Squid Game s01e04 Episode Script

Stick to the Team

Thank you.
- Gi-hun, wait.
- Huh? Nothing.
You saved me.
What? You're the reason I got through this round.
- Sirs, you made it! - Oh.
I'm glad you made it.
I was really worried.
It will take a whole lot more killing Gi-hun.
Hah! I got Ssangmun-dong running through this heart, huh? Are you holding up all right here, mister? I'm okay.
All thanks to your sharp thinking.
I'm sorry.
I was wrong to suggest separating.
Ah, don't say that.
How could you know what it was? Choosing the umbrella was my call.
- Don't worry, okay? - Mm.
Yeah, the whole team made it.
Attention, players.
I will now announce the results of the second game.
Out of the 187 players who participated, 79 players were eliminated.
The prize money accumulated this round is 7.
9 billion won.
The total prize money accumulated so far is now 34.
8 billion won.
Your mealtime begins now.
All players, please form a line in the center of the room.
This is all we get? Asshole.
I came just close to dying.
And what do I get for all of that? An egg for a meal.
Are they kidding us with this shit? Hey.
Sorry, I'm coming through.
Coming through.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Hey, miss, what are you doing, huh? Shut your mouth and grab an egg.
Uh, I didn't get anything.
Where's the rest? Hey, we didn't get our meals either.
One, two, three, four, five.
Five meals are missing, sir.
We prepared food for the exact number of players.
Then where is ours? Please, sir, we need to eat! - It was prepared for the exact number.
- Excuse me.
It was them.
They skip the line and got seconds.
I saw it.
Hey, what's the matter, everybody? Jeez.
You never see a guy eat before, is that it? Shit.
Who do you think you are? That's my food you just ate.
So, uh, is this yours? Is your name on it? 'Cause I sure don't see anything.
I'm sorry.
Give me that.
Give it back.
It's mine.
Give it back to me! You little shit, goddamn it.
Why did you break it, you jerk? How was this, huh? How come a scrawny guy like you is so greedy about food? You piece of shit! Hey, listen up.
You should learn to share.
Is it too hard, you dumbass? You bastard! What the hell? You shithead.
Hey, you okay? Hey, wake up.
He's gone.
Uh, hello, guards.
Can someone do something? Hey, didn't you hear that? A person died.
That man there just died.
Look, that man was killed.
That bastard That bastard just killed him.
He just killed someone over there! He just died! Can't you hear me, huh? Help us now! A man just died! We shouldn't be killing each other like this! Player 271, eliminated.
You there.
Why aren't you doing your job? I'm sorry, sir.
How may I be of service? Did you forget the rules? You do not speak unless your superior allows you to.
Attention, staff.
- Lights-out in 30 minutes.
- Hurry! It'll be bedtime soon.
Please return to the quarters now.
We can't fall asleep tonight, okay? Who knows what someone else may try.
Look at them.
It looks like they're planning something.
If they try to attack someone, let's group together and fight them.
Come to our side if anything goes wrong.
Okay, I will.
Sir, wake up.
Wake up, sir.
Sorry, but you really can't go to sleep after lights-out, understand? Why? We gotta keep an eye out.
It will be dangerous.
And we'll come here if anything goes down.
Hey, pickpocket.
Are you okay? It looked like you and that thug really had it out for each other.
So what? Tonight, if anything happens, we'll all meet in my bed right there.
Are you in? I don't trust people.
And that's twice as true for anyone who'd end up in here.
Got it? You think that's how it works, huh? Listen, you don't trust people here because you can.
You do it because you don't have anybody else.
Where is the delivery team? Number 28, why are you alone? Number 29 didn't show up.
- Was there an accident? - I don't know.
Then you'll need to deliver this alone.
I can't go underwater by myself.
It's too dangerous.
Enough! Tell me now.
The next game, what is it? Are you sure? If I get eliminated, then I can't do all of this.
Worry about that after you survive the night.
What's tonight? Fighting will break out.
We gave you less food on purpose to make you all fight each other.
Weeding out the weaklings before the next game begins.
It's all part of the game.
You know we can't protect you when you're in there.
Go back to the players and find a way to live.
Way to live? Stick with the strongest.
That's the only way you'll live.
You're a strong team.
Let me join.
Why should we? Tell us, what are you good at? I'm a doctor out there.
You might need me.
So? You're gonna come give me a shot if I get sick? Go sit somewhere in the corner, come lights-out.
Don't breathe or make a noise.
If I hear you breathe then I'll come for you.
I know what the next game is.
Players, lights-out in two minutes.
Attention, staff.
The special game will begin momentarily.
Will all managers, soldiers and workers, please make your way to your designated locations.
Let me repeat the instruction.
Will all managers, soldiers and workers, please make your way to your designated locations.
Lights-out in 30 seconds.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.
You saw us, huh? Do it.
Ah! You asshole! - Gi-hun, are you okay? - Yeah.
Thanks, Sang-woo.
Where's the old man? - I'm not sure.
- Gi-hun.
- He's not here.
- Oh, no.
Hey, old man! Are you there? Old man! Let me out! You're here.
Like you said.
Hey, Ssangmun-dong, what are you doing? We're just helping cull the herd.
She's our teammate, you got that? Teammate? All of you, stop this.
I'm I I'm scared.
We are all gonna die in here! Everyone, every single one of us is going to die! Please.
I'm so scared.
Stop this madness! - End it.
- If you keep this going, then we're all going to die in here! Drop your weapon.
Turn around.
Player 277, eliminated.
Player 74, eliminated.
Player 198, eliminated.
Player 87, eliminated.
- Player 456.
- Player 222, eliminated.
- Is there a man named Hwang In-ho here? - Player 301, eliminated.
- Player 416, eliminated.
- We don't use our names in this place.
Player 361, eliminated.
Player 328, eliminated.
Player 103, eliminated.
Player 444, eliminated.
Player 6, eliminated.
Player 206, eliminated.
Player 233, eliminated.
Player 239, eliminated.
Are you all right? Huh? All of the That was dangerous.
When did you get up there? We were worried about you, sir, when you disappeared.
Nobody here got hurt so that's good.
Uh, well, at this point, we should know what to call each other.
Why don't we go around and tell each other our names now.
I know your name already, though.
Ssangmun-dong is just my hometown.
The name is Seong Gi-hun.
Seong Gi-hun of Ssangmun-dong.
So then, what about your name? Ali.
Ali Abdul.
And where are you from? Pakistan.
Pakistan? Where is that? North of India.
He's right.
Of course, he is.
This man here went to SNU Cho Sang-woo.
Come on, really? We're all teammates here now.
We should really know about each other, build up a little trust, okay? Kang Sae-byeok.
Sae-byeok? That's a pretty name.
Though I'm not sure how well it fits.
And what is your name, sir? If you don't mind.
What? My name? Oh.
It Uh Let me think.
Hold on, it So It They call me It's okay.
Hey, old man, you must be really shook up today.
You know when I'm stressed, my home address slips right out of my head.
Along with my social security.
It'll be okay once you get some rest.
Damn it.
That hurts.
Doctor, my ass.
I'm almost done here.
Thankfully, it didn't go in too far.
You'll be fine.
Outside, I'll be able to treat it at the hospital, okay? Pretentious dickhead.
You must have lost your practice to be in this place.
I will get out of here.
With that money.
Those bastards.
Why they make it so we could kill other players and then end it like this? Games will be over.
We could've ended this whole thing right there and then.
If we kill everyone else, what happens to us? And won't we get to take all that money? We'll be able to try and kill them again as long as we don't die.
Right, Doc? In the next game.
All done.
I guess this is why everyone says you really should have a doctor in your family.
We got rid of quite a few.
Players down from 107 to 80, that means we killed 27? Right, old man? "Old man"? You're gonna call me that? You seem way older than me.
Oh, yeah? Tell me how old do I look? Forty-nine.
Oh, please.
I guess I shouldn't have lent you that lighter then, huh? Thirty-nine? Old man, one more chance.
Uh Nineteen? Bingo.
You're a quick learner.
But what's my reward for guessing? I'll go think about it in the restroom, okay? I'm going to the bathroom too.
Old man.
You and that doctor are hiding something.
There's nothing to hide.
Old man.
Do you swear to stick together right to the end? Just tell me that you will.
I promise you.
Together, you and I will get out of here.
What's your name, old man? Why? I just wanna know it.
Jang Deok-su.
You betray me I'll kill you, okay? You're the reason that I think I might die tonight.
Attention, staff, it's now time for you to go to sleep.
Congratulations on a good day's work.
Hey, old man.
Huh? Did you stay up all night? I thought they would attack again or something.
Old man, but you must be so exhausted already.
It's all right.
You don't really need that much sleep when you're old.
And I didn't help when they went after everyone but keeping night watch, well, I can do that.
Attention, players.
The third game will begin momentarily.
Please follow the staff's instructions and swiftly make your way towards the game hall.
Let me repeat the instructions.
The third game will begin momentarily.
Beginning head count now.
Please wait in front of your door.
Head count complete.
Players, welcome to the third game.
For this game, you will play in teams.
All players, please divide yourselves into teams of ten people.
Your time limit will be ten minutes.
Ten minutes.
Let me repeat the instructions.
For this game, you will play in teams.
All players, please divide yourselves into teams of ten people.
Your time limit will be ten minutes.
Ten minutes.
We need to get a bunch of men who are well built.
Oh, okay.
What about the girl? Something that has teams of ten players.
So maybe it's Tail Tag or Why Did You Come to My House? Tail Tag means running is involved.
Or it might just end up being simply based on luck.
What do you think? Our team already has a girl and an older guy.
I'm thinking we better get more men first.
What if they make us play Gonggi or Elastics? Then, what do we do? Girls are usually the good ones at that That's true, but when it really comes down to it, usually men are better.
It's our lives we're betting on right now.
And we gotta win.
Five more people are needed.
I see that we each bring one guy to join us.
Okay? Don't let them see.
You'll seem weaker.
Boss, excuse me.
Look, this guy wants to join us.
Hey, go find more guys.
Sir? Got a team yet? Are you taken? Huh? Uh, no.
Come join ours then, sir.
We have a team.
Well, the thing is, though, so I can't join unless she does, too.
Would you let her? Oh, I'm sorry.
Our team already has too many girls.
Excuse me.
Still picking who to join in? You should come with us.
Excuse me, sir.
If you're not on a team yet, perhaps you would like to join ours? Let's team up next time.
Babe, wait! I don't get it.
Come on, you're just joking.
My team is full.
I'm sorry.
We've got ten already.
Old man.
No, please, you can't do this.
I'm sorry.
I'll do anything.
Babe, I swear I'll do better.
Uh, I'm good at everything.
You know that's true.
Just listen, okay? Let's split up just for this game, all right? Then meet up with the next one, huh? But do we really need to, though? You said we'd do this together.
Can you really do this alone? I need you, old man.
Can't you see that? Get off! God, this bitch is so pathetic.
Get your hands off me.
And stop calling me "babe" and "old man," huh! Call me that one more fucking time, and I'll cut your goddamn throat out! You asshole.
Just stop it.
You were using me.
Jang Deok-su.
Goddamn you, scumbag.
You betrayed me, you're dead now.
Got that? Oh, I'm so scared Ms.
Han Mi-nyeo.
Well then, best of luck to you, huh? She's not worth it anyways.
What do you want? Play with us.
Nine? Um Wait, did someone not bring anyone? It was me.
I didn't.
What about you? Who brought you here? Her.
I said to bring only men back here, didn't I? This doesn't sound good.
You want me to go? I'll go now.
No, wait.
Hold on.
It's okay.
Stay where you are.
We don't even know what we're doing yet.
And the time's almost over.
At this point, let's just find one more team and be done.
We put together a weak team, who would want to join it? That means that once the timer's done, we'll end up with anyone that got kicked out.
Well, nobody kicked me out, huh! I'll play with you as a special deal here, okay? Man, you guys lucked out today.
Yikes! I'll be way more help than either of these wimpy little girls.
Plus, I'm good at everything except the things that I can't do.
The time for forming your teams is over.
All players, please line up with your teammates - at the entrance to the game hall.
- Hold on.
We're not gonna stay in here, though? I would now like to welcome you all to the third game.
Today's game is Tug-of-War.
In order to win, you must pull the rope towards your platform in an attempt to drop your opponents down below.
Now, I will draw numbers to decide which two teams will play first.
Everyone, please sit down.
First, the team that will play on the left tower.
Team One.
Team One, please stand up.
And now, the team that will play on the right tower.
Team Seven.
Team Seven, please stand up.
Teams One and Seven will be the first teams to play.
Will both teams please go to your towers.
Get them! Oh! Oh, shit! Shit! Get them! The following players, Player 245, Player 120, Player 37, Player 408, Player 27, Player 273, Player 58, Player 243, Player 327, and Player 241 are eliminated.
I will now draw the teams for the next round.
Team Four.
Team Five.
Damn it.
All men.
Team Four and Team Five, please go to your towers.
Oh, man.
I was looking forward to killing you guys.
Come on.
Don't lose your spirit.
Tug-of-War needs more than just raw strength.
Well then, what it's about, huh? We just go out and speak to them? All you need is a good strategy in Tug-of-War and combined with good teamwork, you'll be able to win when you are against stronger teams.
Only one thing can help us now.
It's the Lord himself, I know it.
You can barely stay standing, old man.
So shut up and keep all your strength, okay? Wait a minute, let's hear what the old man says.
Okay, when I was young, we always like Tug-of-War.
It's a game I know well.
And back then, I would always win, even if there was a wrestler on the other team, and it seemed the odds were stuck against us.
Listen closely, and I'll tell you how my team and I were able to win even when it seemed impossible.
First off, having a good leader is very important.
The person is at the front and keeps an eye on how the other team is performing.
And the rest of the team focuses on the back of their leader's head and follows their lead.
If the leader seems weak or looks like their spirit is beginning to falter, then the game is already over.
And then at the end of the rope, you'll need to have someone strong and dependable like the anchor of a ship.
After that, it's all about how you arrange the rest of your team.
If one player is on the right side of the rope, then the next one should be on the left, all the way down the rope.
Both of your feet should be facing straight forward, and then, hold the rope in your armpits.
That way, everyone can put in all of their strength.
Finally, and this is absolutely the most important thing.
Once the game begins, for the first ten seconds you have to hold your ground.
You should lean back, practically lie down.
Push your lower abdomen up to the sky, as hard as you can.
And throw your head back to the point where you can almost see the groin of the person behind you.
If you do that, the other team won't be able to pull us to their side.
Just hold like this for ten seconds.
Then the opposing team will start to get frustrated because they are thinking, "Why won't they budge?" Because they believed that they were much stronger.
If you can hold out for that long, you will be able to catch a moment in your opponents' hold, and their rhythm breaks.
Now's our chance! Pull it together! We're losing! Goddamn it! Do something! Get yourselves together and listen! Let's try something.
Take three steps up when I signal.
Up? What now? But that's the edge! Look, just trust me and they'll fall! There's no way I'll do that! We might as well try! No way! I can't do it! Move up or you'll die! On count of three! One! Two! Three!
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