Star (2016) s02e01 Episode Script

The Winner Takes It All

1 If you love Empire, take a look what happened last season on Star.
I got a plan.
We are starting a girl group.
You want a stage, sparkle.
We're entering to the Atlanta NextFest.
They need to put in the work to make it to the next round.
- Yo, we ain't got a manager.
- You need somebody who is gonna act in your best interests and I would never lie to you.
The winner of the million-dollar contract Big Trouble! It's unlikely that you will walk again.
I'm pregnant.
I think y'all would be really good parents.
But I'll never babysit.
The next time you'll put your hands on a woman I will kill you.
MAN: Background starting at the top.
WOMAN: Back to one.
And action.
(MUSIC PLAYING OVER SPEAKERS) Life gets hard You gave it up Now, baby, why you do it when you do it too much? You want to break me down to build me up But never did I ever think You'd do me like that You want to love me stranded But love doesn't need a hostage It's like I gave too much I don't want to work too hard I ain't thinkin' 'bout you No, no I ain't thinkin 'bout you No, no Now, I make time for what I want to make time for But I ain't got time For what I didn't ask for No energy left for all this Love and war And when you tell me it's not fair So is the way you ain't grown yet Uh, uh You want to love me stranded But love doesn't need an exit No, no, no It's like I gave too much I don't want to work no more I ain't thinkin' 'bout you No, no No, ooh I'm gonna push Yeah, I'm pushing on I'm gonna push, I'm pushing on - (DISCORDANT MUSIC PLAYING) - Push.
Come on, we need you to push this baby out! Yes, yes! - (LAUGHING): Yes! - ROSE: Oh, it's a boy! (BABY CRYING) CARLOTTA: You had a baby boy, Star.
- You got this.
- ARLENE: You're wrong, sister Carlotta.
Move, I got this.
You took my kid, I'm taking yours.
- Clean yourself up.
- No! (PANTING) - You all right? - Yeah, I just keep having these damn dreams.
Girl, you know you went in last night, Star.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Did I? And, you know, I've never done this before with a new artist.
- You legal? - Yeah.
Well, you're like the second dude I've ever been with.
Really? Wow.
I know that's crazy.
Well, I like to get to know my artists on my label pretty intimately.
That's crazy 'cause me and my group have been at your label for five months, and nobody there seems to be trying to get to know us.
Our album is almost done, and every single one of your A&Rs is a ghost.
What's up with that? - Can't keep people around? - I'm looking for an international vibe.
And if you ain't on that "Despacito" overseas sound, - put your clothes on.
- Forget international, man.
We're the best thing you got on the label.
We just won Atlanta NextFest five months ago.
We're a girl group.
Our job is to make an album We did that your job is to give it a drop date and a small tour.
Large mountain to climb.
Shouldn't be too hard.
Listen to this and call me.
I bring me Get mine, 'bout mine, go hard Looking for another like me - Boy, stop - I bring me Whose love is the tightest? Whose kiss is the nicest? - Me - Whose touch is the rightest? I bring me I bring, I bring me.
Carlotta Brown for Lucious.
Bruce, I'm on the damn phone.
(SOBBING) Hello, yes.
Um, Lucious was going to hook me up with one of Empire's top producers and (SCREECHING, SOBBING) Well, just have him call me back.
Thank you.
Would you give that child a piece of candy or something? Please.
Sit your ass still, little girl.
You know my baby's tender-headed, Bruce.
Your baby ain't no damn tender-headed, she nappy-headed, that's what she is.
You just let Janice clock you.
- And you even You just took it.
- (SCOFFS) It is the opening of my foundation.
- Who next? - Bruce, turn this up.
- ARLENE: The Hunter Morgan Foundation.
- Turn up the TV.
ARLENE: Very big day.
I hope that, um, everybody from all the news stations will be there.
REPORTER: It's been five months since the triple-murder of Hunter Morgan, Eva Resendez, and Jahil Rivera.
MISS BRUCE: I miss that little brown come-up.
Still can't believe how it happened.
(HEART BEATING) Imagine somebody walking into your own damn house and then mowing your ass down.
(GUNSHOT, HEARTBEAT STOPS) REPORTER: While Atlanta Police released a statement months ago, authorities are not speaking to the press at this time.
Arlene Morgan, mother of the victim Hunter Morgan, will be hosting a gala for her foundation tomorrow night in honor of her son.
STAR: Did they find out who killed them yet? Not yet.
REPORTER: Four Confederate monuments were taken down - Where you been? - I was out advancing our careers.
Somebody has to.
I was just about to head over to the label and check in with the A&R rep.
So I don't need you to stay out all night advancing nothing.
You wouldn't even know where I was all night if I still had my own house.
No, you mean that dead white boy's house that was rented.
Lying ass.
And wash yours before you sit at that table.
CARLOTTA: Bruce, stop.
I got enough going on with your sister.
I'm fighting to get her back.
I don't need to be worried about you in jail, or God knows what.
I keep having this baby dream.
That's the Lord telling you you need to close your legs.
Just like that.
Now stay.
- (LAUGHS) Stay.
- Dreaming about babies is bad omen.
Dream babies and real babies ain't to be trusted.
Shut up, Bruce.
- STAR: Hey.
- Hey.
- Need some help? - Nah, I'm good.
My mom's coming later.
She wants to help me settle in.
Well, you can come home any time, you know.
Can you hold this? STAR: Moving in with Derek is a big step; it means taking care of him.
Did you love him? Yeah, I loved Hunter.
And it was overrated.
But now my head is in the game.
We're releasing an album.
And, without Hunter, I don't have any distractions.
Derek is not a distraction, okay? Okay.
Well, you have a lot going on.
And you had a miscarriage that you won't even talk about Don't you have to pick Simone up? (INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) (LOCK BUZZES, LATCH CLICKS) Signing out.
Be back by 10:00 p.
, Davis.
Don't make me call the cops.
(LAUGHING): She gonna be calling the cops! - (BOTH GIGGLE) - (SIMONE SQUEALING) Are you high? - No.
- Simone.
- No, I'm not high.
- You're a liar.
I've been in there, I know exactly what goes on in there.
Okay, well, I wouldn't even be be in here if Miss Carlotta didn't have a previous record.
Don't you dare blame Miss Carlotta.
You are in there because you were smoking weed in school like an idiot, stupid.
- She's trying to get you out of there.
- Tell her to try harder.
The foster kid system can't even find me a home.
My plan right now is to get the label to give us a tour.
That way they'll give you a work release to get out of here.
But how? We don't even have a drop date for our album.
I met with the label president last night.
(BOTH LAUGH) - You slept with him.
- (CACKLES) - You slept with him.
- I did not say that.
- Yes, you did, ho.
- No, I didn't.
And I'm admitting it - I won't take it back - You can't do that.
'Cause I did it I was a ho.
(BOTH LAUGH) We had a meeting today.
And just in case you forgot, you are our A&R rep, and you haven't even heard the music.
Fired? So who is our new A&R rep? Mr.
Holland, hey.
It's Carlotta Brown, with Big Trouble.
We're still working on a new name.
You know, Star hand-delivered me that music last night.
And when I tell you she's talented, I mean a talented young lady.
Yeah, I bet you see talent like that every night.
Who? Me I don't do that.
Look, the music ain't that good anyway, all right? - I-I'm looking for a hit.
- Well to be fair about this, we've been working with your producers.
Now, I got some producers out of New York that make nothing but hits.
If you would just let us go up there with them for a couple of weeks, knock this thing out, - we could get this done - Hey, hey, hey, look, look, y'all are all out of time.
They're having a big board meeting tomorrow.
They're trying to get rid of their dead weight.
Okay, so what if we have a hot track for you by tomorrow? Before your meeting.
That could work.
- Okay, well, then you'll have one.
- (STAMMERS) Good luck with that.
I need to bring my interior decorator here.
We could be sitting on lice.
- Mom - Well, we could.
Anyway, I think I packed your velvet hangers.
I'm not sure if I could have put it in this box or Wire hangers are okay, Mom.
Look, I know this is Trump's America, but we still need to have our standards.
I'm very concerned about you.
You're neglecting yourself.
I know this has been a difficult few months with Derek, but you matter, too.
You had a miscarriage.
Can we Can we not? You know, when I first married your father, it was all about him.
His music, his needs.
I thought if I made him happy, I'd be happy, too.
And that thinking drove me to the bottle.
Are you listening to me, darling? Cotton's getting out of prison.
She's having wings over at her place you should come.
Wings? I'll be at the Carlton.
Come by after.
Mom, come on.
All right.
If you want me there, I'm there.
But this house needs to be redone.
It is really MISS BRUCE: Girl, Cotton gonna be mad at me bringing you down here.
She wanted to surprise you.
I ain't got no time for no more of Cotton's surprises.
MISS BRUCE: Don't Cotton stay on some type of stunt? I can't with that girl, honey.
Ain't no telling how she's gonna come out here looking.
MISS BRUCE: Cott! Sorry I couldn't come visit.
Bitch, I wasn't coming back down here.
I got to wash this hair.
- Hey, Mama.
- Hey, baby.
- Girl, how much trade you had in there? - Shut up, Bruce.
Come on, let's get you home.
I ain't used to you being shorter than me.
You ain't got no heels on, ain't got no hair.
Don't flop down in my seat like that.
I'm sorry.
I know this must be very difficult for you.
You have no idea how difficult this is.
- How'd you get a jury record? - Never mind that, sweetheart.
She's killed before.
(SNIFFLES) And I'm not talking about her sister's foster father.
(SNIFFING) - You just call me "sweetheart"? - Excuse me? Did you just call me "sweetheart"? Mama, I'm good.
Go handle your business with the girls.
Them girls will be all right.
I want to get you settled first.
I even bought you some new lipstick.
Keys? To Jahil's car.
I know it's no consolation for missing his memorial service, but it's a piece of him.
(SIGHS) Things ain't been the same without you around here.
Shoot, Bruce driving me batty.
And they took Simone because of my record.
How bad was it? Prison's prison, Mama.
Ain't nothing changed.
(CRIES OUT) - Come on.
- (LAUGHTER) Help! I want to go to the men's side! I know what it's like to be alone in there.
I wasn't alone.
- (LOCK BUZZES) - MAN: Sweet thing.
MAN 2: What up, baby girl? Come get some of this here.
You looking like a snack.
Let me get a bite.
(WOLF WHISTLE) You sure you want to transfer to gen pop? Let's focus on communicating 'Cause I just need the time and place - To come through - Place to come through - GUARD: Welcome home.
- Send me your location Yeah, welcome home.
Let's ride the vibrations I don't need nothing else but you Yeah, God takes care of you wherever you are.
Now, get yourself together so you can make your grand entrance.
A lot of people waiting to see you.
Send me your location Let's ride the vibrations I don't need nothing else but you - Study long, study wrong, baby boy.
- Mm-mm.
- That's one for Bruce? - I got something for you.
I'm just saying, though, think about it.
Two brown people got killed with Hunter Morgan, and just 'cause it's Hunter Morgan, that's the only reason they're still reporting on it.
Yeah, and that's the same thing happened to that young boy out in Chicago, and the news didn't cover that.
- Hey, Unc.
- Hey, baby girl.
- How you doing? - Good.
- Good, good, good.
- Cotton! Cott! - She's here! - Hey, gorgeous.
Cott! She's arrived! (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Yo, nephew, what's this, man? You know I'm not with this, nephew, man.
- I'm going upstairs, man.
- Unc I'm going upstairs.
This Please.
Excuse me! Bye Unc.
STAR: You look good, but you're late, per usual.
Girl, now, you know you can't fight a femme-appointed time.
- Now, move over.
- At least you're consistent.
- What's the tea, Cott? - Girl, oh Oh, I got next.
All we used to do is slap bones in the joint.
Oh, I'm sure you slapped more than one bone, honey.
- STAR: Ew, Bruce.
- (LAUGHTER) - What y'all talking about? - Injustice in America.
You know it.
That's all over for you now, Cott.
I wish.
I got to see my probation officer once a week, drug test, and then I got to pay back Elliot the 20 stacks I stole.
How can he even expect you to get 20 grand? (EXCLAIMS IN SPANISH) Do-Do-Do-Don't take advantage Don't leave my heart damaged (GROANS) A little bit better when you plan it Man, what it feel like not to be able to walk? How it feel to be a freak? Derek.
Where's Simone? I'm sorry.
Here, put a little ranch sauce on it this time.
Ooh God, they're good.
(LAUGHTER) How they been treating you at that place, little girl? Horrible.
Should have never taken you away from Carlotta's.
ROSE: They can do a random drug test on her.
You should not be encouraging that child to smoke.
All you got to do is drink a little coconut water.
She'll be okay.
- Give me oh.
- Get in the house.
Ruby, you lucky you drunk.
I'd bust your ass right now for that.
Hey, you better step back, bitch.
Mom, are you serious? You're eating chicken wings right now? They're so divine.
They are.
Miss Ruby, you really smoking out my sister? You better procreate yourself somewhere else.
You better get out of here, white girl.
- You don't have any old-ass friends? - You better move it! All right.
How am I supposed to get you back if you're smoking weed outside my house? - Okay, I know.
- This is pointless, 'cause she doesn't even care.
Well, so is sleeping with the label president, Star.
- Wait, what? - You heard me.
I'm trying to get an album release date for us so that I can get her a work release from that group home.
That's not how you get respect as a woman in this business, sleeping with some dude that look like Mike Epps.
Oh, my God, he does look like Mike Epps.
Star don't care about no respect.
All she cares about is being famous.
- And what do you care about, Simone? - (LAUGHTER) I'm serious.
Alex, it's not funny.
But it is.
- I'm okay.
- Simone, you're not okay.
Neither are you, ever since Hunter died.
Holland listened to the music.
He said there's not one hit.
That's because they've been putting us with wack-ass producers for months.
Well, we're on the chopping block.
He wants to hear a new song by tomorrow a hit.
- STAR: Okay, so get us some studio time.
- We don't have time for studio time.
We're gonna do this right here, right now.
- Write this thing - Right here? Yeah, write it in the kitchen.
That's right.
Go get a laptop.
- Real funny.
- STAR: I like that.
I got some questions for you.
I need you to come down to the station.
For what? The murder of Hunter Morgan.
Star my old friend.
I miss you.
- I miss Otis.
- Oh, funny girl, huh? - (CHUCKLES) - STAR (ON MONITOR): Watch this! (SHRIEKING) That's some good work.
So why am I here? 'Cause I have someplace to be.
You said he beat you, but the truth is you never reported it.
And now we have a source that's providing evidence that's challenging your veracity.
I know what that is My juvie records are supposed to be sealed.
Yeah, we're able to take a little peek.
And you seem to have a history of violent behavior.
- Since you were 12.
- You know what I have? Every picture of every time that man put his hands on me.
I have every weak-ass text message, too, saying he was sorry.
And the only reason that you haven't seen these photos is because he is dead, and I know he couldn't hurt anybody else.
Every man I've ever known has left me, or worse.
And what I did when I was 12, when I was surviving, that has nothing to do with the fact that that man beat my ass.
How is that for veracity? You can go.
(DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES) (EXHALES) (SNIFFLES) You'd have thought I was gone for ten years the way y'all done messed my books up.
(CHUCKLES) Girl, that's your mama, trying to get her coin.
She got behind on all them bills.
Behind how? She had to mortgage the salon to pay for your lawyer.
Only rock with bad bitches, bad bitches in my circle Nothing but bad bitches, bad bitches - You guys hear me? - Yeah.
I think I found the perfect name for the song.
"Bad Bish.
" "Bish"? Are you saying "bish"? - Yeah, "bish.
" - Really? Yeah, it's like, it's "bitch," - but with a "sh," like, shh.
- STAR: Simone.
I know what it's supposed to mean.
- Like "Shh.
" - STAR: I think it's Shh! I think it's corny.
Well, how about you come up with a suggestion, then, smartass? How about, uh, "Bitch"? Just the regular word? The way it is? Okay, can we use our adult voices? I mean, who cares what it's called? Let's just finish the record.
SIMONE: You have us working in here like there's no child labor laws.
Simone, we're in a girl group.
This is what we do.
- Oh, I can't take this.
- Something's wrong with the song.
We got to speed it up or something.
Can we try 120 BPM? Alex, why are you back on that damn phone? Don't you know how important this is? - Because I have to call Derek.
- That boy's a distraction.
Don't start.
I really don't need that from you.
Okay, maybe we can come in faster with the drums, Anthony.
Or maybe if Star wasn't so fast with the label president, we wouldn't be in this position in the first place.
At least I was trying to do something to get us ahead.
- Come on, y'all.
- ALEXANDRA: And look at you.
You're on your phone now, huh? I'm on my phone telling Cotton, "No, we can't go out tonight, because we are in the studio working.
" - Okay.
- Give me the phone.
Come on.
Don't say nothing weird or embarrassing, or - (PHONE BEEPS) - We 'bout it, 'bout it tonight.
- Definitely coming thoo.
- STAR: You're doing that on purpose.
- It's gonna be lit.
- (LAUGHS) Okay.
Come on, y'all need to go out.
Y'all done hit a wall.
Go have some fun.
Get-get inspired.
Me and your mother always used to do it.
I mean, you heard the lady, let's get "lit.
" - CARLOTTA: You ain't going nowhere.
- (GROANS) - You got a curfew.
- Great.
Guess I'm-a go out with yo' ass.
(BOTH LAUGH) Yeah, I know, it's our first night, I'm sorry.
No, don't be sorry.
You got to finish your song.
Can you hurry home tonight? 'Cause I was thinking of trying some physical therapy.
- Oh, were you? - Yes, I was.
Okay, well, I'm definitely gonna hurry home.
(QUIETLY): This bitch - Okay, I love you.
- I love you, too.
(PHONE BEEPS) Back it up, back it up, back it up I tell all my rake it up Rake it, rake it, break it down Back it up, back it up, back it up Back it up, back it up Rake it up, rake it up Back it up, back it up Rake it up, rake it up - Oh, I know who that is.
- Back up.
(LAUGHTER) I'm white, not see-through.
- That's Noah Brooks.
- Yeah, his boy just pushed me.
(BOTH LAUGH) Look, this is about the only club he can get it popping at after he got arrested.
Ignore them.
Have you ever heard his first album? My dad said it was like if Maxwell and Marvin had a baby.
- DALLAS: It was hot.
- It had five hits out the gate.
- Did he produce that, too? - Yep.
You got that song we've been working on? - Yes, why? - I'm-a play it for him.
We're standing five feet away from a hit maker when we need a hit.
Watch this.
(GRUNTS) (LAUGHTER) Don't embarrass me! I'm babysitting.
That's what I do.
I babysit bitches okay.
- COTTON: Welcome home.
- (LAUGHS) I got to get a job and pay my mama back.
My manager is hiring at the bank.
Hey, Dallas, I just got arrested for passing bad checks.
You think they gonna hire me? Ladies, what y'all drinking on? Come on, man, you too sexy.
You need to come with me and slide through the city or something.
You can't with me if you wanted to These expensive, these is red bottoms, these is bloody shoes How you doing? Loved your first album.
Even loved your second album.
My name is Star.
Excuse me, baby, could you move? We're trying to do business.
Say I don't got to dance, I make money move If I see you and I don't speak - Anyway, this is, um - Wait.
Ain't you somebody's daughter? Yes, I'm somebody's daughter.
- What's the occasion? - Figured in exchange for that bottle, you could listen to one of our songs? Tell us what you think is missing.
Baby, if you wanted to go home with me, all you got to do is ask.
It's simple.
I'd focus on your next hit, not your next piece of ass, Noah.
There's room for three.
Now, come on, baby, I-it's all good.
Dude, nobody's trying to go home with you.
We just said that.
- (NOAH SIGHS) - Are we? What working as hard as me? Look, we're just trying to give your played-out ass some juice, honestly.
We are in the hottest girl group coming up right now.
You're a good R&B singer, but when's the last time you put out an album? Look, nobody's checking for you right now.
But if you produced a song on our album and it became a hit, well, maybe your fans would wonder what you were up to.
But I guess you got everything you need in the VIP.
- So I'll just take that.
- (NOAH SCOFFS) - Have a good one.
- Wait, you gonna take the bottle? Oh, this wasn't a gift, love.
This was an exchange, and you gave me nothing.
(LAUGHS) Well, that was a time suck.
- Now what? - I don't know.
You're the one with all the thirsty ideas.
Why don't you tell me? You're the one who got into Juilliard.
- Why don't you figure it out? - Okay, well, first we have MAN: Come on, now, you ain't got to be all like that, mamas.
What, you think you too pretty for me or something? - We ain't interested.
- What? Bitch, you ain't all that.
Y'all ain't doing nothing.
Looking like old fake-ass Blac Chyna, bitch.
- First of all - Cott, Cott.
You're on parole, okay? She's right.
I got this.
I make bloody moves (LOW VOICE): I will beat your ass - if you put your hands on her, bitch.
- (LAUGHTER) And that's on the real.
You don't want these problems.
I'm rich, I'm rich, I put my hand above my hip STAR: Oh! (WHOOPS) - Look.
- STAR: His face, he was so shook.
That bullying stuff is on some next-level ish now.
I don't like that.
But you know what? I preach the word of whoop ass.
Can the church get an "amen"? - ALEXANDRA: Amen.
- Amen.
Star, listen, you hear that? - Oh, what, the beat? - Yeah.
Think I got an idea.
- (BEAT PLAYING) - (FACETIME RINGING) - Simone? - SIMONE: Hey, yeah.
- STAR: Can you hear this song? - Yeah, it's so dope.
Your part is really sick.
ALEXANDRA: I have it all written out in my head.
- I promise you, it'll be fire, okay? - SIMONE: Okay.
STAR: Oh, you missed one tonight, Simone.
I really wish you were there.
Dallas pulled this man voice on this dude and shook him to his core, it was hilarious.
Out of nowhere, she goes, (LOW VOICE): "Bitch, I will whoop - your ass.
" - (BOTH LAUGH) - He ran, both feet.
- ALEXANDRA: He shut up so quick.
I know we're being too loud, but I'm-a come get you early.
- Okay.
- Night.
Please get me out of here.
(PHONE BEEPING) We know who you is.
- I like your shoes, baby.
- Come up off 'em.
- I ain't giving y'all nothing.
- DEE: Yes, you is.
Don't you want to be like Zendaya? (SHOE CLATTERS) (DOOR CLOSES) (SNIFFLES) What? (LAUGHING): I'm just playing.
- Don't do that.
Give me my headphones.
- It sounds perfect.
It sounds good.
Look, I know we're tired.
And I know you have a lot going on, especially, but we got to get this right.
I know you probably don't want to talk about it, or you don't want to talk to me, I don't know what it is, but are you at least talking to Derek? I'm not putting anything else on his plate.
Alex, that's not putting something on his plate.
Y'all went through a miscarriage together.
That's his life, too.
Yo, you have to talk to him about it.
- Okay.
- Okay.
And then let's get this money.
I'm gonna go get Simone.
I already got her.
Come on, Simone, learn the song.
Alex, you been here all night, go check on your man.
Star, I need you to go downstairs and refill all those conditioner bottles at every station.
Why do I have to work in the salon? 'Cause I said so.
I'm-a get Holland on the line.
Come on, let's get it.
STAR: I swear, she does it on purpose.
You ready? Something has to happen.
I can't live like this anymore.
No, no.
Holland said he wanted to see us before the meeting.
So just tell him we'll be there.
(GROANS) What's the matter? I was gonna sell his car, but then this fell out the visor.
I gave it to him.
He wanted it.
You miss him? Let's not talk about that right now, Cotton.
Now why are you trying to sell his car? Because you mortgaged the salon for me, Ma.
Who told you that mess? Bruce? You and Grandma worked so hard for the salon.
And I wanted that surgery so bad, I stole from Elliot, and for what? Look, look, I know you're gonna pay me back 'cause you're a hustler just like your daddy.
I get that hustle from you, Ma.
We got that song.
- Don't you want it? - This is not the time, ladies.
Look, you know I'm not taking no for an answer.
- Right? - SIMONE: Alex, play the track.
When I walked in, everybody mumblin' who dis? Well, if you ain't know Must be dumb or blind or stupid My pedigree too strong, a line of bad bitches My grandma and my mama, check my lineage Ah, ah, ah Yep, it's all up in my blood Ah, ah, ah These haters be showing me love No, whether you classy or ratchet As ratchet as ratchet as Go on and throw them hands up If can't nobody tell you nothing If you know like I know then they don't make them nothin' like yo, yo Got your own car, own money, 'bout to get a degree, too Only rock with bad bitches Bad bitches in my circle Nothing but bad bitches - Bad bitches in my circle - N-N-Not Rock with bad bitches - Bad bitches in my circle - In my circle Nothing but bad, bad, bad bitches in my circle I'm 'bout my bid-ness Yep, I, yep, I, I be 'bout this here Said I can't do it like this cause er'rytime they shoot they miss He be tryin' to lay up I be tryin' to slam dunk when I lay up Money don't wait, be asking me my favorite position - I tell him CEO, I'm on a mission - Yeah Yep, it's all up in my blood Yeah These haters be showing me love Nah, whether you classy or ratchet as ratchet as Go on and throw them hands up If can't nobody tell you nothing Only rock with bad bitches Bad bitches in my circle Nothing but bad bitches Bad bitches in my circle Rock with bad bitches bad bitches in my circle Nothing but bad, bad, bad bitches In my circle.
You wanted an international sound? - We delivered.
- That's exactly what I was looking for - five months ago when I signed you.
- STAR: Five months ago? 'Cause you asked for it last night.
Well, we got a lot more where that came from.
Well, it don't matter.
I just went up in that board meeting and got fired.
- Yeah, they got a new head coming in.
- Makes sense.
- Who is it? - You ever heard of the Floyd family? Yeah, who hasn't? Wait, Charles Floyd bought this label? No, his daughter did.
And she's a bad bitch.
Good luck, ladies.
Alex, please tell me you know this woman.
Yeah, I do.
She's trouble.
Ayanna Floyd.
Well, when is she leaving New York? No, I don't want to be don't put me on hold.
Come on, girl, I got to get you back on time.
- I don't want to go back to that place.
- I know, baby.
I don't even know what's going on.
It's like we're cursed or something.
Star is still upset over Hunter, Alex lost a baby, and I'm stuck in that freakin' hellhole.
And all we want to do is sing.
I'm not gonna let this label president stop you from doing that, either.
- I'm-a fix this.
- How? I'm going back to New York.
- The Lyons owe me.
- That's not a bad thing.
(LAUGHS) No, it definitely ain't.
- My wig straight? - Straight as those people downstairs.
(CARLOTTA LAUGHS) You know the drill.
No touching, they can only put money in the G-string, and no pictures.
But when I called earlier, you said that someone requested me.
He's in there.
Hit it.
(SMACKS) Hi, baby.
I heard you were home.
How are you? Okay? You know, all we talk about is me.
I want to talk to you, too.
It's like ever since the miscarriage, you don't want We don't have to talk about that.
All right.
It's okay.
We're good.
ALEXANDRA: I can't believe I'm having an abortion.
ANESTHESIOLOGIST: Ten nine eight seven six five four three two one.
ARLENE: I'm gonna tell you the truth right now.
When you lose a son, you need to think positive.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, I'm sorry.
Do you have any questions? PHOTOGRAPHER: That's perfect, just hold that hold it.
Look out for Big Trouble this fall.
Thank you.
Trying to do something that will lift people's spirits.
That's the kind of person I am.
That's what this foundation PHOTOGRAPHER 2: Can I get one of the two of you together? - How are you? - PHOTOGRAPHER 3: Beautiful, Star.
- One more, please.
- Excuse me, Melanie.
- One moment.
- Excuse us, Melanie.
ARLENE (QUIETLY): You little bitch, what are you doing here? Oh, keep it together, Arlene.
There are photographers everywhere.
Just keep a smile on your face.
You and I both know you raised a monster, Arlene.
- And I've got the pictures to prove it.
- Yeah? - Stop digging into my past - Hmm.
- And I won't dig up yours.
- Well - Understood? - Sure.
(WHISPERING): I found your juvie records.
You're a murderer and you murdered my son.
I truly wish that I had.
PHOTOGRAPHER 1: Great shot.
Smile, Ms.
How are you? Everybody look for Big Trouble's debut album.
It's coming soon.
- Thank you so much.
- PHOTOGRAPHER 3: One more, please.
Why you got my ass here anyway, boy? Aunt Carol, just shut up and chill, okay? And just remember that she don't know nothing about Dad's memory loss.
Uh, Miss Brown? Carlotta.
- Mally Mal, you're doing good, boy.
- (JAMAL CHUCKLES) I used to take care of you when you was a baby.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
But I wasn't expecting to see y'all.
I was actually expecting to see your father here.
- M-My dad couldn't make it.
- 'Cause something's wrong with him.
'Cause he got busy.
Anyway, my mom, she insisted that I come.
Said it was a priority that I help an old family friend.
Miss Carlotta, what you got on my parents? They're not just gonna jump for anybody.
We ain't got the time.
Well, look, it's still probably the best thing that I came.
Yeah, she probably gonna want to see your fine ass, anyway.
(JAMAL LAUGHS) I bet them dimples get you in trouble.
- Me, I do all right.
- I bet you do.
- You just sit your little ass here.
- Well, you just hurry your ass up.
Ayanna, what's good? I cleared the pool for you.
Oh, so you fancier than my mama now, huh? Need to get you loosened up so we can talk about bringing you over to my label.
Well, first things first.
Carlotta Brown, meet Ayanna Floyd.
Ayanna is the president of y'all label.
And Carlotta, she's, um Mixed Harmony.
I'm familiar.
Well, actually, I'm managing now and my girls are signed to your label.
I know that.
And you came here wanting to know what I have planned for them, and you thought ambushing me with a Lyon would get my attention.
I don't like being ambushed.
(CHUCKLES) Why you being shady? Come on, Ya-Ya.
Shut up, Jamal.
Well, my girls have been working really hard since Atlanta NextFest.
I just want to see Set up an appointment with my assistant.
And Carlotta don't try to play me again.
(CARLOTTA SCOFFS) - I'm sorry.
- (on TV): There's been breaking news in the Hunter Morgan case.
Leonard Kramer has been arrested as a suspect for the murders of Hunter Morgan, Eva Resendez, and Jahil Rivera.
More about this case amid new evidence.