Star (2016) s02e13 Episode Script

Forward (E)Motion

1 Okay, so last time you all saw Star We can't do this, not here.
You need to find somewhere else to stay tonight.
SIMONE: He would keep me from school to have sex with me.
- JAHIL: Paola.
- Mom? - ICE is looking for you.
- So what are you saying? You're an undocumented immigrant.
- I did something.
I got married.
- You married Angel? You're gonna need to use every ounce of your energy if you want to walk again.
Girls are hyped up about landing an A-list promoter.
I fought for Sound House to back this tour.
I fought for you, Noah, but my company sees you as a risk.
If you keep selling out regional shows, I'll run the idea of a tour.
But it won't be a Noah Brooks tour.
Will you be my manager? STAR: Brody, I remember everything the night that Mama died.
- What did you do? - I love you, Star.
(ZAPPING) Now I'm sittin' here wishing I could get you out of my head Baby, I tried, but I can't unlove you You know you got your hooks in my soul - Feels like I'm dying - Mama.
- Slowly because you - Mama.
- And your love will never let me go - What'd you do? - What did you do? - SIMONE: What are you doing? What are you doing? Sometimes I thought I could walk away, but it Cleaning up.
What does it look like I'm doing? Looks like you just stabbed a knife into a chopping block like you were gonna kill somebody.
You been trippin' for weeks.
We have a fitting at the label.
Change your clothes.
Can you wear anything besides plaid? (INDISTINCT CHATTER) MAN: It's all about plaid right now.
- Oh, you got to be kidding me.
- (CHUCKLES) Saint Laurent is serving mad plaid this season.
Can't even believe they have a budget for this.
See? Lesbians ain't the only ones wearing plaid now, Star.
I'm very happy for you.
Can you please tell me what the hell is going on with you? - I can't be myself? - ALEXANDRA: Look, get off your period and come pick out some damn clothes for this regional tour.
Okay? Thank you.
Come here right quick? I'm only lookin' to prey, then I feast I'm off the leash, it's mandatory I don't know.
Let me know what you think.
I I just feel like it's missing something.
All right, let me hear it.
I got all that I need She's still helping him out.
Don't matter 'cause I got you JAHIL: One of you want to explain to me what's going on? Huh? Skipping out on studio time? - We got a track to finish.
- Ask producer boy here.
- I'm working on it.
- Listen, man.
Hey, listen.
I know it's been a lot lately, okay, with your mother showing up like that and everything.
Yeah, getting hit with a lifetime of lies doesn't really make it easy to be writing music.
Actually, it should make it a lot easier.
Great artists write from a place of pain, man.
Shut up, Andy.
Look, I could lose everything.
If you lose, I lose.
And I ain't losing a damn thing.
Life happens, okay? You got to get through it.
And we're on the road in two weeks.
Be ready.
- Whose dumbass idea was this, anyway? - COTTON: Yours.
And you invited the whole damn neighborhood.
Hey, bitch, you should've hired a caterer.
(PHONE CHIMES) Who was that, who was that, who was the one That was there for you Who gonna pay for that? We celebrating.
We got a salon full of weave ready to be sewn in.
They closed that arson investigation that we know your ex-con boyfriend was behind.
You didn't tell your grandma that you let him live, did you? Girl, hell no.
If I tell her that, she'll kill me.
Who keep blowing up your phone? Bitch, cut them vegetables.
We got a party to throw and a salon to reopen.
- I got all - I got all - That I need - That I need Every single thing that could matter to me All that matters is - I got you, I got you - I got you, I got you - I got - CARLOTTA: Noah, we locked that track already.
Okay, girls, what looks do you like? 'Cause we got to get this budget in to Maurice for the tour.
Any of 'em.
I don't care.
Since when do you, of all people, not care? This regional tour's everything you've been grinding for.
Only if Sound House backs the national one.
They will.
Hey, guys.
Did you all find something? - Hey.
Come here.
- (SNAPS FINGERS) - What? - You finally got your apartment.
So why is your RV still parked in my backyard? Look, I'm- I'm dealing with a lot right now, Lottie.
- Oh, what? - Okay? I got the tour, I got Paola and Angel.
I mean - I'll take care of it, all right? - Get off me.
Just move your damn RV.
Regional tour's in two weeks.
I need looks and set lists and Man, what about those tickets? You know Sound House is gonna be down our necks about the numbers.
Ticket sales are good.
Especially because "Can't Stop Loving Her" just got listed by Spotify.
- Wait, what was that? - MAURICE: Andy and Angel, you're starting the tour with Midtown's - top song.
- JAHIL: That's a hit.
- That's a hit.
- Looks like we winning.
JAHIL: Now, listen, if that's not reason enough to finish that song, I don't know what is.
And I told you this we ain't losing nothing.
Sounds like a win to me.
ANGEL: Bye, y'all.
How are those two idiots on top? We need to talk about radio play.
- Carlotta, I need you in the studio.
Miss C.
, we need spins to get ahead.
Group meeting right now.
Wait, wait, I- I talked to Carlotta yesterday to set this up Excuse me, we're talking to our manager right now.
- This is my manager, too.
- Okay, everybody, one at a time.
, you should have never said that you were gonna manage him after what happened.
- After what happened? - Nothing important.
Nothing I can think of.
Hmm, yeah, like I don't know before the showcase, he was messing with the both of 'em.
At the same time? - Look, it was not like that, all right? - SIMONE: Yes, it was CARLOTTA: Both these girls been acting messed up, and you the only common denominator.
So, is it over? - Completely.
- Is what over? (SCOFFS) Yeah, they all hos.
Definitely some ho-ish behavior.
I bring me Get mine, 'bout mine, go hard Looking for another like me Boy, stop, I bring me Whose love is the tightest? Whose kiss is the nicest? Me Whose touch is the rightest? I bring me I bring, I bring me.
Maurice, we need to talk.
You get my e-mail about the tour backdrops? I'm already on that.
Get this Noah was fooling around with Alex and Star before the showcase.
All three of them working together to keep it from me.
That's some good teamwork right there.
No, it's not good.
It don't make for good energy in a group.
- How did I not catch that? - Well, we've been busy with our own little secret.
Not to mention getting my salon back in compliance, paying down that damn fine.
And now I got to get my groups ready for this tour.
I need a hot track ASAP.
With Charles in Europe, you're in charge, right? Yeah.
Why? Midtown Sound is a subsidiary of Floyd Entertainment.
Floyd has got to have a big vault full of unused tracks.
Can I take a look? Yeah.
It's on my laptop.
It's all yours.
Thank you, baby.
I owe you.
Oh, I know.
And, trust, I'm-a call you on it.
Good stuff today, sir.
You're a miracle worker.
You know that? Let's get a drink tonight.
Look, I can't.
I got this neighborhood thing.
I tried.
Well, how 'bout you come with me? I can do that.
All right.
I'll text you.
, how do you know DJ Khaled? You're getting him to give us a song? Wait, how are you pulling that off? He's bomb.
Well, Mama's still got a couple tricks in her purse.
I still got to talk to him about this old demo I found.
The deal ain't done yet.
I'm just trying to figure how Khaled knows you.
True artists remember and appreciate my work, smartass.
- You ain't even think I knew Pumpkin.
- True.
- Or Big Boi.
- True.
ALEXANDRA: You're right.
Which is exactly why now we're going straight to the top of the tour.
- (CHUCKLES) - Carlotta.
- Hey.
- Hi, Miss Ruby.
Hey, baby.
Now, this bitch burned to the ground - 'cause you got bad luck.
(CHUCKLES) - Girl, you crazy.
Take this.
Hang that picture up somewhere.
Whoever heard of a salon without Martin there looking - after all of us, huh? (LAUGHS) - Aw.
That's nice right there.
- Yeah.
- STAR: Miss Carlotta, there's a good spot next to Barack right there.
- It's all open.
That would be cool.
- Oh, you might be right.
That's "President Obama" to you, Missy.
Yeah, I- I know that.
You didn't say "Dr.
" You said "Martin.
" I was following suit.
You got some nerve, comparing yourself to me.
- Ruby, let her be now.
Don't start.
- No.
No, no.
You don't see her like I do.
There's something bad about that little white devil bitch.
You know what, Miss Ruby? The only thing devilish in this room is that breath.
- Oh, I'm gonna - Ruby, come on now.
Ruby, don't - She don't know me.
- Come on, it's not like that.
(SIGHS) SIMONE: Girl, what is wrong with you? That crazy old lady's been calling you the devil since you met her.
Yeah, I know.
Look, I'm sorry I told Miss Carlotta about you, Alex and Noah, but we can't keep living lies, Star.
I'm not mad about that, Simone.
I could care less.
Are you fighting with Brody or? No, I ain't seen him.
Man, I- I still can't believe he killed Arlene.
What kind of sick person kills like that? Me.
You mean Otis? You were protecting me.
You didn't even kill him.
BRODY: What did you do? What did you do? What did you do? What did you do? - Star.
- (SNAPS FINGERS) Hello? We got a party to set up, right? Let's go, kid.
I got the folding chairs you wanted being delivered, and I'll pick up the ice on my way over tonight.
- Thank you.
- I got your text.
- (LAUGHS) - How in the hell did you find - a DJ Khaled song in the vault? - Because he sold it to the Floyds under one of his old street names, so I told him I'm giving it to Take Three.
Why wouldn't you give it to Noah? I mean, the melody sounds like it wants a solo artist.
Yeah, but the lyrics can be split up for a trio.
- The girls need this.
- Yeah, they do.
They'll be on every playlist with DJ Khaled.
But you can't say it wouldn't be a good look for your new artist.
Don't have me feeling guilty about Noah.
I'm just sayin'.
See you at the party, baby.
(DOOR OPENS) What are you doing? I'm just trying to get this thing mixed, but something's not hitting right with these levels.
There you go whining again.
(LAUGHING): Oh, for real.
Things just been messed up ever since my mom came around.
Yeah, don't hate me, but I went to go see her.
- Simone.
- Look, she is worried about you having problems with immigration.
The fact that we're married, but we ain't even living together? What, you want to come live with me? Me and the cockroaches? No, mm- mm, but I'm gonna ask Miss C.
if you could come move in with us in the salon.
- Yeah.
- Would you like that? Are you kidding me? Okay, but listen, your mom leaves for the D.
You need to take your ass down to see her.
I wish I had five more minutes with my mom.
Just go.
- (KNOCKING) - Baby, tell the truth What I got to do To get you with your arms around my body - Hey.
- Hey.
I thought you was gonna call when you came back to town.
Why? I leave again tomorrow.
- Before we can even talk? - Look, there's nothing for me here.
Everyone has made that very, very clear.
No, we got stuff to figure out old stuff.
So, what, you're just gonna run away? And you chose a line of coke and another woman - over helping me and my son.
- Look, I was messed up.
All right, Paola? I was so messed up that I let you down.
You don't think I know that? But seeing you again, it's It's brought back everything I used to feel about that No, I don't want to do this.
I'm happily married to a man who would do anything for me.
I don't want to hear that.
All right? I ain't leaving.
Well, then we have a problem.
I guess we do.
- Make somebody say - Yeah, yeah, yeah - Make somebody say - Yeah, yeah, yeah - Make somebody say - Whoa, oh- oh- wah Make somebody say, you feel it when you're dancin' - (MUSIC STOPS) - That's so dope! I can't believe she found this.
- ALEXANDRA: It's crazy.
Noah? - Noah?! - Yeah? What you listening to? Where'd you get that? This, uh, new DJ Khaled song.
Carlotta gave it to me for the tour.
- You mean our song? - What you mean, your song? - It's ours.
- Are you serious? - That's our song.
- Carlotta - That's why I'm here.
- To what? Carlotta, you know that song is perfect for Take Three.
And for me, too.
Don't forget about what I could do - to this track.
- STAR: Yeah, we do know what you're gonna do to that track.
You're gonna make it into a slow jam and dance around in circles shirtless like you always do.
- You are kind of one note, dude.
- That's funny coming from you three who would just be grinding on a chair, right? CARLOTTA: I'm here for all y'all.
Take Three and Noah will both do demos.
Turn 'em in today.
Maurice will speak for Midtown and decide.
And I promise I will find a joint just as hot for whoever doesn't get this one.
- Fair enough.
- Okay.
So we are right back to where we always were.
Competing with Noah Brooks.
SIMONE: Well, maybe you should've thought about that before you spread your legs for him.
"On my way.
" Done.
- Hey.
Miss C.
, you got a sec? - I'm already late to help Bruce get set up for the party.
You girls good to start the demo on your own, right? Yeah.
And check on your sister.
Something is wrong with her.
Well, by the way, Miss C.
, your wig is looking super fly today.
Your hair's just glowing with that purple.
Okay, come on now.
What do you want? Look, I was thinking maybe Angel could live with us in the salon? - Hell no! I just got rid of his uncle.
- Wait.
It's to protect him against immigration in case they pop up.
You know it's more than that.
You got feelings for him.
Yeah, well, look, Miss C.
, I'm just trying to do the Christian thing.
He needs us.
Christian thing, huh? All right, look, if you can find a couch or somewhere for him - to sleep, then - Okay.
Okay! - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Thank you, Miss C.
- Yeah.
Yeah, you won't regret it.
And you know what? We got room because Alex isn't moving back in.
So, I'll set that all up.
I'm gonna do my warm- ups.
It's gonna be great.
- Okay.
- Alex? - Alex, I need to speak with you! - I can't.
I got to go work on this demo you gave to Noah.
When y'all gonna stop acting like kids? Is Noah the reason you not back home? See, it's that business right there that broke up me and Mary.
We let JAHIL get between us, and that was it.
And I'm not about to let that happen to y'all.
It's not Noah.
It's Derek.
Every time I see him, I feel guilty.
That kills, you know? Yeah.
I can't live next door to him and focus on the tour.
Listen, Alex, just do what you need to do.
Come home when you're ready.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Now, where's Blondie? - We got a song to fix.
- All right.
- Make it a banger.
- Always.
All right, look, I'm just start from the top and sing all the way down.
Of course Carlotta gave you our studio space.
Why not? She already gave you our song.
(SCOFFS) First of all, y'all are in Studio C, okay? And second, the song belongs to whoever makes it a hit.
This is not personal.
This just how the game goes.
You know that.
I'm tired of hearing it's not personal.
It's a gang of managers in Atlanta, and you chose mine.
Oh, my God.
You seriously think everything is about you.
Working with Carlotta is so I don't screw up my last chance.
I'm not above asking for help.
You should, 'cause your attitude lately has been extra ugly.
That's what happens when you steal my manager, or my music, - or anything that's mine.
- Nah, it's something else.
You lie as good as that wig on your head.
You wish it was something else, Noah.
Let's go.
(INTRO TO "BELIEVE" PLAYS) (SIGHS HEAVILY) - Vibes - Vibes - Been - Been - Right - Right All night And we can fall in love like this We can fall in love like this Let's take our time, 'cause I'm feeling like We can fall in love like this - We can fall in love like this - Tomorrow's gonna - be too rough - Be too rough - But tonight is gonna lift you up - Lift you up - That's what I believe - That's what I believe That's what I believe You're probably gonna think too much But tonight we're gonna drink too much - That's what I believe - That's what I believe That's what I believe I believe I can - Make somebody say - Yeah, yeah, yeah - Make somebody say - Yeah, yeah, yeah - Make somebody say - Whoa, oh- oh- wah Make somebody say You feel it when you're dancin' with your hands up - Yeah, yeah, yeah - Don't worry 'bout a thing - Just let it all go - Yeah, yeah, yeah - I know I can make somebody say - Whoa, oh- oh- wah - Make somebody say - Whoa, oh- oh- wah I'll tell you what your problem is You be thinkin' 'bout your problems, yeah - I can take 'em all away - I can take 'em all away mm- mm Don't try to take on the world tonight - Don't try to take - Don't be thinking about tomorrow On the world tonight - I can take it all away - oh, ooh - Make somebody say - Yeah, yeah, yeah - Make somebody say - Yeah, yeah, yeah - Ooh, ah - Make somebody say - Whoa, oh- oh- wah - Make somebody say, yeah You feel it when you're dancin' with your hands up Don't worry 'bout a thing just let it all go I know I can make somebody say - Whoa, oh- oh- wah - Make somebody say - Ooh - Whoa, oh- oh- wah Ooh, ooh- ooh Whoa, ah.
- Hi, baby.
- I told Simone we'd talk, so But I guess you found better things to do.
She's only been here 24 hours, and you're already in the bed - with her? - Angel, it's not like that.
- Didn't happen that way, man.
- This is what he does, Mom.
We have a lot of history from Miami.
Me and your uncle.
He's not my uncle.
Did you know she was married? Yeah.
She told me.
- Nice.
- My life right now was my plan B.
The first, the one that was meant to be was here - with you and JAHIL.
- Angel, she was young.
All right? She didn't have any money.
She had a baby, her visa was about to expire.
But you know what, man? I didn't give a damn about any of that.
I fell in love with her anyway.
You left me.
You are and you will always be my first love.
And what is he? He is someone that will always be there for me.
And for you.
Chain hurt my neck, chain hurt my neck It hurt my neck I got so much ice that I never sweat (LAUGHTER) Boy, don't stick your finger in my cake! Shut up, bitch.
- See what I'm talking about? - (SCOFFS) Hey, hey.
Chain hurt my neck, chain hurt my neck Oh, hey, baby.
I got the demos from Take Three and Noah.
I'll make a decision ASAP.
I don't have no time for that tonight.
I only got time for this.
We're finally open.
Look at my wallpaper.
Look at my floors.
Brand-new floors and brand-new chairs.
Oh, girl, they not all new.
Mine still got ashes on it.
And it's gonna stay just like that till you get your license back.
Come on, Maurice.
Let me show you what I did with the back.
- What's going on, Maurice? - Hey.
Girl, why is everybody going off over Miss Ruby's nasty-ass pig feet.
'Cause it's nasty.
Well, who still eats pig feet? Smellin' up the whole damn shop.
Girl, well, kick her ass out.
You try kicking her out.
Crazy and high as that bitch be.
So you invited all the construction workers? - MISS BRUCE: Hey, Mike.
- Hey, hey.
Just one.
And stay away from him hoe.
I'll put a razor to that face if you try it.
No, I'm- I'm straight.
Hit the mall for the fit And we standing up, I'm standing tall in your I send them bullets at you I jump wall at your clique, when them shooters get the I see that raggedy bitch back there.
I honestly just want things to be okay with him.
STAR: Yeah? I should just go say hi.
- What? No.
You can't do that.
- No, no.
Not in front of her.
It's fine.
I got it.
It's fine, it's fine.
Well, if you gonna go, punch her in the throat.
Oh, he's so cute.
- Oh, shoot.
- I'll grab it.
Let me help you.
MARIELA: Ready? Oh.
Got it? Or killed them folks that Gucci killed - This for killers only - Okay? Yeah, this for the homies Drug dealers only - MARIELA: Good? - DEREK: Yeah, very good.
(MARIELA LAUGHS) Yeah, rich only Bad only Yeah, this for the homies What a bitch.
I'm gonna get you a drink, okay? No, I'll end up just like my mom.
Yeah, come on, let's just get her inside.
Come on, Alex baby, you know she's just a rebound.
She's not half as cute as you.
And I can smell a hoe from far away she's she's preying on him, that's all it is.
And you know they're not getting it in he could barely move his hips.
- STAR: Right.
- He can move.
- Hmm? - (WHISPERS): He can move.
This whole time, I thought I was responsible for his pain.
And yeah, I'm responsible for what I did, but I didn't kill his father.
I wasn't the one driving the car that hit him.
I just I just liked someone else.
I- I feel that same way about Elliot.
It's, like, sometimes I got to remind myself that I'm not the one that killed him.
- Yeah, we screwed up.
(CHUCKLES) - Yeah.
YOUNG STAR: Mama? BRODY: What did you do? Hey, where are you going? - - (SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) Ruby, you seen Simone? She better not be nowhere with your weed in her mouth.
What am I, her social worker? Why don't you ask her cracker-ass sister? - (LAUGHING) - That's not cute.
STAR: Miss Ruby, I know you stay on that bottle, but you got one more time.
Or else what? Or I will knock them dentures out your head.
Oh, God, child, let that go.
- Ruby, sit your drunk ass down, now.
- Come on, bitch, - you want to fight, let's do it.
- Get this old lady out of here, Miss Carlotta, 'cause I don't care anymore.
I been waiting to stand my ground.
Come on, let's do it! - Ruby, what are you Miss Ruby! - Oh! You're a bitch! - You little white bitch! - Give me that bottle! - Let go of me! Let go of me! - (STAR SHOUTING) - I got your bitch! - Just get her out of here.
- You give me this bitch! - That's an old woman in there.
What the hell is wrong with you? - MISS RUBY: What are you doing? - CARLOTTA: Give me that bottle.
Sit down.
This for the homies Drug dealers only Yeah, this members only You saw your mom? That's huge.
You want to talk or make out? Make out.
(DOOR OPENS) In my wig room? My brand-new wig room.
Get downstairs.
And put some damn clothes on.
I have my jeans on.
You think she's still gonna let me stay? You know how to shampoo hair? - (LAUGHS): No.
- Well (LAUGHS) I need, like, all the cake Give me fifties and twenties, I need, like, all the dough Come give me plenty So, you decided to come back.
Me and my whole crew It's been what, a month? I don't know.
I see you know how to drink.
I guess it's a special occasion.
What are we celebrating? (SIGHS) We're not celebrating.
We're forgetting.
- Oop! - Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- You all right? - (LAUGHS) - Yes, I'm good.
(LAUGHS) - You sure? Yeah.
I'm good.
You look good.
- Thank you.
- Mm- hmm.
No, I ain't sharin', no What are you trying to forget? I gotta get it all I gotta, I gotta get it all No, I ain't sharin', no I did something bad.
I did something really bad.
(LAUGHS) And I can't talk to anybody about it.
I can't tell anybody.
What can I do to take your mind off of it? I don't make it drizzle, I make it rain Trust me.
I want to.
What do you mean you want to? Then why aren't we in the back seat of your car right now? Rollin' again You see I'm gone with the wind 'Cause we ain't done drinkin' yet.
I gotta get it all, I gotta get it all Okay.
Then more drinks.
Not that.
- Okay.
Order something.
- Whiskey! We need alcohol.
Is there a bartender? Put that thing out.
You just had a heart attack.
Maybe it's a good thing Angel showed up when he did.
I needed to pace myself before round two.
You sound so sure of yourself.
Crazy You know back in the day it would have been round three, round four.
(BOTH LAUGH) This is just how I remember us.
Better food, though.
Mm- hmm.
You ain't changin' how I feel You know, what you said to Angel, maybe you were right.
We did miss our chance.
But we're here now.
I want to try.
Do you? Nothing to complain about (SCOFFS) Girl.
I've been looking all over for you.
Well, you found me.
In the last place I'd have thought your bougie-ass would be.
I'm sorry I messed things up with you and Derek.
Well, it's not like you were the only one on that stage.
And backstage.
(BOTH LAUGH) - Yeah.
- No.
I'm I'm responsible, too.
I was right there with you.
I knew what was happening between us.
I just tried to ignore it.
I didn't think it was fair to Derek.
But I knew exactly how you made me feel.
How's that? Happy.
And you were right about me being a little bougie.
(SCOFFS) Alex, I was, I was just messing with you.
Mm- hmm.
No, it's fine.
Being a little bougie just means that you know exactly what you want.
(LAUGHS) So, what is it that you want? CARLOTTA: Good-bye.
Thanks for coming.
Good seeing you.
Good night.
Where's Star? She went to the label to calm down; she was upset.
Yo, I'm tired of Miss Ruby busting on my sister like that; she can't help it, she white.
Look, I want to talk to you about Angel.
- I don't want him hurting you.
- The only way I'm gonna get hurt is if he gets deported.
(SIGHS) All right, he can live here.
But you staying upstairs.
He's staying in that RV since JAHIL don't want to move the damn thing anyway.
That way, if ICE shows up, we can say you're living there with him.
Are you using protection? - We ain't done nothing.
- Well, you sure looked like you were about to to me.
I'm getting you on the pill, but until then, you stay away from that RV.
The last thing I need is one of my girls getting busy in that nasty hoopty.
Tell me how this supposed to go 'Cause I ain't ever really been in love before - Hold on.
Hold on.
- What? This is turning into something more than physical I know, we're just friends, just friends, I know But lately I been thinking we could be some more Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
- What? - Are you sure about this? 'Cause this can't be seasonal Please say yes.
Yes, but, Noah, we can't have this a secret, okay? I can't have that, not with Take Three, that's family.
Okay, we'll tell everyone.
Could you be love? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
You- you- you want to tell them now? - No, no, no, no.
Not right now.
- Okay.
Could you be love? Noah, you got protection, right? Please say yes.
Could you be? Could you be? Could you be love? Could you be love.
- Okay, let's go.
- Easy.
- I'm ready to go.
- Easy.
- Okay.
- Yep.
- You live close? - (SIGHS) Yep.
I live, um I walked here; that's close.
- You live alone? - Yeah no.
A lot of people, but I have a big backyard and it'll work.
- (STAR MOANS) - Yo.
Thanks for calling, man.
You're not supposed to be here.
You're supposed to be listening to the song for the DJ and giving it to us.
- Come on.
Let's get out of here.
- No.
I'm not going with you.
We're supposed to have sex, remember? - Next time.
- Look, I got it from here.
I'm not go I'm not going with you.
Wh- wh- what are you pulling, a Simone? Why are you doing this to yourself? You don't get down like this.
Why did I do what to myself? Why am I trying to forget? 'Cause I'm tired of fighting with everybody, and everybody fighting with me.
Look, you are strong, Star.
Strong people fight for what they want.
- Now let's go.
- No! I'm not going with you.
And I'm not going to that party.
If you take me there, - I will kill Miss Ruby.
- The party's over.
Let's go.
I'll kill her.
I'll really kill her.
I've done it before.
Star, you're drunk.
You ain't never killed nobody.
- Now let's go.
- Yes, I did.
I did.
Carlotta told me about what you tried with Otis.
You were strong then, too, and you were trying to protect your sister.
I'm not talking about Otis.
The other one.
The other one? - What other one? - You can't tell Simone.
Okay? Simone can never know that I killed her.
- You understand? If I tell you - Look, no, no, no, no.
Star, who did you kill? (CRYING) Our mother.
(CRYING) - (ZIPPER CLOSES) - (JAHIL SNIFFS) Paola? JAHIL, I'm going back to my husband.
(SNIFFS) Wait, wait.
What? Why are you, why are you doing this, girl? It's too late.
But that doesn't change you being my first love.
But you can't be my last.
Take care of Angel, okay? He looks up to you.
- (DOOR OPENS) - (EXHALES) How you feeling? Thank you.
(TRAIN WHISTLE BLOWING IN DISTANCE) I brought you home last night.
Your boy Jax texted Simone.
She asked me because she figured you'd get busted by Carlotta.
You don't remember me coming? I don't remember anything.
Oh, my God.
Did I try to have sex with you? (LAUGHS) No.
Nah, you just talked.
What'd I talk about? About how you fight hard for your dreams.
How you need it.
Of course.
And about that, you're getting a win today.
Not even Carlotta knows it yet.
Well, hit me.
I need that.
The DJ Khaled track is going to Take Three for the tour.
Y'all did the damn thing.
Is our version better than Noah's? Y'all both had hot tracks.
You know what? Let him keep it.
We don't need a pity track.
We can get to the top on our own.
Yeah, I know you will.
You're a killer.
Feel better.
Yeah, well, you better move in your stuff quick before Miss C.
changes her mind.
All right now.
I'll have my stuff moved in by the end of today.
- Okay.
- Thank you, Simone.
Boy, it's just an RV.
It's saving me.
You're saving me.
Well, that's what wives are for, right? Guess so.
So are we gonna hear the song? Yeah.
If you sing it with me.
I'll think about it.
Baby, tell me why Why I gotta try So hard, you got me craving your attention Baby, I can't lie Not a day go by I hope I see my name up in your mentions Boys is calling me But I don't really care 'Cause, baby you're all I need And all I need is what I want What I want I want you They keep on talking But all I want is you SIMONE: They keep on looking But all I want is you They give me everything, but everything ain't you I want you, I want you ANGEL: They keep on talking But all I want is you SIMONE: They keep on looking But all I want is you ANGEL: They give me everything But everything ain't you I want you, I want you Baby, tell the truth What I got to do To get you with your arms around my body What I gotta lose, lose from telling you How I feel I'm hoping that you're ready Baby, tell me Baby, baby, baby, tell me - Baby, tell me - Baby, tell me Baby, baby, baby, tell me Baby, tell me, baby, baby, baby - Tell me - What I gotta do What I gotta do - They keep on talking - (APPLAUSE) But I all I want is you They keep on looking but all I want is you They give me everything but everything ain't you I want you, I want you ANGEL: They keep on talking But all I want is you They keep on looking but all I want is you They give me everything But everything ain't you I want you, I want you ANGEL: Simone.
So did you like it? Oh, yeah.
Oh, I loved it.
Okay, good.
Glad you came last night.
Me, too.
So Alex Crane.
She was your girl, huh? She was.
Not anymore.
You sure about that? I mean, the way she was looking at you.
Yeah, I'm sure.
How sure? I'm very sure.
Anyone in the house right now? No.
Looking good.
Don't start, Ruby.
I, um I've got a lot of reasons to hate you.
Well, I could find a few reasons to hate you, too, Miss Ruby.
A white man stole my daddy's farm.
A white woman spit at me.
A white man killed my son in cold blood.
That's why I can't stand none of you.
It's not fair for me to put you with all them evil white folks, either.
Ain't it funny how we can be done in over and over again, but we still expected to be fair? I survived Jim Crow, I survived the KKK, and I'm gonna survive that monster in the White House.
So I guess I can handle your ass.
Plus, I don't think you're really white.
Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm pretty sure I am white, Miss Ruby.
Well, not that kind of white.
Thank you I guess.
(LAUGHS) (MOUTHS) Where you been? Did you sleep here? Uh, yeah.
In the RV with Noah.
Jesus, take the wheel.
Don't do nothin' till I get back.
This is better than one of my stories.
I'm sorry, babe.
We got about one more hour before we open.
I'm actually looking for someone.
My son's father used to live here.
Your son's father? That damn Peruvian bastard could never keep his pants on.
JAHIL left about two weeks ago.
- I can get his number, though.
- Not him.
My son's father is named Arnold.
Arnold? Arnold's not here no more.