Spirit Riding Free (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Lucky and the Appaloosa Adventure

1 [horse whinnies.]
[horse chuffs.]
[music playing.]
I'm gonna ride I'm riding free So come along, let's go along Come on the journey with me I'm gonna ride I'm riding free As long as I am here with you I feel the spirit within me - Yeah, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh, eh Yeah, eh, eh Yeah, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh -Yeah! -[whinnies.]
-That was great! -Nice! [Pru.]
Come on, come on! Whoo, yeah! -[laughing.]
-Wow! Attaboy.
Wow, that fella can jump.
-Turo, where have you been hiding? -Working.
This wrangler, Grayson, hired me to make him new tack.
Wow, you made this? -It's so pretty.
Is this wood? -Yep, juniper.
It stays strong no matter what happens to it.
Turo made Chica Linda's saddle.
I've had it since I was eight.
I love it.
Too bad Spirit doesn't wear a saddle.
-Well, we missed you.
But with the money I'm making [laughs.]
Oh, my gosh.
Is it happening? -Yep.
-That's amazing.
I'm so happy for you.
Yay! Also, what did I miss? Turo's been saving for over a year to get his own horse.
Perfect timing.
My dad just got a bunch of great horses.
-Want to take a look? -[whinnies.]
This is Diablo, a born rodeo horse.
Wow! And this is Tomahawk, the fastest horse my dad has ever clocked.
[wind rushing.]
And this one's called Bubblegum.
Pru's dad let me name him.
Whoo-hoo! He's already an expert barrel-racer, and you saw how he jumps.
Dad's got a couple buyers interested already, but if you like him, I'll make sure you get first dibs.
-Want to take him for a ride? -Thanks, that'd be great.
I've got to deliver this saddle to Mr.
Grayson, and he's way out by Skull Rock.
Ooh, I've never ridden out there before.
Mind if Spirit and I tag along? Sure.
So you've never had your own horse? -Ever? -Never.
I mean, if I need to ride somewhere, Pru's dad will always let me borrow one.
But It's not really the same, huh? -[chuffs.]
Oh, it's gonna be so great having a horse.
We're gonna go on overnight camping trips and have all sorts of adventures.
It's gonna be amazing.
Sounds like a lucky horse, whoever you end up choosing.
We're both going to be lucky.
There you go.
Too tight, boy? [chuffs.]
Better get going.
We don't want to be late.
I guess I see why they call it Skull Rock.
What kind of place is this? Maybe Grayson's worried about someone getting in? Or the horses getting out.
[horse neighs.]
Oh, no.
Look at that horse.
Here, hold this a second.
Poor guy.
[neighs loudly.]
Hey, hey, easy.
I'm not gonna hurt you, boy.
We have to help him.
What are you doing? Get away from that horse.
I'm here to drop off your saddle, sir.
You're late.
I'll pay when I get my whole order.
Now get.
What's your horse's name? Don't have one.
Don't you think it's a little hot out here? There isn't any shelter he can get to.
-Maybe you should-- -Maybe it's none of your business.
The horse is my property, girlie.
Well, then, maybe we should report this to the sheriff.
Tell whoever you want, but there ain't nothing nobody can do about it.
-He's my animal.
Ah, shut up, you stupid-- [grunts.]
Spirit, no.
Get that crazy horse and go.
Now! As far as I'm concerned, you're trespassing.
Come on, Spirit.
[Grayson muttering.]
Let's get out of here.
I'm gonna tell my dad.
Before the night is out, that horse will be free.
I promise.
But what can he do? Like Grayson said, it's his horse.
We'll think of something.
Don't worry.
Boss wants us to make it to Hangman's Hollow by the end of today.
Should be a piece of cake.
This whole area is nothing but rocks, scrub, and one old dam-- this one.
That crack always been there? [gasps.]
We better tell Mr.
Prescott right away.
Dad, I really need to talk to you.
I'm sorry, honey, it'll have to wait till I get back.
Get back from where? I just got word that some of my railroad scouts spotted a problem with the old dam in the woods.
There's a huge crack forming, and it's getting bigger every day.
Can you fix it? Well, we're gonna try.
Listen, if you and your friends go riding in Carver's Woods, don't go past Skull Rock.
Everything beyond that could be washed away if the dam breaks.
Now promise me.
I promise.
We'll talk as soon as I get back.
Well, looks like it's ladies' night.
Dinner first, then gin rummy after? Actually, I have loads of homework to get through that I should start right now.
Solitaire it is, then.
[Aunt Cora gasps.]
Good grief.
Where is that jack of hearts? [soft thump.]
Turo, are you here? I could really use your help and someone to tell me this isn't a crazy idea.
Hey, fella.
Sorry, boy, you can't come with me.
Spirit, if I'm gonna do this, I can't be noticed, and a big, old horse is pretty easy to spot.
No, Spirit, stay here.
[owl hooting.]
Lucky? Oh, sorry.
Looks like you and I had the same idea.
Have you seen Grayson? The lights are off in his house.
Maybe he's asleep.
Or at the saloon? Wherever he is, let's hope he stays there.
Here, I cut a way in.
Come on.
All right, ready? -[rustling.]
-[both gasp.]
Ugh! Is everyone trying to scare me to death tonight? Did he follow you all the way out here? I told him not to.
Guess that's why Pru's the horse trainer.
But I'm glad he's here.
You guys are really something.
You'll feel it too, when you find the right horse.
So what do you think? Hmm, looks horse-sized to me.
Spirit, keep a look out for Grayson.
[both grunt.]
Hey, fella.
We're here to help you.
Hey, easy, easy.
We're not going to hurt you.
He's afraid to have anyone touch him.
-It's okay, boy.
Please, you have to be quiet.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hold on.
If you can't see what's happening, you might not be scared.
That's a good horse.
Can you get the rope? We need to hurry.
Just one hoof in front of the other, and before you know it, you'll never even have to think of this place again.
Hurry, Turo.
[thunder booming.]
-Easy-- ahh, ahh! -[neighs.]
-Oh, no.
[thunder booming.]
No! Get him! [neighs.]
[thunder booming.]
Come on.
What's going on? [gasps.]
[thunder booming.]
Run! [neighs.]
Come on, let me see you.
No, Spirit, don't let Grayson see you.
I know you're out there.
-I mean it.
Go! -[Grayson.]
I know you are.
Come on, show yourself.
Where are you? Where are you? -[Lucky grunting.]
Come on! Where are you? Come on.
I know you're there.
[thunder blasting.]
You can run, but you can't hide.
Where is you? Come on.
Dagnabbit, where is you? Come on, we have to find him.
[thunder booming.]
I don't see him anywhere.
We can't stop.
If the horse was nearby, Spirit would be able to tell.
He's probably hiding somewhere for the night.
-We should-- -We've got to keep looking.
He's out there, scared and hungry.
-I know, but-- -You don't.
You don't know what it's like to be alone, Lucky.
[thunder booming.]
I can't give up on him.
We won't.
But we're not gonna find him in the storm.
Let's come back with Pru and Abigail first thing tomorrow morning.
We'll find him then, I promise.
See you bright and early tomorrow? [chuffs.]
Hey, sweet pea, you awake? I'm back.
Hi, Dad.
Are you okay? Just, uh, nervous about the dam.
Is everyone okay? Uh, well, for now.
But who knows how bad it'll be after all this rain.
But don't worry, I got my best men on it.
So what did you want to talk about earlier? It's not important, really.
-Sure seemed important earlier.
-[knock on door.]
Who could that be? Good evening.
I'm sorry for bothering you so late, ma'am.
Can I help you? I think you can.
Name's Grayson.
[thunder booming.]
What can we do for you, Mr.
Grayson? Well, I'm sorry to say it's about that girl right there.
It seems one of my horses, an Appaloosa, was stolen from my property tonight.
And you think it was Lucky? Afraid so, sir.
She was snooping around my property earlier.
I wasn't snooping.
And he-- When did your horse go missing? Less than an hour ago.
Well, Lucky has been home all night doing schoolwork.
Lucky, do you know where this man's horse is? I honestly don't know where he is.
Well, I'm sorry we couldn't be more help to you.
I hope you find your horse.
Me too.
Apologies for interrupting your evening.
Have a good night, folks.
You as well.
[Aunt Cora.]
Of all things! I mean, Lucky Listen here, girlie.
I know you stole my property, and when I find proof that you're a thieving little liar, you're gonna wish you never seen that horse.
[thunder crashes.]
Ahh! Oh, hi, Spirit.
We need your help.
Turo? I need Bubblegum.
Well, I might have some licorice.
I'll go saddle him.
If we split up, we can cover more ground.
-I'll go to the north woods.
-I'll take the east trails.
And I'll head down by the ravine.
No, not with the dam about to burst.
Why don't you check by Hangman's Hollow instead? Good luck, everybody.
-Hyah! -Hyah! Come on.
Chica Linda, keep your eyes peeled for hoof prints.
Horse? Boy! Where are you? Fella! [sighs.]
It's hard to call you when you don't have a name.
I think I see something.
It's the horse! [chuffs.]
Boomerang! Where are you? Anything? Where could he be? [distant neigh.]
-Hey! Whoa, Spirit! That's where the dam is.
My dad said to stay away.
-[distant neigh.]
-Do you hear that? [distant neigh.]
-It's the horse! -[whinnying.]
It looks like we don't have a choice.
Come on.
Look at that! The storm last night must have put more pressure on it.
She's gonna blow.
She's gonna blow! -We better get! -Let's go, let's go! Run! He's down there.
Oh, no.
He's making the knots worse.
He's hurting himself! Uh! [neighing.]
-[loud bang.]
-Whoa! Hey, there.
Remember us? We cut you loose last night.
We just want to help you again.
-Let us-- [grunts.]
-Whoa! He's too panicked.
And I can't get close enough to put blinders on him again.
Be careful.
Ah, there's a good boy.
[birds cawing.]
Was that The dam burst! We got to hurry! [gasps.]
No rush, but speed it up.
Okay, let's go! I'll tie the rope to Chica Linda's saddle.
She'll help him with the climb.
Come on, Chica Linda, let's go.
-Good girl, come on.
Come on, Spirit.
Oh, no, the pommel's gonna give.
No way.
It's juniper.
It'll never break.
Watch out! No! It's too much for him.
I don't think he can make it, Turo.
Hey, you can do this.
If you stay here, you'll die.
And I'm not gonna let that happen.
Do you hear me? [grunting.]
Come on! [whinnies.]
Hurry! The water's getting closer! Go, go, go, go, go! Go! [grunts.]
Come on.
Come on! -[neighs.]
-No! -[neighs.]
-Come on, Spirit.
Come on! Hyah! Come on, Spirit.
Whoo! He can stay in Spirit's stall tonight.
I'll fix it up.
I'll find him a blanket.
And I'll get him some oats.
All the oats he wants.
Well, lookee, lookee.
I had a funny feeling I'd find you here with my horse.
And I was right.
You can't take him.
I can, and I will.
-No! -We'll get the sheriff.
Please do.
Saves me the trouble of reporting a bunch of horse thieves.
[whinnies softly.]
I'll trade you for him.
The tack I'm making for you, you can have it free.
But I get the horse.
What do you want this broken-down nag for? You could buy a fine horse like that with the money.
Yeah, he's a great horse, but I want him.
You're crazy, you know that? That horse might as well be dead already.
Fine by me.
Take him.
I want my order delivered by next week, or we'll be talking again.
A pleasure doing business with you.
A man like that shouldn't even be allowed to get near a horse.
If he had taken him away No one's taking him anywhere.
You're home, boy.
You'll never be alone again.
[neighing, chuffing.]
-What are you going to name him? -Don't know yet.
Oh, um, may I suggest Marshmallow? [laughs.]
Marshmallows are soft.
This guy's strong.
Like the juniper wood you use in your saddles.
I know what I'm gonna call him.