Star (2016) s03e07 Episode Script


1 - Last time on Star - I did hear that you conned your way into a job at Gravity.
MAN: Is it true you used the sex tape - to kick off your solo career? - No.
- I did not cheat on you.
- ALEXANDRA: Really, Derek? Are you gonna tell her about us? What do you think is gonna happen if I let her know I'm a criminal informant? MONTERO: Then you shouldn't have been caught with the Bankhead Crew.
MATEO: I've brought in a new headliner who is loud and very controversial.
Lil Dini? "Noah, who has been inspiring your love songs you've been putting out?" We made a beautiful baby.
I can't bring Kayla back.
- You still don't trust me? - It's cool.
I've been living - out this bag my whole life.
- I'm-a look suspect trying to clean all of this cash when you know I'm trying to go legit.
We got a rat problem.
I was trying to figure out what happened to my father.
CASSIE: Trust me.
- What the hell? - For the love of the city 12 and the cops They wanna see me in the cage, I'd rather see me in a Wraith I'm motivation on the Gram, I'm going live on these Damn it.
Who love the streets? Meek, Meek Who dropping heat? Meek, Meek, who locked the city up? Pull up in that Bentley truck, rest of them see? Meek Who dropping through the worst? Meek Who really dropping that fire? Meek Back on the water, they listen when I speak Who got the key to the streets? Meek They was screaming, "Free Meek" Now Meek free, judge tryna hold me 'Member back when I was dead broke Thank you for breakfast, baby.
It was nice.
Well, you know me, I'm always looking forward to dessert.
Well, dessert gonna have to wait, - 'cause I got to get back to the club.
- Mm-hmm.
- Ma'am.
- Thank you.
How is our pest problem coming along? Have you found the leak? Uh, my eyes and ears are out.
The boys know to contact me if anything is suspect.
- Good.
- Congratulations, McPherson.
I'm Kenneth Anderson, one of the chairs of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.
It's good to meet you.
I got to say, I'm grateful an organization as prestigious as yours is taking the time to honor my work.
Well, we're thrilled with the businesses you've been establishing throughout the city.
I look forward to seeing you and that lovely wife of yours at the gala tomorrow.
You got it.
Cassie! You being honored? - It's nothing.
- And I thought you said it was over with you and that wife of yours.
And now you taking this bitch to a gala? You got no idea what you're talking about.
Actions speak louder than words, okay? And all you've ever shown me is that I'm nothing but the soles of your damn shoes.
And they ain't even designer.
That enough action for you? Well, damn.
: Oh, my God.
I bring me Get mine, 'bout mine, go hard Looking for another like me Boy, stop I bring me Whose love is the tightest? Whose kiss is the nicest? Me Whose touch is the rightest? Me I bring me I bring, I bring me.
Baby, what are you doing? Really? - I'm getting food.
- That's food? - Ten candy bars is food? - Yep.
Say something about my weight.
I dare you.
This is not good for the baby.
Don't put that back.
I will fight you in this store.
Okay, we'll do three.
Okay? Compromise.
Don't matter what I eat, anyway.
These hips grow by the inch every day.
And I love every inch.
Okay? Where are we gonna put all this baby stuff? Think I'll put the crib in my room at Carlotta's.
Why are you so against moving in with me? You do know we're having a baby, right? Ma'am, I'm telling you, there are no funds left on this card.
No, there should be still money on there.
I just got my WIC on Thursday.
It's okay, Mommy.
We can put it back.
WOMAN: No, it's okay, baby, I got it.
Can you try it again or something, please? [CARD READER BEEPS.]
Thank you so much.
You didn't have to do that.
That's okay.
- Here you go, baby.
- Thank you.
Star, where are you going? Star? Yo.
- What's wrong? - Do you see that? What? That's why I'm not moving in with you, because that's my biggest fear is having to depend on somebody else.
That lady can't even provide for her own kid, and that kid was me.
But it's not you anymore.
And it won't be for our kid.
When are you gonna wake up - and realize that you have it good? - You know what? - It's okay.
No, listen to me.
- Listen to me.
We're not from the same place.
You don't understand.
Star, where are you going? [SIGHS.]
You have to talk to me at some point.
I know what I saw.
That bottle service girl, or whatever she was, was all up on you as if you didn't have a girlfriend.
Or maybe she liked what she saw on the sex tape, I don't know.
- It is not like that at all.
- Then tell me what that is.
Explain why she was hugged up on you, whispering in your ear.
Alex, can you just please trust me with this one? Just tell me why, after all we've been through.
I'm-a head out.
All right, look, we might as well get the awkwardness over with.
Megan and I worked things out.
Look, whatever y'all got going on I'm cool with as long it don't interfere with our work.
- Mm.
- I came to talk about business.
- All right.
- We're two months out from the Rhythm and Bells Fest, and we got to get the fans hyped about Karma Sound, which is why I'm paying for this studio time.
- But you slippin'.
- Slippin'? You ain't brought me a hit since we started.
Man, hits don't come overnight.
Have you checked your downloads lately? Your songs are pedestrian.
I could get the same sound from YouTube.
Man, you must got me confused with some other artist you playing with.
All right? My plaques and my Grammys speak for themselves.
Oh, I get it.
It's hard having staying power.
One minute, they think you got the goods.
The next, they done with you.
That's funny, 'cause I never had an issue with staying power.
In fact, I've been told I stay a little too long.
All I'm saying is you need to step your game up.
'Cause there's always somebody out there that wants it just as bad.
So what? That supposed to be some kind of threat? [CHUCKLES SOFTLY.]
Like I said we talking business.
- You're late.
- And you nasty, sitting here with your damn feet on this table.
You ain't got no home training? STAR: Just to be clear, none of us work for you.
We hardly respect you.
- We're just here for Carlotta.
- We are strictly here to make sure Carlotta's R&B Fest doesn't tank.
MISS BRUCE: Yeah, and to watch your little chest heave when you get mad.
- See, look at it.
- Can we get serious for a second? - Let's.
Now, we're at the homestretch, and the social media presence for the Rhythm and Bells Festival needs to increase.
The ticket holders need to know the lay of the festival so they can maximize their experience, and that's where our new social media strategist, Chloe David, comes in.
Chloe, ladies.
Ladies, Chloe.
MISS BRUCE: So you go waste money on little plastic hos when I got the perfect little Twitter fingers here.
Do you have three million followers? Or just the fingers? You social slut.
I didn't think so.
Chloe will be here all day filming Noah.
Gravity Media needs to start engaging with its fans more directly.
Excuse me.
I hope you're ready for a music experience like no other with the Rhythm and Bells Festival.
Now, we have several stages featuring Gravity Media artists that you know and love, but the main stage will showcase Noah Brooks like you've never seen him before.
He'll be performing his hits and his soon-to-be-classic new album.
You don't want to miss it.
Stay tuned.
- Perfect.
- Cool.
Yo, that was corny.
And you didn't even mention Take 3.
STAR: Yeah, he did.
He called us "Gravity artists.
" Okay, so we're gonna be on the small stage while Noah's on the main one? You didn't hear what I said? You know, I think them little tight-ass shirts you wear and them little juices and berries you throw in your head done made your brain stop circulating.
You know damn good and well Carlotta created this festival to showcase these girls' album, not Noah's.
STAR: Noah don't have a hit out.
We got "Madonna" in heavy rotation right now.
He's the comeback kid.
That's promotable.
Bitch, go like a post.
You're not gonna do this to us.
Carlotta wouldn't let you.
Look, Mateo hired me to handle this thing as I see fit.
This is how I see it.
XANDER: Thanks for the heads up, Don.
I'll look into it.
I'll get back to you.
Why the hell you not returning my calls? You just gonna throw this diamond up in my face and just go ghost on a bitch? I got bigger problems than that.
If you want me to marry you, you can't keep me hidden.
I'm going to that gala.
You see, my contact is telling me that Karma is way too hot right now.
What are you talking about? You remember that rat problem we had that you were supposed to handle? It ain't handled.
It's affecting my business, which, in turn, affects my reputation.
And guess what.
I don't like that.
So you mad at me for that? I never wanted to run money through that club.
That was for your punk ass.
You're a sloppy bitch.
Did you just call me a bitch? Really? Get your damn hands off me.
: Fix it.
Let me go, Xander.
Now answer my other question.
Will you marry me? Yeah.
Maurice is literally only concerned about Noah and his own come-up.
This isn't what Carlotta envisioned at all.
If we get lost on that small stage, our album gets lost, our solo careers get lost.
We gave up way too much for this album to flop.
Look, y'all done with this pity party? Ain't nobody ever gave Take 3 nothing, and ain't about to start now.
If y'all want that stage, then take it.
Okay, but how do we do that? Bitch, I motivate, I don't strategize.
Figure it out.
Alex, what about your docuseries? No.
I'm not doing that anymore, so Okay.
Hmm? She prides herself on getting exclusives, right? So, we give her one before Maurice gets a chance.
We just got to drive her attention to us.
- Yup.
- Maybe by, like, a track that she can break or something.
Yeah, and if she gets the audience hyped about us, Maurice has to give us that main stage.
- There she is.
- Act natural.
Hey, Chloe? Can I holler at you for a sec? Alex Crane.
It's been a minute.
Yeah, since my dad's Christmas party a few years back.
You know, I'm still such a huge fan of his.
When's he coming out with new music? He's on a little hiatus right now.
But me and my girls are in the studio.
We'd love for you to come in and take a listen.
Maybe even drop an exclusive on your site or something.
Who knows? You girls get me something hot, I'm in.
STAR: Sorry about the "bitch" earlier.
Maurice really brings out the worst in me.
- Just - Okay.
How much longer do I have to keep this from her? Look, we know the Bankhead Crew is doing something out of that club, and one of them hurt your grandmother.
Don't lose your focus.
Well, can you tell me something? You got any leads? This surface-level patrolling it isn't working anymore.
I need to know the ins and outs of that club before the brass shelves the case on us.
Then they shelve the case, and then what happens to my grandma? I know how much this means to you, so we got to work smart and fast, all right? Find a way to get closer to the action, okay? Okay.
- Hey, yo, boss? - CASSIE: Yeah.
You needed to see me? I do.
Look, we may have a leak in the building, so I need you to find it and plug it real quick, you got it? - Yeah.
I got you.
- DEREK: Cass? - Yo.
- Uh, did I catch you at a bad time? Nah.
You know Mike-Mike.
I seen him around.
Look, I just came to holla at you about getting a job.
Ah, we not hiring, Mr.
Neighborhood Watch.
I'm sorry.
Now, you know I wouldn't ask if I didn't really need it, but we a little late on the mortgage.
I'm back on my feet now.
I'm just trying to pitch in - with Grandma.
- CASSIE: Mm-hmm.
MIKE-MIKE: Yo, boss, we might need some extra manpower in the storage.
He look like he can lift up a box or two.
All right.
Well, come on by later, and we'll set you up.
- DEREK: Perfect.
- All right, later.
Yo, Cass, you're not gonna regret it, okay? I know.
But, D, just know I'm doing this for your granny, okay? What goes on in my club stays in my club.
I got you.
Okay, look, we need to figure out what it's going to take to impress Chloe.
All right, well, what about this? Can you play it back? [HEAVY R&B MUSIC PLAYING.]
You and me, you and me Can't you see, baby, I got what you need, so Bet on me, bet on me That's all I got so far, but - All right.
It's cool, but I feel like it's more of the same.
I feel like we need something with more edge this time.
We just did "Yellow Tape.
" What do you mean, "more edge"? Yeah, but that was a diss track.
I mean, like, a real song.
Don't you feel like we've done this? So we need to go in a different direction.
These are the songs that got us on the radio.
These are the songs that got us on Rhythm and Bells, so Yeah, but people are waiting on this.
Let's give 'em something new.
Okay, well, then let's do a ballad.
- Never mind.
Why are you getting so offended? - SIMONE: Come on, guys.
- All right.
I feel like none of us are really on the same page.
- Nope.
- So, let's take a minute.
I got an appointment to go to.
I'll be back.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Alex? - [DOOR CLOSES.]
- Alex? - Yeah.
- Are you okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Um look, just take a five.
I'm gonna keep working on this track.
People have been all over my new music, all right? And-and my new stuff it's gonna be fire at the festival.
But you still don't have a hit.
You gonna deliver at the festival? - Don't I always deliver? - Not always.
Once you left the Turn Up Tour for rehab, folks got to wondering about you.
People say you're the comeback kid, but how many lives you got? Look, I'm-a deliver, all right? Trust me.
I'll let the people know.
Yeah, you do that.
Excuse me.
So you just gonna ignore me? You haven't replied to my DMs.
Who are you? I got to remind you about the time on the tour? It was good, right? So good that you gave me - the damn clap.
- What? - And that's gonna cost your pretty ass.
- Hold up.
Hold up.
Hold up.
Hold up.
I've never met you a day in my life.
Really? 'Cause these photos say otherwise.
- Hey [SIGHS.]
- Look, I need 20 thou by tomorrow, or I'm going public.
Oh, and by the way, your tongue skills could use some work.
Bad form.
I swear on everything, I'm good, all right? I-I was wasted, but I got tested every three months.
She lying, man! Look, the truth don't even matter.
Once she goes public, the brand is tarnished.
Last thing we need two months out of the R&B Fest.
What is you talking about right now? Just pay the bitch.
MEGAN: No! This is extortion.
As his lawyer, I say that we call her bluff, get the authorities in on this.
See, you sound like you thinking as his woman, not his lawyer.
Your little plan is gonna make this a trending topic.
And your boy buckles under pressure.
He's fragile.
Stand up.
I'll show you how fragile I am right now.
You know you don't want this in your head while you're working on your album.
Noah, it's your call.
If we pay her, she's just gonna keep coming back.
But whatever you decide, I can make it work.
I'm going with my lawyer on this.
- Hi, baby.
Oh, no.
What could you possibly be mad about now? I'm telling you, every day it's something.
We're trying to get this music right for Carlotta's R&B Fest, and Alex is acting like a super-producer who can't take input from anybody, because her solo career don't depend on this.
It's practically her birthright.
But for me, I'm all this baby has.
Why do you keep saying it like that? Saying what like what? Saying it like it's all you and I'm not a part of this.
How did you get that from what I just said? I don't understand you.
Are you listening at all? I am listening.
Am I lying? You won't move in with me, and you never want to talk about it.
Yo, I'm not having this conversation with you again.
Like, I'm so done with you, Star.
Why can't you just acknowledge that this is my baby, too? [SCOFFS.]
I will be at every single doctor's appointment, every birthday and parent-teacher conference.
But you and I? We're done.
Hey, bro.
Brown on the left, white on the right.
You know, when I holla'd at Cassie about getting a job here, I thought I'd be doing something a little different.
Bro, you got to sweat to make cheese, man.
Yeah, I know, man, but, look, I'm trying to help my family out.
I'm trying to be down with Bankhead.
I'm trying to make some real dough.
All right.
Holla at my boys.
I'll get back with you.
CASSIE: Now, remember, I got to look like a wife, not a sidepiece.
What up? Breathe Can finally breathe Now that it's just you and I We can finally do this right We're free We're finally free We don't have nothing to hide It's really different this time I've been patient Wasn't sure we would make it But I stood right there, waiting Holding on to a maybe You got me floating Finally know where we're going In the end, it was worth it 'Cause this feels perfect You're all I need Yeah, you're all I want Here is my heart - Here it is - Here is my love My soul You're all I need Yes, you are, you're all I want No matter how long that it took us to get here You're all I need You're all I need, you're all I need XANDER: Gorgeous.
Simply gorgeous.
Thank you, baby.
You know I want to look badass on your arm when that camera pops off.
And you will.
Excuse me.
Could you give us a second? - Sure thing.
- Thank you.
So which one of these necklaces do you think go best? I love this one.
- Why didn't you tell me about Cotton? - What? See, I already know you're lying to me.
I've been with you since we were 15.
I'm not lying.
What are you talking about? Your niece has been to the police.
You didn't think this was something that I needed to know? No, because she went to the police for a family problem.
After she had already been to our club.
So? Now I got all this pressure up in my head, and she may be the damn reason.
Well, maybe you need to go meditate, because Cotton has nothing to do with this.
Then who does, Cassie? You can trust me that I have Cotton under control.
I did.
And you can see where that's gotten us.
No, babe.
Look at me.
I'm working hard for this.
And I ain't gonna sit back and let her throw away our future.
I got you.
Okay? - Now, go on about your business.
I trust you.
- [SIGHS.]
The main thing is you're your own man, - your own artist.
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
You make a lot of noise.
I'm trying to put you on at the R&B Fest.
For sure, for sure.
Bruh, let me just, uh, let me just think about this.
You need to clean up your image.
I can help.
All right.
- Looks like you're a busy man.
- Hold up.
What the hell is he doing here? Yeah, what you think this is, Homeboy Records? I'm in here getting real money.
Like I said, I'm looking for hits.
- You know what it is.
- Yeah, yeah.
So this is what you doing.
You trying to bait me to write some songs? Oh, well, you need Lil Dini to write you something? Oh, no, I don't need nobody - to do nothing for me.
- Yeah, wait.
- But I know one thing - When y'all are done, you might want to take a look at the TV.
TV REPORTER: Turns out sober doesn't mean clean.
A woman has accused Noah Brooks of giving her chlamydia.
The victim has provided GNZ with pictures Noah! TV REPORTER: The affair allegedly took place So that's somebody you want to be with? What's up, Derek? Meet Jamal.
Jamal here been with us about, what What you say, big man? Two years? - That about right.
We just found out Jamal been skimming off the top.
It was just once.
I promise I'll never do Shut your ass up.
What you think we should do about Jamal, Derek? [CHUCKLES.]
All right, light skin.
I was just trying to see if you have our back.
What y'all think? Your boy almost made me pull out my strap.
MIKE-MIKE: I got it.
I might have a job for you around here.
I appreciate it.
Like I said, whatever y'all need, I got you.
You proved yourself.
But you gonna have to be a quick learner around here.
That's easy.
You keep busting your ass, you keep your mouth shut, your granny mortgage'll be paid sooner than you think.
Cassie gonna be cool with that? [CHUCKLES.]
Yeah, if she was calling the shots.
But she ain't.
TV REPORTER: A woman has accused Noah Brooks of giving her chlamydia MISS BRUCE: I mean, Noah's contaminated meat getting more attention than y'all.
Busting our ass in the studio and can't get half this press.
- CASSIE: Cotton.
- All over TV.
That is just I thought I made myself clear that we don't snitch in this family, bitch.
- Who - I'm talking to you.
- Bitch, you know I'm not a snitch.
- Okay.
And maybe if you had less enemies, you wouldn't be so paranoid.
- You know what? - Cassie, back up off that girl.
Now, you gonna stop coming for your family like this.
Y'all only see what y'all want to see in me.
But I'm trying to protect us.
- From? - The cops.
They've been sniffing around Karma.
What you done got yourself into now, Cassie? I was helping a friend.
And would he happen to be married with a child? You're covering for Xander again, ain't you? Stay out of this, Bruce.
Why you can't leave that man alone? He never treated you right.
And we both know how he used to beat your ass.
Look, he had a hard life.
MISS BRUCE: Girl, we all had a hard life; that don't mean you go around knocking bitches upside the head.
- He stopped that.
- Oh.
That's what we all say.
Look, keep his name and my business out of y'all's mouth, okay? That girl on a roller coaster ride she can't get off of.
- It's a damn shame.
We breaking news again, Billboard abuse again Messed up that album date, we back up in this here.
Messed up that album date We back up in this here.
How much longer are you gonna pretend that everything's okay when it's not? Talk to me.
I think Derek is cheating on me.
What? I saw him and a girl in the footage that we got.
She looked like his ex.
Look, I've never seen a man more sure of his love for somebody than Derek is with you.
I would go to him.
You know, have a real conversation.
Y'all have been through way too much not to fight for what y'all got.
You need a hug? - Come on.
- Why not? [BOTH CHUCKLE.]
Look, everything is locked down, just like you said.
No, baby, I got you, I got you.
- Okay? - [DOOR OPENS.]
I got to go.
Hey, Cassie.
Star, what the hell are you doing here? I just came to say what's up to your shady-ass business partner.
Well, he ain't here, so you can see yourself out.
All right.
You know, normally I wouldn't say nothing, 'cause I wouldn't care, but since you're Carlotta's sister, I thought I would tell you.
- I've been you before.
Letting any man treat me any kind of way.
Look, let me tell you something.
If you don't get your pregnant, wobbly-looking ass the hell up out of my office, it's gonna be a problem.
You don't know nothing about life, especially mine.
I got my ass beat every day.
By America's golden boy.
You remember Hunter Morgan? And I kept going back for more, just like you.
Twinkle, does it look like I'm some type of victim to you? - No.
- I am a boss bitch.
But what do you feel like? How could I have loved you better? Walk away, Cassie.
There's something good waiting on the other side of that decision.
I promise that.
- Do anything you want me to.
All right, so Mike-Mike said Cassie doesn't know anything about drugs going in and out the club.
But I found falsified liquor shipment receipts - in her office.
- But that's all we need to issue a warrant for a raid then, right? Exactly.
And then we'll know who's calling the shots.
Hey, can we get some privacy, bro? My bad, light skin.
Hey, y'all might want to go and get - y'all a room with all that.
Well, at least you don't have to lie anymore.
Alex, please! [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES.]
Can you believe this mess? I can.
I tried to warn you.
Noah's still a boy.
Maurice, please don't do this.
Now is not the time.
Then when? You can't even stand to be around me.
Every time I look at you, I see our daughter.
It's too painful.
I need to move on, and you need to let me.
I understand.
Look, my bad for exploding like that.
I realize I was feeling triggered, and I'm still trying to get control of it.
It's okay.
I think we need to prove those photos are fake.
How fast can you set up with Chloe? Um - So, how much did she want? - [CHUCKLES.]
Man, she tried to extort me.
All right? But thank God for my lawyer, Megan Jetter.
We got proof.
I don't even know the girl.
Let me show you something.
We found the original photo on her social media.
- CHLOE: Damn, I see it now.
- Yeah.
You know what I mean? See, but just like my mama would always say, whatever's done in the dark will come to light, but I'm not gonna press charges.
No, I want to focus on my music.
Hey, Alex, how'd it go? - Not now.
- What's wrong? I'm-I'm fine.
Look, are you guys sure you want to do this? Yeah, well, I think it's the only way that we can go viral and get her attention.
Let's go in there and make it believable.
- Okay.
- Show us those acting skills, sis.
- Don't pressure me.
- Let's do it.
Look, I really wish you would stay in your damn lane and stick to the vocals! Oh, I would if I could, but I'm dealing with a control freak who can't admit when the songs aren't good enough.
- They're not good enough.
- Are you kidding me? Why can't you just leave her alone? Why is it that you can stick up for Alex but you can never defend your own damn sister? - I'm tired of it.
- Maybe because you're a bitch.
- Hey, hey.
- STAR: And you're not? Well, it's great taking advice from somebody who got knocked up by a stranger.
You push everybody away that wants to be close to you.
You know that real well, right? You know this whole situation over here real well.
You can't hold on to nobody.
You can't hold on to me, you can't hold on to Alex, and Jackson will soon figure that out.
Both of you are two dysfunctional-ass bitches.
I'm really glad that this is our last album.
Well, that's the first honest thing you've said, ever.
Oh, yeah? Are you Are you recording right now? - [PHONE BREAKS.]
- What the hell? - For the love of the city All my on the block 12:00 o'clock, we ain't wheeling Damn it.
They wanna see me in the cage, I'd rather see me in a Wraith I'm motivation on the 'Gram I'm going live on these onstage Who love the streets? Meek, Meek Who dropping heat? Meek, Meek, who locked the city up? Pull up in that Bentley truck, rest of them see? Meek Who dropping through the worst? Meek Who really dropping that fire? Meek.
Excuse me for a second, honey.
: What the hell are you doing here? What you mean, what the hell I'm doing here? I said I was going to the gala.
You said you was gonna be by yourself.
I know, I know.
She decided to come last second.
I'm sorry.
Do not make a scene.
The Feds raided the club.
What do they know? Nothing, 'cause I got out before they could talk to me.
And they're not gonna have no evidence of no money laundering, because I'm not as sloppy as you think.
It's not just cash, Cas.
I gave Mike-Mike orders to go bigger.
I've been running drugs all up and down the coast.
In my club?! You know what, I should blow your brains out right in front - of your blonde bitch-ass wife.
- Cassie.
You told me it was gonna be a little money here and there, and You don't understand.
You know how much going legit meant to me.
It meant everything to me.
I know, and I am trying to set things up for us.
For you and me.
For our life together so that we would never have to worry.
I reached out to my lawyer today to file for divorce.
I love you.
I do.
But they are going to connect this to every business that I have my hand in.
Maybe if you take the fall, - I can get you - What?! [CLEARS THROAT.]
Why am I here? Show you my new place.
There's plenty of room for our kid, right? [SCOFFS.]
: This is a joke.
Good luck with everything.
Jackson, I want you here, too.
I want all three of us here, together.
I can't change the past.
Or the fact that all of this happened so fast and I don't know what I'm doing.
But I can try and make sure that the future's better.
It's too late for that.
Don't walk away from me.
Like you've been doing our entire relationship? - I'm trying to talk to you now.
Look, I don't know what we're supposed to be, but I know that we are this baby's parents.
And I want this baby to have a real family, a functioning family with a mom and a dad like Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv or something.
You know we'll never be Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv.
Of course we can't be that great.
But we can try.
I don't know.
I don't have much in this house, but ["PONY" BY GINUWINE PLAYING.]
This was your plan the whole time.
You remember your routine? I kinda forget; maybe you can show me.
- Me? Oh, I'm too big.
- Mm.
- It's our song.
It's gotta work.
- Ooh.
- Easy now.
Easy now.
Don't want you to burst.
Gotta be compatible You're serious.
Girl, when I break you off I promise that you won't want to get off If you're horny, let's do it Alex, before you say anything So, your grandma told me where you were and my dumb ass showed up wanting to work things out.
It's not what you're thinking.
I think that we got back together without talking about why we broke up the first time.
And I think that you're still trying to give me payback for what happened with Noah.
What are you talking about? Is she the reason why you've been hanging at the club? - I can explain that.
- Then explain, Derek.
Please explain.
I can't right now.
You think I'm stupid.
Baby So go deal with your side bitch, because I'm done.
Alex, I love you more than anything.
You're lucky you're in the clear, you know that? [CHUCKLES.]
Trust me, I ain't never been more relieved - in my life.
Oh, my gosh, wait till this interview drops on these shady-ass bloggers.
So corny.
They all gonna look stupid.
I can't wait, baby.
- Ah.
- Yeah.
- [GASPS.]
You should've given the bitch the money when she told you.
All right, all right.
W-Whatever you need, bro, I - [SHARP BLOW.]
Come on, man, come on, d-don't hurt her, please.
Please, what-whatever it is, we-we can Shut the hell up and stay on the ground.
Or I'll blow your head off.
What's wrong? I was right.
I'm so sorry.
No, it's not your fault.
Simone, why are you crying? I'm not crying, I just I I just feel like Derek.
Wh-What are you talking about? Because of me and Nina.
You and Nina? We went viral.
It worked.
Look at this.
Why is it that you can stick up for Alex, but you can never defend your own damn sister? - I'm tired of it.
- ALEX: Maybe because you're a bitch.
People love dirt, don't they? "These girls going out, # epic.
" "I'm not missing T3's last performance together.
# R&BFest.
" This is just what people expect out of a girl group, because it happens all the time.
People grow apart.
They're calling it our goodbye album.
Y'all think it really is? Y'all were ready to break up.
Only reason we're sitting here right now is 'cause we were trying to help Miss Carlotta, but we all got different stuff we're trying to do.
We're different artists with different dreams.
We did everything we said we'd do when we got here.
Well, not everything.
We didn't win an ASA.
But I think Star's right.
Last album.
Well, let's do it right.
NINA SIMONE: Oh, Lord, takes so long Hope it doesn't take too long this time 'Cause I need to be with you I need to be with you, Lord Today Today, today Today - [HIP-HOP BEAT BEGINS.]
- Today, who are you, Lord? Who are you, Lord? Who are you, Lord? Who are you, Lord? We breaking news again, Billboard abuse again Messed up they album date, we back up in this here Star on a chain, car dipped in candy paint Fall off never Boss up forever now Come feel this excellence This is the best it gets We can't stop them from whining But they can't stop us from shining Got my life and my health, my family is wealth You would think I got ten hands The way I'm feeling myself - Today - Ooh Don't need that darkness, get it out my space - Ooh - Lace up those shoes - We on this paper chase - Ooh, yeah - There's something magic 'bout this moment - [LINE RINGING.]
Let's go ahead and own it Come on, Derek.
Where are you? I wish I would spend my time on a petty bitch Who are you, Lord? I wish I would let 'em take this energy Who are you, Lord? I wish I would spend my time on a basic bitch - Who are you, Lord? - No, I keep livin' up, livin' up I know you're a damn cop, bitch.
Livin' up this life, keep on livin' up - Livin' up, livin' up this life - Who are you, Lord? Livin' up this life - Keep on livin' up this life - Who are you, Lord? This is that flava talk, this is that paper talk This is that ride 'em to the real and to the fakest talk I'm the best you ever had Call me your out I came for the bag I'm leaving with the title, oh I didn't come here to lose You must got me confused This carte blanche attitude Do what I wanna do I see you mad as hell Go ahead and tell But get used to it, 'cause this future is female - Today - Ooh Don't need that darkness, get it out my space - Ooh - Lace up those shoes We on this spot to chase Ooh, yeah There's something magic about this moment Let's go ahead and own it - I wish I would let these haters get to me - Who are you, Lord? I wish I would spend my time on a petty bitch Who are you, Lord? I wish I would let 'em take this energy Who are you, Lord? I wish I would spend my time on a basic bitch - Who are you, Lord? - No, I keep livin' up, savin' up - Slaving at this life - How can I help you? - Keep on livin' up, livin' up - Ma'am.
Livin' up this life Keep on livin' up, livin' up, livin' up this life I'm here to turn myself in.
Keep on livin' up this life.