Star Wars: Forces of Destiny (2017) s02e09 Episode Script

Chopper and Friends

[speaking Ewokese] HERA: Chopper! Com-scan picked up some leftover Imperial TIEs.
They're headed for the Ewok village.
We need to get to the Ghost.
- CHOPPER: [beeping] - There's no time to get more crew.
It's just you and me! Hurry.
CHOPPER: [beeping] [both speaking Ewokese] CHOPPER: [beeping] [thud] [engines whooshing] There they are! They're coming around at .
075! [engines whooshing] [exhales] Get to the guns! - CHOPPER: [beeping] - What? Your new crew? - CHOPPER: [beeping] - [speaking Ewokese] Ewoks? What are they doing here? - CHOPPER: [beeping] - [speaking Ewokese] They're good in a fight on the ground.
Not up here! [lasers whizzing] [thud] All right, you two.
Get to it! [both speaking Ewokese] [lasers blasting] [speaking Ewokese] [grunts] Ooh! Oh [boom] Oh! Ah! [muttering under breath] CHOPPER: [beeping] [Ewok attack yells] Whatever you're doing, keep it up.
They're coming back around.
[boom] Ooh, ya! [engines thrumming] [boom] [cheering] [whooping] CHOPPER: [beeping] Oh! Ha ha ha [cheering] - CHOPPER: [beeping] - Yes, Chopper.
Your crew did a good job.
Now let's take them back home.
[both speaking Ewokese]