Star vs. the Forces of Evil (2015) s02e08 Episode Script

Game of Flags; Girls' Day Out

1 [" I'm from Another Dimension" by Brad Breeck plays] It's gonna get a little weird Gonna get a little wild I ain't from 'round here I'm from another dimension Gonna get a little weird Gonna have a good time I ain't from 'round here I'm from another, woo-hoo Yeh-heah I'm talking rainbows I'm talking puppies Pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, pa Paaa It's gonna get a little weird Gonna get a little wild I ain't from 'round here I'm from another dimension [song ends] [blowing fanfare] Ladies and gentlemen of the Butterfly-Johansen annual picnic, lunch is served.
[cheering] - Food! - You know, Lord Wildrew is still single.
Never too late to start over, dearie.
Yes, Aunt Etheria, I heard you the first hundred times.
May I present the first course? Check out this big girl sitting at the grown-up table! I'm too old to be sitting at this stupid kids' table.
It's not stupid.
We get all the Mewni corn we want.
It's so good.
My man here knows what I'm talking about.
Right, hungry buddy? I mean, really, sippy goblets.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's the big deal? All the fun is happening over there! [slurping loudly] Oh, it's starting to happen.
What's starting to happen? [muffled] Grown-up stuff.
[all talking at once] There's no need for any of this, I just want You Johansens spoiled my appetite like you've spoiled the Butterfly family tree.
Let's put a stop to this.
Your neck ruffles are choking off the oxygen to your brain.
- River! - You oh! Yes, of course, of course.
[clears throat] Now, now.
There's no need for all this back and forth about who's better than who.
We're all royalty, as you know.
There is a way we can settle this petty dispute like the civilized people we are.
With flags!! - Flag! - Oh, dear.
It's about time.
I've been thinking about this all year.
Come on, Marco.
Let's play.
All we have to do is be the first to get this flag up there.
Oh, like king of the hill.
I rock at that game.
Not that hill.
- That hill.
- Oh.
And the winner gets to look down on everyone else for a whole year.
I am so ready for this! - No way.
- Hey.
That's my flag.
You can have it back after the match.
but you won't be playing Flags today.
Why not? You played Flags when you were my age.
I did a lot of things you won't be doing.
[groans] I know it's boring to be the oldest at the kids' table, but you're not ready to be the youngest at the adults' table.
Now go and help your little cousins chew their corn.
I'll show her.
I can play this game, and I will win.
Come on, Marco.
You're on Team Star.
But you heard your mom.
We're supposed to stay at the kids' table.
Don't you worry.
We'll be sitting at the kids' table.
The game will commence when all participants are at the ready.
So if both sides of your family are playing against each other, - whose side are we on? - Duh.
Our side.
Here's to another spirited game of Flags.
Let us not have a repeat of last year's unfortunateness.
What happened last year? Just before he reached the peak, Uncle Lump got his body cut off.
- What?! - Relax.
He's fine.
He's right over there.
Neigh, neigh.
I think he likes it better this way.
Ready, set flags.
- Here we go, Marco.
- Hyiah! And both families are at the course.
The Johansens take an early lead, but the Butterflies are making up the slack.
[classic music] That's my girl.
Star, little help.
Oh, here, my dear boy.
Allow me to assist you.
- Hey, thanks.
- Marco, no! [screams] Oh! By my troth, you must surely ate it on that one.
Smooch my royal hindquarters.
[chuckless] - Toodles! - Nice takedown, Uncle Heartrude.
- Let go! - You good? Why did you congratulate him? He pulled me down.
That's Flags.
That's how you play.
We gotta keep moving.
Prithee, may I accept some assistance? Dream on, Uncle Jerkface.
Whoa sakes.
I have not the choice but to gnaw off my own fibula.
We're going into the rain zone.
[thunder rumbling] Oh, no.
I can do king of the hill, I can not do wet socks.
Flags doesn't care what you like.
We gotta keep moving.
Out of the way, old lady.
- Wait a minute - Eyes on the prize, Marco.
[laughing] - Star, we gotta go back.
- We are never going back.
I think your family's really trying to hurt each other.
Isn't it awesome? Not again, not again, not again.
And there's the repeat of last year.
Adieu, Uncle Lump.
Who shall take the hill? I am beside myself with anticipation.
Look at my girl, all grown up and playing Flags.
- You make me so proud.
- Aw, Dad, you're so sweet.
Great job, honey.
You just threw your You got me.
You just threw your [muttering indistinctly] You just threw your dad down a mountain.
Haven't you figured it out yet? You don't waste time on anybody.
Keep up! And the herd of participants is being further culled.
There is now only a handful vying for the top of the hill.
So dreadfully exciting.
Lady Etheria and Lord Grunt lead the pack with a late appearance from oh, my.
- The Princess Star Butterfly.
- What? Star? [music] [grunts] You've been a stone in my poulaines for too long, my incorrigible little niece! You're about to abdicate the throne! What is she doing? - Marco, come on! - Star, this game is changing you.
It's not about who versus who or rivalries or whatever.
It's about winning no matter what.
And that's just not you.
Eat this.
Let's just go back down the hill.
Star Huh? She's got our flags.
Get her! Get our flags! Give me flag.
Give it to me! [music] Mom? - Are you all right? - Oh, man, Mom, those are some sweet magic moves with your big old wings and stuff.
Star, you're never going to believe, but I just met your twin sister.
She was made out of corn.
I don't even remember giving birth to her.
River, did I ever give birth to a corn baby? No.
I'm afraid we just have the one child, my dear.
- Thank you, River.
- The name is Star.
Why don't you just lay back down? Thank you.
You see what Flags does to your brain? I'm sorry I tried to trick you with my corn twin.
And maybe you're right.
Maybe I'm not ready for Flags.
But maybe the real problem is that Flags is dumb.
There she is.
I found her.
Star Butterfly.
Our only child, my dear.
- Okay.
- Hungry.
I was trying to bring all these flags to the top of the hill.
Not so that I could win the hill for myself, but to claim the hill for all of us! [cheering] Who wants food? That's the most adult thing I've heard all day.
I misjudged you, Star.
You earned a rightful seat at the grown-up table.
- Hug! - Star, public displays of affection aren't a Butterfly virtue.
The Johansens, on the other hand, are amazing at it.
You are the perfect blend of both sides of the family.
- I'm proud of you.
- Thanks, Mom.
Only an idiot would wanna win this game.
Whoo hoo! I'm the winner.
King of the hill.
In your face.
Now, when you carry the four, let V be the finite dimensional vector space over K.
Where we're solving for K [loud sigh] [Skullnick continues] 'Sup? For cosine localized algebra, we write K.
Blaah! [teacher continues in monotone] Okay.
Fly free, little Marisol! [squeaks] [yells] Oh, no.
- Be free! - Why did you do that? Because she was bored! We're all bored! She's bored, he's bored, - he's bored, Marco's definitely bored.
- Don't drag me into this.
Bored out of his mind.
- That's it! Detention! - For that? Marco, go get my hamster! Viva Marisol! Oof! [growls] Sit in there and think about what you did, hooligan.
'Sup, Star? Welcome to D-ten.
Looks like you're one of us now.
Math cage, hamster cage, detention cage.
You guys can stay in here if you want, but I won't be caged.
- I'm outta here.
- Oh, yeah, that's cool.
I mean, you were elected mayor of detention, - but whatever.
It's no big deal.
- What? Yeah.
It says so right here on this thing.
This paper piece of paper.
- But I just got here.
- No, no, I get it.
It's cool.
The mayor has more important things to do.
Uh, hey, everybody, can I have your attention? Listen up.
So, I have some bad news.
The mayor is busy and won't be able to help us today, so I guess we'll just go back to our previous system of anarchy.
[glass shatters] Let me see that.
This is fake! Every election is fake.
What does the mayor of detention even do? Well, the townspeople have a list of requests.
And the mayor, you, fulfill them.
Let's get this over with.
And comb.
Well, looks like my work here is done.
See you, guys.
Won't be needing this anymore.
[crying] What's up with Waterworks over there? Oh, that's Toby.
- Yeah, but why is he crying? - Oh, he's just bummed 'cause he didn't get his request in on time.
- Not your problem.
- Ugh.
One last thing, but then I'm gone.
- Toby, what's your request? - Well, usually, we all gather around this little window like so, and we watch wrestling on the TV across the hall.
I can control it with this stolen remote.
- Except the batteries are dead.
- Worst timing ever.
The Junior Mustache is fighting the Sterling Stallion at 4:00 p.
So where we gonna get fresh batteries, Miss Mayor? Hmmm.
[music playing] [gasps] That's it.
Oskar's keytar uses batteries.
I like your style.
Come out, Marisol.
Here, baby.
[squeaking] Fine.
I'm comin' in.
Aw, come on.
Huh? - Oh, hey, Jackie.
- Do you need some help? Just hangin' out.
I drew up a plan.
We'll cross the field to the parking lot, but we have to get back by 1:00 p.
That's when Skullnick checks in every day for roll call.
The school ground's a harsh, unforgiving landscape not to be taken lightly.
[yelling] First, we gotta get past the fall hall.
Next, we must blend in with band practice.
And lastly, Miss Skullnick.
I got it.
Shimmering destructo cannon.
How about we call that Plan B? I was thinking we could just scare her away with this.
Potato chips! - I don't get it.
- Not chips.
Aw, he's so cute.
[chewing loudly] Oh, when did I pack you? Sour cream and ham flavored? My favorite.
Oooh, I better not.
Oh, but what could one chip hurt? Who are you kidding, Margaret? You wouldn't just stop at one.
But you have been doing your water aerobics every day, so you deserve this.
What's going on here? [kids chattering, cameras clicking] They better not be having fun on school grounds.
Don't worry.
I have him pretty much wrapped around my finger.
Let me do the talking.
Hey there, Oskar.
We'd like to borrow your [Star shuddering] Uh, Madame Mayor.
Batteries? [stammering] Mayor.
Star! Ugh, forget it.
Hey, Oskar, can we borrow your keytar batteries to watch wrestling? There is no cause worthier than the wrestling arts.
I'll just take those batteries then.
No, you can't have these.
I gotta keep jammin'.
But I have a spare set of batteries in the trunk.
Somewhere in one of these.
Batteries! [chuckles] Nailed it.
I hope you didn't hurt my sweet Marisol.
No, I'm fine, thanks.
Where's the stuck kid? - Ahem.
- A-ha.
It's probably him.
Don't worry, little fella.
We'll get you out in no time.
[whirrs] Wait.
Wait, wait! - Is this safe? - Yeah, I'll be fine.
- All free.
- Oh.
Finally! Whoo, I don't have to look like an idiot anymore Marisol! My little Marisol.
[smooching] It's almost time to check on the degenerates.
You wanna check on the degenerates, Marisol? Yes, you do, yes, you do.
OSKAR: Oh, yeah, this bad boy is one of my favorites.
I got it near that library that serves the best tacos.
That is such a great story.
[phone buzzing] - Mayor Butterfly, it's almost 1:00.
- Ah! No, not this one.
- No.
- Zilch.
- Nope.
- Aha! - Thanks, Oskar! - No problem.
[making keytar sounds] Get in.
Porcupine beast transformation! GIRL: Those girls are so weird.
Oh, my little Marisol.
- That cloud looks like a tree.
- And that one looks like aaah! Oh, yeah, that one does look like an "aaaah!" [kids screaming] [laughing] Skullnick.
- Star.
- Radiant rainbow bridge! STAR: Made it.
Oh, you must be so hungry.
Aren't you? How about something to eat, huh? [anguished shriek] Has anyone seen my Marisol? Oh, you mean this Marisol? Oh, I'm so sorry.
- Does this mean we can leave detention? - No! ANNOUNCER: This has been one exciting Wrestle Rama, ladies and gentlemen.
Looks like Junior Mustache is getting ready to pull off his Boom Boom of Doom.
Oh! That looks like it hurt.
One, two, three ANNOUNCER: And he's out.
[cheering] Well, duties fulfilled.
You are free to go.
Why, thank you.
You, too.
Get him, get him! ANNOUNCER: This has been one exciting match, folks.
You know you don't have to wear that badge anymore, right? I know, but if I take it off, we wouldn't be matching! - Rip his head off! - Tear him apart! [music] I think Earth is a pretty great place That's saying something 'Cause I've been through outer space I think it suits me It's just my style I think I'm gonna stay a little while I think that strangers are just friends you haven't met I'm blasting monsters and I never break a sweat I'm really thinking I could call this place home