Star Trek: Lower Decks (2020) s02e03 Episode Script

We'll Always Have Tom Paris


RANSOM: Welcome back to
the Cerritos, Mr. Boimler.
When you were gone, we
tightened security protocols.
If you run into any problems,
just flag it for Billups.
Thank you, sir. It's good to be back.
Computer, pupusa, hot.
COMPUTER: User not recognized.
[LAUGHING]: It's Ensign
Boimler. Come on.
User not recognized.
Can you, like, hurry it up?
Computer, any food, hot, please.
User not recognized.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What's the rush?
We don't have to report 'till 0800.
There's a bunch I need to
do before my shift starts
recalibrate the
omnidirectional restraints,
prep the hyposprays
Wait. Is this about Ensign Escher?
Yes! I can't believe she
got promoted over me.
I do way more.
Escher got lucky.
I mean, curing the Captain's
Terellian Death Syndrome?
She was in the right place
with the right hypospray.
Meh. I can't rely on people
getting syndromes.
I have to show Dr. T'Ana
I've got what it takes.
What up? We doing sci-fi stuff today?
Uh, got to go kick medical butt.
Computer, ketchup, spicy kiwi.
[WHIMPERS] Mariner, are you seeing this?
- Yeah, who messes with ketchup?
- Shaxs is alive?
- Yeah, guess so.
Bridge officers are always
coming back from the dead.
- You gonna finish that muffin?
- But how?
He died in an explosion saving my life.
I don't know, but whatever happened
killed his taste buds for good.
I mean, I don't have all my memories,
but I know for sure he saved me.
They're gonna tell me
how he came back, right?
Nope. Best to not think about it.
- COMPUTER: User not recognized.
- Please, just anything!
I'm so hungry. Ah!

Ensign, get in here!
I scrubbed half the arches,
and I won't stop until
all the bile is
Shut up. Listen.
I need you to pick up
a family heirloom
from a-a storage unit on Qualor II.
- Wow! Dr. T'Ana, I'm honored!
- Ah, don't be.
I just need the lowest-ranking officer
who will ask the fewest questions.
This is a personal mission.
Do it fast. Keep it private.
You got it! And may I just
say I am so honored to
I said go! Now! Go!
Ow! Stupid doors.
Guess who I get to meet today.
The Creator of Fair Haven,
Captain Proton himself:
Lieutenant Tom Paris!
No way! That's awesome!
Is he still a salamander?
No, that's not
It was a celerity-induced
accelerated somatic mutation
rate, and he's fine now.
He was the first human to
break the transwarp barrier,
and today, he's on the Cerritos!
You have a Voyager plate?
I collect all sorts of
plates, and I love Voy.
See, I have signatures from
all the other bridge crew
from Janeway all the way down to Kim!
Everyone from Voy.
Why do you keep saying "Voy"?
That's what I call Voyager to save time.
- It doesn't.
- Paris is on a handshake tour,
telling Voy stories for morale.
I heard Shaxs talking about it.
It doesn't bug you that
he's back from the dead?
Eh, bridge crew always come back.
Fine, but how?
- I don't know.
- We're Lower Decks.
We don't get to know
everything bridge crew does.
He saved my life. You know
what? I'm gonna ask him.
They-they don't like when people
ask how they came back, man.
It's probably just a transporter
pattern buffer thing.
Yeah, or a restored katra, or
a mirror universe switcheroo,
or the Borg rebuilt him.
Or he could be a future son
from an alternate timeline,
or maybe he got Genesis
Deviced, or time ribboned.
Or he was trapped in the Nexus.
Nexus, time ribbon, same thing.
Point is, this stuff always
happens, even on Voy.
Wow. That does actually
save a ton of time.
I'm an engineer. Solving impossible
problems is what I do.
[GROANS] I can't let it go.
And I can't let Tom Paris go,
not until he signs my plate.
[GROANS] Damn it.
This has been happening all day.
Yeah, they beefed up
security around here
while you were gone 'cause
of the Pakled attacks.
- Get Billups to put you back in the system.
I am in the system.
It should be working.
Mariner, hey! Dr. T'Ana just
gave me a super cool mission,
and I can take someone along.
You want to come with?
Wait. Me? Not Rutherford?
Yeah, 'cause you know what I realized?
You and me have never
done a mission together.
What? No, we must have.
- Nuh-uh, not just the two of us.
- Well, shoot, girl.
Then it's about time. Let's do this!
Mariner and Tendi on a
[SINGSONGY]: girls' trip!
Girls' trip!
- Computer, manual override.
- COMPUTER: Request denied.
- Unauthorized personnel.
- [GROANS] Let me through!
- What up, Boimler?
- Need help with that door, buddy?
- No, I'm fine.
Hey, maybe you aren't
back in the system.
I could carry you across
the threshold like a bride.
Yeah, okay, Jet, get out of here.
I don't need you or anyone else
to babysit me through
my own ship. I'm fine.
All right, all right, all right.
Mm, mm, mm.
I'll show you unauthorized.
Just 200 more rungs.
MARINER: So weird we haven't
teamed up before now.
Sort of like a glaring omission.
You always get paired with Boimler,
and I'm always with Rutherford.
We should switch it up more often.
Totally. Qualor is awesome, by the way.
You can get any drink in
the form of a slushie.
We got to get, like, five slushies.
Dr. T'Ana seemed like
she wanted me to rush.
Who rushes a family
heirloom? It'll be fine.
- It's like, old, right?
- Yeah, I-I guess you're right.
- TENDI: Whoa! Yeah!
No one's accessed this bin for years.
You got authorization?
Yup, right there.
Is this Gik'Tal? I love that song,
where they sing over the
wails of the dishonored.
"Gre'thor Paradise."
Yeah, I saw them perform
that live on Akstin.
They had an actual chorus
of disgraced Klingons
lamenting on stage.
Oh, my gosh, that sounds awesome!
It was.
I'll go poke around back there
and see what I can find.
Shouldn't be long.
Whoa. What? Stop.
You're into Klingon acid punk?
Are you kidding? Why
even listen to Klingon
if it isn't punky or acidic?
No way. I've never heard
you say anything about that.
Well, that's weird, because I talk
to Rutherford about it constantly.
It's neat that after spending
all this time together,
you can still learn something
about a friend.
Yeah, I-I guess we just
All right. [GRUNTS] Here you go.
- Whoa.
- Whoa.
Uh, when you said heirloom,
I thought it was going to be,
like, a Caitian vase or something.
What is this exactly?
I didn't ask. Dr. T. is very private.
Oh, let's open it up and take a look.
We really shouldn't.
Come on! [SINGSONGY]: Girls' trip!
Come on. One little peek won't hurt.
It'll be our secret. We won't
even tell Boimler or Rutherford.
- Mm, maybe just a quick girls' peek.
- Girls' peek!
It's just, like, a wooden statue thingy?
I wonder why she's so
wound up about this.
[LAUGHING]: Oh, no.
- What?
- It's not a statue.
It's a Caitian Libido Post.
Libido? Wait. Oh, is that a sex thing?
A Caitian has to be
intimate once a year,
or their hormones make them crazy.
It's like a Vulcan on Pon Farr.
Caitians have a bunch of
hormonal events like that.
Oh, look at these claw marks.
They're like, from her horny
great-grandma! Ew! Like
Hi, Tendi. Hi, Tendi. My name is Jeremy.
I'm an important cultural
sex toy from the past.
- Please deliver me to Dr. T'Ana so I
Aah! I can't believe you're touching it.
Oh, my God, I'm touching
it with my bare hands.
Put it back! Put it back! Put it back!
Oh, just-just angle it towards the
- Grab it!
- TENDI: No, no, no, no, no!
- This can't be happening!
- Well, maybe she won't notice.
It's the face!
Dr. T'Ana's going to know
I violated her trust.
- I'm gonna get fired! Oh.
- Hey, no. Stop that.
No. No one's getting fired
over Jeremy, okay?
I've fixed stuff like this before.
You-you have?
Yeah. No, I accidentally
ran over Worf's mek'leth
back on Deep Space 9, and I had it fixed
before he even knew it was gone.
What-what were you
doing on Deep Space 9?
I served there back before I was
on the Quito. You know that.
No, I thought that the
Cerritos was your first ship.
Seriously? Dude, it's, like, my fifth.
I talk about my other
ships all the time.
Well, this is the first
I'm hearing about it.
It's sort of a big part of who I am.
Uh, whatever.
I know a fixer on Bonestell
who can repair anything.
It's a quick warp, then we'll
head back to the Cerritos
with a nonruined post for T'Ana.
Uh, okay.
Well, as long as we're back on time.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, we should be.
Yeah, uh, let's just
get moving. [CHUCKLES]
- Girls' trip.
- TENDI: Girls' trip.
- Rutherford.
- Sir.
We've got this Tom Paris thing later,
but maybe after that, racquetball?
You sure you're up for that?
You know, with what you went through?
Eh, that place did take a lot out of me.
- But not my killer serve. [LAUGHS]
Ah, Shaxs, you always get me.
Help you, Ensign?
Oh. [CHUCKLES] I just
The truth is I was just wondering how
CODY: Whoa, Shaxs is back?
Didn't you die? How the heck
did you come back to life?
- SHAXS: Oh.
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Cody, that is out of line!
Report to your supervisor
for immediate reassignment.
I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to
[CRYING]: Just go.
But he was dead. I
What was it you wanted to ask?
[CHUCKLES]: Oh, uh, uh
Uh, how do you hit a racquetball?
With a racket.
Oh! Right. Cool.
So, you, uh, still having flashbacks?
Having one right now.
ADDIX: Yeah, I can fix it.
The trick is making it look
like it was never damaged.
And how much will that put us back?
For my old friend Beckett Mariner?
Double. 50 strips.
What 50?
Where are we supposed to
find that much latinum?
You've got a deal.
What are you doing?
We can't afford that.
Yes, we can. We just need to find
the biggest, dumbest guys in here.
Come on, come on.
[GROWLS] Cheater!
You claimed you were only a beginner.
Yeah, I'm beginning to
school your ugly ass.
- How dare you!
- Hey! No fighting.
I just got that table rejotted.
You want to finish this game,
you do it with proxies.
Works for me. My partner's
even better than I am.
[SCOFFS] An Orion? She will
use her pheromones to cheat us.
[GASPS] No, she won't.
Oh, that is such a
messed up thing to say.
But, like, could you, you know,
just, like, juice it a bit?
- Just a little?
- [GASPS] Mariner!
Of course not. I'm not
even that kind of Orion.
I can't believe you'd even say that.
Uh, just checking. No, no.
- No, you got this. Take a shot.
Uh Come on.
- I won?
- I won!
- Yeah!
- [CHANTING]: Dom-jot! Dom-jot!
All right, pay up.
Cheaters don't deserve
Nausicaan latinum.
- Hey! What'd I say about Whoa!
Oh, crap! Okay, guys, listen.
I know we may not look like a lot,
but when it comes to a fight,
us Starfleet officers are trained to
- Latinum!
Tendi, run!
If I follow this path,
I'll be on the catwalk
above the grav stabilizer's
static diffusers.
[EXHALES] Almost to the bridge.
Don't worry, plate.
There's no plausible reason
why anyone should be purging
the static right now.
It's a pleasure to have you on
my bridge, Lieutenant Paris.
Pleasure's all mine, Captain Freeman.
Mind if I give her a whirl?
I hear these Cali-class
engines can purr.
Of course. Just don't send
us to the Delta Quadrant.
- Yeah.
All right.
Oh, no. Oh, no.
Computer, emergency shutdown!
COMPUTER: Authorization not recognized.
You don't need authorization
in an emergency!
[EXHALES] Ah, my plate. Okay.
She's okay. [KISSES] Aah!
Hot plate. Ow, my lips.
Okay, I'm fine. The plate is fine.
Got to keep moving.
[YOWLS] Where the hell are you, Ensign?
My fur feels like it's
covered in poison.
We're on our way back.
The package is completely intact
- and
- Hurry!
[GROANS] This was
supposed to be my chance
to show Dr. T'Ana that I'm ready
for more, but I failed her!
Uh, look, don't be so hard on
yourself. It was just a mistake.
I don't get to make
mistakes like you do.
It was hard getting into the Academy.
There's still a lot of
stigma around Orions.
A lot of humans think we're
all thieves and pirates.
My cousin works in a thieves' den
in a pirate outpost in this sector.
- He might be able to help us out.
- Uh, okay.
As long as you aren't
bothered by the optics,
- I mean, it works for me.
Well, these are bad Orions.
They'd kill you on the spot
just for being human.
- Well, I'm not into that.
- But don't worry, I have a plan.
[GASPS] All right, undercover op.
Just got to focus on work.
[EXHALES] Come on. Focus.
Rutherford. I fought my
way out of the multiverse.
That is a lie. The Borg put
my body into the Collective.
A microscopic civilization
brought me back to life
to harness the powers of my
body with a tiny Dyson sphere.
- Uh
- It was no transporter accident.
- Resistance is futile.
- Mirror, mirror, mirror.
What was the deal with T'Pol's
hair for that one year?
- In the Nexus, it's always Christmas.
- [SCREAMS] I got to know!
Honestly, this feels wrong.
I mean, just please don't
take any pictures of me.
Okay, remember, the
effect won't last long,
so we need to find D'Onni quick.
Well, what if I don't sound
like an Orion, though?
Just talk like a pirate.
be doing today, me fellow Orion?
Uh, why are you talking like that?
- Allergies.
- [NORMAL VOICE]: Yeah, I'm allergic
to, um, uh, pheromones.
- Oh, I hear you.
They're really bad this time of year.
That's D'Onni up there.
- He does art forgeries.
- Uh, and he's hot?
Tendi, you got to warn me
if we're gonna be meeting up
with a sexy bad boy.
That's my type. Well, one of my types.
You have a thing for bad boys?
Oh, I'm always dating bad boys,
bad girls, bad gender nonbinary babes,
ruthless alien masterminds, bad Bynars.
Huh. I don't know if I've
ever seen you date anyone.
You usually seem to be with Boimler.
[LAUGHS]: What? Ew, no! What?
- Ew, that is so messed up.
- What? I don't know.
You guys practically
sleep in the same bunk.
Ew, we do not! Ew!
He's like a pet. Yuck.
What, are you and Rutherford dating?
- TENDI: Not really.
- Cousin?
[GASPS] Biceps.
You shouldn't be here.
If the Syndicate catches
me talking to [GRUNTS]
You'll do what I tell you to
do, you dumb-face jerk!
- Holy crap, who are you right now?
- It's an Orion thing.
It actually makes me
really uncomfortable.
D'Onni, I have a piece of, uh,
loot I need you to repair.
It has to look like it was never
broken in order to rip someone off.
Anything for you, Mistress
of the Winter Constellations.
Mistress of the Winter Constella ?
What? Okay, you got to
do this on the Cerritos.
Don't tell anyone. That's a
name I left behind long ago.
I'll try, but it's
- Oh, crap.
- D'Vana, what is this?
- Is she an imposter?
- Shut up and do your job!
"D'Vana"? Is that some other
weird title you've got?
It's my name.
- Oh.
- TENDI: What,
you don't even know my first name?
I thought it was Tendi,
like, with no last name. Like Odo.
We have been working together
for over a year, Beckett.
- Well, now you're just showing off.
- You don't know me at all.
- Well, you don't know me.
- Hey!
- You don't have allergies!
- Uh
She's wearing false green! Grab her!
- Get her!
- False green!
- False green!
- Run!
Why don't you just do
your "bossing everyone
around" voice again?
Yeah, it doesn't work on angry mobs.
Which you would know if you knew
anything about me or Orions.
You're the one who wanted
to do a girls' trip.
Because I thought we were friends!
Yeah, well, apparently, we're
just people who work together.
Yeah, soon we'll just be people
who get our asses kicked together.
They're all over the lift.
Hope you like climbing.
Ha! Nobody knows the Cerritos
like Bradward Boimler.
[YELPS] Fine. You want to
play it that way, Cerritos?
I know another way. Because I know you,
like you should know me.
- COMPUTER: Access denied.
Oh, no, no, no. This can't be happening.
First I get kicked off the Titan.
Then the Cerritos doesn't
even know me anymore?
Where do I belong? [CRIES]: Aw.
Come on, Brad. This is your home.
You're right where you belong.
Then why am I gonna die
in a Jefferies tube?
[CHUCKLES]: You're not.
You are Brad Boimler.
And you've been in
tougher spots than this.
Now open up a panel and start
figuring out a solution.
[SNIFFLING] You're right.
Thanks, Tom Paris.
I am a little worried
- about the fumes in here though.
- You know, since you're talking to a plate.
I don't know. I kinda
like 'em. [GIGGLES]
There! Don't let 'em get away!
Leave us alone! This isn't nice!
- Yes. Wait, no! Keep cutting!
The post. It's too heavy.
I can't pull you both up!
Take it! Get out of here
- before it's too late! [GRUNTS]
No way! I'm not leaving you!
- Tendi, no!
- Not the post!

- Deck 15.
- Wait!
Whoa. Baby Bear. What's the matter?
I know I'm not supposed to ask you
how you came back from the dead,
but I know it was my
fault that you died.
And maybe if you tell me
how you came back,
I won't feel as guilty anymore!
- Turbolift, halt.
It wasn't your fault.
Saving you was my duty.
There's a reason we don't tell
anyone how we come back.
I know. You can't tell me
because I'm just an ensign.
It's nothing to do with rank, son.
We're sparing you dark truths
about scientific depravity
that would haunt you for
the rest of your days.
Once you know,
you can never go back to being
the man you were before.
Works for me! Tell me, tell me!
Okay. So, death is the
first thing that happens.
And then Oh, wait, you do know
about the black mountain, right?
- Uh, the what now?
- The black mountain
is a spiritual battleground
your soul goes
[MUFFLED]: where you have to fight
three faceless apparitions
of your father.
[FADING]: the surviving father
makes you eat your heart
[GROANS] Personal log. [SNIFFLES]
I'm trapped because
of a computer glitch,
or perhaps it is I who is the glitch.
COMPUTER: Personal log
cannot be recorded.
[SHOUTS] I'm gonna die and it's
all because of this stupid plate!
- Don't do it, Bradward!
- Not the plate!
Uh, huh? Oh, God. Oh, no,
no, no, no, no! [SHOUTS]
I do exist!
- Tom Paris!
- A Kazon!
Tom Paris, can I just say
that I'm a really huge fan
- and I have a plate for you [SCREAMS]
[EXHALES] Thanks for
saving my ass back there.
You've saved mine plenty of times.
I'm sorry you brought me
instead of Rutherford.
But, you know, don't feel bad that
you don't know much about my life.
- I keep it vague on purpose.
- Well, why?
Every time I open up,
people get promoted and take off.
It's better to just keep it surface
level and never have friends,
instead of always losing them.
Well, don't apologize.
I was hoping this trip would
be a way for us to bond,
but it's just been a big mess.
And the reason you don't
know much about me?
That's my fault. I'm always so
busy making everyone else happy
that I never open up.
Now you know more about
me than Rutherford does.
And I'm glad I do.
Me, too.
[SIGHS] What are you gonna tell the doc?
That I was curious and
accidentally broke her post.
It'll be interesting getting in trouble.
I've never done that before.
And I can say two things:
you're a really good person.
Aw, thanks. What's the other thing?
Your plan sucks. New plan.
- TENDI: Oh, my gosh.
- What are you doing?
- Buckle up, D'Vana.
We might have been
coworkers this morning,
but now we're friends!
Computer, ramming speed!
This is how we kick ass in
the Delta Quadrant. Ki-ya!
Uh, Captain, Shuttle Four
is on a collision course
- with the ship.
- FREEMAN: What?
- Uh
- Stop! Stop!
[GROANS] Damage report?
- None.
- That was weird.

What the hell were you thinking?
A bee got in the shuttle, sir.
It flew right in my face.
Totally my fault.
A bee? How did a bee get
in the shuttle in space?!
[SIGHS] Dr. T'Ana, I'm so sorry,
but I'm afraid your special
family heirloom is broken.
And I wish I could say that it
was because of something else,
- but
- MARINER: Totally my fault.
Sorry, Doc. Big old
bee got in the shuttle.
Just messed everything up.
You are so going to the brig for this.
Send the bee to the brig!
It's the bee's fault!
I'm really sorry.
Don't worry about it.
W You're not mad?
I don't care about that old post.
What I needed was the box.
There's That's the stuff.

TENDI: Ooh, have you heard this one?
It's my favorite. It's all about
the Caves of No'Mat.
Acid punkers love singing about caves!
- Oh, hello.
Check it out. No more glitch.
I'm authorized!
Did you get your bowl signed
by Chakotay or whatever?
Tom Paris. And, no, not yet.
But this black eye he gave me is
way cooler than a signed plate.
True. There's, like, only a couple
of people in the quadrant
who can say they got
beat up by Tom Paris.
Even better, as an apology,
we're getting drinks tonight.
So I still have a chance
for him to sign it.
Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Computer, open the door!
I got to get to the bar! Come on!
Uh, that's-that's not a door.
It's just a wall with a seam.
Oh. [CHUCKLES] Right.
I may have a concussion.
- Oh, Rutherford,
did you ever find out
how Shaxs came back?
No. No, I did not.
Aw, boo. We never get
to know the cool stuff.
Or maybe they're just
sparing us from knowing
horrible, horrible things
that-that happen to good people.
Yea, it definitely isn't that.
They're just jerks.
Ooh, this one's about a Klingon
who eats his own hand.
Yeah, play it!
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