Spinning Out (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Healing Times May Vary

1 I met the darkness Said, how do you do? And I danced on water With the weight on my shoulder Fell right down In the water I see Everything that lies beneath In the water I see Who I'm trying to be In the water I see Everything I want Comes at a cost Everything I want Comes at a cost And I want It all So ring me up Put it on my tab Whatever the cost I'm good for it So ring me up Put it on my tab Whatever the cost I'm good for it So ring me up Put it on my tab Whatever the cost I'm good for it To Dasha and Anatoly, Olympic champions! [CHEERING.]
Can't believe we did it.
We skated clean! Very good! Very good! Good? That was great! Did you see Kat's triple sal? Yeah, I always see everything.
Beautiful! - We could not have done it without you.
- No.
You two did the hard part.
A month of practice competitions paid off.
You should be so proud.
I am.
I mean, I couldn't be more.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think we could get fourth.
Or maybe even third.
I'm gonna go wait for the results.
Meet you at the kiss and cry.
Oy! - Careful.
It's slippery here.
- Okay, okay.
I know I scared you, but don't worry.
There I go.
It's just low blood pressure.
That's it.
The doctor said I need to drink more water and eat a banana, and I forget sometimes.
I'll be fine.
Let's just go see how you did today.
After the short program, Davis and Baker have a total of 47.
23 points, which puts them in seventh place.
Seventh? That concludes the senior pairs short program competition in this year's Regional Skating Championships here in Ketchum, Idaho.
Will you join us in a few days Meet you in the lobby.
Kat? - This is a disaster! Even if we skate our long program perfectly, we're still only gonna place fifth.
Fifth means no Sectionals.
Fifth means we're done for the season.
It's okay, Kat.
Dasha said we'd be at Nationals in two years, not one.
We're still on track.
I knew Leah and Gabe would come first, but Andrew and Chelsea placed above us? We are hands down better skaters than everyone else out there! Kat! You're right.
We are better skaters, but most have been together longer than we have, and their programs are More difficult.
Hey, most people have worked for years to get to where we've gotten in, like, three months.
Next year is our time.
I promise.
You won Regionals with Natalie last year.
You don't do seventh place, and neither do I.
Come here.
It's gonna be all right.
I'd better get Dasha home.
She's worried about driving after her fall.
Just don't beat yourself up too much, okay? It's gonna be all right.
Loved the tango.
Like, loved it.
You two were so cute out there.
- Okay, tell me what's going on.
- It's not important.
Except it is.
I can't If something is wrong with you, you've gotta tell me.
It's not important.
I promise.
Pinecrest Realty.
Can I have your number? [CELL PHONE BUZZING.]
What? Oh, hey, Serena.
No, you cannot get your nose pierced.
I don't care what your dad says.
First in short program is no reason to put a hole in your nose.
Do it and suffer.
How'd it go? How'd they do? Sweet things came in seventh.
Seventh? God, that's a step down.
I'm sure Kat's not happy.
That girl's never known a competition off the podium.
- I wish she'd let me come.
- I wonder why she didn't.
Hey, do you have a sec? - I wanted to talk to you about something.
- Sure.
So I think I really mastered the filing and stapling, and I told you I passed my state courses, right? Couple of times now.
Well, anyway, um I think that the mid-level rentals are a really under-served market, and I found this two-bedroom rental that I feel like I can move the shit out of.
In a In a nice way.
Well, you've only been working here a month.
I know.
I just I really love this job, and I wanna succeed.
And you will.
You'll get there, eventually.
Pinecrest Realty.
Mom never lets me do anything fun.
Hey, don't sweat it.
In a couple of years, you'll be 18.
You can do whatever you want.
- Don't tell her I said that.
I cannot get over my baby girl winning.
That jump you did at the end and that other jump.
Oh! Well, I wasn't fully rotated coming out of my triple lutz triple toe.
Well, doesn't matter how you lutz.
I'm really proud of you.
This is fun, right? - You like hanging out with your old man? - Yeah, it's fun.
When you're here.
Because there's something I've really been wanting to talk to you about.
Hey, I didn't know you'd be here today.
- Practice session.
- [KAT.]
Yeah, good idea.
This rink's a bit bigger than Pinecrest.
Make sure you cover all the ice.
I know.
Anyway, did you hear we got seventh? All the other programs just have a higher level of difficulty than ours.
You know, I did the math, and even if we nail every element in our long program and the six teams above us all blow it, we're still four points behind.
Maybe I wasn't being clear enough.
I don't give a flying fuck what happens in your skate today, next week, or ever.
Jenn, you were always talking about how you wanted to sleep with Justin.
How was I supposed to know you actually liked him? A piece of advice, when the math doesn't add up, you got the problem wrong.
It's over, Kat.
Give it up.
You're done.
You're two-tenths off on the downhill.
If I weren't so nice, I'd give you crap about it.
What's the big deal with two-tenths of a second? Well, you know, just the difference between first and fifth.
Yeah, man.
I wouldn't worry about it.
You're probably just nervous because you had your mom watching your runs.
- [ALANA.]
Mom? - [WOMAN.]
There they are! I have treats for my birthday boy.
Ooh, Dr.
H, you shouldn't have! [BRENT.]
These look almost as good as your tacos.
I have to make him good food while I can.
Need to fatten him up before he goes off to medical school.
- [ALANA.]
Medical school? I don't think we've met.
I'm Camille, Marcus's mother.
Oh, yeah, Mom.
This is Alana.
We Well, she's um the concierge here.
Nice to meet you, ma'am.
I'm trying to figure out a place to have Marcus's birthday brunch.
Maybe you could make a recommendation? I'd be happy to.
Is it just the two of you celebrating? - You don't have to - [ALANA.]
It's not a problem.
Just doing my job.
Hey, you.
Jenn gave me this amazing idea.
It was staring me in the face the whole time, but I figured out how we can go to Sectionals.
Kat, it's okay.
But if we change our triple toe into a three-jump combination, that's 2.
6 extra points.
Then if we add a throw triple loop and we go for the triple twist instead of the double, we should be great.
If we do this perfectly and Leah and Gabe skate a clean program, which, of course, they will, we'll be second in the long program, fourth overall, and following them to Sectionals.
All we have to do is change the math.
Whoa! I mean, you did a great job beautiful-minding this, but we can't just up the level of difficulty two days before our program.
Crazier things have happened.
Well, would you like to be the one to tell Dasha we're changing our entire program, or should I? It could be dangerous.
You're the one who wanted to go to the Olympics.
This is how we can do it.
Yeah, maybe on paper, but there's a reason we've been doing an easier program.
Yeah, I know.
Because of me.
You're perfectly capable of every element I'm talking about.
I've been holding us back.
Look, if I can catch up are you in? You know, adding all this is gonna make getting through our program exhausting.
Won't be a problem.
If we hurry, we can make the last session.
Eventually? Like, what does that even mean? Four days? Four years? She's just trying to stall me, but I know I can do this.
Why don't you channel all of that determination into slicing some bread? This is serious, Mitch.
Okay? I have to figure out a way to show her that I can get shit done.
- Well that's my alarm.
Can you hand me my pills? Thank you.
They're late.
By one minute.
They'll be here soon.
I want Serena on the ice first thing tomorrow.
I don't think that Reggie quite understands how important this weekend is for her.
Look, Reggie might not be punctual, - or know a lutz from his asshole - [LAUGHS.]
but he loves Serena.
Any idea how long he's sticking around? I know you said that it's usually a few days, but well, this past month has felt like an eternity.
You have a little something on your face here.
What is that? Is that jealousy? Oh [DOOR OPENS.]
We're home! [DOOR CLOSES.]
Ugh! It smells healthy.
Come here.
Are you done? For now.
Because Dad's moving here, like, forever.
- I was gonna tell you.
- That's great news.
- It is? - [REGGIE.]
Um okay, then.
I'm glad you think so.
I got a dispatch job lined up over in Fairfield.
Yeah, and you're gonna need a place to live, right? [CAROL.]
I have the perfect listing.
Yeah, that'd be great.
All right.
Oh, Mitch.
- Hm-mm? - I forgot we - We got something for you today.
- [MITCH.]
Big noggin there.
You're a peach.
Well, I'm gonna go say goodnight to Serena.
Yes! - You're gonna help him find a place? - Yes.
This is how I can show Mandy that "eventually" starts today.
Yes! Yes! Hey.
Oh, good.
It's you.
You know, I was wondering whether your mom preferred her brunch sweet or savory.
I made reservations for both just in case.
I know you're mad, okay? And I get that It's difficult to choose without knowing anything about her.
- Would you just let me explain? - Explain what? That we've been hanging out for over a month, and you never mentioned your mom visiting? Or your birthday? - Or that you're going to medical school? - It's complicated.
What about Kat? Did you tell Kat about medical school? No! What does Kat have to do with this? Nothing.
No, I just don't wanna be some holding pattern while you wait for another girl.
I need to know what we're doing here, Marcus.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Pinecrest Lodge wishes you a very happy birthday.
Pour yourself a drink on us on your next shift.
Well, those look expensive.
Reggie get them for you? No.
Drew gave them to me.
Nice young man, Drew.
You have nothing to worry about, you know.
My parents fought all the time.
The fights would always happen when my mom was off her meds, and now that she's doing a lot better, maybe that's why my mom and dad are getting along so well.
It's weird, but still, don't worry.
I'll see you on the rink.
- Kat.
- Hi.
You don't usually skate this session.
What are you doing here? Justin and I decided we needed to squeeze in a last-minute session 'cause we're totally changing our long program.
Landed our new triple combination, but we've only nailed our triple twist once, and we're competing tomorrow.
Sounds intense! Is that why you haven't been returning my texts? Never mind.
Doesn't matter.
I miss you.
And I have so much to tell you.
I won.
I got first place.
I beat Jenn in the short program! Good.
She fucking deserves it.
Anyways, my dad's in town, and he's staying, like, forever.
He's cooking dinner for me, Mom, and Mitch tonight.
You know, to celebrate me winning.
Do you think you could come? Please? I just want everybody to be together.
I can't.
I've gotta work.
I'm sure Marcus has been giving me the shitty shifts to punish me for dating Justin.
What? I've missed a lot.
You should come by more often.
Mom's been really good lately.
Until she's not.
Look, I've really gotta get to work.
Even though it's a complete waste of fucking bullshit time.
I should be on the ice instead of hawking shoestring fries for the next eight hours.
I feel like you've had, like, 18 cups of coffee today.
Are you okay? [SIGHS.]
I'm fine.
Just stressed.
Overwhelmed, you know? - Talk later? - [DOOR OPENS.]
You're right, Carol.
This is a perfect place for me and Serena.
I know, right? Well, I'll get the lease agreement going and find out a way to break the news to Mandy.
I've gotta ask, Reg Why now? We had years.
Serena's always wanted you here.
I was on an east coast run a couple of months ago.
Sun's coming up, so I bring the visor down, and a picture of Serena falls out.
You know the one with her in the pigtails and the sailor dress? Her third birthday.
She threw up on the cake.
I don't know.
I looked at it, and I thought two more years until she's gone, and I don't wanna miss what's left.
I want her to live with me.
Live with you? I was thinking every other weekend.
I thought you'd be relieved.
You get more time with Union Jack.
His name is Mitch.
And did you ever think that I only have two years left too? I'm sorry, but there's no way in hell that she's living with you.
Hello, Dasha.
Apologies for the wait.
We're a bit backed up today.
That's fine.
I wish I had better news.
You can see here that the glaucoma has not responded to the eye drops and the pills you've been trying.
Now that your peripheral vision is compromised, your condition has likely been progressing for several months.
Now, in a situation like yours, I want to be as straightforward as possible, which is why I recommend that you have surgery as soon as possible.
Or I will go blind.
The added eye pressure will eventually cause you to lose your eyesight entirely, yes.
Now, I've had a cancellation tomorrow afternoon.
No, not tomorrow.
My student competes tomorrow.
He has skated with me watching since he was a boy.
If you don't take this appointment, you might have to wait months for another opening.
That might be too late.
So if I'll have the surgery I will definitely see? With any eye surgery, there is a small risk that you will lose your eyesight.
- But the alternative - No, no, no.
I know surgery can be scary.
I'm not scared.
Then I will hold the spot for you in case you change your mind.
Ah! Chivas Regal in a stem glass with a twist? My boy knows his mama.
Hey, Kat.
Marcus didn't tell me you were working today.
Oh, hey, Camille.
Yeah, I'm working.
Kinda wish I wasn't, but you know.
Just got a lot on my mind, you know? I'll be right back.
Kat, where are you going? There are drinks that need to go out.
I said I'd be right back.
You know what? I need to get to the rink.
You can cover for me, right? Uh, no.
Actually, I can't.
Hey! Kat! Look, there's 150 people on the books tonight.
- I can't do that with a server down.
- Don't be so dramatic.
It's one shift.
And I need to skate a clean program tomorrow.
You of all people should understand that sometimes athletes have to make sacrifices.
So Justin and his entitled bullshit are really rubbing off on you, huh? [LAUGHS.]
That's why you're being such a dick? You got your balls in a twist because I'm dating Justin and not you? Fine.
But if you leave, ain't no need for you to come back.
Well, guess I'm fired.
I thought you had a shift.
- Got it covered.
Grab your skates.
You're joking? We put in all the new elements.
We're good.
- Seriously, Kat.
We're gonna be fine.
- We need one more practice session.
We've gotta land our triple toe three more times.
Three more? I'm exhausted.
And even if I wanted to say yes, the rink's been closed for hours.
Got that covered too.
That's your plan? Break into the rink with a credit card? Okay.
- Where'd you pick up that skill? - Girl I used to know.
Come on.
Ice time's wasting.
All right.
I hope everyone wore their fat pants.
Thanks, Dad.
This all looks amazing.
I begged my dad to make his famous spaghetti.
He tried to get out of it.
Wouldn't let him! Lucky for us.
We've gotta celebrate my baby winning her competition.
Don't get too excited.
I still have to finish the long.
You've got this in the bag.
We're celebrating you tonight.
How many turkey meatballs do you want, Rena? Serena, why don't we just stick to the pasta and salad? Your muscles won't appreciate the tryptophan in the morning.
What, you're telling my daughter what she can eat now? That's my job.
I'm her skating coach.
- Well, I'm her dad.
- You're playing Dad now? I don't have to play her dad.
I am her dad.
- I helped make her.
- Dad! - Don't talk to him like that.
- It's all right.
Mitch has been there for us.
Which is a lot more than anyone can say for you.
- Mom! - [REGGIE.]
No, no.
She's right.
I should be around more.
Actually, I was thinking you should be spending more time with me.
Maybe it's time to reopen the custody arrangement.
- What are you talking about? - [MITCH.]
How dare you bring that up without working it out with Carol first.
Since when do you get a say? You don't live here.
- You're not a part of this family.
- Oh, screw you, Reggie! Okay? I am her mother, and I have been here every day for the last 16 years.
I have kept this family together.
So don't think for a second you can just swoop in and take her away from the person who raised her.
All right.
You're right.
You have done a great job of keeping this family together.
Speaking of, where's Kat? - She's a big part of this family, right? - Dad! Mom, it's okay.
It's nice with just us.
You're right, sweetheart.
I'm sorry.
Maybe we should just let Serena decide where she wants to spend her time.
Serena in the end, this is up to you.
Right, Carol? - [KAT.]
Let's do it again! - What? No way! Not again.
That's three we landed.
You're killing it.
We're done.
No, no, no.
We have to do the whole program again with the triple twist.
Please? For me? [GEORGE.]
Hey! How did you two get in here? [KAT.]
It's only George.
I mean, who cares? - His dad owns the fucking rink.
- Sorry, George! Won't happen again.
We'll run the program in the room, okay? Happy? [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
Sorry if I woke you.
Is Kat here? [DASHA.]
She's not home yet.
Would it be okay if I waited? I really need to talk to her.
What happened? Why are you so worried? Nothing.
Just a stupid choice I have to make.
Uh What's this? That's a stupid choice I have to make too.
My parents are all, "You choose who you wanna live with," but how am I supposed to know the right thing to do? I mean my mom is great sometimes, but she's complicated.
And my dad is easier, but Not that he stuck around long enough for me to really get to know him! [SIGHS.]
But, like, I do love them both.
So you think if you choose one, you lose the other.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I made a hard choice once too.
Long time ago.
I was training for the Olympics in Russia when I met her.
The most beautiful woman I ever saw.
We were born at the wrong time.
Before the parades and rainbow flags.
If we were caught, they would never let me skate again.
So I made the choice.
I choose skating over my Tatiana.
I thought, you know, maybe later, after the Olympics, I can find her.
I can tell her the truth.
But I waited too long.
She got married.
To be safe.
And I only saw her one more time.
That's really sad.
So I wear the long face for one week, and I just moved on.
I skate.
I married man.
I moved to US.
I coach.
I buried man.
But still, even today I see her everywhere.
Forty years since our goodbye but if she will walk through this door I would know her.
And now I have to make this decision.
Surgery, no surgery.
And if I'll make a wrong choice I may never see her again.
The doctor is right.
I'm scared.
I mean, me too.
But it isn't a reason not to do something.
Thank you for your help, Serena.
- I'm going to bed now.
- What? I thought you were gonna help me.
You don't need help.
You're a very wise little girl.
- Okay, that's it.
I'm done.
- No, no, no! Come on! We need to make sure the new elements are really in our muscle memory.
- If we just do it two more times - It's not happening.
I'm exhausted! - And I'm bigger than you - No! so I win! - [LAUGHS.]
- Something's different with you.
It's like you've got all this crazy energy, and I'm just trying to keep up.
Is this just competition Kat or something? Maybe.
You hate it? No, it's just a different side of you.
- I like getting to know all your sides.
It's weird that you say that because I feel like lately, I've been getting to know myself too.
It's like I'm landing all my jumps, my mom's not in my head for the first time ever, I'm in this amazing relationship with you, and I just feel like I completely love you.
- Wait.
What? - I mean it.
You're super lame for not wanting to run our program again, but I love you, Justin.
I love you too.
Hey, Jenn.
Wait up.
Look, I can't skate if I know you're mad at me.
- Then don't skate.
- Can you just wear this, please? I know it's probably superstition, but Justin and I Leave me alone.
I don't wanna be your friend anymore.
Then I hope you fucking fall.
Mm! This quiche is heaven.
You know, your dad and sisters think I'm crazy, but I'm just glad my baby still lets me make a big fuss over his birthday.
What's wrong? Is it that you don't know how to tell me you turned down Stanford? - Oh.
- Yeah, "Oh.
" How'd you find out? I ran into one of my contacts on the Stanford board at an AMA dinner, and she mentioned they were sorry to miss you.
Marcus, you are a grown man.
If you don't want to go to Stanford, that is your business, but you didn't even bother to tell me.
- I didn't even know what to say.
- What was your plan exactly? Hoping that I didn't notice until you weren't a doctor in four years? It doesn't sound so smart when you put it like that.
I don't know.
I was trying to figure it out.
And I did.
So just try and have an open mind, okay? The thing is I wanna ski.
I'm good, Mom.
Really good.
My coach thinks I could make it to the Olympics.
So, you turned down Stanford to [LAUGHS.]
Look, you always say you want me to be happy.
And if that means [SIGHS.]
skiing, then so be it.
But whatever you do in life, I expect you to commit.
Speaking of commitment, I think it's time you chose between Kat and the concierge.
Wait, how did you I can't believe you introduced that lovely girl as the concierge! [SCOFFS AND CHUCKLES.]
My mom goes back to Boston today, but next time she's here, I want you to meet her.
And you were right about Kat, but that's done.
Never even was.
So no more holding pattern.
I choose you.
Lucky me.
- Alana - Don't "Alana" me.
It's gonna take more than some pretty speech to make up for that bullshit you put me through.
Now leave me alone.
I have to get back to work.
What? My mom's gonna love you.
- Hey, it's Justin.
Leave it at the beep.
- [BEEP.]
Justin? It's Dasha.
I'm sorry, I cannot watch your long program today.
I need surgery on my eyes.
It is serious.
But don't worry.
I'll be fine.
Skate well, my darling.
It's probably a good thing Dasha isn't here.
She would kill us.
I know she said not to worry about her, but Look, she said she was gonna be fine.
Just think of it this way If we get top four in the long program, she'll be thrilled to coach us at Sectionals.
You sure we wanna do this? We can still go back with the old program.
You worry too much.
We've got this.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the ice Kat Baker and Justin Davis from the Pinecrest Skating Club.
Here it comes triple twist.
- Wow! - She actually did it! [LAUGHS.]
That was beautiful.
Mom came for Kat.
Do you think she knows? Probably not.
I'm not gonna tell you what to do.
I'm not exactly a neutral party.
But I will say that your mother is always there for you.
Even when you don't want her to be.
Even when it's the last thing you want.
She loves you.
Whoo! - Whoo! - Yeah! [WHISTLING.]
Whoo! Come on.
Davis and Baker have earned a free skate score of 102.
27 points - Second in the long! We pulled it off! - Oh, my God! - We're going to Sectionals! - You were unbelievable.
- I cannot wait to tell Dasha.
The combined score moves them up to fourth place overall.
Whoo-hoo-hoo! Congratulations, Kustin.
Or is it Jat? You know, even though it's not as good as Gleah, I think I like Jat better.
I guess you got lucky.
See you at Sectionals.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
I wanna celebrate.
- Come on! - [LAUGHS.]
Our final skater of the day is Jenn Yu from the Pinecrest Skating Club.
Papa! [SOBBING.]
You did good today, honey.
I'm proud of you.
I mean, I'm excited I won.
I just hope Jenn's okay.
Yeah, well, you never know when it's gonna all come to an end.
You've gotta appreciate the - I'm gonna start dinner.
- Wait.
I've been thinking about what Dad said Honey, whatever you decide, I'm going to be there for you.
I'll Oh, my God, Mom! Would you ever let me finish a sentence? God! I'm gonna stay with you, or whatever.
Well, that's great news.
Kat is the worst.
She won't text me back.
She doesn't even know Jenn fell.
Who shuts off their phone? You good with stir-fry? [KAT.]
Hey, Justin, where are the champagne glasses? By the coffee maker.
Dasha, hey.
It's me.
I know this is crazy, but we're going to Sectionals.
I hope everything went okay with your procedure today.
I can help with whatever you need.
Anyways, this is it.
You're gonna take us all the way to Nationals this year.
Kat! Jenn's in the hospital.
She fell.
What? [JUSTIN.]
Serena called my phone.
She's been trying to reach you.
Kat! I'll be right out.