Star Trek: Discovery (2017) s01e06 Episode Script


1 [NARRATOR] Previously on Star Trek: Discovery: - - [GEORGIOU] Ambassador Sarek, it's good to see you again.
As discussed, this is my ward.
The only female Michael I ever heard of was Michael Burnham, the mutineer.
You're not her, are you? Captain Gabriel Lorca.
Welcome to Discovery.
Captain what am I doing on this ship? Question is, what am I gonna do with you? We are creating a new way to fly.
If the Discovery can be anywhere and gone in an instant, that's how you beat the Klingons.
We believe the enemy may have identified Discovery as our secret weapon.
- [GROWLING] - [GRUNTING] [LORCA] Didn't realize there were more of us here.
- What's your name, soldier? - Lieutenant Ash Tyler.
[TYLER] Getting out of here was always a two-man job.
I just waited till I found the right man.
Your eyes.
That happened when you destroyed the Buran, didn't it? We choose our own pain.
Mine helps me remember.
[OVER COMM] This is Captain Lorca.
Two to beam out, now.
[MAN] Live long and prosper, Ambassador Sarek.
And you, Adjunct V'Latak.
Our mission requires that we leave at once.
Plot a course for the Cancri system.
May I inquire as to the nature of our diplomatic mission? Allow me to be diplomatic and ask that you do not.
In times of crisis ignorance can be beneficial.
[V'LATAK] We are set to launch.
[BURNHAM] Two more laps before breakfast.
[TILLY] We've done ten.
You still need to shave 6.
5 seconds off of your time.
- Does six seconds really matter? - Six-point-five.
And yes, they matter, if you're gonna make captain.
It's been my experience that what I lack in athletic ability I more than make up for in intelligence and personality.
We may wanna focus on those attributes.
Everyone applying to the Command Training Program will be smart.
Personality doesn't count.
That's just something people with no personality say.
Wait, which in no way means you.
You absolutely have a personality.
[BURNHAM] Six-point-five seconds is not an arbitrary number.
Your time will earn you a physical endurance commendation.
Today, your goal is 6.
5 seconds.
Then, getting a transfer on a Constitution-class, like the Enterprise.
After that, first officer track.
See your path, stay on it.
Reach your destination.
Cadet to captain.
Just like that.
What's it gonna be, Tilly? [TILLY PANTING] - [ALARM WAILING] - [KLINGONS YELLING AND GRUNTING] How you holding up? I waited seven months to do this.
Don't worry about me Captain.
Door right, stack right.
- Where do you hail from, soldier? - Seattle.
- Clear.
- Clear.
[DOOR CLOSES] What about your family? Never knew my father.
Mom said I didn't miss much there.
She died while I was at the Academy, on her way to the moons of Grazer.
A rogue comet.
First vacation in 12 years.
High, low.
One injury.
Mission success.
Hologram battle simulation complete.
Your mother was a teacher, right? Yeah, third grade.
Issaquah Elementary.
Twenty-four kilometers outside Seattle, which makes you not exactly from Seattle.
I like to split hairs.
I do my homework.
Think I let just anyone walk on my ship? No, sir.
Assuming I checked out? We wouldn't be playing with these toys if you didn't.
Twenty-four kills.
You? Twenty-two, sir.
Looks like I'm the one who needs to get his eyes fixed.
- Captain, out of respect - Don't apologize for excellence.
I want my chief of security to shoot better than I do.
[MAN ON COMM] Ensign Rause, please report to the shuttle bay.
You offering me a slot, Captain? Well, I figure I've seen you fly, shoot fight like a Klingon.
Klingon guards beat on me for months.
I was bound to pick something up.
No, most people would've given up.
You learned.
My last chief of security and I went through a lot together.
I need someone I can trust.
Someone that understands war.
What it takes to survive, what it takes to win.
I think that's you.
Is it? I'd be honored to serve on the Discovery.
I won't let you down, sir.
[SAREK] According to our flight plan, we should be arriving momentarily.
Why have we not yet dropped out of warp? Our course has changed.
You know the actual nature of my mission.
This mission does not reflect true Vulcan ideology.
You are one of them.
- A fanatic.
- Your fascination with humans can no longer be tolerated.
Your obsession has blinded you to the truth.
Humans are inferior.
My sacrifice will be a rallying cry to those who value logic above all.
Vulcans will soon recognize and withdraw from the failed experiment known as "the Federation.
" [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] Computer, green juice.
Extra green.
Computer, cancel that order.
That's hardly the correct ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and fat.
Computer, three-egg-white breakfast burrito with black beans.
- Computer - Make it two.
Computer, add salsa.
Computer, add roasted-tomato salsa.
Cooked tomatoes are a great source of lycopene.
- Remember that.
- Oh, my God.
You are so scary.
[COMPUTER] Two appetizing and nutrient-filled burritos.
New guy, 3 o'clock.
Lieutenant Ash Tyler.
Scuttlebutt is he took out six Klingon warriors in hand-to-hand combat when he and the captain escaped that Bird-of-Prey.
Six? I've fought Klingons.
I doubt it.
Now the captain practically wants to adopt him.
As a result.
I can't imagine Captain Lorca feeling that way about anyone.
Why? He practically adopted you.
I believe every word of it.
Kind of feel like it makes him hotter.
[MAN ON COMM] Ensign Molina, please report to engineering.
Scuttlebutt is you took out six Klingon warriors in hand-to-hand combat.
Can't believe everything you hear.
Please, sit down.
I'm Cadet Sylvia Tilly.
Uh, this is my mentor, Michael.
[WOMAN ON COMM] Commander Wilson, report to the transporter room.
You're Michael Burnham.
The same.
You probably can believe everything you hear.
I tend to assess people in the here and now.
You're a functioning crew member of a Federation starship.
Right here.
Right now.
Crazy kids.
Michael, what's wrong? I should go.
- You okay? - Yes.
[SAREK] My mind to your mind.
My thoughts to your thoughts.
[MAN] I believe this is one of our most promising groups of graduates.
- [CROWD CHATTERING] - [HARPIST PLAYING ETHEREAL MUSIC] We can't let them do this to her.
She has worked her whole life for this.
She's excelled.
You have to do something.
This is not fair.
There is no logic in your request, wife.
Fairness is quantifiable.
The Vulcan Expeditionary Group has rated her abilities as insufficient and rendered their decision.
Their decision is wrong.
She graduated at the top of her class.
Her test scores are better than any Vulcan.
[SAREK] There are other metrics.
Spiritual discipline, martial arts - logic.
- Please, I want to go home.
Humiliation is a human emotion.
I'm sorry, Sarek.
You were wrong to believe in me.
- No, no, no.
- I can't compete here.
I do not have the required abilities.
- I am not good enough.
- [AMANDA] Nonsense.
Sarek, make her see the truth.
[SAREK] She cannot thrive in the Vulcan service.
Perhaps I can find a place for her in Starfleet, where the requirements are less extreme.
What are you doing here? This is my mind.
- [BURNHAM] You brought me here.
- Leave now! Sarek! Ever since the bombing, part of me, my katra, has been with you.
My thoughts to your thoughts.
[GASPS] Sarek.
It's okay, Burnham.
You're in sick bay.
- What's the matter with her? - I have no idea.
Nothing shows up on any of her scans.
It's not me, it's Sarek.
He's in trouble.
How would you know that? I share part of his katra.
His eternal life force.
Like a Vulcan soul.
I've heard stories.
I just assumed it was an ancient myth.
How can you share a soul with Sarek? - You're not Vulcan.
- I was raised as one.
After my parents were killed at a Vulcan outpost Sarek and his human wife, Amanda, took you in.
Your story is well-documented.
He believed I could serve as humanity's potential.
How could he put that pressure on a child? But not everyone agreed with him.
A group of logic extremists didn't want humans in their culture, tried to stop him by killing me.
They bombed the Learning Center - where I was educated.
- Vulcans tried to murder you? Renegade Vulcans, a small faction.
And they didn't try.
Doctor, they succeeded.
I was dead for three minutes.
The katra has a healing power.
Sarek used it to save me.
A kind of soul graft.
It's a procedure that's frowned upon, and rare.
So, you're linked with him? He gets wounded, you feel pain? - Has this happened to you before? - Once.
The start of the war.
He sensed my distress and came to me.
But this is different.
I can feel him slipping away.
I don't think this is a conscious effort on his part.
Sarek is delirious.
He might be dying.
Captain Please.
Captain, help me find him.
[GRUNTS] Michael Burnham is correct.
The Vulcan High Council has confirmed that Ambassador Sarek's ship was sabotaged by logic extremists.
I'm told that the Vulcans were secretly invited to a meeting with two independent Klingon houses, in an attempt to forge an alliance to end the war.
Klingons don't normally send party invitations.
But both of these houses were ousted by General Kol's new ruling council.
It is their wish to undermine his authority.
- And the Vulcans believe that? - Not without reservation.
The meeting was organized on neutral ground by the elders of Cancri 4.
Sarek was chosen to vet the legitimacy of their claims.
He's demonstrated a unique ability to forge relationships with races that do not follow logic-based ideology.
Vulcans went behind Starfleet's back 'cause they thought they could clear up our illogical mess.
So, where is the ambassador right now? Lost in a nebula near Yridia.
Starfleet Command is assessing the situation to organize a recovery operation.
Well, the longer you assess, the greater the chance Sarek dies.
And so does the best chance for peace.
- I'll go get him.
- Absolutely not.
There are protocols to be followed Captain.
You can tell the Vulcans they're welcome.
I'm happy to clean up their mess.
- Discovery out.
- Captain [ALARM WAILING] We have arrived at the Yridia nebula.
Start scanning for the ambassador's emergency beacon.
[DOOR OPENS] - How are you feeling? - I still sense Sarek, but it's growing erratic.
I think he's getting worse.
- Don't worry, we'll get him back.
- [SARU] Captain.
Scanners detect no signs of the ambassador's ship.
The nebula's radioactive gases are rendering our sensors inoperative.
All right, we'll send out probes, scan sector by sector.
Considering the size of the nebula, uh, that method could take months.
Well, any other options, Number One? Me.
[STAMETS] Now, that's my kind of crazy.
You're talking about building a synthetic mind-meld augment.
- Groovy.
- Clearly your trip down the mycelium path has lightened your mood, Lieutenant.
[STAMETS] Once you're past getting stabbed by needles, it's pretty great.
I'm guessing from your reaction, that modifying this neural enhancer is a viable method - to achieve what I need.
- Sure.
Hey, why not? Now, we boost you neural impulses to reconnect with his katra, then pump those same signals into your noggin and voilà.
I gotta say, this katra stuff is way cool.
An uncharted superhighway connecting all of consciousness and life? We have exactly no time to discuss the metaphysical implications.
I sense that Sarek is unconscious.
I wanna use this mind-meld to wake him up so he can activate his ship's transponder.
Like a psychic hit of speed.
I was thinking adrenaline shot, but okay.
[STAMETS] There is one wrinkle, though.
Um Radioactive interference from the nebula is gonna diffuse your signal.
You will never be able to maintain a strong enough connection with Sarek from out here.
So, we take the Discovery inside the nebula - and get closer to him.
- Oh, bad idea.
Guess what happens if we mix those cosmic gases with our concentration of mycelium spores we have onboard.
Okay, so we go in with a shuttle.
You'd have to fly into that soup with nothing but hope and a prayer.
Are you really that crazy? - Good to know.
Get to work.
As long as I don't overstay my welcome, shuttle shields can handle it.
But I need someone to work the neural enhancer.
I'd like Cadet Tilly.
She's smart.
- And I could use the moral support.
- All right, then you'll get it.
And you need a pilot who can fly you through that storm and, more importantly, get you out alive.
Luckily, I know a guy.
[MAN ON COMM] Attention, all personnel.
Clear dock 3 for shield test.
- Cadet.
- Sir.
[LORCA] Bring her back in one piece.
Not a scratch.
I'm talking about her.
[MAN ON COMM] Cadet Wells, please report to engineering.
Or don't come back at all.
Incoming transmission from Admiral Cornwell.
Transfer it to my quarters.
I'm afraid that won't do, sir.
What do you mean, that won't do? Her cruiser just dropped out of warp, and she's requesting permission to land.
All right.
I'll see her in my ready room.
What the hell do you think you're doing? I thought Terral was gonna throw a fit.
- And he's a damn Vulcan.
- I did what I thought was best.
You launched an unauthorized rescue mission using a convicted mutineer.
Not to mention a POW who has barely had time to recover.
- Can you even trust this guy? - Yes, Admiral.
I checked him out.
Tyler graduated with honors from the Academy before he saved my life.
You are captain of the most advanced ship in the fleet, the cornerstone of our entire defense against the Klingons.
You cannot treat Discovery like it's your own fiefdom.
Is it true what I heard about Lieutenant Stamets? He engaged in eugenic manipulation? He got the spore drive working again.
Yeah, he saved the ship and the crew.
I appreciate that.
But there are rules Rules are for admirals in back offices.
I'm out there trying to win a war.
Then don't make enemies on your own side.
What are you doing here? What's really going on? I came to see my friend.
Why don't we stop talking like Starfleet officers, Kat, and, uh start talking like friends? Hey, where's that old Burnham bluster, huh? The bad-ass lady who's always pushing me to be the best I can be? Do you know what helps me when I'm freaked out? Talking.
You know where Sarek's mind is? Where his dying thoughts have taken him? - To me.
- I mean, that's kind of beautiful.
[SIGHS] No, you don't understand.
I was supposed to be his proof that humans and Vulcans could coexist as equals.
But I ended up being his greatest disappointment.
That's what he's reflecting on.
I was rejected from the Expeditionary Group for being too human.
My failure is his last thought.
He doesn't believe in me, but I'm supposed to save him.
[TYLER] All right.
We're at Sarek's last known location.
Can we do this before we get torn to pieces? Or you can keep chatting.
Up to you.
Good to go.
Provided this thing doesn't fry your brain.
Now, if the bio-readings show something weird They will.
Sarek is delirious.
I can't allow him to push me out again.
But fighting him is gonna put a massive strain on me.
Then how do I know if I should pull you out? Don't.
No matter what the sensors say, you leave me in there.
Okay? Go.
[POWERING UP] [SAREK] She cannot thrive in the Vulcan service.
[BURNHAM] I'm sorry.
You were wrong to believe in me.
[HARPIST PLAYING ETHEREAL MUSIC] [CROWD CHATTERING] [AMANDA] Do you remember, on your tenth birthday we took a shuttle and we went to the seventh moon of Eridani D? [BURNHAM] I recall.
To experience a book exchange.
An ancient human ritual.
This gift comes with a mother's advice.
You've proven you're as accomplished as any Vulcan, which is gonna serve you well.
As long as you never forget that you're human, too.
You need to nurture that side.
There's Sarek.
He's talking to the Expeditionary Group director.
She got in, didn't she? Michael's application was rejected.
If this is your attempt at humor, you're gonna need more practice, husband.
- It is not.
- Why? No human has ever been accepted into the Vulcan Expeditionary Group.
Success was always an unlikely outcome.
What is the reason that they could possibly reject her? [SAREK] Obviously, I had hoped for better.
I don't wanna be here.
- Michael.
- Please, I want to leave.
- [AMANDA] Listen to me.
- Why are you doing this? I told you before, you're not welcome here.
You called me here.
Your katra pulled me.
This is my mind.
Stay out.
You're near death.
I can help you like you helped me.
Give me a chance.
You will fail.
[GRUNTING] [ALARM BEEPING RAPIDLY] - What's happening back there? - I don't know.
Then wake her up.
She said not to.
It'll sever the link.
I outrank you.
Damn it.
[GASPS] - [SOFT JAZZ MUSIC] - [CORNWELL CHUCKLES] Nothing like a single malt, straight from the motherland.
I still think about the bottle we killed that night we went to see the Perseids meteor shower.
[CHUCKLES] - You don't remember? - No, I was just thinking how long ago it seems.
We were so young.
With grand plans for the future.
Well, some of us still have.
I know.
I worry about you, Gabriel.
Some of the decisions you've been making recently have been - troubling.
- Well, war doesn't provide too many opportunities for niceties.
You're pushing this crew.
You're putting the ship in harm's way.
You've been ignoring orders.
I'm in the front line, Kat.
You gotta make decisions in a second, sometimes less.
Which is why Starfleet needs you at your best.
I'm not sure we're getting it.
I'm not sure the Klingons would agree.
I'm not talking about your record.
I'm talking about you.
I don't think you've been the same since the Buran.
[SIGHS] I passed every test.
Cleared for duty every time.
But you know that, don't you, doc? Yes, I've read your psych evals.
- You passed with flying colors.
- So, what's really the problem? Less than a week ago, you were being tortured.
Now you're back in the chair.
How do you feel about that? [LAUGHS] Are we in session? I didn't know you were practicing again.
'Cause if I have your undivided attention for 50 minutes I can think of a whole bunch of other things we could be doing.
[ALARMS BEEPING] Laying in a course back to Discovery.
- No, you're not.
- He actually is, though.
I said I'm not leaving here without Sarek.
Those are not my orders Burnham.
- [TILLY] Hey.
- [SIGHS, THEN GASPS] Sarek keeps blocking me.
I can't fight you, too.
All right.
What can we do? I don't know.
His thoughts are fixed on my graduation day, but the emotions from that memory - are too difficult for me to handle.
- Maybe it's hard for him, too.
Or not.
He's a Vulcan.
Why is he thinking of your failure? Where's the logic in that? I've been close to death.
Right up next to it.
You don't think about who's failed you.
None of that matters.
You think about who you love.
What you wish you'd done differently.
What does he wish he'd done differently? I'm going back in.
[SAREK] She cannot thrive in the Vulcan service.
You continue to demonstrate an inability to learn.
- You cannot defeat me.
- What are you hiding? [GRUNTING] What don't you want me to see? Is it worth dying over? I can save you, Sarek.
But you have to let me into your mind.
Let me in.
You had faith in me once.
I'm asking you to have faith in me again.
I never lost faith in you.
The failure on this day was mine, and mine alone.
I will show you.
The Expeditionary Group has examined Graduate Burnham's application - with great interest.
- Acceptance with honors is her due.
By conventional decision parameters, yes.
Your hesitation is to do with her nature? [DIRECTOR] Certainly, her nurture is unquestionable.
I have created in her a being of exquisite logic to rival the best of our species.
An accomplishment you have achieved not once but twice.
Your ward, Michael, and your son, Spock.
What has my son to do with this situation? He has not yet begun his studies at the Science Academy.
Upon completion, he will apply to the Vulcan Expeditionary Group, and then there will be not one but two non-Vulcans in its ranks.
- Spock is - Half-Vulcan.
Another of your experiments.
The integration of humans into our culture is an admirable goal, but it must be titrated.
In honor of your position and reputation I will accept one of your not-quite-Vulcans.
You ask me to make an impossible choice.
[DIRECTOR] Your reaction to this is quite illogical and suggests a conclusion based on emotion.
You chose Spock over me.
Didn't you? You were forced into that decision.
Why not tell me the truth? Spock went against my wishes and joined Starfleet over the Vulcan Expeditionary Group.
The choice I made merited nothing.
What would be gained by telling you that? Instead, you made me believe I failed you.
You manipulated me.
Do you have any idea what living with that lie did to me? I did not.
But I do now.
I failed you, Michael Burnham.
[SAREK GROANING] And for that, I have so much Shame? Yes.
Show me how to save you like you saved me.
[BOTH] My mind to your mind.
My thoughts to your thoughts.
[GASPS] Wake up, Sarek.
Tell us where you are.
[GASPS] [BEEPING] I got his transponder.
You did it.
I'm not used to having anyone in my bed.
You sleep with a phaser in your bed, and say nothing's wrong? - Kat - All these months I have ignored the signs, but I can't anymore.
The truth is, you are not the man I used to know.
- Of course I am.
- I'm not like the rest at Starfleet, blinded by your victories.
You lied on those psych evaluations.
And you did it so brilliantly you fooled everyone.
That what you're doing here? You came to evaluate me yourself? I have watched you change these last months.
It's upsetting.
- Kat - Now I see, it's worse than I even thought.
Your behavior is pathological.
That's what tonight was, right? Trying to get me to back off? No.
It sure wasn't what it was like before.
But this is bigger than us.
You said it yourself.
We're at war.
I can't leave Starfleet's most powerful weapon in the hands of a broken man.
Don't take my ship away from me.
She's all I got.
Please, I'm begging you.
[STAMMERS] You're right.
It's been harder on me than I let on.
I lied about everything, and I need help.
I hate that I can't tell if this is really you.
[SARU OVER COMM] Captain, Lieutenant Tyler has just returned.
They have Ambassador Sarek, but he is severely wounded.
On my way to sick bay.
He'll live.
But Dr.
Culber says he can't meet the Klingons in this condition.
The window for the talks closes in a few hours.
Even if the Federation wanted to step in, they couldn't get there in time.
Admiral Cornwell could.
I mean, we're already halfway there.
She could take an envoy, small enough so as not to rattle the Klingons.
I know her.
She'd do anything to keep the chance of peace alive.
You did well, Burnham.
You should be proud.
Much as it would displease my Vulcan mentor, I'm feeling a lot of emotions right now.
I'm not sure pride is one of them.
But I do wanna thank you.
You didn't have to mount this rescue mission for Sarek.
I didn't do it for him.
I need a team around me that's gonna help me carry the day.
And that includes you.
So I'd like to make it official.
There's a post waiting for you on the bridge.
Science specialist.
- Don't even think about saying no.
- I accept.
I'm grateful to serve under a captain like you.
[MAN ON COMM] Any available offload team to cargo bay 5.
Good to see your strength returning.
It is unfortunate that I will not be able to continue my mission of peace.
What do you recall of your rescue? Of what transpired between us? I was unconscious, was I not? You know what happened.
You could talk to me about it.
Help me understand what you did.
It could make us grow closer, not further apart.
That's what families do.
Technically, we are not related.
You can do better.
But I won't push you.
We'll have this conversation one day.
I don't wanna ruin your career.
But when I return, we'll talk about how you step down.
And after you get some help, maybe we'll get you back in that chair.
Well, may fortune favor the bold, Admiral.
Good luck with your negotiation.
[MAN ON COMM] Attention all B deck crew, transpo drill has been canceled.
[PANTING] Shaving off my time.
I gave you bad advice.
There are a million ways to get to the captain's chair.
Find your own.
I have.
[COMPUTER] Green tea.
Exceptional source of antioxidants, alkaloids, and amino acids.
How's your Vulcan dad? [BURNHAM SIGHS] Stubborn and impenetrable as always.
He claims he doesn't remember any of the mind-meld.
Well, good thing I was there, then.
[CHUCKLES] I always knew I could never be who he wanted me to be.
But I realized today that it goes both ways.
I'll never get from him what I want, either.
That's tough.
It's okay.
Part of me feels unburdened.
Still, I'm sorry.
For that other part of you.
Thank you.
[SIGHS] All my life the conflict inside me has been between logic and emotion.
But now it's my emotions that are fighting.
I think about him and I wanna cry.
But I have to smile.
And I feel angry but I wanna love.
And I'm hurt, but there's hope.
What is this? Ah It's just being human.
Michael Burnham.
Pleased to meet you.
Ash Tyler.
- We've met.
- Have we? Let's try it again.
Greetings from the United Federation of Planets.
Unfortunately, Ambassador Sarek is unable to attend.
I'm Admiral Cornwell and will speak in his place.
Thank you to the elders of Cancri 4 for hosting this meeting.
We hope it is the first step toward creating new alliances.
We are certain it will be.
[SARU] It was a trap, sir.
Klingons have taken the admiral.
Their ships are en route to enemy space.
- Shall I? - Notify Starfleet Command.
Ask for orders.
- Is there a problem? - No, sir.
Uh, just in the past we have engaged in alternative thinking on these matters.
What if we go after her and it's another trap, Mr.
Saru? Did you consider that? Starfleet can't afford to lose the Discovery.
She's bigger than all of us.
If so ordered, we will try and rescue the admiral, but not without authorization.
I will hail Starfleet now, sir.