Star Wars REBELS (2014) s00e05 Episode Script

Property of Ezra Bridger (short)

1x00e - Property of Ezra Bridger Mister! Hey, you okay? You alive? Get your hands off my craft! This fighter is property of the Empire! Guess that's a yes.
I told you to get off this ship.
Not much of a ship anymore.
Besides, I'm just trying to open her up.
Hey, don't say "thank you" or anything.
Thank you? Please.
I'm an officer of the Imperial Navy.
- I didn't need your help.
- Of course not.
Your sleeve's caught on the flight recorder.
- It is? - Let me just unhook it for you.
- What was that? - So why were you chasing that cargo ship? - Were they smugglers? - That's confidential informa Whoa there, sir.
A bit of metal caught on your, um, posterior.
Wouldn't want an officer of the Imperial Navy to split his pants.
- No, I my pants - That just wouldn't be dignified.
Hold still now.
I almost got it.
Oh! There.
Now remember, sir.
No "thank yous.
" Here, I'll take that.
You didn't need my help! And besides I didn't come to help! Just came to score a little tech for the black market, you Loth-rat! Why, you little You'll be sorry.
Or dead You'll be dead.
That's impossible.
Ha! Well, that was fun.
Now, where "This helmet is property of Ezra Bridger.
" Or it is now anyway.
Sir! Thank you, sir!