Star Wars Resistance (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

The Triple Dark

1 [ship whirring] [triumphant music] That's it.
Bring it on in.
You've got it.
This guy better be paying for this rush job, Yeager.
[beeping] If I had known I wasn't going home again, I would've brought more stuff.
But I guess this will have to make things feel like home.
[beeping] So about starting the mission, BB-8.
How do we spy on the First Order? What am I even looking for? [beeping] Mechanic? I'm supposed to be a spy! Oh, Kaz! We have a new job.
Wow! Look at all of your fabulous possessions, Kaz! You have so much stuff! Ooh, what is that? It's my lucky trophy, Neeku.
It reminds me of home.
I once had a pet named Lucky that reminded me of home.
And then it died.
And then I ate it.
And it was supremely delicious.
And then I had severe Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! That is That's good, Neeku.
I I do not need to know any more.
But hey, uh, thanks? Kaz! Come over here.
I've got your first assignment.
Time to cut your teeth as a mechanic.
New client, quick turnaround.
Don't screw it up.
Tam and Neeku will supervise.
[beeps] I'm a pilot, BB-8.
I just fly ships.
I don't know anything about fixing them.
[beeps] Now, now, be careful.
She's a classic.
Mechanics really have to know what they're doing with such a ship.
Hallion, sir, my team are experienced professionals.
Have you ever met anyone from the First Order, Neeku? I've seen a stormtrooper before, but I mean, what do they look like under those helmets? Well, luckily, I have never seen a stormtrooper, but I would not want to look under their helmets.
Can you hand me the sub-loop spanner please? I mean I'm not saying that guy is First Order, but he does look pretty shady.
[electricity crackling] Ah! [grunts] Ah! Um [clears throat] Kaz, I was hoping that you could hand me the sub-loop spanner this time, because I asked for the sub-loop spanner and not this non-sub-loop spanner that you just handed me.
Sorry, sorry! My fault.
My mind was on spying I meant flying! Getting this ship flying.
Professionals, you say? You're in the best of hands, sir.
They just need another hour or so.
Look, I need to get off this station soon.
I'm in a hurry.
We'll have you out of here in no time.
[high-pitched feedback droning] Are you kidding me? [droning intensifies] Good.
My test was a success.
The feedback system's working great.
Uh, f feedback system? Maybe you'll be more comfortable waiting over here.
Ah, never mind.
I have some business to take care of.
I'll be back.
What is it with you? Have you ever worked on a ship before? Well, um I have a lot of experience working on new ships, not these old cobbled-together mishmashes.
Where did you say you're from again? I, uh, used to work on Coruscant at a ship factory of new ships.
A factory job on Coruscant? You expect us to believe you graduated from the Mechanic's Academy? Mechanic's Aca Ha! No! No, no, no, no, no.
I'm self-taught.
Yeah, that's obvious, all right.
How about you obviously get me a new set of plasma bolts? - [beeps] - I know, BB-8.
But I'm not really cut out for this.
I'm supposed to be spying anyway.
Payday, everyone.
Ooh, we made a good haul this cycle.
Um, Neeku, is this even enough for a meal? Half a meal.
[sighs] Yeager, I thought I'd be making a little more than this.
Stop right there.
It's time to get adjusted to life on the platform, kid.
I completely agree.
So, about my mission to find evidence on the First Order.
What did you tell Poe, hmm? Where do you think they are? Don't worry about that right now.
The mission I need you for is to go to Acquisitions, get the part, and get back here fast.
Got it? All right.
Deep cover.
Deeeeep cover.
[whispering] We'll talk later.
[beeps] [speaking in alien language] [beeping] I know, BB-8, but Poe gave me this mission, so don't you think it's important that I at least start spying? [beeps] So let's find the First Order.
- [beeps] - Don't worry.
We'll still get the part and do our real mission.
[beeping] [adventurous music] [beeps] [yelling in alien language] So many people on this platform.
What are you looking at? I'm looking at a dead man.
This could be something.
You'd better watch that kind of talk.
It's not good for your health.
[growls] I want what I'm owed.
We had a deal.
Shh, shh, shh.
Someone will hear you.
- We got something! - [beeps] How do you know they're not First Order? My boss Grevel always collects.
No exceptions! They're betting on the races? Hey! What are you looking at? Looks like you were right, BB-8.
I said what are you looking at? [grunts] Hey! Hey! Th That That That's the kid who lost to me at darts.
You never paid me! Um, here.
Here's a down payment.
Oh, it's a joke, huh? Well, I ain't laughin'! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Take it easy.
I just have to borrow some creds from my boss.
Get that little numnoid! Or not.
Move it, BB! After him! You want to be square with me? Get that kid! [dramatic orchestral music] [beeping] Yeah, I'm following! I'm following! [grunts] [droids speak indistinctly] Ow! There he is! - [grunts] - Get him! - Ah, great.
- [beeps] Ah You can't escape old Grevel, kid.
Look, this is just a giant misunderstanding.
Hey! Give that back! Oh.
This thing's made out of pure aurodium.
You have any idea how rare this is? Doesn't matter.
It's mine! Well, you know, this this would more than make up for what you owe me, plus interest.
[laughing] Give me that! Let me go! Aww.
I think he's getting a little angry, Grevel.
- [electricity crackles] - Ow! [gorgs twittering] Get Get Get it off me! Get it off me! Ha! Thanks! Don't just stand there! After him! Did he go He must have gone thataway.
Move it, ya skeevos! Whew! That was close, BB-8.
Oh, no! [box squeaking] Ugh! [grunts] Ah Whoa! [yelling] [grunts] [beeps] Acquisitions? Ha! Just like I planned.
[groans] Yeah.
There is a front door, you know.
Chute's a lot faster.
How can we help you, Kazzy? I need a ZX-19 compressor right away.
I'm a little behind schedule.
You? Behind schedule? [chuckling] I hope you got the credits this time, kid.
[gasps] That trophy Look at it, Orka.
It must be worth a fortune.
- So I've heard.
- Whoa.
That is nice.
Hey, you sold that, you know, you could live well for months here.
I'm talkin' best food, best everything, you know? How 'bout it, kid, you know? Hey, how much you want for it? You know? Sorry.
It's not for sale.
Oh, not again.
You're late.
Where have you been? I was coming, I swear! Look, look! Here's the compressor! Ow! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! [beeps] Where were you? It took longer than I expected.
[groans] Get that compressor installed now! As I've mentioned, it's very important I remain on schedule.
I have a very pressing meeting off-world, and I cannot be late! Uh, you sure you can handle that? I think I've got it covered.
Well, since you've got it covered, you turn it left to right, not right to left, but you've got it covered.
Oh, right.
I was just testing you.
[chuckles] Yes, Kragan.
No, no, trust me.
I've checked my sources.
We're all clear for a triple dark.
[comlink beeps] You finished yet? It's installed and good to go.
Hallion, sir.
[gasps] Idiot! Look what you did! Sorry, I I was just Forget it.
I need to leave, Yeager.
I'll take that out of your bill.
I'll take that out of Kaz's pay.
You had one thing to do.
You and I both know this isn't my only job.
But working here is part of your cover.
You can't fake it.
You need to get your head on straight, kid.
If anyone finds out who you really are, you're on your own.
What? You mean people wouldn't like it if they knew I was Resistance? Kaz, the average person doesn't even know about the Resistance.
But it's not the average person you need to be worried about.
[thunder rumbles] [solemn orchestral music] [beeping] You want to know why this thing's lucky, BB-8? Well, it's from the first race I ever won.
My dad didn't want me to compete, said I wasn't ready, but I proved him wrong then.
And like it or not, that's what I have to do now.
[beeping] I've gotta learn to be a spy, whatever that means, and help Poe and the Resistance.
I just hope this thing keeps bringing me good luck.
I don't think I would've survived that last race without it.
Hey, kid! Storm's coming soon.
You better get inside.
I'm okay.
A little rain doesn't bother me.
Yeah, it's gonna be a triple dark.
Triple dark? That's the second time I've heard that today.
What does that mean? It's a type of storm.
Low visibility.
Sometimes pirates use them for cover to attack the station.
[chuckles] No wonder Hallion wanted to leave.
He was trying to get out before the storm came.
I hope he and his buddy Kragan made it out all right.
[laughs] Don't worry.
Like I said, Kragan loves triple darks.
How so? Kragan Gorr? You know, the pirate! Wait a minute.
If Kragan's a pirate, Hallion was working for the pirates! He was a spy.
A pirate spy! No wonder he wanted to get out of here so fast.
We gotta warn everybody.
Come on, BB! [laughing] Oh, you're a slippery one.
You don't jerk ol' Grevel around! You had the chance to give me that trophy.
Woulda settled your debt.
But now now you are gonna hand it over, or I blast you and your droid! [beeps] [thunder rumbles, loud creaking] Pirates! [suspenseful orchestral music] Ah! It's Kragan! Platform defenses deployed.
Please head to the nearest designated shelter.
Platform defenses deployed.
Please head to the nearest designated shelter.
[turrets clank] Ready the flank.
Engage the power generators, and go for their fuel reserves.
Let's trash this place! [yelling] [whooping] [blaster fire] [explosion booms] Ah! [grunts] You're lucky this is happening, kid.
It is not over between us! We're about to get vaporized! Can you let it go already? All pilots to your stations.
All pilots to your stations.
[jets roaring] [ships whooshing] All right, Aces.
Don't let them take out the power generator.
Two on the east side, going for the fuel supply! [beeping] BB, hold the door! Hold the door! Ah! [grunts] Hi! [yelling] [both yelling] [beeping] [alarm buzzing] No! No, no, no, no! Hold the door! Hold the door! I can't! I I don't know how! [head pops] Yeah.
You're welcome.
[beeps] I told you this thing was lucky.
Platform defenses deployed.
Please head to the nearest designated shelter.
Platform defenses deployed.
Please head to the nearest designated shelter.
I've got a sleemo on my six.
Torra, I need backup.
Hold tight, Freya.
I got a nasty one on my tail too.
There's too many pirates.
They'll never hold them off! Come on, BB-8! I think I have an idea.
[beeps] [explosion booms] All right! There it is! Hallion's com.
[grunting] Pirates, join the east flank, and take out the generator.
[grunting] [beeps] Whoa! Why didn't you tell me you could do that? I hope I'm right about this.
The eastern side is open.
Go for the fuel storage! You heard Kragan.
Attack! BB-8, I was right.
The comlink is patched into the pirate's communications.
[high-pitched feedback droning] What the Ah! Make it stop! Make it stop! What is that? [gasping] Com interference? It's Hallion's channel.
Com system is is jammed.
The navigation is locked.
They're going to pick us off.
Get out of here! They're breaking off the attack.
I don't think it was all us.
Ace Squadron has forced the pirates back.
Repeat: The pirates have retreated.
BB-8, I think we just saved the station.
[beeps] Yeah.
We do make a good team.
Too busy to make it to a shelter? Shelter? I had work to do.
No time to hide.
You were probably so terrified, you couldn't move.
See for yourself.
[ship whirring] [engine turning over] [engine stalling] Uh-huh.
Is that what they taught you at your mechanic school? Working on your skills, I see? Yeager.
You were right.
I have a lot to learn.
Yes, you do, Kazuda.
There's a lot more than the First Order out here.
No kidding.
I didn't know there were pirate spies on the platform.
That guy Hallion was one of them.
I'll see you later, Kaz.
It's true! BB-8, tell him.
[beeps] Well, friend, then.
He was a pirate friend.
Associate? Accomplice.
It would seem the platform's defenses are more than a match for your pilots.
I am gravely disappointed, Kragan.
Perhaps you need to think about the bargain we struck and the consequences if you fail us.
Our inside agent made a tactical error.
But do not worry.
He will be properly punished.
When Major Vonreg and Commander Pyre first proposed the idea of collaborating with pirates, I was skeptical.
Since then, you have done little to prove me wrong.
We will take care of them, Phasma, just like you asked.
Pretty soon, Doza will be begging you to take control of the Colossus.