,
their courageous decision
will go to waste.
Come on, let's go.
Is that all you have to say?
As I thought, you're just a youngster.
You have absolutely
no sense of respect for your elders.
Holo are you going to be okay?
Why am I so powerless!
Are you Mr. Lawrence?
-So you were safe?
Mr. Liebert had informed us,
and we couldn't just
sit back and do nothing.
We were waiting
outside the forest just in case.
I see.
So, where are your belongings?
Huh? Oh, over there.
My horse is there too.
I see.
Let's get out of the rain for now.
Um, Mr. Lawrence, where is your companion?
She's not here.
That's good.
What are you doing?
You can blame us all you want.
The Remelio Company is betraying me?
We just want to be safe.
We're backed into a corner as well.
So we have to get rid of
as many risk factors as we can.
We had heard there was a woman too,
so we were a little reluctant.
But things worked out well for us.
I'll let you have
your companion's keepsake.
It does break my heart that I cannot say,
"Until we meet again."
But thinking about what happens next
is really depressing.
-I know. There's a woman over there too.
-Shut your mouth!
Don't tell me
Calm down!
Don't you dare touch her!
You little
You just stay here
and become food for the wolves!
Why don't we just tie up the girl
and leave her here, like this guy?
And have the wolves take care of it?
Don't be stupid! She is able to
cross through this forest
without losing a single sheep.
Who knows what kind of
pagan sorcery she uses.
Even if we bring her here blindfolded
and with her hands tied,
I'm sure she'll survive.
If that happens, it'll be the end for us.
That's true.
But still, I'm not looking forward to it.
If we kill that girl,
I won't be able to eat for a while.
We're not going to kill him?
Do you want to?
No! The less people
we have to kill the better.
Let's go.
If we don't hurry,
Mr. Liebert's going to nag us.
That's true.
In any case,
I'm really glad that the girl he was with
was dead already.
Same here.
Next time,
"The Price of Betrayal and Price of Gold."
Subtitle translation by: Kiko Morita
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