Star (2016) s03e09 Episode Script


1 - Previously on Star - STAR: Congrats.
- Oh, so you're changing my name.
- I need to make music - that feeds my soul.
- I'm in need of a manager.
Is you asking me to be your manager? Only if you saying yes.
COYOTE: We have your husband.
You have 24 hours to get $7,000 or else.
NINA: Simone I mean, you mean a lot to me.
Why I still feel like a closet freak? I don't know how Noah's gonna react.
You putting a distance between us.
Gotta get it together.
DEREK: Every chance you get, sniffing around my girl.
Nothing happened.
You broke her heart! You're being charged with money laundering and drug trafficking.
- How do you plead? - Not guilty.
CARLOTTA: I know you're covering up for Xander.
Dad used to do things to me when we were alone.
As long as he didn't touch you, it was okay.
She was a cop.
She was murdered.
She discovered money was being laundered through the club.
Your services are no longer needed.
What about my grandma? Merry Christmas, baby Hey! Happy Kwanzaa, bitch.
Look who's free.
- Oh, my goodness.
- Hi.
I like your little jail hair, though.
Told you Xander's ass wasn't worth doing no bid.
I know.
I promise you, I'm done working out my daddy issues on a dude that think I'm trash.
And a white boy at that.
Okay, I was really on some Olivia Pope mess, but a bitch is woke now and I'm-a work with these pigs to bring his ass down.
Wait, hold up.
Didn't he already threaten to kill you? You better stay your stupid ass away from him.
You worry too much about me.
I'm Teflon, sis.
You know I got this.
And once I skin his ass for good, we gonna celebrate Christmas at my house.
Wait, hold up.
Now you know we do Christmas at my house.
Why we always got to do Christmas at your house? - Because you can't cook.
- Wow.
Okay, and this is Cott's first Christmas with Jayden and he does not need to experience your dry-ass mac and cheese.
Cott, she still mad at me? You killed her father.
She ain't never gonna get over that.
But you were her Titi Cassie.
I mean, she liked you more than she liked me.
I'm-a work on fixing that 'cause I'm back.
I'm back in this family for good.
And don't hate on my mac and cheese.
It's bomb.
Yeah, a atomic bomb.
- We gonna stop right there.
- Listen, whatever.
Come on, put some of these up for me.
Just put that whole box right there on the tree.
I'll take off my heels then, 'cause we have a bitch - working already.
- That's great.
Well, I should probably at least tell Miss Carlotta that you're here.
She'll probably start asking why I'm hanging out in this nasty-ass trailer all the time.
I know you trust her and I know that you're family, but I don't want anybody else involved in my mess.
I don't even like that you are.
But I'm your wife.
We got to figure this out together.
You know, I was thinking maybe we could give Nina a call? - Because she - No.
No, we don't need them.
No, but her and Mateo have connections.
I said no, okay? I'm gonna figure this out.
You trust me? I trust you.
I've missed you, Mrs.
Say it again.
I've missed you.
Thank you.
Okay, okay, that's enough.
You don't need all those wings.
Or are you eating for all of us now? Is that what this is? Don't worry about what I'm eating.
Worry about the fact that Tyga ate this verse - Oh.
on "There For You.
" I'm performing it first up on my set.
Damn, Star, save some for the other people.
Why is everybody clocking my plate? Seriously.
My son is hungry.
Hey, did you get that note from the doctor clearing you to perform? Oh, don't worry about it.
It's all good.
All right, 'cause Mateo is up my ass to make sure this festival lives up to the hype, and Maurice can't wait to see me fall on my face, which ain't gonna happen.
STAR: I hate everybody at that table.
It's that immigrant one who I got a problem with.
Bruce, come on now.
- You know, his wife left him.
- What you say? - Yeah.
- Nina left him? Yes, ma'am.
She chopped him.
She got over it.
Hi-ya, bitch.
I suppose she fell in love with somebody else.
Her situation's straight out of a telenovela.
Excuse me everybody.
Can I have your attention for a second? Star, baby, will you come up here? - No.
- Get your ass up there.
- What is he doing? - JACKSON: Come on.
What are you doing? Go.
JACKSON: I know that things are about to get crazy with this festival, and our baby's gonna be here in a couple of weeks.
So I wanted to do this now.
Baby, we've been through the fire.
God knows that you are crazy as hell.
This is true.
Oh, my God.
But you have me for a lifetime if you just say yes.
Excuse me, Star Davis? Yes.
- Oh.
- You've been served.
- Damn it.
- Get out of here, you jerk.
MISS BRUCE: Bitch, don't ever take no yellow envelope.
I know that.
I was a little distracted.
ALEXANDRA: Open it, just - SIMONE: What is it? - Oh, boy.
It's a cease and desist for copyright infringement on "There For You.
" They're saying I can't perform it at the festival.
Is it real? Yeah.
I bring me Get mine, 'bout mine, go hard Looking for another like me Boy, stop I bring me Whose love is the tightest? Whose kiss is the nicest? Me Whose touch is the rightest? Me I bring me I bring, I bring me.
So I can't sing the biggest song of my career on the biggest night of my life? I should've known that your stealing ass stole that beat.
Yo, pregnancy brain got you dumb as hell.
STAR: Well, who the hell did it, then? Look, I got the lawyers looking into it, but you're gonna have to come up with a plan "B.
" This is what my fans want to hear, Carlotta.
It's no plan "B.
" We gonna figure this out, but right now we need to focus on the Goodbye album release.
Which is why Take 3's opening on the main stage.
After that, we'll hit the red carpet to promote the Black Ivy trailer.
Once that happens, we'll direct everybody to the solo performance.
Wait, can we just make sure my inners are synced up with my track? I just really don't need any type of sound issue.
MISS BRUCE: Don't worry about the sound, I got that.
It'll be good.
NOAH: Well, look, I'm locked, loaded, - and ready to go.
- Well, I hope so 'cause all eyes are on you.
The last performance of the festival is the legacy of the whole damn thing.
All right, let's get it.
Still taking credit for my work, huh? We did it together, and Mateo knows that.
I guess that mistletoe means you can kiss my black ass.
Been there, done that.
And you did it wrong.
Merry Christmas, Carlotta.
What are they gonna do? Sue me for singing my own damn song? - Probably.
- This is so stupid.
Star, listen, it's not like it's your only hit.
You have other songs.
Including the one you did with Noah.
Why don't you just ask him? - I'm not singing with Noah.
- Why? Because of me? Listen, you don't have to protect my feelings, with this or with the proposal.
Jackson, I'm good with where we're at, all right? We're having this little guy, I'm cool with waking up to your face every morning, but But what? But we're not ready for that.
Come on.
- And I've never been that girl.
- [SIGHS.]
I'm sorry.
Yo, Star, did you get my Christmas present? You know I had my people, uh, just dig up a little dirt on you I-I mean the song, and it sounded so familiar.
You know, my boy did that beat.
You're the one that did this to me? [LIL DINI LAUGHS.]
That makes a lot of sense, actually.
Hey, it's all love.
I should knock you upside the head.
- Don't do that.
Look, look - Stop.
Good luck having people show up to that wack-ass event without that wack-ass hit.
Oh, good aim! I like that.
Soon as this baby drop, I'm coming for you.
Hey, Tim Tebow, yo, you goofy as hell.
He's so lucky I'm pregnant.
Ooh, girl, thank you.
Hooked me up.
They can't fix no black hair in my all-white neighborhood.
Last time I walked out of there looking like ASAP Rocky.
- Yo, you seen ASAP Rocky? - JAYDEN: Cotton.
Look like Fetty Wap and Whoopi Goldberg had a baby.
I don't usually do this, but I got you all right, Miss Pat.
JAYDEN: Cotton, can you hurry up? You said we were gonna go see Santa.
You ain't whooped his bad ass yet? Boy, Santa ain't real.
- Stop.
- JAYDEN: Santa is real.
- Santa ain't real.
- That's enough, Pat.
I'm out of here.
Santa ain't real! - JAYDEN: Yes, he is! - Hey.
You didn't see me talking to my client? You said that we're gonna go see Santa.
We are.
When I take you and when I'm done.
- And when I say so.
- And Santa don't like badasses, so go upstairs now, Jayden.
These kids.
Ti, I had that covered.
And what are you doing here anyway? Look, niece, we a family.
He's just as much as mine as he is yours.
It takes a village.
And I know ours ain't been that good, but look.
I'm out of jail and away from Xander.
I got my head on straight now.
Look, I want you to know that I I can't make up for what I did to Jahil, but I can prove to you every day that I'm sorry as hell.
Okay? All of it's behind me.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
You promise? I do.
Hand to God.
I never thought I'd say this, but I miss your little bougie ass.
Yeah, I miss you, too.
But me and Derek, - we just - Hey.
I know.
- I know.
- So how's your case? They say they're backlogged.
They ain't never gonna process that rape kit, so I just take it one day at a time, trying to get back to me.
Yeah, me, too.
I, uh keep having these panic attacks and I'm supposed to have the biggest performance of my solo career in front of 25,000 people and they all just want me to live up to my dad's name.
That's never what I wanted.
- I just want to stand on my own.
- You, uh, need something to take the edge off? I got some OG Kush.
Nah, I-I'm-I'm so good.
- All right.
It's here if you need a hit.
- Okay? - Okay.
I have festival prep to do.
- I'll probably see you later.
- Okay.
RUBY: Why you got to be so stubborn? Tell her you were working with the cops because of me.
We're not about to talk about this right now.
But you make sure your little hardheaded ass shows up at the Mission tomorrow.
I'm feeding the homeless.
Making my special green beans.
MISS BRUCE: This festival is kicking my ass.
I mean, who plans a festival on Christmas Eve? - [BOTH LAUGH.]
- Like, bitch, you ain't got no damn presents to wrap? - Crazy.
- I'm gonna need a little mini vacay after this.
How about, uh, New Year's Eve? Really? I got a singing gig in New York.
You want to come? Okay.
- You plan it, I - Yep.
- Oh, you beat me here, huh? - Yeah, man, I just thought I'd go over - some manager stuff with Bruce.
- What's up, Bruce? And I know you got all that pressure on you - after what happened on tour.
- Pop, come on.
I'm almost six months sober.
BOBBY: Yeah, and we gonna keep it that way, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Right? - Bae, he got it.
Yeah, I yep.
What's up with y'all? Y-Y'all together? Nah.
Just old friends.
- He was giving me advice.
- Hmm, okay.
I'm gonna go check on the girls.
- A'ight.
I'll hit you up later.
- No.
I'm done with the manager talk for today.
MAURICE: Last year, Ayanna gave you an advantage, but I'm putting it all on the table, Carlotta.
As far as I'm concerned, you're a nonfactor.
I've taken a lot of losses.
Andy, Jahil Look, you ain't the only one with losses.
And I ain't losing again.
CHLOE: The whole city is excited about Rhythm and Bells.
And this Goodbye album is supposed to be the truth.
Y'all really ready to say good-bye? You know, we're really just trying to grow as artists.
Going solo is risky.
Luckily for you, Star, you had some momentum straight out the gate.
"There For You" is still a bop.
Alex, this is your first major performance - as a solo artist - Yeah.
even though you were signed to your father's label at 15.
I got a lot of love for you, but let's be real, the label canned your album and yet, here you are.
You know, not everybody has what it takes to go solo.
And if you weren't ready then, what makes you so sure you're ready now? You know what? This interview is over.
- I just have a few more questions.
- No, no, no.
No more questions.
That's enough questions.
- Alex, calm down, okay? - STAR: Yo, why you coming for her Don't let it get in your head, just breathe.
: I can't breathe.
Can't breathe.
: Carlotta, what is happening? - Is she okay? - CARLOTTA: Deep breaths.
CARLOTTA: She's gonna be fine.
Come on, honey, just breathe.
SIMONE: Should we-should we ? Are we getting this? Hey! I said the interview is over.
What part of that don't you unders Move.
- You brat - I want a divorce.
ALEXANDRA: We can't do this.
Find somewhere else to stay tonight.
Look, about earlier, I-I ain't ready to tell Noah yet.
- He's a grown man.
- I know.
He's a grown-ass man, Bobby.
And he knows his father got a life.
I just got my son back.
I ain't ready to lose him again.
- I'd make you lose him? - If I start parading us around after what I did to him all those years ago, how-how you think that's gonna make him feel? Look, I've spent a very long time learning to love myself, and you not gonna hide me.
I'm not gonna lessen myself so that you can live some fake reality.
Even if I do love you.
You-you love me? Yeah.
My stupid ass love you.
Wow, this is great - You lied to my face.
- Oh - Noah - And-and you know, the funny thing is, I would have been cool, Pop.
But you just keep lying to me.
Noah N-Noah! Wait, Noah! Santa, tell me if you're really there Don't make me fall in love again If he won't be here next year Santa, tell me if he really cares LIL DINI: Hey.
Yo, Star, don't forget: I'm there for you, bitches.
Pimps up, a ho's down.
Till it go down.
Play it cool, but it's hard to focus When I see him walking across the room - Punk-ass bitch.
- CARLOTTA: Forget about Dini.
All right, y'all? You up in five.
Now, I know I've been making this whole thing about me and my job, but it's not.
It's about y'all.
- Take 3.
- SIMONE: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually gonna miss this.
STAR: No, you not.
You about to be a movie star.
You won't even remember Take 3.
- Exactly.
- SIMONE: Shut up, y'all.
You about to be Alex Crane 2.
0 and you're about to be Stardi B in half a minute.
- Stardi B? I just can't believe we're actually breaking up.
We're not.
We're leveling up.
- There you go.
- CARLOTTA: Call it a hiatus.
I ain't never giving up on this group.
- MISS BRUCE: Right.
Ain't gonna happen.
- Course not.
On three.
One, two, take 3! ALL: Take 3! - Come on, Take 3.
- CARLOTTA: Come on, ladies.
- CARLOTTA: Let's get 'em.
- Go let them hos know.
All right.
Let's make them miss us.
Oh, oh, oh, oh Yeah And I could never be average Been hell and back and I managed All in a pretty lil package Yeah, they all know I'm a savage And I could never be average Been hell and back and I managed All in a pretty lil package Yeah, they all know I'm a savage, yeah That's an AP, yeah, yeah, it's bust down It's a new me There is no us now Way people move Few that I trust now Got a few racks Little I lust now Don't take my time I'm trying to flip Don't come for mine Come off the hip The reason I shine I know where I fit The reason I shine, yeah And I could never be average Been hell and back and I managed All in a pretty lil package Yeah, they all know I'm a savage, yeah And I could never be average Been hell and back and I managed All in a pretty lil package Yeah, they all know I'm a savage Oh, yeah, yeah They all know I'm a savage Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Here, you can have the last of the green beans.
We have more.
You all enjoy your dinner.
You should be there.
Makes no sense you throwing away what you have over you trying to help me.
Is it me, or it seem like there was way more volunteers last year? Or maybe it was you moving faster.
You silly.
You know, despite everything going on, you still here giving back.
Yeah, well, and I'm gonna be here till everyone has a full belly.
- Mm, love you.
- Love you, too.
- I'll help you with this.
No, no, let me take these rolls in.
MAN: Mike-Mike, man MIKE-MIKE: I'm about to give you the ride of your life.
DEREK: Grandma, what's wrong? [SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY.]
Grandma, is that the man who hurt you? That's the man who hurt you.
No, wait.
- No, no, Derek! Please, please - No Please, take me home.
Come on, take me home, please.
Please, please, come on [BOTH PANTING.]
These came for you, Mrs.
Um, do you mind just putting them in my trailer for me? - Yeah.
- Thank you.
Hold the lights to fade the dark ANGEL: Hey.
What the hell are you doing here? One photo and ICE could grab you.
Stop thinking that.
Tonight is Christmas Eve, and all I want to do is watch my amazing wife.
You wanted something for yourself and you got it.
I'm here.
I just don't know why, I feel like the rug's gonna get pulled.
MATEO: Angel Rivera? If you even think about turning him in, I swear to God, I'll let everybody know about your money problems.
So you're trying to threaten me? I was him once.
Fix your lipstick and go sell my movie.
Where is it? Where is it? [GASPS.]
Whoa, what the what the hell, Derek? What are you doing with a gun? Why are you even here? Don't you have a show? I'm nervous.
I need to take the edge off.
But tell me what's going on.
Okay? You need to talk to me.
You owe me that.
The man who hurt my grandmother is in the Bankhead Crew.
And that girl you saw me with is the detective on the case.
Was the detective she, she died.
I've been working as an informant, just trying to help them find anything.
But then tonight I found the guy who raped my grandmother.
And I'm-a go handle it.
For good.
Look, you-you need to give me the gun.
But if you kill him, she won't be able to come back from that.
You're the best man I know.
And I can't lose you again.
So, please.
It's okay.
Gonna go to your show now? No.
No, I should stay here with you.
Are you scared? I've watched you try and outrun your father's name for two years.
That's your name too.
When you go on that stage, I want you to be that girl who came from New York.
I want you to go out there and be the girl who I first fell in love with.
You know I'm a rebel CROWD [CHANTING.]
: Y'all know me.
Y'all know me Really hope that you don't mind CROWD: Y'all know me.
Y'all know me Y'all know me.
Y'all know me.
Y'all know me Hey.
How's it going? How was the trailer premiere? It was different.
A lot of eyes on me.
And only me.
Right, so why do you why do you look unhappy? I'm not unhappy, I'm fine.
I just we need to focus on your solo performance.
I'm trying.
I don't know what to do.
Lil Dini's people are watching me like a hawk, though.
You could stop staring at me like a criminal; I'm not gonna sing the damn song.
They fronting.
It's all right.
I'm gonna have to go out there and tell those people the truth.
I can't deliver.
Or you can go up there with me.
Jackson thinks we should open up your set with our duet.
I mean, I think it'll definitely get people hyped for your solo stuff.
Thank you, but I already told you no, Jackson.
Baby, will you just stop being so stubborn for once in your life? I know you're trying to be loyal to me.
But you've waited your whole life for this night.
If that means going up there with Noah, then that's what you're gonna do.
Ask me again.
Ask you what? I'm not getting on my knee.
Ask me again.
Are you serious? [WHISPERS.]
: Baby - Oh my, God.
- What's wrong? Are you okay? My water just broke.
My water just broke; I'm having a baby.
- Okay, okay - SIMONE: I'm gonna go - get Miss Carlotta.
- I'm having a baby right now.
- Okay, baby - Everyone keep calm - while I go get Miss Carlotta.
- Just breathe.
STAR: I don't know what to do.
- We need some help.
- Where's the paramedics? I don't know what to do.
I don't know what to do.
Can we get some help, please? Oh, ho, ho, ho.
Taking your money, take that.
And this drive.
Your drive.
- XANDER: Come on, real quick.
WIFE: The kids will be home any second.
Oh, you keep talking and I'll stick another one in you.
You know you are the only woman that I have ever loved.
You know that, right? WIFE: Hmm.
You ain't even worth the bullet.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm here, Star.
- He's not supposed to come yet.
It is time to push this baby out; the baby is coming.
- I can't! - Yes, you can.
Your mother did it, I did it.
Star Davis, you will push this baby out.
- NOAH: You can-you can do it.
- All right, here we go now.
- Come on, now.
- JACKSON: Come on, baby.
- Push! Push, push, push, come on! - Come on.
- Here we go, here we go, here we go! That's it, that's it, I see it! I see it; it's coming! - Come on, baby.
Come on.
- Push, baby.
- Push this baby out.
There we go.
- Right, one more time.
- All right, come on, come on.
Come on, you got this.
You got this, you got this.
- You did it.
You did it.
- [GASPS.]
- SIMONE: My gosh.
- CARLOTTA: Oh my, God.
Oh my, God! - He's okay.
- Is he okay? Is he okay? - SIMONE: Oh, he's okay.
STAR: He's okay.
Baby, I tried but I can't unlove you It's okay, it's okay.
You know you got your hooks in my soul Hi, hi.
Because you He's okay.
Your love will never He's okay.
He's okay.
It's okay.
Jackson, Jackson, I didn't know.
I didn't know, I didn't I didn't know.
I didn't know, Noah.
Noah, I didn't know; I'm sorry.
PARAMEDIC: We got to get you to the hospital.
- CARLOTTA: It's okay, sweetie.
- SIMONE: It's okay.
I really had no idea.
They told me the wrong date at my first appointment and I just never second-guessed it.
All I was trying to do was give him something more normal than what we had.
I tried to force a fairy-tale.
But that doesn't happen for people like us.
But you got a perfect little prince out of it.
- I did.
We have a baby.
We do.
Speaking of families, I got to tell you something.
I should've told you earlier, but, um Angel snuck back into the country for me.
I still do believe we're gonna all get our happy ending.
I'm gonna ask Mateo for help.
Anyway, you want me to go get the daddies? I want you to not call them that ever again.
Okay, um, I'll go get the, uh - The boys.
- The, yeah, th-those guys.
Look, Jackson, when we were on tour Come on, man.
I'm not trying to talk about that right now.
She wants to see y'all both.
I know we better get somebody on this main stage before these ticket holders go crazy.
What'd I miss? - [SCOFFS.]
- MISS BRUCE: So word is, Star ho-ish ass done had Noah's baby right after proposing to Jackson.
This is gonna burn Twitter to the ground.
Star had Noah's baby? Merry gagging Christmas.
Now we got to find a replacement for them on the main stage.
CARLOTTA: The festival is riding on the closing act.
What's this I hear about Noah and Star? Listen, I already have a call out to GiGi.
- If she can get here, then we - Put me on the main stage.
Premiering a couple of songs and closing a festival - are two different things.
- That's too risky.
Look, Carlotta, I can do this.
Okay? I'm ready.
Put her on.
All right.
If she doesn't blow this out of the water, it's on you.
Shut up.
I hope you know I wasn't lying to either of you.
Can I hold him? Okay.
STAR: That's a good yawn.
- You got him? - Yeah.
: Hey.
I got you, I got you, I got you.
STAR: Jackson.
I just need a minute, Star.
He's beautiful.
He's perfect.
ANNOUNCER: Sorry, folks, Noah Brooks will not be performing tonight, but we will not leave y'all hanging.
Taking his place on the main stage is Alexandra Crane.
Oh, so you're ashamed of my name.
ALEX: I need to make music that feeds my soul.
My soul, not yours.
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah Oh, yeah, oh, yeah Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah I put this thang on 'em He fallen now, I put that aim on 'em That ricochet got 'em getting low Getting low Hit 'em like he didn't know, didn't know I did this before, so you know I don't trip Been here twice as long and I'm still that Don't forget, ain't no shootin' blanks I don't miss when I pop that clip My name on ya lips When I hit Oh, bang, bang I'm gon' blow you up, up 2 to the chest, I'm up, up Double barrel, all my rounds are thick When I pop that clip My name on ya lips when I hit Oh, bang, bang I'm gon' blow you up, up 2 to the chest, I'm up, up Ain't no shootin' blanks, I don't miss When I pop that clip My name on ya lips when I hit Oh, bang, bang I know you wanna know But I'm selfish, can't help it And what I'm doin' gotchu wonderin' Wonderin' How you got caught up in this In love and I did this before, so you know I don't trip Been here twice as long, and I'm still that Don't forget, ain't no shootin' blanks I don't miss when I pop that clip My name on ya lips when I hit Oh, bang, bang I'm gon' blow you up, up 2 to the chest, I'm up, up Double barrel, all my rounds are thick When I pop that clip My name on ya lips when I hit Oh, bang, bang Shotgun bang, bang Shotgun Bang, bang Shotgun bang, bang Ah Oh, oh, bang, bang.
CARLOTTA: We got ourselves a Christmas baby.
He's perfect.
STAR: He is.
So was your performance.
I saw it.
You broke the Internet.
- Did I? [LAUGHS.]
- STAR: You did.
I saw it.
- Girl, it was so dope.
- ALEX: Thank you.
If I didn't just have him, and if I wasn't in such a good mood, - I'd be jealous.
- Of course.
Actually, I am jealous.
And of that hair.
I mean, my blonde could never [LAUGHS.]
- You like it, don't you? - [STAR LAUGHS.]
Let's give them a little time to talk.
You know, I was up all night thinking about this.
Okay, so when Noah and I were on tour, before you got there Star, I didn't come here for an explanation.
Well, I think we should at least talk about this.
And I think I should move out.
I'm not mad at you, I just thought he was gonna be my son.
Good-bye, Star.
Figured you'd be here, man.
Whenever you got upset as a kid, you'd just bury yourself in schoolwork.
I'm not upset with you or-or Bruce.
Bruce is good people.
So are you, half the time.
Then what's wrong? Star had a baby last night.
- It's mine.
- Oh.
Okay, yeah, uh, how you feel about that? I-I don't know how I feel yet.
All of a sudden I'm a father.
I look down at him, and I see me.
I look at me I see you.
Hey, man, you seeing that part all wrong.
You are gonna be a great father.
- How do you know that? - [BOBBY LAUGHS.]
I mean, it's not like I had a great example to follow.
Nah, nah.
- I'm sorry - Nah, nah, nah, no.
You know what, you're right, son.
Let me tell you, that's why.
You know what not to do.
You ain't gonna run scared.
Lie, disappoint like me.
I-I'm still out here learning.
You are everything I never was.
All of it.
Come here, come here.
All right, look, um, I'm just saying, I would like to meet him one day, whenever you ready.
- Of course, Grandpa.
I wouldn't have it no other way.
- I love you.
- I love you.
: This Christmas Fireside is blazing bright We're caroling through the night And this Christmas, will be A very special Christmas for me - Yeah - Oh, yeah, yeah [LAUGHING.]
Can you text Cotton and tell her to pick up some ice on the way home from the mall? Sure.
So, was Santa good to you, Lottie? I got my health, I got my job, I got my family.
I ain't have to eat that nasty mac and cheese you make.
That's your mac and cheese, just to be clear.
So I say I'm doing all right.
I'm in good shape.
What about you? Ah, I'm in good shape, too.
Me and Cotton are gonna start from scratch in the New Year.
First thing in the morning, I'm taking Xander down.
- I got all his dirt.
- Wow.
- Well, it's about damn time.
- I know.
He had you whipped for about 15 years.
He could put it down like a black man, though.
That's nasty and racist.
What? I'm not a racist, but I'm right.
- Oh, look at you, my girls.
Merry Christmas, my babies.
Merry Christmas.
Get the hell out of my house.
I don't want to hear anything you got to say.
You need to leave.
Look, um, the doctors say that, that I may have Alzheimer's.
I'm sick.
All right, man, welcome to the Bankhead Crew, man.
Proud of you.
Your family is overseas So I'm glad you could spend it with me, girl Under the tree Want some more? Made 'em special.
Hell yeah.
'Prec You belong on top Santa's 'bout to come, girl, you know it ain't a myth Well, hello, my love.
You must miss me.
Christmas lights glow I been alive for 70 years.
You the only man who took my pride.
But I'm gonna get it back today.
Oh, yeah? That sounds nice.
Them green beans about to give you the ride of your life.
Silent night Holy night All is calm All is bright Round yon virgin Mother and child Holy infant So tender And mild Sleep in heavenly Peace Sleep In heavenly Peace.
Gravity Media took over Atlanta yesterday with the first Rhythm and Bells festival.
But there was drama behind the cameras, too, as Star Davis, one of the members of Take 3, went into labor.
We'll have more details about this after the break, - but we hope she's doing all right.
- Well, well, well.
Merry Christmas.
CARLOTTA: Sick, huh? - Yeah, you a sick son of a - 'Kay.
Don't give Calvin none of your time.
What you want? You took something that belongs to me, so I took something from you.