Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022) s02e09 Episode Script

Subspace Rhapsody


Previously on
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
I'm calling to let you know that
we have chosen not to offer you
- a fellowship.
- CHAPEL: I've been trying to tell you
I just need some personal time.
I am having difficulty watching you
experience such obvious
distress. I want to help,
but it would appear all that
I'm doing is making it worse.
- James?
- PIKE: You two know each other?
YMALAY: I have to insist
that you do not share
any of what you experienced
from this time.
Those events were never
supposed to happen,
and you were never meant
to be aware of them.
Neither was your companion.
I was wrong.
I don't deserve you, but I'm asking,
will you forgive me?

UHURA: Communications officer's log,
stardate 2398.3.
Traveling in the far edges
of the Alpha Quadrant,
we have encountered
an unusual phenomenon:
a naturally-occurring subspace fold.
Lieutenant Spock
posits it could be used
to triple the speed
of subspace communications
in the sector. But his experiment
requires so much computer power
that the rest of the ship
has to communicate
Hailing frequencies open.
the old-fashioned way.
On it.
I'll route that right to you.
Pike to Uhura. Have you
hailed Captain Batel?
Hailing now, Captain.
I'll send her to your quarters
when I have her.
Transporter to Uhura.
Has the USS Farragut
confirmed Lieutenant
James Kirk's arrival?
Checking on that now, Commander.
CHAPEL: Medical to Uhura.
Is there a message from Dr. Korby yet?
Just arrived. Standby.
SPOCK: Engineering to Uhura.
Are you ready to continue
our experiment?
Yes, Lieutenant, momentarily.
You want to go to Crivo for
our first vacation together?
I know it's cliché
And touristy.
Chris, I have always wanted to see
the Crivian Planetary Museum,
and there are day trips
to the Glass Islands and Smoke Lakes
I know you love a lake.
What's wrong?
Uh, maybe the timing is bad.
I-I'm just not sure
I can get away right now.
Is there something you're
not telling me, Chris?
'Course not. No. Uh
But let's just put a pin in planning
for a few days.
Whatever you want. I'll be here.
UNA: Lieutenant Kirk's captain
sent a report in advance of his arrival.
"Show him the ropes.
Kirk's full of talent
but still has one or two issues
to work out before
he begins his commission".
Yeah. Punctuality being one.
You have an energy.
What? I'm just waiting
for our visitor to arrive
so I can run
a security clearance on him.
I'm aware, but you came in here hot.
On fire.
It's making me sweat.
I-I'm fine. This is just
standard operating procedure.
Lieutenant Kirk! Welcome
back to the Enterprise.
Thank you, Commander.
No Sam? Thought he'd be here.
He's busy. We'll find him later.
Thank you for agreeing to do this.
Even if it's not fully necessary.
When I took my commission,
I spent a week shadowing Pike.
It made all the difference.
Hopefully it'll do the same
for you on the Farragut.
Good to see you again, La'An.
You still owe me that drink,
- if I'm not mistaken.
- UNA: You
know each other?
ye-yes, but I-I still need
to do a security clearance.
Lead the way.
[QUIETLY]: Oh, sorry. I
And what if it's another rejection?
Forget those Vulcans
and their science academy.
They don't deserve you.
Ah, but this fellowship is different.
Dr. Korby's a genius.
ORTEGAS: Am I supposed
to know who that is?
He's the Louis Pasteur
of Archaeological Medicine.
Yeah, no. Still means nothing.
It means that thousands of people apply
for this fellowship every year
and only five are accepted.
This could change my life.
Oh Oof.
You got it. I knew it.
M'BENGA: What will I do without you
for three months?
[CHUCKLES]: Oh, my God.
You're not the only one
who's gonna miss her.
Oh, I have to talk to Spock.
SPOCK: Unfortunately we have had
another communication failure.
That's our 12th attempt
at sending a message
through the subspace fold.
PELIA: 13 that's not exactly
what I would call a lucky number.
What makes you think
that this particular fold
will lead to faster communication?
Frequencies propagate through it
three times faster than normal.
- Ah.
- With our current relay network,
it takes weeks to send a message
across the quadrant.
Imagine being able to do it in moments
and getting a near-instant reply.
Real-time communication
across thousands of light years.
Only, so far, no one's heard us.
Have you tried sending music through?
SPOCK: We have not.
Do you believe music may
yield a different result?
Well, you are trying to communicate
through a medium with different
laws of physics, so perhaps
fundamental harmonics
are the answer. Hmm?
You know, it was just a thought.
But perhaps an excellent one.
You pick the song, Nyota.
Well, let's see if subspace is a fan
of the Great American Songbook, huh?
days a glimpse of stocking ♪
Was looked on as something shocking ♪
But now, God knows ♪
[ECHOING]: Anything goes ♪
Good authors, too ♪
Who once knew better words ♪
Now only use four-letter words ♪
Writing prose ♪
Anything goes. ♪

- Mitchell, what just hit us?
No other ships in this sector, sir.
It looks like it came
from that subspace fold.
Ensign Uhura, are you
patched into comms?
Aye, sir.
PIKE: I need a full status
report. All stations.
- ♪

- Apologies. Reporting
from Engineering first, sir. Mr. Spock?
The intermix chamber
and containment field ♪
Are stable ♪
I'll get to the warp core
and assess its state ♪
When I'm able Why?
Where's that music coming from?
Not from anywhere on the ship.
Apologies, the most ♪
Confounding thing ♪
I appear to be singing ♪
I have sickbay for you, sir.
Most unusual, so peculiar ♪
We can confirm there're no injuries ♪
Just the daily mundane ♪
A headache, a splinter ♪
A left ankle sprain ♪
It's happening again ♪
Why are we singing? ♪
Apologies ♪
The most confounding thing ♪
We appear to be singing ♪
Most unusual, so peculiar ♪
Lieutenant Ortegas, status report.
Ortegas is at the helm ♪
The pilot seat is my realm ♪
We're in a field, surrounded ♪
Still, flight systems steady ♪
Impulse engines ready ♪
At the console ♪
Systems initializing ♪
Life support robust, now finalizing ♪
We'll check inertial dampers ♪
And see if they're hampered ♪
All is okay ♪
It appears that all ♪
Is okay ♪
Security detects no threats ♪
We'll do a personnel overhaul ♪
No decks unchecked ♪
All tactical functions are steady ♪
Phaser banks, deflector shields ♪
All at the ready ♪
- Apologies, the most confounding thing ♪
- Apologies ♪
- We appear to be singing ♪
- The most confounding thing ♪
- Most unusual, so peculiar ♪
- Apologies, the most confounding thing ♪
- Apologies ♪
- We appear to be singing ♪
- The most confounding thing ♪
- Apologies ♪
- So peculiar ♪
- All systems stable ♪
All systems stable ♪
- All systems stable ♪
- All systems stable ♪
All systems stable ♪
- All systems stable ♪
- All systems stable ♪
All systems stable ♪
But why are we singing? ♪
PIKE: Space.
The final frontier.
These are the voyages
of the starship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission:
to explore strange new worlds
to seek out new life
and new civilizations,
to boldly go where no
one has gone before.


So that happened.
Reports of musical outbreaks
have come in from every deck.
Honestly, I assumed it was
something you had all rehearsed,
but I sang, too.
So did I.
And I do not sing.
The surge came from your subspace fold.
Help me connect the dots.
We sent a series
of transmissions through.
The final one was a song.
You sent in a song, and then we all
- sang?
- Why are we singing?
I believe the song created
a resonant frequency
and dislodged something from the fold,
a quantum uncertainty field.
Okay, why would that make us sing?
Imagine an area of space where
quantum uncertainties collapse
so rapidly and randomly
that new realities are created.
In one such reality,
people sing uncontrollably.
PELIA: A musical reality.
So, what's next more improbability?
Or will we just suddenly
poof into bunnies?
I would prefer
not to be a bunny, either.
SPOCK: I doubt we will be bunnies,
but we may not be done with singing.
Simulations reveal
we have become tethered
to this particular improbability field.
Attempting to fly out
would likely make it wider.
PELIA: It looks like a zipper,
which begs the question:
might it function like a zipper?
PIKE: Zippers work both ways. Could we
use it to close the improbability field
- back inside the fold?
- SPOCK: Potentially.
If we combined shield harmonics
with the Heisenberg compensator.
You would have to connect both
to the deflector array
and generate a beam.
That means connecting them manually.
Let's do it, uh, we don't know
how all this singing will affect us,
and I'd rather not find out.
Best to nip it in the bud.
Mr. Spock, you explained that very well.
I almost understood it.
SPOCK: Our zipper beam
must precisely match
the resonance of the fold.
What was the exact frequency
of the song we sent through?
UHURA: One moment.
Is that transmission
regarding Nurse Chapel's
recent fellowship application?
Was the news favorable?
I don't look at personal correspondence.
Of course. That would be unethical.
You and Nurse Chapel have
become close, haven't you?
I suppose it would be accurate to say
that we are more than colleagues.
There's that classic Vulcan
romance I've heard about.
Why don't you ask her about it?
Of late, our communication
has faced challenges.
UNA: Number One to Uhura.
Lieutenant Kirk and I are in place.
Stand by for harmonics data.
One junction down.
Only four more to go.
Don't tell me you've
run out of steam already.
You know, my brother
he always described you
as "the first officer that
I thought I should be like".
Someone who keeps a necessary
distance from her crew
because she knows
she has to make hard decisions.
I'm aware of the reputation
I've had on this ship,
but recently,
I'm trying a new approach
more hands-on.
My last first officer
definitely kept his distance.
And no one questioned him.
I call that style of command
a first mistake.

The kind that makes my head shake
and my heart break.
Take some advice from
your senior Number One ♪
This I assure tried and true ♪
The littlest things
can mean everything ♪
When it comes to them and you ♪
Connect to your crew ♪
We're singing again ♪
We're singing again ♪
And it makes me confess things ♪
I'd never express ♪
Truth be told, in a parallel world ♪
I can see myself up on the stage ♪
And for three hours a night ♪
And to everyone's delight ♪
I'd regale them
with all my renditions ♪
Of Gilbert and Sullivan ♪
- Ha-ha.
- So what you're saying is
With my new commission
to a higher position ♪
I'd do well to profess my truths? ♪
Rather than question it,
I deem it relevant ♪
No longer will I dispute ♪
That the littlest things
can mean everything ♪
In being authentically you ♪
Connect to your truth ♪
When you put it like that,
it makes sense.
Rather than question it ♪
Let's deem it relevant ♪
Absent from fear or dispute ♪
These deeply held things,
yes, they mean everything ♪
In becoming authentically you ♪
Connect to your truth ♪
And connect to your crew ♪
Will do. ♪

Did I hear that right? ♪
Did she just shine a spotlight
on her innermost feelings ♪
Like it's no big deal? ♪
Say whatever whenever you like ♪
You'd presume with all my mastery ♪
To pursue flights of fancy ♪
Easy ♪
Who am I kidding? ♪
I've never found that part of me ♪
'Cause I'm designed ♪
To color inside the lines ♪
Cool and methodical ♪
Way too responsible ♪
I can't help it ♪
Sometimes I peek through a keyhole ♪
And see people happy, I admit ♪
It might ♪
Be time to change my paradigm ♪
If only I ♪
Can let go of the wheel ♪
My fear replaced with total faith ♪
I'm fiercely free ♪
And really real ♪
Flying blind ♪
How would that feel? ♪
This all makes me so uncomfortable ♪
I want to let go and be vulnerable ♪
Who am I kidding? ♪
I've never met that side of me ♪
In my defense ♪
The truth has a consequence ♪
I won't watch the whole thing ♪
Spin out of control
if I have the chance ♪
It might ♪
Be time to change my paradigm ♪
If I ♪
Can only let go of the wheel ♪
My fear replaced with total faith ♪
I'm fiercely free and really real ♪
Flying blind ♪
How would that feel? ♪
In another time ♪
We had a life together ♪
Could time repeat? ♪
Or will it unravel? ♪
Be careful what you start ♪
Make one mistake ♪
And blow it all apart ♪
Or worse ♪
Break my own heart ♪
Who am I kidding? ♪
I've never found that part of me ♪
It might ♪
Be time to change my paradigm ♪
If only I ♪
Can let go of the wheel ♪
It's nice ♪
To dream that I could
change my mind ♪
Deep down I ♪
Know I will never let go ♪
My fear is staked ♪
I have no faith ♪
Contented freedom is not real ♪
Flying blind ♪
How would that feel? ♪
When people sing, they are confessing
highly personal
emotional information.
Lieutenant, are you telling me
our emotions constitute
a security threat?
I am.
Well, whatever you're not saying,
hope it doesn't come to that.
Mr. Spock and Ensign Uhura
have a plan to shut it down.
Captain, we have adjusted
the Heisenberg compensator
to combine with shield harmonics
and collapse the musical reality
back into our standard quantum state.
Lieutenant Kirk, not to
rush you, but I'm rushing you.
The sooner we close the fold,
the faster we can say
goodbye to the music.
- Copy that, Ensign.
- Copy that, Ensign.
She was talking to me.
- You don't know that.
- I do know that.
I actually work here.
This isn't even your department.
You're xenoanthropology.
I was assigned here at your request.
She said you missed me.
Everything's connected to the deflector.
Ready to go, Nyota.
- UNA: Deflector aligned and ready to fire.
- PIKE: On your command,
Number One.
It's closing.
Good work, all.
- What is it?
It appears to be another energy surge.
Somehow I don't think we zipped it.
Spock, what happened?
Unable to determine.
Incoming hail from the Cayuga.
When it rains.
Spock, find a way to determine it.
Ensign Uhura,
put Captain Batel through, please.

Captain, can we have
a private conversation?
In a more discreet location?
About our cancelled vacation.
Apologies ♪
I appear to be rhyming ♪
And singing ♪
Marie, I'm gonna call you back.
Oh, no, no, you don't ♪
I'm not done yet ♪
Chris, you always do this ♪
You always run away ♪
- Just when ♪
- Oh, sure, I see ♪
Lay all the blame on me ♪
When you're the one
whose idea of fun is ♪
What am I saying to you? ♪
In front of my crew? ♪
This is a private conversation ♪
A private conversation ♪
About our frustration ♪
About our frustration ♪
This is a private conversation ♪
A private conversation ♪
About our frustration ♪
A private conversation ♪
We must contain it ♪
We must restrain it ♪
I don't want to hurt you, Marie ♪
You mean more and more to me ♪
But when you and I ♪
Don't see eye to eye ♪
A switch inside me flips
and I'm compelled to hide. ♪
What just happened?
Why did I admit all that?
I told you.
This is a security threat.
But-but the singing I The
How did that happen on the Cayuga, too?
Because the improbability field
is expanding
across the whole subspace
communications network.
To the entire fleet.
UNA: Admiral April's
last message confirmed
that the improbability field
has now spread to 12 Federation ships.
He let me know in a
surprisingly beautiful baritone
that he wants us
to stop this now, by the way.
Do we have any idea why
this reality's compelling us
to confess our deepest emotions?
UHURA: I have a theory.
I think since we're
in a musical reality,
we're actually following
the rules of musicals.
So, when do characters in
musicals usually begin to sing?
When their emotions are so heightened
that words won't suffice.
UHURA: This musical reality
wants us to sing
about what's most pressing on our minds.
These emotions have the power
to overwhelm our capacity
for rational thinking.
They also have the potential
to drive us apart.
PIKE: The subspace fold
I think we should blow it up.
Use the photon torpedoes
to bring down the curtain
- on this thing for good.
- That has potential.
- Really?
- Since we are the focal point
of this subspace fold,
a matter/antimatter blast
might untether the Enterprise
and reverse the musical reality
for all affected.
But it would be prudent
to test this theory
in a controlled environment,
in case it is more explosive
than intended.
What if we could isolate
and transport
Subatomic particles from the fold.
I shouldn't have interrupted you
because you had that thought first.
UNA: Locking in on something that small
would require cross-targeting.
It's a two-person job.
Well, luckily you have
two persons right here.
UNA: You're refusing an assignment?
This isn't like you, La'An.
That's the problem.
I'm not behaving like myself.
None of us are.
You're afraid of singing.
- To James.
- What?
You can stop hiding it.
I see how you act around him.
What-what do you mean? I'm
How-how do I act around him?
You don't want me to answer that.
Hypothetically, let's say
I have feelings for him,
and those feelings pose an actual
space-time security risk.
I should just tell him.
That's the responsible thing to do.
Before it happens outside of my control.
I should just suck it up,
stop being a child
and just do it.

You've got lots of ♪
Thoughts to wade through ♪
Tangled webs ♪
Of people who will ♪
Complicate your life ♪
And thwart you ♪
These are facts ♪
That I relate to ♪
Pick and choose the truth
that you want to tell ♪
If you're being smart ♪
No broken trust, no drama ♪
You just keep to yourself ♪
Be your own best friend
and confidante ♪
'Cause no one will protect you ♪
When things go wrong ♪
The secrets you keep safe inside ♪
Might keep you awake ♪
And cut like a knife ♪
'Cause the road to ruin ♪
Is paved by intentions of fools ♪
Nice people who ♪
Couldn't keep a secret ♪
No one can keep you small ♪
Be bulletproof and ten feet tall ♪
An island ♪
Population ♪
One ♪
No one can hurt you ♪
Or let you down again ♪
The secrets I keep safe inside ♪
A skill I perfected ♪
So I could survive ♪
It worked before ♪
It doesn't serve me anymore ♪
I wish I never learned ♪
How to be ♪
So good at keeping secrets. ♪
We should boost the gain
on the targeting scanners.
Way ahead of you.
Do we have a lock on the target?
Sorry. Reflex.
This is your ship, you give the orders.
Ready on both ends.
Energizing now.
The molecular imaging scanner
can't focus the signal.
Adding power.
Isolating particles
from the subspace fold.
Got it.
Lieutenant Spock, I have the particles.
They're coming your way.
SPOCK: Acknowledged. Ready to receive.
KIRK: Transporting subspace
particles to Engineering.
That was exciting.
I mean, Spock and Uhura
get to blow it up,
which is the real fun part, but, uh
We make a good pair.
We should team up more often.
Lieutenant, um
- Sounds so serious.
I, um
What was that?
PIKE: If hitting just a few
subatomic particles
nearly blew up Engineering
SPOCK: Firing on the field
would be devastating.
As you can see in this simulation,
the explosion would propagate
through the entire
Federation subspace network,
destroying everything.
It would be like soaking the
improbability field in kerosene
and holding a match to it.
Then we need a plan C.
Sir, I'm getting a hail.
Don't answer. We can't risk
spreading this further.
I am triangulating the source.
There appears to be
an incoming warp signal
heading our way fast.
The signal has Klingon encryption.
The last thing anyone wants
is singing Klingons.
Uhura, send a message by proxy
order of Starfleet Command.
Tell them they must
turn around immediately.
They've stopped hailing, but
I'm getting a message back.
The improbability field's
already hit them.
Standby for playback.
This is General Garkog of the
Imperial Klingon Defense Force.
Your evasion raises much suspicion.
We have located the abominable
source of our dishonor
and will destroy it immediately.
Make no attempt to stop us.
They're going to fire on the fold.
Their ship will be here in two hours.
I've hailed them repeatedly.
They refuse to answer.
If they complete their mission,
everyone affected
by the improbability field
will be destroyed.
So, just the entire Federation
and half the Klingon Empire.
We have to stop them at all costs.
Number One, analysis?
Well, striking them first
would constitute an act of war.
PIKE: Not much choice here, I'm afraid.
What if we just find a way to
disable their disruptor cannons?
And their torpedo launchers.
That's a lot to disable
before they get off a shot.
We need a tactical strategy
immediately. La'An?
On it.
And you. You're with me.
Partners again.
I like it. Let's go.
PIKE: Mr. Spock, Uhura,
what are the odds we can shut
down the improbability field
before the Klingons get here?
Not good. At least,
according to the data we have.
Then find new data.
You both need to fix this.
You're applying old rules
to a new reality.
I suggest you find
a different tempo, fast.
Studying the songs
themselves. Brilliant.
Not just the songs but the frequencies
the moment a song begins.
If we can isolate a pattern
in the improbability field
we might learn how to generate
an improbability-breaking event.
Now, how to trigger a song?
Well, per our musical rules,
we just need to wait until someone
- feels overwhelming emotion.
- You know
like that.
To our brilliant friend Christine.
Oh, I feel weird celebrating
with everything going on.
I mean, we can't put our lives on hold
every time the ship's in trouble.
We could, but that wouldn't be fun.
Some of us need fun to deal with
- the constant threat of dying.
- ORTEGAS: Point is
we're here to celebrate your win.
So deal with it.
Logic would dictate you are toasting
good news regarding your fellowship,
so allow me to
offer congratulations.
Thank you, Spock.
I am curious why you
chose not to inform me.
Was it an oversight
or was it intentional?
Can we, um, can we
talk about this later?
I am just curious.

This news really changes everything ♪
A distant dream becoming real ♪
I convinced myself ♪
It wasn't happening ♪
And now I'm surprised
how good it feels ♪
I worked so hard for this ♪
And now the fellowship ♪
Sees me as one of their own ♪
The sky is the limit ♪
My future is infinite ♪
My possibilities are endless ♪
I'm ready ♪
Drink in every second of the joy ♪
You've earned it, deserve it ♪
Of success arriving overnight ♪
- You've earned it ♪
- But not really.
Been working hard a long time ♪
I've been seeing life ♪
Through camera obscura ♪
Now my canvas
is wide as the open horizon ♪
Oh! ♪
I worked so hard for this ♪
And now the fellowship ♪
Sees me as one of their own ♪
The sky is the limit ♪
My future is infinite ♪
With possibilities ♪
It's freedom and I like it ♪
My spark has been ignited ♪
If I need to leave you,
I won't fight it ♪
I'm ready ♪
GROUP: Ready, ready ♪
- CHAPEL: I am ready ♪
- Ready, ready, ooh ♪
I'm ready ♪
Ready, ready ♪
I'm ready ♪
Ooh. ♪
I'm ready.
Number One suggested we
concentrate our phasers
on their disruptors and fore torpedoes.
Aft torpedoes are what
you really have to
worry about when it comes to
K't'inga-Class ships.
Well, I trust your aim.
So, are you gonna tell me that thing
you wanted to tell me before?
Okay. Uh, I-I need to just
say this before it comes out
in the form of
a 17th-century sea shanty.
I, um I know you.
I mean, not you you.
We-Well, I know you now,
but I mean before. In a different
I met another you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I-I don't love rules,
but I'm pretty sure
you're about to break a big one.
The other you, he, um
He saw the real me.
Beyond my name, beyond
all that name stands for.
He'd never even heard it before.
And I-I liked it.
I liked the way he looked at me.
Because through his eyes,
I could finally see the person
I had the potential to be.
And it was someone
who wasn't burdened by
tragedy and darkness.
Someone who could find hope
and live in that hope.
Someone free-free to feel and-and
take chances and, um
And make connections.
But then, uh
he was gone, and with him,
that version of myself was gone, too.
And that's
that was what I wanted to say.
Am I anything like the other me?
And-and yes.
I like how you look at me, too.
In what way?
Like you really see me.
I'd be lying if I said
I didn't feel the connection, too.
When you first called me
I felt like I knew you.
But I'm not that James Kirk.
Of course, it was
inappropriate, and I am
No, La'An, you don't understand, my
my life is complicated.
Not time-travel complicated, but
I'm in a relationship.
A sometimes relationship,
and right now is one of those times
in a very real way.
- My God, if I'd have known, I
- How could you have?
I actually think you'd like Carol.
You're both dedicated
to your jobs, intensely.
She's a scientist on Starbase One.
I tend not to stay in the same place
for very long, which is
a growing problem,
because Carol is
Oh, um
[SIGHS] Here you are.
I have been analyzing
the data we gathered.
Great. Uh, let me help.
Looking for a pattern,
there is none.
I didn't expect Christine
to be so definitive
about ending our arrangement.
Uh relationships
can be difficult,
Spock, and you're Vulcan.
But I am also human.
I feel things differently.
I see her logic, and yet
I am hurt.
I am left behind.

This news really ♪
Changes everything ♪
I can't believe ♪
How wrong I've been ♪
Convinced myself ♪
We shared the same feelings ♪
I won't make ♪
That mistake again ♪
She's happy and carefree ♪
The opposite of me ♪
I can do the calculus ♪
For her I set aside ♪
My need to analyze ♪
Now I'm wrecked ♪
And searching for why ♪
I'm the ex ♪
I've got no one ♪
But myself to blame ♪
I've betrayed ♪
My core philosophy ♪
Unbending reason ♪
Must be my true north ♪
Lest I drown ♪
In this sea of pain ♪
I'm so dysfunctional ♪
Weak and emotional ♪
Feelings I just can't contain ♪
Escaping this misery,
you're breaking free ♪
Not a possibility ♪
I solved for Y ♪
In my computation ♪
But missed vital information ♪
The variable so devastating ♪
I'm the X ♪
I'm the X. ♪
I'm the X.
I'm sorry.
A pattern.

I have to find a pattern.
A pattern repeating ♪
I find myself ♪
Here all alone ♪
I know ♪
I'll pick up the pieces ♪
Repair what is broken alone ♪
I know ♪
Memories etched in my mind ♪
Of Mom and Dad ♪
A cool big brother I would idolize ♪
So full of laughter ♪
And I could trust in the four of us ♪
They flew away ♪
Nothing to indicate ♪
Calamity ♪
All so young and alive ♪
Oh ♪
They ruptured into a million ♪
Shards of light ♪
And none of them would survive ♪
How come everywhere that I go ♪
I'm solo? ♪
Am I at my best ♪
Unaccompanied? ♪
My whole life has been ♪
"Fix this" and "save you" ♪
I'll light the path ♪
And keep us connected ♪
My fabric is woven ♪
With love and loss ♪
I was just a cadet ♪
When we met ♪
Hemmer's belief in me
changed my life ♪
I found my place and said ♪
Goodbye ♪
I absorb all the pain ♪
Mmm ♪
I hear everyone's voice ♪
Calling my name ♪
Building systems, I strengthen ♪
Ties that bind ♪
So no one has to be alone ♪
How come everywhere that I go ♪
I'm solo? ♪
Am I at my best ♪
Unaccompanied? ♪
My whole life has been ♪
"Fix this" and "save you" ♪
I'll light the path ♪
And keep us connected ♪
The patterns repeating ♪
Guiding and teaching me ♪
I know ♪
I know ♪
Listen for signals ♪
I'm here, you are reaching me ♪
Come home ♪
Everywhere I go ♪
I'm good with solo ♪
At my best I have ♪
Everything I need ♪
My whole life has been ♪
"Fix this" and "save you" ♪
That's what I do ♪
I keep us connected ♪
I keep us connected. ♪
Look. It's a pattern.
Every time someone sings, the state
of quantum improbability
in the field spikes.
It's almost imperceptible,
but it's there.
- So I ran the simulations,
and if we can get this spike to 344
giga electronvolts
SPOCK: It would shatter the field.
You found the
improbability breaking event.
Great. So how do we
make this event happen?
Because our sensors just clocked
two more K't'inga battle cruisers
headed this direction.
Well, so far, we've only
witnessed people
being torn apart by this event.
But song can also be communal.
People worship with song.
Sailors use song
to help them row together.
People celebrate with song.
When I sang with Christine
in the Port Galley.
- CHAPEL:Life through ♪
- SPOCK: A spike of
- Camera obscura ♪
- 40 electronvolts.
And that was just a solo
with backup vocals.
Maybe four voices, max.
- So we need to do that again,
but with more. A lot more.
You mean like an ensemble number, or
Not just an ensemble number.
A grand finale.
We need melodies and harmonies
with tone ratios that achieve
both algorithmic and logarithmic balance
on a mass scale.
What I'm saying is
the whole crew needs to sing together.
SPOCK: Our challenge is how
to inspire 200 crew members
to spontaneously sing
in thematic unison.
A song cannot be triggered
without an emotional purpose.
Well, that sounds to me like a job
for a communications officer.
I can't possibly inspire
the entire ship to sing.
Oh, yes, you can.
You see the connections between us
when all we see are
the empty spaces.
Help them to feel
the way they need to to sing.
Attention all crew,
this is your captain.
I know our situation
has been challenging,
and we might not all have been acting
like a, well
like a crew.
But we'll get through this, together,
by following one voice:
the voice of the Enterprise.
Ensign Uhura?
Hi, everyone.
Uh, you might not all know me,
but I know you.
So, allow me to introduce myself.
Ensign Nyota Uhura,
your communications officer.
I used to think of myself
as always alone,
but not on this ship.
Because each of us,
we're connected as a crew.
Do you know the odds
of all of us being here
on the Enterprise at this time?
It's improbable,
and yet
here we are, together,
- all of us.
- ♪

This is where it all leads ♪
The Enterprise ♪
Is it my destiny ♪
To save us all? ♪
No ♪
It's my job ♪
To disrupt the chaos ♪
Find a purpose ♪
For us all ♪
We're all rushing around ♪
We're confused and upended ♪
Let's refocus now ♪
Our bond is imperative ♪
Let's bring our collective together ♪
As we fight for our lives ♪
Uhura, I really needed to hear that ♪
Our security's only as strong ♪
As our unity ♪
When I scan the universe ♪
It reveals truth and gives meaning ♪
It's what I'm meant to do ♪
The danger's not over yet ♪
When we gain control again
I confess ♪
- I'll miss the singing ♪
- I won't miss singing ♪
Now let's bring this thing down ♪
We know our purpose is ♪
To protect the mission ♪
Our directive ♪
'Cause we work better all together ♪
We overcome our obstacles ♪
As one ♪
Keep going!
I have to give credit when due ♪
And if I make captain ♪
It'll be thanks to all of you ♪
And I don't take for granted ♪
My role to command ♪
I can't believe how much
I'll miss this crew ♪
The starship Enterprise ♪
Feels electrified ♪
I'm so proud to ♪
Be your captain ♪
Now let's take this thing ♪
Down ♪
We know our purpose is ♪
To protect the mission ♪
Our directive ♪
'Cause we work better all together ♪
We overcome ♪
Our obstacles ♪
As one ♪
I look around and everyone I see ♪
The pinnacle of guts and resiliency ♪
Yes, threats are nothing new to us ♪
It takes monumental
strength and trust ♪
We got lost and disconnected ♪
Distracted, undefended ♪
Uhura, you saved us ♪
More singing ♪
More voices ♪
Hail the Klingons, Uhura ♪
Why have you Ugh!
Why you only calling us
when you got your dramas? ♪
One of these days we'll
repay you, we'll slay you ♪
Gonna draw your last breath ♪
At the end of our Mek'Leths ♪
Your eternal torture
is every Klingon's dream ♪
You know what I mean? ♪
Make your blood scream! ♪
We know our purpose ♪
- Is ♪
- We know our purpose ♪
To protect the mission ♪
- Our prime directive ♪
- Not exactly.
Will this work? ♪
Who can say? ♪
We're gonna sing it anyway ♪
Our voices will rise ♪
Through space and through time ♪
We're the unbreakable, unshakable ♪
Improbable, unstoppable ♪
Sensational, ovational ♪
We're boldly explorational ♪
Crew of the ♪
Enterprise! ♪

We did it!
Yes! Come on!
PIKE: Nyota.
Hail the Klingons. I think we
might have to mend some fences.
UNA: Hey, how are you?
I told Kirk the truth.
- How'd it go?
- Honestly
Not great. I, uh
It was really hard.
And it hurt.
It usually does.
I'm glad I took that chance.
Maybe, um
Maybe I could be someone
who takes chances more often.
BATEL: You know, I don't need
a whole to-do.
Just relax. Enjoy it.
I promise you, even Julia Child's
boeuf bourguignon itself
will not make me forget
that you sang about lying to me.
Why didn't you just tell me
you hate the idea of Crivo?
I don't hate the idea.
Okay, yes, it sounded like my nightmare.
I just pictured something quieter.
Camping somewhere.
Chris, this isn't gonna work
if you're not more comfortable
being honest with me.
Even about something
as small as a vacation.
You got to trust me more than that.
You got to trust us.
I know. You're right.
Well, I have good news and bad news.
We have more time to plan
our compromised trip.
I just got put on
a priority one mission.
Now, how do I know
you're not the one making excuses now?
When I'm back, we'll go somewhere
we both want to go.
But no camping, unless
it comes with room service.
UHURA: Communications
officer's log, supplemental.
I am happy to report that
all Federation vessels
have checked in and are behaving
normally once again.
As for the Klingons,
Lieutenant Spock engaged
in successful diplomacy
over some bloodwine.
Otherwise, it's back
to business as usual around here.
- USS Nimerfro, this is Enterprise
acknowledging receipt
of your transmission.
- You fly safe out there.
- FEMALE: Acknowledged, Enterprise.
- Uhura,
it occurs to me that we'd be served
by sharing our findings with
non-Federation ships, too.
See who's nearby and open a channel.
Copy that, sir. I'll scan the area.
Sorry. Earworm.
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