MARVEL Spider-Man (2017) s01e09 Episode Script

Ultimate Spider-Man

[music] I have to say, even though swinging through the air as Spidey is awesome, sometimes it's nice to just walk to school.
[grunts] - Hey! - I said I don't like you walking - on my side of the street.
- Hey, leave my son alone! - Dad! - [chuckles] Little baby needs his daddy.
So long, baby! [boys laughing] - Told you I can take care of myself, Dad.
- Miles, I know you can.
But you have a gift.
You're smart.
And that's what's going to help you in life - not your fists.
- He's right, you know.
Pete? You saw that too? Aw, man! It's nothing to be ashamed of, Miles.
- I used to get bullied at Midtown High all the time.
- What'd you do? Well, I found my own way of feeling strong.
Decided that doing the right things and making the right choices was the way to stand tall.
- That's real power.
- That's not power! Power is punching those guys in the face.
You watch.
I just haven't had my growth spurt yet, but, man, when I do, people are gonna say - Oh, no! - I was thinking more like, "Oh, yeah, baby!" I mean, oh, no, there's some sort of Slayer headed for Osborn Academy! - And that's where Harry is! - I'm coming too.
You're too s You need to call the police.
Oh, I'll call the police, [beeping] but there's no way I'm missing something this exciting.
Osborn, I've come for you.
Spencer Smythe.
It's about time you returned my Slayer.
I had every right to keep it.
You didn't deliver your end of the bargain.
Didn't give me a faculty position at Oz Academy after I framed your son for sabotage, just as you asked.
- Leave us.
- Can't do that, sir.
Under orders.
That order came from me, you dolt! These things take time, Spencer.
You need to be patient.
In exactly one minute, this Slayer will explode, taking you and Osborn Academy [yells] Am I late for Slayer class? Spider-Man, you fool! That thing's a bomb, and it's about to go off in two minutes.
Two minutes? I can make my own Slayer in two minutes, [grunts] let alone diffuse one.
Just need to get this hunk-a-junk away from these people, [grunts] take it to the roof for prime propulsion conditions, and [grunts] Wait a minute.
Spider-Sense? That wasn't two minutes! Aah! [heavy explosion] Aah! Gotta get inside to help Peter.
[grunts] Sorry! [grunts] [object rattles on ground] Watch where you're going! - Let me help.
- Give me that! I'm so sorry, man.
I was distracted by the Ow! What was that? - [man gasps] Spider-Man! - Oh, no! Is that Spider-Man? Relax, Miles.
He'll pull out of it.
He's gonna pull out of it.
He's gotta pull out of it! Oh, no! He's not gonna pull out of it! [grunts] How did I just do that? [gags] Oh, I think I'm gonna be sick.
[groans] My head! What in [groans] There's no way I fell all that way and survived.
But how? Hmm I got it.
And you were right.
The bum was the perfect distraction.
- And no one saw you? - Just some kid, but he's not someone we have to worry about.
Do not underestimate anyone, Smythe.
Especially now that you're working with Raymond Warren.
Relax, Raymond.
Our mutual hatred of Norman Osborn is more than enough to take him down.
He'll soon learn he can't renege on promises and get away with it.
And now that you're out of prison, there'll be no stopping us.
Uh, how did you get out of prison, exactly? There's a spider missing! I need the DNA of all eight spiders, and the Electrolis Arachnatis is missing! Where is it? Aah! What in the world bit me? [beeping] [woman] I can't believe I took this job.
- Harry! - Pete? What are you doing here? I heard there was an attack at Oz Academy.
- You okay? - Nah, I'm fine, thanks.
I wasn't anywhere near the attack.
But guess what? Turns out, it was another Slayer.
You know, the kind that attacked me at Midtown High that day.
No kidding.
And who, uh Who stopped it? Spider-Man was there, if that's what you're asking.
But more importantly, now we know who was controlling the Slayer Spencer Smythe.
My dad said he was targeting me again.
Really? That's not the way I saw it heard it.
That's not the way I heard it when you told me just now.
So, uh, no other superheroes showed up, maybe to, uh, help Spider-Man? No.
But I take offense to you calling him a superhero.
- That guy's a menace.
- Well, I'm just happy you're safe.
- Breakfast tomorrow? - Phsh! As always.
Okay, Smythe.
It's not your style to just blow something up.
Especially a school your son is attending.
So what's your game plan? [ringing] And why would Norman lie about the Slayer coming after Harry? Hey, Miles.
What's up? Pete, I gotta see you, man.
Like now! Okay? Miles, you okay? - Miles! - [Miles] Up here! What? Who? I'll tell you who.
It's me your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man! Uh You're Spider-Man? Okay, I'm not the original Spider-Man, but I got bitten by something, and And look at this! I can crawl along walls like a spider.
[grunts] And I have super strength like a spider.
So I'm thinking I was bitten by hear me out on this a spider.
- Also, I have this spider bite.
- Let me see it.
This is the greatest day of my life! There are two Spider-Men.
I even whipped up this costume so the world knows we're buddies.
Spider-Man and Spider Kid, or something.
Man, this is gonna be great! Okay.
[nervous chuckle] Slow down.
We need to find out exactly what happened to you.
I'll tell you what happened.
Instead of a growth spurt, I got a power spurt.
And now the world is going to have to listen to Miles Morales.
- I can't wait to show everyone! - Miles, wait! I know you're excited, but secret identities exist for a reason.
Being a superhero is dangerous.
You can't just go around sharing your private life with everyone you know.
You're right.
Check it out! [groans] I'm Spider-Man! - [gasps] What? - Unbelievable! What? I'm not telling everyone.
Just Anya and Gwen.
- Is he for real? - Yeah.
Is this some sort of trick? Nope.
I think he really has powers.
Not just any powers, Spider-Man's powers! Except the webs, of course.
They don't seem to have grown in yet.
See? [grunting] [pulls chair out] Um, that was the chair.
I knew that.
Now sit down so we can run a test.
A test? I don't need a test.
That's work.
I want to play and show off what I can do.
Miles, you're the second person in this city to get spider powers.
That's not a coincidence.
It deserves some looking into.
Maybe there's something going around.
[gasps] Maybe we can all get spider powers! - Oh, yeah.
That would be cool! - That would be awesome.
Guys! You talk about these powers like they're a gift.
But they come with a lot of responsibility.
I mean, they must, right? I bet, at times, even Spider-Man finds them a burden.
Well, if he does, he's not doing it right.
'Cause all I feel is awesome! Yeah.
And who's to say he is doing it right? Maybe having a secret identity isn't the way to go.
Look at the Avengers.
Oh, yeah! Maybe I can be an Avenger! You think they hold auditions? Ooh, maybe they patrol the streets looking for new recruits.
I in which case, I gotta go.
If Captain America calls, put in a good word for me! He's not gonna [groans] [Norman Osborn] What is it, Adrian? [Adrian Toomes] Raymond Warren's confiscated spider experiment is missing.
It must have happened during the Slayer attack.
So the bomb was a distraction? That's pretty clever.
Especially for Spencer Smythe.
Which makes me think he's not working alone.
Smythe couldn't have known about the spiders without some insider knowledge.
But Raymond Warren is the only other person who knows about it, and he's in prison.
Then either Spencer is working for Warren, or I've underestimated him.
Either way, that experiment in the wrong hands could be disastrous.
Why do you say that? Raymond came to me once with a plan for creating a spider army.
Human soldiers who, when exposed to these enhanced spiders, would gain the abilities of arachnids.
It was intriguing, I must admit.
But I found Raymond's behavior to be erratic, inconsistent, so I confiscated them.
Then why didn't you destroy them? Because I couldn't be certain they were his only spiders.
And if he does succeed in this monstrous plan, I'll need a live sample to create an antidote.
[beeping] Do I detect a hint of fear, Norman? [beeps] Fear, Adrian, is for people who are unprepared.
I'm more concerned with who has the upper hand.
The Slayers.
You created them to battle the spider army - in the event Raymond succeeded.
- Merely a precaution.
Or, as of today, a prevention.
We need to get those spiders back from Spencer Smythe before he gets them to Warren.
And how do you propose we do that? Easy.
We use a Smythe to catch a Smythe.
[singsongy] First day as a superhero! First day of nonstop awesomeness! [girl] Someone help! No prob.
I happen to know just the guy.
[meows] [grunting] Here, kitty, kitty.
Here you go, little girl.
That isn't my cat.
I'm a member of Tree Huggers.
That cat was hurting that tree.
[meows] Safety first, young lady! - I was going that way.
- [Miles] Oops.
My bad.
[both grunting] [Miles] Sorry, not sorry! Spider-Man.
Spider-Man! Why the change of costume? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I'm not Spider-Man.
But I am available for photo shoots and crime-fighting conventions.
Then who are you? Just a hero trying to do my neighborhood on 14th Street proud.
[groans] You heard it here first, folks.
A new hero is cleaning up this two-spider town.
A new hero? Hey, I like the sound of that.
Looks like we found the recipient of the missing spider DNA.
There's a good chance that Norman is seeing this too.
Meaning he'll want this new spider as much as we do.
Take the new Slayer and get to him first.
Yeah, you tell your mama I don't like bologna.
If I'm gonna steal your lunch, I at least wanna enjoy it.
[grunting] Hey, bad-hair losers, leave him alone! - Oh, yeah, Spidey! New costume? - Oh, yeah! Spider-Man! No, I'm the new Spider-Man, and you're in my neighborhood.
Now, still think it's fun to push people around? [grunts] W-We don't push people around.
Oh, no? What about that Miles Morales kid you picked on this morning? Who? [grunts] You know.
The really good-looking one.
- Uh - Oh, oh, don't tell me you don't think he's good-looking, 'cause I will pop you right here.
In fact, I will [grunts] Yeah, you better run off.
Spider-Man! What's up, buddy? You bringing me a superhero welcome basket or something? You were a little tough on those kids, don't you think? No way, man.
They're bullies.
They're always picking on people.
Just be careful not to become a bully yourself.
Revenge is not what being a hero is about.
No way, man.
I wanna be like you.
You're my hero.
Well, in that case, I'd like to share something with you.
Someone very smart once told me that with great power comes great - People skills? - No.
- Comes great - Cell phone reception? - Can I finish? - Sure.
- Comes great responsibility.
- Response-a-what now? I wasn't bitten by a police officer.
I was bitten by an awesome spider.
So I taught some bullies a lesson.
So what? This is my neighborhood, and I want to make sure everyone feels safe.
That's another thing.
There's a reason for secret identities.
You shouldn't be giving away so much personal information.
Do you realize you just told a live television audience where you live? That means you saw my interview! How'd I look? Great, right? Did you hear they're calling me a new hero? Yes.
And now anyone who wants to challenge you - knows exactly where to find you.
- Please! No one's coming after me.
[thunderous footstep] New spider, I have come for you.
Huh? Looks like that spider bite gave me great comic timing.
Get to safety while I take this Slayer down.
No way.
This is what you call a team-up, baby! - You're not ready for this.
- Come on.
We'll smash him.
There's two of us and only one of him.
[thunderous footsteps] [Alistair Slayer] Hey, new spider, [gasps] I've come for you.
[screams] Yeah, uh, no.
What is this, the corner of Slayer and Slayer? Wait.
I can come up with a better quip than that.
Got any quips that can stop two monstrous robots? [Spider-Man] Your first super battle can be scary.
But if we work together, then we'll be able to Scary? No way! This is awesome! Time to impress the neighborhood.
No! Stay close to me! You're not prepared for Aah! Sorry, Slayers.
Spider season is over.
[music] Aah! What's happening in my head? [grunts] It's called your Spider-Sense.
And it means you need to move! [grunts, yells] [grunts] [car alarm blaring] - Step off! He's mine! - Alistair, is that you? What are you doing? Following orders, Dad! This new Spider-Man is part of an experiment that was stolen from Oscorp.
Whoa! I've got my own sticky powers, thank you very much.
[grunting] They're both targeting you, which means you need to get out of here! - Yikes! I'm not running from anybody.
- Whoa! [both grunting] Norman stole that experiment.
Just like you stole his Slayer? This Slayer may have started as his, but it's been enhanced by a true genius.
So has this one.
Take advantage of them arguing and get out of here.
- I'll take care of it.
- If you're staying, I'm staying.
I see the experiment isn't the only thing Osborn has stolen.
He's delivering on all the things you never could, Dad.
[beeping] [computer] Target locked.
- Then may the best Slayer win.
- You asked for it.
[whirring] [car alarm blaring] [whimpering] That's my [chuckles] [yells, grunts] [straining] [screaming] [grunts] [grunts] [grunts] Let him go! [whirring] [grunting] It appears there's no getting to that new spider - with you in the way, Spider-Man.
- Unfortunately, he's the only one I need to bring in alive.
[whirring continues] Spider-Man was right.
[grunts] Never should've told them where I live.
- Aah! [screaming] - Whoa! [grunting] [yells] Leave him alone! [warblong] Aah! [grunting] [powering down] What the I-I can do that? Whoa! He can do that? Look out! It's up again! [grunts] If that Slayer's so determined to suck something in, let me give it what it wants.
Hey! That Slayer above you is falling! Get out of the way! I've got it! More of my powers seem to be coming in.
Maybe that means I'll have webs like you.
[both yelling] [grunts] [alarm blaring] No! No! [powering down] My webs aren't organic.
I made them myself.
Now you tell me.
[electricity arcing] [alarm continues] Eject! Eject! [computer] Launch sequence activated.
Not a bad idea, son.
[Miles] You're gonna be fine.
- Whoa! - Where do you think you're going? [thud] Huh? - Outta my way, worms, or I'll wipe the street with you.
- [yells] Watch it! Hey! Nobody bullies the people in my neighborhood! Or city, for that matter.
He's very territorial.
[groans] - Yeah! In your face! - Ugh! All of this was because of me.
I told the bad guys exactly where to find me, and put the people I care about in danger.
Hey, I've made a lot of mistakes too.
In fact, I'm still making them.
I guess sometimes you need to walk before you can wall-crawl, eh? Eh? [sighs] Is that a joke? 'Cause I don't get it.
- Hey.
Excuse me.
- Yes? I just wanted to thank you for keeping our neighborhood safe.
Oh, uh anytime.
- I wish my son Miles could meet you.
- Why's that? Well, I told him that power is using your brain instead of your brawn, but I'm realizing now that the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.
You might be right.
Raymond? How did you wind up back in jail? What are you talking about? I never left.
And how do you know my name?! I failed, Mr.
Did your father capture the new spider? - No, sir.
- Then the battle isn't over.
In fact, I have a feeling the war is just beginning.
I can't believe you have electro-blasts.
Do you know how helpful those would be to me? Yeah, but you've got webs.
- Correction.
We've got webs.
- Really? Oh, man! I-I can't wait to shoot these things! After you've practiced more.
That's so lame Uh-I-I mean, of course.
Hey, how come you use just these two middle fingers to shoot? Oh, that's easy.
Because after testing numerous scenarios [music] and experimenting with the PSI, I realized this way is just more awesome!