Star vs. the Forces of Evil (2015) s04e08 Episode Script

Curse of the Blood Moon

1 It's gonna get a little weird Gonna get a little wild I ain't from round here I'm from another dimension Gonna get a little weird Gonna have a good time I ain't from round here I'm from another whoo-hoo! Yea-ah I'm talking rainbows I'm talking puppies Puh-puh-puh-puh-puh- puh-puh-puuuhh It's gonna get a little weird Gonna get a little wild I ain't from round here I'm from another dimension [clock ticking] [sighs] - [footsteps approaching] - Huh? What took you so long? - Sorry, sorry.
I know, I know.
- I've been waiting here forever! I went the long way.
I just don't like walking past Globgor at night.
It gives me night terrors.
Oh, brother.
So, what'd ya bring me? Well, why don't we just take a little peek? Bam! [gasps] Cap'n Blanche's Sugar Seeds?! [gasps] Why are you so good to me? Special edition, too.
Extra marshmallows.
Shh-shh-shh-shh-shh! Don't wake the baby! Oh, right.
Just wait till midnight.
[clock ticking] [chiming] Go! [both] Cheers.
[mouth full] Mmm! These marshmallows are actually really good.
[mouth full] Yeah, I know, right? Mm! [both talking indistinctly] Mmm.
[both slurping] [both sigh] Oh, no! One left! Wouldn't want that little guy gettin' lonely.
[grunts] Now they have each other.
Well, good night, Marco! - [Marco] Eclipsa! - [Eclipsa gasps] Marco! Haven't you learned by now not to sneak up on a magical queen? It's happening again.
Oh, no.
What is it this time? - Marshmallows.
- Aww.
She paired them up so they wouldn't be lonely! It's so adorable! It's makin' my guts go [growling] And then I get warm.
And then and then I I sweat.
I sweat a lot.
- Oh.
- And then, my my eyes have been welling up a little.
Every time I think I'm over her and I like someone else, I get marshmallows.
Do you have a spell to make my feelings go away? Oh, sweet baby boy.
No, I do not.
But you shouldn't be in such a rush to get rid of them.
But they hurt.
Feelings are worth feeling, even if they hurt.
[clears throat] Now, if you'll excuse us, I think Globgor would be rather embarrassed to have his teeth brushed in front of company.
Oh! Oh, of course, yeah.
Uh, sorry, Globgor.
- Hello, Marco.
- Back off! [scoffs] Relax, Mackie Hand.
Oh, it's you.
I heard your conversation with Eclipsa, and I think I might be able to help with your embarrassing little problem.
Eh, nope.
Don't say it.
Do not Hypnotism.
No, Janna! You are not gonna hypnotize me again! Aw, come on.
I'm just tryin' to help a friend.
Friends don't hypnotize each other and make them hate their favorite food! I used to love nachos.
Now the thought of them makes me [retches] queasy.
Yeah, but it's better for you this way.
- Besides, ya look good.
- [sighs] Thanks.
But I don't want to have nausea every time I think of Star.
I just don't want to have feelings for her anymore.
Don't worry.
I totally got this.
- No, no, no, no, no, no! - Chicken butt.
[toilet flushes] [sighs, stammers] The women's restroom? What the heck, Janna?! Don't thank me yet.
Let's see if it worked.
What do you think of Star's marshmallows now? They're still adorable.
So, you're telling me I just wasted 14 hours of my life? Ugh.
That's so annoying.
I know what I have to do.
I just don't wanna do it.
- What's that? - I gotta I gotta tell Star.
And you think that's a solution? I'm walkin' around with a bowl of cereal, here, Janna.
[chuckles] This is gonna be awkward.
- [puppy barking] - Oh, my little baby puppy! Oh, no! It's too cute! Oh, hey, Marco! Have you come to say hi to this little angel baby puppy? Star, can can you put the puppy away? I I have something to talk to you about.
Oh, OK.
Hey, Tom! Marco's got somethin' he wants to talk about! Oh, no! - [puppies barking] - Oh, cool.
What do you want to talk about, buuuudy? Uh, hey, Tom.
Wait, wait.
Just one second.
This should be good.
[stammering] OK! Fine.
Star, this kills me.
[Star] My little sweet baby marshmallow friends? Yoink! Delicious marshmallow friends! - Tom! - What? There's still one more.
- Exactly! Star didn't want - Exactly! I didn't want [both] that marshmallow to get lonely, - so she gave her a friend.
- so I gave her a friend.
[both] Now, it's all alone.
How do you not see that? It's adorable! Uhh, Star I'm havin' a problem, and I think it's you.
I like every single thing about you.
It's it's unnatural.
No, Marco.
It's not unnatural.
This should be good.
Look, Tom, Tom! I'm sorry, dude! I I just needed to get this off my chest! It's supernatural.
You're both cursed.
What? What are you talking about? [sighs] Remember the Blood Moon Ball? Yes Right.
Well, its actual name is the Blood Moon Curse.
The curse chooses two souls to be eternally bound under the light of the blood moon.
And I took you, in hopes that it would choose us, but it didn't.
It it chose you and Marco instead.
Wait, so we're cursed, and you knew about it? Yeah, but I I I kinda thought you knew, too? No, Tom.
I didn't know.
How would I have known? Well, I thought it was pretty clear! I mean, there was that guy who explained everything.
The light? Remember the light? It chose you.
I thought that was a fun party light! I didn't know it was cursed! But you know you have feelings for Marco! And I know you have feelings for Marco.
I mean, where did you think that came from? You have feelings for me? [stammering] Because of the curse! Star, I'm sorry.
I was an idiot back then.
W-what can I do to make it up to you? How about get rid of this curse?! OK, well, my Grandpa Relicor was the one to tell me about the blood moon.
Well, then, let's go talk with him.
No, wait, wait, wait.
He's never gonna talk about it with us.
But he's got a study room with books on everything, so let's start there.
Let's just hurry up and break this thing.
Right, Marco? Marco, what's wrong? I just can't believe that all this has been because of some dumb curse.
It it's just [sighs] confusing.
Hey! You're my best friend, and no curse is ever gonna change that.
But if this thing is messing with us, let's smash it to a billion pieces! Yeah! Let's go destroy our feelings! Whoa! Your grandpa's study is like my dream home.
It's his little man cave.
Little? He has, like, a billion books in here! Good thing he has a computer to search it all with.
I love it when the elderly embrace technology.
It says here that moon curses are easily broken! "The accursed simply needs to stand in the exact spot where the curse was placed, at the exact same cycle in the lunar calendar, and when the moon hits its apex" [gasps] "the curse shall be removed!" Oh, easy! We can totally do that.
When's the next blood moon? Uh, around 665 years from now.
Oh, right.
You don't live that long.
I wanted to start a family.
Fall in love.
[sighs] What's the point if this curse is making all the decisions? - [shrieks] - Wha ha what What the heck is this thing?! Oh, no! Grandpa Relicor, calm down! Get him off, get him off, get him off! Rainbow Fist Grab! [both exclaiming] Grandpa, I know I'm not supposed to be in here [shrieks] But I used the Blood Moon Curse.
[inquisitive grunt] I used it, but it chose my friends.
Now I really messed up their lives.
And we can't find a way to break the curse.
[grunts, sniffs] Uh, Tom? [verbalizes, sniffs] - Uh, what's happening? - [shrieks] I I I don't know.
- [shrieks] - My grandpa says that I've doomed you both.
- [shrieking] - But he says the Severing Stone might be able to help us.
Yoink! "The Severing Stone.
This enchanted rock possesses an edge so sharp that it can sever anything, be it physical, emotional, or even magical.
The Stone can be found at the deepest depths of the Underworld.
" Aw, man, this day gets better and better.
[shrieks] Uh, Relicor says he'll guide us to the Severing Stone, 'cause he's my grandpapapapapa papapapapapapapa papapaaaaaaaa.
OK Wait, is he just staying up there - [shrieking] - [Marco screaming] - [Marco grunts] - [Relicor vocalizing] [vocalizing] He's saying to back up.
- [vocalizing] - What? [organ music] [elevator dings] You know, this elevator might not be worth burnin' a shelf of books every time you wanna use it.
[Relicor vocalizes] - [Marco] Just sayin'.
- [elevator dings] - [muzak plays] - [whistling] [chuckling] Why are you a lil' giggly boy over there? Oh! Oh, I I I forgot I had this cereal bowl in my pocket.
And, uh, the cereal's all all mushy.
[both] Tom! What did I do? You're an elevator whistler! And you were doing that little thing we talked about.
Mm, that little stretchy yoga thing.
In public.
That I hate.
So, what? We gonna We just dump on Tom now?! Is that it? No, it's just, when you do that [grumbling] - [elevator stops] - [all grunt] We stopped.
[dings] - [Star] What? - [Marco] Where are we? [vocalizes] Uh, he, uh He says it's not the right floor.
[vocalizes] [vocalizing] Well, this is as far as I go.
- It's the way it is.
- [vocalizing] - Uh, sir, do not do not do that.
- [sawing] [vocalizing] Everything everything you're doing is being recorded.
[all screaming] Super Inflatable Bounce House Blast! [dings] [groaning] Wow.
That must be the Severing Stone! [vocalizing] You want me to translate that for ya, Marco? No.
It's fine, Tom.
I think I got it.
Hey, shut up.
Oh, great demon thing! What is it that you want from us? Wait, are you serious? Ugh.
Isn't it painfully obvious that this creep is some sort of bridge troll? He just came up out of the ground to block our path.
Over a very rickety bridge, I might add.
Now there's gonna be some crazy thing we gotta do to pay the toll.
Feed him a goat or something.
There's always a thing! Any second, this creep's gonna be all like, "If you wanna cross my bridge, you must, uh, uh, uh, uh, lift this couch that magically appeared up up these 30 stairs!" And then the five of us are gonna try to lift this stupid thing up the stairs, and it's not gonna work, and the creepy guy's gonna be all like, oh, uh, sorry.
What what's your name? Abraxacan.
Then Abraxacan is gonna be all like, oh, and I know this is a bad impression, "The couch can only be lifted by the right pairing!" Ugh.
And we're gonna be all exhausted and stuff.
And we're gonna be like, "Duh! It has to be me and Star who lift the couch!" Just us.
Because our souls are bonded.
Thank you.
[sighs] Grab an end, Star.
Let's get this thing over with.
Um, I don't know if all that was completely obvious.
To me.
Maybe I'm alone.
[laughs nervously] No way.
This thing's got a bed inside of it.
[chuckling] Oh, yeah.
It's gonna weigh a ton.
- [grunting] - [Vexicor] Stop! [exhaling menacingly] No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! [slurping] [exhales] Abraxacan, what are these people doing here? They're moving the couch.
I can see that.
But why are they moving the couch? To get across the bridge.
But if they want to cross the bridge, they have to fight us to the death! Um, yeah, I just thought they'd do that after they moved Please stop talking.
Please stop talking.
I mean, somebody's gotta move the couch.
Well, hire movers! Just like everybody else! Ugh.
Just lower the tower.
This is a total mess.
You forgot to close the door.
What? I have no idea what just happened, but let's go before they change their minds.
[panting] This bridge is a death trap.
[both exclaiming] [all exclaiming] Aah! Help! Help me! Janna! No, I'm kidding.
I have really strong fingers.
I had ya fooled, though.
You should have seen yo faces! [chuckles] So, that's the Severing Stone? [clears throat] [shrieks] [plays musical notes] [shrieks] [plays notes] [shrieks] [plays notes] - [Relicor shrieks] - [plays notes] Uh, Tom, would you mind translating for us? I don't speak Severing Stone.
[shrieks] Oh! He says the Stone is asking why we're here.
[clears throat] Oh, Severing Stone, we wish to sever our souls, which were bound in the light of the blood moon.
[plays notes] [shrieks] He says that'll be easy! Just hop up on the stage.
[both] Let's do this.
[panicked vocalizing] - Huh? - Huh? Relicor? [vocalizing continues] Gramps, what are you doing? [shrieks] [plays note] [vocalizes, whimpering] OK, what was that all about? [vocalizing] Relicor says he came to the Severing Stone once before, thousands of years ago [vocalizes] because he wanted to sever his soul - from my great-grandma, but - [vocalizes] but to do so, he had to sacrifice the memory of the moment they first fell in love.
- Now, he can never have that memory back.
- [Relicor sobbing] And he says he's regretted it ever since.
[vocalizes] The Stone says the severing is permanent.
But that's cool, 'cause that's that's what we all want, right? Janna, would you mind holding this? No, I'm cool.
I got you, bro.
So, we have to sacrifice the memory of the moment our souls were bonded.
- When we danced.
- Yeah.
Ok, so Like this, I guess? I mean, I think so.
Hey! Hey, that dance was meant for me! [laughs] I'm just kidding.
Are we sure this is what we're [plays note] [both] Whoa.
[both] It's the Blood Moon Ball! Oh, my gosh, outfits and everything! Are you guys seeing this? Wow.
Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.
Marco, I think we're in our memories.
[music] I guess we gotta go for it.
[gasps] Aww, you look so cute in your mask.
Uh, naw.
[Star] Oh, right! I also never told you you had corn chip crumbs on your tie.
- [Marco] Aw.
- [Star laughs] [laughs] Well, that's embarrassing.
[sighs] Uh, this would have been the part where Tom shoved me halfway across the ballroom.
This feels new.
Where have you been hiding these dance moves, Diaz? Nowhere.
I mean, I just keep on dancin', you know? That's what Grandma said.
"Just keep dancing, even if you look silly.
" [both laughing] Aww.
[laughs] Marco, I'm really scared.
Don't worry.
It's gonna work.
That's what I'm scared of.
I I I don't want my destiny determined by some creepy curse, but I like this.
Yeah? So do I.
What if it was never the blood moon? [music shutting down] [both groaning] - [both] Aah! - [plays note] [shrieks] He says it is done.
What happened? You, like, turned around once, and that was it.
I don't know.
I feel like I just woke up from, like, a weird nap.
Yeah, we were at the Blood Moon Ball, and we were dancing, and then W-what were we just doing? Yeah, I I don't remember.
How do we know it even worked? Well, here.
The cornshmallows.
Do these cornshmallows give you any feelings? Ehh.
I just see two gross pieces of cereal! What about when you look at me? I see my best friend.
Me, too.
Whoo! Ho ho! Oh, well now things are only a little awkward! Instead of very awkward, which it was, for, like, a year.
[shudders] I felt so much guilt every single day.
Tom, you should have.
But it's OK.
Let's just get outta here.
[Janna cackling] Janna? I did it! I got my soul severed from itself.
Whoo! [laughs] What?! Oh, Janna, come on, why would you do that? Now I have two souls.
I'm pretty much a demon.
Uh, Janna, it it doesn't work like that.
Yeah, now you just have two halves of the same soul.
So I'm half-demon.
Still counts.
[chuckles] - [Relicor shrieks] - [Marco screams] OK, you know, I will be waiting in the elevator.
She's a princess winning battles Through the break of dawn Don't worry when it's night 'Cause she will keep the lights on Oh, there goes a shining star - Evil won't deter her - No, sir! - 'Cause magic flows through her - Star Butterfly! She is a shining star