Spirit Riding Free (2017) s02e04 Episode Script

Lucky and the Harvest Hunt

1 [horse whinnies.]
[horse chuffs.]
[theme music playing.]
I'm gonna ride I'm riding free So come along, let's go along Come on the journey with me I'm gonna ride I'm riding free As long as I am here with you I feel the spirit within me - Yeah, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh [owl hooting.]
Once, there was a farmer named Ol' Jack.
He grew the biggest pumpkins anyone had ever seen.
But his gift was also his curse.
The crows stalked Ol' Jack's pumpkin patch to feast on his delicious crops.
Their relentless cawing drove him to madness.
[crow caws.]
Ol' Jack guarded his patch around the clock.
Didn't eat, didn't sleep.
He stayed out there until his feet became rooted to the very ground.
His arms became stiff and wooden.
His own head turned into a pumpkin.
Ol' Jack had become a scarecrow! -[Spirit neighing.]
-Hi, Spirit! Be right down! Tonight, we're going on a scavenger hunt to build our own scarecrows, lest the crows come for us! -[wolf howls.]
-Aunt Cora would hate this.
I love it.
I love it, too.
But it's also really scary.
But I love being scared.
-Boo! -[screams.]
See? I love it.
Javier! What are you doing here? I would never miss the Midnight Harvest Hunt.
Huh! Sorry you had to find out this way, Javi, but I've moved on.
Want to hear what bone-chilling quests I've come up with for you? -Yeah! -Yeah! I've hidden the pieces for your scarecrows all over Miradero.
Clothes, stuffing, even crows for their shoulders, which you'll find perching in the spookiest place of all.
-The cemetery? -The jail? -The schoolhouse! -[gasps.]
Once your scarecrow is done, then and only then, you've got to race to find the head of Ol' Jack in the pumpkin patch.
-Abigail, calm down.
-You know it's just a jack-o'-lantern.
The winner is the first person to place Jack's head on top of his scarecrow.
Or her scarecrow.
Oh, how outdoorsy.
All these adults carousing around a fire.
It's tradition.
Celebrating the harvest.
And everyone brings something to add to a communal soup.
Come on, Cora.
Lucky's got Spirit and the girls.
I got the fellas at the railroad.
Maybe this is a chance for you to make some friends, too.
Besides, you know you're the best cook around.
Well, that is true.
And I did bring my spices.
May I offer my services? -We'd love your help, Miss Prescott.
-Cora, please.
And I'm Althea.
Welcome, Cora.
Put 'er there.
Well, where's the recipe? [chuckles.]
There ain't one, hon.
Tonight we fly by the seat of our pants.
No recipe? Oh, my, what fun.
I know this town like the back of my hand now.
-I can win this thing no problem.
No way! -[yells.]
Hup! A smelly old girl has never won.
Well, that changes tonight.
And we're not smelly.
Don't you think there's a reason a girl has never won before? Boys are faster than girls.
We're stronger and braver and smarter.
We're just all around better.
[sighs and groans.]
We'll show you who's better.
Let's do teams, girls versus boys.
-Yeah! -Yeah! [Lucky grunts.]
In fact, let's bet on it.
-Yeah! -Yeah! [scoffs.]
I don't know.
I'd almost feel bad taking your money.
Unless you'd rather do my chores instead.
It's on.
Losers do the winners' chores tomorrow.
Get ready to scrub dishes, because Spirit's going to help me win.
All right, harvest hunters.
First up, you'll need to ride out to Goose Gulch and get a stake made from the bony fingers of the dead oak tree.
Abigail, it's okay.
They're just branches.
And remember, if the adults catch you, we'll plant you in the pumpkin patch with Ol' Jack! Hunters, ho! [cheering and laughing.]
[Hacheta chuffs.]
Buena suerte, Fortuna.
[both grunting.]
Is that Spanish for, "You look like a winner"? [laughs.]
Ready, PALs? Don't you mean PALMs? Pru, Abigail, Lucky, Maricela! Oh, Maricela, you're coming, too? As mayor's daughter, I consider it my duty to participate in town traditions.
Besides, I need a day off from chores.
Writing the shopping list for cook is so exhausting.
Smith will take me in his cart.
Won't you, Smith? -[Junipero snorts.]
-Me? I am a blacksmith.
Do you think my name is Smith? -Bye-bye, future losers! -[Señor Carrots brays.]
Bye! -Aw, man! -[Boomerang neighs.]
Whoo-hoo! -[Abigail.]
Come on, Boomerang.
Let's go! -[whooping and hollering.]
Whoa, Spirit! [Pru.]
We'll need two strong, sturdy branches for our scarecrow stakes.
These are mine.
So are these.
Also mine! Hey! You already have two branches! Ugh, they're taking the rest just to be jerks.
Just like Ol' Jack's thieving crows.
Good interpretation of the story.
Your tiny lady arms probably couldn't lift the branches anyway.
[Snips laughs.]
Gee, if only we had brains enough to figure out another way.
¡Qué bueno! You are getting very good at that! Thanks! I've been practicing.
Come on, Jay.
We're done here.
[Señor Carrots braying.]
Ooh! Your spices give this soup a real kick in the pants, Cora.
Well, I always say, paprika is a lady's best friend.
That's funny.
I say the same thing about a strong left hook.
Oh-- oh! [gasps.]
-How do you know how many to put in? -You don't.
But it all comes together in the end, if you let it.
Mmm, something smells good over here.
Mnh-mnh-mnh! [laughs.]
-[Miss Flores grunts softly.]
-[Althea chuckles.]
-How's my sister doing? -Well, she's a great cook.
And she tells wonderful stories about your lives.
-So you have a daughter, a railroad empire, and you've been thrown out of a debutante ball.
Anything else I should know? This mustache is a fake.
So is Lucky coming tonight? By which I mean, is she coming for my head? [laughs.]
Uh, no, I haven't told her about us yet.
It just hasn't felt like the right moment.
What are you so nervous about? I've never known Lucky to overreact about anything.
[both laugh.]
[choking and coughing.]
Yeah! -[Abigail.]
Whoo-hoo! Yeah! [Pru.]
Whoo! We got this! [grunting.]
Over here! Spirit found a good place to build our scarecrow.
Hope you ladies don't break a nail while raking the yard for me.
Heh, hope you don't muss up your hair while mucking out the barn for me.
Ready to wash my socks, sis? I'll never be ready for that.
Make haste, hunters.
Your scarecrows may have bones, but they still need guts.
The hay for your stuffing is guarded by a fierce warrior.
Oh! [chuckles.]
So to get it, you'll need to make an offering.
Your soul, perhaps? [laughs wickedly.]
Or, you know, something nice to eat.
[laughs wickedly.]
¡Perfecto! -Whoo-hoo! -[Snips laughs.]
We got this.
Whoo! -[Pru.]
Girls rule! Get used to the back of Sorrel.
It's all you're gonna be seeing tonight.
Yeah, let's go.
Come on! Good thing we've got the fastest horses in town.
-Right, fella? -[neighs.]
Just in case, you go get the scarecrow stuff.
I've got a plan to delay the boys.
-Hyah! I know just where to get a treat for Junipero.
Come on! Well, hello.
What have you brou-- Oh.
Ah, don't worry.
The heat'll do for the germs, and the bugs are good protein.
Just pulling your leg, Cora.
That's just my way.
If I took things too seriously at the Tanglefoot, nothing would ever get done.
You work at the inn? I'll say I do.
I own the place.
We'll distract Aunt Cora.
Maricela, you grab the carrots.
Aunt Cora, will you help us with an etiquette question? Oh, with pleasure! When a boy says, "Ladies first," but I'm riding a male horse, and he's riding a female horse, do I go first because I'm a girl? Or do you go at the same time because his horse is also a lady? Uh -Huh.
Lucky! -I've got the-- -[both gasp.]
You're right.
We dismount, and the horses go first.
Thanks, Aunt Cora! Approach and make your offering.
All right, Maricela, give Junipero the carrots, -and let's get our hay.
-[horse neighs.]
-What are you doing? -Oh, Boomerang! Is this not the right animal? [sighs.]
I get all these things mixed up.
Ugh, we've got to go back and get more.
Hola, chicas.
[girls gasp.]
Need an apple for Junipero? [Señor Carrots brays.]
Go ahead.
It's okay to admit you need help from a boy.
We don't need your help.
We're doing great.
In fact, why don't we raise the bet? [scoffs.]
What, you want to do my chores for a whole week? [gnawing.]
Let's make it really interesting.
Losers have to kiss Señor Carrots.
What? [sneezes.]
You make it sound like a bad thing.
What do you say, Julian? You're on! [gasps.]
Lucky, there's no way I'm kissing Señor Carrots.
You can't imagine the things Snips feeds him.
What if we catch some sort of pox? I could lose my hand.
Then where would Julian put my engagement ring? Don't worry.
We are not going to lose.
But we are losing, so we'd better split up.
I'll head to the schoolhouse to get a crow.
I'll go back to the bonfire to get another carrot for Junipero.
Great! And look for Pru's dad while you're there.
Turo said we need a bandanna from him, too.
And I'll, uh, keep a close eye on Julian you know, for the team.
Aah! [Lucky.]
Hope Miss Flores doesn't find us.
I've got enough problems with her.
If she catches us here, I'll be in detention the whole year.
Don't worry.
I'll keep watch.
If she shows up, I'll stall her.
That's actually a good idea.
Looks like we beat the boys here.
Good evening, Miss Flores.
I'm out for a stroll.
May I get the door for you? [Miss Flores.]
Thank you, Maricela.
Oh, there it is.
[door closes.]
[Maricela screams.]
Whoa! Aah! Whoa! -[Snips.]
Whoa! -[grunts.]
Señor Carrots, wait! I don't have a crow yet! Wait! [laughs.]
Nice stalling! I had to open the door.
Years of good breeding are hard to overcome.
[owl hooting.]
Get ready to be carved.
Check it out, girl.
Rules say I can't go to the pumpkin patch yet, but I don't need to.
One diversion coming up! [gasps.]
Okay, Abigail, time to shine.
Abigail, what's wrong? [blubbering.]
Uh, there, there.
Wipe your eyes.
Thanks, Mr.
Granger! [Abigail humming.]
Hmm! [shrugs.]
Guess your big strong muscles must have slowed you down.
Ah-choo! Ah ah ah ah What in mercy's moon? -No, sir! -Ah-choo! Ha ha! Thanks, Mr.
Pru! Aha-ha! What is wrong with that family? [grunting.]
Excellent work, hunters.
Now, if you dare to continue, you must hasten-- Turo, could you, uh, just tell us what we're looking for? We're kind of on the clock here.
You still need boots, pants and a shirt for your scarecrow -Thanks! I'll get the boots.
-Great! [sighs.]
I'm tired.
Aren't we done yet? Why don't you stay and work on our victory cheer? We'll go hunting.
[giggles excitedly.]
All right, Spirit, I need you to run faster than you've ever run.
Come on, boy.
I can't let him get the best of me.
[Julian grunts.]
Whoo-hoo! [laughs.]
Nice try, cuz! Yeah! I got it! [neighs.]
[Javier laughs.]
Got it.
Ha! [gasps.]
-Huh? -[laughs.]
I got 'em, fellas! [laughs.]
Yeah! [Lucky.]
Nice of you to join us, Julian.
Sorry, I was practicing my victory speech.
Tell it to Señor Carrots' lips.
Nearly done.
Where's Pru? She said she had a plan.
Turo, ¡mira! We're done, too! [Turo.]
There's only one thing left to do.
Oh, no, we got to get Ol' Jack's pumpkin head first.
Let's go! Don't worry, girls.
-We'll bring Señor Carrots back for you.
I've got Ol' Jack's head! [laughs.]
Whoo! Yes! No! -[laughing.]
I won! I won! Wait.
That's not Ol' Jack's head.
Pru, you carved a fake.
Are you sure? Yes, I just carved it this morning.
And this isn't it? [Turo.]
Come on, Pru.
You weren't supposed to go to the pumpkin patch until your scarecrow was finished.
Pru Granger, you are disqualified and cursed to have crows forever peck at your garden? I didn't go to the pumpkin patch.
That'd be cheating.
This is from my house.
There a law against carving pumpkins in this town? But why would you do that? Huh.
Why would I do that? Hmm.
Hmm, it's almost like I did it on purpose, to slow the boys down, maybe.
Hey, where are the girls? -[Julian.]
Pru's trying to distract us! -[Snips.]
That ain't right! They are probably already looking for the real pumpkin.
What a low-down trick! I wish I'd thought of it, 'cause the more we talk about it, the better it works! [Lucky.]
Hurry, Abigail! [Abigail.]
Look for one with a carved face! -[horse neighs.]
-[Señor Carrots braying.]
[both gasp.]
Ha! Ha! ¡Vamos a ganar! -Oh, I -Well, uh I got it, Cousin Julian! -Aah! -[laughs.]
-Whoo-hoo! Yeah! Whoo! -[Señor Carrots brays.]
Sorry, girls.
Too slow! [Sorrel neighs.]
He still needs to put it on the scarecrow to win.
Come on! [horse neighs.]
No one can stop us now, Señor Carrots.
-Whoa! -Ha! Take that! -[gasps.]
-I will! ¡Adiós! -Ha! -[laughs.]
Ha ha! -Huh? [neighs.]
Boomerang, no! Not Ol' Jack's head! -[gasps.]
Ha! Told you boys are better.
-Pucker up, Señor Carrots.
Whoo-hoo! -[Abigail.]
Come on, Boomerang.
Hyah! -[Snips laughs.]
[Señor Carrots braying.]
Huh? [grunts.]
[Julian and Lucky grunting.]
[both grunt.]
Ah! Get off me! Make me, tough guy! -[laughs.]
-[both grunt.]
Ha! Who's stronger now? Your big sister and don't you forget it.
-Ha! -[grunts.]
But why? [all grunting.]
-Maricela, grab the pumpkin! -Don't do it! Do I help my sisters or the boy I like? I don't know him at all, but he's my everything.
Ugh, being a girl is so hard.
Ew! There's a worm on it! Ugh! [Snips.]
Get off of me! Let go! [Lucky.]
Stay down! [Abigail.]
Got ya now.
You're not going anywhere.
[grunting and yelling.]
Stop being such a sore loser! -[Julian.]
Somebody grab it! [Turo.]
Let me go already, come on! [grunting and yelling.]
Why are you cheering? Because Spirit finished the scarecrow.
So you're excited about getting beat by girls? No, 'cause boys won.
He's my horse.
That means we win.
Yeah, but Spirit's a boy horse.
Boys win! -No way! -¡No es cierto! -[Abigail.]
Puh-leeze! -[Julian.]
Sore losers! -[Pru.]
Girls win! -[Snips.]
Girls stink! [Turo.]
Um, guys? Spirit's a horse.
No one wins yet.
-[Julian gasps.]
I got it! [yelling.]
No! Sorry, boys! Too slow! Ugh! Oh, a girl finally won the Harvest Hunt! [laughs.]
We'll go down in history! Thus, the hunt comes to a close.
Ol' Jack thanks every Uh, I've already lost it.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
I believe Señor Carrots is expecting a kiss.
Who's ready for some smooching? -[Señor Carrots brays.]
Oh, no spoons allowed at the bonfire.
It's tradition.
And so is this.
Soup's not ready until the chef says so.
-Cora? -Huh? Oh-- oh! [clanging.]
[crowd cheering.]
[bowls clink.]
Why, it's delicious! Mm! Best batch yet, thanks to you.
[Miss Flores.]
Hey, you.
-[Señor Carrots braying.]
[Lucky gasps.]