Star Trek: Discovery (2017) s03e01 Episode Script

That Hope Is You - Part 1

Last season on Star Trek: Discovery As long as there's any possibility of Control gaining access to Discovery's Sphere data, everything will die always.
You are proposing we remove Discovery from the galactic equation entirely? Discovery has to go to the future to take the data out of this time, assuming I don't get lost in the wormhole.
It's a one-way trip.
My mother should have returned to her anchor point on Terralysium.
So, hopefully, I will land there, too.
Apparently, this is what I'm meant to do.
I love you.
All of you.
We are here because we're staying with you.
- No.
- We're not asking permission.
- We You - I'm sure what you are about to say will be beautiful, but it is done, Michael, and we are running out of time.
I only wish I could be certain of your safety.
I'll send the last signal.
I'll send it through the wormhole when we get to the other side.
I will watch the stars for it.
Burnham to Discovery.
Let's go.
We are on our way.
Little busy here, Cosmo.
So what? It doesn't belong to you.
It belongs to itself.
Open your damn mind.
- Nope.
- Warning.
Space-time anomaly detected.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No! Increase power to reverse thrusters and switch to manual altitude control! Unable to comply.
Initiate heat shield! Emergency heat shield initiated.
Fatal impact imminent.
Propulsion systems unresponsive.
- Full system reboot! - Rebooting.
Come on! Come on! - Come on! - Reboot complete.
Increase power to reverse thrusters, and activate impact shield! Life support failure.
Life support failure.
Life support failure.
Life support failure.
Initiating deactivation sequence.
Burnham to Discovery.
Burnham to Discovery.
Discovery, do you copy? Discovery, do you copy? Identify space-time location.
You have reached year 3188.
Life readings.
Is there life here? Anywhere? Multiple life signs detected.
Yes! Yes! Yes! Wormhole closing.
No, no.
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
Set temporal coordinates for location 5499, section 16, course heading 214 mark five.
Initiate final signal upon closure of spatial rift.
Then initiate self-destruct sequence.
Activate propulsion - now! - Sequence initiated.
Hydration pack.
Emergency ration pack.
Delta shield.
Commander Michael Burnham, Starfleet.
Commander Michael Burnham, science officer, USS Discovery.
Serial number SC0064-0974SHN.
Science officer, USS Discovery.
Serial number SC0064-0974SHN.
Stand up.
- Stop it! - It doesn't belong to you! You think you can just take it 'cause you knocked me out of the sky? I'm not trying to take anything.
That was an accident.
No one comes all the way out here by accident.
I am telling you, stop! - Now, nobody has to get hurt.
- You might.
I am not fighting you.
You're fighting me.
- My name - I don't want to know.
I listen better without you holding that antique to my head.
- Want to put that down? - No.
On three? - One.
- I'm counting.
Fine, you count.
- My name is - I do not want your acquaintance.
The nearest natural wormhole is a hundred light-years from here.
That means you came out of a wormhole you created with tech from I don't know where.
You think ripping holes in space is a good idea? Wasn't bad enough for you the Gorn destroyed two light-years' worth of subspace? Wait, the Gorn did what? How many people do you think are on channels right now saying, "I saw a crazy woman in a funny suit.
Anyone want to buy some last known coordinates?" - I - Where'd you get that weapon? I don't want to know.
Your rocket girl outfit scanned for tritanium alloy.
Hasn't been anything like that in years.
Do not call me "rocket girl".
You're not from around these parts.
Go back to your own parts.
I can't.
- Is this Terralysium? - It's Hima.
Who are you? Never mind! I don't want to know.
Where where is Hima? - What star system? - I'm on a clock.
- What sector? - Bye-bye.
What quadrant? My name is Michael It was not my intention to crash into your ship.
I am sorry.
For all of it.
What's your name? - I lost my crew.
- Oh, yeah? They may be dead.
I don't know where I am.
I have nowhere to go back to.
The only thing I can do right now is trust something.
Or someone.
And I am sorry you don't want it to be but it's you.
So, please.
Please help me.
Comms? Hey! Don't touch anything.
Transmitter, receiver, subspace amplifier.
- Nice.
- You know what'd be really nice? If you could whip up a new dilithium recrystallizer.
Mine cracked like a lychee when you ran into my ship.
I got to get my cargo to a certain planet by a certain time, so, unless you have benamite lying around, and no one does, I can't fly quantum slipstream.
Tachyon solar sails are slow as shit, and don't even get me started on trilithium.
All of which means, thanks to you, I need more dilithium.
The only place I can trade for it is at the Mercantile.
And there is not one damn thing good about me sticking my head up at the Mercantile.
Right, baby? Y you have a very large cat.
She has a thyroid condition.
Does she have a name? Grudge.
Because ? She's heavy and all mine.
The Mercantile.
Is there a subspace comms array there? A way that I can contact my ship? They got nothing unless you got something to trade.
You have something? 'Cause I need dilithium, and I'm space broke.
Apparently, I have antiques.
Can you get the dilithium you need for this? It's a tricorder.
Cover that uniform.
Try to look normal.
You ever gonna tell me your name? Book.
The name's Book.
Your cargo is temperature-sensitive? And you don't want anyone else to find it.
I'm guessing your cargo used to be someone else's cargo.
- It was never his.
- You stole it.
I repatriated it.
- You're a thief.
- Courier.
Someone needs something to get somewhere, I bring it.
And I can say two things about you.
That moral compass of yours led you straight into a midspace collision that could have killed both of us.
What's the other thing? You believe in ghosts.
What does that mean? That badge on your shirt.
Sometimes you see a guy with one of those badges getting himself all worked up about the Federation.
The old days.
True believers.
Can't handle that it's gone.
The Federation is gone? That's impossible.
What happened? Beats me.
What happened? Collapsed, I guess.
It was a long time ago.
- After the Burn.
- What's the Burn? "What's the Burn?" How can you not know this stuff? Seriously, where are you from? I don't want to know.
The Burn was the day the galaxy took a hard left.
One day, most of it just went boom.
Dilithium is the heart of every warp-capable ship.
What does that mean? Did it destabilize? - How? - I don't know.
A lot of people died.
The Federation couldn't say for sure what happened or why, or that it wouldn't happen again.
Think they tried to hang on, but after a while, they just weren't around anymore.
That's not possible.
When? A hundred, 120 years ago.
Before I was born.
No, the Federation isn't just about ships and warp drive.
It's about a vision and all those who believe in that vision.
That's nice.
Do yourself a favor and take off that badge before we get to Requiem.
Stand here.
The Andorians and the Orions are working together? - They don't get a lot of walk-ins here.
- Follow my lead.
- Try not to get us shot.
- Next.
Step up.
She stays out there.
She's got something.
I don't know what that is, and if I did, I wouldn't care.
She's not a courier, she stays out there.
Pretend you're not Andorian for one second and don't be a surly bastard.
You know those antique collectors who love to live in the past? This stuff's like the holy grail to them.
I know Andorians don't do fun, but there's a real market for this stuff.
Your bosses are watching.
You want to be the one who tells them you turned away a prime supplier? Fine.
No identification, no Let them in! - I wouldn't if it were up to me.
- It's not.
This is gonna go bad if you have to have the last word.
Where's the communications hub? Relax.
I told you I'll take you there - so you can call your damn ship.
- Order 7543 How does this work? Holo seller fixes a price for an item.
Holo buyer negotiates, they make a deal.
Regulator signs off, confirms payment to the Orions.
Orions pay couriers like me just enough dilithium to pick up the item and make delivery.
Then it's back here for another go-round.
Every now and then, we get to make a deal for ourselves.
Like your tricorder.
A portable transporter? Huh.
Subspace array's through here.
Keep your head down.
We set now? A deal's a deal.
I hope you get what you need for it.
Good luck.
This is their vault, not their comms.
You're in a stasis beam.
You don't know what you're doing.
My - my crew.
- Everybody's got a story.
A broken tricorder won't cut it.
I need all the dilithium I can get to finish my run.
When I get out of this, I am coming for you.
You and everybody else.
I'm sorry.
Do not move.
You are under arrest.
So, even if you managed to get into our vault, what makes you think you could get out of here alive? That wasn't rhetorical.
- Answer the question.
- Where is your ship? Who are you working with? I don't have a ship.
- Of course she's working with somebody.
- Yes, you have a ship, - or you wouldn't be here.
- Where is the merchandise? - The vintage tech.
- He asked.
Where's the merchandise? I got robbed in the stasis beam.
Nobody's that stupid.
I am gonna hurt that man.
Who? Oh! This is taking too long.
I'm hungry.
Let's get a sandwich.
Oh! Damn.
Here we go.
Well, that's not right.
Did you adjust the dosage again? I've told you so many times not to do that! This stuff has a real, integral consciousness.
Yeah, it makes people truthful.
They talk.
Yes, yes, I feel that.
I feel you.
I get that.
I have a friend with red hair.
You cannot give her any.
Where did you get the vintage gear? Vintage is a matter of perspective, isn't it? Because, to me, you are aqua, but to me, you are forest green.
- How are you connected to the Federation? - Where's your ship? I'm dying to talk about it.
I'm dying to talk about it, because today does not happen to people.
I might be angry about it.
I'm supportive.
I mean, I'm so supportive! I am reflexively supportive.
And what is that about? I'm overcompensating.
I got to talk to someone.
You need to sit.
Can you sit? It's a super cool story.
It's just, in a completely devastating way.
Hadley, look, I need more dilithium, or I'm done.
I need you to access your highest self in this moment.
- Why? - I'm accessing my highest self.
Can we both just imagine what this world would feel like if we accessed ? If you stop talking? Yes, that would feel nice.
Which is why I'm walking away now.
No deal.
Well, Had wait.
You're welcome.
Cosmo, nice to see you again.
We left everything that I have ever known or loved behind me.
For the sake of creation! Right? If you think about it Let's be honest I saved all the things.
And then I shot out of a wormhole and I hit a guy.
What guy? Uh, him, him.
You know? I He, he stole somebody's cargo and he can't fly for shit Wait.
One of our guys? - A courier? - Yeah.
You guys have a real problem if your couriers are stealing stuff and then colliding with thousand-year-old women in space.
- What cargo was he hauling? - I don't know.
But it was temperature-sensitive and really valuable, so it's probably ice cream.
- Is he still in the building? - What's his name? Book.
You keep her name out of your mouth, Cosmo.
She's a queen.
Stop! - Got to go.
- Is that him? Yep.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Hello to you, too.
You're not allowed a weapon in here.
Get our cargo back first.
Oh, man.
Do you think I'm compensating for something? They sprayed you with the stuff, didn't they? They sure did.
- Adrenaline will knock it out of you in a bit.
- Okay.
What? Give me the dilithium.
All right? You can come with me.
I am done being reflexively supportive.
Come on! Where is the comms array? Hang on! We have to move.
They'll be tracking the aah! I need to call my ship! First things first.
We have to go.
- Go.
Go, go, go! - Oh.
Get us out of here! It needs 30 seconds to recharge.
I may have broken your nose earlier.
I apologize.
- Are you saying that in case we die? - Yep.
Book, come on.
It's still charging! - Okay.
You're about to be really mad! - What? They can't track us underwater or into solid material.
You're welcome.
You pushed me off a cliff.
Told you you were gonna be mad.
If you're thinking about punching me again, we're alive.
I could have guessed coordinates inside a rock.
They'll find us soon enough.
I haven't been shot in a while.
What was that? Don't want your arm to get infected.
Were you - praying? - Something like.
- Got a bite to it.
- Mm-hmm.
Should probably still wrap it, though.
You carry a handkerchief? Man's got to blow his nose.
I'm opening up whatever subspace channels still exist.
But make it fast.
Cosmo won't buy me dying that easy.
They'll be scanning for us.
That does a bit of everything.
Call your ship.
You had this the whole time, and you're just showing me now? Your people are waiting for you.
Burnham to Discovery.
Come in.
Discovery please come in.
Discovery, please come in.
Maybe they made it to that planet, Terralysium.
If any crew on any ship could make it through, it's mine.
- True believer.
- Yeah.
Time traveler.
- Yeah.
- I figured.
Don't know how you came by whatever you used to get here.
All time travel technology was destroyed after the temporal wars.
There was no other way.
For me or my crew.
I have to find them.
I have to.
We've still got a few hours.
This wasn't just about Grudge being lonely.
- Are you gonna tell me what's in the hold? - Nope.
- Stop.
- Don't move.
Drop your weapons.
What good is a courier who lets his cargo get stolen? Access code.
- You don't want it.
- I think I do.
- Oh, we definitely do.
- Really.
You don't.
Give us the code now.
Okay, fine.
- Sticky.
- What? S-T-I-C-K-Y.
What kind of code is that? 'Cause that's the damn code, all right? Pick your own code on your own ship.
Don't shoot it.
It's served fresh.
It looks smaller on the holo.
It's not moving.
Is it dead? Close your eyes.
Oh Oh.
Uh Uh, Book? Stay still, please.
No! No! Molly, no! Thanks, girl.
You all right? - Yeah.
- Yeah? I really really didn't know how this day was gonna turn out.
Okay, good.
How long have you been saving them, the trance worms? Not long enough.
They used to be everywhere, you know, before the Before the Federation fell.
There's no one around to enforce the Endangered Species Act.
Except you.
May I ask You seem to have this connection to things.
Plants, the trance worms.
What is it like, feeling everything? Uncomfortable.
My family are killers, poachers.
Every so often, one like me shows up in the gene pool.
I don't know, something to do with balance, I guess.
Do you still see them? I'm not welcome.
I'm sorry.
But I wouldn't trade who I am for anything.
I wouldn't want to be different.
This is Cleveland Booker.
Mandelbrot Set code nautilus.
One more to come home.
Your code is accepted, Book.
Welcome to Sanctuary Four.
"Sanctuary"? They have a breeding cycle.
We got her here just in time.
Some of them still make it.
This is what my planet used to be like.
Till I had to leave it behind.
How much did you leave behind? 930 years.
Why? To ensure the future.
A future.
Thank you.
I didn't do it alone.
I have no idea how to start looking for my ship.
I think I know someone who could help.
This is a courier waypoint, but it used to be a Federation relay station.
What happened? Main reactor breach, probably.
Long time ago.
No one around to pick up the pieces anymore.
Please proceed to the attendant desk.
Thank you.
Welcome to Starfleet.
May I help you? I'm Commander Michael Burnham, science officer, USS Discovery.
Serial number SC0064-0974SHN.
Uh I am Aditya Sahil, Federation liaison.
It would be my honor to assist you, Commander Burnham.
I need to locate the warp signature of a starship with the identifier NCC1031.
Yes, yes, of course.
I'm afraid, uh, it's not here.
I have two Federation ships in flight at the moment.
These are the only Federation ships in a 600-light-year radius.
What about the other sectors? I only have access to these sectors.
You've been cut off from the other sectors? Entirely? Long-range sensors failed decades ago.
I have not been able to scan beyond 30 sectors since then.
I would imagine it is the same for all others.
May I ask how is it you don't know what we all know? I'm from the past, Mr.
From before the Burn.
Before the collapse.
My ship was right behind me, in the wormhole.
So either they landed somewhere way far out of comms range or they're not here yet.
Then by the laws of temporal mechanics, they could arrive tomorrow - or - In a thousand years.
Commander Burnham, now I'll tell you a secret.
I'm not a commissioned officer.
You see, my father was.
His father before him.
But unlike them, I was never officially sworn in.
There has been no one to do it.
Yet I watch this office every day, as I have for 40 years, believing one day others like me would walk through that door, that my hope was not in vain.
Today is that day.
And that hope is you, Commander Burnham.
True believers.
Of course.
I don't know how much of the Federation still exists.
I simply do my part to keep it alive.
Now I ask you to do me a great honor.
This has been in my family for generations.
Only a commissioned officer may raise it.
And I've waited so long to see it on that wall.
Sahil, you are as real a Federation officer as any I have ever met.
If you would do me the honor, we need an acting communications chief who can keep searching for my ship.
Will you accept the commission? Hope is a powerful thing.
Sometimes it's the only thing.
Our numbers are few.
Our spirit is undiminished.
If there are others out there, we'll find them.
We will.
Feels like a dream, this world.
A strange, beautiful dream.
All decks prepare for impact.
I've been searching for clues as to what caused The Burn.
Answers that might help to bring the Federation together again.
So much we still do not know.
It is quite extraordinary - the journey we have had.
- There she is! This science vessel is practically a museum.
Yeah, well, museums are cool, so That's what someone living in a museum would say.
The Federation gave me a mission and a promise.
Five unidentified vessels incoming.
Because the problems often seem insurmountable.
Let's go.
I'm about to do something that might get us both killed.
I'm gonna enjoy this new world.
Discovery carried us into the future.
We'll make that future bright.
You are going to figure out what caused The Burn.
And help to rebuild the Federation.
We all will.
I'm not a cat person.
No, no, no, no, no.

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