Spirit Riding Free (2017) s03e02 Episode Script

Lucky and the New Governor

1 [whinnies.]
[horse chuffs.]
[theme music playing.]
I'm gonna ride I'm riding free So come along, let's go along Come on this journey with me I'm gonna ride I'm riding free As long as I am here with you I feel the spirit within me - Yeah, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh, eh Yeah, eh, eh Yeah, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh [whinnying.]
Spirit! I'm free! -[whinnies.]
You may no longer be grounded, young lady, but you will be again if that horse doesn't get off my porch in the next three seconds.
No problem, Aunt Cora.
We'll be out of your hair.
Any second now.
Come on, fella.
Let's surprise Pru and Abigail.
[horse whinnies.]
[girls cheering.]
First place is mine! Not if Chica Linda has anything to say about it.
Let's go, girl! Yah, come on, boy.
Go, Boomerang! Hyah! [horses neighing.]
Go on, boy.
I swear, the grass is greener than the last time we were here.
It is, isn't it? You were only grounded a week, Lucky.
The frontier hasn't changed that much.
Sometimes I think the trees have moved around, but then I realize I'm just in a different spot.
Whatever it is, it's wonderful.
Back up, nice and slow.
-[all sigh.]
It's okay.
-[horse whinnies.]
-What was that about? Did you see how still the herd was? That usually means they're about to charge or run away.
Oh, we must have scared them.
Sorry! [horse whinnies sharply.]
-Abigail! -Sorry.
I'm surprised they let us get that close.
But why didn't they just run away? Maybe they remember us from Christmas.
That is one pregnant horse.
She must be due any day now.
How do you know? I always help my parents deliver the spring foals.
Then I better start thinking of foal names.
If it's a girl, Bananas.
If it's a boy also Bananas.
Foals are so cute when they're first born.
They've got the spindliest, wobbliest little legs.
-Like Bananas.
Well, I can't wait.
Let's ride there after school so we don't miss it.
Miss what? There's a pregnant horse in Spirit's herd.
I better get Mom to take a look and make sure she's okay.
Your mom got called out to look in on a couple of sick goats.
But I can go with you this afternoon.
Deal? [all.]
Deal! [humming.]
-[door opens.]
-[girls laughing.]
Mercy Maude! Honestly, girls, barging in like a bunch of ruffians! We're sorry, Aunt Cora.
Oh, now I need to fix this.
Hand me the seam ripper.
-[Clancy squawks.]
Prescott, what are you making? A new vest for Mr.
Prescott to wear to the governor's ball.
-Did you say -A ball? -How could you not tell me? Your father mentioned it last night.
-Weren't you listening? -Yes.
The new governor's very impressed with the progress on the railroad, so he's coming to Miradero to see it for himself.
Your father will be giving a speech! I bet there will be pretty lights.
And fancy horse-drawn carriages.
And, Lucky, you'll get to wear a ball gown.
You all will.
Pru, Abigail, I spoke to your parents.
You will be our guests at the ball, and we will all make a grand entrance.
[Clancy squawks.]
Abigail, are you okay? You're my fairy godmother.
[door bell jingles.]
I haven't been to a ball in forever.
I love them! There's dancing and tiny cakes, and some old guy's wig always falls off.
-A man in a wig? -What? Lucky, you make it sound like a farce.
Remember, girls, this ball is actually a very important social event.
[Aunt Cora.]
I'll be happy to help you prepare.
Etiquette, deportment, curtsying.
Oh, and waltzing.
That's okay, Aunt Cora.
We've got it covered.
-Mm -Come on.
-Let's get ice cream sundaes.
Oh Sundae is a great name for a foal.
I'll add it to the list.
Your aunt said we need to prepare for the ball.
Prepare what? Oh, there's just a bunch of stuffiness you have to get through at the beginning before the fun starts.
The stuffiness is the fun part.
But I don't recall seeing either of your names on the invitation list.
That's because they're coming with me and my family as guests of honor.
We're gonna wear fancy dresses and meet the governor and ride in a pumpkin! I'm not sure about that last part, but I really, really hope it's true.
It's so unfair.
I've been preparing for an event like this my whole life! What have they done? Pru has the grace of a musk ox, and Abigail has the fashion sense of, uh, a lady musk ox! I want a root beer float with one scoop of ice cream, but put it in at the last minute so when I drink it, it's still fizzy! [sighs.]
What's wrong with her? I know.
Ice cream goes in first.
Everyone knows that.
Maybe she's jealous we're guests of honor? -Hmm? -[sighs.]
Should we invite her to come along with us? It is nice to be nice.
Do you want to arrive at the ball with us, Maricela? -And be presented to the governor? -[gasps.]
[Pru barks.]
Oh, heavens no.
I want to make a good impression on the governor and not be lumped in with that.
What if she's right? What if I don't make a good impression? What if I trip and I mess up the welcome song? I don't even know the welcome song! Do I have to make something up? You can't let Maricela get into your heads and ruin our fun.
I've been to plenty of balls, and I'll teach you everything I know.
To begin with, there's no welcome song.
Okay, the things we need to focus on are posture, dancing, small talk and ladylike nibbling.
Is that like regular nibbling but with your pinkies out? Not quite, but we'll get there.
Oh, that doesn't sound too hard.
I mean, I already know how to walk and talk.
Can you walk and talk in a dress? Oh, I hate wearing dresses.
[horse chuffs.]
But it'll be worth it when I rub how refined I am in Maricela's dumb face! That's not very refined.
Oh, we're not at the ball yet.
Now let's knock this out before we have to go see the mare.
-Hey! I thought we were sharing.
Okay, the Prescott Charm School is now in session.
One of the best parts of a ball is the grand entrance.
Everyone will watch us descend the staircase and curtsy to the governor.
How do you do? You looked like royalty.
-Abigail, your turn.
You got this, Abigail.
Aunt Cora always says a lady should glide like a swan.
It means don't look at your feet.
But then how will I know where to put them? [Lucky.]
You just will.
Ready? [sighs.]
Ah! Oh! -Ugh! -[Lucky.]
Are you okay? Swans must be very accident-prone.
Let's try something else.
Oh! [Lucky.]
All right, pals.
We'll need to make small talk before the dancing.
I'll be the governor.
Bonjour, madame.
How do you find yourself this evening? Tip-top, gracias.
And how do you find my dress? The zipper is new because my brother got his hair stuck in the old one.
Well, you'll definitely make an impression.
Okay, Pru, your turn to wow the audience.
Uh, what do you mean "audience"? I thought you said it was just the governor.
Sure, but everyone looking at him will be looking at you, too.
Do you think they'd look away if I ask nicely? Come on, Pru.
Talk about something easy, like the weather.
[inhales deeply.]
[stuttering and squeaking.]
Maybe we need a break.
Oh, and look, it's time to go see your dad.
Let's do that now.
Come on, Dad, hurry.
-Okay, girls.
The mare! She's over there.
[horse whinnying.]
I can barely see her.
How are we gonna check on her? What do you think, Dad? I'll get behind her.
Separate her from the herd.
-Whoa, whoa! Oof! Dad! [horses neighing.]
Dad! I'm okay, Pru.
I'm okay.
-Did you get to see the mare? -A little.
She seemed to be having some trouble breathing.
-What do we do? -Nothing we can do.
The herd won't let us get anywhere near her.
Horses have foals in the wild every day.
We'll just have to hope for the best.
You're worried about your herd, aren't you? -[chuffs.]
-You should be with them.
They might need you.
Come get me if anything goes wrong, okay? [whinnies.]
Ready to conquer those stairs, Abigail? Remember to be a swan.
Oh, right.
Oh! Pru, let's see some perfect public speaking.
Ah! Hey, hon, what have you and that pretty filly of yours been up to these days? Chica Linda and I are getting ready for a show in Silverlode next wee-- [stuttering.]
I and the -Oh! Ah! -Oh! -Uh -[laughs.]
There you go! Get your falls out now instead of on your horse.
[chuckles nervously.]
I guess I'm not as good at teaching etiquette as I thought I would be.
I think the problem is your choice of students.
You need a friend who won't humiliate you at the ball.
Un-invite Clumsy and Klutzy and take me instead.
You know where to find me.
Oh, she won't! Find you, I mean.
What are we gonna do, Lucky? [groans.]
Once we ring this bell, it can't be un-rung, so brace yourselves.
Very well.
Pru, Abigail, I will teach you everything I can.
And, Lucky, you could do with a refresher.
Let's start with a perfect curtsy.
I already know how to curtsy.
Ooh, whoa.
No, I don't.
[Aunt Cora.]
Pru? Eh [sighs.]
Allow me to demonstrate again.
Ladies curtsy as though they're sitting on the softest of clouds.
Whoa! -Whoa! -Ah! Let's come back to this later.
As you walk, imagine there's a string running all the way up your spine.
Now, pull it tight.
Shoulders back, head up, stomach in.
Oh [chuckles.]
Now, Pru, when I put on this hat, I will be the governor, and you will be at the governor's ball, -casually talking in public.
-Okay, Pru, begin.
So tell me, Miss Granger, what are you studying in school these days? Lately we've been studying the solar system, which I think is interesting since-- Eee! The governor! Which I think is interesting since we have no way of knowing [stammers softly.]
what else is out there.
[stammering softly.]
And the limits of space are really a wonder to behold.
[Aunt Cora sighs.]
We just need to find something to make you less nervous.
Oh! Imagine everyone is in their underwear.
-You will do no such thing! [Clancy honks.]
And one, two, three.
One, two, three -[Pru.]
Who's leading? -[Abigail.]
Don't ask.
It's working.
Can Clancy be my dance partner now? Will you be dancing with a goose at the ball? Is that an option? [scoffs.]
I'm not teaching Clancy.
I'm teaching you.
Dance with Pru, please.
Oh! Wonderful, girls! I think you're ready.
Then it's time for the big finish.
Aw, that's so romantic.
[Chica Linda snorts.]
Wow! The horses look great.
We can't ride in our dresses, so Toro loaned us his cart.
We'll make such a grand entrance, and we won't get dirty.
I wish Spirit were here to get groomed.
I hope that pregnant mare is okay.
[neighing continues.]
-[horses neighing.]
[mare panting.]
[neighs sharply.]
[chuffs, neighs.]
All right, girls, time for your big debut! [Lucky.]
One more ribbon! Oh! You are all just lovely.
Thank you.
And such proper young ladies.
Thank you.
Charmed, I'm sure.
[Aunt Cora.]
Brava! You'll wow everyone with your grace and Whoa! [grunts.]
I don't look so bad, if I do say so myself.
I'm going to enjoy this.
I actually feel like a princess! My dress is perfect.
Let's go show Chica Linda and Boomerang.
I hope he recognizes me.
Thanks, Aunt Cora.
We couldn't have done it without you.
Oh, it's so nice to see you like this again.
I thought I'd lost you to the frontier forever.
Not yet.
Okay, we'll meet you and Dad at the front of Town Hall.
Just wait until he sees what a charming young lady you've become.
[Spirit neighs.]
[both gasp.]
Spirit? [neighing.]
Something's wrong.
Ugh! Hold on, boy.
Hold on.
-He wants us to follow him.
Let's go.
The governor's ball I know, Abigail, but something must be really wrong for Spirit to act like this.
[Spirit neighing.]
Yeah, this is more important.
Let's go.
-[Aunt Cora.]
But Lucky? I'm sorry, Aunt Cora, but Spirit's counting on me.
[horses neigh.]
So was I.
[horses neigh.]
[horses neighing.]
[horses chuff.]
Hang on.
There's the mare! -[Abigail.]
Let's go! -[Pru.]
We have to be careful.
The horses are so upset, they might attack.
[horses neighing aggressively.]
Then what do we do? We have to get to the mare.
[horses neighing.]
[chuffs and whinnies.]
[both chuff.]
[neighs softly.]
-Lucky! -What's happening? -[chuffs.]
-Spirit's going to get us through.
[both yelp.]
[horses neighing.]
They must be worried about the mare.
So am I.
[horse neighing.]
[both gasp.]
[mare panting.]
Pru, is she okay? [sighs.]
The foal is breech.
Huh? It means the foal is facing the wrong direction.
He's gonna need to be turned before he can be born.
-Should I get your dad? -[Pru.]
There's no time.
And the herd wouldn't let him through.
[horses whinnying.]
We'll have to do it ourselves.
-What do we do? -Hold her head to keep her calm.
-It's okay.
-[neighs loudly.]
-You're okay.
[horses whinnying.]
[horses neigh and chuff.]
-It's okay, girl -Okay.
-I hope.
[chuffs softly.]
Okay, just a little longer.
I've got him all turned around now.
Abigail, get ready.
Keep the mare calm if you can.
Okay, I got the blanket.
Here you go.
Okay, Lucky.
Pull! [both grunt.]
There, there.
It's okay.
You're all right.
-You're gonna be fine.
-[both grunting.]
[neighs loudly.]
Almost there.
[both grunt.]
-Ah! -Ugh! I got him! -[horse neighing.]
Aww, look at the little guy.
So tiny.
Aww Oh, my gosh.
He's the cutest thing I've ever seen! [chuffs.]
My dress! [sighs.]
Worth it.
[horse neighs.]
[chuffs softly.]
[mare neighs.]
[foal neighs.]
[foal neighs.]
I love him.
Pru, that was amazing! Yeah, it was.
And the foal and mare are okay.
Hey, that little guy needs a name.
Ooh, ooh, I know! Don't tell me.
Sprinkles? Bunny? Gingersnap? Governor.
You know, for the ball.
[foal neighing.]
Welcome to the world, Governor.
His nose was so soft and fuzzy.
And you were right, he does have the spindliest little legs! [Pru.]
Just watch, he'll grow fast.
Governor is the best foal ever but I wish I could have seen a real ball.
It's not too late.
Why can't we go now? Um, because I just realized I forgot to teach you the most important part of attending a ball.
Having fun! [gasps.]
Yes, yes, yes! Yes, yes, yes! And I'll bet we missed the stuffy part.
Hmm Ugh! You're late! And filthy! You're actually going in? Like that? Well, we are the guests of honor, and the later we are, the bigger the entrance, right? [both.]
Right! -Wanna come with us? -Absolutely not! Suit yourself! [Aunt Cora.]
Oh, girls! May I present the governor -[cheers and applause.]
Oh, wait for me! -[Lucky.]
Pleased to meet you.
Enchanté! [Pru stutters.]
Oh, honestly!