SS-GB (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 The Germans seem damn close to producing an atomic bomb.
We have no option but to go in and raid Bringle Sands.
Still, we can sabotage the rest.
You want me to get the King to Bringle Sands? An American plane will fly His Majesty out to the Ark Royal but only if we can get the King there in time.
These are the atomic calculations.
Spode photographed them.
You're the safer pair of hands to get it to America.
Bernard Staines is dead.
Beaten to death from what I can tell.
What should we do? If he was tortured, if he talked?! I want you to stand ready to get out, as soon as I get Barbara Barga to you.
So Harry's right, you are up to something.
- - Tomorrow morning you will be ready? - For Bluejacket? - Yes.
You will come to the back of the hospital, an ambulance is waiting.
The army will help you this one time.
Barbara? [DOOR CLOSES] He's got the whole floor to himself, apparently.
You ever thought this could all just be a set up? Only every five minutes.
Come on.
Your Majesty.
[HE GASPS] [HE GROANS] Archer? Morphine, for when the pain is too much.
All right.
Are you all right, sir? Good luck, Archer.
God save the King.
[GEARS GRIND] [GRINDING CONTINUES] Are you all right, Doug? The clutch is going, I can't get it into gear.
That's all we bloody need.
Where's the nearest garage? [GEARS GRIND] Not near enough.
Have you thought, if we do pull this off and he gets to America, what the world will think of him? Well, you can't tell me the Germans didn't know what they were doing, handing him over.
We've got our work cut out to get there in time for the plane.
Wait here.
[BANGING ON DOOR] [DOOR OPENS] - Hello? - Sylvia? Is the block warden listening? - Yes.
- Ignore the bastard.
I'm sorry I had to have him get you, but I need your help.
Well, that would be quite delightful.
I don't know what is keeping Superintendent Archer.
But I know he's a friend of yours and I rather hoped he could help us here.
Exactly why am I being held here? That's obvious for your own protection.
I'd rather be in the protection of the American Embassy.
The problem is you haven't behaved in accordance with our agreement with your government specifically in your contacts with so-called Resistance fighters.
I am a neutral journalist, following a story.
My country is not at war with yours.
I do not believe you are simply a journalist, Miss Barga.
I think you are also an agent who wants to lure America into conflict with the Reich.
You're worrying about nothing.
Pick up any American newspaper and you'll see.
"No War Talk Here" that's the mantra and, frankly, I'm ashamed.
I prefer honesty to pretence.
That doesn't make me a spy.
That makes you a challenge.
Look, I'm telling you, I don't know anything.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Well done.
Good to see you.
Glad you're all right, Harry.
Thanks for bringing the car.
You can find your own way back? I don't understand.
It's not really safe for you to be with us.
Or to know about this.
So it's him, George.
I thought wrong of you, Doug.
Your Majesty.
Sylvia, we've got to get going.
Well, let me come with you.
He needs looking after and there's nothing for me here, Doug.
You know that.
Let's not stand around here.
Come on.
I don't know what is going on between Herr Doktor Huth and Superintendent Archer, but I think you may be able to shed some light on it.
My government doesn't like its citizens being tortured.
I'm afraid they will never know, my dear.
But if you answer my questions, we won't have to engage one another in such horrors.
Why did you burn the piece of film at your house? What images did it contain? I really don't want our friend here to damage such fragrant skin.
So, I repeat What was in the images you destroyed? Answer me! [PHONE RINGS] Ja? Kellermann.
They're checking identity papers.
We can still turn round.
No, it's too late.
You and Sylvia get out and walk.
Take that corner, I'll meet you further round.
I'll distract them.
That's an order.
Come on, we can pretend to be lovers.
Don't get carried away.
Back in a minute, Georgie.
Sorry about the "Georgie", sir.
Come on! Move! [HE HONKS THE HORN] What's the matter? Thank God.
I thought I'd had it.
We're not out of the building yet.
Have you heard from Douglas Archer? He did ring just to enquire about you.
Since then, nothing.
But whether he gets the King out or not, the raid is on.
Things are going to hot up.
The terms of your release are immediate deportation.
You're to be kept under armed guard at the Ambassador's Residence until you can be escorted straight to the aeroplane and flown back to Washington.
[PHONE RINGS] Kellermann.
[PHONE RINGS] Well, that was a relief.
Look, sir.
It's England.
Your land.
It's Hampshire, sir.
I know a Hampshire song.
I bet you do.
Go on, Harry.
Really? - Yeah.
Well, once I courted a pretty girl I courted her quite well Her name was Kitty-mariga Maria, And mine was Bobby Wells One night when I was courting her Her father he came home He says if I - - [TYRE EXPLODES] [AIR HISSES] Two hours to get the King to Bringle and we haven't got a bloody jack! We're going to have to stop.
We don't have much choice.
You have a hunt around.
There must be a jack somewhere.
I need your help, I've not done this before.
Hold that.
George, I'm going to give you an injection for the pain.
It will make you feel better.
Thank you.
They mustn't see him.
Hello! We hope you don't mind.
We didn't want to disturb you.
We'll be on our way as soon as we've fixed this.
Where are you heading? Visiting friends near Dorchester.
Pal of ours isn't in the best of health.
Have you got some water? You all want to come in? We don't want to be any trouble.
Come through.
Thank you.
Better it should happen now, what with the light fading.
What's wrong with your friend? Just a touch of influenza, it's worse with old age.
Of course.
Friends in Dorchester? You come from London? Yes, but it's good to get out.
We've had some real pea soupers recently.
It's great to breathe again, isn't it? I'm David.
This is my wife, Margaret.
I'm Frank.
- Are you married? - No.
- No.
Ah, there you are.
That's David's brother.
Give us a hand, will you? Get some water from the well.
Sit yourselves down.
- Margaret, make some tea.
- Yeah.
Do you want to see if your friends want some? Well, we wouldn't want you to waste your rations on us.
No problem.
"Times like these.
" "Fellow man" and all that.
[SHE SCREAMS] [GUNSHOT] [GUNSHOT] I heard the shots.
What was all that about? They're bloody collaborators.
I thought their shelves were a little too well stocked.
Whoever it was was about to alert a German patrol that we're here and they'd have arrived before we had time to change that tyre.
- How long do you need? - The spare's flat.
We'll take their car.
Get ready to move the passenger, we can't stay here.
What have you done?! Are there any other weapons? - I've checked.
- Did you hurt him? Handcuff her ankle to his wrist.
You hand out the food vouchers and the mail from the POW camps, yes? Someone has to do it! Spying on villagers in return for a comfortable life? Where are the car keys? Where are the car keys?! We have to go, come on.
You did what you had to, Doug.
Sir Well, as far as I can tell, we're here.
The airfield near the atomic research centre.
Shame nobody else is.
Burnham? Archer? Got anywhere warm we can take our guest? The best we can offer is brandy and pheasant.
Any contact from Colonel Mayhew? Still waiting.
Any moment now, one hopes.
All right.
Most of the Auxiliary Units got blotted out in the first two weeks after the invasion, so Mayhew ordered the Resistance to hold fire.
Live to fight another day.
But the game's all up now, or will be.
All we get are rumours.
Can you tell us what's going on, sir? For men, risking their lives do we have a hope? A lot hinges on tonight.
Everything, I'd say.
Sir, it's Colonel Mayhew.
We'll need a stretcher, if you have one.
Archer here.
- Do you have Bluejacket? - Yes.
Good man.
We're on the other side of the airfield, by the old control tower.
Best come as quickly as you can.
Let's get Bluejacket on his way.
What about the raid on the atomic research centre? It's imminent.
We're on schedule.
All right, let's go.
Operation's a go.
Where the hell is the plane? Come on, Doug.
Can't hang about.
You've got 20 minutes to get to Bringle, Danny.
I'll join you as soon as the King is dispatched.
Here's to merry hell.
Is everything all right? Have you made contact yet? Yes.
They're on their way.
Well, there's the old control tower.
But where's Mayhew and the plane? - Get the stretcher, Harry.
- Yeah.
[HE MOANS] Sylvia? Mayhew? Mayhew! Incoming! German attack! [GUNSHOTS AND SHOUTING] Get the King out of here! It's a trap! Go! Harry! Sylvia, just go! Go! [ENGINE SPLUTTERS] [ENGINE SPLUTTERS] [HE GRUNTS] [HE SPEAKS GERMAN] By what route were the scientists to get to the plane? Get an army officer here and I'll answer.
You're awake.
You know, you are the only man here who could appreciate this place.
Actually, I'm not all that up on Georgian architecture.
Follow me.
The Georgian part the facade and one wing is from 1796.
Actually, this house is mainly Elizabethan.
I spent a few happy weekends here when I was up at Oxford.
And then I looked over the wall as we were passing and here it was.
Tobias Trotter.
A genial fellow, presumably dead now.
His sister was a beauty, raven-haired and a little wild.
Late one night, she showed me their priest hole.
[LOCK CLICKS] Catholics, you see.
And being good Catholics they put it to good use.
Let us find something we can drink this out of.
You know, when I saw the old man's body in the car, I thought it must be Professor Frick.
It was only when I saw you lying there that I realised who it was.
And who was the girl? Sylvia.
I had no idea you were still But then it turns out I am easily deceived.
Mayhew played me like a fool.
I didn't know you knew him.
I had him squirming on the hook within days of arriving here.
I had a spy in the court of Von Ruff who reported their assignations.
I know.
Mayhew is a master.
He had me believing I had him in the vice.
Confessed to a plot to fly the top scientists out of Bringle Sands to America.
What made you believe he'd betray his own people? That's where he was clever.
He said it was doomed to failure anyway, so he made a deal where he could hang on to most of his family's textile business in the north.
Selfishness is a motive I fully embrace.
He lied.
And I was duped.
So you came down here to prevent the escape of the scientists.
Be the hero of the hour.
And all along, Mayhew just wanted me to cause a distraction while the real attack was launched.
I didn't see that coming.
Americans? If anyone can make this bomb work, it's them.
Especially now with the research from Bringle.
It was Mayhew who killed Spode.
It was him who burned the papers.
He just didn't want the Americans to get the calculations too easily.
He wanted them to fight for it.
And to destroy any of the work that was completed at Bringle Sands.
Yes, of course.
Although perhaps he misjudged how important Spode's calculations were.
Their absence will cost the Americans time.
It didn't take Kellermann long to seize his moment.
[RADIO CHATTER IN GERMAN] Firing squads everywhere.
13 men shot in Swanage.
27 in East Lulworth.
They're punishing villages for harbouring Resistance, whether they have or not.
I wonder if the price is worth paying in Mayhew's book.
Any news on him? But Kellermann is close.
What do you expect me to do? Run? I'm a lost cause.
Kellermann will use me as a scapegoat, twist things against me.
Can you believe he has already implied I was involved in the Karl Marx bomb? He'll keep his job and get rid of me.
We were all playing for high stakes.
But you, you still have a chance.
Arrest me, Archer, for when Kellermann arrives.
I'll wager he has no proof you helped the King escape.
You can be a hero, too.
Do it.
You have a son to live for.
All I have is a father I hate.
The pig has won.
So have the army.
They can use the attack as a pretext for martial law across the entire occupied region now.
But the real winner is Mayhew.
He got the Americans fighting.
They've tasted blood, and mark my words, they will build this bomb and the Reich will be finished.
Mayhew's only false step was allowing the King to get caught up in it.
That wasn't an accident.
The King was never meant to escape.
He was infirm.
He would have cut a pathetic figure in Washington or anywhere else.
Britain would have looked washed up.
Instead he dies a hero, in the same operation as brave Americans.
I bet in the next few days, the Queen and the Princesses will be on a ship from New Zealand for Washington to represent us.
That's the way Mayhew works.
The long game.
Well then, with men like that, how did you ever lose the war? Perhaps we didn't.
Just the battle.
Does your son want to be a policeman? Yes.
Yes, he does.
But on a motorcycle.
You are lucky, Archer.
Keep him out of this lousy business.
Your last chance, Douglas.
Think of him.
Priest hole.
That fool Kellermann wouldn't even know what one was.
Where am I? Sorry, old pal.
You had a nasty little bullet down there that we took a dislike to.
How did I get here? You're the only survivor we found.
It was a bloodbath.
What about Douglas Archer? No sign of him.
Now, you rest.
39 men unaccounted for.
64 walking wounded, 8 serious casualties.
They're still compiling the list of Bringle personnel they now have on the ship with them.
Reporting the facility as totally destroyed.
Yes! Good.
What about the data? Incomplete.
Your flight's soon.
I don't think you'll be welcomed back in Miss Barga? Miss Barga! What are you doing?