Spirit Riding Free (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Lucky and the Unbreakable Spirit

1 [horse whinnies.]
[horse chuffs.]
[music playing.]
I'm gonna ride I'm riding free So come along, let's go along Come on the journey with me I'm gonna ride I'm riding free As long as I am here with you I feel the spirit within me - Yeah, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh, eh Yeah, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh Yeah, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh [children laughing.]
Missing your friends? Today is Emma's birthday.
I bet they're all at her party right now, eating cake and laughing.
And spilling their food and climbing on the furniture and snorting crumbs out of their noses.
I know! I'm missing everything! But we're doing something even better.
We're having an adventure.
-[whistle blows.]
The whistle! That means we must be passing by something exciting.
Or dangerous.
Can I go out and see? -Sure.
A train is no place for a young lady to go gallivanting about.
Aunt Cora! Ah, why not let the girl explore a little? I didn't move to the middle of nowhere with you to watch my niece turn into some ragamuffin.
We aren't in the city anymore, Cora.
Lucky's gonna have to get used to frontier living.
-We all are.
And I know she can handle a little freedom without bringing disgrace to our family name.
Right, Lucky? Lucky? [grunts.]
-[horses whinnying.]
[horse whinnies.]
Look out! -[chuffs.]
Get him! Come on! -[neighs.]
-Easy now! Whoa, there they go! Stay on this one! Hyah! [neighs.]
-Leave him alone! -[Cora.]
Lucky! -[neighs.]
-No! -[neighing.]
Hey, pick up the slack! Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Fortuna Esperanza Navarro Prescott! You get back inside this minute.
-No! [train horn blows.]
Flinging herself at the rails with no regard for her own safety! She would've jumped right off the back of the train if I hadn't stopped her.
I needed to help him! Help who? What happened? This horse, this wild horse was racing the train when these horrible men came and threw ropes on him.
Oh, no, no, Lucky.
Those are mesteñeros.
They're just taking the horse to be broken.
Broken? It means trained.
Don't worry.
They won't hurt him.
-But-- -He'll be fine.
I promise.
Oh, why are you hugging? I wasn't done yelling yet.
Next stop, Miradero! End of the line! [Jim inhales deeply.]
Smell that country air.
Smells like manure.
You'll get used to it.
Well, Lucky, this is Miradero.
What do you think? -Is this the whole town? -For now.
Tomorrow we're going to start dynamiting that land over there to lay new railroad track, and before you know it, this will be a bustling city, fine as the one we just left.
-[horse whinnies.]
Watch him! Pick up the slack! Whoa! [yells.]
That's him! That's the horse! [chuffs.]
-[Lucky gasps.]
You said they wouldn't hurt him.
They aren't.
He's just not used to being handled.
He's too wild.
-He'll settle down in a few days.
-[horse whinnies.]
Hyah! -[slap.]
Careful or you'll end up covered in mud and smelling like a stable.
Although, most of the kids in this town seem to prefer it that way.
Well, thanks for the warning and the shove.
-I'm-- -Fortuna Prescott.
Nice to meet you.
You can call me Lucky, but how did you know who I was? Everybody knows who you are.
Your father owns the railroad.
-Well, he doesn't exactly own-- -I'm Maricela.
My father is the mayor.
-Thank you.
I was really happy when I heard you were coming.
Finally, someone worth being friends with.
You wouldn't believe the kinds of kids I've had to put up with around here.
See you in school tomorrow.
What a charming girl.
Don't you mean, "What a snooty girl"? She gives me hope that this place isn't completely uncivilized.
There you are.
Hi, Mom.
Hey, you settling in okay? It's weird.
Even though my stuff is all the same, it still doesn't feel like home.
Well, you know, this is your home.
Your first home, anyway.
This is where I met your mom, and you were born.
-You loved it back then.
-I was two.
So now you'll love it six times as much.
What's the matter, sweet pea? You nervous about starting school? I've never been the new girl before.
What if what if no one likes me? Lucky, your mom had dozens of friends in the village where she grew up.
But even though she loved them, she wasn't happy.
Why not? She wanted her life to be bigger.
So she left behind everything and everyone she knew and came out here all by herself.
And you know what? It was the best thing that ever happened to her.
Or to me.
Or to you.
So I need you to be brave like your mom was and give Miradero a shot.
Deal? Deal.
Morning! Mmm, pancakes.
Well, someone's in a good mood.
You know, Dad, maybe I will love it here.
What in the world are you wearing? You only have one chance to make a proper first impression.
I'm gonna put on shoes.
You're going to put on this.
Uh no.
Sorry, but there's no way that I'm wearing that dress.
Some first impression I'm gonna make.
I look like a marshmallow with feet.
[toy squeaks.]
Hey, fella.
What's the matter, boy? Don't you remember me from the train? [chuffs, whinnies.]
I'm sorry to see you cooped up in here.
I wish I was home, too.
Would an apple help? [chuffs.]
Sure you don't want some? It's okay, fella.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
You're all right.
I guess you needed that.
Hey! [bell ringing.]
I'd better get to school.
[horse whinnies, chuffs.]
Tell you what.
I'm gonna make lots of friends today and so should you.
-I know, but we're stuck here, so we might as well make the best of it, okay? [chuffs.]
Remember our promise! [horse whinnying.]
Where do you think you're going, horse? [chuffs.]
-[bell ringing.]
They had about 20 trunks and a piano.
Daddy says her father is a railroad baron, which means she's a cut above.
Oh, I'm just happy I finally have an equal to socialize with.
Ugh, I just hope the new girl isn't equally stuck up.
Oh, you know how Maricela likes to brag.
Maybe she was just exaggerating.
-[door creaks.]
-[both gasp.]
Or maybe not.
What is she wearing? The most beautiful dress in the world.
Hello, I'm Miss Flores.
You must be Fortuna.
-You can call me-- -Yes, but I call her Lucky.
All her friends do.
-Oh, brother.
Then Lucky it is.
Have a seat.
[chair squeaks.]
-[Miss Flores.]
Okay, everyone.
Let's rise for the morning announcements.
Lunch! Be back in 20 minutes.
Hey, gang.
What you doing now? [horse whinnies.]
-[horse chuffs.]
-Hey! -[chuffs.]
You'll say hi to me, huh? [chuffs.]
Don't worry.
I've got two hands.
I'm Pru, and this here's Abigail.
I like your hair ribbon.
Well, I like your horses.
They're beautiful.
Oh, that's Chica Linda.
She's mine.
And Boomerang belongs to me.
He's a goofball, but I love him.
Do you have a horse? No.
I don't ride.
You don't? -I mean, I never have, but-- -Of course she doesn't ride.
-She's a lady.
-But-- She wouldn't be caught dead on a horse.
But she was petting them.
-She was being polite.
Sorry you feel that way.
But-- but-- Why would you say that to them? Now they think I'm some stuck-up snob who hates horses.
Ugh, who cares? They're dirty, smelly animals.
And their horses aren't much better.
-[horses chuff.]
It's not funny! Those brutes just ruined my dress.
Oh, they're horrible.
They're horrible? I can't believe you're taking their side.
You're a city girl.
You're supposed to have class.
Sorry, Maricela, but I guess you're in a class all by yourself.
Oh! [sighs.]
Oh, well, horse, I hope you're having a better day than I am.
I'll handle this myself.
Now you'll see who's boss.
Ha! That's all it takes? [whinnies.]
-[both exclaim.]
Good work today.
See you tomorrow.
So what's everyone doing [chattering.]
Now? So much for giving it a shot.
Can you please fix the strap on my stirrup, Turo? It came loose again.
We're gonna ride up to Filbert Canyon to look for arrowheads, so I need it good and tight.
Filbert Canyon's off-limits.
Won't your dad be mad at you for going there, Pru? No, 'cause he's not gonna find out about it.
Right, Abigail? La, la, la, la, la, la, la Abigail, what are you doing to that poor horse? I'm trying to braid his hair like the new girl's.
-Oh, you met her? -Ugh, unfortunately.
She thinks she's better than us.
It's too bad 'cause Boomerang really liked her at first.
Maybe she just needs a little time to settle in.
Why don't you invite her along to Filbert Canyon? She doesn't ride.
She's a lady.
Ouch! For heaven's sake.
Let me help you with that, Aunt Cora.
Oh, there you are.
How was your first day? Terrible.
I'm totally out of place here.
I know how you feel.
I haven't cooked on a wood-burning stove since I was a girl.
Can't we please go back home? Please? Dad can send someone else to build the new rail line.
Your father's not going anywhere.
I've never seen him as happy as he was today, heading off to dynamite some filthy canyon.
Do you mean Filbert Canyon? Oh, yes, that's it.
Uh, sorry, Aunt Cora, but I gotta go.
Lucky! Lucky! [panting.]
[exclaims, sighs.]
Oh, I'm never gonna make it.
[horse whinnies.]
-Hi, guy.
I need a little favor.
I don't know how you feel about riding.
I don't know how I feel about it since I've never ridden a horse before but this is important, so we're just gonna have to figure this out nice and slow together, okay? [neighs.]
Whoa! Hold on! [woman shouts.]
Whoa! -[shouting.]
Whoa! Oh, easy, boy.
Easy, boy! Oh, maybe this was a bad idea.
Ugh, okay, okay.
Having second thoughts here.
-[screams, grunts.]
Whoa! -[grunts.]
-[train horn blows.]
It's okay, it's okay.
Can you just slow down a little? -[train horn blowing.]
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait, what are you doing? What are you doing? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! [screams.]
[train horn blows.]
Whoo-hoo! We made it! -[explosion.]
We have to get to Filbert Canyon! We have to save Abigail and Pru! [neighs.]
[Abigail and Pru laughing.]
Come on, boy.
[horse neighs.]
-I thought she couldn't ride.
-What's she doing here? They're dynamiting for the railroad! We have to get out of here now! -[explosion.]
-Come on, Boomerang.
-Hyah! [explosions.]
This way! [neighs.]
-He wants to go that way.
Follow us.
No, this way's better.
Come on! -[neighs.]
-Wait here, Abigail.
[horses chuff.]
I really think we should listen to him.
That way's longer.
-Now let's go! -[neighs.]
Your horse is as crazy as you are! Get out of our way, now! [chuffs.]
That way's good.
-Come on, Chica Linda, let's go! -Come on, boy! -Come on, Boomerang! -[explosions.]
-[horse neighs.]
-Hyah! -Hyah! [explosions.]
[horse neighs.]
[horse neighs.]
-[Pru grunts.]
Looks like I owe you another apple.
You saved our lives.
You really are lucky.
Oh, it wasn't me.
It was Well, you don't have a name yet, do you? Are you out of your minds? Pru, I can't believe you did that.
You girls could've been killed or worse! It's gonna be a long time before I let you on a horse again.
I'm sorry, Dad.
It-- it's just-- It's my fault, sir.
-What? -What? What? I was taking this horse for a ride, but since I don't actually know how to ride, um, Pru and Abigail came to make sure I was okay.
They're heroes, really.
I'm so sorry.
You rode a horse? You rode that horse? Yeah.
He saved our lives.
But no one can ride that wild thing.
He's unbreakable.
I guess she's a natural.
Young lady, you just became the owner of one hardheaded horse.
-What? -[chuffs.]
He saved my girl's life.
He deserves to be with someone who makes him happy, and, heck, no one else can ride him.
He's got a lot of spirit.
Thank you, sir, but Spirit can't be owned.
When I was riding him, I felt free.
And if it's all right with you, that's how I'd like him to stay Free.
How you doing, kiddo? [sighs.]
You know, when I saw you riding after the blasts, for a minute, I thought I saw your mother.
I'm proud of you, Lucky.
That is why I want you to have these.
Mom's boots? I love you, Dad.
[knock on door.]
Want to come riding with us? We can go to the ramada and pick you out a new horse.
My dad's got a whole pack coming in.
Sure I do.
Aunt Cora, I'm going out with my friends.
Just mind your manners! How are you ever gonna pick one? [horse neighing.]
I don't have to.
He picked me.