Spirit Riding Free (2017) s03e04 Episode Script

Lucky and the Field Trip Fraud

1 [neighs.]
[horse chuffs.]
[theme music playing.]
I'm gonna ride I'm riding free So come along, let's go along Come on this journey with me I'm gonna ride I'm riding free As long as I am here with you I feel the spirit within me - Yeah, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh, eh Yeah, eh, eh Yeah, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh [goose squawks.]
[goose squawks.]
[Boomerang neighs.]
[Boomerang whinnies.]
[goose squawks.]
[Boomerang chuffs.]
[goose squawks.]
[Miss Flores.]
Lucky? -Lucky! -Uh Twenty-six! Point three? Close, but we stopped doing math an hour ago.
[Maricela yelping.]
I think Maricela knows the answer.
[Miss Flores.]
Oh, I'm sure she does, but Maricela can't answer every question.
Anyone else? -[Maricela yelping.]
-Anyone? [Miss Flores sighs.]
Maricela? -[Maricela.]
Sedimentary rock! -[Abigail gasps.]
-That was my next guess.
-[hoofbeats approaching.]
Dad? Oh, class, I have a surprise for you.
[Miss Flores.]
It's one thing to read about the world in books, but it is quite another to discover it for yourself, so I decided to invite a real-life explorer to come and speak to you.
-[class murmuring.]
-Let's all welcome Mr.
Hello, Mr.
-Hi, Dad.
Howdy, kids.
So who's ready to go back in time, when thunder lizards ruled this vast frontier, fearsome monsters bigger than a cow? [gasps.]
Heck, bigger than two cows! Now, some could fly, with a wingspan wider than four cows, end-to-end! Sorry, I spent all morning herding cows off the railroad tracks.
-Now, some dinosaurs were faster than a train roaring at full steam.
And if they caught you snap! -[gasping.]
Whoa! They'd eat you whole, with huge jaws full of these.
Is that a real thunder cow tooth? It sure is.
And guess where I found it.
Less than a mile outside of Miradero.
-Miradero? -Wow.
But we're in Miradero.
Why can't we go look for fossils? We can.
Class, we should go on a field trip and search for fossils ourselves! [students exclaiming.]
We'll go tomorrow and camp out overnight.
You know, the adventurers who find fossils become famous.
They even get to name the new dinosaur after they discover it.
Snipsosaurus! Señor Carrotops? -[girl giggling.]
Okay, fellow explorers, happy hunting.
Class, what do we say? -[all.]
Thank you, Mr.
-I might be late for dinner.
Okay, I'll be right back, children.
Prescott and I have a few details about the field trip to work out.
Wow! You think you know someone, then you find out they're walking around with a dinosaur tooth.
Gross! The explorer's kissing Teacher! -[students gasping.]
-You're hallucinating! Do you feel sick? We'd better get you to Doc Wilkins right away.
I'm not "hallucitating.
" [Snips.]
I saw it with my very own eyeball.
Your dad kissed Teacher! [gasps.]
No wonder Teacher keeps calling on you.
You're her favorite! She called on me once.
Once a minute.
You know what you are? You're the teacher's pet.
-I am not! -Are too! -She is not the teacher's pet.
-Thank you.
That would be the worst.
I don't know why this is even a discussion.
The position of teacher's pet has been filled by me.
-Thank you.
-[door opens.]
Class, just because I leave the room does not mean it's okay to get out of your seats.
Please sit down.
Lucky, thank you for staying in your seat.
You're welcome.
Teacher's pet.
The entire class teased me all day long.
And tomorrow's the field trip, which means I'm gonna get teased all day and all night long.
And-- and-- ugh! Oh, and get this.
To top it all off, Miss Flores said horses aren't allowed on the trip.
-[Spirit chuffs.]
Spirit, what am I gonna do? [Spirit whinnies.]
[Lucky panting.]
It's okay, Lucky.
Maybe this whole "teacher's pet" thing will blow over.
-And if it doesn't, you could always move into the woods and become a hermit so you won't hear it when people tease you.
Aw, you'd make a terrific hermit.
You could wear a red union suit and learn how to pan for gold and hop from foot to foot whenever you get mad.
Oh, and you could teach Spirit to be a pack mule.
Although, since he won't wear a saddle, he probably wouldn't carry a pack.
Maybe you need to rethink this whole "becoming a hermit" plan, Lucky.
-I see flaws.
-[Pru clears throat.]
Oh, well.
Let's just hope that since your dad's not here, people will forget.
Except he is here.
[both laughing.]
I'll miss you, hermit Lucky.
It's fine.
It'll be fine.
I've got a plan.
I just need to do something to make Miss Flores treat me like she usually does.
By which I mean horribly.
-[bowl clatters.]
-I meant to do that.
Should I get a campfire going? All this activity's gonna make these budding adventurers hungry.
Dad Hey, sweet pea.
Want to help Kate and me rustle up some grub for lunch? [kids laughing.]
Actually, can I talk to you for a minute? Somewhere else? Uh, sure.
Dad, you need to leave.
Oh, come on.
My cooking's not that bad.
Everyone knows that you're dating Miss Flores! They're calling me "teacher's pet.
" Teacher's pet, Dad! And you sticking around is only making it worse.
Well, I'd better get going then! Oh, uh, already? Um, okay.
Why does the adventurer have to leave? I have a heap-load of adventuring to get to back at adventurer headquarters.
Uh, well, goodbye Mr.
Thank you for your assistance.
Oh, Lucky, can I put you in charge of gathering firewood? [Snips sneezes.]
Teacher's pet! I bet Maricela would like to get the wood.
Would I? You had me at "in charge.
" [gasps.]
Never mind! I'll do it! These green branches won't burn, but they sure will smoke.
I'm talking to myself.
I would make a good hermit.
[fire crackling.]
[Miss Flores.]
The mosquitoes were eating me alive until you smoked them out.
Thanks, Lucky.
Inspired thinking.
If you make Miss Flores any madder at you, you're finally gonna get Student of the Month.
I'm working on it.
Miss Flores! Look, I already found a fossil.
Now who's inspired? Thank you.
Thank you all.
Um, Maricela, that's not a fossil.
It's a dried-up horse dropping.
[Maricela gasps.]
-[Maricela shrieking.]
Why didn't I think of that? [Maricela whines.]
I shouldn't have to toil away like this.
I miss cook.
I'll take this to Miss Flores.
This'll show 'em.
Would a teacher's pet season Miss Flores' lunch with a sauce hotter than the scorch of a thousand suns? [sniffs, coughs.]
No, she would not.
[Maricela gasps.]
-I'll take it to her! -Give it back! [both straining.]
Aah! Oh! Here you go, Miss Flores.
I fixed this up special, just for you.
Mmm-- [coughs.]
Lucky, what did you do? That was-- Awful and horrible and I'm the worst student ever? No, that was delicious.
In the orphanage where I grew up, everything the nuns made was so bland, that hot sauce became my best friend.
You know, I might just have to come home with you for dinner every night.
Lucky would love that! [Lucky groans.]
All right, class, Mr.
Prescott found the tooth here, so let's start digging.
Nah, that dirt's all crumbly and stuff.
Over there is way better.
Or right here, where I'm pointing to.
Anyone? I've digged in the dirt plenty before, so you ought to listen.
Follow me.
Miss Flores? Is there any way to do this without actually touching the dirt? No, not really, Maricela.
I shall rise above it.
Oh, why? [grunting.]
[both grunting.]
Class, you see Lucky's technique with the trowel? You're a natural explorer, just like your dad.
Yeah, great trowel work, TP.
Just so you know, that stands for "teacher's pet," not "toilet paper.
" [both giggling.]
I need some air.
Uh, we are outside.
You're just gonna walk off without permission? But what if you get in trouble? Ooh, you're good.
-[branches rustle.]
Who's there? [gasps, screams.]
-[Lucky panting.]
Spirit! I'm so happy to see you.
Everything's horrible.
I'm trying to be bad, but I can't even get in trouble right.
You have to go.
Things are bad enough without the other kids thinking Miss Flores let me bring my horse.
Maybe if you stay in my tent, no one will see you.
It keeps me beautiful! -[chuffs.]
Whoa! Lucky, you broke the rules and brought Spirit.
Now you're thinkin'.
Yes, I am.
Come on, let's go get me in trouble.
[Mary Pat.]
We've been digging for hours.
We're never gonna find a thunder cow bone! [Bianca.]
This is even worse than school.
-Hey, Lucky.
Hi, Spirit.
-[Spirit chuffs.]
Spirit? Hi, teacher's pet.
And teacher's pet's pet.
-[Maricela gasps.]
Miss Flores! -[Miss Flores.]
Yes? -Lucky brought that horse! -Oops! Guess you caught me.
Huh? -[Maricela.]
What? Look, Spirit has found our first fossil.
Ugh! Aren't you gonna yell at me because Spirit is here? No, no, it's okay.
If he hadn't been here, we never would have known where to dig.
All right, kids, we found one, and I bet if we keep digging, we can find more.
Over here, where Spirit found this one.
Right here! Dig here! Snips, come on! So it's okay for her to bring a horse but not us? I miss Tugaboo.
I sure hope Señor Carrots is doing okay all by himself.
Why should she get special treatment just 'cause she's teacher's pet? [Mary Pat.]
Does Spirit think he's better than Tugaboo? Hey! Leave Spirit out of it.
He can't help it if I'm-- I mean, I'm not, so Leave him out of it! Uh, look! Miss Flores! I found a fossil, too! That's another horse dropping.
[grunts and shrieks.]
You should probably start checking before you pick them up.
Teacher! Over here! Look, I found a bone! [gasps.]
Snips! You did it! You found one! Huh, maybe there is something to this learning business after all.
[all gasp.]
-[Pru laughs.]
-Pru! Stop! [Pru.]
I'm gonna get ya! Come back here! [groans.]
-I found one! -Me too! [gasps.]
Oh! [gags.]
What should we call our discovery? He looks like a "Trevor" to me.
Maybe we should name it after Teacher! Oh! [laughs.]
Name it after Miss Flores? Are you sure you aren't teacher's pet, Snips? That's not very mature, Lucky.
We could call it a Miss Floresaurus.
Let's see what kind of dinosaur it makes.
This is the best.
It's starting to look like something.
Ooh, a teacher's pet pterodactyl! [groans.]
Try this one.
All right, Snips.
Take this one.
Let's see what kind of dinosaur that makes.
What's that? Hand me that one over there.
Abigail, what do you want to call it? Apato-Flores.
Ooh, neato.
Or a Tyranno-Flores rex! [gasps.]
That's wonderful.
Oh, my.
Oh, some dust must have gotten in my eye.
Okay, explorers, let's gather up the fossils so we can display them in the classroom.
Other students will see your discovery for years to come and will be inspired by you.
But we want to be famous.
Yeah! Like TP's dad said.
-Uh -[Pru.]
When we get back, I'll write to all the newspapers.
And we can borrow TP's-- I mean Lucky's dad's camera to take pictures to send to museums.
With the money we make, Snips will finally be rich enough to marry me.
Gross! The whole world will flock to Miradero to see our discoveries.
My father won't just be the mayor of some tiny town.
He'll be the leader of a bustling metropolis.
Oh, that'll show those snooty Rockefeller girls.
Or we could just put the bones in our classroom and not tell anyone.
-It can be our secret.
Heck no! I want to be famous! And I want to learn! I want to learn to be famous! I want to be famous for learning! I want it all! [cheering.]
Are you sure you want to do this? -[Lucky.]
Yes! Everyone still thinks I'm a teacher's pet.
So I have to think bigger.
Is Maricela asleep? [Maricela snores.]
Do you have it? Yep, he's right here.
Hello, Mr.
You're sure he's not poisonous, right? Positive.
He's just a garter snake.
A second encore? If you insist.
Let's get out of here.
[Abigail grunts.]
[Miss Flores.]
And furthermore, I ask each and every one of you for mercy.
No, no, um, your forgiveness for this Terrible? Dreadful? Dreadful.
Dreadful error in judgment.
What's she talking about? [all.]
Whoa! Oh! Girls, are you okay? Oh, we're fine.
Just Fine! [gasps.]
[Miss Flores.]
How much did you hear? Not that much.
Just the whole "forgiveness, mercy, terrible, dreadful error" part.
Are you okay? Yes! No! I've betrayed the entire class! Oh, but we all love the field trip.
I know! That's the problem! [sighs.]
Those fossils in the quarry aren't real.
I planted them.
And everyone would hate me if they knew I lied.
Unless they wouldn't? Oh, no, they'd hate you, especially Snips, but just for a year or so.
Everyone was just so excited about learning, even Snips! And Snips is never excited about learning.
Oh, I wish I'd never buried those bones.
Ha! Sorry.
It's exhausting standing.
But where did you even find dinosaur bones? They're not dinosaur bones.
They're just cow bones.
And now everyone is talking about newspapers and getting famous, and soon everybody will find out and Oh, I'm just-- I'm letting the entire class down.
-Why do you have a bucket? -[Lucky.]
Well since we're all being honest here, there's a snake in the bucket.
If we're really being honest, there was a snake in the bucket.
[Miss Flores screams.]
If you're gonna yell at me, please be loud, so you wake everyone up.
Why would you want that? I just [sighs.]
The other kids keep calling me teacher's pet, so I've been doing things on purpose to get in trouble.
Thought if you yelled at me, they'd stop.
You? Teacher's pet? [laughs.]
That's absurd! I know, right? [laughing.]
Well, you can't be a teacher's pet if there's no teacher.
When the town hears about this, I'll be fired.
-Oh! Well, I found your snake.
Ropey! [chattering.]
I wonder what sort of skeleton we'll find today.
Attention, class.
I have an important announcement.
-I-I'm afraid I-- -[all gasping.]
Whoa! -[Pru.]
What's that? [Mary Pat.]
What's she doing? [Spirit neighing.]
[Lucky humming.]
Why, Lucky Oh, no! You have caught me.
What on Earth are you doing? Fine! You want to know? I planted those bones, all of 'em, as a prank on Miss Flores.
What? What a rebel! What a sneaky, non-teacher's-pet thing to do! Where did you get dinosaur bones? They're not dinosaur bones.
They're cow bones.
Don't ask me to apologize 'cause I ain't sorry! Lucky, I don't know what to say.
-What's happening now? -Miss Flores! Okay, you got me, Lucky.
Very funny, missy.
You won't be laughing when you're stuck in detention for a whole week.
-A week? -That's right.
You'll get no special treatment from me, young lady.
What do you think you are, the teacher's pet? [Snips gasps.]
What? Is nothing real anymore? I thought we were discoverers, and now you're telling me it ain't true? What is real? Is Abigail really my sister? Is Señor Carrots really a donkey? Is this even a bone? [gasps.]
Wait! What? This isn't a cow bone.
It's a genuine dinosaur fossil! Yes, and it's mine! I found it! Mine! I'm gonna take this to the top of town hall and show this to the president.
No, let's put it in the schoolhouse like Miss Flores wants.
No bone, no say, teacher's pet.
Thank you! Thank you so much! I'm so very glad you've all come to your senses.
Yeah! Science! [cheering and laughing.]
I don't really have detention, do I? Well, now, you did bring your horse on the field trip.
Don't worry, it'll be fun.
You can tell me all about your dad.
[Spirit whinnies.]
[chuffs, whinnies.]
What is it, Spirit? [whinnies.]
Come on, Spirit.
This whole field trip's a bust.
Let's quit while we're ahead.