Star Trek: Lower Decks (2020) s03e07 Episode Script

A Mathematically Perfect Redemption

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STAR TREK: Lower Decks
Ooh, I got it.
One illegal virus,
but someone has to take it to the ship.
But who's small enough
to go undetected?
Yeah, and who could
survive in space without a ship?
Someone who can travel
with the program safely stored
in her hard drive
Peanut Hamper!
You can load the code into their ship
using your robotic abilities.
Oh, my gosh, Peanut Hamper,
you're gonna save the day!
Eh, I'm gonna pass.
I-I'm sorry. What?
All that stuff sounded way too scary.
What about the needs of the many?
I joined Starfleet to piss off my dad,
not to be a virus bomb.
Peanut Hamper, this is not cool!
- We're all going to die!
- Peanut Hamper,
there are so many lives at stake!
You know what,
I'm just going to beam myself
out of this whole sitch.
Sucks to be organic.
Enjoy having all your guts
flying out or whatever!
You know what? Peanut Hamper
is a stupid name!
Whoa! They wanted me to do that?
Yeah, uh, no thanks.
The big guy died!
Made the right choice, obvi.
I knew it!
Now they're all going to die.
The Titan?
Now that's a crew
that'll respect a robot.
Hey, hey!
Over here!
Well, someone'll be by
to save me soon enough.
Unless they forget to scan
for nonorganic life,
but that'll never happen.
"Be a hero, Peanut Hamper."
"The needs of many,
Peanut Hamper."
Kill yourself for a bunch of randos
you met three hours ago, Peanut Hamper!
It was my first day.
They expect me to
sacrifice myself on day one?
No way!
I hate Starfleet.
What about the needs of the me?
I'm sorry, Sophia.
You're right. I hate
when I get like this, too.
What I wouldn't give
for your level head.
What we need to focus on is
getting this nacelle working
so we can get the hell
out of Junksville.
I scraped up enough dilithium
to juice it to warp factor .02,
maybe .03 if we're lucky.
Don't give me that look.
Of course I could send
a distress call to Starfleet.
But those bipedal bastards would
just lock me up for going AWOL.
They're so uptight about
being betrayed.
Oh, my God.
I did it! It works!
We make a pretty good team,
don't we, Soph?
I hope you know that
whatever happens out there,
you've got a friend for life.
Drookmani scavengers!
Sorry, Soph.
Only room for one.
Okay, here we go.
I don't know if this
thing can even hit warp
Sophia, no.
What the Where the frick am I?
Ah! The spacebox has awoken!
Now, now, no need to pretend.
I know you are awake.
You've been rebuilding
your power for days.
Your metal body is fascinating.
Wow, stare much?
I don't know you, sir.
You're being very creepy.
I am Kaltorus of Areore.
The moment I witnessed
your descent from the heavens,
I knew our ancestors
had brought you to my land,
for a reason.
Please don't dismantle me.
I'll tell you anything you want
to know about Starfleet.
I will give you all their codes.
- Here we go. Yes.
- Oh, yeah. Right there.
I will not rest
until you are fully restored.
Wait, so I'm not a prisoner?
Okay, sure, just keep doing
whatever you were doing
and get to the left side, too.
Mm, yes.
Everyone has been wondering
who my secret guest is.
It is time to get them
used to a stranger.
Morning, Skaf.
Call it android intuition,
but I'm kind of sensing
that everyone here hates me.
Fear, not hate.
They've never met a visitor
from off-world,
much less one that's made of metal.
- Wait, you're not in the Federation?
- The what now?
So no ships come here, like, ever?
You are the first visitor
in my lifetime.
I beg of your pardon?
Yeah, it's just something
we space folks say,
when we're stranded on a
backwater planet with no culture.
Oh, yes. Indeed.
Oh, wow. A dirty stick.
That's special. Thanks so much.
What, am I supposed to
give you candy or something?
My God.
It's just a replicator.
That spacebox is what the
ancient ones warned us about.
I say we cut her open,
and release the
tiny witch that runs it!
Peanut Hamper is a living being,
and like any other life-form,
she deserves our respect.
Can a machine ever
really be alive, Father?
This is my son Rawda.
While you are here,
he will show you our ways,
and be your guide.
Father, I
I am next to be the village leader.
I can't be seen fraternizing
with this mechanical creature.
And so you question the judgment
of the present village leader?
Of course not, Father.
As your will, it shall be done.
Getting some
major village bad boy vibes
from Raw-dog, am I right?
His name is Rawda,
and you know nothing of him.
Keep it in your pants, sister.
I'm not trying to steal your bird man.
They just need time.
Let us continue.
I want to show off our well.
Wow, a well. Cool.
Personal log.
I'm stranded with a bunch
of hillbilly birds,
on a planet that's never
even been first-contacted.
I could still put out a distress call,
if I wanted Starfleet Security
to toss me in a penal colony,
which isn't the worst option,
because there's nothing going on here.
Ugh, how can you live in such filth?
Well, good morning to you, too.
Come, we must begin the day's work.
So does, like, every animal
on this planet have wings?
Of course they do.
"Of course they do."
That's not the "yoozh"
in this quadrant, FYI.
Not that you'd know anything
about anything.
You guys haven't
even invented tile yet?
This is the way it has always been.
Well, the next time it rains,
it's just gonna collapse
like it always has.
Watch where you put those claws.
Sky Snake.
I'm sorry, "Sky Snake"?
That's ridiculous.
If everything here flies,
then why call it a Sky Snake?
Wouldn't that just be a snake?
More tasks await.
You know, my universal translator
can't make your language smart.
Ha! See?
With a little techno-help,
I've got twice as much milk
blasted out of this thing.
No! Wait! No!
Stop! A little help here?
- Stop! Hey!
- Ugh!
- Stop! Stop it!
- Rawda! Rawda!
Stop it! Aah, aah! Stop!
It's your father.
He was bitten by a Sky Snake.
It is the Great Circle.
He takes my life with his venom,
and I, his, with my spear.
Nothing to be done.
All right, you're being a big baby.
No one has ever survived
a Sky Snake attack.
Death will be swift.
- And when
- Boop! Antivenom.
- How did you
- Yeah, yeah, calm down.
It's called science,
which you could have,
if you didn't put up with
straw and parasite water.
Father, how do you feel?
I feel wonderful.
I also
administered a little vitamin pack.
You were low in, well, everything.
I told you, she was
brought here for a reason.
Ooh, me, me!
Ew, ew, sticky bird feathers.
Don't touch me.
We love
Hamper! We love Hamper!
Oh, now you know my name.
Okay, okay, hold still.
I said hold still, damn it!
- Hey, Peanut Hamper!
- Oh, hello.
Good to see you, too.
- Hey, Peanut Hamper.
- Top of the morning to you.
My ingrowns are healed, Peanut Hamper.
- I can paint again.
- Nice!
Hey, Doyle, did
those stomach worms clear out?
Oh, yes. My fecal matter
is back to being oily and white.
But also, gross.
This is the incubation hut.
It saddens me.
The hatching process
is a difficult journey.
Many of the chicks
won't be strong enough
to make it to the end.
That is the way of things.
Watch and learn.
All 36 hatchlings?
Peanut Hamper, you are incredible.
Okay. Okay, now.
Peanut, come with me.
I want to take you somewhere.
You know, for a backwards planet
in the middle of nowhere,
it really is beautiful.
Yes, it is.
Oh, Peanut Hamper,
I can't help but be full of song
- when I'm with you.
- Oh, Rawda,
sing for me!
- Oh! You scared the living
- out of me.
Never do that again.
Oh, you're still going, huh?
It's peaceful up here.
It's my favorite place to hide.
What would you ever need to hide from?
My father, for one.
He's great, but when you're
the son of someone perfect,
they expect you to be perfect, too.
I think you're pretty perfect.
But-but I know how you feel.
Growing up, all my dad wanted me to do
was stay with him
and the other exocomps.
I had plans to get away to Freecloud,
become a Dabo girl, never settle down.
I ended up in Starfleet,
but I messed that up.
But now I can imagine
a life in one place.
With you.
You're welcome to stay.
You've made everyone's lives
so much better.
Although, there is one person
you haven't treated yet.
I guess we
should start with a physical.
Ugh, how I long for the touch
of your nozzle.
But our pieces are so different.
Yours are complicated.
But how will we
We're just gonna have to wing it.
I never thought I could feel this alive
- with a a
- Machine?
Yes. A beautiful,
glorious machine.
I feel as I've been lied to
my whole life about your kind.
There is something I must show you.
It is where we house
the relics of our ancestors.
In the distant past, the Areore
were a spacefaring species.
I'm sorry, what?
Wait, like,
you guys have had technology
this entire time?
No, but our ancestors did.
It only brought them misery,
in the form of endless wars,
with alien species.
Behold, the flying ships
of yore were formidable.
They could travel great distances
by making the stars
fold upon themselves.
That's called warp.
Ooh, I guess I haven't been breaking
the Prime Directive this whole time.
The ancients
wanted to return to the paradise
they had known before folding the sky.
They forbid any technology,
but I know, in my heart,
that they were wrong,
because, you are good.
No, that's just it, though.
I'm not good.
Our village has been blessed
by your presence.
My Starfleet medical training
improved their lives, okay?
Not me.
Starfleet was like my home, my tree.
Or it used to be.
The reason I ended up on this planet
is because I abandoned my crewmates.
I was more interested in saving
myself than in helping them.
But now I see that organic life
is special because it's fragile,
not in spite of it.
I just wish I could go back
and do the right thing,
but Starfleet would never forgive me.
That doesn't mean
you can't forgive yourself.
I can never forget what I've done.
Then I have no choice, but to,
make you forget.
family, feathered acquaintances,
we have roosted here today,
to honor, and observe, the wing-joining
of Rawda and Peanut Hamper.
Peanut Hamper, when I first
met you, I was afraid.
Not only because you were
the literal embodiment
of everything I was taught to fear,
also, because you were full of life.
Now more than ever,
I want to share my life
Sky Snakes! Run!
That's no Sky Snake. That's
Drookmani scavengers!
They were the ones
who were trying to take me
from that debris field.
- They must have tracked me here.
- Just stay calm, my love.
This is all my fault.
Don't let them take me!
Our scans show that valuable material
lays beneath your village.
We will extract them
and leave in peace.
He means the ships of our ancestors.
Removing those ships,
would destroy the trees,
on which we've built our home.
It's trash.
You have no use for it,
so we claim salvage.
The primitives resist.
Little ones, come on!
This is what the ancients feared.
We have brought ruin to our loved ones
and there is nothing we can do!
That's where you're wrong.
- I can do something.
- Peanut!
Uh, Captain,
we're receiving a distress call from
Peanut Hamper?
It looks like she's transmitting
from a planet called Areolus?
Areo Areol
It's a pre-warp civilization.
So now she's in distress and
breaking the Prime Directive.
Mr. Boimler, set a course
for Areolus, maximum warp.
I'd like to have a little chat
with our wayward ensign.
No! No!
Hopefully someone got my distress call,
but it's a long shot.
We don't have much time!
They're tearing the very ground apart.
Soon, there will be
no home left to save.
has to get on that Drookmani ship,
and disable it.
But who could go undetected?
While avoiding alien warriors?
Long enough to disarm them,
using robotic abilities?
Guys, it's me!
I'm the one who can do it.
No, Peanut, it's too dangerous.
The needs of the many outweigh
the needs of the few, baby.
But you aren't even a few,
you're just one.
I'm Starfleet.
Whoa, the Drookmani?
What are they doing here?
Oh, no, they're attacking that village.
Shaxs, target phasers.
- We have to disable
- Wait, Captain, look!
Captain, I'm reading
one passenger on the shuttle.
It's an exocomp.
Peanut Hamper is saving the day?
Here goes everything.
Uh, the engines are overloading.
What the is going on?
Peanut Hamper!
Peanut, you did it.
You saved us all.
Pretty good for a spacebox, huh?
You did it! Ha, ha!
I am Captain Carol
Freeman of the starship Cerritos.
Usually, we're more careful
with first contact
It's all right.
We all know about Starfleet.
Yes, well, you aren't supposed to.
Our Prime Directive
is to not interfere with
Without this brave robot's
I would be dead.
We would all be dead.
Peanut Hamper is one of us.
You will not be taking her
to a penal colony.
Oh, slow down, okay?
No one is in trouble.
We witnessed Peanut Hamper's
selfless act.
Yeah, don't worry.
We're not here to arrest her,
- we're here to thank her.
- No.
The ones who really
deserve the thanks are the Areore.
Before I met these beautiful birds,
I was selfish and thought nothing
of abandoning my post to save myself.
But now I understand
love and sacrifice.
I-I feel a call to duty and I
I need to rededicate my life
to Starfleet.
- But Peanut
- Rawda, they are my flock.
I must return to them,
if they'll have me.
we'll have to write quite the report,
to explain it all to Command,
I think we can give you another chance.
Captain, is there any room for
a loving husband on your ship?
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no.
I could never ask you
to leave this paradise.
Peanut, with you,
anywhere is paradise.
Captain, we have a situation.
The Drookmani have transported
onto the Areore ship.
- Is it even operational?
- Affirmative.
And it's got weapons systems
like nothing we've ever seen before.
You better get out of there!
Hail that ship.
Hold your fire.
You are in violation
of Federation standa
We were tricked with Starfleet lies,
- and now you'll all pay.
- What lies?
Put this through to the captain.
We received a subspace communication,
an invitation that said these ships
were scraps of junk for the taking.
And we would be met with no resistance,
- if we hauled them away.
- He's lying.
It came from a prissy little robot.
Peanut Butter.
That's crazy.
Uh, this guy is so full of it.
Obviously, we recorded it.
Anyway, those are the coordinates.
The ships are all underground.
Feel free to come on over and
take whatever you want.
Everyone here is a tree-kissing farmer.
There won't be any pushback.
Oh. What?
That doesn't even sound like me.
My love, is this true?
Ugh, okay, fine.
I called the Drookmani here.
But it was for a good cause.
You guys didn't want these ships,
and I needed a way to show Starfleet,
that I'm a hero,
so, they would take me back.
How was I supposed to know
these old ships still worked?
I mean, they were built by organics.
People who make things out of straw.
- Yeah, what are the odds?
- But-but Peanut
Oh, my God,
just shut the up, Rawda.
Grow a beak.
I wasn't going to spend
the rest of my very long,
robotic life on a frickin' bird planet.
How could you?
Oh, boy, here comes the waterworks.
This guy cries at everything.
He even cries after we do it.
Wait, Peanut Hamper.
You still have a chance to be a hero.
Someone has to get onto
that ship, and I think it's
I see where
this is going, and no, thanks.
Get back here right now, Ensign.
- That's an order!
- Smell you later.
Oh, yeah, and I mean that literally,
'cause y'all everywhere.
Billups, how are they getting
through our shields?
I don't know, I'm trying
to match signatures,
but, the shields are at 16%,
and falling.
Everyone, flap this way.
Watch out!
Ancestors, why have you forsaken us?
Kaltorus, look!
They've heard your prayers.
Wait, is that Peanut Hamper?
For the flock!
Emergency transport!
The Areore must protect
their way of life.
We can live how we desire.
Henceforth, we turn our backs
on fear.
You are ready to lead, my son.
We did it!
Organics and technology
working together.
This is what I was trying
to teach you all along.
You are no longer welcome on Areolus.
Get out of here.
Oh, whatever.
I didn't want to stay here anyway.
You're like the poor man's Aurelians.
Come on, Captain,
let's beam out of this hole.
There is no way in hell
you're coming back on my ship, missy.
You're all just jealous
of my advanced intelligence.
You know who I should've called?
The Borg.
Oh, yeah.
The Borg would love me.
I'm gonna do it right now, in fact.
You're all going to get assimilated.
See how you like being
organic then. Huh? Huh?
Stop that.
Don't touch me.
Resistance is futile!
Resistance is futi
You think this is bad?
A room full of awesome robots?
I love it here.
Not an organic to be found.
I am 10111.
Would you like to play
Guess What I'm Thinking?
- No. Shut up.
- I'm thinking of a battery
Oops. I did not wait
for you to guess.
Peanut Hamper, is it?
I must say, that's
a mathematically perfect name.
Who the hell are you?
and I think you and I
could do awful things together.
No! Stop it!
You stop laughing with us.
Nobody invited you guys.
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