Spirit Riding Free (2017) s03e07 Episode Script

Lucky and the Lion

1 [neighs.]
[horse chuffs.]
[theme music playing.]
I'm gonna ride I'm riding free So come along, let's go along Come on this journey with me I'm gonna ride I'm riding free As long as I am here with you I feel the spirit within me - Yeah, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh - Yeah, eh, eh, eh Yeah, eh, eh Yeah, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh [Governor neighing.]
[low growling.]
[low growling.]
-[Governor neighs.]
[low growling.]
[growling continues.]
[Governor whinnies.]
Hyah! Hyah! Let's go, girl! [Pru.]
We can make it on time.
Aunt Cora wouldn't yell in front of company, would she? It's Abigail I'm worried about.
She's gonna kill us.
But she wanted to help out at my aunt's tea party.
It's all she's been talking about all week.
Yeah, but she wanted us all to help out together.
Ugh, I knew we should've gone straight to your house after school.
Why did I let you convince me to go on a quick ride? To be fair, I said a fast ride, not a quick one.
Well, we better go faster.
[horses neigh.]
[Aunt Cora.]
I was president of our local Ladies Auxiliary chapter back in the city, and I must confess I've missed it rather sorely.
So I'm delighted and honored that you have chosen me to join the Daughters of Miradero Aid Society.
It's our pleasure, Cora.
You're a great addition.
Look at this crackerjack meeting! [Abigail.]
Tea is served, miladies.
[dishes clattering.]
-Madeleine? -Don't mind if I do.
That's a lovely quilt, Cora.
Thank you.
It's my most prized possession.
It's been in my family for generatio-- Oh! Abigail.
Let me help you.
Since heaven knows Lucky isn't here to.
Yes, I am! Sorry, Aunt Cora, we were just freshening up.
That's quite all-- You went for a ride, didn't you? I thought we agreed the real adventure today was preparing a proper tea party together, but you weren't here.
I had to make all these madeleines all by myself, with my own two hands.
Well, Boomerang helped mix the batter.
But still! Uh, perhaps you girls would like to discuss this in the kitchen? [Clancy honks.]
We're really sorry, Abigail.
We'll do all the cleaning up by ourselves.
We will? We will.
You won't have to lift a finger.
Good, because these ladies have spilled so many crumbs, I thought I'd have to get Boomerang in here to lick them up.
[laughs nervously.]
Oh, she's joking.
I would never allow a barn animal into my home.
-[Clancy honks.]
Truly, girls, this is not the place for this sort of discussion.
Ha! You should see the kind of shenanigans we get up to when we hold the meetings at my inn.
I've seen more than one horse ridden into her parlor.
Speaking of which, we need to discuss next weekend's ride.
Ride? As in on a horse? Well, we tried riding swans, but they're mean little critters.
-[Althea laughs.]
-Aunt Cora? Riding? [laughs.]
-[Aunt Cora growls.]
-Aunt Cora! Riding! Well, it has been quite a while, but I love being astride the steeds.
[chuckles nervously.]
She sure does.
Oh, yeah.
-She's a real horsewoman.
-A rodeo champion.
Oh, you girls.
Stop, stop.
She once broke a wild stallion in six seconds flat.
I knew you had some country girl in you, Cora, under all that city.
[chuckles, growls.]
All right.
Nothing to be afraid of.
I can do this.
I never noticed quite how tall this horse of yours is.
-Ah! Oh, I never! [laughs.]
He's just trying to tell you not to be nervous, Aunt Cora.
Pish posh.
I'm not a bit nervous.
Oh, good.
I thought you might be scared because you were sweating.
I am not sweating.
I am merely dewy, and a lady does not remark upon such things.
It'll be okay, Aunt Cora, I promise.
Pru is getting you the sweetest, gentlest horse in all of Miradero.
Here he is, Miss Prescott.
Malu is the perfect horse for you to learn on.
-[Malu chuffs.]
-[Aunt Cora.]
Good afternoon.
How do you do? [Malu chuffs.]
Just give him a scratch behind the ears.
No! Feed him a sugar cube.
To make friends with a horse, first you have to look deep into his eyes, and once you've got them all hypnotized -smooch him on the nose! -[Aunt Cora.]
Gracious! I don't think Aunt Cora's the horse-kissing type.
-Ugh, my heavens! Do they all smell like this? I wish.
Señor Carrots smells a lot worse.
Oof! Come on! We made you mounting stairs.
And I made sure the stirrups are good and tight so you won't fall off.
Oh, my.
I was so focused on getting onto the horse, I hadn't even considered the possibility of falling off.
Then don't start.
[saddle and stirrups rattle.]
-Malu's a real gentleman.
-[Malu chuffs.]
Heck, he's probably more scared of you than you are of him.
Do you want me to hold your hand, too? I have been on a horse before.
-You have? -Yes.
Once, when I was a girl.
Well, it's just like riding a bicycle? Bicycles don't bite or kick.
Oh, let's just get this over with.
-[Aunt Cora groans.]
[all gasp.]
There you go.
Why is it so high? I don't remember it being so high.
It might be better if you didn't ride sidesaddle.
Oh, nonsense.
Note my dignified and graceful profile.
Oh, oh! -[Lucky.]
Oh! Now, then, where are we riding to? Well, I thought we'd go around the ramada a few times.
Will the Daughters of Miradero Ride be around the ramada? Of course not.
[voice breaks.]
Now, I am up on a horse, and I fully intend to see this wonderful frontier you keep going on about.
Which way is it? Right this way.
[Boomerang chuffs.]
[clears throat.]
Come on, Malu.
[groans softly.]
[Malu chuffs.]
You can open your eyes now, Aunt Cora.
[horse neighs.]
It sure is something, isn't it? [Abigail.]
Especially with your eyes open.
It's absolutely breathtaking.
But it looks like there's a storm coming.
Perhaps we should head back.
No way.
The storm won't hit for hours.
We can stay out here all day.
Well, if you think-- What's that? [Pru.]
Claw marks.
That's a mountain lion.
-Uh, we should head back.
-[horse chuffs.]
[branch cracks.]
-[Malu neighs.]
-Gracious! Help! -[Pru.]
It's okay, Miss Prescott.
Just hang on! -Where is he taking me? Back to the barn! Probably.
[Aunt Cora yelling.]
Is it over? Tell me when it's over.
Aunt Cora! -I'll get out of next weekend's ride.
In fact, I feel a flu coming on.
[grunts, yells.]
[all grunt.]
-[Aunt Cora sighs.]
Are you okay? [sighs.]
I do believe I have had enough riding for one lifetime.
-[hooves clomping.]
-Dad? [all gasp.]
[Spirit neighs.]
Dad, what's going on? What happened to Governor? Yeah, and where's his mom? A mountain lion attacked the herd up on Punta Libre.
His mom didn't make it.
-[Abigail gasps.]
Oh, no.
[Aunt Cora.]
Oh, the poor little fellow.
We saw signs of the lion just now.
Scratches on a tree up on Punta Libre.
Go check on your herd, boy.
We'll take care of him.
Just be careful.
Let's make up a stall for Governor.
[thunder booming.]
I got it ready, Mr.
Oh, Governor.
Is he gonna be okay? -[Mr.
You girls remember.
If you see that lion while you're out riding, make loud noises and stretch yourself up big as you can while you back away.
Out riding? Absolutely not.
That creature has brought down a horse.
I won't have you anywhere near it.
-But-- -Fortuna Prescott, I forbid you to go riding ever again! What? You can't! This is not an argument you are going to win, Lucky.
It's too dangerous, simple as that.
This is so unfair.
Listen, Cora.
I know how you worry about Lucky.
Lord knows this one has put more than a few gray hairs on my head.
But that cat's just passing through.
Too much activity with the railroad around here for him to settle down.
I guarantee, a few days from now, he'll be a hundred miles from here.
Then I forbid you to ride for a few days, until Mr.
Granger is certain the lion is truly gone.
That goes for all of you.
[thunder crashing.]
[horses neighing.]
[Spirit neighs.]
-[thunder crashing.]
-[Spirit neighs.]
[herd neighing.]
[thunder booming.]
[Aunt Cora.]
Lucky, hand me that four-needle, please.
Spirit hasn't come back yet.
I'm sure he survived many a lightning storm before you ever met him.
It's not just the storm.
That mountain lion I have a wonderful idea.
With your father out of town, it's officially a girls' night.
And since you taught me how to ride, I'm going to return the favor and teach you how to quilt.
You're old enough now to make your own panel for the Prescott family quilt.
Um, thanks, Aunt Cora, but-- My great-great-grandmother, your great-great-great-grandmother Birdie, started this quilt.
It tells the story of our family.
For generations, Prescott women have sewn a panel for every important family event.
This is a piece of the sail from the ship that first brought the Prescotts to this land.
Oh, and this was your great-grandmother's wedding dress.
Your father's christening outfit.
He was a tiny thing, but he screamed like a banshee the whole time.
That winter, there was a terrible blizzard.
We were burning the furniture just to stave off freezing.
But my mother wrapped me in this quilt, and it kept me warm.
I daresay it kept me alive.
I've seen this quilt my whole life, but I never realized it was about you.
It's about us.
[thunder crashing.]
[Governor chuffs and neighs.]
-[Chica Linda chuffs.]
-[Boomerang nickers.]
[Governor neighs.]
[Boomerang chuffs.]
[Chica Linda whinnies.]
-[thunder booming.]
-[Boomerang chuffs.]
[thunder booming.]
[horses whinny.]
[thunder crashing.]
[Chica Linda neighs.]
[Boomerang whinnies.]
-[thunder booming.]
-Youch! Careful, Lucky.
You'll lose your thumb.
I can't concentrate knowing Spirit's out there.
Well, there's nothing you can do right now, at least not until the storm passes.
If you can't quilt, find some other way to relax.
[Clancy honks.]
Maybe a long, hot bath will help calm me down.
A long one.
[Clancy honking.]
[Lucky grunts.]
Come on, Sagebrush.
[thunder booming.]
-Hyah! -[neighs.]
[Spirit neighs.]
[Spirit chuffs.]
[mountain lion growling.]
[growling continues.]
[growling continues.]
-[thunder crashes.]
-[mountain lion screeches.]
-[Spirit neighs.]
-[herd neighing.]
[hooves clomping.]
[mountain lion snarls.]
Lucky? [water splashes.]
Hyah! [horse whinnies.]
-[Lucky gasps.]
-[herd neighing.]
Spirit! Spirit! -[chuffs.]
-Come on, Sagebrush.
[mountain lion growling.]
[mountain lion snarls.]
[mountain lion snarls.]
Whoa! -[neighs.]
-[groans, gasps.]
-[Sagebrush whinnies.]
Sagebrush! [sighs.]
[horse neighs distantly.]
[thunder crashing.]
Lucky? Are you all right in there? -[Clancy honks.]
What in the world? [thunder crashing.]
[mountain lion snarls.]
[Spirit neighs and chuffs.]
-[mountain lion growling.]
-[Spirit neighing.]
[mountain lion yowls.]
-[mountain lion growling.]
-[Spirit nickers.]
-[mountain lion screeches.]
-[Spirit neighs.]
-[doors creaking.]
-[breathing heavily.]
Huh? -[chuffs lightly.]
-Oh um uh -[chuffs.]
Come on, old girl.
Lucky needs you.
Mm oh.
Spirit! Spirit! It's gonna be okay, boy.
[low growling.]
-[mountain lion growls.]
[Lucky breathing heavily.]
[mountain lion snarling.]
[breathing heavily.]
Act big.
You can do this.
Just like Mr.
Granger said.
Yah! Hey! Get out! Go! [neighs.]
[Spirit neighs.]
-[Lucky grunts.]
-[rock thuds.]
-Get out of here! Go! Scat! -[mountain lion snarls.]
Uh [screeches.]
-Huh? -Get away from my niece! -[brays.]
-[mountain lion screeches.]
Aunt Cora? Oh, my Lucky! Oh, my dear Lucky! Don't you ever scare me like that again.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but Spirit was in trouble.
He's hurt.
[Aunt Cora gasps.]
Oh, my.
He's strong.
He can make it.
He just needs our help.
That lion will be back.
We need to go.
-Yes, please.
-We're taking you home, Spirit.
Come on.
Let's get him up.
-[Spirit chuffs.]
-[Lucky and Aunt Cora grunt.]
[Spirit neighs painfully.]
Carrots, stay close.
[Aunt Cora.]
It's okay.
We'll just get to the barn.
[Spirit whinnies.]
-[Aunt Cora.]
Oh! -We're almost home.
You can make it.
-[Spirit whinnies.]
-[Lucky gasps.]
We need to stop his bleeding.
What do we do? Run and find Mr.
Granger, fast as you can.
-Be right back! -[braying.]
[Aunt Cora.]
Hold on, Spirit.
Just hold on.
You mean the world to that girl, and she she means the world to me.
[whinnies softly.]
Are you cold? Oh, you're shivering.
[whinnies softly.]
[Aunt Cora.]
This'll keep you warm.
Oh, there you go, Spirit.
There you go now.
You stay with us.
-[horse neighs.]
Hang on, Spirit.
-I'm coming.
-[Aunt Cora.]
Lucky! -Aunt Cora.
All right.
All right, now.
Let's get him onto the sledge and into the barn.
Quickly! [hooves tapping lightly.]
-[Governor slurps.]
-[Spirit whinnies softly.]
[Governor chuffs.]
[Boomerang chuffs.]
[Spirit whinnies softly.]
Spirit? [gasps.]
Spirit, you're okay.
You're okay.
-[Spirit neighs.]
-Easy, boy.
I know you're feeling better, but Mr.
Granger says you need to stay off your feet for a while, okay? He took really great care of you.
[Aunt Cora snoring.]
And so did Aunt Cora.
[Spirit chuffs.]
[snoring continuing.]