Spirited (2010) s02e10 Episode Script

I'll Close My Eyes

1 Something's wrong.
Potter just Move through me, Darren Bonney.
Long live the King.
How's your spitting going? Verity! Ladies don't spit.
Time goes differently when you're spiriting.
We better be quick.
But if two weeks passed when we were gone, then an hour would be About a year.
A year? You have missed years and years of your real life.
We could do it again Suze I'm the one who loses something.
It should be my decision.
Like a snake calling on the phone I've got no time to be alone There's someone coming at me all the time Yeah, babe, I think I'll lose my mind 'Cause I'm stranded on my own Stranded far from home Alright Stranded.
This can't be good.
Henry, do you think that this is some sort of supernatural crack? Yes, Suze, I do think this is some sort of supernatural crack.
It appeared straight after the King left the building.
Looks pretty real.
Come on.
Open your eyes.
Excuse me.
Do you live here? Yeah, we live here.
Who are you? Yes, we do.
He's real.
I beg your pardon.
What appears to be the problem here? Could you tell me? Uh, deep-fissure blasting is currently being conducted as part of a future subway construction under this building.
How fabulous.
Um I love public transport.
There is a concern about the structural stability of the building Of course.
So we're doing a full inspection today.
Well, I assume I'll receive some sort of report or something on paper that I can hold on to and read and show to other people? Yes.
It sounds very thorough.
I'll I'll leave you to it.
I'll close my eyes To everyone but you And when I do I'll see you standing there I'll lock my heart To any other caress I'll never say yes To a new love affair I'll close my eyes To everything that's gay If you're not there To share each lovely day And through the years Those moments When we're apart I'll close my eyes And see you with my heart What are you doin? Help! Help me! Somebody help me! Ma'am, are you OK? Yeah, I'm fine.
Thank you.
What are you doin' to me? I'm saving you.
Oh Oh I'm saving you because I love you and I won't let you destroy yourself, not without a fight.
Now Broich.
Down he goes.
Legitimate block Red card! Oh When did you get interested in football? Could I have a chip? Talk to me, Jonquil.
I'm upset.
Very upset.
I think I might be going through some changes.
And that prompts you to get drunk, stay drunk for days, eat your own body weight in Chiko Rolls and headbang to Skyhooks? Well, it's been an emotional time for me.
I needed to unleash some anger.
So you punched me in the face and I didn't hear from you for two days? I'm very, very sorry about that my darling.
You're not talking to me, Jonquil.
Oh, man, I am talking! All we ever do is talk, talk, talk.
You're exhausted.
You need some sleep.
Nah, I don't wanna sleep! You need some sleep.
I've got some pills here.
Nah, I'm fuckin' allergic! They'll kill me! Hello, Betty.
You look like you're waiting for a bus.
Oh, there you are! Mr Jones is coming in.
Jonesy? Brilliant.
You gotta see this guy, Betty.
He's got a lisp but he doesn't stop rabbiting the whole time, does he? Disgusting.
Even when the drill's in his mouth.
Come on.
Come on.
Access all areas now that Darren Bonney's left the building.
I'll just wait here.
I'll see you in there.
Betty? I don't like the crack in the building, Henry.
No, look, it's fine.
They're doing underground tunnelling.
They're fixing it right now, so I've been dead long enough to know when a change is coming.
Sounds to me like someone's being a little bit paranoid.
Sounds to me like someone's taking a trip down a river in Egypt.
- Any plans for tonight, Linda? - No.
Not really.
Ask the Dalai Lama here if she's coming to the party.
Oh, yeah.
The doomsday party for the building - do you want to come? I might.
It must be hard going to parties with no hair.
Uh no.
No, it's not not that hard.
I'll have sex with you if you let me go.
Any way you want.
I'll hold you down hard like that black woman in the porn thing you watch.
What? On your computer.
What what, you go through my computer? Nah.
I just saw it over your shoulder once.
But I don't I don't watch it when you're in the house.
Oh, really? And why is that? Wait.
You you trawl through my computer? That is that is that is private.
The sex we have is pretty boring, isn't it? No.
I like that porn, though.
No, you do not.
Well, maybe I do and I was just too ladylike to admit it.
You got any here? What? Porn? Yeah.
Who are you? I'm your girlfriend.
I'm handcuffed to the bed.
I'm hot.
And I want porn.
Mate, do we have a problem? Betty.
You coming up to the house party? No, no.
I'm fine here.
You're not coming? Come on.
It'll be fun.
No, you two go.
I'm fine here.
Scared of the crack.
Betty, do you remember the 'Titanic? Of course I do.
I'm not that old.
Well, there were two types of person on that boat - those that hung about waiting for the lifeboats that'd just tip them into the icy water and the other lot who went to the bar, got pissed and danced the night away.
Never had you down as one of the first lot.
Well, I do like a party.
Come on, then.
Ohhh! - Come here.
Over here.
- Hey, get off me.
Your sister and Zac are handcuffed together.
Hey, Suzy! Sister Suzy! Yo, party! What are you doing handcuffed together? It's a metaphor.
Everyone's chained together in a relationship, shackled to some unattainable ideal.
You wouldn't know about that, would you? You're free as a birdie, aren't ya? So single.
Are you seeing anyone? Maybe a secret lover? Jonquil! Jonquil, what's the matter? Your your hair's all funny.
He did it for me.
Is it bad? Oh, come here, you.
Eh? Let's go get a drink or something.
How long has she been like this? Two days.
Excuse me.
Your special spirit friend is definitely here.
Yeah? Of course he is.
'Cause he knows that I'm here.
Steve, why don't you, um, get me a drink? What just happened? Very strong vapours around us.
How many different ones did you smell? Think.
Be careful.
Um two.
Yes! Me too! Me too.
Oh, you're good.
Remember - shh.
This is our secret.
Can I try spitting? Yes.
And if the vapours get too close, you know what to do.
Henry, look at her.
Jonquil is having a really good time.
She's looking at you.
That isn't Jonquil.
Oh, my God.
The King.
Check out Bonkers.
What's she on? Mmm.
Eh, Steve! And Jennifer.
Oh! You look great.
Thank you.
You look a little ragged.
Oh, you are so perceptive.
Are you a little bit psychic or something? No.
- Just just look a little bit - .
Top UP? I will take that.
Get me on him! Put me on Steve.
You need a break.
Eh? Stevie will look after me, won't you, mate? If you could just What are you doing? Yeah, no Hey, what are you doing? She's going through some stuff, mate.
I don't want her to leave the building, so, uh just dance with her or something.
Yeah, dance with me.
You and your sister take weird Come on.
Let's dance! Suzy, your sister just looked straight at me.
Jonquil can't see spirits, Antonia.
Suzy, she saw her! That's because that creature handcuffed to Zac is not my sister.
What? Jonquil's body is now inhabited by ex-tennis coach Darren Bonney.
Oh, my God.
The King? Yep.
Well, how will you get him out? I'm gonna set this nitrous oxide to maximum - very high for any human.
He will fall asleep and then, fingers crossed, he will be out.
And then what? We have wacky Darren back? He's not going to be a happy chappy.
We save Jonquil first.
We'll deal with Derwent later.
I can't sing.
You want to be a songwriter but you can't sing? That's right, Steve.
That was really hard for me to admit.
Don't hurt my feelings by laughing.
But you you you, you're a beautiful singer.
Do you want me to sing your song? Would ya, Steve? OK.
You know Darren Bonney, right? Never heard of him.
Course you have.
He's very famous.
Sing the song, Jonquil.
Here's a bit I'm working on.
Come to me Come to me, Darren Bonney Come to me Let me feel your pain inside my heart Inside my heart That's it? Is it bad, Steve? Just hum the melody for me.
Come to me Come to me Come to me, Darren Bonney Come to me, come to me Oh, Steve.
Let me feel the pain inside your heart Maybe a bit louder.
Let me feel the pain inside your heart Let me feel the pain inside your heart Again.
Come to me Come to me I'm really learnin' from you, Steve.
Come to me Come to me, Darren Bonney Oh, Zac.
Thank God I found you.
Why am I handcuffed to Steve? He said it was your idea.
Unlock me from her.
Oh And you - you should behave yourself.
This is a nice man.
I know that, Steve.
And you can't sing.
Oh, der.
Everyone knows that.
Oh Oooh.
I am so tired.
I need to go to bed.
Oh, Verity's asleep Jennifer.
You Oh You are amazing.
Oh, Steve Shh.
Don't talk.
Come with me.
In here.
Is she alright? Yeah.
He must've slipped out when she fell asleep.
So where's Darren Bonney? Do you know who I am? Yes.
You're Steve.
You're the most amazing man I've ever met.
Oh Steve, I love you.
Do you love me? Let me show you what love is, baby.
They're sleeping.
Oh! All the sleepyheads.
Can you carry her to the car, darling? What? Carry what? Your daughter, darling.
Let's go home.
Oh, yes.
My daughter.
My lovely little girl.
Verity! Sorry.
I just spat when the smell came too close.
Verity, we don't spit at people.
She got him! Poor bastard.
The building will be evacuated until we can guarantee the safety of the premises.
Please make your way to the street level.
Leave all personal possessions in your apartment.
Please leave all doors open and make your way to the front of the building.
All residents are asked to move to the front of the building Suzy.
effective immediately.
Please make your way to the assembly point Where is she? I don't know where she is.
Do not attempt to use the lifts.
Your mum said to go to her house.
That's where Suzy would go.
All residents are to be evacuated from the building until further notice.
Please make your way to the front of the building.
I'm not going.
I'm not going anywhere.
Come on, honey.
I'm not going anywhere.
Do you want to go down with the sinking ship? There's no medals for bravery in our world, honey.
I have to find my own path.
You will.
You are.
But for now just come with me.
Come on.
Betty, I'm scared.
Oh, honey.
It's OK.
Mum, this is the fourth time I've called.
Mum? Mum, where are you? Please call me.
I'm at Nanna's house.
Um, Jonquil and Zac are here.
Please call me.
Mum? Mum, where are you? It's me.
Mum, come to Nanna's, please.
Answer your phone.
Please! Verity's with Mum.
God, I don't know what to do.
Well, go to her.
I'm not gonna leave you alone here! If I leave the building, they won't let me back in and I won't be able to see you again.
Is that what you want? Look do you wanna die here?! I don't know! We'd be together.
Suze Come on.
Follow me.
Follow me.
I don't care if it takes a year to fix.
We've got the whole place to ourselves.
It's all ours! Oi! Excuse me! Ma'am, you can't be here.
Why don't you come with us? We'll give you a cup of tea.
Henry I'm sorry, Suze.
Go with them.
- No - Are you alright, ma'am.
Go to your kids.
Go to your life.
Henry It's precious, Suze.
Henry Henry? Who's Henry? Hello, Henry.
This is a deep-fried Mars bar and it is disgusting.
This is my Oyster card.
Mum, what's a Oyster card? It's a train ticket, I think.
English lollies.
Have you got a girlfriend? Shut up, Verity.
That means you do.
Hey, Nanna.
Hello, handsome.
What you wearing? Hey.
I'm gonna get some takeaway.
Do you want anything? Oh, Suzy, what's wrong? Oooh.
So, what do we do? You carry on.
You'll be like many of us.
Like most of us, in fact.
Just finding ways to make the days go by.
And if the building comes down, or is pulled down? What do we do then? That's not gonna happen.
Look at this place.
Built like me.
A long time ago.
Built to last.
I don't want to be without her.
Look, this has been a wonderful thing for you, Henry.
But death is long! Who knows what other adventures are up ahead? So why become a man? Just to tell me to fucking grin and bear it? I have my own private reasons to be here.
So warm.
So soft.
I had no idea.
You and the dentist live in a world of your own.
Betty, can you sing us a song, please? Yes! That's a great suggestion.
Yes, do, please.
Sorry, what Betty sings? Yes.
Betty sings.
She sings when she's sad and she sings when she's lonely.
And I sing when I'm happy.
Well, come on, then, Betty.
Give us a song.
I'll close my eyes To everyone but you And when I do I'll see you standing there I'll lock my heart to any other caress I'll never say yes To a new love affair I'll close my eyes To everything that's gay If you're not there To share each lovely day And through the years Those moments when we're apart I'll close my eyes And see you with my heart.
Henry? Is he here? No.
Yes, he is.
Oh, Henry.
Oh, he's here.
Mum and I have a plan.
Boltcutters? Henry, I don't know how long I'm gonna be out of the building and they might tear it down and rebuild it.
I don't know what's gonna happen to you.
So Mum has offered to Promised.
Mum's promised to look after me while I'm gone.
Spiriting? Suze you could lose a year.
A whole fucking year, just gone like that.
It's it's insane.
I know, but it's not.
Mum is gonna be here to watch over me and video me with the kids and she's gonna keep me safe while I'm away.
What did he say? Nothing yet.
A year, Suze.
Listen, Henry, when Robbie and I spirited, I went away and the me that was left back here would drift off, you know, unattached.
I mean, nobody knew.
I had no-one.
And I had to try to catch up when I got back.
But I'm here.
I'm here for Suzy - for both of you.
And when you come back, I'll be here.
Suze It's gonna be OK.
Mum's here.
Oh, Mum.
Oh, have a wonderful time! And don't you worry.
Oh, my girl.
Thank you, Helen.
Point of no return.
Here we go again.
Let's stick together.
Oh, here they are.
You you left them in the apartment.
Remember? Oh, yes.
How stupid.
This way.
Um, did I arrive with someone? Of course you did.
Go on.
Henry? Where are you? Hello? Henry! Where are you? What? Where? What number? Where are you? I'm here.
I think we just lost about a month.
Because the receptionist couldn't find the right key.
Here you are.
Henry How did I get to be the one who is here with you? I don't know - I died, became a ghost, you moved in I think we just lost another couple of weeks.
Go away.
I'm sorry.
You're in the wrong room.
Yeah, fuck off or I'll kill ya.
Sorry, but there's been a mix-up.
You'll have to leave.
Mate, you'll have to leave now.
I'm very sorry.
If you go down to the front desk, they will help you.
You were the one who gave us the keys.
Listen, you smarmy little shit Henry.
Oooh Henry, you must have a key.
Huh? You must have a key.
Key Weird.
Your birthday.
Hooray! - Oh! - Yay! Oh, that looks amazing.
Such beautiful icing.
Oh, your hands! I've looked and looked at them and wanted to hold them.
Oh, come on.
You are so real.
I know.
It's so exciting.
Suzy, are you alright? Yes.
I just I just fell.
Half a glass of champagne.
You look beautiful! Oh! You've already said that.
You're so tall! Suzy Matching tie - Suzy.
- Oh, my goodness.
I can't believe this is actually happening.
Well, thank you, on behalf of my wife and I.
We'd, um, like to now break with tradition and get my ex-wife and our dear friend, Suzy, to give a family welcome.
So Suze.
Well, what a wonderful day.
It sure has been a great year for, uh for everyone.
Um Darling, your speech is in here.
Thank you Aaron.
"To have a a day of such joy after a difficult year "is so wonderful.
"Jennifer has already become a strong and loving member of our family.
"Her care and devotion to our children "and the support she has given to Jonquil and I "has made it very easy to call her 'sister'.
"When Mum died "When Mum died, it was as if the world had stopped ".
and nothing good or happy would ever happen to us again.
"But it has, because we all carry her" "But it has, because we all carry her with us now, "so even though we're all far apart, "I know I can close my eyes and I see you with my heart.
" I have to go somewhere.
Oh, this is where I lived! This was my home.
This was where my practice was.
Oh, what have I done? Oh I'm sorry.
There's nothing to apologise for.
I've said it a thousand times.
If you need to cry, just cry.
To tell you the truth, it's kind of a relief to see you so openly emotional today.
You've really been bottling it up.
It's OK.
We knew today was going to be tough, but you got through it.
You're amazing.
Let's go home.
Guys, we're home! I hope you're in the bath.
Now, there's some there's some of your casserole left.
Should I put it in the oven? 150? 180.
Henry, where are you? Hey, Mum, if you marry Aaron, I have to be the flower girl 'cause then I can wear the same dress.
That's true.
Do you like him? Yeah, of course.
Of course.
He's alright.
Can you do the cat thing? The cat thing, please? OK.
I'll do the cat thing.
Yes! 'Cause it's so awesome.
Potter! Potter! And Princess Misty! Where is he? Where's Henry? Where's Henry? I'll see you standing there They love the music and love each other.
Have you dealt, then? I'll lock my heart To any other caress I'll never say yes To a new love affair I'll close my eyes To everything that's gay If you're not there To share What is it? Each lovely day And through the years Those moments when we're apart