Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Strange New Worlds

1 (ALARM BLARING) UNA: No matter how many stars there are in the sky no matter how many galaxies swirl beyond our own.
TERMINAL JOCKEY: Tracking locked onto inbound UFO.
It appeared out of nowhere.
UNA: No matter what the mathematical probabilities or the number of times we say we are not alone in the universe TERMINAL JOCKEY: It's closing in, but slowing down.
our first visit from the stars is always the province of children's stories and science fiction.
Talk to me.
TERMINAL JOCKEY: Telemetry is confirmed.
UFO is not of planetary origin.
It's from outer space.
UNA: First contact with aliens always lives squarely in the impossible.
Getting stable visual.
UNA: First contact is just a dream - Oh, man.
- until one day it isn't.
What is that? ♪ KLAATU: The universe grows smaller every day.
And the threat of aggression by any group, anywhere, can no longer be tolerated.
There must be security for all or no one is secure.
Now, this does not mean giving up any freedom.
- (COMMUNICATOR CHIRPING) - Except for the freedom to act irresponsibly.
Your ancestors knew this.
We of the other planets have long accepted this principle.
We have an organization for the mutual protection of all planets and for the complete Really? Again? (CHUCKLES) Come on, it's a classic.
More coffee, Captain Batel? Mmm.
Don't mind if I do, Captain Pike.
Still haven't decided? Mm.
Enterprise doesn't space dock for another week.
That's ages.
- Pancakes were good.
- (COMMUNICATOR CHIRPING) Phone's ringing again.
You ever gonna answer it? (CHIRPING STOPS) So, when do you ship out? Chris.
We can keep doing this, but we can also talk about it.
Talk about what? Whatever it is you're so busy not talking about.
Whatever happened out there.
Whatever's got you questioning your return to command.
Whatever's got you questioning Yes? Everything.
It's classified.
I've got deeper security clearance than you do.
Not for this.
I ship out tomorrow at 0600.
- Back in a month.
- Hey I might still be here.
So give me a call, we'll get together.
That'd be nice.
I'd like that.
But I really hope you're not.
You've got better places to be.
You weren't answering your communicator.
With all due respect, Admiral, what the hell do you want? I have a first contact scenario that may have gone bad.
I'm sorry to hear that.
It's not my problem.
The officer in command is someone I trust You're not hearing me, Bob.
We both agreed that I'd have until Enterprise left space dock - before deciding whether or not - But then we lost contact - with her ship.
- I'm not sure what - this has to do with - Here's her last transmission.
We haven't heard from her since.
First contact is just a dream.
Until one day it isn't.
I suspect a new world will be joining the Federation soon.
Your first officer doesn't do downtime well, Chris.
Mine used to be a lot like that.
- (SCOFFS) - I'm pulling Enterprise out of space dock.
She's still on scheduled maintenance.
She can skip the redundant systems checks.
I want her crewed up and ready to fly by 1800.
Send someone else.
You don't want me in command of that ship.
You're getting us confused.
You don't want you in command.
What the hell happened out there, Chris? It's classified.
Look, I'm sympathetic to whatever's going on with you.
But I want you to find out what happened to Una.
You can quit when you get home, but right now, I need you back on that horse, Captain.
That's an order.
♪ PIKE: Space.
The final frontier.
These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds.
To seek out new life and new civilizations.
To boldly go where no one has gone before.
♪ ♪ ♪ - SPOCK: Query.
- T'PRING: Response.
Vulcans are so formal.
- Aren't we, though? - Query.
- Well said.
- Thank you.
Perhaps simply asking a question rather than prefacing it with a declaration that a question is coming would be more efficient.
- One would think.
- So? You asked me here to this spot on the anniversary of our first courtship event.
You are wearing ritual mating colors.
So I am.
And yet the entire meal has passed without you Querying? Yes.
Without you asking me a question.
That's patently untrue.
I have asked you many questions.
About your family.
P'Sal's new lute recordings.
Your galavanting about the galaxy - with Starfleet.
- "Galavanting"? Is there a particular question that you would like me to ask you? Apologies.
I may have assumed too much.
I have been away, which can mitigate tradition.
- I have no right to as - Query.
Will you marry me? I was beginning to think you would never ask.
Which I now believe, was the idea.
I'm going to have to ask you two to do that somewhere else.
What an excellent idea.
SPOCK: On Salon, the seas consist of liquid mercury.
Earth's are water.
There's nothing out there better than what's here on Vulcan.
Perhaps you need to show me.
- I have to.
I took an oath.
As you just did to me.
Matrimony and duty.
The two will complement each other.
I remain skeptical.
Spock Are you naked? - No, Captain.
- No, Chris, he's not.
He was about to be.
It's a special night.
Is everything all right, Captain? We're going back out.
Number One's gone missing, Spock.
April's sending us to find her.
I will meet you on board, Captain.
T'Pring will understand.
- Pike out.
- Spock out.
That should have been a query.
Whether or not I would understand.
I am sorry.
Don't make a habit of it.
I won't chase you across the galaxy just to get married.
There is no need to chase what we already have, T'Pring.
(INDISTINCT RADIO TRANSMISSIONS) Enterprise, this is Shuttle Stamets incoming - to transport coordinates.
- Stamets cleared to transport.
(INDISTINCT RADIO TRANSMISSIONS) All scrubbed up and good as new, sir.
Wish it were that easy.
Sir? Energize.
- How are you, Mr.
Spock? - SPOCK: Systems are all nominal.
- But as you know, no simulations were run.
- Thank you, Chief Kyle.
SPOCK: The main A.
has been upgraded.
Personnel rotation was in process.
A few officers will have to billet after the mission.
That includes the chief engineer and Lieutenant Kirk, whom I know you requested.
It seems like a million years ago.
Three months, ten days, four hours, five minutes, actually.
I asked how you were, Spock.
I am well, Captain.
Although I confess each time I return to space, the weight I carry for the loss of my sister feels heavier.
I'm sorry.
I miss her, too.
Okay, new cadets, medical Oh, good, we needed that.
Uh, security.
- Security - What is it, Captain? Um, well, I just assumed that in Una's absence Forgive me, Captain.
Command believes I would best serve the mission as chief science officer.
Oh, no, I understand, Spock.
I just, uh I just didn't think about having (BOATSWAIN'S WHISTLE BLOWS) a new Number One.
WOMAN: Captain on the bridge.
Captain Pike.
Lieutenant La'An Noonien-Singh.
Chief of security.
I've been assigned as acting first officer.
Welcome aboard, Number One.
You've got some pretty big boots to fill.
I'm aware.
Welcome back and welcome aboard, everyone.
Ready, Lieutenant Ortegas? You bet.
Course for Kiley 279 plotted and laid in, Captain.
- Ops.
How we doing, Lieutenant? - Lights are green across the board.
She feels ready to me, Captain.
Communications? Ah, yes, the prodigy.
Cadet Uhura? On communications rotation.
Very happy to have you aboard.
Thank you, sir.
Glad to be here.
- (COMMUNICATOR CHIRPS) - Enterprise is cleared for launch.
Okay, Ortegas, let's take her out.
We are five-by-five for warp.
(FAINT MOANING) Captain? What? Oh.
Right, of course.
Okay, Ms.
Hit it.
Ship wide, Cadet Uhura.
Aye, sir.
This is your captain.
We're a little early out of the gates, so I hope we didn't catch anybody with your hair wet or your pants down.
As you're all aware, Starfleet sends out a first contact team whenever our deep space probes detect signs of a working warp engine.
Six days ago, the signature of a functioning warp drive appeared on Kiley 279.
The USS Archer went to say hello.
We have since lost contact.
Our mission is to find our people and bring them home.
And maybe if we get lucky, make some new friends.
Nobody dies.
This mission will not be anybody's last day.
Captain out.
Let me know when we get there.
I'll be in my quarters.
Number One, you have the comm.
Aye, Captain.
Maintain course and speed.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Alert, radiation leak detected.
Training exercise aborted.
- WOMAN: I got this! - MAN: Get out of here! AUTOMATED VOICE: Four seconds to lockdown.
- Three.
- (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) Aah! AUTOMATED VOICE: Radiation reaching critical levels.
(INDISTINCT SHOUTING) - Lockdown complete.
Captain, I do not wish to overstep.
Saurian brandy? Are you yourself, sir? Well, I'm very much myself.
That's the problem.
It was not lost on me that when you went down to the Klingon moon of Boreth, you returned a changed man.
Boreth is notable for two things: a monastery and a rare ore that can cause temporal consciousness displacement.
Both of which bear the power of transformation.
It wasn't the monastery.
I assumed as much.
You saw the future? I saw my own death, Spock.
At least the death of the man I am now.
I know exactly how and when my life ends.
And I didn't just see it, I felt it.
Every agonizing second.
Most humans we like to think that right until the very last instant somehow, some way, we'll cheat death.
(SHORT CHUCKLE) At least I did.
Is it soon? Only you could ask that question.
It's almost a decade away.
Is that soon? Suddenly that feels soon.
I can't stop seeing it.
Sir, I would suggest knowledge of death is vital for effective leadership.
Knowledge is one thing, Spock, but I experienced it.
How will it live in me? Will it make me hesitant? Cautious? Not cautious enough? I'm already second-guessing myself.
And that's the last thing a captain can afford.
Suffering can be transformed into insight.
You must seek out the good in knowing your own death.
Use it to be the man you most essentially are.
And who's that, Spock? The captain.
(SPEAKER CHIMES) UHURA: Captain Pike to the bridge.
We're dropping out of warp.
(MOANING) Any sign of the Archer? Getting her transponder ping on the night side.
Take us around, Lieutenant.
Hail her.
All frequencies.
Nothing, sir.
Any chance we're losing her response in sub-space chatter? There is no sub-space chatter.
It's dead quiet out there.
We've got a visual, sir.
On screen.
MITCHELL: All systems show in the green.
Ship's perfectly intact, sir.
- PIKE: Life signs, Mr.
Spock? - SPOCK: None.
But neither am I detecting any bodies.
The ship is empty.
Where's her crew? Fascinating.
I'm all ears.
It's a figure of speech.
I am remotely accessing the ship's manifest.
Archer carried only Una and two astrophysicists.
LA'AN: If she went to the surface, she'd have headed for the warp signature.
Can you locate it, Spock? I have it, sir.
Although Not really in the mood for an "although" right now.
I'm having trouble locking on.
Its location may be shielded.
This warp signature's also got a pretty weird signal variance.
Pretty weird? Recommend deflector shields to full.
Any obviously defensive posture is in direct violation of first contact protocols.
No hails from the surface or sub-space chatter.
No interplanetary traffic.
Not one orbital dock.
- What's your point? - These people aren't showing any signs of local space colonization.
Which puts them a century behind constructing warp drive.
Yet they have a warp signature.
A nascent one.
- The anomaly is a red flag.
- Captain, there is not sufficient - Activate deflector shields.
- Aye.
ORTEGAS: Reading multiple launches from the surface.
Plasma torpedoes.
Three direct hits.
- Damage assessment? - MITCHELL: Minimal.
But if we hadn't had our shields up Good call, Number One.
Take us up, Ortegas.
Maybe they'll think they got us.
What is going on down there? Plasma torpedoes? That's 21st-century tech.
How in the hell did these people develop a faster-than-light engine? They did not.
Recommend we go to red alert.
Red alert, Ms.
- (ALARM BLARING) - I have analyzed the signal variance Lieutenant Ortegas isolated.
These people have not built a warp drive.
Based on these readings, they have built a warp bomb.
It would seem there are two warring factions.
And their conflict has escalated to a crisis point.
Surface scans of the planet are consistent with pre-warp society.
- How is that possible? - SPOCK: As you know, the Vulcans invented first contact.
As they never fail to remind us.
The worlds in this sector with warp.
All have or are in process of being inducted into the Federation.
We are free to travel to any of them.
General Order 1 does not apply.
Not on one of these worlds in fact, not once in the entire history of first contact has warp been first developed as anything but a drive.
Put another way, the nuclear bomb could have been invented before particle physics.
- It simply never has been.
- Would Number One have known that the warp signature was that of a weapon? Possibly not.
Our scanners were just updated in space dock.
LA'AN: If those missiles are the best they've got, let's beam down, find our people, and bring them home.
We have to consider the possibility that this technology isn't native.
However they got it, if they found it in a crashed alien spacecraft, if it was placed in their hands - General Order 1 applies.
- We cannot interfere with their natural development.
We cannot show ourselves - for risk - But if they've already seen us? We cannot risk the possibility.
So we just leave our people there? Hardly.
Let's go see the doctor.
Please, dispense some wisdom.
Never get the house dressing.
Good to see you.
M'Benga toured the Mojave with me - and I toured Kenya with him.
- Mr.
- And this is - A pleasure to see you again.
Of course.
You had to certify her for duty.
I received your orders, Captain.
This is Nurse Chapel.
Nurse Chapel is on civilian exchange from the Stanford Morehouse Epigenetic Project.
Sounds like you're just the person for the job.
What job? I'm gonna mess with your genome.
You first.
The locals are humanoid.
They're a close match to most of the crews' physiology and genetics.
But we'll need to make a few alterations if you want to blend in.
Internally, they have a bunch of different organs that would take a lot longer to change, so just try not to get an X-ray.
Change how, exactly? Nurse Chapel is part of Starfleet's initiative to better observe alien cultures without contamination.
You make disguises.
And you boss a rocket ship, if, you know, we're going all simplistic here.
I make minor alterations to your genetic code and induce internal celerity to express short-term changes to your biology.
Is it safe? Almost every time.
Sedative first.
Your body is going to undergo compressed, jury-rigged metamorphosis.
It's painful.
Damn the ramparts, Doctor.
It means go ahead.
CHAPEL: I modified it for you.
But Vulcans are more complex and your half-human genome is unique.
So it might not last as long the first time.
No sedatives.
Just the gene therapy.
CHAPEL: Maybe I wasn't clear about the the terrible pain part? Maybe I wasn't clear when I said no.
So I've read your file.
Um - I think I understand - Are you giving me a direct order to allow sedation during this procedure, Captain? I am not.
Then I prefer to remain fully aware.
People survive things.
Well, there's surviving and then there's living.
It's your choice.
Hang in there, sister.
Local clothing patterns have been downloaded into the buffer as well as universal translators and tricorders.
Confirming no weapons? Confirmed.
Setting you down somewhere with no foot traffic.
Just don't lose my socks, Mr.
♪ Why is it always an alley? Captain.
Where are my pants? (PIKE LAUGHS) When in Rome, Mr.
Don't worry.
It's not a dignity issue.
For the record, this was not my choice.
REPORTER: Protests carried on through the night and into the morning at federal sites around our nation.
Seditious elements continue to spread rumors of an advanced weapon being developed by the government for domestic use.
Captain, it appears we've landed in a society in the midst of some prolonged civil conflict within this planet's government.
PIKE: Shades of old Earth.
Are you familiar with the United States of America, Spock? Yes, as I am with both their civil wars and their devastating results.
If this society's already at a flashpoint and they've somehow acquired an advanced weapon LA'AN: Captain.
We're close enough for me to get a better fix - on the warp signature.
- PIKE: Where? There.
(SHOUTING, CLAMORING) Whatever is shielding the warp tech makes transport impossible.
We can't beam into the building.
We'll have to find Captain, permission to act fast.
- Granted.
- Stay here.
(GASPS) (MOANING): Please.
Help me.
(WHIMPERING) Oh, my medication over here.
- Easy, easy.
- His neck.
SCIENTIST: What? His neck! His It is fortunate their musculature was responsive.
It's fortunate that you can finally take a hint.
Enterprise can fabricate replicas of their clothes and security badges to match our retinal scans.
What do you suggest we do with these two? Beam them up.
- Beam them up where? - Well, sickbay can sedate them.
You're suggesting we leave these people unconscious on a Federation starship while we complete our mission? They'd experience no pain, have no memory, just some lost time.
They're both under low-level sedation.
- Let's see how this works on them.
- CHAPEL: I need a DNA sample.
- M'BENGA: Right now? - The simulation I'm running shows that Spock's genetic coding is beginning to deteriorate.
If I don't synthesize a booster with actual Kiley DNA, he may not pass a retinal scan.
You'd need one with compatible surface proteins for Mr.
Spock's Vulcan blood.
Or he'll never get past security.
This one's not going to work.
Looks like we got lucky.
Where am I? (GRUNTING) (WHIMPERS) (GASPS, WHIMPERING) BOTH: Delta Scorpii Seven.
I'll prep the booster, you catch the rabbit.
Always give me the fun job.
Well, you're my favorite.
- M'BENGA: The landing party needs to stand by.
Don't let them enter that building.
CHAPEL: And we got a Delta Scorpii Seven situation.
(SIGHS) Always when I'm in the captain's chair.
That was quite a performance you gave back there, by the way.
Prey posture useful for tricking predators into thinking you're helpless.
ORTEGAS: Captain, you can't go in.
What? W-Why? Chapel needs to beam down a booster for Spock.
Give us a minute.
Hey, keep it moving.
We don't have a minute.
M'BENGA: Kyle, can you pinpoint a location and beam down and apply an eye salve? Uh, are you kidding? No.
Transporters don't do that.
Chief, it's Ortegas.
Find a way to make them do that.
(PANTING) Whoa, no, no, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Where the hell am I? - I know you're scared.
- It's not what you think.
- What is this? Okay, maybe it is a little bit.
No, no, no, no, come on! - Hi.
- (WHIMPERS) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) We're headed to the bridge.
The bridge is where our Backtack is.
Like the game Tagball on your planet.
The Backtack makes all the decisions.
You know Tagball? (GRUNTING) I'm so sorry.
- Where's the scientist? - Headed for the bridge.
Can we fire up the emergency medical transporter? Energizing.
I heard the greatest match game was Cone Rockets versus Boom Shield.
I was there Gotcha.
Thank you.
Welcome to Enterprise.
Uh, Uhura.
ANNOUNCEMENT) (SCANNER BUZZES) Step away from the scanner.
It's up to you now, Kyle.
I said step away.
Go on.
SPOCK: Captain, my genetic alterations may continue to wear off.
Got her.
This way.
The walls here are embedded with some kind of highly dense radiation plating.
It's why our sensors couldn't penetrate the building.
Only something as powerful as a warp signature would even have a chance of getting out.
But now we're inside, I can track her bio signs.
She's alive, Captain.
And she's here.
- Where? - Down.
Way down.
- Down here.
- Spock, your ears.
I'm aware.
The pain is quite remarkable.
The recoding seems to have stabilized for now.
It's this one.
(DOOR BUZZES, LOCK CLICKS) Captain? - That's quite a look.
- Really? How about thank you for saving me? Somehow, I figured you might.
Can you move? Projectile wound, a result of our less-than-warm welcome.
Minor altercation.
In retrospect, we might also have considered traveling incognito.
Hey, Chief.
- Hate to be the other guy.
- Wait, you two know each other? LA'AN: Yeah, she found me once, when I was in a bad spot.
- Didn't I tell you to stop being brave? - LA'AN: Captain, - I should have said something, I - Later.
Spock, the shielding is jointed.
- We used a spoon.
- UNA: We may be able to route a transport signal through the gaps.
Yes, if we were closer to the surface.
- Number One.
- BOTH: Yes, Captain? Uh, the original.
Can you walk? It is fortunate our route is empty.
Can you not jinx it? - It is illogical to believe - (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) SPOCK: Captain, the pain it is unbearable.
Spock? (SCREAMING) Ah, that's better.
(GRUNTING) No time to hide them.
Let's move.
(ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) - (SCANNER CHIRPING) - SPOCK: Still too much interference.
- We have to get higher.
- What happened here? These people are not ready for first contact.
She's not cleared for this.
I don't give a damn.
How the hell did they get warp? We gave it to them, Captain.
We're less than one light-year out from zero point.
Zero point? Where we and the crew of Discovery opened up a wormhole to the future.
Between Kelpien and Klingon ships, there must have been a hundred warp signs.
We lit up the sky.
And their various telescopes were just good enough to see us.
They collected enough data to reverse engineer a matter/anti-matter reactor.
- Captain, I have Enterprise.
- They weren't ready for warp.
Not by a long shot.
And now they're using our tech to build a weapon.
I never considered UNA: Chris, no one could have.
We were fighting for the very lives that are in jeopardy now.
Pattern boosters are working.
We can't make them care about the stars.
That's not our job.
Transporter control is locking on.
They just wanted to crush their enemy.
And we gave them the means.
(ALARM BLARING) Found our sleeping friends.
Captain, we are ready to beam up.
MAN: Captain! - SPOCK: Captain.
- If we leave now, every death that follows is on our hands.
We cannot further influence the destiny of this world.
Meant to or not, Spock, we already have.
Our only option now is to influence it well.
Chris, General Order 1 clearly states we cannot in Screw General Order 1.
Spock, you're with me.
The rest of you get back to the ship.
- Captain.
- Right now.
That's an order.
Four to beam up.
Leave the captain and the science officer behind.
Spock, on me.
Is this wise? I am clearly alien.
That's what I'm counting on.
Take me to your leader.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) PIKE: The failure was ours.
We owe your entire world a profound apology.
You're saying our ingenuity was actually - your mistake? - PIKE: No, I'm saying that we should've been more circumspect about exposing our technologies.
A tenet of our people is not to influence less-developed civilizations.
- How perfectly noble.
- The power you're harnessing can bridge the gap between worlds.
But its capacity for destruction cannot be underestimated.
We have been in conflict with a seditious faction for centuries.
This is our opportunity to end that conflict.
Through mass murder? Have your people never put down civil unrest? Negotiation.
These are the tools to build a lasting peace.
Tell me, are there groups who refuse to negotiate with you? Powerful groups? Oh oh, yes.
- And with those? - You remember when elephants fight, it's the grass that suffers.
The Kikuyu people of Kenya, Africa, on Earth, they teach us that lesson every day.
You've given me a proverb, which is less useful than a big stick.
Whoever has the biggest stick wins.
Well, our regulations compel me Your rules are not my rules, Captain.
My job is to ensure our ability to govern future generations.
If spilled blood is the price so be it.
Take them.
What good is a rule if you're not willing to die for it? Or break it.
Emergency communication from Captain Pike.
Enterprise to lower orbit.
Full visibility.
Show 'em what you got.
- Captain? - Wait for it.
(ALARM BLARING) (INDISTINCT SHRIEKING, CLAMORING IN DISTANCE) PIKE: Just like you said whoever has the biggest stick wins.
In this case that is me.
♪ Today, in a historic moment, leaders of the governing and revolutionary factions will meet to discuss the arrival of the aliens.
This is the first time in a century both leaders - have been in the same room at the same time.
- (BOTH SHOUTING) And we will bring it all to you, live.
LA'AN: This is going well.
They've become used to episodes of violence for centuries.
The true cost of a civil war is abstract.
Not believing you're gonna die is what gets you killed.
What did you just say? LA'AN: Sorry, Captain.
Just something my father said not long before he Well, you read my file.
You know the Gorn captured my family's colony ship and deposited us on one of their planetary nurseries.
Didn't understand what he meant at first.
But I had a lot of time to think about it.
About why I was the only one to survive.
Do you know what I saw on the faces of so many of the people I loved as they died? Before they were slit open and fed on alive or used as breeding sacks? Do you know the last thing they felt? Surprise.
- Yes.
- Because right up until the last moment, they couldn't imagine dying.
But not you.
Not me.
And that's what kept you alive.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
I'm gonna need access to the historical database.
Cadet Uhura.
I need you to punch a signal down to the planet.
Sorry to interrupt.
I'm Christopher Pike.
My world is called Earth.
And though it's far from here, uh, my people and yours are, uh, very much alike.
This is my world today.
But we were not always peaceful.
This is Earth in our 21st century.
Before everything went wrong.
It's a lot like your world today.
Recently I was treated to a glimpse of my future.
It was not all I'd hoped.
After all, what good is there in knowing your future? A friend of mine asked me that recently and didn't understand what he meant.
(SHORT CHUCKLE) Until now.
I've seen my future.
Let me show you yours.
Our conflict also started with a fight for freedoms.
We called it the Second Civil War, then the Eugenics War, and finally just World War III.
This was our last day.
The day the Earth we knew ceased to exist.
What began as an eruption in one nation, ended in the eradication of 600,000 species of animals and plants and 30% of Earth's population.
Global suicide.
What we gave you is the means to exterminate yourselves.
And from the looks of you, you're gonna do it.
You'll use competing ideas of liberty to bomb each other to rubble, just like we did, and then your last day will look just like this.
Perhaps, somewhere, all your ends are written as indelibly as mine.
But I choose to believe that your destinies are still your own.
Maybe that's why I'm here to remind you of the power of possibility.
Maybe that's the good in-in seeing my future that I might remind you that, right up until the very end, life is to be worn gloriously.
Because, till our last moment the future's what we make it.
So go to war with each other.
Or join our Federation of Planets and reach for the stars.
The choice is yours.
♪ ♪ APRIL: Getting the Federation High Court not to throw you all in jail almost took more pull than I have.
And I have a lot of pull.
I had to go to the CNC personally to get myself read into what you people did on Discovery.
Hell of a job, Chris.
If I may ask, Admiral, how did you convince Starfleet our actions did not violate General Order 1? I used a loophole.
Since the council can't acknowledge that the battle ever actually took place It cannot acknowledge how the people of Kiley 279 acquired warp.
Council's not happy about it.
They're doubling down, renaming it the Prime Directive.
Well, that'll never stick.
Permission to return to Enterprise, sir.
That's up to you, Chris.
You planning on keeping the chair? ♪ (INDISTINCT P.
ANNOUNCEMENT) You wanted to see me, Captain.
I should have told you, sir.
Tell me now.
The Gorn have a ritual.
The last one the one who survives they send into space on a raft.
Like throwing a fish back, I suppose.
You're not really supposed to survive.
Dumb luck the King Jr.
ran into me.
Una was an ensign on the King.
She helped me find my way back home.
She's the reason I joined Starfleet.
I was worried that you would question my ability to carry on the mission.
You were worried I wouldn't trust you.
- Yes.
- So, you decided not to trust me instead.
I was wrong.
I'm-I'm sorry.
Your record is spotless.
But there's more to serving Starfleet than just individual excellence.
Our ability to work together that's our greatest strength.
Other people are challenging, for me.
You know how those domes got up here? - No, sir.
- Well, during World War III, a group of scientists sent seed pods into space, to preserve them.
But when the war was over and Earth had rebuilt, the forests were too large to bring home.
So, Starfleet built its first base around them.
Even in space, growth, sometimes remarkable growth, is possible.
I'd like to offer you a commission to join us on the Enterprise.
Sir? PIKE: Captain's log.
Stardate 2259.
- (CHIME) - Earth the dust and sky is my hearth.
But Enterprise is my home.
We can go forward together, knowing that whatever shadows we bring with us, they make the light all the brighter.
I am a lucky man.
- (BOATSWAIN'S WHISTLE BLOWS) - WOMAN: Captain on the bridge.
Crew rotation is complete, Captain.
Lieutenant Kirk is on his way to the bridge, as you requested.
Thank you, Number One.
New security chief is - in place.
- Captain.
Departing Starbase 1.
We are five by.
Starfleet Command, this is Enterprise.
Requesting warp clearance.
Ship systems are optimal.
(CHUCKLES): Oh, man.
I mean, Captain.
Samuel Kirk.
Welcome to Enterprise.
- How's the family? - All fine, sir.
It's great to be here.
Well, you're posted to life sciences, and he's your new boss.
We are cleared for warp, sir.
ORTEGAS: Course, Captain? What's the mission? Our mission? We explore.
We seek out new life and new civilizations.
We boldly go where no one has gone before.
Let's take her out, Lieutenant Ortegas.
Warp factor 2.
Hit it.
♪ SPOCK: Captain Pike to the bridge.
There is a problem.
♪ We have less than one hour before the comet will impact.
There will be no survivors.
Let's get it done, people.
We've got a planet to save before breakfast.
LA'AN: Weapon up.
Kirk, Uhura, with me.
Don't want anyone flying off into space.
♪ I know you had a vision of the future.
Maybe your fate isn't written.
Captain, we have incoming.
UNA: Their ships are fast and their weapon systems Let's just say we don't want to piss 'em off.
SPOCK: Confrontations with our mortality can be a unique opportunity.
You did not intend on being here.
Will you rise to the job? Was that your version of a pep talk? Yes.
What the hell did this? La'An to Bridge.
Raise shields now! (ALERT BLARING) PIKE: When we seek out the unknown we will find things that challenge us.
But we do not back down.
I can't control it.
It's good to get mad sometimes.
- (YELLS) - CHAPEL: It makes you human.
Be vigilant.
Get creative.
The magic of science! ♪ PIKE: We are bonded forever by the family that is Starfleet.
Let's get to work.

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