Star Wars Resistance (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Signal from Sector Six

1 [soft dramatic music] [all snoring] [mumbles] [snoring] Kaz, on your feet.
We've got an early start.
Okay, just, uh, five more minutes.
[beeping confirmation] [robot whirring] [horn blares] Oww! - [grunts] - [chuckles] Morning, Kaz.
You look, uh, well-rested.
Real funny.
I'm not even 20% awake right now.
So, Yeager, where are you guys going? Kaz has got a salvaging job.
Full day's work ahead of him.
Salvaging job? Didn't see that on the work list.
[yawns] [dispenser buzzes] Come on.
Come on.
- [beep booping] - Why are you so excited? The sun's not even up yet.
[groaning] Just my luck.
Machine's broken again.
[dispenser chimes] Aww, thanks, Tam.
Oh Aww.
So [yawns] Where'd you say we're going again? - I didn't.
- Great.
Just wake me up when we get to wherever.
[ship whooshes] [yawns] What's going on, Yeager? Where are we headed? You ask too many questions.
Sometimes you just have to let yourself be surprised.
What? Is that - Poe Dameron? - [beep boops] How you doing, buddy? Did you miss me? You know it! I was talking to BB-8.
[beep boops] [dramatic music] [soft dramatic music] What's Poe doing here, Yeager? - Am I in trouble? - Not yet anyway.
Dameron thought it'd be best to talk to you about your assignment off-world.
Okay, um, we docking somewhere? Nope.
We need to keep a low profile.
We can't exactly have an X-wing parked on the platform.
By the way, since your mission's been going so well, I brought you something.
You did? What is it? Is it for BB-8? Nah, it's for you, kid.
You might not have the best of the best in the Resistance, but what we got works well enough.
Whoa, thanks, Poe, but how am I gonna get in that? Are we gonna land? They taught you how to air-jump in the New Republic Navy, right? Yeah, in theory.
I've never actually done it.
Well, time to put that theory into practice.
CB-23, keep it steady.
[warbles] [tense music] Ahh.
[beep boops] [screams] Phew.
That wasn't so bad.
[warbles] Nice to meet you, CB-23.
I'm Kaz.
[warbles] Oh, you'd rather be flying with Poe? Nice.
At least you're honest.
Don't mind CB-23, kid.
She's a little particular.
[ships whirring] [beeps] BB-8, buddy! [beep boops] I missed you too, pal.
I hope you've been keeping Kaz out of trouble while I was away.
All right, kid, you ready? You have no idea how much I've been needing to fly.
So what happened with Doza? Your report said he was gonna make a deal with the First Order.
They wanna take over the Colossus, but I have no idea why, or what's in it for them.
Keep digging.
The First Order's up to something, and if we don't stop it There won't be a Resistance.
I know.
I'll do my best, Poe.
It's just I wasn't trained as a spy.
I was trained to be a pilot.
Don't worry.
You're on the right track, kid.
- You're doing great.
- I appreciate you coming all the way out here to talk with me, but why didn't you just send a transmission? Transmissions can be intercepted.
Besides, I'm like you.
I need to fly.
Thought you could stretch your wings a bit.
Ooh, there's an asteroid field up ahead.
- Let's have some fun.
- Oh, you know I'm game.
[soft dramatic music] Let me show you a trick.
A backwards tailslide.
[buttons beeping] [whooshing] Ha, see what I did there? Adjust the stabilizers, engage the throttle, and pull back on the stick.
I can do that in my sleep.
[ship thunks] [warbles] [groans] I was going too fast.
I didn't give myself time to arc.
[ship thunks] Aw, come on! [warbles] You're trying too hard.
Stop thinking about it.
[system beeping] [warbling] Distress signal? All the way out here? From who? It's coming from Sector Six, not too far away.
Looks like the fun's over.
We better investigate.
Right beside you, Poe.
There it is.
That's an old Darius G-class freighter.
Looks like a pirate raid gone bad.
There's a pirate ship still docked.
The other one got obliterated.
You picking up any life signs, BB-8? We got survivors? - [beep boops] - Several? Let's hope they're not the bad guys.
Let's move, kid.
There's a docking rail on the other side.
I didn't realize the Resistance fought pirates.
Listen, there are a lot of dangers out there in the galaxy.
When people are in need, we help, so keep your eyes open.
[metal creaking] Hello? Anyone? Hello? Which way, BB-8? [beep boops] Let's move.
We need to pick up those life signs.
Wonder what kind of cargo those pirates were after.
Gold, mythra, spice? Looks like they were transporting something alive.
Whatever they were after, they were either taken - or they escaped.
- [beep boops] [warbles] [thunk] Now don't be stuck up, CB-23.
BB-8 is just trying to be helpful.
- [low hum] - Don't worry, buddy.
I could never replace you.
She's just on loan from the Resistance till I get you back.
[roaring] - [squeaks] - What was that? Let's check it out.
[whirring, warbles] [thunk] [CB-23 and BB-8 whirring, beeping] Humanoid life signs coming this way? [muffled thunking] [gun clicks] - Move! It's coming! - It's too fast! Get down.
[growling] [pirates screaming] It It ate those pirates.
Better them than us.
What was that thing? [roars] I don't think we wanna find out.
Any guesses what that was? Rathtar, gundark, reek? Who knows? Come on, let's head this way.
[tense music] BB-8, you keeping track of those other life signs? [beep boops] We still have to find the crew.
What if that thing ate the crew? That's negative thinking, Kaz.
Never think the worst-case scenario.
I saw something.
[beep boops] [clattering] What is that? Shh.
[warbles] [vent creaking] - [screeches] - [screams] - I got you.
- [screams] - [screams] - [growls] Little creep! - You okay? - I'm fine.
Almost lost a couple of fingers, but no big deal.
What was that thing? Kowakian monkey lizards.
Biggest pain this side of the galaxy.
I hate those things! Hate 'em! [beep boops] Possible humanoid life reading? Good job, BB.
How faint? [beep boops] Sounds like whoever it is could be hurt.
[chuckles softly] [chuckling] [valve whooshes] [screams] Hey! Give me that! - Come back here, you! - Poe, wait! [screeches] [cackling] Why, you little [yelps] [screeches, laughs] I hate monkeys.
I hate them so much.
[yelping] Stop! [shouts] [chuckles] [screeches] Ow! [cackles] Poe? BB-8? CB-23? Anyone? [roaring] [ominous music] That is definitely not Poe.
[yelps] [monkey lizards cackling] No, no, no, no, no, no! [screams] [warbling] [screeching] Aw, come on! [screams] [beep booping] [warbles] [beep booping] [humming softly] [screaming] I'm glad you two are getting along, but how about a little help? [electricity fizzes] [screeches] [gunshots] [yelps] [both gasp] - Don't move.
- [squeaks] Yeah, go on! Get out of here! Like I said, I hate those things.
BB-8, any sign of that humanoid life form? [beep boops] Let's find him before that giant whatever-it-is does.
[tense music] [warbling, beep booping] Looks like CB found the source of those life scans.
[device chimes] Look.
Who is she? I wonder if she's part of the transport crew.
I bet she locked herself in here to escape that thing.
Her pulse is weak, but she's still alive.
[roaring] What should we do? We get her out of here.
[low growling] [beep boops] [growling] Probably just another monkey li [loud bang] Ah, didn't know they made them that big.
Me neither.
It looks well-fed.
[roars] [growling] Move it! Run! [growls, roars] Go, go! Don't look back! [crash] It's gaining on me, Poe! [beep boops] [dramatic music] [screams] [growls] It's gonna eat me! - Faster! - I'm trying! Go! I'll buy you some time.
[metal crashing] [roaring] [muffled roar] So that wasn't the best plan.
[groans] She's heavy! Very heavy [panting] [both beep booping] Gotta put her down.
No, no, no! Don't put her down.
Pick her up! Up! Let's go! [both beep booping] We're gonna make it! Go! Move! Move! [roars] [triumphant music] Well, we couldn't cut that any closer.
[beep boops] What's that? [system beeping] We got incoming ships? Pirates? Oh, no! They must be coming back to check on the others.
[dramatic music] Got one on my tail.
I got one on my tail! [CB-23 warbles] No, no.
Poe's got his own problems.
Don't worry, CB-23.
I know what to do.
- [warbles] - Trust me.
I can do this! I hope.
[explosion] - Yes! - Beautiful! They're breaking off.
They're leaving! - [warbles brightly] - Let's get you home.
Time to meet up with Yeager.
[soft dramatic music] [system beeping] Keep it steady, Yeager.
We got a survivor.
A survivor of what? Pirate attack.
You've gotta be kidding me.
What is it with you, Poe? - Always bringing home strays.
- Don't worry.
This one doesn't need to join your crew.
Yeah, I got enough friends as it is.
But we couldn't just leave her behind.
Take her back, get her to a med-droid, and when she heals up, send her on her way.
This is a bad idea bringing her back to the Colossus.
Well, Kaz, good job.
Thanks, Poe.
Check in as soon as you have updates on Doza and the First Order.
Compared to what I went through today, that should be no problem.
BB-8, I'll see you soon, buddy.
[beep boops] [warbles] [beep boops] [groans] Where Where am I? [grunts] [beep boops] It's okay.
We don't wanna fight.
We just wanna help.
Oh, my head.
You're still a little woozy.
Sit back.
What's your name? - Synara.
- I'm Kaz.
- This is Yeager and BB-8.
- [beep boops] We're mechanics from Castilon.
Some, uh, pilots found you.
And Yeager and I volunteered to bring you in.
No, I didn't.
So, what exactly happened back there? I don't know.
There was a pirate raid.
A giant, crazed monkey broke loose.
It attacked, and, I locked myself in a crate for protection.
That's all I can remember.
We're taking you back to the Colossus, straight to a medical droid.
The Colossus? I mean, will they let me on board? I don't have any identification.
Everything I had was stolen by those pirates.
Don't worry.
We'll register you.
It's the least we can do.
[foreboding music] [engine whirring down] [soft dramatic music] [beep boops] - Yes, just one.
- [beep boops] Name is Synara.
[beep boops] [low warbling] Don't worry, Synara.
Yeager and I took care of everything.
I know this place can be a bit overwhelming at first, but you'll get used to it, just like I did.
Kaz, was it? I kind of like to keep to myself.
But thanks again for everything.
You've helped me more than you can realize.
[beep boops] [clears throat] Looks like your friend isn't sticking around.
And after all the trouble we went through.
Maybe she just needs some time - like I did.
- Huh.
Remember, Kaz, whatever happens, know that you are responsible.
Well, you're responsible for me and things are working out, right? Right? Synara, where is everyone? I sent you in to steal that freight.
The freight devoured your pirates, Kragan, except me.
I am the only one who survived that mess.
Where are you now? Believe it or not, I am on the Colossus.
You got captured? No, rescued.
This kid mistook me for the crew and got me registered.
Maybe this will turn out better than stealing cargo.
Our little mishap might just work to our advantage.
Stay put and blend in.
I'll have an assignment for you soon.
[ominous music]