Star Trek: Lower Decks (2020) s03e10 Episode Script

The Stars at Night


First officer's log,
stardate 58499.2.
The Cerritos is in for repairs
at Douglas Station
after a pounding from the Breen.
We took an even harder pounding
in the media after one of the new
Texas-class ships had to swoop in
and save us our asses.
Captain Freeman's been called back
to Starfleet Command for questioning.
Disappointment is
an understatement, Captain Freeman.
Project Swing By
was a waste of resources,
and you almost got your crew killed.
We did uncover a Breen insurgency.
An attack you could've been
prepared for
if the culture on your ship
was more professional.
Admiral, I assure you,
the Cerritos crew
takes their duty seriously.
Captain Freeman's right.
The Cerritos is a necessary part
of the fleet.
However, my automated Texas-class ships
are her superior,
with zero human error.
They haven't even been tested.
I recommend decommissioning
the California-class
and let the Texas-class
handle second contact.
Starfleet was founded
as a way for humanity
to advance into the stars.
This would undo centuries of progress.
Captain, I'm sorry,
but, there are plenty of other
crewed ships in the fleet.
The council has decided to take
Admiral Buenamigo's advice
and shutter the California-class.

Come on, Les.
You know that AI can't navigate
complex problems like I can.
The Texas-class will save lives.
The California-class already does.
I'm fighting this,
and I don't want my crew
hearing anything until I've had my say.
Guys! Guys!
Hans just told me that
the Phylosian in Tactical's
girlfriend's Vedek
heard that Starfleet Command
is shuttering the Cali-class
and replacing it with drones!
Who's Hans?
- You know, towel guy.
- [GASPS] The gossip king?
He's never been wrong.
We're all gonna get reassigned.
I can't work at an outpost.
I won't look good in a drab olive vest.
Does that mean I'm not gonna
be able to keep doing
senior science officer training?
When some computer's doing our jobs?
- Probably not.
- Whoa.
These Texas-class ships are amazing.
Rutherford, stop being impressed
with the thing that's
stealing our jobs.
Sorry, sorry. No. I don't know
what I would do without
the Cerritos, but
Ooh, baby, look at this code.
At least someone found a silver lining.
Oh, man, I wonder how
the bridge crew's taking it.
Dr. T'Ana's probably like,
"Holy [BLEEP] [BLEEP].
- "I'm a doctor, not an [BLEEP]hole."
Ooh, ooh, do Ransom.
"If I can't have my private gym,
I might move back to Barcelona."
- [LAUGHING] Barcelona.
- [NORMAL VOICE]: Okay, okay.
- Wait, wait, wait, who's this?
"Hey, baby bear.
"The only thing I'll miss
"is being able to eject the warp core.
- "I talk about prophets,"
"even more than a Ferengi."
- Is that what I sound like to you?
[NORMAL VOICE]: Lieutenant Shaxs.
No. I-I didn't mean
I was going to ask you,
for help with my phaser,
but, I guess I'm just
a big joke to you!
Wait. I'm sorry! Ah.
I can't leave the Cerritos knowing
a senior officer hates me.
The longer Mariner's not around,
the more Boimler kind of
loses his grasp on reality.
[SIGHS] I still feel awful
about how we acted
when she got transferred.
Yeah, we should've been
more supportive.
I hope she's okay,
all alone out in space.
She's probably miserable.
All right!
Damn you, Starfleet!
Well, nice try, but, I'm not Starfleet.
You're still a filthy "hew-mon."
You got me there.
Hey, I got the idol.
And you're sneaking out without
making a big deal of it, right?
Oh, totally.
I'm playing it very cool.
Better luck next time,
you dumb grave robbers.
- Okay, Petra, time to go.
Beaming would be good.
Anytime now, please.
Having a little fun
down there, were we?
You gonna send me to the brig?
I don't care what you do,
as long as we can get this bad boy
to the Qualor Historical Museum.
Ooh, and our route takes us
right through the Bitrus Expanse.
Want to excavate
a couple temples on the way?
Yeah, I do.
The more hidden the better.
[SIGHS] Rescuing artifacts from
black market thieves is great,
but, you know,
the best part of this gig
is that you never get pissed off.
Thanks for letting me do my thing.
Yeah, well, with our funding,
we'll both be able
to do our thing for as long as we want.
Oh, yeah, who's footing the bill
for all this?
It has to cost, like, a fortune.
Aw, that's cute,
pretending you have any concept
of how money works.
But, we donate everything to museums,
so, how do we pay
for our fuel and gear?
- How'd you get this ship?
- I'll handle the finances,
and you worry about grabbing us
some frosty Rom-Ales for the warp.
It's understandable
that the captain isn't keen
on losing her command,
which is why I would like
to offer her a promotion:
fleet captain
of the entire Texas-class.
I don't want some operations desk job.
Ah, wait till you see the uniform.
It has four epaulettes.
This is his vanity project, not mine.
His ships do seem superior
to the Cali-class.
Well, then he should prove it.
I challenge you to a mission race.
If your drones really are
better than my crew,
then it should be easy.
Captain Freeman is begging
to prove her obsolescence.
You can't allow her
to humiliate her crew.
I didn't know Buenamigo
was in charge here.
Oh, please.
These fine admirals
know that I am right,
but, if this is what you want
We're doing what?!
A second contact race.
- What even is that?
- I made it up on the spot.
A multi-planet mission,
timed and judged.
Repairs, outpost install, resupply.
We could do these in our sleep.
Exactly, and it'll be
the first time for the Aledo.
That gives us an edge.
Make sure your departments know
we're not just fighting for ourselves.
We have to do this
for the entire California-class.
Let's see some hustle, people.
We're doing Galaxy-class
engineering today.
- Do you hear me, Mr. Rutherford?
Sorry, sir. Yes, sir.
I want to see Commander
Data-level work, people.
Those isolinear chips better be a blur.
Let's go, let's go!
I didn't spend seven [BLEEP] years
on a goddamn Oberth to get knocked down
to station physician.
All this work to become
a senior science officer.
Now there might not be any officers.
Tendi, that's cantaloupe talk.
I want to you to be a can-aloupe.
Remember your training,
and you'll do great.
Thanks, Dr. Migleemo.
- At first, I was worried
What are you doing here?!
Get the [BLEEP] out of my sick bay!
You need to sit?
Cross your leg over
the back of it and slam down.
Command that chair.
Sir, please, I respect you
and all Bajorans.
Oh, so all Bajorans are the same?
What? No, no, I didn't mean
Get away from me!
I need to concentrate on the mission.
We're in position, Captain.
I should thank you
for doing this, Captain.
It's the perfect way for me to show off
the Aledo's capabilities.
Not a problem at all, Admiral.
Can't wait to see you fall
on that smug face.
Aledo, I'm uploading
mission parameters now.
Orders received.
On my mark, you may proceed.
- Mark.
- Warp me!
Shall I commence, Admiral?
Negative, Aledo.
Let's make this interesting,
give them a head start.
On behalf of all Galardonians,
I want to thank
Yeah, no problem. Alpha, Beta:
install the rigging.
the old system with the updated
distribution nodes. Go, go, go!
Rutherford, toss me
the scanner that looks like
a phase discriminator.
I know I've seen this code before.
- BILLUPS: Rutherford!
Here you go.
Captain, half a power plant
just beamed in beside us.
The Aledo can transport
prefabricated modules?
We have to move!
Billups to Cerritos, six to beam up.
BOIMLER: We've arrived
at LT-358, Captain.
Scans indicate the probe was right:
- no signs of life.
- We're in the lead.
Let's keep it that way, people.
Begin outpost installation.
- Huh.
Let's go, people.
We got to wrap this up.
Sir, I'm sorry, but
we have to stop construction.
- What are you talking about?
- The scans missed
microscopic signs of life in the soil.
We need to make sure it isn't sentient.
Everyone, stop!
Captain, we have a potential
microbial life down here.
We need to do
a full self-awareness assessment
before we finish the outpost.
Wha [SCOFFS] Of course.
But, hurry.
We've just lost our lead.
- We're good.
Okay, go, go, go!
- Move, people! Let's go!
- [SIGHS] I'm sorry.
I-I could've sworn there was life
No, no, no, this stuff
has a multiphasic charge,
confuses the [BLEEP]
out of a tricorder. Let's go.
Outpost is complete, Captain.
I need warp now!
We just have to deliver
supplies to Ockmenic 9.
It's one of those Brigadoon-type
planets that only phases
into our dimension
for a couple hours a year.
Hopefully, we can catch up
to the Aledo before it appears.
Ugh, this blows!
It's taking forever.
Just don't embarrass me, okay?
You're the one who begged
to come with me, all right?
Well, I wanted to see the ship.
They're gonna be in orbit.
It's gonna be like a tiny little dot.
You're not going to see them at all.
Whoa, ho, ho, ho, ho.
Down here!
- They can't hear you.
- Thanks for all the stuff!
All right, shut up
for a second. [CLEARS THROAT]
Supplies received.
The Ockmenians appreciate
- all Starfleet
- Next time, send a replicator!
Oh, my God, why are you like this?
BARNES: Captain, the planet
is already phasing away.
No. No!
[SIGHS] We're too late.
God, we would've won
if I hadn't defended the life
of some inert dust.
When secondary scans find life,
you have to drop everything.
That's, like, the entire point
of the prime directive.
Right, Rutherford?
Back me up here.
Yeah, yeah, sure.
You did the right thing.
Thanks, but if it was the right thing,
why didn't the Aledo slow down, too?
[LAUGHS] You're right!
That was weird, but, I'll take it.
I trust you're ready to admit defeat?
I was about to say the same to you.
The Aledo trounced you.
Sure, because it skipped
analyzing signs of life on LT-358.
Come on, that's a barren rock.
But, there was a chance it wasn't.
I don't always love the constraints
of the prime directive,
but, your little toy
totally ignored it.
[SCOFFS] Oh, stop.
This is a rounding error.
One that proves the Texas-class
isn't fit for duty.
I'm sorry, Les, but I have to
take this to the council.
[GASPS] Nuh-uh.
- Nuh-uh!
- W-W-Wait, wait.
- What are you nuh-uh'ing?
- I figured it out!
This code is mine.
The Aledo runs on my AI.
There's minor changes,
but, it's all there.
But, how does that make any sense?
It was Admiral Buenamigo's
secret project.
Yeah, but I coded this
back when I was the old me,
the angry ship racing me.
Keep it together.
How much do you want to erase?
Everything that has to do
with me or the program.
Admiral Buenamigo.
He's the one that had me
working on the prototype
for the Texas-class ships.
[GASPS] He's the one
who erased your memories!
Yeah, he used my designs,
my code [GASPS]
That's the same code I used for Badgey.
Oh, no. A starship
can't have daddy issues.
We got to warn the Captain.
This would set
the Texas-class project back decades.
If that's what it takes
- to ensure that
Captain, you need to see this!
- Ensign, I'm busy.
- Rutherford?
Yeah, that's right,
and I figured it out.
The Aledo'scode is corrupted.
He erased my memory to cover it up.
The AI is the same one
that killed Shaxs.
Why did I stop at your memory?
I should've erased all of you!
Les, what the hell is this?
Starfleet is so competitive.
Once you're an admiral, you hit a wall.
I've been trying for years
to make a name for myself.
I'm not letting you take it from me,
not after everything I did
- to get us here.
- Everything you did?
Wait. That means
Yes, yes, I set you up.
I was sure you would fail at
negotiations on Deep Space 9,
but, you stumbled through that fiasco.
And the Breen?
Of course I knew they were on Brekka.
I needed the Aledo to save the day,
and you,
handed me a perfect disaster.
My crew could've been killed!
The Texas-class will keep
countless others out of danger.
The good of the many, Carol.
Sir, you don't understand.
The code you're using,
its emotional processing isn't stable.
You can't bring those ships online.
You are not one of those
bad faith admirals
that's up to no good.
You're better than this, Les.
I'm really not.
You know [SIGHS]
I'll-I'll say you attacked
the Aledo out of anger
when you lost the race.
It defended itself.
- What?!
- Aledo,
activate independent control,
command authorization
Buenamigo Alpha 3-1.
I am now fully autonomous.
The Cerritos is under enemy command.
Block all communications,
and destroy it.
Aledo, do you understand?
I said attack the Cerritos!
ALEDO COMPUTER: I don't take
orders from you anymore, Father.
Aledo, deactivate independence.
your heart in a fire.
Aledo, stand down.
Stand down, I comm
The Aledo'sattacking the station!
Activating Dallas,
and Corpus Christi.
Shields up! Red Alert!
The Aledo has activated two more
Texas-class ships, Captain.
There's too many of them.
Put out a distress call, all channels.
Okay. Qualor III.
These guys love a party.
They're gonna want to celebrate
when we hand this over.
[YAWNS] I'm still wiped
from all that Ferengi mocking.
I'm gonna sit this one out.
Ooh, bring me back a slushy.
Hey, I'll bring you back two.
Time to find out who's funding
this little operation.
- Forgot my punch card.
You got a second wind to dig
into my private files, huh?
Yeah, see, I'm not into the whole
"mysterious benefactors" thing.
This whole operation is shady as hell.
Fine. Go on, then, dig away.
Admiral Picard?
- No way.
- Yes way.
The guild has
a huge endowment from Jean-Luc.
That guy loves mummies
even more than you.
Aw, I was hoping for a Romulan
or at least a Xindi cabal.
Hold on. You wanted to find
something nefarious?
I think, deep down,
I was looking for a reason
to go back to Starfleet.
Are you joking?
You just escaped all that.
I know, but I-I think I want
to be a part of something
that stands for the greater good.
Oh, and archaeology doesn't?
That's a bit [BLEEP] rude.
No. I mean, it's fun,
but, how many old brown pots
do we really need?
All right, well,
that's just even ruder.
I'd rather be digging up pots
than serving on your old ship today.
- What does that mean?
- It's on all the news feeds.
As usual, Starfleet's
getting people blown up,
left, right and center.
Oh, my God.
- We have to help.
- No, we don't.
- It's a bloodbath.
- Those are my friends.
I said stop. It's not our fight.
I know, Starfleet's just an idea,
but, the people matter.
You served on the Victory.
You know that.
Mariner, it's suicide.
We're just one ship.
I know, but, we have to do something.
Fine. You're gonna get me
killed, aren't you?
Only one way to find out.
Captain, what are your orders?
Prepare sickbay for casualties
and hail the station.
Get me communication with the
We got the Van Citters warping in!
They're tearing her up!
We need to buy Starfleet some time.
Open a channel.
Aledo, I have the man
who wrote your code.
He's got the ability to delete you
unless you stand down.
I do?
Oh, yeah. You better stop attacking,
or you're dunsel.
your heart in a fire.
They're-they're coming
pretty fast, Captain.
Good, then they're not killing
any more civilians.
Maximum warp me.
They're still in pursuit, Captain.
We're holding at warp eight,
but, they're gaining.
Billups, I need full throttle.
I'll give you everything I can,
but, I don't know how much
the struts can take.
Let's find out.
Brace yourselves.
This is about to get rough.
That bought us some time,
but, they're closing the gap.
We're gonna have to make our own luck.
- Give me options.
- I say we eject the warp core.
We could drop out of warp
and surprise attack.
AI doesn't get surprised.
Can we rendezvous with the Titan?
No, they're across the system.
Wait, guys, Shaxs said
Let's modify the deflector dish
and use it as a giant weapon.
Is there something I can say
to trap those AI in a logic spiral?
RUTHERFORD: No, I safeguarded
against paradoxes.
Ugh, people, we're missing something!
Shut up and listen to Shaxs!
Mr. Boimler!
Please, Lieutenant, what did you say?
I kind of said
we should eject the warp core.
Oh, that's what he always suggests.
[GASPS] And it's brilliant.
Uh, it is?
FREEMAN: We can use
the warp core as a mine
And drop it right in their path.
But, wouldn't that rip us out of warp?
Better than getting ripped apart
by photon torpedoes.
Mr. Shaxs, make it so.
Really, Captain?
- [CHUCKLES] By the prophets.
- Yeah!
- Oh, yeah.
- Whoo! You've got this, sir!
Thank you so much.
- You're all too kind.
Arnock, on the night of his joining.
- ALL: Shaxs! Shaxs! Shaxs!
- Oh, thank you.
- Thank you so much.
I've dreamed of doing this for so long.
[GROANS] Did it work?
The explosion took out the
- Wait.
The Aledo survived the blast!
We need to abandon ship now.
Belay that order.
Mariner, no!
Get out of here.
You can't help us on your own.
Uh, yeah, I know.
I brought help.
Captain, another ship
is dropping out of warp.
It's the Oakland?
Just hang on a little longer, Cerritos.
- We've got your back.
- Captain Ramsey?
No, get out of here!
The Aledo is too powerful.
A Cali-class ship won't stand a chance.
[CHUCKLES] I know, right?
That's why I called all of them.
All of what?
It's the Alhambra.
The San Diego.
The San Clemente.
The Sherman Oaks,
the Vacaville, the Burbank,
the Fresno, Santa Monica,
San Jose, Sacramento,
Culver City, Anaheim, Riverside,
Vallejo, West Covina,
Pacific Palisades,
Redding, Eureka, Mount Shasta!
It's all of them, Captain.
The Merced is at your disposal,
Captain Freeman.
Carlsbad's always happy to lend a hand.
Shields up, red alert,
the Inglewood'sready to kick some ass.
I think what he said was,
"Attack pattern Delta,
full spread!"
your heart in a fire.

[GASPS] She's back! Mariner!
- RUTHERFORD: Awesome!
- Mariner, the reporter.
I'm so sorry I told you to apologize
for something you didn't do.
Aw, it's okay, you big dummy.
I know you were just trying
to protect me.
Is this one of those
"you say it's fine,
"but you're actually still mad,
"and it's gonna blow up
in my face" situations?
Because I will happily
continue to apologize.
No, I'm not mad.
I got a taste of civilian life,
and I am just so happy to be back.
Look, we all should've
done more to defend you.
Nobody handled that worse
than me. I love you guys.
After all that,
you're keeping the implant?
It robbed me of my memories,
and it was used to
cover up deadly crimes,
but, it's so cool!
I'm still finding submenus
I had no idea were in there.
I'm proud of you, Ensign.
You were under immense pressure today,
but, you still stood up for science.
Aw, thanks, Dr. Migleemo.
Command was so impressed
with your progress,
they've transferred
another promising young officer
to join in your training.
Oh, my gosh!
Hi. I'm Tendi.
Welcome to the Cerritos.
We're gonna be training together.
Greetings. I am T'Lyn.
Is there someplace quiet where
we can discuss my orientation?
First, you got to meet everyone.
Guys, this is my new study buddy!
- SHAXS: You.
- BOIMLER: Lieutenant, look,
I know you don't
want me talking to you,
- but, I really am sorry
You gave me everything
I ever asked for.
You're in the bear pack now.
Are you my bridge buddy?
Absolutely, baby bear.
Aw, bears.
- Hey, Mom.
- Uh
Beckett, I want to
formerly reinstate you
to the Cerritos crew, if you're
It's good to see you, too.
I'm sorry.
I don't know why I didn't trust you.
Mm, maybe because I spent years
making sure you didn't.
I think I needed this.
I'm ready to get back
on the right path.
So, you want to be a captain someday?
Ooh, I don't know about that.
I for sure want to be in Starfleet.
One step at a time?
I think that's a great idea.
You know, I was actually thinking
it would be good to have a mentor.
So, can Ransom train me?
Of course.
Jack, Mariner's back on board,
- and she's gonna be your shadow!
- Wh-What? No.
Thanks, Mom! I'm gonna be
at your side at all times.
- Commanding.
- Please, please, don't do this to me,
- Captain.
- Duty.
- Responsibility.
- Why is this happening?!
Today, we faced impossible odds,
but, together,
- we kicked impossible's ass.
Let's hear it,
for the California-class!
Cali-class! Cali-class!
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