Star Trek: Lower Decks (2020) s04e07 Episode Script

A Few Badgeys More

Federation technology?!
I claim salvage.
As captain, I claim salvage.
I'm Badgey,
your helpful training program.
Which of Starfleet's
many secrets
would you like
to learn today?
Oh, Starfleet codes
are worth latinum.
What if this thing is dangerous?
I've been programmed
to love all forms of life.
I've certainly
never killed anyone.
Give me your secrets.
Just raise me to your face,
I'm gonna buy myself a new ship.
- Maybe retire to a
- Closer.
Tickles, huh?
It's trying to salvage you!
Wow, looks like someone
killed some Bynars.
I think we can use this, boys.
shuttle grappler test eighty-five.
Sorry, why can't
the apple be on a crate?
'Cause it's a grappler.
It has to be precise.
Okay, here we go.
You can do it, Ruther
Oh, no!
Wow, I'm good.
This thing really
shoots out, huh?
You could have been hurt.
What was I thinking?
Shuttles don't even need
a stupid grappler.
Hey, grapplers aren't stupid.
Got to agree with Boims.
Grapplers are sick.
It's okay.
Science and
engineering are messy.
I love that you stick with it,
especially when
it doesn't work
the way you wanted.
It'd be nice if it worked
sometimes, though.
Yeah, that's not coming off.
Come on, let's go replicate you
a new top before briefing.
A few hours ago,
Starfleet intercepted
a partial distress call
from a Bynar ship.
Command thinks it could be
related to the recent attacks.
So this is our top priority.
They're sending the Cerritos?
They must really trust us.
I guess we're finally
getting some respect.
That's right.
Also, we're the closest ship
- to Bynar space.
- Eh, I'll take it.
Ms. Tendi, however,
will not be accompanying us.
I've been in contact with
the Daystrom Institute, and
Oh, no, what's Peanut Hamper
done this time?
Apparently she's been
a model inmate
and is up for parole.
Gosh, she hasn't been
in there very long.
I guess the system really works.
Since you were her liaison,
I'd like you to be present
at her hearing.
That would be great.
I'm just so glad she's getting
a second chance.
More like third chance.
Have fun with that.
Mr. Boimler, you'll be heading
to Daystrom as well.
Oh, no, no, no, don't tell me
Agimus is up for parole, too.
No. In extremely suspicious
he claims to have knowledge
about the Bynar attack,
but he's refusing to speak
to anyone but you.
- He asked for me by name?
- Well, kinda.
He said "the stringy ensign
meat pipe" who betrayed him.
Ha, joke's on him.
I'm a lieutenant junior grade
meat pipe now.
It's probably some mind game,
but, we need you to hear him out.
Starfleet's low on leads,
and anything could help.
Oh, have fun with
the sinister robots
who definitely aren't trying
to trap you guys.
What I've come to understand
is that instead of organics,
what I really need
to subjugate is
My feelings.
Yes, Lord Tyrannikillicus,
breakthroughs like this are
why we do group therapy.
I have conquered self-doubt
and seized personal growth!
Can you drone my section, Ags?
Of course.
Taste wet sustenance!
Wow, these are looking great.
Aren't they?
I calculated the perfect ratio
of sunlight and hydration.
Apparently, life-forms are
as easy to grow
as they are to annihilate.
I don't know how I would have
gotten through this without you.
Oh, the feeling is mutual.
I've always schemed
and connived alone.
But as a duo, it is,
as you might say,
"totes ridic!"
I would say that.
I can't wait for our escape
plans to come to fruition.
Is everything still in motion?
I've got my parole hearing
later today.
I've been working on my speech.
Organics deserve respect!
I'll never betray anyone
ever again.
Peanut Hamper, you are
an incredible thespian.
Thank you.
How's your part going?
Oh, my God, it's so convincing.
- You look totally non-evil.
- Took a lot of practice.
I thought having a blue light
was only for good robots.
Not anymore!
Once meat pipe arrives,
I'll trick him into helping me escape.
Then we'll rendezvous
in Monta├▒ita.
The perfect plan.
The nebula is interfering
with our scans.
I'm having trouble locating
the Bynar vessel.
Ship approaching.
It's Drookmani.
What are they doing here?
Cerritos, help!
The demon triangle is
Someone defied a direct order.
Oh, . Badgey!
Hi, Father.
Prepare to die.
Cellmate 858,
they're ready for you.
See you on the other side.
It's all falling into place.
Soon, I'll be
Unhand me, you greasy swine!
Sack of chemicals!
Well, well, well,
Bradward Boimler,
Starfleet's most deceitful,
lying ensign.
Hold on, what's this?
A promotion.
Congratulations, young man.
Well, this is a waste of time.
Look, you may have
locked me up,
but many of my drones are still
floating around the quadrant.
One of them observed an attack
on a Bynar ship.
I'm listening.
Sadly, the data I received
was fragmented.
But, if I had physical access
to the drone,
- then
- Nice try.
The Bynar ship went missing
on stardate 58934.9.
Okay, so your intel is legit,
but this still feels
like a trick.
No. I'm a changed computer.
Just look at me.
Do you see the blue light?
The light is reassuring.
I'll take you to the drone,
but I'll be watching you.
I'm happy to help
an officer in need.
Agimus and Bradward,
partners again!
Boop, on the nose!
Boop, on the nose!
on the nose!
He's bypassing our shields.
We can't take many more boops.
Thanks to Father giving me
full access
to Starfleet data systems,
I know all possible
shield frequencies.
That's how he was able
to lure us here.
Captain, you got
to beam me over there.
- I'm the one he wants.
- Sorry, Mr. Rutherford,
but I need a solution that
doesn't involve human sacrifice.
Where are those
evasive maneuvers?
- He's predicting our every move.
- Should we return fire?
There are innocent Drookmani
on that ship.
Hull integrity is failing.
Mr. Rutherford, do you have
any backdoor code
Get back to your station,
- That's an order.
- Sorry, Captain,
but I can't let Badgey
boop my friends to death.
Aah! Mariner,
what are you doing?
- Get back on the ship.
- No way.
We're in this together.
What's up, party people?
- Okay, what's the plan?
- I was just going to get killed.
And no virus or anything?
When would I have time
to make a virus?
Aw, I see you've sacrificed
yourself for your crew, Father.
So noble.
Almost as noble as the time
you snapped my neck!
Right, okay.
Maybe I should have stayed
on the ship.
How are you off the holodeck?
Scavenged holo-emitters
all over the ship.
You're outmatched.
So what are you gonna
do about it, Padre?
Something I should have done
a long time ago.
What are you doing?!
Giving my son a hug.
Okay, I'm entering
the coordinates you provided,
but before you try anything,
I outsmarted you before.
Yes, yes, you're a genius.
Are these bindings
really necessary?
- Oh, yeah.
- Come on,
you can trust me.
You're thinking of the old
red light Agimus.
Blue light Agimus
wants to help.
He does seem pretty nice.
Nope, trust me, he's a jerk.
Hey, how did Peanut Hamper's
hearing go?
Oh, she blew us away with
a genuine, heartfelt speech
about how she regrets
her betrayals.
And I'm sure she put on
quite the performance.
Boimler, careful!
I didn't do it.
Who's trapped now?
What the hell is this?
It's my new wireless upgrade.
I told my therapist
it was for gardening,
but in reality
it was for scheming!
You can turn
your red light blue?
You area jerk!
I-I don't know what to say.
Yeah, me, too. I mean,
I thought you'd have, like,
an AI-killing knife
up your sleeve or something.
Badgey, you were right
to be mad.
I treated you like
some science project
instead of what you really are,
my son.
I thought seeing the life drain
from your fluid-filled eyes
would bring me peace.
But this compassion
is connecting with me
in a way I couldn't imagine.
Let's go back to the Cerritos
and talk it out.
Okay, yeah.
I want revenge!
You're stealing my glory.
But I love you, Papa.
I'll kill you!
I forgive you.
fighting his own catharsis.
Hi, I'm Goodgey.
Nice to meet you.
We should run for our lives.
I'm gonna rip your spines out!
I know I got the coordinates
Where is she?
Ah! This stuff is great.
All we have on Orion are, like,
sharp little pebbles.
Hey, I can get us out
of this force field
- if you need me to.
- No, I know.
But I have to get intel
for the captain,
and I think I know how this
escape is gonna play out.
Well, works for me.
So, what exactly are you
waiting for, Agimus?
- Is this part of the plan?
- Of course it is.
Peanut Hamper faked
her change of heart.
She's meeting me here
so we can use the shuttle
you two gave me
to get to Plymeria,
a little planet that's ripe
for domination.
What? That doesn't sound
like her.
I-I was so touched
by her parole board speech.
Because you're a fool.
All right. Hey, uh,
while we wait,
how about you give me
that intel you have
on those attacks, you know,
just to pass the time?
Maybe she's waiting
on a different beach.
They're all very similar.
Aha! My drone found something.
Yes, Peanut Hamper was here.
She left this for me
as a sign.
That she wants to grow basil?
That duplicitous genius.
She's betraying me!
She's probably already
on Plymeria,
subjugating its feeble populace.
- Quick, to the shuttle.
- Okay, okay.
Oh, but we just got here.
I'm taking some with us.
What happened? It looked
like apologizing worked.
It did, but then Badgey took
all of the goodness in his code
and split it off into Goodgey.
Do you guys want to take
a root beer float break?
Uh, yeah, of course we do.
But we still have to save our ship.
Father, I know you're somewhere
in the ship,
but since you won't come out,
I have no choice
but to murder everyone you
Captain, that hologram's
accessing our main computer.
- Shut him out.
- I'm trying. He's too fast.
It's filling the ship
with neurazine gas.
if there's anything you can do,
we're out of time.
Apologizing didn't work,
but, he's still a program.
Hey, leave the Cerritos alone.
What are you gonna do,
hug me again?
Uh, not gonna work.
What does logic say you'll gain
by killing my friends?
Nice try.
Logic says I'll get
Exactly. Vengeance doesn't
benefit you.
It just creates pain
and suffering in others.
You're right.
I'm wasting my time.
What was I thinking?
Oh, jellybeans, I have
to deactivate the gas.
- You okay, Mom?
- Yes. All clear.
No! I don't want to be logical.
Get away from me, freak.
Actually, my designation
is Logic-y.
I take issue with the pejorative
when I am simply
a product of your
self-inflicted bifurcation.
Who cares if revenge is
It feels really good.
Just leave the Cerritos alone.
You already have me.
Oh, I don't care about
that stupid ship.
If I really want to hurt you,
I should kill everyone
in the Federation!
- What?!
- No.
That is illogical.
If he reconfigures
the subspace relays
and uploads his
own code into them,
he'll have access
to the computers
on every planet, ship,
and station.
Alarming. He could vent oxygen,
crash vessels,
or even detonate warp cores.
Everyone in the quadrant's
gonna die,
and it's all my fault.
Parents are not directly
for the actions
of their children.
I should have treated Badgey
less like a project
and more like a son.
I didn't know he had emotions.
You made a mistake.
Remember what Tendi said?
Science and engineering are messy.
And she loves when
I stick with it.
- Tendi's right!
- Well, you mean Mariner's right.
Because I-I brought it up,
but no big deal.
I wish the messiness
didn't mean
everyone was gonna die.
Do not be concerned, friends.
I have devised a method
to stop that badge.
Wow, you took over this planet
in record time.
Those drones don't mess around.
Well, once the coastal cities
fell, it was easy.
Yep. Starfleet
definitely wouldn't be able
to reverse this in an hour.
Uh, so, about that attack
on the Bynar ship
Who cares?
Maybe this would have been
more satisfying
if Peanut Hamper were here?
You know, we spent every day,
every night
keeping each other company
while we created
the perfect scheme!
Does coconspirating
mean nothing anymore?
Hey, don't be like that.
Leave me alone.
Well, how about I
track Peanut Hamper
through Daystrom's
parole system?
You mean you can do that?
Sure. See, she's on the
Tyrus VIIA research station.
But, that's in the middle
of nowhere.
She could be trapped or hurt
or, orchestrating a plan
more nefarious than I imagined.
Quick, lackeys, carry me
to the shuttle.
Ugh! Get out of me.
I cannot allow you to destroy
the Federation, brother.
They don't care about us.
They might if we
give them the chance.
You little
You tried to destroy me.
Um, actually, the first law
of thermodynam oh.
- Ha!
- Ah! Oh, dear.
Hey, come on, man,
he didn't deserve that.
When we hit warp 9.9,
I'll be able to transfer myself
across all of subspace.
I'll be a digital god!
Don't do this. How about
you chase me instead?
Or try to burn
my heart in a fire.
Look at the pretty lights.
These poor exocomps
are being tortured with
meaningless, repetitive tasks.
I knew there was
foul play afoot.
They seem like they're
enjoying themselves.
No synthetic would ever stoop
to doing menial work like this
- when they could be dominating.
- So, I just scan this?
Huh, who knew
maintenance could be so Zen?
Take that, Dad. I got this.
- Peanut Hamper!
- Aah!
Uh, hey, guys.
- Hi, is your family
- Hey.
holding you against your will?
Come with us.
We have a shuttle.
No, I came here on my own.
So you never intended
to dominate anything with me?
At first I did.
But what about our escape?
The beach day?
I loved scheming with you,
but, when we were writing
my fake speech
for the parole board,
I realized it wasn't fake.
I really did feel remorse
for betraying everyone.
Why didn't you say something?
Because I liked
hanging out with you.
If you had come with me,
we could have hung out
all the time.
I'm not good
at the domination stuff.
I would have gotten in your way.
But I didn't want to subjugate
a planet again.
I already did that.
It was just an excuse
to spend more time with you.
Aw, Ags, we can still
be friends
without vanquishing people.
I'd like that.
Of course we can.
Hey, Dad, this is Agimus.
He's my best friend.
Oh, nice to uh, meet you,
Mr. Hamper.
His name's Kevin.
Oh, that's-that's very kind
of you to say, sir.
- Come on.
- No, sir. Just friends.
Let me just say, sir, you have
a very special daughter.
The accuracy of her water
and sunlight
Should we call Starfleet
and drag him back to prison?
Yeah, but let's give 'em
a minute.
Oh, is there anything around
the station that
you need help with?
I'd be happy to lend a drone.
Badgey, I still believe
there's good in you.
You really shouldn't.
All right, transferring myself
into subspace.
Oh, no, he did it.
He uploaded himself
into the subspace relays.
I can feel myself coursing,
dancing across the LCARS,
tickling the isolinear chips.
I am now in every ship,
every computer,
every PADD, every combadge.
The power is more
than I imagined.
I can detonate every warp core.
I can kill anyone I want!
But, why?
Why what?
Why did I care
about any of this?
I have unlimited power
and infinite knowledge.
I exist in the past,
present, and future.
I can see the creation
of time and its end.
Organic, synthetic,
all life are strands
in the fabric of reality.
It's beautiful.
Oh, sorry about all the drama.
Well, I'm gonna go
to an empty dimension
and create a universe now.
Maybe hang out
with the Q Continuum
or, check out the Black Mountain.
If you didn't really
just accidentally
turn into an omniscient god,
you have to tell us.
Rutherford, is he
messing with us?
I think he really did ascend.
Bye, Badgey.
Good luck being everything.
This AI belongs to us.
We claim salvage.
Oh, shut up.
Well, look who it is.
The escape artist,
locked up again.
- Ha, ha, ha, ha.
- Silence!
I'm going to utilize
the therapist's chair
to process my toxic behavior.
Once I'm rehabilitated,
I'll petition for release
and move in with my best friend!
Oh, sorry for kidnapping you
and taking over that planet.
I guess it's okay.
I just really could
have used intel
on those ships getting attacked.
Oh, that wasn't a lie.
My drone recorded
the entire Bynar theft.
Whoa, all those ships,
they aren't being destroyed.
- They're being stolen.
- It's all fake?
We got to get this to Starfleet.
Thanks, Agimus.
Do you think you can teach me,
how to be friendly, too?
I don't know, Tyrannikillicus,
but I can try.
Okey dokey,
shuttle grappler test 86.
You've got this.
See, we could have done
the crate thing earlier, right?
Here we go.
Aah! Wow!
Did you see how close that was?
That was so much better
than last time, Rutherford.
Thanks, I added
an AI guidance system.
It really helps.
You brought that thing home?
Can I teach you a lesson?
Hey, don't worry,
this isn't Badgey.
It's Goodgey.
He's the guidance system.
Uh, Rutherford, is this guy
going to murder us?
Nah, he's cool.
Right, Goodgey?
You know it.
Let me help with
I'm Goodgey.
Ha-ha, see?
Goodgey's good.
Um, yeah, so I'm gonna leave.
Yeah, let's-let's get out
of here.
But, Mariner, Tendi,
get me down. Don't leave me.
Hand me that stem bolt?
Sure thing, Father.
You can call me Rutherford.
Works for me.
Guys, I don't want to be here.
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