Star Trek: Lower Decks (2020) s03e04 Episode Script

Room For Growth

- Aah!
- Oh! Oh, sorry.
Oh, Goopy. Aw, it's okay.
Hey, Federov, you know you can
replicate a larger towel, right?
It's not his fault.
We're all packed in here.
Yeah, I love the Cerritos,
but it's a workhorse.
It definitely wasn't designed
for all this crew.
Usually I don't mind the lack
of personal space,
but recently it's been too chaotic.
I don't know, I think it's kind of fun.
We're in the middle
of the action, you know?
We're getting our hands dirty,
even when we sleep.
I am Minooki.
Oh, boy, we got a ancient mask
- situation here.
- The what now?
This is, like,
the third time it's happened.
Stop touching masks.
I will rebuild my palace.
- No, no, no. Captain!
- Zenrox, tilling his fields.
In the spring. The spring!
- You cannot contain Minooki.
- Captain!
- Jerna, before the dawn!
- Captain!
Oh, yeah, it's super fun
to be in the action.
I just tuned that.
Captain's log:
once again, the Cerritos
was partially transformed into a temple,
while I was inhabited
by the spirit of Minooki.
Starfleet has to come up
with a better way
to handle these D'Arsay
archive situations.
Lieutenant Commander Billups
and his engineers
have been working around the clock
to repair the systems that turned
into vines and aqueducts, and
I'm worried the additional
work has taken an emotional toll.
Well, it's taken some time,
but, we've removed
all the sacrificial altars
from the essential systems,
and the ship is almost clear
of the crazy mess you made.
Uh, that Minooki made.
Right, right, of course.
It's been a long day.
You've been working
for a week straight.
Oh, have I?
Well, I guess time's lost all meaning.
Dr. T'Ana's raised some
concerns, Lieutenant Commander.
Her medical opinion is that you are
"a ing pile of stress."
I'm fine!
The doc just needs to stay in her lane,
'cause I don't go down to her sickbay
and tell her how to hypo her sprays.
I've been leaning on your team
pretty hard the last month,
and we've got this huge project
with the Carlsbad
- coming up.
- Ho-ho, more work.
- Great.
- You can admit when you need a break.
It's not a sign of weakness.
I'm not weak!
Let it all out.
This little breakdown,
is exactly why I arranged
a therapeutic getaway
for you and your team.
- A-a getaway?
- That's right. Captain's orders.
Now, who's ready for the most,
relaxing, mandatory vacation
of their lives?
You're bringing a
tricorder instruction manual,
on your spa trip?
- Aah!
- Yeah,
something fun to read
in case all the relaxing gets boring.
Mm. I better take two.
With the captain gone,
we're just gonna have to be in standby,
so you won't be
missing out on much here.
Well, there's the room lottery.
Oh, right.
I forgot that was coming up.
Four separate quarters
opened up on Deck One.
Deck One?
Those are the penthouse suites.
I could fit so many beakers in there.
The next time Captain's
possessed by a haunted mask,
I could just close the door.
- So I am missing out.
- Don't worry about it, man.
We'll enter your name into the lottery.
Not like it'll matter.
Room lottery has always been
weighted for higher stations.
Lower deckers don't end up
in fancy rooms.
Who knows?
Maybe we'll get lucky.
- I'm sorry.
- Goopy!
Get back here.
It'll be super easy.
Delta shift.
We access the terminal on Deck Nine,
change a few lines of code,
then the stupid lottery
algorithm will have to pick us.
Uh, but what about
the turbolift records?
We're gonna get caught.
Not if we go in the back way.
There's no active monitoring
in the auxiliary corridors.
We'll be untraceable.
You're right.
Deck One, here we come.
And then they all laughed
in that mean, Delta shift way they do.
Ugh. Delta shift's the worst.
How are they even in Starfleet?
They should all just join the Maquis.
Well, those jerks figured out how to
rig the lottery, using
an air-gapped terminal.
Oh, they're definitely getting
those Deck One rooms.
No, no way, no.
We got to get to that terminal,
and beat them at their own game.
But isn't that cheating?
So is the whole room lottery.
Look, after all the times
we've been cheated,
we'll just be evening things out.
And if we don't do something,
they will.
Ooh, I've always wanted
to explore an ethical gray area.
Yes! Let's go gray area
the out of Delta shift.
Ah, Captain Freeman and her engineers.
Welcome to the Dove.
I'm Toz, and my mission
is your relaxation.
I understand your department's been
under some intense pressure.
Right, well, you know,
just doing our job,
so, uh, how long is this
gonna take, anyway?
Here on the Dove, we've mastered
the science of relaxation.
Wrist bands, lemonade.
These bands monitor
your tension levels,
so we can adjust your treatment
Yellow indicates you're all
experiencing moderate stress.
But soon enough, we'll have you
green across the board.
The puppy playpen is one
of our most popular offerings.
For the more deviant among you,
we also have kittens.
No judgment.
Our baths feature mud imported directly
from the healing bogs of Tellar Prime.
Temperature and viscosity are bespoke.
Everyone has a different way
of relaxing.
Look at the joy on his face.
He's actually gone way over his time.
We're afraid to end his session.
We can't wait to see
what you have prepared for us.
Isn't that right, Mr. Billup?
Billups, what are you doing?
Oh, sorry, yeah,
we noticed that the-the hatch,
uh, the, you know, the sliding hatch
it wasn't operating at, uh
We fixed the door.
We must begin the program immediately.
Here's the terminal room.
The Deltas are going there
through the auxiliary corridors,
but, we can get there faster
if we cut
through the maintenance systems.
It's gonna be a hike,
and probably some tight fits,
but, it should get us there first.
Hey, I will gladly get
chin-deep in a waste conduit,
if it means beating
those stupid Deltas.
All right, well,
the shortcut starts through
a panel in the back of Holodeck Three.
Ugh, there's a program running.
I guess we're gonna
have to wait it out.
No time.
Just stay low.
Huh. Oh, I know what this is.
I think this is what people used
to use to store their money.
It's called a bonk?
Oh, what a boring program.
Uh, yes, hello.
I'd like to withdraw some paper
with no intrinsic value.
Everybody down!
This is a robbery!
Hands up where I can see 'em.
I didn't wake up today planning
on blowing anyone's brains out,
but, don't push me.
- Son of a
- Oh, it's the Feds!
Over here.
You're surrounded!
Bring it, scumbags.
We're not scared of you!
Computer, deactivate safety protocols.
- What?!
- Eat hot lead!
Computer, pause program.
Aah! Mm.
What the hell?!
I was about to blast 'em.
What are we doing?
The usual: we off these Feds,
and once our blood's pumping,
we'll do the nasty on the counter,
and make the hostages watch.
- Aw, geez.
- Ew, just shoot me instead.
No, I mean what are we doing,
as a couple?
What are you talking about?
You love crime play.
When was the last time you asked me
about my dreams?
Or, how my mission went?
I died,
and we never even talked about it.
Does baby need to suckle
on one of mama's
Will you put those away, Diane?
- Ugh.
- Diane is her kinky sex name?
- This is worse than the shootout.
- I am more than a rock-hard body,
- Okay, we have to go.
- for you to scramble around on.
- I want us to share
- Got it.
- our feelings, our secrets.
- In here.
Okay, bigs, I'll tell you a secret.
It's something I would kill,
- if anyone else ever knew.
- Oh, God, hurry, hurry.
I've never told anyone
how I lost my tail.
Oh, yes.
- Tendi, come on.
- No, no, no.
I've always wanted to know.
Hey, can we, uh, set the mood?
Computer, resume program.
I was on the Algonquin.
Aw, man.
All right, we're making great time.
No way is Delta shift beating us
to that terminal.
They better not.
This is taking forever.
Well, I think the view
from our new quarters
will more than make up for it.
Plus, we're in parts of the
ship almost nobody gets to see.
I think this is super cool.
Ugh. Ugh.
Uh, if by super cool
you mean super gross.
Why do we even have a swamp on board?
We're under the hydroponics bay.
It's great for biomedical research,
or just for flower fans.
What kind of weirdo,
signs up for a job in outer space,
just to garden?
Ah, the path to Kamata in spring.
Whoop. Oh, Gramble,
his throat slit by his mistress.
A Tamarian defrin root.
They can grow without water.
All they need is high levels
of nitrous oxide.
Uh, is it safe for us
to be breathing that?
Oh. Well, I know
Orions are immune
to its hallucinogenic properties.
But as for humans
Boimler, what is up with your head?
You look like a goddamn sea creature.
My head? What about your arms?
Yeah, I mean, I don't hate it, though.
Hey, guys, this is actually
so funny, look at this.
It says oxygen levels are depleting.
I can taste sounds?
We have to get out of here.
Oh, we have to get out of here.
How? It's a maze.
What? What
what maze?
you guys stay here and feed the rabbits.
I'm gonna find a way through this maze.
- No! What?!
- I am trapped inside of an egg.
- Come on.
- No, leave me alone.
- I don't want to hatch.
- Ooh, I've found the door.
- Ugh. We have to go, now!
- No, I do.
I said go! Hyah! Hyah!
Why are you being so mean?
Whew. Sorry-sorry
about that whole egg thing.
That's okay.
I'm sorry I made you hatch.
It's okay. It's just,
oh, it was so warm in there.
Ooh, that Tellarite mud bath
was phenomenal.
I'm glad you enjoyed it,
and even more pleased, to see your team
taking full advantage
of our sand garden.
Feeling your stress
slide away into the sand?
Oh, yeah.
Oh, we're really cookin'.
Oh, nice. Wait a minute.
- Is that a design schematic?
- Yup, this little honey,
will improve the Cerritos
engine efficiency by .5%.
No. No, no, no, no, no.
You are here to relax.
Like, look.
Meredith's got the right idea.
Mmm. Right there.
That's the spot.
Ensign, working out all those kinks?
Oh, yeah,
it's just about ready to get tested.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me?
- Ugh, this is unbelievable.
- Sorry.
Was I the only one
sneaking in a little build time?
They won't relax.
Why won't they relax?
This is ridiculous.
I'm all for adventure, Boims,
but it'd be nice, if
your little shortcut
wasn't actually more of a, long cut.
Look, I know, I know. It's just,
after all these retrofits,
a lot of this stuff isn't even labeled.
I mean, like this.
Uh, ladies first?
- Absolutely not.
- Yeah, right.
Cool, cool.
I got this.
- Holy cow.
- Ooh!
Check it out.
Gravity's super low.
Ha, ha.
This is a much better room.
All right, Boims,
I'll give you this one.
This is a good shortcut.
- Oh, look at me go.
- Whoa.
Feels so free to do
this without an EV suit.
Come on, Boimler.
Delta shift probably isn't
goofing off like this.
We got to go if we want to beat them.
I'm not Boimler.
I'm Antigrav Boy,
protector of the lower decks.
Commander, a small
asteroid cluster is approaching.
Should I target with all phasers?
This is what we have a deflector for.
Reroute power,
and let the dish take care of it.
Uh-oh. Huh?
Help me!
- Whoa!
- Aah!
He's getting flattened.
We need to make a tether.
Uh, got it!
Oh, my God! Oh, no. No!
Hold on!
- Ow!
- Mariner, pull!
Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!
Antigrav Boy.
The human ritual of mani-pedis,
is renowned across the quadrant,
for its calming power.
Also, I know it would keep their
eyes covered and hands busy.
seems like you've finally figured out
how to make them relax.
Not a single yellow
wristband in the bunch.
Ah. Feeling good,
Mr. Rutherford?
Oh, yeah, Captain.
It's about time these
little piggies got pampered.
If you like that,
you'll love the manicure.
Oh, just the pedi's fine.
Come on. You can't have a pedi
without a mani.
It's like a pedi for your hand-toes.
Uh, no, thanks, not for me.
Wait a minute.
Did you slide a cucumber slice
under your wristband,
to block the sensor?
You engineered a workaround
to your own stress meter?
I'm sorry.
We just wanted you to be happy.
Damn it.
What the hell were you thinking?
That the cucumber's hydrophilic
skin creates a natural fil
- Can it, Meredith.
- Sorry, Captain.
We just didn't want our stress
to stress you out.
This is a direct attack.
I came here thinking,
you respected me
enough to give it a fair shot,
but no.
- My engineers don't respect me.
- That's not true!
This is one deception after another!
I must be the worst captain
in the whole freakin' fleet,
a total joke.
Am I amusing you?
We have a black bander on Deck Four.
- Do I amuse you?
- A black bander on Four.
This is not a drill.
Don't touch me! Just stand down.
I am a captain.
We've been treating the wrong patient.
This woman is under incredible stress.
She hasn't recently been possessed
by any ancient artifacts, has she?
Uh maybe a couple?
Intensive treatment.
Oh, engineers.
All of them.
All of them are all
goddamned Geordi LaForges.
What's gonna happen to her?
She's been repressing
months' worth of stress,
and you brought it all out.
If she doesn't respond to treatment,
I'll have to send her to Earth,
for a full medical diagnostic.
But that would take her away
from the Cerritos.
Something that could have been avoided,
if you'd just followed my treatments.
But no, you just had to be hardworking.
She's right.
We didn't make an effort today.
If that's what the captain needs,
then we need to figure out
a way to stop engineering,
and start relaxing.
I think I know what we shouldn't do.
This vent opens
for ten seconds once every hour.
When it does, we'll have a
straight shot to the terminal.
Great. So what do we do now?
All we have to do is wait.
When you get your room, what are
you gonna say to let people in?
Yeah, Riker says
"Come," but like, "Come."
So I guess I'll do that?
Do I sound cool?
I wish I could make fun,
but it does sound cool.
I was thinking, "Enter, friend."
So then whoever comes in
is your friend.
I'm going to say "Come," too.
No, don't do that. That's mine.
- I like it. Come.
- Come.
- Come.
- Enter, friend.
- Oh, great.
- Beta shifters?
What the hell are you freaks
doing down here?
Same as you, Delta shift.
What took you so long, huh?
Tuckered out from staying up
past your bedtimes?
You know what?
We're tired,
and we've been through hell to get here.
I can't believe you're
trying to bone in
on our room lottery plan.
Aren't you Beta shifters
always crowing about
how ethical you are?
You sure you'll be able
to live with yourselves
if you hack that terminal?
Yeah, I don't know.
I just feel like all the
Deck One perks,
and privacy'll help us deal with it.
Well, we're not going anywhere.
Yeah. I didn't crawl through
a leftover Minooki
aqueduct for nothing.
I'm drenched down to my soul.
At least you weren't in the holodeck,
for Shaxs' and T'Ana's
foreplay fantasy.
Oh, man, you ran into them, too?
We heard them going to town
from behind stellar cartography.
Aw. I knew
they were making progress.
Yeah, they were definitely
making something.
- Ew.
- Barf.
I doubt they'll ever let Dr. Migleemo
choose which nebula
to scan again after that.
Oh, oh, oh, I got a good one.
I got a really good one.
Remember when Ransom
got turned into a caveman,
and they locked him in the cafeteria?
So, apparently, when he was in there,
he replicated this
weird doll out of churros,
and carried it around,
like it was his wife.
Everyone knows that.
People called her Churrolivia.
Okay, but did you know
he still has the doll?
- Churro, the wife? No.
- Oh! Uh-uh. Oh!
I heard he keeps it
somewhere in his office
'cause of like a primordial
bond he has with it.
It does always smell
like cinnamon in there. Oh, no.
Come on. That caveman thing
was like six months ago.
The churros would all be
dried out by now.
He keeps it refreshed.
You know, we're really not,
like, that different.
I feel like a big part of why
we haven't gotten along is just,
you're asleep when we're awake.
But spending this time together,
it's actually been nice.
Yeah, you guys are all right.
Too bad when the vent opens,
we won't have this anymore.
It would be better if all us
lower deckers stuck together.
I mean, why don't we?
We could all walk through together.
put all our names into the lottery.
At least it'll make it an even split.
I like it, let us lower deckers
have the luck for once.
And then no matter who gets the rooms,
we come out of it with new friends.
Delta shift and Beta shift
working together.
Got it! Quick, quick!
Nice try, Betas.
Delta shift!
Goddamn you Delta shift pieces of sh
Try-try to do a good thing.
- Get away from me, dog.
- Oh, this is bad.
- Increase puppy levels.
- That's all we've got.
We even tossed in a couple of bunnies.
They had no effect.
I'm gonna call it.
Somebody get me
Starfleet Medical on the horn.
Aw, not you, little guys.
- Keep on puppin'.
- Haven't you done enough damage?
Get out of here!
Captain, you were right.
Letting go of stress is key,
and, we finally figured out how.
Bring it in!
Did you dismantle one of my turbolifts?
We, have engineered a machine
that removes stress.
You built this? Ugh.
The whole point of this trip
was to stop working.
We know, Captain,
but it turns out, for us,
there is no greater stress relief,
than engineering a solution
to a problem.
No, this is preposterous.
- Ready the captain for transfer.
- Captain, please.
Ten seconds in this pod,
will give you the same
therapeutic benefits,
of a month spent on the Dove.
Will you try it?
We can't afford to lose you.
Ugh. All right, all right, fine.
Wait, now, how does this work?
Ah. Oh! Aah!
Captain, how do you feel?
That was
Oh, it was better than
a thousand massages combined.
Oh, my God, I feel like a new woman.
Remarkable. Your levels have
all returned to baseline.
What an amazing device.
With one of these on every ship,
Starfleet will no longer
even need the Dove.
And you can thank the Cerritos
engineers for that.
Come on, team.
Let's get back to work.
- Yes, work!
- yeah!
Oh, yeah.
Bye-bye, yeah.
I want this thing ejected
from my ship right now!
- But, it's exactly what we
- I said get rid of it!
Gah! After everything we went through,
stupid Delta shift won.
I can't believe I laughed
at their caveman Ransom story.
It's probably fake, just like they are.
Stupid Delta shift
stabbed us in the back
and left us in a puddle
of Minooki water.
Hey, check it out.
It's draining.
Oh, great. I'll put that
fun detail in my personal log,
right after the part
where we got betrayed.
This might bypass the vent.
- Uh, it's not on the map.
- Ah, I don't know.
There could be incinerators down there.
Huh. Doesn't feel hot.
I guess it'll take
someone bold to find out.
Boimler, no, that's a bad idea, man.
- Antigrav Boy!
- No, no, no! Boimler, no!
I'm fine. It was fun.
Come on in.
We really need to do something
about this bold Boimler thing.
It is not sustainable.
- All right.
- Aah!
Ooh! That was fun!
and this goes right up to the terminal.
We're right there.
And no Delta shifters in sight.
Yup, 'cause fortune favors the bold.
Don't, with the bold thing.
I can't believe we did it.
Joke's on them for leaving us behind.
Now there's no way we're sharing.
Just gonna make sure our
names are the only ones on the list,
then lock the Deltas out.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
This says there aren't
four rooms on Deck One.
It's one room on Deck Four.
Only one?
So wait, so wait.
So who should get it?
It would mean being on a
different deck, all by yourself.
We wouldn't get
to have days like this anymore.
Even with all the peril, it was
really fun just being together.
Yeah, and you know we're only
gonna be lower deckers for so long.
I mean, in no time Tendi's
gonna be a bridge officer.
I'll probably get drummed
out of Starfleet,
for calling Ransom a piece of,
and, Boimler, you'll be dead,
because of the whole being bold thing.
If even one of us takes that room,
it'll break us up forever.
And you know who really deserves that?
Delta shift.
Yeah. Let's just walk away,
and let them ruin their friendship.
Beta shifters stick together.
Stupid Delta shift.
Yeah, yeah, come check out
the room, everybody.
Yeah, come on by. It's huge.
I can't believe
they're sharing that one room.
God, they just put four beds in there,
and now it's like
their private party quarters.
Why didn't we think of that?
I don't know. We were tired.
Hey, why didn't you guys
grab that room for me?
We didn't think you would want it.
Of course I wanted it.
What are you talking about?
We all wanted it.
'Cause, you know,
Beta shifters stick together.
We still could have.
Well, we kind of got caught up
in the all-for-one, one-for-all spirit.
Ugh! That's the definition
of one-for-all.
One room for all of us.
- Hey, hey, relax, man.
- I am relaxed!
I just got back from a spa!
Listen, I heard that Delta shift
is having a private party tonight,
and we got to get on that list.
We could go back to the terminal.
- No.
- Come on, you said it was fun.
Not that fun.
Hey, how's it going?
Computer, 35 churros
in an unmarked paper bag, hot.
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