MARVEL Spider-Man (2017) s01e12 Episode Script

Spider-Man on Ice

[Spider-Man] Is it scientifically feasible for a human being to melt? Phew! This heat wave is killing me.
[grunts] I know when I created this Spider-Man look, I wanted it to be a beacon of hope, but maybe head-to-toe spandex wasn't the coolest idea.
[purring] [sighs] Third rule of superheroics: always know where the best alleys are for changing clothes.
It keeps lookie-loos from seeing your spider-undies.
Fourth rule of superheroics: never use the word "lookie-loo.
" Ah.
Much better.
And I'm even on time to meet Harry.
[both grunt] Are you okay? - So sorry.
- Thanks, kid.
- Now get outta the way.
- [grunts] Hey! - Said I was sorry.
- Coming through! [siren wailing, distant] Hold it right there, Macklin! [grunts] Nice job there, kid.
You just stopped a member of Hammerhead's gang.
Randy Macklin just robbed the jewelry store on 5th.
Wish we got more help from regular people like you.
My job would be a lot easier.
Uh, have a good day.
Guess I can be just as effective out of my Spidey duds.
I need to patrol the city as Peter Parker Whoa! [grunts] - Pete, you're a genius! - Nah.
I just got in his way, really.
I'm talking about the cryogenic gauntlet.
Take a look at this.
I took the revised designs you e-mailed me, realigned the coils, and look! [Peter] Whoa! We did it! We created a way to freeze food without agents like Freon.
Our joint science project will finally show everyone that Horizon High and Osborn Academy can work together in a friendly, noncompetitive way.
Although my dad'll be furious when he finds out.
He'll support that when Horizon freezes over.
Hmm? I only had a small refractor in my lab, so this is the biggest thing I could freeze.
But if I had something larger - Where did this come from? - Oh-ho, that's perfect! I don't know Let me just raise the level a notch, and your sandwich becomes [beeping] [grunts] Whoa! Oh, that might be too much ice.
No such thing as "too much ice.
" Huh? I know you.
Macklin! - You're that thief I stopped earlier! - You what? I stopped him.
P-Pete [chuckles] Peter Parker did.
I did I helped the cops by getting in his way.
Then you helped me by holding on to my diamond.
But now I want it back.
[both grunt] Hey! But we need that to generate more ice.
More ice, huh? From what I just saw, [grunts] maybe I should be taking this too.
- [Peter] Harry, are you okay? - Don't worry.
- I'll take care of him.
- Don't be a hero twice in one day, kid.
Stop! You don't know what that thing's capable of! Aah! [both grunt] [shivering breaths] Not what I h-h-had in mind when I s-said I wanted it to be c-c-cooler.
- Pete, we've gotta get our gauntlet back.
- Huh? The only thing you've got to do is start shoveling! [exhales] In a sec, Joe.
Let me just see if that cop is still outside.
[grunts] Oh, no, Pete.
You are not pulling another one of your disappearing acts.
- He coming back? - I wouldn't count on it.
Hmm? [grunts] Wish I'd put a tracer on Macklin so I knew which way he went Huh? Well, that's a trail even Peter Parker can follow.
- Where the heck is Mackerel? - It's "Macklin.
" And Frankie here thinks he got pinched by the cops.
The cops?! How stupid can he be? This was an easy job.
You break into the jewelry store and steal a diamond.
See this? This right here is why I should only hire supervillains.
They cost more, but they're ten times better than you regular yahoos.
I got it, boss.
[Hammerhead] Mack-a-lin! [laughs] I was just talking about you.
I thought you were picked up by the cops.
I gave 'em the slip.
Used my noggin.
Oh, look at the brain on this guy.
I like it when you're smart.
Now bring her to Papa.
Although the smart thing to do - would be to hang on to it.
- What? What did you just say? Well, you just said supervillains make more dough, and as long as I got the diamond to put in this glove thing here, I got superpowers.
[whirrs up] What you got is nerve, Mac-n-cheese! You're a regular guy who gets his regular cut! Well, you think 'cause you can make snow cones now you deserve the ice? - You hand over my diamond! - Oh, I don't think so, boss.
Now pay me what I'm worth, or else you and everyone who's ever underestimated me is gonna get a cold, hard wake-up call.
[sighs] You're not gonna be worth much dead.
Hey, boys, let's show "the Snowball" here how it's done.
[whirrs] I warned ya.
[men grunt] [Macklin laughing] [grunts] [laughing continues] - I gotta hand it to ya, Macklin - Huh? [grunting] Most thugs just say they're gonna put people on ice.
You actually do it.
[grunts] The name's not Macklin anymore.
Oh? Let me guess.
" "Fridge Face.
" "The Man Who Stole Some Tech That Didn't Belong To Him And Now He Thinks He's A Big Shot" Guy? Joke all you want.
The name's Blizzard.
Blizzard! I was so close! Well, I got news for ya, Blizzard.
It takes more than a name and some cool tech to go from being a regular guy to a super one.
It takes power and responsibility! Now just give me the gauntlet before someone else gets hurt.
Let me save you the suspense, Spider-Man.
Someone is gonna get hurt, and that someone is you.
[grunts] Uh-oh.
Webs froze.
[wind howling] [grunts] That's not all that's gonna freeze.
[grunts] First, your webs.
[grunts] Then your whole body! Don't be so dramatic.
I thought snowmen were happy, jolly souls.
[grunts] [grunts] [grunts] I think I'm getting the hang of this.
[grunting] Hammerhead always got my name wrong.
But the world won't.
They'll know me as Blizzard, the guy who brought New York City to its knees.
That's a little too much to put on a business card.
You're right.
Let's shorten it to "The guy who froze Spider-Man.
" - [Harry] Hey! - [Spider-Man] Harry! That's my gauntlet! And that's my cue to break outta here! [grunting] [grunts] Aah! Look out! [yells] Y-You're w-w-welcome.
[exhales] I did it! I put Spider-Man on ice! Now let's show the world what I can do.
[grunts] [Spider-Man] No! S-S-Somehow thought S-Spider-Man on ice would involve a lot more m-m-music and dancing.
[exhales] Wait! Where are you going? - To get my gauntlet back.
- Let me do it.
I'm better equipped than you.
[chuckles] I'm not the one who got himself frozen in ice.
But given enough time, the heat of my body should melt the ice.
Please! That'd take forever.
Well, do you have any ideas? 'Cause B-Blizzard is getting away, and you're not exactly going for the gold here.
But we'd be better off if I got the silver! [shivering breaths] Because silver has the highest thermal connectivity of any element! Genius! [humming] What are you doing? Looking for quarters that were minted before 1964.
That's the last time they made them out of silver.
Talk about taking forever.
[singsongy] 2010, 1998 [shivering breaths] You're enjoying this, aren't you? Yesss.
I like showing you that you need us more than we need you, Spider-Man.
I can't argue with you at this particular moment, but right now the Blizzard needs to be stopped.
So, if you wouldn't mind, I saw some bags of jewelry in the corner.
Some of it's got to be silver.
[Harry] Bags of jewelry, huh? [metallic clinking] [grunts] Gotta say, this isn't exactly what I expected in Hammerhead's gangster wardrobe.
[metallic clinking] Although you do look good in that tiara.
[sighs] Thanks for thawing me out.
And for not calling me an ice queen.
I know that was probably hard to resist.
Would be helpful if we could somehow sustain that fusion process.
Hey, that cryogenic gauntlet you made do you think you can make one that generates heat? I don't see why not.
I've got the original prototype back at Oz Academy.
[beeps] My friend Pete and I made it together.
[phone buzzing softly] I'll have him meet me there, and we'll work on it.
[buzzing continues] Wait.
Do you hear that? I hear a buzzing.
Huh? Uh, no.
I think, uh pfft ice messes with sound.
[beeps] Shh! There it is again.
Y-You don't hear that? Nope.
[sighs] [groans] Went to voice mail.
Hey, Pete, it's Harry.
Meet me at Osborne Academy.
Macklin's freezing the city, and we're gonna stop him.
By turning our cold design into a hot one.
[Spider-Man] Oh, boy.
Looks like Blizzard is definitely trying to make his mark.
Won't be so easy to follow him this time.
Sure, it will.
The cryogenic gauntlet has a GPS built in.
- That's right! It does! - How do you know? I-I figure most things have GPS nowadays, right? Phones, cars, cryogenic gauntlets You, uh You want a lift to Osborn Academy? I'm good.
Take this.
It's the GPS tracker.
And tell the cops to use that silver to free Hammerhead's gang! Pay attention, New York.
The Blizzard is everything Randy Macklin never was: - cold, slick, strong - Not to mention cracked! [grunts] [screaming] [grunts] So is that your thing, swinging in and kicking people midsentence? 'Cause that's the second time you've done that now.
[yelling] I like to think my thing is to bring thugs like you to justice! I'm not a regular thug.
I'm the Blizzard! [grunts] Yeah.
I got that.
But guess what? My forecast says there's gonna be a blizzard in prison tonight, with a hundred-percent chance of [grunts] [grunts] conviction! When are you gonna realize that you can't stop me 'cause you can't get near me without freezing? [all whimper] Have to get away from him if I want my webbing to work.
[grunts] And insulate myself to ground the current.
[grunts] - Stay indoors until it's safe! - Thanks, Spidey! Not gonna survive if I don't winterize my costume.
[ice crackling] But Horizon's buried under snow at this point.
Looks like my only chance is Oz Academy.
[electrical crackling] Whoo.
Got your message.
- How's the new gauntlet coming? - Almost done.
And how is it Oscorp is the only building not buried in snow? My dad spared no expense in insulating the building's exterior with auto heating units.
It's basically the same technology behind car seat warmers.
Uh, the man's a genius.
[shivering breaths] He wasn't genius enough to create comfy long johns, was he? - I sure could use a pair.
- [chuckling] No.
But I was.
Uh, sort of.
Check my locker.
[beeps] [gasps] Huh? We had an assignment in Toomes's class to create a material that could help firefighters maintain their normal body temperature despite outside conditions, so, uh, I made a few of those thermo-suits.
The stuff on the table is what I used to simulate the hot-weather conditions.
Huh? Impressive.
Glad to see the Osborn genius didn't skip a generation.
Like father, like son.
Huh? These materials are exactly what I need to winterize my webbing.
Have you been able to convert the gauntlet's cold signature to a heat one? And how! [chuckles] Now check this out.
Whoa! - Harry, what did you do to it? - [grunts] It's our gauntlet tech.
I just made it more user friendly.
- You mean you weaponized it.
- Yeah! That's what the Blizzard did with our original gauntlet, so why not fight fire with fire? Or ice with fire? Harry, we created the original to help people, not potentially hurt them.
They're not gonna get hurt.
They're gonna be saved.
[grunts] Look how awesome this is.
Harry, as co-creator of that tech, I can't allow you to use it like that.
[scoffs] Wow.
What are you, my dad? All anybody wants to do is stop me from using what I make.
I'm not trying to be like your dad.
I I'm just trying to restore the integrity of our project.
Please, Harry.
Rethink this.
[sighs] Fine! Look, I'm not saying you can't Hmm? [phone chirping] [gasps] [sighs] This storm's getting worse.
I should go check on Aunt May.
Let me know when you've restored the gauntlet.
I hated to discourage Harry like that, but if that flaming sword ever got in the wrong hands, it could be trouble.
Luckily, no one's getting their hands on these awesome thermals.
Mm! Toasty! - Hands where we can see 'em! - Aw, you didn't say "freeze.
" I was counting on you saying "freeze.
" Ehh, now, what were some of my other comebacks? Let's see.
"Freeze" "Gonna put you on ice" Ah, yes! The boys in blue.
Let's see how you feel when your faces match your uniforms.
[grunting] Sorry I'm late, boys.
There was traffic on the freezeway.
[grunting] Would you look at that? You're right.
That is my thing.
- I do like to kick people midsentence.
- Spider-Man, how are you surviving these temperatures? Oh, I just got way hotter, if I do say so myself.
Check out these thermal webs, baby.
[both grunt, yell] They're red hot.
And you should see me write my name in the snow.
[grunting] [sizzling] You fool! You think thermal webs will help? [grunting] [grunting] [grunts] [grunts] It's time for you to chill out! [grunts] - You're outclassed.
- But not outsized.
Time to face the cold, hard facts, Spider-Man.
You're going down! Did anyone else feel a chill run down their spine? [Spider-Man] Look, Blizzard, everyone loves a snow day, but this is getting way out of hand! [grunting] - [Harry] Back off, Blizzard! - [all] Huh? - Harry! What are you doing? - Making a difference.
Get out of here.
This is no place for you.
He's just a regular guy who's making his mark with some tech.
My tech! Now I'm gonna do the same.
Harry! [grunting] [yells] [grunts] [grunts] [laughs] Officer, get this guy to safety.
- Well, what are you gonna do? - Create some freezer burn.
[grunting] Can't hide in there, Blizzard.
[grunts] Or should I say [grunts] "Macklin"? No! No! No! I'm more than this! I'm more than just Macklin! [grunting] Really? 'Cause it looks like you're back to being a common thug.
Funny how when you put a lot of pressure on carbon, it becomes a diamond.
But when you put a lot of pressure on a regular person, some of them just crack.
[sighs] [Joe] More ice? There's plenty where that came from.
- How's it feel? [slurps] - [exhales] It hurts.
- It'll heal.
- I meant my ego.
Why can't I ever create anything that I get to use? I mean, first my dad sidelines my projects, and now Blizzard and Spider-Man steal my thunder.
- Harry, your invention saved the day.
- No, Spider-Man saved the day.
I guess I just wanted a moment like you had when you stopped Macklin this morning.
That's what this is about? Harry, that was chance.
What you have is intelligence.
And I know that if you keep creating things to help people, then chances are you'll have your moment too.
It was pretty cool, wasn't it? Harry, it was 30 below out there.
Everything in this city was cool.
[both laugh] You're the worst.
[humming] Can I help you, young man? Yeah.
[chuckles] I don't know if you heard, but I was the guy who stopped the burglar that robbed this place yesterday, and so I thought I'd return this.
- Our fake display diamond? - Fake what now? Yes.
It's cubic zirconia.
We wouldn't keep a diamond that valuable in the window.
So I didn't really do anything? Oh, well, I wouldn't say that.
You did interrupt my lunch.
Would you mind if I keep this then? [chuckles] What do you want with an ordinary piece of glass? Don't underestimate "ordinary.
" Under the right circumstances, it can do extraordinary things.
[groans] Phew! Never thought I'd be happy to feel this heat wave again.
[siren wailing] Guess it goes to show you that even life runs hot and cold.
Best you can do is be prepared.
And today, wearing shorts definitely helps.