Star vs. the Forces of Evil (2015) s02e06 Episode Script

Starsitting; On the Job

1 [" I'm from Another Dimension" by Brad Breeck plays] It's gonna get a little weird Gonna get a little wild I ain't from 'round here I'm from another dimension Gonna get a little weird Gonna have a good time I ain't from 'round here I'm from another, woo-hoo Yeh-heah I'm talking rainbows I'm talking puppies Pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, pa Paaa It's gonna get a little weird Gonna get a little wild I ain't from 'round here I'm from another dimension [song ends] STAR: Whoo-hoo! Aaah.
[gasps] Awesome! Again.
Again Again.
Again [whoosh] [die crashes] MARCO: Two.
Punch! Punch! Chiii-Oop! That's boring, Marco.
Stairs are boring.
[die crashes loudly] [whispers] Yeah.
[gasps excitedly] Fuh-fuh-fuh.
Fiiivvveee! [excited gasp] [exhales slowly and giggles] MARCO: Uuh Siiixxx I don't want to go six.
I want to go five.
You rolled six.
You go six.
Those are the rules.
If the rules get in the way of the fun what's the point? STAR: Sing it, Sister.
TINY MARCO: The point is to use the steps to get to the end.
[chuckles] I'm sorry Star.
I'm gonna have to agree with this super handsome little guy.
[Tiny Marco chuckles] Oh, stop it.
No, you stop it.
[portal zaps] BOTH: Buffrog? Buffbabies! TINY MARCO: No, please don't close it! [Tiny Star screams] [Russian accent] Star Butterfly I am needing your help.
[whines] My babies! Please be baby-sitting them.
- [coos excitedly] Babies.
- I don't know anyone else to ask.
Oh, I got this.
I'm like, basically, the Crowned Princess of Babysittonia Right, Marco? [phone rings] Excuse me.
Da? [whispers] You've never baby-sat before, have you? [slowly and playfully] Noooo.
But I was a baby once.
Yes, yes, I bring weapons.
What am I? Tadpole? It's not that easy, Star.
Will bring torture bag as well.
See you soon.
Here is Binder.
All of babies schedules and informations inside.
[sighs sadly] Katrina My most delicate little glassy pearl.
Please be extra careful with her.
It'll be just fine.
Star and I got this handled.
Just like a suitcase.
Totally handled.
Take good care of them or else [gulps nervously] Okay.
Daddy will come get you after work.
Six o'clock sharp.
Be good and listen to baby-sitters.
So young, so full of dreams.
What bright new adventures will we take you on? - A nap.
- What!? We follow the instructions Buffrog left us and they nap.
Then this will be a nap they will never forget! - Just read me what the book says.
- Fine.
Boris, Alexi, and Anastasia sleep on their sides.
Dimitry, Ana, and Igor prefer their stomachs.
Mikhail, Leo, and Irina sleep on their right sides.
Nadia and Sergei on their left.
Katrina is delicate and must be held to sleep.
I got you lil' babe.
- Okay, what now? - They sleep, then we feed them.
[excited and softly] And theeeen? [softly] They sleep agaaaain.
- [excited and softly] And theeeen? - That's it.
They just sleep.
Oh, come on.
Where's the fun in that? - It's not just about having fun, Star.
- But babies need fun.
- [Russian accent] No.
Babies have routine and schedule.
- Ugh.
Now you keep an eye on them and I'll make their lunch.
[softly] Hey, no fair! - You wanna make 12 lunches? - I'll watch the lil' bits! [coos and exclaims] Awww! So cuuute! [struggling] Just.
MARCO: Star.
No booping.
Just watch.
Just watch.
Okay, let's see here.
Feeding feeding feeding [grossed out] Uuugh! Awww! Precious little babieesss! Oh.
Especially little Katrina-kins.
[tiny yawn] You just wanna be boopity-booped.
Okayyy just one boop.
Then, I No! But she's so cuuute! I just gotta [coos] [shudders loudly] Ribbit! [gasp] [Babies croak loudly] Star, everything okay in there? [babies croaking loudly] [Star shudders in panic] Star! I booped, Marco.
I booped so bad.
Its okay! I got Buffrog's binder! [clears throat] To stop croaking, feed babies lunch.
Ah, that's easy.
I got lunch all ready in the kitchen.
Oh, mah babies gotta eat! [flies buzzing] No way.
My babies ain't eating that slop! [croaking continues] Star, hurry up in there! [singsong] Aaall ready! - Wait.
What did you put in there? - Cake.
You can't feed babies cake! What? Fun, Marco.
Remember? You guys like fun, don't you? Don't you wittle guys? [loud burp] No! No, no! - [shudders] Oh, wait.
Don't do that.
- We gotta call Buffrog.
Whoa there, Diaz.
I told Buffrog I was the Crowned Princess of Babysittonia.
We're doing this by the book then.
[Babies croak and barf loudly] [grunts] It says they need a bath.
You corral the babies.
I got the bath.
Squeaky Clean Bath Beam! [crash] [duck quacks] [crash] I got one! Oh! [burps loudly and barfs] Aw! Really?! [inhales deeply] [shudders] [exhales heavily] This isn't working.
[phone ringing] [Star screams in panic] What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? - Answer it! - I don't want to answer it.
STAR: Aww, they're dancing to the music.
Get 'em into the tub.
[phone continues to ring] That is so cute.
[gasps] Oh, my gosh! We gotta send Buffrog a photo.
Say "Co-o-orn!" "We miss you Daddy.
We are counting on you.
" And send! You know, Marco, you're pretty good at this! Thanks.
I just used the old trusty binder.
[croaks loudly] [gasps] Leeegss! Legs, legs, legs, le-hegs!! There's not a chapter in the binder about growing legs! [Babies croak loudly] They're all growing legs! [screams] [gaps] Quick! Catch 'em! [music] Aww, except little Katrina.
She feels left out.
Never mind Katrina.
Do something! Fine.
[sighs] Stay put, little buttercup.
Gotcha! Whoa! Whoaaa! Ow! Don't play too rough now.
Have fun.
[gasps audibly] Fun? This isn't fu [shouts] Hey! Let me in! [Babies croak happily] [music] [Babies croak happily] [beeping] [muffled] What the? Oh, no! No! Hey! He-e-ey! No! Stop! Sto-o-op! [breathing heavily] [shouts] [Babies croak happily] [Star squeals joyfully] [Star squeals] [Babies croak happily] Star! Quit messing around! Buffrog will be back in [ticking slowly] [gasps] Four minutes?! We have four minutes to get these babies under control! Relaaax, Marco.
We got this.
You take care of the ones with the legs, and I'll take care of [gasps] Katrina? We gotta find her! No.
No! No.
- MARCO: She's.
- STAR: Not.
- MARCO: In.
- STAR: Here! There's only one room left in the house.
[door crashes and thuds] We need an army to search your room! Great idea! Hey, Babies! I hope them legs came with buuunnnss!! [Lady singing] # Space Unicorn! # Soaring through the stars! Delivering the rainbows All around the world - # Space Unicorn, Shining in the night # - It's working! Now what? Give them their marching orders.
Smiles and hugs forever All around the world [music continues] - All right, Babies.
Line up - Marco, make it fun.
Hey, Babies, wanna learn a new dance? First, shimmy your leg like this.
[Marco hums along to music] Ah! Ah! All right.
No-o-ow!! Pose! Great.
Now, back it up.
Back it up and spin! Then look for your sister under the nearest object! [clock bell gongs] Space unicorn! Soaring through the stars They're doing it! Delivering the rainbows I think they found something! - # All around the world! # - Katrina.
Star! Why do you have so many bear traps? You're afraid to tell Jackie you have a crush on her, but you're not afraid of bears? I don't get you, Marco.
- How are we gonna get to her? - We use the binder.
What?! [Star grunts] [slow-motion scream] Nooooo! [traps snap and clang loudly] Babies! [Babies croak] [gasps] [Babies croak loudly] [gasps] Hey, are you okay? [sobbing] I miss baby tadpole grow legs! Most important developmental stage of child development.
Well, little Katrina hasn't grown her legs yet.
[gasps happily] My little late bloomer.
Come to Papa! [Buffrog giggles] [Katrina croaks loudly] Booooop! - Bye little Katrina-kins.
- Don't forget the binder.
Look, we added a chapter.
[bear traps clang] Aww Thank you, Star girl.
And Karate Boy.
I will remember this, like something I will never forget.
[portal zaps close] - I like that guy.
- Yeah.
Me too.
TINY MARCO: Wohooo! You know, sometimes you do have to forget the rules - and focus on just having fun.
- You can't forget them completely though.
They make the fun that much sweeter.
You think they'll ever get that? [Marco and Star snore softly] TINY STAR: Give them time.
They're still young.
[music] [crickets chirp in distance] [jovial music starts] [music comes to a jarring end slowly] [Babies croaking softly] [croaking continues] Call BooFly.
[beeping] [nasally voice] Hey, Buffrog! Long time no see, man! I heard you have kids now.
Yes, 12 beautiful babies.
Very hungry.
I hear you're hiring for a job.
Are you sure you're up for it? You've been out of the game for a while.
Oh, don't worry about me.
I am just as evil as ever.
[evil laughter] [toy squeaks] It'll be just fine.
Star and I got this handled.
Just like a suitcase.
Totally handled.
Daddy will come get you after work.
Six o'clock sharp.
Be good and listen to babysitters.
[portal zaps close] [bawls loudly] [sniffs] C-Come on.
Pull yourself together, man.
Who's more evil than you? [gruffly] Nobody! [grunts and shouts] Hiya! Hya! Hya! Hya! [shouting fades] [grunting] - Buffrog? - Bufforg.
Buffrog, Buffrog? - Buffrog, Buffrog.
- The Buffrog? Actually it's Yovginei Buffgoiapov.
What? Guys, welcome the newest member of our team.
This guy? Look a little soft.
- To me.
- Soft?! [grunts and snarls] - Oooh.
- He's just like me.
Ah, whatever.
Last time he got his hands dirty he was changing diapers.
[chuckles] You want me to change your diaper? [gasps] [growls angrily] Guys! Guys, guys, guys.
We're all on the same team here.
We have work to do.
[country music plays] [tap tap] - Cooorrn! - Coorrrrrrnn! Wait.
Only Mewmans have corn.
How rats have corn when monsters are starving? That's what we're here to find out.
In that case, let's get show on road.
BOTH: Thumpie-bumpies! Okay, here is plan.
A: We capture rat.
B: Make him tell us where he got corn.
Well, great.
I'll just go grab him! No, no.
Give your abs a break.
We must do this quietly.
Let me teach you about the element of surprise.
[grunts and shouts] BOOFLY: Aw, yeah! Buffrog's back! [rat squeaks] [softly] Surprise! [cackles triumphantly] Okay, little guy.
You and me will have little talk.
[music] [shouts in surprise] Wait! DOGBULL: What was that? Baby oil on your fingers? [laughs] BOOFLY: Umm, Buffrog? - Did that just happen? - Uhhh Look what was in the Lost and Found.
[chuckles] Yeah, 'cause he lost it.
And we found it! Right? [laughter] Uuuhh Hey Buff Frog! Why don't you show the team your patented interrogation technique.
This guy's the best! [chuckles nervously] [music] We will do this the easy way and the hard way.
Easy for me, and hard for you.
This is amazing! [chuckles] Told you he was good.
Where did you get the corn? Uuhhh! [groans] This rat is tougher than I thought.
You're not going to want to see this.
- Uuh, yeah I do! - No, no, no.
Lets, uh, leave the master to his work.
You know how artists are.
[chuckles] [whimpers] [clank] Ooh! What is happening to me? [squeaks] I can't do this to you.
What am I doing? I know what you're thinking.
You think I'm soft because I have children, don't you? [growls] I'll show you! [Rat squeals loudly] [Rat screeching] Oh, and can you believe Nadia here? Seriously.
There ought to be a law against something that cute.
Oooh! We should do live chat with them.
I call Star right now.
[beeping] [Rat screeching] It's ringing! BOOFLY: I'm telling you, He probably found all the corn by now.
What did you just do?! - You let him go?! - Umm, yes.
- But it's uhh - It's all according to the plan.
I've seen him do this a hundred times.
It's a classic.
Buffrog interrogates the prisoner, then lets him go, 'cause he's so freaked out that he'll lead us right to where the corn came from technique.
- Am I right, B? - Oh, yes.
Yes, never fails.
[sniffs] Well, I guess I can track his scent from here.
[continues sniffing] Hey, Bruh, are you good? 'Cause, um - that didn't look good.
- I know.
I know! This should be easy but nothing is feeling right.
You blow this again, I'm not gonna be able to cover for you! No, no.
I got this.
[footsteps in marching cadence] Jackpot.
[music] Yes, but this is not the source.
Is only supply route.
Hey, Buff-Daddy.
You with us, or what? - Yes.
One hundred percent.
- Okay, guys [softly] quiet [soft metallic whooshing] [loud baby music plays] [Buffrog gaps and fumbles] [rats squeak] Uuh Umm Shh! [grunting] [hoarsely] Stop it! [music slows down] [Buffrog grunts] [Rats squeak and squeal] [baby music fades into distance] That was Katrina's favorite [growls menacingly] Guys, guys, guys! - Keep your cool.
- Now, we're gonna do this my way.
We follow the supply route back to the source and we'll be swimming in delicious corrrnn!!! BOTH: Cooorrrrrnn! Cooorrrrrnn! - Cooorrr - No, no.
Not you.
[whimpers softly] All right! Everyone else, move out! Oh, wait! Boo Fly! Please.
I need one more chance.
- Just go home, man.
- Thumbie-bumpie? No, man.
No thumpie-bumpie.
[sad music] [phone rings] [explosion] [gasps] [sobs] [gasps] ALL: Corn! [shouting in joy] [grunt and groan] [force field hums] Noo! Stupid Mewmans! [thump] [force field hums] [thump] [force field hums] [buzzing] DOGBULL: Huh? Green hole? [growls and grumbles] [grunts and growls] You can't fit in there.
You need to try something small Hey! [grunts and struggles] Corn, corn, corn.
[laughs] Corn! Corn! Corn! [grunting in distance] Huh? My corn! Come on, man, suck in your gut! You there, monsters! Get away from my corrnn!! [fire roars] Woopsie! [Monsters gasp] Noo! Later! We're toast! [fire roars loudly] [groans] [Buffrog roars] I thought you went home! We are all going home.
[groans] My ab! My Ab!! I'm missing an ab! [ab creaks] - Oh, thank corn.
- Thanks, Buffrog! - Thank you for saving us.
- Sorry we were mean! Just doing my job.
I'm never making fun of dads again! Aww, c'mere, my little perogis! [Monsters chuckles shyly] I don't want to ruin a moment but, um - we didn't get any corn.
- True.
We did not get corn.
But mission not a failure.
We found hole in Mewman force field that they did not know was there.
We just need a way to get in through that hole.
If anyone can do it you can! Now, I must get babies.
[gasps happily] Daddy missed you so much, my little kreplachs! [portal zaps close] Know what? I'm gonna call my dad.
[Rats squeaking] [music] I think Earth is a pretty gre-e-eat place That's saying something 'Cause I've been through outer space I think it suits me It's just my style I think I'm gonna stay a little while I think that strangers are just friends you haven't met I'm blasting monsters and I never break a sweat I'm really thinking I could call this place home