Star Trek: Lower Decks (2020) s04e10 Episode Script

Old Friends, New Planets


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STAR TREK: Lower Decks
Unknown vessel, you have drifted
into Klingon space.
KEY'LOR: They are charging weapons.
- All systems are losing power.
- That's impossible!
Command has new intel
on the attacks
from the last couple of months.
They've all been
non-Federation ships.
What even is this thing?
That's a Genesis Device!
These are used
to terraform planets.
You could have rearranged
our molecules.
BOIMLER: All those ships,
they aren't being destroyed.
They're being stolen.
- Does anybody know who did this?
- Someone fed lies
- to my lower officers.
They mutinied and
shut down our systems.
[GASPS] The same thing
happened on my ship.
Now someone's targeting
ex-Starfleet officers.
We have to find Locarno.
- T'LYN: She has been transported off planet.
What the hell
are you doing here?
We're gonna cause
some trouble together.
NARRATOR: And now, the conclusion.
JOSH: Uh, I don't know, Nick.
The Starburst Maneuver's banned
for a reason.
- We'd be flying too close
- Yeah, it's dangerous as hell
for anyone other than
Nova Squadron.
We're the best pilots
the Academy's seen in years.
Pulling it off would
make us legends.
You're already a legend.
Not after we graduate.
We'll be assigned to different
ships across the fleet.
Out there, we'll be nobodies.
Wes knows. He's lived it.
I wasn't a nobody.
And I don't know about
this whole Starburst thing.
Josh, are you sure?
- Oh, come on, Wes.
Just imagine how proud
Captain Picard will be
when he hears
what you pulled off.
- MARINER: Hey, hey, Sito.
- Uh-oh, Jaxa,
- your fan club spotted us.
- Sito.
Sito, Sito. Okay, I just got out
of my first
xeno-history seminar
that is hard to say,
Ah, we're gonna
learn about the Preservers,
the Xindi do you know
about them already?
They're so cool.
Well, I think they are.
We're gonna learn about 'em.
I don't know yet,
but I assume that
they're very cool.
You were right, I love this.
- Now I feel like I'm in class.
- Other people are allowed to talk
every once in a while, Nick.
Don't listen to him.
You sound like just me
when I was a first-year.
I-If we're gonna pull this off,
we need to log way more hours
in the simulator.
Pull what off?
A surprise for the commencement.
Don't worry about it.
What kind of surprise?
Supposedly something that will
make us all legends,
but I'll bet the only name
anyone's gonna remember is,
- Locarno.
- No way.
- They'll remember Nova Squadron.
- Whoo!
Am I a prisoner here?
I saved you from those
Romulans and Klingons.
Beamed you right up
here to the Nova One.
I didn't need saving.
I can't even tell
you how lucky I am.
You're exactly who
I need right now.
The timing couldn't be better.
It's what we always wanted
back at the Academy.
I barely knew you then.
[LAUGHS] Oh, come on.
You were practically a junior
member of Nova Squadron.
We're back, but now
we're Nova Fleet.
Nova what?

VASSERY: Captain Freeman,
due to your reports,
we now have indisputable
evidence that Nicholas Locarno
has been behind all the attacks
on non-Federation ships.
And now he's taken
one of my officers.
If we move fast,
we can still track
his warp trajectory.
there's no moving fast
in a situation like this.
What situation?
Locarno has coordinated
mutinies on ships
from over a dozen
non-Federation planets.
If we did something that
injured a Klingon or a Romulan
They turned their backs
on their worlds
when they moved
against their captains.
In bloodless coups.
We can't be the first
to open fire.
Now, we're already
communicating with ambassadors
from the worlds that
have been tangled in this.
I'm ordering both of
you to stand down.
Until this is sorted, we
can't risk igniting a war.
We're running out of time!
Uh, nice ship.
Very white and uh
nothing else.
Thanks. I designed it myself.
None of the Starfleet carpets
or wood paneling in here.
I can't tell you how much of
a game changer it is
to have a Starfleet officer
join our cause.
Imagine the looks on their faces
when Command finds out
an admiral's daughter defected.
[FORCED LAUGH] Hell yeah.
Let's stick it to those chumps.
And how exactly are we sticking
it to those chumps, by the way?
Oh, don't worry.
Everyone's about to find out.
Very cool.
Not ominous at all.
- What up, Bynars?
Open a subspace channel.
All bands quadrant-wide.
How do I look?
Confident, but, you know,
like in a creepy way.
That's what I'm going for.
Captain, we're picking up
a transmission.
- It's going out on all channels.
- On screen.
[GASPS] Mariner.
Hello, Alpha Quadrant.
Independent Captain
Nick Locarno here
with a message for anyone
who feels like an afterthought.
- He looks like Tom Paris.
- I don't see it.
You may have been told
scary stories
of ships being destroyed these
past few months,
but that was a lie.
They weren't destroyed,
they were liberated.
They're part of the first
totally independent,
unaligned fleet
in the Alpha Quadrant.
Um, the Maquis
would like a word.
If you're tired of
risking your life
for soulless
bureaucratic captains
who don't even know your name,
if you fear following the orders
of incompetent commanders
who failed into seats of power,
if you're stuck
on the lower decks,
then I invite you to join us in
the Detrion system.
They have, like, the same face.
- They're identical.
- No, I just don't see it.
Detrion, a forgotten system
now protected
by my indestructible
Trynar Shield.
Geesh, why is he so mad?
Locarno was kicked out
of Starfleet.
He got one of his squad killed
performing a banned
flight maneuver,
then tried to cover it up.
Clearly, his emotional behavior
conflicts with his culpability.
Yeah, he's an [BLEEP] hole.
And in case anyone wants to try
and force their way in,
I've acquired
a little insurance,
a black market Ferengi
Genesis Device.
Those can rewrite the atomic
composition of entire worlds.
He could wipe out life
on any planet he chooses.
The man has lost his mind.
The Federation,
the Klingon Empire,
the Romulan Empire,
everyone has to respect
Nova Fleet.
Speaking of,
I have an officer here
who knows how
to speak truth to power.
Beckett, care to tell them
what Starfleet's really like?
Oh, uh
What up, everyone?
I have an important message
for all you lower
deckers out there.
- This guy sucks!
- What?
He's an idiot
and his plan is stupid.
He's gonna get you all killed
'cause he only cares about himself.
- Somebody stop her.
End that transmission!
Cerritos crew,
this is the captain.
I am about to disobey
a direct order
and stage a rescue of
Lieutenant Junior Grade Mariner.
Now, I can't ask
any of you to join me.
If we survive,
the court-martial is guarantee,
but, I will be damned
if I wait for politicians
to decide her fate.
- I'm with you, Captain.
- We all are.
- Let me at 'em!
- Let's [BLEEP] [BLEEP] up.
You know I'm with you.
I believe the only response
in this situation is
Cerritos strong.
All departments checking in.
Everyone wants to help.
Thank you.
Now, we just have
to figure out
how the hell we're getting past
that damn shield.
I think I can help with that.
Beckett, you just made us
look like a joke
in front of the quadrant.
Kind of my entire plan.
Stop her.
- Uh, Computer, cycle airlock.
- Aah!
All right, you are
my first officer. Yay.
My little buddy.
Please, no exploding.
Computer, command
code override, uh
COMPUTER: Welcome,
Captain Carol Freeman.
Yes! I knew that would
come in handy.
Transfer system controls
to the command panel.
LOCARNO: How did she even get
the engines online?
It doesn't matter.
- Destroy it.
- No.
Without the Genesis Device,
the captains you betrayed
will find a way to
get through our shields.
But that's okay, Romulans are
famously forgiving.
- Right?
- We have to stop her!
D'ERIKA: How dare you, sister?!
Bringing these Starfleet
outsiders here,
shaming our house.
Ms. Tendi, if you'll only
let me explain
Eh, stand down, Captain.
You have no authority here.
I know this looks bad,
but wouldn't you like to
embarrass Starfleet
with a show of strength?
We're here against orders.
Helping us will make them
look weak.
That does sound enticing.
I've never heard
of a Trynar Shield.
Just destroy it.
No can do, Tendi Two.
The Cerritos just doesn't have
the weapons for it.
We need a ship with enough
firepower to punch a hole.
We'd just be borrowing it,
We'll give it right back.
Um, it's a warship,
not a used copy
of Sword and Scabbard.
I know, it's a big ask,
but I wouldn't have come to you
if it wasn't an emergency.
This guy has my friend, D'Erika.
I'm overseeing the merger
of two massive
criminal enterprises.
I can't collude with
the Federation right now.
Sorry, sis.
We understand, Mistress D'Erika.
We thank you for
your consideration.
We'll have to find another
I demand Barter By Combat!
[GRUNTS] All right, G.D.,
let's hope this old tub
can make it to warp.
Com-Computer, what the hell?!
COMPUTER: Proximity alert.
Oh, [BLEEP].
COMPUTER: Shields at 90%.
My Trynar Shield works
both ways.
It keeps ships out and in.
Yeah, I guess it slipped my mind
because the name is so stupid.
Oh, the three Bynars, right.
Can you have three Bynars?
Look, why don't you just
dock at the station?
If you really don't
want to join me,
I'll send you on your way.
And let you get your hands
on a planetary murder machine?
- Uh, no, thanks.
- I'm offering you
the chance of a lifetime.
You could be part
D'ERIKA: The rules of Barter
By Combat are simple.
Each side selects a warrior.
If yours defeats mine,
I'll lend you a battleship.
But if you lose,
your captain will surrender
the Cerritos,
to me.
She's like a Shaxs-and-a-half.
Are you sure we have anyone
who can take her?
Oh, yeah, we've got this.
The Cerritos champion will be
- You like that?
Dr. Migleemo.
Come on, come on.
I need somewhere to hide.
Ooh, dangerous and unpredictable
space debris.
Hang on, G.D.
This is gonna be rough.
- The human has target lock.
What are you guys doing working
for a jerk like Locarno?
He doesn't care about profit
at all.
That means more profit for us.
What about
Rule of Acquisition 91?
"Your boss is only worth
what he pays you."
Locarno is not our boss.
We make our own decisions.
And you're forgetting rule 289:
shoot first,
count profits later.
Computer, vent coolant vapor.
Our sensors are ruined.
We've lost her.
Please, madam,
perhaps we can settle this
over a delicious bowl of slime.
I'm gonna have to start over
with a new therapist, aren't I?
She's going to kill him.
Dr. Migleemo, fluff your down.
Fluff your down!
- It's embarrassing.
- Just fluff it!
Bless you, dear.
Wait, what's happening?
I used to train with B'eth.
She has really bad allergies.
Oh-ho! Accept my flappity
fisticuffs, you foul fiend.
Kyah! Kyah!
- Ew!
The snot.
The champion of
Barter By Combat is B'eth.
Somebody get her her inhaler.
A deal's a deal, Captain.
The Cerritos is mine.
Transfer your ship's
control codes, Captain,
or our swords will get
considerably bloodier.
[SIGHS] A deal's a deal, but,
you must know Locarno
was only out for himself.
He's attacked your kind as well.
Oh, I'll deal with him
in my own time.
I have something
you want more than the Cerritos.
I'm a pirate queen, sister.
What would I want more
than a ship?
- Me.
- Tendi, what are you doing?
- Look,
you've wanted the Mistress
of the Winter Constellations
back working for the family
for years.
If you give us a battleship,
I'll come back.
- No!
- Tendi, you can't
Having you back at my side
would mean more than
some measly support ship.
The Cerritos is not measly.
- She is the gem of the Calif
- Andy, shut up.
You have a deal, sister.
We have an Orion destroyer
for your rescue.
But, I expect you to return here
even if you fail
to save your friend.
We won't.
MARINER: Damn, warp drive's out,
life support's damaged.
I hate to say it, but,
I think I got to set
you off somewhere,
before anyone catches up.
Sorry, buddy.
Computer, are there any lifeless
planets in this system?
COMPUTER: Detrion 9 is incapable
of supporting life.
Well, sounds like a party.
Plot a course.
FREEMAN: Whoa, look at the size
of that thing.
Uh, Captain, we have a problem.
Get me that Orion.
Captain Freeman.
A pleasure to speak again
so soon.
This warship is totally
You said you were going
to help us.
I said I would lend you
the Retribution.
We never discussed
its condition.
This isn't fair!
No. But it is extremely Orion.
See you soon, D'Vana.
Billups, report.
This thing's a relic.
Half the systems are fried.
It could take months
to get it battle-ready.
FREEMAN: We don't have months.
Don't worry, Captain, I've got
my best team working on it.
We could skip life support.
Maybe reroute the shields.
We need to disassemble
the warp drive,
not to mention the conduits.
Who cares about the conduits,
We should focus on
firepower and engines.
You can't just activate some
systems; they're dependent.
They don't have to be!
Guys, we need to get
on the same page.
I believe I can facilitate that.
Oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh,
oh, my gosh.
Are you gonna do a mind meld?
Something less invasive.
RUTHERFORD: Well, I'll be
happier than a milkman's horse.
You know what you're
talking about, Mr. Livik.
And you are a heapin'
helpin' of country-fried intellect,
my genteel friend.
I do declare, we've settled
upon a compromise.
Why does this work?
Illogical tactics can sometimes
lead to logical solutions.
[SNIFFLES] It's beautiful.
MARINER: What the hell is that?
COMPUTER: A level seven ion storm.
Recommend an alternate heading,
or damage will occur.
Oh, [BLEEP] Romulans!
Starfleet swine!
Cease your pathetic
attempts to flee
and hand over the Device.
MARINER: Huh, never thought
I'd see Romulans
taking orders from a human.
We do not take orders.
Locarno's given us the freedom
to scheme at our leisure.
Oh, so you need a human
for your scheming, huh?
You can't do it on your own?
He is a pawn in our game
of 12-dimensional chess!
- That's right, Mariner.
- Aah!
It may be hard
for you to believe,
but we are a
coalition of equals.
One that has you surrounded.
LOCARNO: That storm
is only getting worse.
Power down engines and
we can start over without any
- Hey, stop!
What are you doing?
That storm will rip you apart.
- Aw, damn it!
- What are you worried about?
We're fine, she won't
last ten minutes in there.
Then we'll lose
our bargaining power.
Ugh, get in there
and get that Device.
I'm sorry, are you
giving me an order?
I thought we were
a coalition of equals.
We can still profit
without a Genesis bomb.
We need to be powerful.
You cowards.
I'll do it myself.
Oh, this is getting old,
Hand over the Device
before we get ripped apart.
Whew, he is obsessed
with you, girl.
Nick, I know why
you hate Starfleet.
And it isn't because
you have some
deep connection
with junior officers.
You're pissed because you
got booted from the Academy.
LOCARNO: I am not.
I've read your file.
I hate command structure
just like you.
No, I-I don't always agree
with orders, sure,
but I believe in the mission.
What about Sito?
She died for no reason.
She gave her life,
for what she believed in.
You can't take that from her.
I thought you were smarter
than everyone else.
Sounds like you're just
another apologist
for a broken system.
Hey, Starfleet's not perfect.
They mess up all the time.
But in the end, they're trying
to do what's right.
I didn't take a single shot
at your fleet,
but you, put them in danger.
And what about Josh?
That wasn't my fault.
If-if my stupid professors
had just let us practice.
Josh died because
of your ego, man.
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
Locarno, something just
appeared outside the system.
It's an Orion destroyer,
and it's massive.
FREEMAN: This is it, people.
We only get one shot.
Are you ready, acting captain?
I've got this,
but I want you back
to take command
when you're done.
You and me both.
- Really good captain voice.
- Thank you.
Cerritos, I ordered you to
Hey, who the hell are you?
Acting Captain
Bradward Boimler, sir.
Turn that ship around right no.
Yes, sir. But first I have
to rescue my friend.
You can't get
through that shield.
I'm not.
Captain Freeman is.
- Wh-What?
- Helm, take us to full impulse.
I need everything we've got.
Approaching the barrier,
Wait for it.
integrity's failing, sir.
Maximum impulse.
The captain's counting on us.
Wait for it
No, no, no, no, no.
Full impulse, before it closes.
Wow, I've never actually seen
someone use the captain's yacht.
I do declare.
You said the shield was
I didn't know they were gonna
throw a battleship at it.
This is a disaster.
We have to get out of here.
No, stand firm.
You have to follow my orders.
This is my plan, and my system.
Damn Bynars.
Then you can stay here
on your own.
Go ahead and run.
I don't need any of you.
- [BEEP]
- Yes!
Nowhere else to hide,
Sorry, girl,
looks like I got to
take you off the field right here.
Explosive terraformation
will initiate
in five minutes.
Huh, Ferengi bomb
with a Ferengi voice.
Didn't expect that,
but, I like it.
- Get away from my Genesis Device.
It's too late, Nick.
I started the countdown.
All right? We have to
clear out of here.
Oh, please. I graduated
top of my class.
You think I don't know how
to disarm a bomb?
First off, you didn't graduate.
And second
That thing is
too dangerous for anyone.
I could have been
the best pilot in Starfleet.
Don't let that anger
define your life.
You stunned all those crews,
you didn't kill them.
Because deep down
you're not a murderer.
I'm sorry, but I really am.
My perfect life was
taken from me,
and now, I'm getting it back.
I'm not moving, Nick.
Then you're a fool.
[GASPS] Mom? How did you
get through the shield?
We threw a battleship at it.
Get us out of here.
No. We have to save Locarno.
He's reactivated the shields.
I can't get a lock.
MARINER: Nick, please come with us.
Mirab, with sails unfurled.
- We're out of time.
- MARINER: Please, Nick!
Full impulse, now.
- Ha!
Next time set a shorter timer.
To deactivate detonation,
please insert
two bars of latinum.
They put a paywall on a bomb?!
Stupid Feren
VASSERY: You willfully
disregarded Starfleet orders.
And I am prepared to take
full responsibility
for my actions, sir.
I should have you charged
with insubordination,
but, you managed to open
diplomatic relations
with the Orions
for the first time.
Everyone at Command is
Pleased with your work.
Thank you, Admiral.
And if I may ask,
what happened
to the alien officers
who allied with Locarno?
I imagine they're in hiding.
Since there were no shots fire,
Starfleet avoided repercussion.
Oh, now we have to deal with
the new M-Class planet
that formed when
the Genesis Device exploded.
- FREEMAN: Is it stable?
- Seems so.
We're calling it Locarno,
because his atoms were included
in the transmogrification
of the nebula.
We hope to use
the planet someday
as a home for refugees.
Then I guess he did some good
after all.
There is one last
piece of business,
regarding your lieutenant.
- RUTHERFORD: Mariner!
Hey, easy. I didn't survive
a Genesis explosion
just so I could get
hugged to death.
We're just really happy
- you're back.
- Thanks, Boims.
I feel like I really am back
for the first time in a while.
I've been kind of all over
the place the past few months,
I was processing
some heavy stuff,
and, taking it out
on everyone else.
- I'm sorry.
- Apology not accepted.
Because we're here for you
no matter what.
Yeah, I think I have
a handle on it now.
You know, I-I might even try
not self-sabotaging for once.
I'll see how that goes.
Huh, that sounds
remarkably healthy.
Okay, everybody shut up,
me included.
Let's get drunk.
Oh, thank God.
There you are. [CHUCKLES]
- Livik.
- Rutherford.
Wait, I thought you guys
liked each other now.
No, no, no.
Only when we're Twaining.
Perhaps you need to work
on your leadership skills,
- Mr. Rutherford.
- Oh, boy.
Someone's got captain fever.
Oh, do I sound "captainy"
to you?
Because Ransom was very happy
with my captaining.
I like how this has
in no way gone to your head.
You know what, Boims?
I think
this is really working for you.
This is a good look.
You should tell my mom
- you want captain's lessons.
- BOIMLER: Really?
You think she'd do that?
- Who was that?
- My former commander, Captain Sokel.
But what if he wanted you
to return to the Vulcan fleet?
After today's events,
I'm sure he did.
But instead, I prefer
to focus my time
on becoming your science bestie.
Oh! Don't you say that
if you don't mean it.
Why would I say anything
I do not mean?
Oh, man, this is the best.
Everything's working out.
Ooh, this is when we chant
"lower decks."
I don't know.
We kinda do it a lot.
Oh, come on. It's my favorite.
Uh okay, fine.
ALL: Lower decks! Lower decks!
Lower decks! Lower decks!
Lower decks!
Lower decks!
- Oh, hey, Mom.
We were just about to get rowdy.
Do you want to join us?
[SIGHS] Lieutenant.
You've been requested
to return to Orion.
- Your sister sent a ship.
- Already?
D'Erika doesn't waste any time.
In the spirit of being a pirate,
perhaps you should simply
refuse to go.
No, this is something
I have to do for myself.
This can't be it, right?
I mean, who's gonna help me
with the plasma conduits?
Keep them clear of any buildup
while I'm gone, okay?
- Okey dokey.
- Okey dokey.
Do you think they'll give
her time to do a little science?
Unlikely but possible.
Something tells me those Orions
have bit off a lot more
than they can chew.
Tendi loves Starfleet.
- She'll be back in no time.
- Come on.
We got some lieutenant junior
grading to do.
- When's our next briefing?
- 0900.
Something to do with repairs
to the warp manifold.
Hey, that's Rutherford stuff.
You'll have fun.
Can't go wrong with
a warp manifold.
You've got this.

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