Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Spock Amok

1 Previously on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds La'An.
- Hey, Chief.
- Wait, you two know each other? She helped me find my way back home.
She's the reason I joined Starfleet.
Spock, will you marry me? - We're going back out.
- I will meet you on board, Captain.
T'Pring will understand.
- I am sorry.
- I won't chase you across the galaxy just to get married.
This is your idea of a practical joke.
- It's tradition.
- Hazing the newbie? Consider it your first complete square in Enterprise bingo.
Captain, your plan requires flying the Enterprise into one of the most turbulent phenomenons in space.
All hands, make ready for impact.
Hit it.
Your ears.
You're human.
I will not marry a human.
I choose kal-if-fee.
That is ritual combat.
Who am I supposed to fight? You will fight him.
But fighting myself is illogical.
What would you know of logic? You are a human.
Ruled by emotion.
No, I'm not human.
I'm not.
Science officer's log, stardate 2341.
After our harrowing encounter with the Gorn, Enterprise has returned to Starbase 1, one of the oldest, most venerated space stations in the Federation, newly repaired after the Klingon War.
Here, the crew will be adjourning for some much-needed rest and relaxation.
While I have agreed to assist the captain with a diplomatic matter, I plan to spend most of my time here with my fiancée T'Pring, who has arranged to join me since our last visit was cut short by Come.
Spock, parted from me and never parted, never and always touching and touched.
We meet at the appointed place.
T'Pring, parted from me and never parted, never and always touching and touched.
I await you.
This room they have given us seems very human.
It is hard to imagine that a Vulcan has slept in here.
These are my quarters.
And I am redecorating.
It is a work in progress.
Then I withdraw my criticism until your decorations are complete.
Thank you for helping arrange accommodations for my colleague K'Tyll.
I trust she has found them adequate? You will have to explain the necessity of her presence here.
Do you understand my professional responsibilities? You undertake to rehabilitate those who have committed crimes by showing them - the true path of Vulcan logic.
- Indeed.
I have a way with dangerous criminals, it would seem.
One such criminal, Barjan T'or, has been spotted in the vicinity.
Was he not responsible for the uprising on Kepler-22b? He was.
The authorities on Vulcan have sought him for some time.
You must have important work duties to perform here.
K'Tyll can handle Barjan.
That is why she has accompanied me.
Now I understand.
I have not forgotten that, during our last time together, it was your duty that interrupted us.
We must prioritize our relationship.
Of course.
I still have some diplomatic responsibilities I must dispense with before we I expected no different.
- You are disappointed.
- I am realistic.
I will be free in time for us to dine together tonight.
I shall look forward to it.
The R'ongovian Protectorate controls a small but vitally important piece of territory in between Klingon and Romulan space.
It's the fastest route to the other side of the Beta Quadrant, but without safe passage, we keep losing ships.
Why haven't we been able to make inroads with them before? They've been unusually private up until now.
That all changed after initial diplomatic discussions were undertaken by the Tellarites.
And how did those go, sir? Hmm.
Your beard is as ridiculous as your proposals.
Every word you speak is an insult to R'ongovia.
- I can see why they - Wow.
And here I thought the Tellarites were rude.
Maybe Ambassador Q'Ral said the wrong thing.
We don't know, and we can't wait long to find out.
We've just learned the R'ongovians are now in negotiation with the Klingons, with the Romulans not far behind.
Time isn't on our side.
We need to strike a deal with them first.
Well, I'm certain we can handle the situation with considerably more delicacy and grace than the Tellarites, Bob.
Good, 'cause we're meeting them tomorrow, first thing.
Who's leading the negotiation on their side? That's Vasso L'Gaelia, captain of their flagship.
Docked right over there.
Is that an old solar sailship, sir? Yeah.
They bring her out for ceremonial occasions.
When they sign a treaty, apparently they fly the flag of their new allies as a tribute.
Noonien-Singh to the captain.
I'm afraid we have a bit of a situation.
- What's going on? - I have the R'ongovian delegation here and they're quite insistent on seeing you right now.
What are they doing here? No idea.
Well, there's one way to find out.
Lieutenant Noonien-Singh, show them in.
What is this? We have been waiting on our ship, while you are here discussing our upcoming negotiations? You must be Captain Vasso.
And you are Pike? Actually, I'm Admiral Robert April.
If I may I speak to Captain Pike only.
Well, I'm Captain Pike.
Nice to meet you.
Well, if I'd known you were coming early, I could have cooked you up an Earth specialty.
Captain Pike.
The pleasure is mine.
I am Vasso.
This is my first officer Brax.
Well, very nice to meet you both.
This is Lieutenant Spock and Cadet Uhura, from the Enterprise.
And you've already met Lieutenant Noonien-Singh.
Sir, I should go do the security things.
Yes, thank you, La'An.
We're good.
You are Vulcan? Famous for your logic, yes? - Indeed.
- Then, your voice is also a part of the Federation? All members of the Federation have a voice in its governance.
That sounds confusing.
Yeah, it can be.
With so many voices in your Federation, how do you decide which one is in control? We vote.
We gain our power from all our membership so we try to listen to each other.
All of us.
We, too, listen.
Empathy is a hallmark of our people.
Few understand that.
We shall sit and talk.
Uh, oh Okay.
I guess, uh let's begin.
Doctor? Are you here? Shore leave's a-wasting.
We got to go.
- Is it time already? - Are you serious? Sorry.
I've been collecting data to share with Dr.
Is that his you-know-what? No.
Expert in noninvasive surgical techniques.
Cutting-edge stuff.
Except, uh, without the cutting.
Oh You know, she's come all the way from the other side of the quadrant.
You don't want to be late to meet her.
- Right.
Two minutes.
- How about you? Excited to see Lieutenant Dever? Sure.
So, how are we gonna play it this time? You want me to keep the communicator on or do we need a hand signal? No need.
This is what I appreciate about Dever.
He and I are on the same page.
The "casual, no attachments, this is just for fun, zero commitments" page.
That's more like a book than a page.
And you said the same thing about that gal on Argelius II.
That was a misunderstanding.
It was one time.
One very entertaining time.
How is being chased by live phaser fire fun? Oh, good, I was worried you might show up in a silly hat.
Yeah, I was gonna ask.
It's for fly-fishing.
I hear the biospheres have everything.
You know what? I'm warming to it.
Lieutenant Ortegas, Dr.
M'Benga and Nurse Chapel, you are officially checked out.
Enjoy your shore leave.
You don't have to do this in person, you know.
Only way to make sure it's done right.
Nice hat, by the way.
I'll take it off.
What do you two have planned for shore leave? Are you kidding? They don't shore leave.
They shore stay.
Oh, right.
The nickname.
I don't know what I'm saying.
I should probably go.
Chief Kyle? What nickname? I can't remember.
It's, uh "Where fun goes to die.
" It's stupid.
The yeomen don't know what they're talking about.
If they did, they wouldn't be yeomen.
Have you heard this, Chief? No, no, of course not.
Nope, no.
I am sorry.
The negotiations commenced unexpectedly.
I do not doubt your duty's importance.
Yet we agreed this time would be for us.
I chose not to work even while I, too, had important work to do.
A shared acceptance of mutual sacrifice is crucial to a successful relationship.
That is indisputable.
I am concerned that your time in Starfleet may be causing you to behave in a manner so human, we may ultimately find ourselves incompatible.
Perhaps you should go prepare for your important work.
If you will excuse me.
The final frontier.
These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.
You look hot.
Like, fire hot.
- Thank you.
- What about me? Aren't I fire? We're two fires.
Two fires.
Hey, we don't have to order food, you know? - We could just get out of here.
- Yeah, but I'm hungry.
- And they have Slanikian oysters.
- Aha.
They're always in season.
All I'm saying is that instead of talking, we could be off having fun.
Oh, I thought we might talk about us.
Us? Look, uh, I'm having fun and all.
I'm just wondering where it's going.
I had this crazy idea.
What if you transferred to the Skylark? - Or I applied for transfer to Enterprise - Okay, wow.
Um, sorry, I really need to go and check on my friend.
- What? - I'll call you later, okay? Why do you let it bother you? - Hmm? - "Where fun goes to die"? It didn't bother me.
I just hadn't heard it before.
Have you? No.
And I don't care.
I don't, either.
Just not knowing makes me feel out of touch.
As a senior officer, I don't get to be part of the crew anymore.
Oh, no, that's not because you're a senior officer.
It's because you terrify people.
- That's a compliment.
- Thanks? I mean, what's wrong with liking work? And shore leave, I mean, the ship clears out, the halls are empty, no lines for the matter synthesizers.
It's just you and the gentle thrum of the warp core.
It's like it's like Christmas.
I was looking forward to redoing the duty rosters.
I was planning on checking the phaser power supplies in the armory, actually.
Attention, Lieutenant Noonien-Singh, security breach at Airlock Four.
- Unauthorized access in progress.
- Copy.
- Computer, who's on rotation for backup? - Belay that.
I'm your backup.
People are idiots.
You're fun.
- Don't shoot.
- Uh, we're crew.
You know, Spock, you're clearly an extraordinarily intelligent person.
Thank you.
But you're also an idiot.
I feel I should have seen that coming.
Please, elucidate.
You told her you were gonna be home for dinner and then you weren't.
I found myself in an impossible circumstance where I was unable to reconcile my many duties That is not a human gesture I am familiar with.
It's designed to break old habits.
You're supposed to put her ahead of your duties.
That's what being in a relationship is, it's mutual sacrifice.
Pretty much why I avoid them.
I am concerned that T'Pring thinks I am an incompatible mate because I'm half-human.
I had a terrible dream last night that I had to fight my human side.
Vulcans don't do subtle, do you? I was raised on Vulcan, among Vulcans.
My human family connection was frequently used to isolate me.
Teenage Spock had a pretty lousy time of it, huh? I was bonded to my pet sehlatl-Chaya.
I had a malamute named Milo who may or may not have bitten this girl who called me stupid.
Sharp teeth.
I hope the girl did not repeat the mistake again.
Look, uh, maybe T'Pring just feels misunderstood.
If the human thing is big in her head, you just have to make her see that you get her as a Vulcan.
Thank you for your advice.
If I can ever return the favor, please do not hesitate to ask.
What are friends for? What are friends for That was a rhetorical, Spock.
Oh, I know.
Humans are almost as easy to tease as Vulcans.
Seriously? A Vulcan soul-sharing? I have failed to see your point of view.
This will change that.
I will hear your innermost thoughts.
And you mine.
In doing so, you will know my soul, and I will know yours.
We can truly understand each other.
We will see through each other's eyes.
Will you consent? I will.
- Spock? - T'pring? Something is wrong.
Things have not returned to as they should be.
The effects of the ritual have not dissipated.
We have apparently switched bodies.
This was not meant to happen.
How do we switch back? I do not know.
Come here to celebrate? Or not.
Is something wrong? Got bad news, Chris.
The R'ongovians aren't happy.
They want to cancel all future meetings.
What? Why? I don't know.
Uh, they just said that a connection wasn't made.
Whatever that means.
I'm honestly baffled.
You saw them.
I mean, after fighting with the Tellarites, I thought we'd somehow managed to win them over.
Right? I mean, if that was a bad diplomatic meeting, I don't know what a good one would look like.
We have to get back into a room.
Here's the thing, Chris.
We were able to talk them into coming back to the table, only, they don't want to talk to you anymore.
Who do they want to talk to? - Anything? - No.
But I have thought of another adjustment we could try.
Spock, we have been at these rituals for hours, and none of them are working.
We may have to seek some help with this.
There is one more chant I'd like to try.
We might need a gong.
I think I have one in my What should we do? You must answer it.
These are my quarters.
Anyone who comes here will expect me to answer the door.
I know how a door works.
If they go away, that may give us enough time to fix this situation.
Logic suggests the easiest way to get them to go away is for you to answer while pretending to be me.
Spock, I do not like hijinks.
In that we are in agreement, but it appears that hijinks are the most logical course of action.
I apologize.
I know I promised I'd leave you alone.
Hi, T'Pring.
I really don't mean to interrupt.
It is of no consequence, Captain.
Uh, Chris.
If there is an emergency, then of course you must speak with Spock.
Who is right there.
Yeah, I-I can see that.
Although we are clearly in the middle of something.
Look, I really don't mean to come between the two of you here, with whatever's going on.
- Nothing is going on.
- We're meditating.
Perhaps it's best if you leave us to our sacred things.
That's not necessary Chris.
Tell us what you need.
We have a situation with the R'ongovians.
They refuse to talk to anybody but you.
- What? - But I can't I mean, he can't talk to them.
I really can't talk to them, Chris.
I'm engaged.
I don't think you're getting it, Spock.
They won't talk to anyone else.
You're pretty much all that stands between us and the R'ongovians allying with the Klingons or the Romulans.
Hell, maybe both.
We should tell him.
- It is the only logical path.
- Agreed.
Captain, we have undertaken a ritual to share our katras.
It has had unforeseen consequences.
We have switched bodies.
And we seem unable to switch back.
Get out of town.
We are not in a town.
You guys did a body swap? Like, you like, your minds are in each other's That is correct.
I am Spock.
And I am T'Pring.
Now that you know, you can likely tell the very clear differences in our mannerisms.
Yeah, totally.
Look, I don't know what to do about this, but the R'ongovians won't meet with anybody but Spock.
Or somebody who looks like him.
I do not want to put T'Pring through that.
- It takes a lot of experience to - I will do it.
T'Pring, are you quite certain? We have undergone this ritual in order to better understand each other, correct? - Yes, but that - Then, is this not an opportunity for us to do that? I will accompany Chris.
You remain here and find a way to reverse the ritual.
Captain? Tell me what I need to do.
- Bad cop! - Damn! Got to be quicker, Chief.
Do you realize what kind of trouble you're in, Ensign? Um, no? I'd start talking, or the next time you do will be at your court-martial.
I was an ensign once, too.
I understand being nervous.
I just don't want to get in any trouble.
You won't.
Do you want some coffee? It was Enterprise bingo.
We were doing Enterprise Bingo.
I heard you.
That's so interesting.
That's not even the best part.
We were on the last square, so we were trying to Sign the Scorch.
Ensigns Zier and Christina, we've heard your explanations.
Enterprise bingo.
Signing the Scorch.
We can't overlook the fact that both of you acted in a very irresponsible manner.
- Very.
- Your shore leave is revoked.
You'll spend the next two days assigned to Chief Kyle - No, not Chief Kyle.
- He's so mean.
who will have you micro-cleaning the transporter pads.
What the hell is Enterprise bingo? Not a clue.
Greetings, K'Tyll.
T'Pring is not That is, I am not Never mind.
Forgive my intrusion, T'Pring.
I know you asked that I not disturb you, but there has been a problem with the rendezvous with Barjan.
- What type of a problem? - He has agreed to immediate surrender, but he has refused to meet with me.
He will only speak to you.
K'Tyll, I am not feeling myself.
I'm afraid we need you.
No other Vulcan could pull this off.
I am sure that I am great at this, but circumstances are complicated between Spock and myself at the moment.
I know how important this time is for you two, so I will not ask you to make that sacrifice.
I will merely reiterate our mission, as you have always explained it.
If not for us, who else will help them back to the path of logic? Only you can do this, T'Pring.
So, Enterprise bingo is a game? Apparently one played exclusively by the ensign class and lower.
In order to achieve "bingo," a crew member must perform the series of tasks on this list.
This is quite comprehensive.
Where'd you get this? Confiscated it from Ensign Zier's quarters during routine inspection.
Don't give me that look.
I was just doing my job.
Sure you were.
Well, if this is what passes for fun, I'm happy to be fun's funeral.
Where-where fun goes to die.
- Not fun's funeral.
- Whatever.
I'll never understand it.
I guess we could.
- What? - Understand it.
I mean, if we wanted to, you know, get a better understanding of the crew.
- Okay, flavor's gone.
- Roger that.
And? Flavor check.
Spearmint again.
One, two, three.
- Bridge! - Engineering! Destination Engineering.
Okay, fine.
Damn it.
Best two out of three.
Lowest setting.
Ready? Aim.
That really stings.
Uh We having fun yet? So, did you tell Dever how you really feel? No.
I was worried he'd try to get serious again.
What did he do? He tried to read me some of his poetry.
Oh, sweet heaven.
- Was it any good? - Oddly, not terrible.
Also not the point.
It just seemed time to set some boundaries.
Is that Spock's girlfriend? Hard to tell, but does she look pissed? Oh, I should tell you something.
She's heading over here.
Tell me what? Oh, um, I might have given Spock some relationship advice.
Are you serious? Never get in the middle of a Vulcan relationship.
They will hit you with a lirpa.
Trust me.
Have you ever fought with a lirpa? I have actual scars.
Nurse Chapel, may we talk? Alone? Good luck, you two.
Uh hi.
I'm in need of your help.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I just seriously did not think you would take my advice this far.
It was not intentional.
It must be so weird, being inside your fiancée's body.
I had not taken the time to consider it.
Really? It is different.
- Uh-huh.
- But, as it is my fault, I am afraid that I am now endangering T'Pring's career, as she works to save mine.
There must be a medical solution.
I mean, sure, but a-a medical solution is gonna take time.
Meanwhile, you clearly have a relationship opportunity.
Are you suggesting that I should attempt to do her job? She's doing yours.
Why don't you help her out? Use some of that good old Vulcan logic she prizes so much.
This is coming dangerously close to hijinks.
Who doesn't love hijinks? I'm not feeling it.
I mean, I felt it when you shot me with a phaser.
But no, not feeling it, either.
Maybe it's because I didn't have a childhood like everyone else that I don't idealize childish behavior.
So, are we done with this pointless exercise? - No.
- No? - We're finishing the list.
- Look, I know it was my idea, but, I mean, how much more insight into the crew do we actually need? Enterprise bingo.
What's the point? A way to blow off steam? To do something risky just for the thrill of it.
To break the rules.
Only we make the rules.
Which means we have to find another way to break them.
Is the R'ongovian Protectorate aware of the Klingon history of cultural domination? Response.
Merely pointing out the risks of an alliance with the Klingons does not make an adequate argument for the Federation.
Understandably, I'm trying to prepare you for the logical fallout should these negotiations fail.
Which, in essence, is a threat.
Is it just me or do the R'ongovians suddenly seem awfully Vulcan-y? Shh.
We're supposed to be observers only.
What is the logic of an alliance with a culture whose central purpose is the subjugation of other cultures to its own? What is the logic of an alliance with a Federation whose interdependence merely dilutes the cultures that comprise it? Spock can handle it.
As a Vulcan, I sympathize with your fears that you will lose your culture to homogenization in a multilateral alliance like ours.
There are times I wish I could return to Vulcan to focus on my culture, instead of traveling the galaxy focusing on Starfleet.
I am confused.
Are you saying that you do not value the Federation? Chris.
What are you doing? My apologies, Captain, if I may interject? You may not.
You are here as a courtesy.
I am not speaking up on behalf of the Federation.
Rather, I am speaking up on behalf of Lieutenant Spock.
That is What? We will allow it.
Thank you.
If I may, Spock.
It is a noble sacrifice you've made, to spend so much time away from your own culture.
- It is? - Yes, it is.
Your commitment to the Federation and to understanding both the values and plights of cultures wildly different, sometimes at great personal cost, your constant striving for intellectual excellence and your commitment to the spirit of duty is inspirational.
To answer the question, "Why the Federation?" one need only look across the table, Captain Vasso.
You, Mr.
Spock, are simply everything that is great about Starfleet.
I Thank you, Captain.
I am so sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.
I hope I haven't insulted you with my presence.
I should never have put you in this position.
Let's get you out of here.
Your actions have impressed us, Captain, defending your crewman like that.
We will conclude this session but will offer you the opportunity of summation before we leave.
You sure you want me there? If I talk to him alone, he is likely to realize that something is amiss.
If I bring a human ally to surrender negotiations, it might give me a chance.
- I believe it is your move.
- Barjan.
This is my colleague, Nurse Christine Chapel.
I was clear that I would only speak to you alone, T'Pring.
Given that you are v'tosh ka'tur, I did not think that you would object to a human joining us.
Since when does El-Keshtanktil employ humans in service of logic? - Well - I I'm here to, uh, show you that she's not all about logic.
You know, to make you feel more comfortable.
I always found you curious among Vulcans, T'Pring, for your tolerance of these creatures.
My sympathy for those without logic is why I am here.
Given your position, I would think you would be more open-minded.
It is one thing to see strength in emotion.
It's another thing entirely to marry a half-human.
It is well known you are betrothed to the son of Sarek.
What of it? You defend Vulcan ideals with one hand, - insult them with the other.
- Hey.
You know what? I work with Spock.
He's twice the Vulcan you are.
A human's assessment is hardly the basis for insult.
As fascinating as your opinions about humans are logic dictates that I ask if there are any circumstances under which you would accept our offer of rehabilitation? At this point, no.
See, that's a tell.
You're here, ergo, you want something.
So what is it? Humans evolved from apes, did they not? You've kept many of their charming qualities, it would seem.
I would caution you to stop insulting my companion.
Would you lose the opportunity to bring me in over mere words? - Indeed, I would.
- That doesn't seem very logical.
Says a Vulcan who has rejected logic.
To tell you the truth, I came here today with every intention of considering rehabilitation.
But the company you keep changed my mind.
You listen here, you Perhaps we should keep the details of how exactly we captured Barjan between us.
My response was a tad too human.
I'd say just the right amount.
In all my time studying Vulcan medicine, I never got to deal with a katric transfer.
They are exceedingly rare.
Glucose levels steady.
Cortical patterns holding.
And what is this noxious paste you are applying to our skulls? Ground Nivallan sea urchin.
It's nutrient-rich, water-resistant and a pretty good match for Vulcan skin, electromagnetically-speaking.
He's been dying to use this stuff ever since he picked it up.
Trust me, this will become Federation-standard.
And now that you've covered our heads in sea urchin paste? Cortical stimulation will mimic the original brain patterns of your host body, making it uncomfortable for any visitors in there.
We zap you, you switch back.
Theoretically? Katras bridge the gap between medicine and something else.
Magic? The mind.
So it's not cut-and-dry.
Emotion plays a part.
I think that's what happened here.
They're gonna nerve pinch us for this, aren't they? Yes, probably.
Nurse Chapel.
You know you can call me Christine.
I want to thank you again for your help.
Hey, no big deal.
Perhaps not.
But for me the deal was very big.
Very big, indeed.
Just try to be honest with what you can and can't offer from now on.
You needn't worry.
Vulcans cannot lie.
At least, not in the way that humans can.
I mean honest with yourself.
I admit I have been afraid that I was not Vulcan enough for you.
That you saw me as human, more concerned about my duty to Starfleet than to my culture or my betrothed.
My feelings about Vulcan are not easy.
On our world, I was forced to prove my Vulcan-ness.
Any deviation was seen as proof I did not belong.
In Starfleet, I am accepted for who I am.
Half-Vulcan, half-human.
I am quite simply, Spock.
I know how much you value duty.
And I feared that you saw our relationship as just that: a duty, rather than something more.
We must both want to be here.
I do.
As do I.
Do you know what you're gonna say to them, sir? I certainly hope so.
Come on, Bob.
Where's the drama in that? Well, Captain.
Tell us.
Why should we ally with your Federation? - Easy.
You shouldn't.
- Chris.
Why would you want to turn our enemies into your enemies? We're just a few years clear of the Klingon War.
The Romulans are out there biding their time.
Who knows what species we'll piss off next? And it's not like we've coming to you with any great respect for your culture.
We barely know anything about it.
Now, it's pretty clear we're only interested in you for your territory.
And what would you get in return? The hypothetical benefit of new trade markets? Scientific advancement? Our promise of support in the event of a crisis which will probably only come about because you've thrown your lot in with us? No.
The Federation has lots to offer, sure, but it always exacts a price.
You have good reason to suspect that price is too high for you to pay.
Thank you.
- Chris, what the hell was that? - Playing a hunch.
You're risking an alliance that could be the key to the Federation's future security on a hunch? - It's a good hunch.
- Chris.
The R'ongovians were rude to the Tellarites, reasonable with us and deeply logical when talking to a Vulcan.
So, you're saying they copy anyone they come into contact with? Yeah, that's what I thought at first.
And then it occurred to me, what if this was a diplomatic technique? They responded positively when I took Spock's side, even though it was in direct violation of what they'd asked.
Maybe they're just looking for somebody to take their point of view.
Radical empathy.
Maybe what they value the most in others is the capacity to see things their way.
They're flying our flag.
Looks like we have a new ally.
Hell of a job, Chris.
One thing's for sure, no one's signed the scorch like this before.
And we're 100% sure the force field will hold? 99%, at least.
Well, we did it.
Broke the rules.
I mean, there has to be a rule against this, right? Has to be.
Is that the scorch? The oldest unreplaced piece of the Enterprise's hull.
It's supposed to be good luck to sign it.
It's Yeah.
It is.
You know, I enjoyed being Mr.
Spock for a day.
In the spirit of total honesty, I should probably tell you that I punched Barjan.
Having met him, that is logical.
I've been looking for love ♪ In all the wrong places ♪ Looking for love ♪ On all the wrong faces ♪ And I got to ♪ How'd things end with Dever? I told him how boring he was.
Maybe try that next time you're in a relationship.
Try what? Being honest.
Nah, that means the relationship might get serious.
So? It would have to be the right guy.
I, uh, I What? Nothing.

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