Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994) s01e02 Episode Script

The Spider Slayer

s01ep02 - The Spider Slayer Part1 Ah, nice to just get away up here sometimes.
Clears up the cobwebs.
Spidersense's going crazy.
A guy can't even sling a few webs in peace anymore.
Flying toys?! Now why would they alert my spidersense? Oh well, that's a bonehead question.
His speed.
His agility.
They are a regular mini Air Force.
Flying smart bombs ! Hold that pose! Alright, don't hold that pose.
If you're gonna be temperametal, I'll fix it so you never work in this town again! Gotta loose 'em or they'll blow me to bits.
They split up! Trying to box me in! Maybe I can use that against them.
Have to time this just right.
Here comes the other one! Last one and I'm home free! And who's on my tail this time? You blew it! You failed Smythe.
My father is the world's foremost expert in the field of robotics, Mr.
He is not a failure! Relax Alistair! No need to defend me.
No need? You let that web-swinging weasel make fools of us.
- Not for long.
- This was a mere trial run.
The Spider Seekers have proven that my targetting computers can find Spiderman.
They're my targetting computers.
I put up the money, you only invented them! What good are they? They can't catch him! - That's not their job.
- Then whose job is it? That's whose job it is.
Gentlemen, I give you my Spider Slayer.
The Black Widow.
Then there's the caterer, the parking attendants, the musicians, the cleaning crew It's all been taken care of, right Mr.
Jameson? Of course! This isn't the first Charity Bal I've hosted, Mrs.
Yes, but this is the first one with the Hardy name attached to it.
Now, what about the photographer? Mother says we absolutely must have one.
Yeah, well, tell mother that if I spend any more money on this thing, I'm going to need charity.
Jonah! Remember that Felicia's mother is an important philanthropist, and advertiser! Besides, we know of a photographer.
You don't mean Just great.
This is all I need in my life.
Flying robots.
I wonder who was controll - Peter! Mr.
Jameson wants to see you.
- Be right there ! I assure you Miss Hardy this Charity Bal is just as important to me as it is to you.
That's why I'm sending my hmm very best photographer.
- Hmm Who might that be? - Felicia Hardy! - Peter Parker? - You know him ? We go to college together.
Parker you're just as unpredictable as ever! Mr.
Jameson says you're his best photographer.
- He does? - M-my very best You point, you shoot.
No big deal! Well this charity thing is a big deal, Parker.
Miss Hardy's mother is sponsoring it, and I'm hosting it.
Think you can take pictures of something other than Spiderman for a change? - Call me Mr.
- I'm sure you won't disappoint me.
- No way.
- See you there, then! Robbie, see if you can find Eddie Brock.
He's supposed to have some big scoop for me and I Parker! Your mouth's open! Not too close Osborn.
That acid's the only thing that can penetrate the Black Widow's armor.
- They're almost ready.
- Yeah, almost.
Eddie Brock's biggest scoop! Huh-hoo! The capture of Spiderman! You will not regret bringing me in on this Mr.
You're in charge Brock! With the medias here, everything will be done on the up and up! Wouldn't want things getting out of hand, would we? I don't intend to play judge and jury, Spencer.
I just want Spiderman captured.
He's a criminal! Yeah, and he's big news too! I gotta go line up my crew! See ya.
I have to leave also.
But I want to reassure you, everything will be done strictly by the book.
You have to trust me! I get a bad feeling whenever somebody says I have to trust him.
That's not entirely inappropriate, Alistair.
But there is another consideration.
It'll be just your size when it's finished.
Is that why you're working for Osborn? To serve up Spiderman on a platter in exchange for this? Alistair, that explosion back at the old lab was my fault.
I'd do anything to help you.
- Even working with Osborn? - Even that! Osborn's not that bad.
Black Widow's ready.
Does anyone suspect that I'm involved? - No, not at all.
- Good.
That is as it should be.
My livelihood.
My life! All of it jeopardized with the sudden appearance of Spiderman.
How could I run a worldwide criminal empire, if I can't even control my home-base New York? The Black Widow can neutralize all of Spiderman's powers.
That loose cannon must be removed.
You don't have a thing to worry about.
But you do, Osborn.
If it fails, I get your company.
Remember? Interesting way to pay back a loan, isn't it? The debt will be paid in full as of tomorrow.
Something occurs to me Either Spiderman's destroyed, or you get Oscorp.
Whatever happens, you win.
That's why I'm the Kingpin.
laughs - Ready? - I'm not sure.
The Seekers found Spiderman once, Alistair! They can do it again! If we find him, we've got to destroy him! Because with Spiderman, you don't get a second chance.
Doesn't your Dad usually come to these things, Osborn? I borrowed his ticket.
There's some big deal at his factory tonight.
He wouldn't tell me what.
Never does.
Do we have to talk about work? It's so boring.
Flash, everything's working out so well tonight! - Jameson was - Felicia? - Peter Parker! - I wonder who his "hot" date is.
Isn't it incredible? Just like I told you! It's nice Peter.
But I'd be just as happy watching my cable TV.
Aunt May, you need to get out once in a while.
- That's his date? - I think it's sweet! I wonder who she is.
You should have brought Mary Jane, Anna Watson's niece.
- A blind date? Come on Aunt May, I - Parker! You look incredible! Huh, Aunt May, this is Felicia Hardy.
Very nice to meet you.
Mind if I borrow your nephew for a dance? Well, I Felicia, I should be taking pictures! And I should be dancing with Flash Thompson.
Could have had some boring blind date instead of this? Yeah, right! I had a feeling this might happen.
Come on! Parker's not gonna dance Felicia away from me! Heh! You look just like your big hero! And better! Paid enough to rent this thing for the frat party.
Well what do you think Peter will do when he sees you in it? Dunno what he'll do.
Just don't be standing too close to him wen he does it.
- Got him! He's at 39th and 2nd.
- Hey that's Jonah Jameson's place! Ho-oh! The boss is gonna have a front room seat! Good for him! Now let's get this over with ! You're a good dancer! I'm surprised! Well a lot of things about me would surprise you! I love surprises.
See what you think of this one.
Something's wrong! Why now?! Peter? Wha-what does he want? - Felicia, it's just an impostor! - Well how would you know that? Uh Yeah, maybe it really is him! Spiderman? He's here? In my home?! - Parker! It's time we had a talk! - About what, uh Spiderman? About those pictures you're always taking of me! I don't like 'em! - Well, uh I'm sorry.
- That's a lil' better! - But it's still not good enough! - Well, what would you like me to say? - Gny! Ahh! - Okay Aahhh! What is making my spidersense go off? - Aaaah! - Get away! Help! Help! Aunt May! Peter! - Stay in here Aunt May! - But, Peter I I'll be okay!.
I hope.
You! You're ruining everything! - Aaaaah! - Leave her alone! You want to dance with somebody? Dance with me! Ooh! Hmph! The fight of the century and no photographer! Parker! Where are ya? Hey! Toro! Toro! When you crush a party, you really crush it! Uh-oh.
Whoa! Where did he go? There! Spencer! Go back! Get him! Get him! grunts A million bucks! That's what this is gonna cost me! Spiderman appears to be dazed! Huh?! What was that?! With Spiderman unconscious, we have a rare opportunity! And here it is! The moment all America has been waiting for! The unmasking of Spiderman.
So that's what this was about! Brock's big scoop! Looks like it was worth all the damage! And now, live, and exclusively! Cut to the chase, Brock! grunts - Flash Thompson! - You know him? He goes to school with my nephew, Peter Parker.
Wait a minute! Are you telling me Spiderman's just some goofy kid?! That's unbelievable! How can anything be unbelievable to a guy who publishes a tabloid? gasps Spiderman! And there you have it America! In minutes from now, the police Hunh?! Ladies and gentlemen, this is amazing! Some men just broke into the lab, here at Oscorp! Uh, Sir, excuse me, but uh What do you want? Him! I thought we were going to hand Spiderman over to the police! What's going on Osborn?! I have nothing to do with this! Nothing! I trusted you Hey, hey! I've got first amendment rights! We just amended them.
How 'bout that?! I'm in two places at once! This one's the real deal, lady! After all this time, I can practically smell him.
Which means Eddie Brock just made my whole company look like jerks! Not hard to do.
- Why you web swinging clown! I'll - Excuse me! That poor Thompson boy is in big trouble, shouldn't somebody try to save him ? Yeah, somebody's got to save the guy who hates Peter Parker Guess who? Talk about dramatic irony! Knock-knock! Spiderman! Can't be! He's back in there! All smokin' mirrors! Read my book.
Argh! Urgh! What's going on out there?! Dunno.
Better finish him off and get out of here! Otherwise the Kingpin will finish us off! - The Kingpin?! - Spencer, I swear! N-no! You don't understand! Please! Nothing personal, webhead! He said please! - Uh! - Uhn?! - Two of 'em?! - Congratulations! You can count! And they say the school system's failing! Show me how to start up the Black Widow! - Spencer, there's no choice! - That button.
So that's your name uh? Black Widow.
I already know you're stronger than me.
But maybe this will give me an edge.
Hey guys! Chill! The widow and I are trying to share some quality time! Thanks! I appreciate your cooperation.
- Where are you going? - To even the odds.
This thing is indestructible! Uh?! Foul ball coming! Do the Mets need me, or what? Hey! Remember our deal? No spider-splat, no hover chair! Alright, but take Alistair out of here.
- No! You can't stay! - I'll be fine.
I'll be fine! Uh-oh! The Widow's much more agile than I'd ever imagined! Think fast, Spidey! Oof! Not fast enough! Webbing's gone! I have to change cartridges! But I can't do it now! Spiderman! Keep that thing away from me! I'll do what I can! Maybe if I get up higher Some kind of oil! Can't sling out! My spider stickyness! Aaah! Oof! - Where on earth?! - Uh, should've thought of this sooner! Only one place.
Now if only I can hang on! Yippiekaiyay! He must have jumped off! - Hey, no! I'm not him! - Oh that's it Flash, a true profile in courage! Well maybe I'll help you out anyway.
I don't stick to walls! See? I can't swing on webs either! I get airsick! Well let's see how these web-cartridges get up your propulsion system.
Spiderman! Hurry! I-it's getting closer! Please, help me! Keep your mask on, Thompson! I'm controlling the Black Widow now! What?! Take a dive, Widow! Didn't look too good back there, did I? I always hoped that when the chips were down I'd be like you.
If anyone finds out Felicia Parker! You won't say anything, will ya? No, but now you know what kind of trouble this costume attracts.
My father Did he get out? The other networks are laughing at me, Brock! Even Fox! Can you imagine the humiliation? And that's all because of you! Me? Don't blame me, blame Spiderman! I do But him I can't fire! - Boss come on, you don't mean - Yeah I do! Through! Finito! Out the door! And get off my Ming vase! No, no, just wait a minute, wait! You can't Get this bonehead outta here, will ya? But you don't understand! You want understandin'? See a shrink! But you Wait! I am tellin' ya! It's all the fault of that wall-crawlin' freak! I can't believe you'd try a stunt like that! You dult! - But Felicia! - That's Miss Hardy to you, buster! Yeah, forget it! Watch it! Clown! First the dult, now the coward! - Coward?! I was only trying to - You abandonned me! Spiderman had to save me! If you were half the man he is Peter! I was so worried about you! And I was worried about you too, Aunt May! I'm just sorry you had to see all this! Well, actually it was kind of exciting! Now dear, about that nice girl I want you to meet Still no sign of your father, Alistair? - You know me? - I was an associate of your father's.
Now I want to be an associate of yours.
I don't need associates.
I have an offer that might change your mind.
Suppose I provide the money to make new Spider Slayer robots - Why should you do that? - So you can destroy the man who's responsible for your father's disappearance Spiderman! Corrections by manu777