Star Wars REBELS (2014) s03e04 Episode Script

Hera's Heroes

How did they find us? The Empire is getting better at anticipating our moves.
This will slow them down.
(GRUNTS) Gobi, where are you? We need a pickup now! We are not far from the Tulara Ravine.
We can lose them in the maze.
No good.
Gobi said they mined the pass.
We're closing in on your position.
Hera, is that you? Good timing.
We are running out of room.
- We're coming in from the north.
- There's no time for you to land.
We're not landing.
- Head south.
- CHAM: Hera, there is no time.
Just turn around! We'll take care of the Empire.
Is she serious? - (SCOFFS) My daughter is always serious.
- Ha.
Runs in the family.
(EXCLAIMS) Rebel transport incoming.
Shoot it down! Hera, how did you plan on getting us onboard? I'm lowering the front ramp.
Just jump on.
- With the blurrgs? - Yep.
Blurrgs are welcome too.
Ha! You didn't think that through, did you? Uh Hey, kid, you got this outfit? - Nope.
- The kid wants your helmet.
(GRUNTS) You arrived just in time.
Thank you for making this supply run.
It wasn't easy getting past that Imperial blockade.
Then I wish I had better news.
The Imperials now occupy the entire Tann province.
(GASPS) (CHOPPER GRUNTING) What's the Tann province? - It's where Hera grew up.
- What happened, Father? I underestimated the commander, Captain Slavin.
His previous attacks were clumsy, but this one was swift, precise, unlike him.
He's made our home his headquarters.
I'm afraid I couldn't save anything when I escaped.
Not even the Kalikori? What's a Kalikori? A totem passed down the line of a Twi'lek family.
It honors all who have come before.
Each parent adds to the artwork to include themselves in the legacy.
Family history as living art.
Hera would have inherited our family's Kalikori.
And I still will.
That heirloom was important to my mother.
And I'm not ready to give it up yet.
Gobi, Numa and I are coming with you.
We'll help too.
This wasn't meant to be a personal mission.
I can't let you take this risk with me.
- You'd do it for us.
- Because we owe you.
(CHOPPER GRUNTING) Come, Daughter.
I'll brief you on Captain Slavin's defenses.
All right, Chop, you'll sneak in with me here.
The rest of you will work on a diversion to draw the troops away.
But there are few of our people left in the Tann province.
Getting you in unnoticed won't be easy.
They might notice her, but they won't recognize me.
Here comes the patrol.
You two wait here until we draw them away.
Then you can slip by.
(BEEPS) Well, we got their attention.
That's your home? - It's beautiful.
- Yes.
Even more so before the Empire showed up.
Hold it there.
Where did you find her? (CLEARS THROAT) I caught this rebel on patrol.
(GRUNTS) Let me go, you blurrg dropping! Take the prisoner inside for processing.
The transport will come pick her up later.
The Empire's certainly made themselves at home.
Oh, there's Chopper.
(GRUNTING) Chopper.
Chop! What's with him? That Y-wing crashed here back in the Clone War, and my father left it as a memorial.
It also happens to be the ship I pulled Chopper out of, so he still has issues with it.
He'll be along.
This way.
(BEEPING) This is it.
My father's office.
He said the Kalikori would be in here somewhere.
- Is that your mother? - Yes, it is.
I'll give you one guess who the little girl beside her is.
(GASPS) Here it is! Hmm.
Well, that was easy.
Ah, we're not out of this yet.
Come on.
Let's go.
(DOOR CHIMING) Stand guard.
No one in or out.
Well, I have increased security per your orders, Grand Admiral, but I don't understand why.
The rebel activity is far from here.
It's closer than you think, Captain.
- Who was that blue guy? - I don't know.
Well, how are we gonna get out of here? There's a secret exit on the lower level.
- Do you think they know about it? - I doubt it.
There was never any reason to come down here, except to sneak a meiloorun from time to time.
(GASPS) I've never seen so many gutkurrs down here before.
I don't think they're down here for meilooruns.
(CHOPPER GRUNTS) Chopper! Am I glad to see you.
We could use some help getting out of here.
(GRUNTING) Did we lose 'em? I think we finally lost 'em.
Nobody knows this land as well as we do.
Looks like they're learning fast.
(BLURRG WARBLING) (GRUNTS) Gobi! Rocket launcher! (SIGHS) That won't hold them off for long.
Cham, any word from Hera? No.
Something must have gone wrong.
- We've got to help her.
- We will.
Come on! Chop was right.
There are less guards here.
Well, I guess they're not expecting prisoners to just walk out the front door.
We just need a diversion.
(GRUNTING) (GRUNTING) (GRUNTING CONTINUES) Is that thing talking to us? Looks like it's malfunctioning.
You go first.
I'll keep you covered.
(GRUNTING CONTINUES) Out of the way, servant! Uh-oh.
You are not permitted on these floors.
I have told you people, restrict your movements to the kitchen.
Sorry, sir.
Just a moment.
Guards, bring her here.
May I see that? I'm a visitor to your world.
It occurs to me it might be beneficial to hear what you have to say about our Imperial occupation.
I don't think I could be of any help to you.
Oh, I disagree.
Bring her to your office for questioning.
Please! I am a poor refugee.
Captain, do you recognize this? Yes, it, it was here, in my office.
I thought I could sell it for food.
- My family is starving.
- No excuse.
You shall make a valuable example to others of your kind who think to steal from the Empire.
She's far more valuable than you realize.
Uh How do you mean? To defeat an enemy, you must know them.
Not simply their battle tactics, but their history, philosophy, art.
So I will ask you again, Captain, do you know what this is? Some primitive native trinket.
It's a Kalikori.
A revered Twi'lek heirloom passed from parent to child through generations.
Worthless to outsiders, priceless to family.
Well, she stole it.
Yes, but why? War.
It's all you've ever known, isn't it? You were so young when you survived the Clone War.
No wonder you're as equipped in spirit to fight as well as you do.
War is in your blood.
I study the art of war, work to perfect it.
But you You were forged by it.
Sir, she's just a peasant.
(IN NORMAL ACCENT) It doesn't matter where we come from, Admiral.
Our will to be free is what's going to beat you.
You You dare Slavin, please.
You embarrass me in front of our host.
"Host"? What? May I introduce Hera Syndulla, rebel pilot, freedom fighter and military leader.
Daughter of your nemesis, Cham Syndulla.
(GROANS) (GASPS) How did you know? Because rebels have friends always rushing to the rescue.
(GRUNTS) An unexpected pleasure to meet you, Captain Hera Syndulla.
(SIGHS) Wish I could say the same, Admiral.
It is a pity our first encounter might well be our last.
I will keep your Kalikori in a place of honor.
If I knew you'd take it, I would've smashed it when I had the chance.
You surprise me.
Is your history worth so little to you? My family legacy belongs to us alone.
It is not for some collector's curiosity.
What did you say? Forgive him.
I thank you for your hospitality.
Have the Kalikori transported to my ship.
We should just destroy that piece of Twi'lek trash.
(GROWLS) My apologies, Captain Slavin.
I forgot not everyone is able to appreciate art as I do.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm conducting an experiment that requires my attendance.
I leave it to your command to finish the job.
And so I shall.
Ah, what'd I miss? They've stopped firing.
SLAVIN: Cham Syndulla, I would have a word with you.
It concerns your daughter.
Where is she? I have your precious Hera.
And the boy, Ezra Bridger.
They'll face my blaster squad unless you surrender to me.
You can't.
You're too important.
And my daughter is not important? I will trade my life for hers.
She will lead in my place.
Captain Slavin, I will surrender to you, but what assurance will you give me that my daughter and the boy will be released? Only that if you do not arrive for the exchange by sundown, they will both be terminated.
Could the trap be more obvious? We know.
And I am counting on all of you to use my sacrifice to save Hera and Ezra.
I'm sorry, Ezra.
It was selfish of me to go after my Kalikori.
I put you and everyone else in danger for a personal mission.
But we wanted to help because it was important to you.
But we weren't ready for that admiral.
- I should have known better.
- (DROID GRUNTING) (GRUNTING CONTINUES) EZRA: Chopper! My father's actually surrendering? To free us.
Well, they can't make a prisoner exchange without prisoners.
- Let's go.
- Not yet.
We won't make it out.
There are too many guards.
We're going to go through with this exchange, but on my terms.
Chopper, I want you to raid the Imperial armory and get as many explosives as you can.
(GRUNTING) You're You're gonna blow up your house? My home is my crew and family.
(GRUNTING) SLAVIN: I want heavy cannons positioned here and here.
Launchers below, with two additional squads held back in reserve.
(EXCITED GRUNTING) Time to say good-bye to your father.
All right, Captain Syndulla, let's see how you respond.
On my command.
At last we meet face-to-face.
Step forward, alone, and turn yourself over as promised.
Not until you release them.
We'll make a simultaneous exchange.
Start walking.
(GRUNTING) (GRUNTING) Droid! What are you doing? I am sorry, Father.
It's all right, Hera.
Even I have been captured before.
Nah, I'm sorry about the house.
Chopper! (BEEPS) (EXPLOSIONS IN DISTANCE) What You were serious! (CHOPPER GRUNTS) Stop them! Stop them! - They are in range, sir.
- Hold your fire.
They've earned their victory today.
- Admiral, the rebels are getting away! - Oh, not to worry, Captain.
I've found this whole experience to be very enlightening.
I have learned not to underestimate you.
Fortunately, the Empire has not.
At least, not yet.
I'm sorry about the Kalikori, Hera.
I thought I needed it to keep my mother's memory alive, but I have you, I have my father, and I'm surrounded by my family every day.
(LAUGHING) As long as we hold on to that, she'll live on.