Stan Lee's Lucky Man (2016) s02e04 Episode Script

The Trojan Horse

1 Harry? You know, I was actually quite nervous about meeting you, Harry, but I suppose this has broken the ice, eh? (CHUCKLES) I saw the bracelet on her wrist, Harry.
Did she get to you? Is that it? Do you get lucky together? Well, she's fun, at least.
Come on, Rich, I did what you asked, I kept my distance.
And yet here you are.
Cos I miss you.
I miss my brother.
Steve won't be running anything.
He's been reduced to the rank of detective constable with immediate effect.
There's a second bracelet and I know the woman who wears it.
She's stronger than he is.
That selfish little bitch just sabotaged your life.
- Right now, I don't care.
- But you will.
I had two children.
Two beautiful baby girls.
Dead, because of her.
Bastard! Bastard! - It's what you've always wanted.
- Harry, she'll hurt you.
He knows you're my torch.
He knows all the lies you told.
- Harry, I - She's right.
You got what you want from me.
You have to start trusting me.
You have to.
I know a shortcut.
You know, I thought this was a shortcut.
Really? Get your hands up! Both of you! Come on, put your hands up! Get out my way! - Move! - I've danced with the devil.
What? I'm not scared, pal, but I know you are.
Eurgh! Now, what shall we do with him? (SIREN WAILS) Fortune is a fickle friend Here today and then gone again A good time girl, when it hurts Is nowhere to be found Ha, ha, ha, ha She's laughing in your face When you think that you've got it made Patient with your life Now careful with your pride Hold tight This could be a wild ride It could be a late night Who's gonna end up as the underdog? And who's gonna be the lucky one? Why did you give me that knife? To kill Golding, of course.
It was what you'd always wanted.
Why would you help me? Because I'm your friend.
(SIGHS) It's a wonderful feeling, revenge.
I'm sorry you missed out on it.
To see what it felt like to be like me for a day.
To be corrupt? To hurt? To feel trapped and know that you can never escape.
I didn't kill your girls.
Yes, you did.
I tried to warn you over and over and you wouldn't listen.
As soon as you put this on me, you dug their graves.
It was inevitable.
Just like it is for Harry.
This bracelet will drag him down.
- I won't let it.
- How? If you warn him or tell him the truth he will never forgive you.
I miss you sometimes.
I dream of how we used to be.
And then I wake up and I imagine cutting out your eyes.
- (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - (POLICE RADIO CHATTER) A prototype driverless car it was being taken on a public test drive at a launch event yesterday when it went out of control and drove into the water.
The future, and it ends up in the Thames.
Bloody sat navs.
Who's the deceased? Mary Wells, the wife of the car's developer, Davey Wells.
And why are we here? It's an accident, eh? The Health and Safety Inspectorate spotted this and called us.
The barrier where the car went in could have been weakened beforehand.
Or it could be a coincidence.
VIDEO: We are leaders in the field of driverless technology.
This is a compilation of mobile footage taken at the launch of the driverless car.
That's Davey Wells.
Now, who better to join me on this, the first public test drive of our completely autonomous vehicle, than my beautiful wife, Mary? (APPLAUSE) The car's complex computer and sensory system allows the car to navigate itself.
Ah, there he is taking the deceased, Mary Wells, for a joy ride.
Any footage of when things start to go wrong? Hmm.
So, he takes a call at the exact moment the car malfunctions.
- Another coincidence? - Could be.
- Oh, God.
- (SCREAMING) Bloody hell! See if Digital Forensics can trace the call.
Will do.
So, who is she? - Who? What? - The woman whose perfume you stink of.
No idea what you're on about.
Where was Davey Wells when we were fishing his wife out of the dock? Hmm.
Davey Wells is a wealthy entrepreneur, likes to invest in cutting-edge tech companies.
- DI Clayton? - Yes? Lakshi Perera.
I'm Mr.
Wells' head of legal.
- Is he here? - I'm afraid not.
He's not at home, either.
Wells has been through a terrible ordeal.
He's simply in no fit state to answer questions at the moment.
I'm sorry, but you don't get to decide that.
I want a list of all the attendees at the launch - and a schedule for the event.
- I'll see what I can do.
I assume you're carrying out an internal investigation - into the crash.
- Of course.
We're working closely with the company that developed the computer systems.
We'll keep you informed of our progress.
We'll do our own investigation, thanks.
- What's the name of the company? - Spikesy.
They're a tech start-up on Old Street.
I'm DI Clayton.
I'm looking for Rachel Spikes.
That's me.
And you are? - Woody Gilbert.
- He works for me.
- You're in charge? Jeez, I feel old.
- You are old.
Demon Slayer? So this is what you call work? No, it's just for fun.
Is this about the crash? Yes.
When did you last see Davey Wells? - Last week.
- Oh, you weren't at the launch? Davey never has the techies around when the press are involved.
- What went wrong? - Someone died, that's what went wrong.
Did you know Mary Wells? No.
We knew who she was, of course.
Could there have been an error with the programming somewhere? No way.
We spent months testing and retesting everything.
We're going over it all again now.
The car system was working perfectly.
Look, we're gutted about Mary, but you need to understand that our careers are stuffed now, too.
Could someone have hacked the operating system, caused a malfunction? - Unlikely.
- What are the odds? About 75,000 to one.
That's a very precise answer.
I'm interested in the science of probability.
So, what are the odds you could have made a mistake with the coding? - Pretty much zero.
- Pretty much? Well, obviously zero probability is statistically impossible.
This has just been downloaded from the car's black box data recorder.
DAVEY WELLS: Just keep waving and smiling.
MARY WELLS: I am smiling, Davey, but if you keep ordering me about, I'll shove your mobile down your throat.
For God's sake, not today, the investors are watching.
Yeah, yeah, it's always about the bloody investors.
- Trouble in paradise.
- It could just be a row.
Yeah, but why won't he speak to us? Then there's the issue of the call he received just before the crash.
Digital Forensics say it came from an unregistered number, a computer network.
It lasted less than a second, so that could have been the trigger for a hack into the car's operating system.
Someone wants Mary Wells dead and they're at the scene so that they can see when she's in the car alone.
The timing is critical.
We need to search Wells' personal computer.
- Mm.
- We'll need a warrant for that, and I'm not sure we have enough to justify it.
We've got nothing until we talk to Wells.
If he doesn't volunteer himself tomorrow, then we'll look at a warrant.
- Tomorrow! - We tread carefully.
Look into his business dealings.
Let's have some hard evidence to put in front of him when he comes in.
No, come on, I'm leaving.
Documents relating to Davey Wells' business interests.
- I'm not working that case.
- You are now.
- What, just me? Where are you going? - Out.
You look amazing.
I wake up like this.
What are we doing? Something to take my mind off work.
It's been a frustrating day.
(BELL CHIMES) I like this new Harry.
So does Harry.
You shouldn't let people give you the run-around.
Make them do what you want.
It's not how we do it in the force.
No, it's not how they do it.
Come on.
- Yeah, sorry we couldn't help you.
- Thanks.
So, the security man says he's not at home.
Pop in and find out.
I don't have a warrant.
You have the bracelet.
Don't be coy.
I'll show you coy.
(CAR ALARM BLARES) Oi! Oi! What are you doing? Come back! Argh! - (SECURITY GUARD GROANS) - Are you all right there? Yeah, yeah, I think so.
You're right, Miss Perera, he isn't in a fit state to be interviewed.
You can't just go breaking into people's homes.
- Actually, the door was open.
- Where's your warrant, DI Clayton? Why don't we have that discussion when you're dressed? Sort of a cliche, isn't it, eh? Cheating on your wife with some woman from the office.
- Nice place.
- Look, I was going to call you tomorrow.
I've been under pressure.
So you're a hypocrite and a liar? - Excuse me? - You wanted Mary dead, didn't you? You callous bastard.
- Get out of my flat! - Were you laughing as she drowned? Ugh! Ah! Why did you go and do that for? Now I'm going to have to arrest you for assaulting a police officer.
Get dressed.
Right, I'm off to interview Wells.
What you got for me? I've been through all of Mary's personal finances and legal files.
- She was about to divorce him.
- Adultery, eh? And she was threatening to pull her investment out of Wells' business.
It would have sunk him.
- I thought he was loaded.
- No, that's all a front.
The wife and the family are propping him up.
They put up the capital.
It's all in here.
All right, so she dies, his investments remain in place.
- Anything else? - Yeah, can I have a coffee? - Cheers.
- So, why were you at Wells' place? Mm-hmm.
Just went round to have a word with him and he assaulted me.
Anyway, it's all good because now we've got - something interesting on our hands.
- What? You wanted Wells' laptop, you've got Wells' laptop.
Shouldn't this be at Digital Forensics? No, they're up to their oxters.
- Their what? - Their oxters.
Northern Irish for armpits.
I'll have a look at it while you're interviewing him if you like.
That'd be great.
- This is all above board, yeah? - Hmm? Oh, come talk to me first if you find anything.
Why? Harry! Oh, shit, sorry, I should have got you a hipster coffee.
Piss off.
I don't think we've got that one in the machine.
I should have hit your smug face when I had the chance.
Bit of a temper on you.
Is that why you killed her? Morning, Harry.
I hope you're not questioning a suspect in the corridor.
Wells, Jonny Hawthorne, your brief.
Please don't say another word.
You're being released immediately.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, we haven't even started yet.
You entered my client's property without a warrant.
- He assaulted me.
- It was self-defence.
He believed you to be an intruder - and there's also the issue of his laptop.
- What laptop? Miss Perera, who I believe was with Mr.
Wells at the time, has reported it missing.
It's nothing personal, Harry, just doing my job.
Thanks, Jonny.
He assaulted me.
He did! And even if he hadn't, we have a murder case here and he was hiding from us.
He wasn't sick so why is he lying? Oh, right.
And what's all this about his laptop? Search me.
I will, if it doesn't find its way back to him.
Well? - I didn't lie to you.
- No, you just didn't tell me the truth.
What if Winter had seen me? I'd have taken full responsibility, you know that.
- Did you find anything? - No, I can't break the encryption.
It's way too sophisticated.
Where are you going now? To see a girl about a dog.
ANNOUNCEMENT: There is a good service on all lines.
Don't do it, man.
Life's not so bad.
Thanks for the reminder.
Why me? Because you've got a double first in maths and computer science, you won a European programming competition at the age of 18.
Wow, Grandad can google.
Busy saving lives, kid.
And I'm trying to change the world.
With driverless cars? No.
Pure code.
It It's like poetry.
I've been developing something called Leveller since I was at school cos I want life to be fairer for everyone.
- What is it? - An app.
It utilises a new AI compute engine.
It runs millions of personal algorithms simultaneously.
Stop the tube, I want to get off.
It's like having a lawyer, a doctor, a life coach, or a personal trainer in your pocket and available 24/7, yeah? So you eliminate risk.
You can't ever eliminate risk.
That goes against all the laws of probability, but you can even things out.
Right, so I could have used it to weigh up the risk of giving you Wells' laptop, - for example? - Exactly.
And what would it have advised me? It would have said if anyone can break the encryption, Spikesy can.
I need it back within an hour so they don't miss it.
Can you do that? Probably.
This station is Moorgate.
Harry, you need to hear me out.
Please listen.
Please! I've nothing to say to you.
I realise you deserve to know, but let me explain why I didn't tell you I'm Isabella's torch.
She's my best friend.
I thought if I gave her the bracelet, it would make her life perfect.
But she wouldn't stop the holidays, the perfect man, these lottery wins and these two beautiful little girls.
I was standing by the side of a road and the car exploded.
It's just all that luck, win after win, there had to be a payback.
She blames me, of course.
- She's right.
- Did you warn her? Yes, of course I did.
- I'm sorry.
- Why are you telling me this, eh? - Why? - I am so sorry for what I've done.
You can use it for good things.
You have a chance, as long as you stay away from Isabella.
- You said this was a gift, not a curse.
- She has a black heart.
She will suck you down with her.
She's Believe me, she She's a monster.
She's the monster? Why do you think nothing bad has happened to you ever since you met her? Like All this luck and, and Daisy and Anna are totally fine, it's because she is the worst luck that could ever happen to you.
I promise you, Harry.
I promise.
So? The car systems were hacked by uploading a Trojan into its ECU.
- A what into a what? - A type of virus into the main computer inside the vehicle.
- How? - Bluetooth.
The call to Davey's mobile must have triggered the upload.
And that could only have been done by somebody at the event? The call could have been triggered from anywhere, but someone must have had eyes on the event in order to know when to pull that trigger.
Thanks, I appreciate it.
Listen, I need you to send me the relevant files anonymously.
Make the e-mail look like a tip-off from a hacker.
We have motive.
His company was in trouble, his wife was about to pull the plug and now we have firm evidence that he hacked the car.
Where's the evidence from? - A tip-off.
- The source? - Anonymous.
- Anonymous? And we still have a missing laptop.
Is that a coincidence? It'd be a hell of a gamble, wouldn't it, if an officer relied on information from a stolen computer? Risk destroying the case completely, wouldn't it? I would like to re-arrest Davey Wells.
- May I? - No, Harry.
I want the information in this anonymous tip-off run by Digital Forensics.
We're going to do this right this time.
So, when Forensics check the tip-off, what do they find? The source is sound, Suri.
How can you be sure if it's anonymous? Because it's Rachel Spikes.
- The girls' a bloody genius.
- Rachel? How do you know you can trust her? Because she's got as much to lose from the car crash as anyone.
- How can you be sure? - I trust the odds.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) - All right? - Yep.
- What's up? - Nothing.
- SURI: Goodnight there.
- Goodnight.
So, this is very nice.
A bit unusual.
Well I had the chance to go home and proof-read a community crime review paper or find out the truth about you.
- How do you mean? - Are you gambling again? No, I haven't been near a casino in months.
The racetrack, then.
I swear.
You're on something and I'm not the only one to notice.
- I'm worried about you.
- Well, there's no need.
Life is good.
I met someone.
- Really? - Do you want details? Absolutely not.
What about you? You seeing anyone? No, I didn't get back into the whole dating thing.
You want to get yourself back onto the market, mate.
You want to get yourself back on a 12-step programme, Harry.
Now, I can ask you as a friend or I'll order you as your boss.
- I'll threaten you if you like.
- No! I'm just OK, thanks.
(PHONE VIBRATES) - Erm, I should respond to that.
- Sure.
DAVEY WELLS: I need Leveller! - We've got to launch now.
- It's not ready.
It doesn't matter.
We've got to launch now to stay in the game.
- It's not a game to me.
You can't have it.
- It is mine! This office belongs to me! Leveller belongs to me! I own you! - Dig in there.
- Thanks.
It's not a commodity.
It's a work of art! Don't you give me that pretentious bollocks! I'm about to go bankrupt.
- Leave her alone! - It's all right, Woody.
- No, it's not all right.
- Leave her alone.
- Get out.
- Woody, I can handle this.
Get out now, you're fired! Woody! What was all that about? - I was trying to protect you.
- Well, don't.
What? (SCOFFS) You may be scared of him, Rachel, but I'm not.
- Wells! Wells! - Woody, no! - Do you think I was joking? Get out! - (ELECTRICITY CRACKLING) (GLASS SHATTERS) - Aaargh! - (LOUD THUD) Woody! Woody! (BREATHING SHAKILY) I (POLICE RADIO CHATTER) - I told you, he just ran.
- Great, thanks.
That was Orwell.
No sign of Woody at his address.
Is this room covered by CCTV? - No.
- (SARCASTICALLY) Jeez, high-tech.
Why would Woody throw Davey Wells out of a window? What was your relationship with him? - Me and Woody? Are you serious? - Be honest.
We had a one-night stand about a year ago after a night on the lash.
- It meant nothing.
- I think it meant something to him.
What's Leveller? Something Rachel's developing.
- And you didn't tell me? - Oh, it was just chat.
- Why, are you jealous? - Ha, yeah, jealous, that's what I am.
Woody Gilbert's been circulated and flagged.
We're looking into all previous known addresses.
- Great.
- Have you spoken to his family? Er, mother hasn't seen him in months, no siblings.
Friends? As far as we can establish, he doesn't have any.
Suri Huh? As if anyone tells me anything.
So, how's Woody feeling right now? Well, distressed.
He'll be trying to block it all out, but he's an obsessive.
OK, so what's his addiction? Drink? Drugs? Porn? Gaming.
He'll be locked in some virtual reality fantasy world, fighting off armoured goblins.
If we had an online ID, we could trace it.
- Really? - Mmm.
Try Demon Slayer.
We've got a trace on Demon Slayer.
City View Hotel, Bethnal Green Station.
Suri? Where's Suri? You'll have to do.
(SARCASTICALLY) Wow, thank you.
All right, OK.
Manager says he's definitely in, room 119.
Are you sure it's him? Apparently he checked in under his own name.
This is not a criminal mastermind we're dealing with.
(CHATTER IN NATIVE LANGUAGE) (GUNFIRE ON LAPTOP) Did your mummy not tell you you'll go blind? Ha.
(PHONE BUZZES) Hi, this is Harry Clayton.
Please leave a message.
Did you really think this would win Rachel round? I love her.
She doesn't love me.
I'm OK with that.
You're a frustrated and angry young man.
You sabotaged the vehicle and murdered Mary Wells.
I didn't do that.
- Woody - Well, it was an accident, wasn't it? You wanted to kill Davey Wells so you tried again.
- You pushed him through the window.
- He fell! I was nowhere near him.
Two murders.
You must really love her.
- (KNOCK AT DOOR) - A word, both of you.
You again.
I've just got a few more questions.
Fire away.
I've seen Davey Wells' laptop, the one you decrypted for Harry.
I've no idea what you're on about.
A virtual machine was running another operating system and routing all traffic through an anonymous VPN.
So? Hackers do it all the time to hide their identity.
Wells wouldn't have had the skills to do that.
Yeah, but Woody did.
He must have reverse-engineered the whole thing to make it look like Wells.
The syslog was reprogrammed the day after the car crashed.
After Harry gave it to you to look at.
We've just been e-mailed CCTV footage of Wells' death.
- I thought there wasn't a camera.
- It's from an adjacent office.
It was knocked in the wrong direction.
It was pointing through the window.
It's quite a coincidence.
- So, the light blows, he falls back.
- So, Woody was nowhere near him.
It was just an accident.
Just pure bad luck.
What time was that recorded? He fell at exactly 9:31.
- (PHONE BUZZES) - Oh, sorry.
Can we see that again, please? Just in PHONE: You have one new message.
SURI: Harry, meet me at Spikesy's as soon as you can.
I may have evidence that Rachel tampered with the data.
I'm driving there now.
OK, Steve, we can release Woody Gilbert now.
Suri? - (DISTANT) Hello? - S Suri! - Hello? - Suri, you OK? - I'm fine.
- Hold up.
- Has she gone? - Who gone? It was her that planted the evidence for the hack.
- How do you know that? - I copied the contents of Wells' computer.
- The data was doctored.
- You did what? Well, you were so obsessed with her, convinced she was in the clear, someone had to cover your arse.
If Winter found out that you had stolen evidence You do it, stuff like that all the time.
Yeah, but I do it so you don't have to.
God - Y-You don't want to turn into me.
- Why not? That is a question you can only answer with a very big drink in your hand.
- I'm sorry.
- Apology accepted.
She's wiped every computer.
Yeah, but I've still got Davey Wells' laptop.
Where are you, Rachel? (LAPTOP BLEEPS) Daisy? Dad, you're OK! You're walking.
I know, I know, I know, I'm all right.
- I was so worried about you.
- I'm sure you were.
I'm fine.
Here, do us a favour.
Erm There's a machine up there.
Go and get me a black coffee, please.
We'll catch up, OK? Hmm.
You look a mess.
- Did you tell Daisy what happened? - Not all the details.
Great, I'll tell her Jonny tried to kill me.
Don't you bloody dare! - Where are you going to live? - I'll be fine.
Listen, thanks for coming.
I'm sorry, I've got to dash.
This case is Yeah.
- What? - What? - You know something? - No.
Anna I I can't.
Listen, someone just tried to kill me and they're still out there.
OK, I know Jonny's been working with Lakshi Perera.
Yeah, Wells' head of legal.
So she said that Rachel Spikes came to see her yesterday.
Apparently, Rachel's locked into this contract where Wells owned all her intellectual property for the next 30 years.
Yeah, I know, I know Wells owned Spikesy Business.
No, it's more than that.
Basically, he owned Rachel Spikes herself, including every brilliant idea she might come up with.
So why is she going to see Lakshi Perera? Apparently she thought his death would get her out of the contract.
And did it? No, of course not.
The contract's with the company, not with the individual.
- She's trapped.
- Yeah.
Come on, slowcoach.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
- Harry! - What? It's nothing.
I'll rest when we catch her.
What have we got? She's vanished into thin air.
Chances are she's trying to flee the country.
Two things this just came in from Lakshi Perera.
It's the attendees and the schedule from the car launch.
Better late than never.
And the council got back and confirmed that the barrier was broken prior to the crash taking place.
So it was just bad luck.
Leveller is her only love.
It's her baby.
Now she knows that Davey Wells' death makes no difference to her situation, she's going to want to hide it away forever, destroy it.
We find Leveller, we find her.
- And how about me? - We're good.
Cos I can do more than just trawl paperwork.
- Course you can.
- We're good.
I took the demotion, I took the stick, I kept my head down, did what I was asked.
- You want to be transferred? - I'm not trusted.
I think a fresh start would be best for everyone.
She used you, Woody.
She tried to blame you.
She said you created this Trojan.
Where's Leveller? On a hard drive, locked away somewhere so Wells could never get it.
Any idea where she hid? A deposit box somewhere.
Is there anything else you want to tell us? The coding in this Trojan parts of it are the same as Leveller.
See, code is like handwriting, everyone has their own style.
So, if we find Leveller, we'll have the evidence to connect Rachel to the car hack? An expert could see the same person created both.
Did she say anything else about the deposit box? Nothing.
Leveller's her baby.
She'd go and check on it from time to time, pop out at lunch just to make sure it was safe.
She's not going to share something like that with me, is she? How many deposit boxes do you think there are in London? Well, Woody said she'd check on Leveller at lunch time so that's an hour 30 minutes each way.
Less than that.
She'll have spent ten minutes in there, minimum.
Yeah, good.
So, 25 minutes each way, but by taxi or on foot? I bet she walked.
Yeah, so google the nearest one, see what comes up.
Yeah, right.
How lucky do you think we are? Right, the nearest vault is at 140 Baker's Row.
She's definitely in there.
Security have confirmed it.
- I can't believe it.
- Check round the back, I don't want her to slip out through any side entrance.
Going somewhere? I weighed up the odds on how best to do the right thing.
I've seen the schedule.
The event was running behind time.
I think the car was supposed to be empty when you triggered the hack.
You didn't mean to kill anyone, did you? I just wanted to ruin his business.
Because of Leveller? Wells was going to sell it to anyone.
It was meant to change the world.
I had to do something.
- You understand that, don't you, Harry? - I do.
- Is it in there? - Yeah.
You know by now, outside will be swarming with cops.
I really have run out of options, haven't I? Well It's amazing what you can buy on the dark web.
You can get Semtex delivered to your door within 24 hours.
I'm blowing myself up and I'm taking Leveller with me.
I'm not leaving you.
In this confined space, the charge from this explosive will destroy everything in here.
Show me Leveller.
What if I told you I could open that safe? - You don't know the combination.
- I'll guess.
This is a six-figure number.
The odds on guessing it first time are 1,890,787,499 to one.
If I get it right, you let me see it.
If I don't, we'll die here together.
- You're insane.
- No.
I'm just a gambling addict who needs to get back on the 12-step programme.
One chance.
One chance.
(LOCK CLICKS) (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) That's completely impossible.
How did you do that? Statistically, nothing is ever completely impossible, remember? - No! No, no! No! No! - (DEVICE BEEPS) - No! No! - (HARRY SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) - Go.
Go over there.
- (SHE CRIES) (GRUNTS) (SHE WAILS) (LOUD BANG) (HIGH-PITCHED BEEP) (SHE SOBS) Rachel Spikes, I'm arresting you for the murder of Mary Wells.
You don't have to say anything (CONTINUES INAUDIBLY) (KNOCK AT DOOR) (RICH SIGHS) What do you want? The flat burned down and I'm going out tonight, I've no other clothes, and you're my size.
(DOOR CLOSES) Don't touch my pants.
(JAZZ MUSIC PLAYS) You're so quiet.
- Don't you like jazz? - Hmm.
- You know that guy whose house we went to? - Who? Davey Wells, the one I told you about.
Yes, the one that was messing you around.
- He died in an accident.
- Did he? He fell out of a window.
Oh, that's unfortunate.
It happened about the same time you sent me that text.
Well, I send you lots of texts.
No, the one where you asked me if I wanted to be wicked with you.
Ah, yes.
Your answer was rather boring, I recall.
So, what did you get up to? Very wicked things.
It turns out he was innocent.
He didn't kill anyone.
So, he's innocent.
Purer than the driven snow.
- Not quite.
- No.
So, who cares? - - Classy, beautiful what have you possibly got to complain about? I'm not sure.
- Do I kill people? - Do you? - (HORN BLARES) - Whoa, whoa, Steve! (TYRES SCREECH) Is that a magic bracelet? (HE GASPS) I don't believe in addiction.
It's a choice.
We have no time so go, now.