Spirit Riding Free (2017) s02e02 Episode Script

Lucky and the Pie P.I.

1 [horse whinnies.]
[horse chuffs.]
[theme music playing.]
I'm gonna ride I'm riding free So come along, let's go along Come on the journey with me I'm gonna ride I'm riding free As long as I am here with you I feel the spirit within me - Yeah, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh -[Lucky.]
You think the oven is hot enough? -[Abigail.]
I hope it's perfect.
Mmm, it smells so good! -[Pru.]
Is it ready? -[Abigail.]
Grandma Stone says: "Four hours to make, one hour to bake, and then you'll have a perfect cake.
" Well, pie, but that doesn't rhyme.
Who cares? It looks amazing, and I can't wait to taste it.
Me neither, because then we can finally go out riding.
Oh, my.
What are you girls doing with my grandmother's antique heirloom mixing bowl? Making my grandmother's antique heirloom Stone cherry pie.
Your mother was just talking about that today in the general store.
She said it's won the church bake-off for the past 24 years.
-Mine! Hmm.
It's divine! Is that almond coupled with, uh, cinnamon? Sorry, it's a secret recipe.
My grandmother won the bake-off, then my mother won, and now I've got to win, or I'll let down generations of Stones and be an outcast and have to change my name! I could be Abby or Gail or Abigailerang or Lucky.
No, wait.
I'm confident you'll rise to the occasion, Abigail.
I'm not panicking at all.
[sighs, gasps.]
Oh, you're not the oven.
Hmm, even if I change my name, people will still recognize Boomerang.
Maybe if I paint his white dots brown and his brown dots white [whinnies.]
Mm, you have nothing to worry about.
That pie smells delicious.
Special delivery! Lucky, this came on the train for you.
Thanks, Mary Pat.
I'm Bianca.
I only wear blue boots.
You can remember it 'cause "Bianca" and "blue" both start with "B.
" Uh, "brown" also starts with "B.
" We also brought the newspaper for your dad.
Whatever it says made one lady faint.
Ooh! I want to faint.
What does it say? Ooh, it says banks all over the state are on high alert.
Masked bandits robbed a bank in Silverlode and then one in Lasso Flats.
What if Miradero's next? If they come here, I'll rescue Snips -and take him to my secret hideout, -[groans.]
and then we'll be together forever.
That's our secret hideout.
Why do you want to stink it up with Snips? Because then I'll always know where he is.
-I wonder what he's doing right now.
What was that you said about a package? If you want to hug Snips, you have to trap him so he can't get away.
Oh, my gosh! Boxcar Bonnie and the Three Checkerboard Clues! Who's Boxcar Bonnie? You don't know Boxcar Bonnie? What answer will make you stop yelling at me? Ugh! She's only the most amazing girl detective in the world! She's got a trusty bloodhound named Inspector, and they ride a train and solve mysteries.
They're so exciting.
-[alarm rings.]
It's done.
Oh, finally.
-Wow! -Is the crust brown enough? And even enough? I hope it's cooked all the way through.
Did you not hear the part where I said, "Wow"? You're gonna win, for sure.
Now let's hit the trail.
-[Spirit whinnies.]
-Guys, that isn't for you! [Pru.]
"I won't eat the yummy pie if you take me for a ride.
" See? Spirit agrees with me.
Let's head up to Christie Cave! Great! On the way I can tell you all about my favorite book-- Boxcar Bonnie and the Ghostly Goblet.
Come on, Abigail.
It all started when Boxcar Bonnie inherited a goblet from a mysterious uncle.
No, wait.
It really started at the ice rink Then it turns out that the ice skating debutante didn't have an alibi after all.
Uh, where's the pie? Oh, my gosh, someone stole it! Who would steal a pie? You mean aside from everyone who has a tongue and owns taste buds? [breathes deeply.]
But it's okay.
I still have enough time to make a new one.
But I don't have enough cherries! But we can go buy some more.
But the general store is already closed for the day! -But I know where the owner lives, so -I have a better idea.
We'll be detectives in our very own Boxcar Bonnie mystery.
Pals, injustice is everywhere.
The bank robber.
The pie thief.
But Boxcar Bonnie wouldn't take it sitting down, and neither will we! Someone has to stand up for what's right.
And in this story, we're gonna be those someones.
Now, who's with me? Let's do it.
For justice.
I was worried I'd have to move to the South Pole.
That's not even the good pole.
Look for anything suspicious or tasty, 'cause I'm a little hungry.
I think I found a fingerprint.
Never mind.
Look! -Look! Look! I think we found our culprit.
How can you say I took your pie? What did I ever do to you? Or to anybody? Also, prove it.
There are donkey prints all over the kitchen floor.
It's not my fault you have weird feet.
We found red hair at the crime scene.
So now you're "discrimitating" against me 'cause I got red hair? I don't think the law would like it if they heard about that.
There were also carrots all over the room.
-He's eating the evidence! Snips, just give back the pie.
But I didn't take it.
I've been giving Señor Carrots a bath.
Look how he sparkles.
Oh, he's wet.
He might have had a bath.
But he still smells.
-Worse than usual.
-[Señor Carrots chuffs.]
The question is, how much do we trust Snips? I can't believe I said that out loud.
You know what? I've had enough of your accusations.
Goodbye, you big meanies.
, you're gonna be in big trouble when I tell Mom you don't have a pie for the bake-off.
[Señor Carrots brays.]
So the good news is that there was plenty of sugar, and we got the very last of the butter.
The bad news is that they're out of cherries.
-All they had was peaches.
-Peaches? Who ever heard of putting peaches in a pie? That's it.
I'm moving.
I can use shoe polish to change my hair color.
I'll be a brunette on the run.
You just have to think more like Boxcar Bonnie.
She's a brunette? Yes, but what I'm saying is that in her books, there are always plenty of shocking twists that she never sees coming.
But does she quit? No.
And she's solved over 28 mysteries.
All you have to do is bake one more pie.
Abigail, use the peaches.
-[timer ticking.]
-[Abigail groans.]
Abigail! I told Mom you lost the pie, but I got in trouble.
She thinks I stole it.
Now I'm grounded, and I don't get dessert for a whole week, when you're the one I was trying to get in trouble.
Unfair! [grunts.]
If you're grounded, aren't you getting into even more trouble right now? [gasps.]
[alarm rings.]
It looks okay.
It looks better than okay! And don't worry.
We'll make sure Snips can't get his hands on this one.
"B" is for "Bianca" and also "best" That just means I'm better than the rest Hey, girls.
Hi, Dad.
Where are you going? Well, I was going to the bank, but they've got it closed up tight.
Until the robbers are caught, there's no reason to tempt them to Miradero.
If Boxcar Bonnie were here, she would have already solved that whodunit and been home in time for her archery lessons.
I've got to get to work.
Excuse me, Miss Lady.
Have you seen my sister Bianca? Yeah.
She's right-- Oh.
She must have left.
She better not be chasing after Snips.
Well, at least she'll know where to find him-- at home, being grounded for stealing that pie.
Justice! But what if he didn't steal it? -Not justice? -What do you mean? It was an open-and-shut case.
Every clue pointed to him.
Snips has never used a fork in his life.
So, if he ate the pie, his hands would have been stained from the filling.
But the carrots, all the carrots.
Did you see how Señor Carrots wolfed down the one I was holding? No way that greedy Gus would have left any behind.
I'm not saying Snips didn't do it.
It's just that he might not have.
I guess it's one mystery we'll never solve.
Let's see that prize-winning pie.
Now, don't panic.
[both gasp.]
Abigail, the pie thief has struck again! Society's crumbling.
Like a flaky crust! Shh, shh.
If we're going to solve this mystery, we've got to think like real detectives.
Now, what would Boxcar Bonnie do? You do realize Boxcar Bonnie is a fictional character, right? Yes and no.
Okay, so let's make a list of suspects.
Snips is still our prime suspect, but who else knew you were making the pie at my house? Hmm.
Mary Pat and Bianca.
But they were by the bank with us when the second pie was stolen.
Oh, what about your aunt? She sure was asking a lot of questions about my pie too many questions.
It would be an unexpected twist.
A good detective explores all options.
Abigail, who has the most to gain from your pie being gone? Well, Miss Flores always comes in second place in the bake-off.
Miss Flores! Well, I think we have our answer.
No need to look further.
Maybe we can look a little further.
I know.
We should look at the bake-off sign-up sheet.
If someone signed up after the pie was stolen, they might be entering it under their own name.
Great idea.
Now let's find my pie.
The only person to sign up since yesterday is [gasps.]
Lucky! What in the Sam Hill? [chuckles.]
Just kidding.
It was Maricela.
Come on, pals.
We have our suspects.
Let's split up and do some interrogating.
Don't be silly.
I would never steal a pie.
I'm just going to have Cook bake one and then take credit when it wins tomorrow.
[grunts, gasps.]
I don't appreciate being tailed like some common pie thief.
But since you seem determined to follow me around town, you might as well be of use.
Hello, stranger.
Fancy meeting you here.
I really enjoyed our walk the other night.
Oh, well, then why don't we do it again? I could walk you over to the new café down the street.
You know, it seems crazy, but there's still so much I don't know about you.
I know.
I don't even know your last name.
So tell me-- Excuse me.
Sorry to interrupt, but I've got a mystery to solve.
Some pie has gone missing.
How's your pie coming? [sighs.]
I won't be entering one this year.
I went to get my supplies, and someone bought all the butter.
-Can you believe it? -No.
Totally shocking.
Now, let's talk about you and your notorious sweet tooth.
Oh, now, Abigail, that's a little unfair.
Do I need to bring up the jelly beans or the birthday cake incident? Okay, have at it.
You're off the hook.
Bye, Miss Flores.
Bye, Mr.
-[both spit.]
-You're Lucky's teacher? You're Lucky's father? So it's not Miss Flores.
Aunt Cora's out, too.
And Maricela is a pie thief, but not our pie thief.
Well, that's it.
I'm finished.
I used up all of my mom's secret cinnamon blend on the last pie.
Abigail, don't you get it? This pie is bigger than you or me or any of us.
And if you give up, the thief wins.
We can't let that happen.
Let's do this, coriander.
[timer ticking.]
[alarm rings.]
This is it.
You're my last, best hope, pie.
Please be perfect.
Please be perfect.
It is perfect! Now let's set it outside so it can be stolen.
Huh? There.
We'll go inside, turn off the lights and wait.
Then, when the thief comes, yoink! He's ours! Thank you, Boxcar Bonnie and the Bandit's Bicycle.
-Oh, careful, Spirit! [whinnies.]
Hey, over here.
-Hmm? -[man.]
Come on.
Huh? I see you there.
Come out! -Who are you? -Just customers.
We want to buy you a nap.
Ugh! [man.]
Which one looks the fastest? Oh, that's a show horse.
I bet she's worth a mint.
Maybe we won't be leaving Miradero empty-handed after all.
-Easy, girl.
-[horses neighing.]
-[men grunting.]
Calm down, now.
Easy there! Quit fighting.
We ain't gonna hurt you.
Let's go.
Get her along now.
-[men grunting.]
[playing upbeat tune.]
[plays ominous tune.]
-[hoofbeats approaching.]
-[Boomerang neighs.]
Darn this horse! [grunting.]
-[men grunting.]
[Spirit whinnies.]
Whoa! [grunting.]
Huh? Ugh! [horses neighing.]
Don't let her get away! [distant whinny.]
The net, Spirit! The net! [neighs.]
-Whoa! -Oh! -Get off of me.
-Hey! -Ow! -Hey, come on! It worked! -Way to go, Inspector Spirit.
Come on, get me down! What in tarnation is going on here? Let us down, now! -Yeah! -[girls laughing.]
-Cora, go get the sheriff.
The girls just caught the bank robbers.
Huh? Ugh! Oh.
Dad! Are you okay? Aside from the bump on my noggin, I'm just fine and proud of you.
The girls are heroes! -Hip, hip, hooray! -[all cheering.]
And Boomerang helped! [whinnies.]
No! The thief took the pie! Three pies in a row! Where is the justice? What? Twenty-four years.
Twenty-four years my family has won the church bake-off, and now I don't even have a pie to enter.
I'm not gonna come in first place.
I'm not gonna come in second place, not even third.
Wait a minute.
Lucky! I know whodunit.
I totally do, too.
Go get 'em and bring 'em to the barn.
You know [chuckles.]
I bet it'll be fun for everyone to be there to see us confront him or her.
So, I'll just go get everyone.
Lucky, I'm glad we ran into you.
We have something we have to talk to you about.
Can't now! I'm solving a mystery! [Lucky.]
Okay, Abigail, I've gathered all the kids in Miradero.
The culprit's in here somewhere, right? Right? Lucky, why am I here and not asleep on my goose-feather pillow? I mean, I don't even know half these people.
We've gone to school together for the past five years.
Someone has stolen three of Abigail's famous Stone pies.
And we figured out who.
It's Turo, isn't it? I always knew his selflessness and kindness to animals covered a dark heart.
You're joking right? Uh, of course I was joking.
When I saw there were three bank robbers, I realized that there could be three pie robbers, too.
Are there always so many flies in here? Let's start with pie number one.
Bianca would do anything to be with Snips including framing him for pie thievery.
Because nothing says love like getting you grounded? Exactly.
It's like Mary Pat said-- the only way Snips would spend time with Bianca would be if he couldn't get away.
I knew it.
Okay, it was a working theory I might have thought about.
My guess is Bianca shared the pie with her sister Look what I found.
And once they tasted it, they wanted more, so Mary Pat cooked up a plan.
But that's impossible.
We saw them both when the second pie was being stolen.
Did we, though? Or did we only see what they wanted us to see? What if we only saw one of them? Mary Pat had Bianca keep us busy while she stole pie number two.
We couldn't have eaten your pie.
We're allergic to peaches.
Ha! Stone pie has always been made with cherries.
No one but the thief could have known that the second pie was made with peaches.
-What do you have to say for yourself? -It was so good.
You would've won the blue ribbon, for sure.
Aww, thanks.
But I'm still mad at you both.
Don't worry, Abigail.
When I tell their parents what they did, they'll be grounded, for sure.
I got your back, sis.
Not so fast! There's still the matter of the third pie.
-The thief was-- -Snips! You're right! How did you know, Lucky? I have reasons, but I'll let Abigail explain.
Since Snips had already been punished for being a pie thief, he figured he might as well just be one.
Prove it.
Oh, I'm about to.
You haven't had time to eat my pie, so there's only one place you would've hidden it.
I give you the pie.
[all gasp.]
Señor Carrots! That was my pie! Actually, it was my pie.
You know, if you wanted pie, you could've just asked for one.
Well can I have a pie? No! But I do have some special plans for you.
The bake-off is in eight hours.
I need to stay up all night making a replacement pie, and you're gonna help me.
And the winner is Abigail Stone! -[crowd cheers.]
-Whoo-hoo! Yeah! -Yeah! -That's for me! Huh? Snips! You were only my assistant! Get back here! Turns out I might be a lot better at reading mysteries than solving them.
But I think I did uncover something you will like.
-What do you think? Aww, that was for both of us! [chuffs.]