Spirited (2010) s01e08 Episode Script

If You Leave Me Can I Come Too?

1 - Still here, baby.
- Aww! Chocolates.
Um, these will need some water.
So, the doctor said that you can go home today.
That's a shame.
I kind of like it here.
Might stay another night.
Jonquil, we're going to be late for our surfing lesson.
Surfing? Excellent.
I have a couple of malibus in the garage.
You should grab them.
So generous.
You're going surfing? Yeah.
New mantra - "Don't dream it, do it.
" Take it easy, mate.
I hear you, man.
We are so pleased that you are well.
So, if you don't need anything else, I'll I saw him, Suze.
Who? He knew my name.
He called me 'Steve' not 'Stephen' like he knew me.
Like we were mates.
Steve, I don't know what you're talking about.
I have seen things things that other mortals don't usually get to see.
What the fuck am I doing here, Potter? Hey? What the fuck am I doing here? Funny.
How are you feeling? Are you ready? Oh.
Are you OK? Yes, Linda, I'm fine.
Thank you.
Let's get it over with.
You should take the day off.
I can't.
Who have you got in this morning? Joan Dart.
Oh, dear.
Mrs Dart.
Hello, Dr Darling.
Come on in, Joan.
Show us your horrible teeth.
Bag on her head? Well, I was thinking about what you said last time I was in.
Yes? And I think it's about time I really did something about my teeth.
Oh! Hallelujah.
That is absolutely fantastic, Joan.
I am very excited for you, really.
Oh, thank you! Are you alright, Joan? Oh, no.
Oh, no! She's not breathing! Yes.
What's happening? Joan, can you hear me? Oh, my God! What's happening? What's wrong? Get the emergency kit, please, Linda.
I I need you to stay calm, OK? We trained for this.
Get the emergency kit, please.
Joan, can you hear me? Uh-huh.
Hello, mate.
Henry Mallet.
Are you waiting for someone? Um, one and two and three and four and One and two and three and four and One and two and three and four and Doctor.
Oh, thank you, Officer.
Someone will get in touch with you.
Oh We'll close for the rest of the day.
I'll call the patients, OK? We did everything we could.
She's dead! Yes, yes.
She died.
But you did your job perfectly, and that is all that can ever be expected of you.
Aww Linda I can not think of anyone that I would rather have clear my airways.
Doctor, can I ask you a question? Yes, of course.
When was the last time you cried? Uh Hello? I'm home.
I've, um been in hospital.
Oh, I'm sorry.
We're nearly done.
No, no, no.
You take your time.
I should just get in the cab, Potter.
There's definitely somewhere for me to go.
Oh, she'll find someone else.
Yeah, well, I wouldn't be so sure about that.
I should just tell her straight out, right? Just be straight with her.
Be straight about what? Jesus! How long have you been there? What do you need to tell me? Nothing.
I was just wondering if you were feeling any better.
You alright? You look a bit peaky.
Not really.
You know my patient? The one with the teeth? Well, they all have teeth.
Joan Dart.
She died.
What? When? Oh, about an hour ago.
She had a cardiac arrest in the chair.
Brilliant! I beg your pardon? She may have had awful teeth, but she was No, no, no, no, Suze.
The cab.
It must be for Joan.
What? What what cab? It's a big, yellow cab, like one of them New York ones.
There's a driver.
Well, ask him who he's here for.
Well, it's obvious, isn't it? He's here for Joan Dart.
Oh, you're an expert on cabs to the other side now? Suze, it's exactly the same cab as the one that came for Rocco.
But where is Joan Dart? I don't know.
Maybe she wandered off somewhere, got lost.
Doesn't know it's here.
She died hours ago! Calm down.
How can I be calm? I'll go and find her, pop her in the taxi.
What? What if it's for me? You can't even fucking see it! I'm not dead! Yet.
What if I'm gonna die? Oh, for f And that is why you are here! You are like my my orderly, who has been sent from beyond to escort me to the next place.
That is Actually, that's makes quite a lot of sense.
Oh, I feel sick.
I can't breathe.
I'm gonna go and find Joan and stick her in this fucking taxi.
OK? Relax.
It's less of a heart attack and more of a panic attack.
Really? How are you feeling now? Oh, tight here.
And, um electric feelings in my arms and legs.
And I just can't concentrate.
I'm light-headed.
And, um, in my abdomen, feelings like, um butterflies.
I could recommend a good counsellor to help you deal better with stress.
Oh, that's nice.
Um, no, this is what I want.
Uh, can you get your pad? Um, I want a chest X-ray, a pulmonary function test, and a full-body CAT scan, an ECG, heart stress tests and, a, uh a Pap smear and an ultrasound.
Anything else, Mrs Darling? It's Dr Darling.
Uh oh, yeah.
Actually, yes.
I will.
I'll get a full brain scan.
My father always said, "Never have another doctor as a patient.
" Do you, um do you talk to him? Unfortunately, he passed away two years ago.
Oh, yes.
Oh, that does happen.
Thank you.
Oh, I'm a scaredy-cat.
Those waves look too big.
I might just get a coffee.
Come on.
No, no.
I don't It's It's too cold and the waves are too big.
Everything's wrong.
I Thank you.
Well, that looks great.
Back in the car.
I need to go to the toilet.
In a minute.
We're leaving now.
Back in the car.
No, no, no.
There's a toilet through there and there's two upstairs.
You go for it.
I'm very sorry, Mr Darling.
Hey, hey.
Come here.
Come around here.
What have we got in here? Hey? Hey? How about that? Thank you.
That's very kind.
Oh, it's OK.
Joanie! Joan? Joan Dart? Where are you? Joanie? Paging Joan Dart.
Joan Dart to reception.
Verity, sweetheart, don't get into all those trendy diets that make you want to graze.
Don't eat between meals.
An apple or a Mars bar - it's all the same to your mouth.
It's acid.
Just eat it quickly.
Don't savour it.
And don't eat fruit after 7:00.
And make sure you get a good podiatrist.
And, um and wear a hat.
And, um wear bright colours on rainy days.
And never buy a two-door car.
Ta-da! What's this? Oh! It's ice-cream.
I'm sure you've seen it before.
Ice-cream is a dental enemy.
Well, yeah.
Are you OK, Mum? Yeah.
Life's too short to worry about these things.
Look at those flavours! Marshmallow, cherry and chocolate swirl! Mmm! Oh! Look at you, dressed for success.
Look, I'm not getting much out of these 'don't dream it, do it's.
Oh, well.
Go back to dreaming.
Well, what's wrong with dreaming? You know what I mean.
I'm gonna go back to my place for a few days.
Do it.
I have no idea why you're so obsessed with Steve.
No, you can't say that.
It's true.
And, uh, it's kinda sad.
Oh, fuck.
Just rack off, please! Alright? Go! Right now! Go! Don't follow me! I'm not following you! This is the way to the front door.
- Jonquil - I said rack off! Ah.
The ceremonies of death.
I used to smoke those.
What about this? Is this important? Oh, my holy shit! That's mine! No.
That's nothing.
What the fuck are you doing with my stuff, Rita? Oh, thank God! The cab's gone? No.
It's still here.
Rita has got a box of my stuff.
My stuff.
From when I was alive stuff.
Where did she get it from? In the back of her fucking wardrobe.
Come on.
Why have you got a Life-preserver.
Why would you keep this rubbish all these years? Rita, no! Fuck me! Yes! What are you doing? You can't burn this! Why not? You just can't! It doesn't belong to you, Rita.
What are you talking about? It's got to be recycled.
That is what's wrong with your generation.
You screwed up the planet with your burning fossil fuels and your carbon emissions and you left us with a planet in crisis.
Well, not anymore! I'm sorry, but the days of the backyard burn-off are well and truly over! Thank you! I've decided not to burn it after all.
Thank you.
I tried.
Planet Earth, yes, I tried.
Thank you, dear.
I'll keep that in mind.
You tried.
Hello, Doctor.
You want me to check your teeth? Yes, please, Doctor.
Linda, new patient.
Have to start with a full examination.
Thought you had your own dentist.
I did.
We broke up.
We broke up! We broke up, Suzy! I think I'll go check the autoclaves.
Why would you do that, Linda? I need to do a full examination.
I don't think your sister needs her teeth checked.
That's a rather presumptuous conclusion, Linda.
The nurse is right.
I'm going to leave you two alone.
I'm actually a dental technician.
If you need that title, take it.
Oh, Daddy! Why'd you have to die and leave us all alone? Oh, Jonquil.
I have a full day today and I'm not feeling very well.
Do you know how sick this is? I'm your own sister and I have to make an appointment and pay to see you.
Will you take off those stupid glasses? I wanted you to know that Zac has left me.
Oh Oh, I'm sorry about that.
Suzy Oh.
Jonquil's in the chair.
Rita's cleaning her silverware.
Suzy, you and I are very different.
But there's something we share.
We're both slightly lactose intolerant.
We are both complete losers in love.
I'm not so sure about that.
Oh, yeah.
We've got to face facts.
So, um so, what can we do about it? Right.
Well, I need a meeting in neutral territory.
Switzerland? You, Zac, some of that Nerve nonsense, me, Steve.
Pool party.
Steve invited me.
Yeah, I know.
I asked him to.
Why? Because I didn't think you'd want to see me again and this is a way I could see you without being rejected on the phone.
Nice plan.
Why'd you come? I thought Steve and I might become mates.
Obviously, because he told me you'd be here.
Now I'm having regrets.
Did you forget your togs? That, and also, I don't know why I'd want to spend an entire evening watching you moon over someone who doesn't even see you.
- You don't have to do that - So glad you could turn up! Hey.
Can I get you a drink? Nice.
Hi, Zac.
You should head in.
It's beautiful.
Oh! Zac, um, I am picking up that thing that I told you about, tomorrow.
You know.
Do you want to discuss it? That Nerve thing? Uh, call me to discuss.
You said it was verified? Uh, totally, yeah.
You will be yeah, amazed when you see it.
Looking forward to it.
Go on.
Go and get him.
Why not? It's obvious he's crazy about you.
No, it's not obvious! Is it? Zac! Don't go! I want to go.
Oh! Um Zac, I like you.
Well, I like you.
Please don't go.
Come with me.
Yay! Oh! Really? OK.
You were very nice then.
I died for 92 seconds.
Oh, yeah.
That's right.
I wish I'd spent more time with him.
Really? Why? There was just something so alive and amazing about that spirit.
Yeah, he's really I mean, the whole experience has really affected you.
Yeah, it has.
In a totally beautiful way.
You're very lucky.
Oh, luck has nothing to do with it.
If your mind and your heart are open, then gifts will come.
Elvis pretty soon you're gonna want to start forming closer relationships with other people.
People your own age.
Or older or or younger.
But but not too much age difference in either way, I'd suggest.
I've just spent the last four hours watching Rita defrost her fridge.
If I wasn't already dead, I'd kill myself.
She's finally asleep.
Oh! Oh! Are these your diaries? Yeah.
Is anyone here? Shit.
No-one here, Rita.
Go on back to bed.
Henry Mallet.
Yes, present.
I'm sorry we never reported you missing.
Huh? I hope you can forgive us for that.
You know, we had the most stunning time on our trip.
It wasn't our money, but oh! We lived like kings and queens.
You blew the profits of my music on a cruise ship buffet and snow domes? Good on you, Rita.
Thank you for that.
Rest in peace Henry Mallet.
Did you fucking hear that? Suze? Yes.
I heard every word.
No, Suze, the taxi horn.
I have got to get out of here.
Bill? What are you doing? Oh, it's just, uh just for a few nights.
You know, it's a safe street.
You're not sleeping in the car? I'm sorry, Mr Darling.
I'll move.
Bill, Bill, hey, hang on, hang on.
I have five bedrooms in there.
Two with ensuites.
Put your pride in your pocket and get your family into a proper bed tonight.
My guest.
Henry, your words from all that time ago.
Suze Taxi's still there.
No? What does that mean? There has to be a reason for all this.
You you gave me this.
You gave this to me.
I Why does there have to be a reason? I want to find out.
I want to go back there.
Oh! Henry? What is this? Well, it's a dream.
Walk with me.
What the fuck are we doing? We're walking somewhere.
Suze we're walking nowhere.
You and me, we're going nowhere.
Wake up.
Fucking wake up.
Oh, golly, I had some strange dreams last night.
Hello?! Hello? I need to talk to you.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Please don't tell me I'm dead.
Mum? Don't be ridiculous.
You're not dead.
You're halfway through a bowl of cereal.
Are you taking us to Dad's? After school? Today.
We're sleeping over.
Yeah, that's exactly right.
Yeah, I'm gonna drop you there after school today.
Time for a shower.
What? She's not insane.
She's just has a cold.
Weird cold.
Dear God.
What am I doing to your lives? Hey.
Last night I gave you a beer and you hugged me and it was so normal and real.
I know.
I'm sorry, Suze.
Come on.
Please? Please don't cry.
I can't help it.
Oh, I can't stop! Oh, it's just it's not fair.
It's just not fair.
And the the medallion can't help.
I'm just I'm not a bad person.
Oh, this is so fucked! This is the most fucked-up thing in the history of fucked-up things.
And that's a long fucking history.
Come on.
I can't bear seeing you in this pain.
It's ripping me apart, Suze.
I'm sorry.
Suze, you're not dying.
Oh, God, it feels like I am.
I'm gonna go.
What? I'm gonna get in the taxi.
Let it take me where I'm supposed to go.
No! It's not gonna go away.
It's just gonna sit there until I do get in.
I've started hearing its horn in my fucking head! Well, what will I do? What will I do without you? You'll have a normal life.
Your kids will have a normal mum back.
Your patients will get a normal dentist.
You'll you'll meet Suze, you'll meet a normal man.
Who can make you a cup of tea when you're sick.
And hold you when you're fucking crying.
Stay one more night.
Suzy One more night.
Cholesterol, 3.
Very nice.
I'm slightly higher than average on my insulin.
I wouldn't be worried about that.
These really are great results.
I hope it helps you.
Well, I'd convinced myself I was dying, so Now there's nice empirical evidence that I'm not.
Well, you are dying.
I beg your pardon? We are all dying.
So, Linda.
I'm going to ask you to send everyone home and cancel the rest of the day.
So, that's what's gonna happen today.
Are you OK? All the tests - is there a problem? No.
No, no.
Fit as a fiddle.
You weren't sick at all, were you? A little bit lovesick? Oh, it's OK.
I've seen it before.
Something's really happening, isn't it? Oh You're smart.
Oh! Really smart.
Oh, Henry, you poor, sad fellow.
So, Henry Mallet.
Take a look at these.
The last diaries of Henry Mallet.
Good one.
Don't make me regret this.
This is his handwriting.
Yeah, they belong to him.
Belonged to him.
Suzy, how did you get these? Is that really important? No, but It will irritate me in the future, but we can work on that.
This is amazing! This is why you sought me out! Yeah.
Yeah, I was researching.
You had to be sure.
I had to be sure that the diaries were really his and, um and that you were a worthy biographer.
Which, apparently, you are.
Thank you.
I mean, seriously.
Thank you.
Let's get this straight.
If you come back as a little dog, you'll yap twice when I say your name.
And if I don't get a choice of animal? Just bite me.
Then you'll know? Yep.
And if I'm no longer a ghost, but in some other Spirit form.
You will leave my wardrobe door open.
Can I leave your wardrobe door open just all the time, or Just whenever you can.
I always close it, so if it's open I'll know it has to be you.
Oh, hey, come on.
Stop that.
I'm a bit drunk.
Let's go dream.
Henry Mallet.
That's me.
I love you.
Where are we going? Don't know.
Here we go.
Darling, over here! Suze Henry! That's enough.
One more! No.
I stumble.
I fall.
I scream to the world, "Leave me alone!" And now I am.
There 's no-one.
I'm a faceless man, invisible to all that knew me.
There has to be something more.
And yet, some small voice shouts, loud, "Don't give up-'" Honey, are you OK? "Don't give up.
" Henry was so angry.
So sad.
He died on his own.
First meal in a new home.
Ah! Wonderful.
We'll start? I'll start, OK? Some of this? This is wonderful.
How can we ever repay you? Oh, well, you'll still clean my house, won't you? Of course, of course.
Look, don't worry about a thing, OK? I've covered the bond and the first month.
And, look, don't worry about the rent.
Got you a special price.
Great position.
Great views.
Huh? I like it.
the living people walking up and down the graves Well, one of them is mine I 'm visiting my Fréiulein She's only one step away To all the people underground Listening to the sound Of the living people Excuse me.
Henry said it would be fine that we came.
What? Where's Henry? Henry! Oh! I can't believe it! Who are all these people? Where have you been? Sorry.
I didn't understand a word you just said.
Henry Oh, no.
Is that my name? Do you know me? Oh, you bastard! Got you! Unbelievable.
Oh! Suze, you're not gonna believe it.
It was incredible.
Just excuse me for one moment.
Let's have a look at you, Henry.
So, that's the short version.
Oh! Why did you come back? 'Cause I didn't want to be anywhere else.