Squid Game: The Challenge (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Red Light, Green Light

[ominous pulsing]
[doll singing in Korean]
Green light, red light ♪
[tense ethereal music plays]
[car horns honk in distance]
[dog barks in distance]
[music intensifies]
[woman 1] It's like
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
Going after the golden ticket.
[switches flicking repeatedly]
[man 1] $4.56 million.
People do a whole lot worse
for a whole lot less.
[music intensifies]
[screen chimes melodically]
[switches flicking]
[woman 2] This game has to be played
with strategy, with alliances,
and with a little bit of conniving.
[music intensifies further]
[man 1] We're gonna get
the best and the worst of everyone.
[woman 1] It don't matter
how many masks people put on.
Eventually, their true colors
are gonna show.
[man 2] I've cheated in a game before.
If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying.
[man 3] Sympathy, it's only a weakness.
My biggest strength would be manipulation.
[man 4] This place is gonna
eat you up and spit you out.
[screen beeping rapidly]
[ominous tone plays]
[eerie choral theme music playing]
[multiple voices play on devices]
Who's not in debt?
We're facing a recession.
I mean, I had to
Um, I'm not getting paid at work for this.
you're dreaming, you're taking a chance.
What's that like,
to be able to pay off your house?
What's that like,
to be able to pay off your car?
I know these may be simple dreams,
but what's that like?
Yeah, I got my own dreams.
They may not be much,
but I got dreams too.
[sinister pulsing music plays]
[locks rattle open]
- [people cheer and applaud]
- [man 1] Holy crap.
[man 2] Oh my God.
This is serious, this is serious now.
- [woman 1] Wow.
- [man 2] Oh my God!
[man 3] This place is nuts.
[man 4] This is incredible.
[man 5] That doll looks scary as hell.
[man 6] It's It just got real, boss.
[automated voice on speaker]
Attention, all players.
The first game is
Red Light, Green Light.
[suspenseful music plays]
[Starla] My strategy is not to get killed.
Get to the end.
Ah! Get to the end.
- I know how to survive. I've got to win.
- Yeah.
I think I'll make it, to be honest.
I work out, and, I mean, you do as well.
Not sure about you, but we all
- Okay.
- No! I'm saying
It's all right. It's a thick
It's a thick jacket, but I do a little.
Maybe I cannot tell,
but I think we're all athletic people.
I have the best number here. 432.
- One go
- Because I'm the one.
- You're only missing the one.
- [laughs] I'm the one.
I think I always will be competitive
because Jesus had to compete.
That means I have to compete.
You control your own destiny,
and the moment
that you can control your mind
and become mentally strong,
then you understand that sympathy,
it's only a weakness.
Please, for the love of God, make it
through this challenge for me, okay?
I will get through this challenge.
I swear I will. I've been practicing.
Bend your knees.
Bend the useful knee that you have.
I have an extra person in this game.
Somebody I know I can trust,
and I don't know if everybody
is gonna have their mom in this game.
Um, I don't think so. So, I I'm lucky.
My mom, she was like a superstar athlete.
It's like, I just feel
like she's going to
She's going to outlast me
and embarrass me
in front of all my family and friends.
But if that happens,
like, then guess what?
I have the coolest mom.
[tense pulsing music plays]
[woman 1] It's not about how fast you go.
It's how quick you can stop.
[woman 2] Agreed.
[woman 1] Best believe,
I'm stopping before
Tortoise and the hare.
Yes. Before her head turns
all the way around, I am stopping.
- I'm not taking no risks.
- Oh my gosh.
Jada actually means,
you know, "the gift of knowing,"
and I swear there's no coincidence
that my parents named me that
because I literally
know everything before it happens.
Um, I can read people really well.
I know when someone's lying like that.
I know when someone
is not being trustworthy.
So, I think in this game,
that would definitely be my advantage.
[man 1] I've been looking around,
and I am feeling very confident.
[man 2] You'll probably beat me,
but I will cross the finish line.
I gotta not get too gung-ho.
You might have the self-discipline
that I need to learn from.
That's what it is.
Chase is my best friend.
We've done everything together
ever since high school.
If it wasn't for Chase coming with me,
I wouldn't even be here.
I've been just a complete homebody
since I became a dad.
It's really good to have him here with me.
But him and I are rivals.
We're best friends, but we're rivals.
And if it comes down
to me and him in the end,
which I think it will,
it will be each man for himself.
[slow brooding music plays]
[doors creaking]
[players exclaim]
[automated voice] Attention, all players.
The rules are as follows.
You may move forward
when the doll starts singing.
You must stop moving
when the doll stops singing.
Otherwise, you will be
You have five minutes
to cross the finish line.
With that, let the game begin.
[doll whirring mechanically]
It's the whole doll.
[ominous tone plays]
[Bryton] Don't look at anybody else,
don't worry about anybody else,
and make sure you get to that line.
[musical swell plays and intensifies]
[tense ethereal music plays]
[musical swell plays and intensifies]
[doll sings in Korean]
Green light, red light ♪
[beeping rapidly]
[ink packs go off repeatedly]
[ominous tone plays]
[sighs sadly]
[Jada] Jada, you need to stay focused.
I cannot buckle.
I cannot shake. I need to go out there
and beat these people.
I'mma be the underdog in this game.
[doll sings in Korean]
Green light, red light ♪
[beeping rapidly]
[ink packs go off repeatedly]
[Chase] I start hearing
players fall to the floor.
They're dropping like flies.
The doubt is 100% setting in my mind.
Have I really screwed this up?
The only thing I can do at this point is
[ink pack goes off]
[wistful opera music plays]
[Stephen] Seeing my best friend
get eliminated
right in front of my eyes is devastating,
but I'm not gonna let it get me down.
I'm gonna use that to my advantage
and let it motivate me.
[doll sings in Korean]
Green light, red light ♪
[data processing]
[ink packs go off repeatedly]
[woman] I am so nervous I am sweating.
But I would do anything
to get to the end of this game.
[operatic music swells and intensifies]
[beeping rapidly]
[ink packs go off repeatedly]
[Bryton] I see everybody
getting eliminated. I'm just like, "Damn."
I don't think I'm gonna make it.
[man] Every time someone gets eliminated,
I think, "There's less people there."
"More chance for me to win."
So I'm happy about it.
[doll sings in Korean]
Green light, red light ♪
[ink pack goes off]
[firing continues]
Oh, shit. Really?
[Jada] I just need to stay focused.
I need to control myself.
I cannot leave the first game.
I refuse for that to happen.
[woman 302] I know my legs
don't work the same way they used to,
but I just wanna make it to the end.
Why did I squat?
[woman 385] I'm literally in so much pain,
but I cannot move. I cannot move.
Keep focused. You can do this.
Don't be a baby. You can't give up now.
[focus motors whir]
[ink packs go off]
I keep hearing, like,
the pop-pop around me.
[ink packs go off repeatedly]
And every time, it's never me.
Oh my God, it hurts so bad. I give up.
I can't do it.
[keyboard clacking]
[ink pack goes off]
[doll sings in Korean]
Green light, red light ♪
[intriguing music plays]
[sensors clicking]
[ink packs go off repeatedly]
[exhales heavily]
[man 107] I can't believe it.
Number one, 107.
[ink packs goes off]
[man 107] One step closer
to winning that bag of money.
[woman whimpers]
[man 107] We live to fight another day.
[doll sings in Korean]
Green light, red light ♪
[tense rhythmic music plays]
[man] Yeah!
[woman] What?! What?!
[all cheering]
[clicking and beeping]
- [cheering]
- [ink pack goes off]
Yes! Come on!
Thank God! Thank God.
[ink packs continue going off repeatedly]
It's good.
That was hard!
[woman] We did it!
- Oh, how we doing?
- Holy Dude.
[Trey] Holy cow, man.
Talk about a feeling of euphoria,
but there's still people left
in this game.
[ethereal music plays]
[Trey] And one of them is my mom.
[suspenseful music plays]
[Trey sobs]
I I did this because of her.
I wanted her and I to have
[Trey sniffles]
an experience, and she might not make it.
[clock ticking]
["Smile" by Nat King Cole plays]
[woman 302] Thirty-eight.
That means this is it.
Smile though your heart is aching ♪
Smile even though it's breaking ♪
When there are clouds ♪
In the sky ♪
You'll get by ♪
If you smile
Through your fear and sorrow ♪
Smile and maybe tomorrow ♪
[ink pack goes off]
You'll see the sun ♪
Come shining through ♪
[ominous tone plays]
[woman 302] I see the time on the clock.
I don't know if I'm gonna make it.
[focus motors whirring]
[mechanical whirring]
That's the time ♪
You must keep on trying ♪
Smile, what's the use of crying? ♪
You'll find that life ♪
Is still worthwhile ♪
- If you ♪
- [clock beeps]
- [beeping]
- [ink pack goes off]
Just smile ♪
I can't believe it! I can't. [laughs]
I can't believe it!
[both laugh]
And you did it!
[both laugh]
- [Trey sighs]
- Oh God!
[computers processing]
[switches flicking]
[joyful classical music plays]
- Oh! Yo!
- [woman exclaims]
Yo! [laughs] Hey, look.
Hey, look at the toilets!
[man 1] Oh my God!
You have got to be kidding me!
[all cheering]
[man 2] Let's go!
Oh my God!
[laughing and cheering]
- Hey, this is wild! This is insane!
- [woman 302 laughs]
[man 3] Hey, hey, hey!
- What's up, mullet brother?
- Mullet brother for life, son!
- That's an automatic alliance right here.
- It really is.
Yup, let's do it.
[Bryton] Where do you wanna bunk?
Wanna stay down here?
- I don't want the top. Ugh!
- I might go middle. I don't mind.
You don't like
one of these here in the back?
In the back. Yeah, come. I'm easy.
[Trey] Hey, Mom. Mom!
Yeah, let me get you a bottom bunk.
[woman 302] Oh, okay.
- [243] Where you gonna sleep at?
- [101] Man, I have no idea.
- What was your name?
- Kyle.
- Kyle. Stephen. Yeah.
- Stephen, yeah.
- Nice to meet you, Kyle.
- Yeah. Hell yeah, man.
Do you wanna sleep with me?
Let's sleep together!
Not sexually.
We are here, baby!
[man 141] Whoa. Is that the bathroom?
Oh my God, this is dope.
This is trippy. There's a mirror!
Best slumber party ever.
Oh my God, for real.
Oh my God, I look insane.
After surviving Red Light, Green Light,
this is absolutely surreal.
It's an out-of-body experience,
and I feel like I'm in a dream.
This is like an acid trip,
and I never even done acid.
[200] Mothi. My name's Mothi.
- Mothi? Abu.
- Everyone calls me Mothi.
- Abu.
- 200!
200, man. What are you, 068?
Yeah, when I win the $4.56 million,
I'll give you $200.
- Oh, come on!
- $200,000.
- Okay, maybe
- Pounds?
- Pounds, yeah!
- All right.
My game plan is to get to know
as many players as I can.
Making friends in here way faster
than I do in the outside world
because it's always good
to be in the big group,
and I really do feel
it will just help me in here.
[Mothi] Yes, the boys! Hey! Hey!
Yeah, man.
Let's form the alliance right now.
- [man] Where do you sleep?
- I'm sleeping over here.
- On that middle section.
- I hope nobody snores.
You know there's gonna be
This whole room's gonna echo, right?
I grit my teeth. I will admit that.
- [Kyle] Do you snore?
- Bad.
- [man 1] Badly?
- [016] Where are you sleeping?
- You're over there, right?
- [woman laughs]
Please tell me you're, like, right here.
Maybe up there.
Oh, wait. No, I heard
Hey, I heard they got beds back here,
out this door, the emergency exit.
[all laugh]
No, I'm just kidding. Hey, I've been known
to snore myself. I've been known to snore.
I'm gonna use my age
as an asset, you know.
No one thinks I'm a threat.
They think, you know, I'm frail.
But I'm not really frail
and my my mind is sharp,
and that can help my chances a great deal.
[creepy choral music plays]
[buzzer plays]
[doors hum and whir]
[bold music playing]
[players chatter nervously]
[doors hum and whir]
Attention, all players.
Here are the results of the first game.
[all exclaim]
[dramatic music plays]
Out of 456 players
259 have been eliminated.
- [device beeps]
- [heavy mechanical whir]
[contestants exclaim]
[cheering and applauding]
Bring it, baby. Bring it!
Bring it, baby!
[square guard] Every player eliminated
will add $10,000 to the prize fund.
[all cheering]
I'm here. I made it to the next round.
[laughs] The bank is growing,
the money is showing.
[rapturous classical music plays]
Wow, that's a lot! Damn!
[Stephen] Holy crap. It's so much money.
I don't come from old money.
I come from the the broke money!
I wanna help my family out,
I wanna support my girls
for the rest of their life financially.
It would b-be everything.
- [woman 1] Oh my God!
- [woman 2] That's a lot of money!
[woman 1] Yes!
Oh my Lord!
- [woman 3] It's still going!
- [woman 4] It is.
[square guard] The current total
stands at $2.59 million.
[woman 5] What?
[all cheer]
If they offered you If they offered you
100 right now, would you leave?
- $100 K?
- [Bryton] Yeah.
- Oh no. I've got to stay to the end.
- Thank you.
- I gotta stay to the end, bro.
- [laughs]
For me, everybody is just money.
One person gets eliminated,
it's another $10,000.
One Another person gets eliminated,
now it's $20,000.
I'm smiling.
I'm having a good time, but mentally,
I'm looking for any way to win.
I'm locked in.
This dormitory is where you'll live,
eat, and sleep.
You will be responsible for its upkeep.
Between games, there will also be tests,
which will take place in the dormitory.
[man 002] What?
These are tests of character.
How you play is who you are.
During these tests,
you may have the opportunity
to give other players an advantage
to help them in the game.
[players chattering]
But be aware,
these tests may also be the opportunity
to eliminate other players.
[all exclaim]
[pulsing music plays]
This is getting serious. Whoo!
[Trey] This is social now.
That is That is a social game
if I've ever heard one.
Tests. If one person has the power
to eliminate another person,
that changes this entire game.
I just I-I What tests?
[man 270] I'm excited for the tests.
For example, right now, let's say
they gave you the power to, like,
you need to choose one person
and eliminate them.
I'd have to go to somebody
who I who I haven't met.
- I would hate that, man.
- Yeah, but that's harsh though.
You'd have to choose
a random person. There's no way.
- But But that's not fair.
- Yeah.
That is not fair.
[woman 302] I'd have no problem.
I'd eliminate somebody.
- Do you have an idea?
- Who I would?
- [clicks tongue] Oh, good question. Uh
- [Trey laughs]
I'm gonna say one of the bros.
- I mean, what is this?
- That's wide.
- Well, it's
- Wide. Do Do this one.
- Let's do normal push-ups, man. Come on.
- Show me a normal one.
A push-up is like this. Look up.
You gonna tell me what a push-up is,
or you gonna come do 'em with me?
- Get your old ass down here.
- Look up.
- Get your old ass down here!
- Look up, my boy.
He's a bro.
[both laugh]
There is a group of guys
I am now calling "the bros."
'Cause they kind of all hang together.
They're just always,
like, strutting around.
"Show how big and strong I am."
But I think it's so important
to be careful about thinking as a group.
It just puts a target on people's backs.
We can do dips.
- Oh, you can do dips on a bench?
- You wanna do dips? Come on, come on.
[Trey] This is Squid Game,
and in dorm room,
the game starts to get really real.
You start thinking about, like,
"Oh, who am I sleeping next to?"
"Who do I want to talk to?"
You start, like, seeing people
that are together a lot.
[Bryton grunts]
Do I really need you to count for me?
[Trey] 432 is creating this boys' club
and judging people
based on their appearance.
And you know, that is a dangerous game.
Oh yeah, there's the pump.
That's the pump.
I'm not cocky in the slightest.
I don't think I'm better
than one person on this Earth.
My personality is very confident.
It's very outgoing.
It It's It's almost selfish
because I love myself so much.
I know who I am.
I know God made me this way.
He didn't make me another way.
Why Why Why would I want
to be something else?
it it it doesn't
it doesn't make sense to me sometimes,
when people
when people are like, "Life is so unfair."
It It's fair.
Because the same shit that happened to you
is the is the same shit
that happened to me.
I'm I'm just not complaining about it.
[automated voice]
Players, it's now time for chores.
[gentle suspenseful music plays]
[Kyle] Okay.
Oh, we're about to chop up some food.
[man 099] Oh, yeah.
That's where this is gonna come in handy.
[woman] Oh, God. Have I ever
done this before? [laughs]
You know, I'm
I'm really good with potato peeling,
with something like this,
but not this quite this shape.
[woman laughs]
- My name's Dani. What's yours?
- Oh, Kyle.
- Nice to meet you. Yes.
- Kyle?
- Where are you from, Kyle?
- I'm from Kentucky.
- Kentucky? Okay, I hear the accent.
- Yep.
How are you finding your time here?
- Were you nervous about coming?
- Yeah.
I mean, I wasn't nervous
about, like, the social part.
- I'm just nervous about the challenges.
- Oh, really?
And, esp Well, especially
after Red Light, Green Light, like, how
- How much pressure that was.
- Yeah.
I struggled right at the end.
I mean, I was about to give up, I thought.
- Do you think?
- But I mentally held down.
I mean, had to.
I will say that, no matter what,
the mullet, the redneck,
uh, the country accent,
um, in my opinion, is always viewed
as maybe a little bit more
less intelligent
than, uh, possibly, you know,
other northern or or even western
of Kentucky kind of states.
Um, I can, uh
I can almost see it sometimes
in people's faces with my accent.
They're almost like, "Yeah,
this guy's probably not that smart."
But yeah, I can definitely play
off that anytime I I like
to, you know, get an advantage.
If I see the opportunity,
I I'm gonna seize it.
[Dani] Am I doing this wrong?
- [chuckles] With potatoes
- Oh, there we go!
- Did you get the edge?
- I got it. Okay, I get it.
I was gonna say,
with potatoes, the edge kind of
[automated voice on speaker]
Attention, players 101 and 134.
You have been selected to take a test.
[ominous music plays]
You can give one player
an advantage in the next game,
or you can choose one player to eliminate.
[Dani sighs]
Your decision will be anonymous
and will be announced tomorrow.
This is insanity, actually.
Do we send someone home?
- Who would we help?
- Yeah.
'Cause obviously you'd help someone
that you think likes you, right?
You want to give them
an extra leg in the game
to see if they would help you.
But do you think in the end
they're extending a hand back?
You think they really'd grab your hand
when it comes to the challenge?
And what are you gonna get?
A "Thank you so much"?
- Right
- That might be about it.
if it was you two at the end,
they'd still stab you in the back.
- Still would
- That's the nature of the game.
- I would do that. So
- Yes! Four and a half million dollars?
- What the?
- It's smarter to eliminate.
- I think it is too.
- It's $10,000.
- One person is $10,000 closer
- Mm-hmm.
- to us winning the money.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh my God.
- Okay, so let's talk through it.
- God, I'm trying to think numbers now.
'Cause I don't even know
who to choose now, like
[sinister music plays]
Mom-and-son combo out there.
That's brutal.
I don't know. Think about
what they're thinking in their heads.
They got double the chance
of splitting that money with each other.
Me and you ain't gonna split that money.
Mom and son definitely is.
[Dani] So 200, he is talking to everyone.
He's going around.
- He's always the one that's
- Are they really trying to strategize us?
- Oh, 100%. And that scares me.
- Okay.
What about any of the big guys?
Like, the big, big guys?
That one dude, player 432,
he's he's already grouping up.
Seems like a ringleader,
at least from what I see.
He's been very vocal.
[automated voice] Players.
State your decision now.
[musical swell plays and intensifies]
[clapping] Come on.
So that was fun.
[both laugh]
- Got to do some chores. [laughs]
- Yeah.
Just all smiles, you know.
Oh, there she goes right there.
[Kyle] Well, um, we'll see. I'll
I'll definitely see you around, all right?
[Dani] Okay.
[Kyle chuckles]
- You all right?
- Did you see?
- What'd you have to do, dishes?
- Carrots.
- Carrots?
- Peeling carrots. We're having carrots.
[Kyle] Nice hair, bro!
- [Stephen] Well, well, well.
- [man 092 laughs]
- If it ain't beach boy himself.
- Guess what we're having for dinner, boys?
- We peeled carrots. And peeled carrots.
- I must say, what
Kyle, you're a suspicious man.
[buzzer plays]
[doors whir and clang]
What happened?
[droning music plays]
[square guard] Attention, players.
It is time for your first meal.
Please form four lines
and collect one tin of food.
[woman] I'm starving.
I'll eat whatever they give me.
To me in here,
the three most important things right now
are food, food, and food.
[lighthearted music plays]
[man] Hey. Hell yeah.
[Lorenzo] I'm hoping
it's, like, Italian food.
Parmigiana, pizza,
arrabbiata, penne all'amatriciana.
- [man] Talk to me. Let me see that thing.
- Open this box.
- [man 1] That's it?
- [man 2] Yeah.
- [woman 1] How is it?
- [man 3] Disgusting.
It tastes like plastic. No joke.
[Lorenzo] I'm tired, I'm starved.
Like, that for me is a starter,
it's not a meal,
and I think I 100% need food,
otherwise, I just can't really think.
So, for me, it's a priority.
[lighthearted music continues]
[Jada] Oh my God.
I saw 161. He's in line again!
- No way.
- He's at the top!
[Lorenzo] Thank you.
[Lorenzo] At the end of the day,
we're not here to to play fair.
We're here to play a game,
and I'm gonna play
by any rule that I want to.
- Did he just get get another?
- Yes!
Where did he Where did he
even put the other one, though?
[woman 095] He just opened another.
- No freaking way!
- No, you're lying.
[woman] Lying.
- No! He just came from down
- What? What?
He just came from down his bunk
and opened a second one.
[Jada] I would never do that
to someone in here. Am I tweaking?
[woman 095] No, you're not.
[Jada] Food stealing is not cool!
You taking two, three containers
of food, like
I get, like, every man for themselves.
Like, whatever. But
What the hell you be doing outside
if this is how you're acting here?
[man] All right,
we've got to keep our wits around us.
And he's eating so fast, you can't tell.
And he's too jolly for me. Mm-mmm.
- Uh, don't throw anything away, please.
- You want it?
- Yeah. Are you sure?
- Yeah.
- Like, 100%?
- Yeah. Do you I didn't use the spoon.
Oh, thanks. No, I don't care.
Thank you, girl. Oh my God.
I can't believe that.
- Are you throwing it away? I'm having it.
- All good.
Thank you. [chuckles]
[Lorenzo chuckles]
So, I work in private equity.
I'm an asset manager.
Uh, I thought that was gonna be
my career path.
But now, I feel after the pandemic,
the dream is completely shattered,
and now I'm just attracted
to creative stuff.
I actually think
I don't believe in the values
of the corporate world anymore.
There's no rules.
Like, break free from everything.
Every moral, every ev
People that are telling you,
"You shouldn't do this or that,"
do what you want.
Like, this is your only chance.
You And this, all of this,
everything is gonna be gone.
And yeah, what's left?
[Dani] Let me get your opinion
on the whole test thing.
I just wanna know, like, is it anonymous?
It's just so I don't like secrets.
I just don't believe
that all of these people,
if given the opportunity,
would not eliminate somebody anonymously.
- I
- Everybody's acting that case.
Yeah, I don't know.
I don't know that I would this early.
[automated voice] Attention, players.
The lights in the dorm room
will be switched off in five minutes.
[man 107 sighs] I'm tired, man. I'm done.
[man] Bruh, these combs suck.
How am I supposed
to be beautiful? [chuckles]
- Man, that's a lot. Oh my God.
- [man] We're never gonna get to bed.
- [Trey] All right.
- [Leann] All right.
Night night.
[Bryton] Good luck tomorrow, everybody!
[man] Yes, let's go! We got this, guys!
We're all gonna go home and fail.
[Bryton] I've been looking forward
to having a peaceful rest
and clearing my mind
so I can get prepared
for the next challenge.
[players snoring]
[whispers] They're both snoring!
Oh my God.
[computers processing]
[bell chime plays on speakers]
[automated voice] Attention, all players.
This is your wake-up call.
[woman] Morning!
[lively classical music plays]
- Where's that decaf coffee? [laughs]
- Dude!
How's it going? How'd you sleep?
- Not great, but
- Okay. But you slept?
We need to go brush our teeth.
Everybody knows it's your birthday now.
Yeah, thank you,
uh, you're you're the best.
Thank you. Sixty-nine.
- I
- You know some
The The honor
of being the oldest one here.
You're the godfather
of everyone here. [laughs]
That's a great way to put it,
versus "the old man."
- Who was snoring?
- I never snore.
- Your big-ass nose.
- No, I never snore.
- You're two above me, right?
- Yeah, but it was this guy here.
I mean, it's like a casino.
There is no sense of time in here.
There's no windows. There's no clock.
All I know is that I feel like shit,
and I wanna go back to sleep.
- You okay? Did you not sleep?
- No.
But I can't act like I'm tired
because then that's that's being weak.
- [players] Happy birthday to you ♪
- [man] Come on! Let's do it!
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday, dear Rick ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
[man] Come on, Rick!
[players cheering]
- Wait a minute!
- [man hushing]
Thank you. Thank you all.
[Rick] Best birthday ever. Without the
Best birthday ever. Best birthday ever!
Best! Best!
[all continue cheering]
[woman 278 sighs] We were just trying
to guess to see
what the game we're gonna be
[Dani] It's gotta be the cookie one.
- The cookie? That's what you're saying?
- It's gotta be.
I just, it's the fact that I don't know
what game is next. Like, I'm
- It's okay. Just, like, one day at a time.
- Yeah.
Don't worry about something.
But it will come to you
as long as, you know, you believe.
Have to have the faith of a mustard seed.
- Yeah, yeah!
- Yeah, that's it. That's it! There you go!
Do you have a number in mind
if you were gonna eliminate someone?
- I'm not going to eliminate.
- You wouldn't?
I'm not I'm not Yeah.
- Not that person?
- No.
That would be tough to say you were
the one that caused them to leave, right?
- That's not gonna be me, man.
- No, you're right.
That is a bit bad image.
[growling sinister music plays]
[buzzer plays]
[doors whir and clang]
[Kyle] It's happening.
Something's going down.
[Dani] Excuse me, sir.
While you have been in the dorm,
the first test has taken place.
[ominous tone plays]
- [man] No!
- [Kyle sighs]
In the test, players were given a choice.
They could either give
one player an advantage
in the next game
or they could pick one player
to eliminate.
They chose
to eliminate.
[all gasp and exclaim]
[Kyle laughs uncomfortably]
[Dani] Oh
- Oh, my heart!
- [woman] I'm shaking now.
My heart is going pitter-patter!
Oh my God!
Oh my God.
- Was that you?
- My heart No!
- [laughs]
- Feel my heart, man.
I'm gonna hunt you if that was you, man.
I'm gonna find you in America.
- [chuckles]
- I'm gonna hunt you forever.
[Kyle laughs awkwardly]
The eliminated player
will be revealed now.
[suspenseful music plays]
[man] Oh my God.
- Oh!
- [woman] Oh my God. No!
- No.
- [people chatter]
[music intensifies]
[counter beeps gently]
- Oh.
- [people gasp]
- [exclaims] What?
- Oh!
[players chatter and exclaim nervously]
[man] Oh my God, oh my God.
[woman] Oh my God.
- [players yell]
- No!
[melancholic music plays]
Oh, no. No!
- [woman] It's not possible! No!
- [players exclaim]
[Dani sighs heavily]
Damn, y'all.
Player 200, you have been eliminated.
[woman] No, no, no.
[speaking indistinctly]
- That's awful.
- Yeah, that's sad.
[Kyle] How
I have no idea why they'd
[clicks tongue]eh, vote me out.
It's sad, to be honest with you,
because I want to better my family's life.
I want a better life for my daughter.
Really do myself proud
and me family proud, but
I guess just that's just the way
the cookie crumbles.
[clears throat]
[cheering and applauding]
[man] Nobody gonna trust nobody.
They dropped it on us there, man.
I immediately feel awful.
However, it's $10,000 added to the bank.
- [device beeps]
- [heavy mechanical whirring]
[players booing and jeering]
[man 092] We are safe
for another day. Whew!
[Kyle exclaims]
[man] I tell you, of all the people
you'd say wouldn't get eliminated. Like
I was up. He came over.
Introduced himself. He was super liked.
There's some other people
I would vote out before him.
- Yeah.
- If I had to vote out.
Um, sounds like maybe he was too nice
or something. I didn't even talk to him.
- [Stephen] He was a really nice guy.
- Nice guys finish last.
- That's what, uh
- Hey.
Sometimes that's true though.
Very interesting.
Damn, that's intense.
[woman] 101,
I-I-I was suspicious of his reaction.
- Like, the
- You
It was way over the 'Cause I've been
[132] Like, I get being like, whoa
No, I get it, but I've been
with him multiple He hasn't
- [132] He doesn't act like that.
- And now it was like
I'm telling you, he was a part of that.
I don't know who else.
[Dani] I'm going in with a plan.
I think I'm just gonna be
a friendly person.
Talk to everyone, and then, you know,
see how the game unfolds.
I think I will sit back at times
and just observe people
and see how they're talking to people.
You know, I have
a criminal justice degree.
So, I feel like I'm pretty good
at reading individuals,
and I think that's gonna come in hand.
Yeah, I think people underestimate,
like, a girl that's 4'10",
and, you know,
they literally look down on you, so.
It It's It's definitely hard
not having that respect
and, like, having to try to earn it
when some people
are just naturally given that respect,
just based on what they look like.
[automated voice] Attention, players.
It is now time for the next game.
[players chatter excitedly]
[tense rhythmic music plays]
[444] What do you think it'll be?
I hope it's not the cookie right now.
I don't know.
[automated voice] Players should now
follow the staff into the game hall.
[Johann Strauss's
"The Blue Danube Waltz" plays]
[ominous tone sounds]
[anxious pulsing music plays]
What the? [mouthing]
What is this?
[man 1] I have no idea.
[automated voice]
Welcome to the second game.
Please form four equal lines.
[man 158] Four lines? It's four lines.
[man 2] I don't know what to choose.
[man 098] Going with the gut.
Going with the gut.
Wish me luck.
[woman] I'm almost pretty confident
what number I want.
- It better be lucky number two.
- [Kyle] Oh my God.
This is the team-making room,
this is the team-making room.
[Leann] I feel like I'm gonna go with one.
- [Trey] Three?
- [Leann] Three's scaring me.
- [Trey] Why?
- [Leann] I don't know.
[098] Three was calling my name,
three was calling my name
when I walked in here.
- [man 170] Are you guys going number four?
- [man] Yeah.
[man 170] Yeah. I'm going four.
[Leann] Four is a very unlucky number
in South Korea.
[automated voice] Attention, players.
The player at the front of each line
should now follow the staff
into the game hall.
[tense percussive music plays]
Oh man. This was a bad idea, wasn't it?
[automated voice] That's players 166, 328,
098, and 170
to follow the staff into the game hall.
[players applauding]
- There's a twist.
- There's something dodgy is happening.
[anxious flute music playing]
[players exclaim]
Oh! There we go. It's the cookie.
[man 107] Oh my days.
I knew it. I knew it.
[sighs heavily]
Oh my God.
- [man 170 sighs] My heart.
- [man 098] We're good, no matter what.
[woman 328] What's the bet
on we've gotta pick a shape?
[automated voice] Players,
the second game is called
[players exclaim in recognition]
[automated voice] In this game,
players must use a needle
to cut out a shape
stamped into a piece of honeycomb.
If a player breaks or cracks the shape,
they will be eliminated.
Oh my days.
[automated voice] Before the game
can begin, you four players
must each select which shape
your entire line of players will cut out.
- [man gasps]
- No! God.
[automated voice] You must each select
a different shape,
and you must all agree on your decision.
- They're choosing the shapes for us.
- [woman] Yeah.
[man] The umbrella sucks.
No one wants the umbrella.
Every other shape
is, like, nice and smooth.
You got, like, a circle,
you got a triangle.
But the umbrella is the worst
because you've got
these intricate little points
that you're trying to cut out of something
very brittle with only a needle.
Why did I go at the front
of the line? [chuckles]
- Oh my God.
- [woman 166] Jesus.
[automated voice] You have two minutes
to select your shape.
Oh my God.
This is where it gets
really cutthroat, right?
I want circle.
- I'm taking triangle.
- No, I'm taking triangle. You go get star.
- [328] I'll take the star.
- [166] I'll take triangle.
Nope, I'm taking triangle.
You can have the umbrella.
[players cheering and yelling]
[man] Shit!
[suspenseful music plays]
- [098] We've gotta figure something out.
- [328] The circle is the easiest one.
- Triangle is second hardest, yeah?
- Yeah.
There's a guy on the easiest.
There's a girl on the second hardest.
I'll take the triangle.
Triangle isn't second hardest.
Star is second hardest.
- So by that logic, you should go star.
- Guy, girl, guy, girl.
- [166] I'm taking triangle.
- [098] Yeah.
[players cheering]
[indistinct yelling]
[098] No, we didn't agree on that.
- Guy, girl, guy, girl.
- [328] No.
[098] That's not the agreement we made.
[328] It's not gonna happen.
[ticking reverberates]
[166] Is the majority happy
with our selection? Are you happy?
- [170] I'm happy.
- Are you happy?
- I'm happy with my selection.
- [166] I'm happy with my selection.
[170] You got ten seconds. I'm not moving.
- [328] I'm staying here.
- [166] I'm taking triangle.
We have five seconds.
Take the umbrella, just take it.
Someone's gotta have the umbrella.
- [beeps]
- [automated voice] Players.
Your two minutes are now over.
You failed to come to a unanimous decision
and have broken the rules of the game.
[ink packs go off repeatedly]
[players gasp and exclaim]
- Player 098, eliminated.
- Oh my God.
Player 166, eliminated.
Oh my God.
Player 170, eliminated.
Player 328, eliminated.
098 just got those other three eliminated.
See? It's good we're at the back, girl,
otherwise we could have been killed.
[counter chimes and beeps]
[players exclaim sadly]
[Kyle] Well, there's 40 more thousand.
[automated voice] Attention, players.
Will the next four players
at the front of each line
please step forward?
Next in line?
[scoffs] That's f
Whatever you do, do not get umbrella.
Dude, do not settle for umbrella, bro.
Don't go for the umbrella.
Do not go for the umbrella.
Say, "We gotta make it fair,
or we're all gonna die."
It's the only way,
or they're all gonna die.
[automated voice] Attention, players.
The player at the front of each line
should now follow the staff
into the game hall.
That's players 454, 378,
321, and 288
to follow the staff into the game hall.
[doors whirring]
No matter how hard they fight
to get a different shape,
stay on our number.
Let's go, Deandre! Let's go, Deandre!
[woman] Stay strong.
[man] Let's go, Kevin. Let's go!
[cheering and applauding]
Dude, this is sickening.
It It won't get back here, right?
- I kind of hope it does.
- [Trey chuckles]
[intriguing music plays]
[doors whirring]
[sighs] Okay. In the room.
This is it.
[musical swell plays and intensifies]
[clock beeps]
[man 378] So how are we gonna do this?
Are you guys okay with a race?
There to there. You just pick your shape.
- [454] I think it's Okay.
- Guys, do it quick, let's do it quick.
Oh gosh.
[mixed cheering and jeering]
- [378] Three, two, one, go!
- [454] Wait, that doesn't
I got it.
I got this, I got this.
[man] He moved to triangle!
Get back over there, Kevin.
Get back over there!
We're all gonna die
if you don't pick that shape.
- I'm ready to die.
- The game is to agree.
- [321] I'll die.
- I'm ready to die.
- I'll die then.
- I'm gonna die.
The game is to agree, guys.
Your team is gonna hate you
if you don't pick a shape.
Just pick a shape.
Just go with it. Have faith.
Go with the umbrella, and we're all in.
- I'm not doing it.
- I'm not going there. I was line one.
- I was supposed to have first choice.
- [321] We all gonna go.
- You guys, the game is to agree.
- Bro, bro.
- We got 13 seconds. 12, 10
- Twelve seconds, just pick it!
It makes no sense if you I'm not moving!
[ominous closing theme music plays]
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