Star (2016) s03e17 Episode Script

Proud Mary Keep On

1 Previously on Star STAR: The intubation bruised my vocal cords.
Can I see you I'm singing the right note, right? Gravity Media is going bankrupt.
Right before ASAs? The problem is that nobody wants to buy Gravity Media right now.
Tomorrow we can go back to our big and complicated lives.
But tonight we're just two strangers.
ALEXANDRA: My dad's trying to make money off of my wedding and wants to use me and my career.
My father was many things to different people.
Me, he sexually assaulted.
I'm gonna give Davis up for adoption.
He deserves something better than us, you know it.
Do you know that video you dropped went viral? You know, there's a difference between helping people and actively stoking the flames.
Angel! Stay with me, baby I'm here for you Through the rain And the battles, whatever I'll be there, too 'Cause it ain't time to go Yeah, this I know.
What, you think you're better than me? I'm nothing like you, bitch.
You're exactly like me.
- (DAVIS CRYING) - And you don't deserve this baby, - so I'm gonna take him.
- Don't touch my baby! Don't touch my baby! Give me my baby! - Oh, you want him? - Give him to me! - (MARY LAUGHS) - Give him to me! Mama's got you.
Stay away from my baby.
(WHISPERS): But he's already gone.
(MARY LAUGHING) What? Where is he? Baby, I tried, but I can't unlove you Give me back my baby.
I want him.
I want my baby.
And your love won't let me go I can't believe that we made it out alive.
- He's been talking to police this whole time.
- (DAVIS CRYING) Star, are you okay? - Huh? - Davis is crying.
Oh, I hear him.
- But are you okay? - I'm fine.
Tend to Davis.
BATISTA: I was just telling your husband, we need to bring you down to the station at some point - to talk to you about this incident.
- ANGEL: It's not an incident.
It's a terrorist attack.
They calling it that 'cause it's a white man that did it.
Are you kidding me? BATISTA: We're gonna catch him.
Until then, you two need to lay low.
We've got all those events for ASAs this week.
He said lay low.
Look, that idiot wants us to hide, and I don't want him to win.
Well, you're getting security.
That's for damn sure.
- Angel, look - Get off me.
BATISTA: This guy's still out there.
You see anything suspicious, don't hesitate to contact me.
Well, then, you find him.
Before something happens to you.
All right, great.
So, you got two bodyguards for Angel and Simone Rivera.
All right, thank you.
- (EXHALES) - Two bodyguards, C? And I'm paying for it out of my pocket since Gravity is about to file Chapter 11.
I got to plan for life after Gravity.
I mean, they need sponsorships.
They need bigger gigs.
They need interest from other labels.
That's why we got to serve at this Young Power Players Gala.
They need to stop having so many damn parties.
Old moose-knuckled, cheap suit-wearing-ass ASA folk.
They-a have a damn party for a opening of an envelope.
They better give us that envelope.
Like it's yours I know it ain't right I hope you're taking care of yourself.
'Cause, bitch, I don't want to get another phone call from a coffee shop talking about you done peed on yourself on them people's floor.
Silence fuels secrecy.
We done been down that road before.
We ain't doing that again.
Girlfriend With your girlfriend I might lose everything.
Everything I worked to build.
For myself.
For them girls.
For Noah.
'Cause I want you, say I'm trippin' Look.
It's been taking every ounce of faith I got just to get through.
- Yeah.
- You know, sometimes I look up and I say, "One more thing, and a bitch gonna break.
" And then one more thing happens.
And then, bitch, you don't break.
You built like some brick houses.
- (LAUGHS SOFTLY) - Speaking of brick houses, look at you.
Come on.
Amen! Look, let me go put my little Michelle Obamas on my feet, bitch.
'Cause you know my knees bad.
All right, today's the day.
Break up with your girlfriend With your girlfriend Yeah, yeah, 'cause I'm bored With your girlfriend, girlfriend Girlfriend, baby ALEXANDRA: Is Ruby actually gonna make it to the wedding? 'Cause I feel like her and Beau are getting nasty on that cruise that they're on, and I just You know she not missing our wedding for nothing.
Hey! - The hell are you doing? - Take it up with the owner.
- I am the owner.
- According to this, a Roland Crane owns it, and he wants it back.
He's trying to punish me for calling him out.
That's messed up, man.
Let me talk to dude.
- I can get the car back - No, no, 'cause it's not about the car.
This is ASA week, and he's trying to publicly humiliate me.
Look, can you wait? Okay, fine.
He wants the car, he can have it.
- Oh, no! - Hey, w-w-wait! Love you, Daddy.
I bring me Get mine, 'bout mine, go hard Looking for another like me Boy, stop I bring me Whose love is the tightest? Whose kiss is the nicest? Me Whose touch is the rightest? Me I bring me I bring, I bring me.
("WORSHIP" BY LIZZO PLAYING) Oh, here it goes I feel like fire I feel like rain I can take you higher But you got to earn it PAPARAZZI (ECHOING): Angel, how are you recovering - after the accident? - How are you doing on your solo career? Is Take 3 back together for good? SIMONE: You all right, baby? Everything's gonna be okay, remember that.
And we also have the men in black behind us.
Hey, guys.
I got great news.
Justice Magazine, they want do a piece on social justice and immigration.
SIMONE: That's great.
It will bring awareness to hate crime.
Yes, we're in.
Sounds great.
I'll let the magazine know - to get in touch with you.
- Okay.
Enjoy, kiddo.
We nearly got blown to pieces.
Now you want to put our faces on this so terrorists can see all this? Angel, this article will be good for us and it'll show people that we're not victims and we're not going anywhere.
I promise.
We'll be okay.
Okay, baby.
Go do your thing.
Happiness you're looking for Happiness you're looking for - Hey.
- How are you? Good, just having car trouble.
(PHONE VIBRATING) You're looking for the money, money PAPARAZZI: Alex, this way, please.
You're looking for, you're looking for the money - Where have you been? - And where's Davis? Why you got that stank-ass look on your face? STAR: Davis is at home with Cotton, he's good.
This Take 3 reunion is getting traction.
Star was right.
Y'all got more power together.
And ASA week is the time to cash in on that.
So, look alive, ladies, you see the cameras.
I booked Take 3 and Noah performances at the ASA nominees showcase.
Two days.
But it's not just a performance, it's an audition.
This is your last chance to woo the voters, and Randall Lawson's in town.
That billionaire dude that stays low-key for whatever reason? - (CHUCKLES) - Oh, he's a billionaire? What he look like? 'Cause I need a new zaddy.
We're at the ASAs, okay? Not the H.
He's looking for a headliner for a six-month residency at one of his venues.
MAURICE: Now, landing this residency would be a good way to stay relevant with Gravity going under.
That means performing, but I still don't have a voice.
Star, you know that me and Alex also sing lead.
- We got you.
- CARLOTTA: Yeah, don't worry.
We'll figure out a way to hide your vocal deficiencies.
That just means you're gonna bury my vocal in the track.
That makes me a glorified backup dancer.
I'll set you guys up with tracks from the hottest producers.
- Don't worry.
- CARLOTTA: Listen, y'all been fighting too hard this year for this and y'all been dreaming all your lives.
- Don't give up now.
So, look, I just got Extra to do a pop-up interview on y'all.
Star, they're gonna ask you questions about the "Breathless" video with you and Noah.
The video I still haven't agreed to do? - Bitch, do you care about your career? - CARLOTTA: The hell? You see Gravity Media is sinking.
Karma was about me getting my foot in this music industry's door, but now I'm ready to make real moves, you feel me? Yeah, I heard you heard about King Dini-ling.
- Ew, get off of me, toothpick.
- Damn.
Look, I'm talking real business, Dini.
Like you collaborating with my gospel artists.
Okay, look, a gospel artist will never fit on The Enrique Dragon Experience, okay? That album gonna be nasty as hell.
(CHUCKLES) - You know what? - Eh Stop.
Okay, people are watching.
- All right? Your tracks - I don't care about these people.
don't have no soul.
You need you a real radio single, or you gonna end up like Tekashi 6ix9ine.
(BARKING) You sound like an industry bitch right now, okay? Let me tell you something, don't call me no bitch.
- I kind of like this.
- Hey.
What the hell is y'all doing? - Go somewhere.
- Tell him to call me.
Tell him to call me.
- All right? - All right.
What is wrong with you? Why you got to be stuck on stupid? I'm not trying to get in your way, I promise.
I'm just trying to make moves for Rashad.
I'm trying to take care of business out here.
The real business that you need to handle is in that envelope you got stashed.
Proof that your child is alive.
So, until you can handle that, don't step to me.
Love you, sis.
PAPARAZZI: Amber, over here! Amber, congrats on your new single.
And landing the hottest up- and-coming producer in Atlanta.
AMBER: Shot straight to number one on the charts.
But I can't take all the credit for that.
My boy Jax produced it and now everyone wants to work with him.
But I think I'm gonna keep him for myself (CHUCKLES) Right, babe? Jax really knows how to work my voice.
Oh, girl, he used to know how to work mine, too.
We can be friends now.
I'm over it.
PAPARAZZI: Jackson, Star, together! STAR: I'm over it, too.
But you know what's really gonna help me get over you? Enlighten me.
Dusting y'all for Best Pop Album next week.
(SNIFFS) Smells like jealousy.
That's just the smell of your funky-ass spray tan.
And I'm playing with fire PAPARAZZI: Right here Noah! - Noah, before you leave, can we get a shot? - Hey.
You ain't been answering my calls, but we gonna talk about - what happened the other night.
- There's nothing to talk about.
- What are you talking - PAPARAZZI: Noah! Noah, right here.
Trying to give my child away? Have some random stranger adopt him? I'm the father, I have rights.
Noah and Star, smile for the camera.
No, what you have is an addiction problem that you constantly put before your child.
Oh, you want to go there, huh? Hey, you ain't walking away from me like that.
What you want to do, Noah? You want to do this in front of all these people? You got a chance to take care of your child, but you're trying to give him up.
All this time I thought you were trying to be better than your mama, but you're worse.
- (PEOPLE GASPING) - Put me out there like that.
- Get off me! Get off me! - Get off me.
You happy? - Huh? This what you wanted? - Get off of me.
- NOAH: Get off me.
I'm good.
Get off.
- STAR: Get off me! What? Hey, I held my tongue because these limo drivers got big ears, but what the hell, Star? Davis deserves a real family.
I'm-a shake some sense into you, girl.
You were with me at that ultrasound.
I felt him kick.
I love him.
I'm his mother, but I'm not going to be a good enough mother for him, so I get to choose.
Now, listen, it was my dream for y'all to go further than me and Mary.
And you have done that.
You got so much to look forward to.
You got your career, you got Davis.
What career, Carlotta? What are you talking about? I can't sing.
I'm falling apart, the label's falling apart.
I'm not doing this to Davis.
He deserves better than this.
And if Noah pushes me, I'm gonna prove that he's unfit.
Look, I know you're overwhelmed, but you don't want Davis growing up and wondering why his mother up and abandoned him.
I don't want Davis to grow up and wish that I had.
I got to give him up, Carlotta.
(DAVIS FUSSING QUIETLY) I'm gonna go get his stuff.
I know you're anxious to get your voice back, but the good news is, I see progress, Ms.
That's not good news.
I need my voice.
I got the ASA showcase this weekend.
My whole life is riding on it.
I need a fix.
Quick fixes are just that quick fixes.
What about a cortisone shot? Pushing your voice too soon can cause permanent damage, and it won't heal you.
It'd be like playing a sport on a broken leg.
But you could still play the sport, right? These vocal therapies you got me doing aren't working.
You need to complete at least a month of that - before we even talk about cortisone shots.
- A month? And I wouldn't be comfortable administering cortisone shots without consulting your ob-gyn.
The answer is no, Ms.
I'm sorry.
You know what? I'm-a do this myself.
I've seen my mama use these things a million times.
I'm not gonna tell you again.
The answer is no.
(DOOR OPENS) (DEREK CHUCKLES) You weren't supposed to be up yet.
But I am.
Just trying out my outfit for the big day.
Isn't it bad luck for you to actually see me? - I thought that was just for the bride.
- (KNOCKING) - Come in.
- Who's that? Moses.
(LAUGHS) Oh, look at you.
Derek's trying on his suit for the wedding.
How you doing? It's nice to see you again.
- Thanks for coming.
- Alex, you're family.
Of course I came.
You know your father loves you.
He loves himself.
He repossessed my car.
And I know the very public repossession doesn't look great - for your brand.
- No, it doesn't.
Moses, he is the one trying to make money off my wedding.
As far as he's concerned, this is on you.
I grew up in an emotional graveyard and made something of myself with hard work.
He can take my money, but he will not ruin my reputation.
If he doesn't come out and admit that he's a horrible human being, I will.
Alex, your father made it very clear that if you speak out against him, he will sue you.
What kind of father sues his own daughter? Mine.
- (UPBEAT MELODY PLAYS) - ALEXANDRA: Is this the one? Yeah.
- (TURNS MUSIC OFF) - Okay, cool.
Now, all we have to do is split Star's vocals to minimize the performance and we'll be good.
What? Does nobody care that Star's about to give up her baby? STAR: Go ahead and talk about it.
To me, for once.
I'm here.
Star, why don't you just give the baby to me? Okay, I'm his family, too, and I took care of him while you were in jail.
I promise I won't let anything happen to him.
Simone, you can't promise me that.
He almost died while I was in jail.
Look what happened to you and Angel.
How are you gonna protect a baby? Maybe she has a point.
Simone, my dad was never a real dad, and he was way too arrogant to see that.
He cared way more about his career than anything else.
Don't that sound like somebody you know? Star, you've always been about family since day one.
That's what nobody seems to get.
I want my baby, but I'm giving him away because I'm putting him first.
ALEXANDRA: I'm not saying Star is right, but she has a choice, just like I had a choice.
Are you talking about your abortion? (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) MISS BRUCE: Why y'all looking so sad? Did somebody die? Have y'all picked out a track? Yeah.
Yeah, we did.
We like the third one you sent.
- You cool with that one, too? - Yeah, yeah.
I listened to it on the way over.
It knocks.
Good, 'cause it's by your almost-was baby daddy Jackson.
It's a good song, the boy's talented.
Look, I stole the song from the vault, okay? I just need you to get permission for us to use it.
I figure with them beats, your lyrics, child, you'll be spilling champagne on your trophy at the ASAs next week.
All right, I'll ask him for it.
Star, why do you care more about this residency than giving up your own baby? Simone, you have no idea what's going on in my head.
You can't imagine.
(EXHALES) I said look after Rashad.
Now, he's coming to me with some big dreams about staying in the "A" and being signed to some record label with Cassie.
Tell me about it.
I mean, I know he's a grown-ass man, but this is just foolish.
I mean, he's got a good job with good pay.
Chasing dreams? That just doesn't pay the bills.
I hear you, Duke, but you need to go talk to Cassie.
She's the one filling up his head with dreams of a quick come up.
I just don't want him throwing away his job on some, some some foolishness.
(EXHALES) I mean Rashad may not be mine, - but he's he's always been my everything.
- Wait a minute.
What you mean he ain't yours? I swore I would take this to my grave, but Rashad is your father's child.
He had some affair and swore your mama would shoot him dead if she ever found out.
Brought him to me one summer.
Me and Mable had been trying to have a baby and Who's the mother? I don't even know.
Just need you to look after him.
You're his family.
I got you.
- I'm on it.
- All right.
- I got you.
- Thank you.
- (BELL RINGS) - MAN: Playback.
- Heaven Just relax Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh I don't wanna hurt you - I just wanna blow your mind.
- Cut! That's what you get.
Is-is somebody gonna tell him not to get in my shot? - No.
You're supposed to wait till I go.
- This is - featuring you! - What you talking about over here, man? - How am I supposed to - Hey! This might be the last music video you have for a while.
You're paid to make this look good.
What if you don't win your ASAs, or Lawson doesn't respond to your performances? What you got then? - I can be professional.
- I'll show you professional.
I'll seduce his little easy ass, like I do every time, and then take his residency.
How about that? - NOAH: Seduce everybody, don't you? - Can y'all get it together? She's trippin', man.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, Ms.
Do you have a minute? Yeah, what are you doing here? I felt really bad after your appointment earlier.
I know you're desperate to perform this week, and the doctor can be a bit conservative with his views.
That's why some of my patients make other arrangements.
So you can hook me up with cortisone? - Okay, I'll think about it.
- Great.
Give me a call.
NOAH: We cool.
I promise it will be cool.
Chop, chop! Let's go! Try it.
Exactly! - Exact Jenga! - Bro.
- (LAUGHING) - Bro you listening to this track? Psych your mind, make your booty shine.
The spirit of Dini compels you to get on the wave, church boy.
- With all due respect - Calling on God! I'm not feeling this one, but I'm feeling the first one.
Why would I listen to you, and you ain't had a sip all night, bruh? - Bro, I don't - Sober thoughts are disrespectful to the culture.
There you go.
- Play the first one, bro.
- I got it.
Here, here.
Yeah, hey - Ooh, that's bomb.
- Yeah.
I got an idea already, cuz.
- (ALL LAUGHING) - Let's see y'all in that booth, though.
- All right.
- Oh, you come right in.
I see how you work.
L-Look, grab that drink.
I'm gonna grab this here tree life and we're gonna get to it.
Stay focused now.
Sip, sip.
Sip, sip.
- CASSIE: What's good, sis? - Get Rashad out of here.
Lottie, Dini can work with whoever he wants to.
I do not want to see his face around this label, you hear me? - Carlotta.
- Don't test me on this, Cassie.
All right.
All right, y'all, let's take a five, okay? Baby, what's going on? Everything okay? I heard a noise outside.
I thought there was a bomb or something.
Give me that.
Look at me.
Baby, you're being paranoid.
A car just blew up right in front of you.
- You can't do these interviews.
- All right.
Star's about to give up this baby, and you're freaking out over this racist fool? - I'm about to lose it.
- You? You? You've been out here marching like you had to get on a boat and risk your life to get in this country.
You're telling a story that's not even yours, and I don't even understand why.
Is it the fame? Or is it maybe because you're getting more attention than Star now? Angel, you know that's not true.
I'm doing it because I care, and I care about you.
Don't be mad and upset that my career's taking off and yours isn't.
I didn't mean that.
(PIANO CHORD PLAYS) What's going on, Carlotta? You out of your mind or something? There's a grown-ass man out there.
(SCOFFS) Don't know who his mother is.
Raised by two people whose hearts will crack if they knew the truth.
Carlotta, you didn't know.
I know now.
What? I'm gonna tell Rashad the truth.
Rashad? What does he have to do with it? Look at me.
Now look at him.
Now look at Daddy.
Oh, my God.
Rashad is my child.
Oh, my God.
Sweet cousin Rashad.
He practically worships that devil who gave him life.
I tell him that, what-what he gonna do? Look, I know you've got to be scared, sis, but I mean, he he deserves to know, like you.
(EXHALES) What if he can't accept me? Then he's missing out on one of God's greatest gifts.
(CHUCKLES) You're such a good liar.
No, I'm not.
I ain't lying this time.
Cass, remember that song that, um, Mommy used to play? The one we used to sing together? Which one? "Only God knows.
" - Yeah.
- Play that for me.
Deep inside of me Those little words Back from my wayward street Giving me a tug Oh Why don't you let me be free? The day to day Pushing me Closer to the streets And, oh, oh, oh Why won't you let me be free? I'm tired of this mountain Breaking my soul Losing control I'm so alone Throw me a rope So I can hold on Mmm Can I be strong? Only God knows Oh, only God knows Save me Somebody save me Can you hear me? Oh, save me No more I come too far to go back now No more, no more Not going under I'm staying right here No more, no more I will be strong I will hold on.
Track's hot.
(SCOFFS) Don't flatter yourself.
You know I still don't like you.
Yeah, well, I don't like you, either.
But it's a business.
It ain't personal.
Word is you're a hot producer, and I need a track to impress this Randall Lawson guy.
Speaking of personal, I need to talk to you about - what's going on with Star.
- Oh, man.
Don't drag me into that.
Yeah, you're right, m-my fault.
Um, can you play it back? You look desperate, man.
What's going on with her? (SIGHS) Man, look, I don't even know what's going on STAR: Wow.
I guess Meek and Drake aren't the only ones figuring it out, huh? Star, what do you want? To get out of here as soon as possible 'cause I can't stand to be in the room with him.
Somebody played me a track, they said you made it.
I need it to land this residency.
You can have it.
I can just have it? I see that you're trying to get your life back together for Davis and I respect that, so it's yours.
So, how's everything with your vocal cords? - Everything's good? - Don't do that, Jackson.
You don't got to act like my friend.
- I don't need more of those.
- Or a son.
She's trying to give Davis up for adoption.
I'm trying to protect Davis from you.
- Wait.
- And that's the last time Hold on, hold on.
What is he talking about, - Star? - None of your business! No, it is my business.
You got everything you wanted out of me, Jackson.
You got a career which I gave you.
You're welcome.
You got an uncomplicated girlfriend keep that.
And don't ask me about my life because you walked out of it.
I walked out of your life? Are you kidding me? - You know what? - What? You are a cold-hearted bitch, and I pray your son does not end up like you.
- What did you just say to me? - No, no, no, no, no, no, no Thanks for the track.
- What are you working on? Jackson actually let us use that track that he produced.
- For real? - Yeah, I'm just trying to write lyrics to it now, and I got nothing.
My dad's still bad-mouthing me to the press, so Look, I know you're trying to dive into work to avoid talking about how much your father's hurting you.
Take your power back.
We're getting married, baby.
That means your last name won't be Crane anymore.
It'll be Jones.
- You can do things your way.
- (EXHALES) Yeah, sure, but how? Your music.
You've never written a word about your dad.
Not that I've shared.
(CHUCKLES) Well, I know what your heart is made of and I know what you could do if you go in that booth.
Thank me later.
- Or not.
- You will.
- I love you.
- Love you, too.
(SIGHS) RASHAD: Man, you sure this is herbal? LIL DINI: That's that Purple Urkle.
RASHAD: I can't believe you talked me into this.
LIL DINI: Cassie was right.
We just need some time outside the booth.
Let that Mary J hit you and then puff, puff, pass, Negro.
(LAUGHS) Them the rules.
(LAUGHS) Excuse me, Rashad.
Are you high? You know what? I can't stand you, Lil-ass Dini.
Clearly you forgot my presence is a present.
You and Carlotta both trippin'.
Look, Carlotta is right you ain't got no business getting yourself mixed up with this fool.
RASHAD: Man, Carlotta can kiss my Show some respect.
- God don't like ugly.
- Which means God don't like you.
You begged me to work with this R & B evangelist.
We're putting a pause to all of this, okay? I'm pulling out of this game as your manager.
Brrr, brrr, brrr, man, the Uzi needs speech lessons I got talent.
I thought you believed in me.
I do, okay, but it's deeper.
Trust me, cousin, you've got to stand down.
Trigger finger on the job Pistol on my side.
Babe, oh, babe, you ain't gotta worry Seems like you've got something on your mind over there, baby.
And how many of those have you had before I came? So, what, you're my man now? Oh, you went and made it hard My knight in shining armor? Don't act like you came here just to talk.
Get you in the zone You're right.
(CARLOTTA SIGHS) I came here to blow your back out.
Girl, I ain't gonna trip no more Wait a minute But I wouldn't mind getting to know you a little better.
I bet he can't leave you alone I wouldn't mind you getting to know me better, too.
Girl, he ain't really with it So stop wasting time (SIGHS) - No.
- (CHUCKLES) That you're mine (CLICKING TONGUE) See, I done told you about taking my drink.
(CHUCKLES) - Huh? - It tastes better after Oh, baby, it's your world (BUZZING) You ain't gotta worry, baby.
So, how do you two find the courage to deal with people - who hate you? - We take it a day at a time.
But if you had a chance to face the very people who want to hurt you, what would you say? We wouldn't give them the satisfaction.
Simone, what do you have to say? I would like to say to the man who hides behind bombs that, unlike you, I don't run away.
So if you want to come out of hiding, come out of hiding and face me, bitch.
(REPORTERS AND CREW MURMURING) This interview's over.
- Turn the camera off.
- Angel - Turn the camera off! - Okay.
- What the hell was that, Simone? - She gave us a chance to say what we wanted to say, and so I said it.
So you bait him on live video? I'm trying to make a difference, I'm trying to stick up for Do you not remember what just happened? I'm not doing this with you.
Oh, my God.
All right, so when will I be able to sing? It's gonna be pretty numb, but you might be able to sing by tonight.
Bitch, I'm either singing on stage or I'm singing on that ass tonight.
Either way, I'm singing.
I'm gonna do the best I can.
(CROWD APPLAUDING, CHEERING) - You always said I wouldn't make it - (CHEERING) Wanted me to be basic I'm just glad I didn't take it Look at me now Look at me now, ah - You made me like this - Like this You made me like this Like this Can't be mad at what you did What you did Thank God, thank God, thank God That I'm like this All my dreams came true without you (CHEERING) And now I'm doing what I want to do And I can buy anything I want to Brand-new, brand-new, what you say? I'll wait, just waiting for the day You come and say You was wrong for everything, I pray, I pray That we see better days Don't wait, don't wait 'Cause I'll be on to better days And I can cut you off If that's what you want You've got to be cool with my flaws If you want me to get rid of my thoughts when You always said I wouldn't make it ALEXANDRA: Wouldn't make it STAR: Wanted me to be basic ALEXANDRA: Wanted me to be basic I'm just glad I didn't take it Oh, yeah Look at me now, look at me now (CHEERING) You made me like this You made me like this - Like this - Can't be mad - At what you did - No Thank God, thank God, thank God that I'm like this STAR: I've been really focused on the bag - I'm-a run it up - My life, it kind of been crazy And, no, I won't let nothing break me I put that on my little baby Only the real could feel me The hate only make me go harder and bigger You ain't strong enough - Yeah, you got to try again - Try again - No, no, this battle, you ain't gonna win - Gonna win I got my girls by my side Forever we gonna ride We got the rest of our lives, yeah - You always said I wouldn't make it - Wouldn't make it - Wanted me to be basic - Wanted me to be basic - I'm just glad I didn't take it - Oh, yeah Look at me now Look at me now, ah You made me like this You made me like this - Like this - Can't be mad - At what you did - What you did Look at me now, look at me now - Yeah.
- (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) WOMAN: Star! Star! Star! CARLOTTA: Lawson's gonna hand y'all that residency now.
- (CHUCKLES) - You better whip your hair - back and forth.
- Wow.
- (CHUCKLES) - Your voice is back.
Are you gonna stop trippin' over Davis now? Yo, let's talk about you not having a voice - and you can sing.
- It's just I didn't want to tell you what was actually going on.
- My voice isn't really back.
- What? It's got something to do with that lady from the shoot, huh? Star, what is he talking about? He overheard me talking to a nurse.
I was in the doctor's office.
He wouldn't give me the shots, so I asked her for 'em and she hooked me up.
Why you got to be so reckless? She don't care who she hurts.
I'm not trying to hurt nobody.
I just wanted my voice back.
I don't know how to live without my voice.
I've never done this before.
When me and Simone were little, I sang to her to distract her when my mama was passed out.
I sang for money.
Music is how I survive.
I'm-a do what I have to do to get it back.
Today I did cortisone shots.
But who knows what I'll do next? Or what Noah will do.
And I'm not about to let Davis get hurt.
That makes me worse than my mama, fine.
At least I can admit it.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) So, what you playing at? It's a hell of a night we're having here, huh? (QUIETLY): You left your panties in the hotel.
(SCOFFS) Well, I'm sorry.
Allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Randall.
Randall Lawson.
It's nice to meet you, Carlotta.
Wait, you let me s You let me spend several nights with you, doing all them nasty things with you, and you didn't say a damn thing? Keeping it casual was your idea.
I want to get to know you, even all the things that you try so damn hard to hide.
The sex was good.
Don't ruin it.
It was good.
So which one of my artists you choosing for your residency? Listen, your artists are the real deal.
But I'm the real deal, too.
And with Gravity out of the way, and seeing all that you can do, I want you to work for me and my company.
I can't walk away from my artists.
The offer's on the table, if you want it.
Great job, son.
I haven't seen you perform in a long time.
You okay? I just can't figure out Star.
I mean, - she snapped.
- When you lay down with someone, you lay down with every ounce of their crazy.
No, she's trying to take Davis away.
Well, we ain't gonna let that happen.
Listen, I don't like Star one bit, but I might understand what's happening.
When you were born, it changed me.
I went through things I never told anyone about.
Like what? You were just about three months old, and I was giving you a bath, and you were little enough to fit in the sink.
All of a sudden, I panicked.
I started thinking about all the ways my life was over.
Baby, I almost drowned you in that kitchen sink.
Not because I didn't love you, but because I was struggling with a disease, postpartum.
St-Star ain't dealing with nothing but her ambition.
She threatened me with a knife - when I tried to talk sense into her.
- She what? Uh, excuse me.
You Noah Brooks? You've been served.
What is this? It's a subpoena.
What She's trying to prove that I'm unfit to be a parent.
- I-I - I swear, Star thinks she's crazy, she ain't seen crazy yet.
Mama, no.
- (SIGHS) - Listen to me.
I'm your mama, and I'm-a always look out for you and never let anything happen.
Okay? Yes.
(OVERLAPPING CHATTER) REPORTER: Alex, are you broke? REPORTER 2: The new song is hot.
What's the story behind the new track? Recently I found out my dad got upset with me and cut me out of our family trust.
He wanted me to cover up what a terrible excuse for a father he is, but I think the whole world should know, so I wrote a song about it instead.
That's the story behind the new Take 3 record.
And, Daddy, if you want to clap back, I'm ready for whatever's coming.
(REPORTERS CLAMORING) (DAVIS FUSSING) I wish there was another way.
Wish I was better for you, baby, but no matter what anybody tells you, your mama loves you.
You're gonna understand me one day.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) Noah, I don't have time for this tonight.
I'm too tired to deal with you.
Let me tell you something, little girl.
You take my grandson away, there is not a crevice of God's green earth that I won't scorch to find you.
Well, bitch, this part of God's green earth is called my house, and stand-your-ground is very real in Atlanta.
Don't catch no bullets.
- Listen.
- No! You listen.
I've fought to raise a black man in a white world, and it nearly sucked the life out of me, and I almost ruined Noah.
Now I get a second chance? A chance to do better? I'll be damned if I let you take that away from me.
And I'll be damned if you use my son as a second chance to fail.
You don't know who the hell you're messing with.
You don't know who you're messing with.
(DOOR CLOSES) RASHAD (MUTTERING): Make 'em all believe.
I'm-a show 'em Yo.
You don't believe in me? - Is that it? - (SCOFFS) You drunk? Man, you've been blocking me ever since I got to the "A.
" What did I ever do to you? - Look at me.
- Don't touch me.
So you you just gonna blow up my life - whenever you feel like it? - It's not like that.
I thought we were family.
Are we not family? Huh? We're more than family.
I'm your mother.
Uncle Calvin.
- (SOBBING): Yes.
- No.
This ain't my life.
- We need to talk through this because - No! - Rashad! - This ain't my life! (SOBBING)