Star Wars Resistance (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Secrets and Holograms

1 [wind howling] [beeping] Yeah, Bucket, believe me, I know.
I didn't have much of a choice.
Kaz needed the Fireball.
[beeps] And I'm sure Tam will find out, in about four three two one Yeager! Where is it? You loaned it to him, didn't you? - [beeping] - Now, hold on a second, Tam.
The Fireball is still technically my ship.
[scoffs] Well, regardless of whoever technically owns it, Kaz isn't gonna get very far without this.
- Wait, is that? - Yep.
He flew off before I could replace all of the broken stabilizers.
Did it ever occur to you that I didn't want the Fireball flown because it's not fixed? Oh, no.
[dramatic music] [ship whirring] [beeps] Don't worry, BB-8.
I did a quick run-through of all the ship systems.
We'll rendezvous with Poe in no time.
[engine sputtering] Okay.
This is fine.
Totally normal.
The Fireball just needs to warm up.
[chuckles] As long as the stabilizers are holding.
[beeps] What? They're offline? Nothing's holding? Oh, come on! The readouts are malfunctioning too? Okay, BB, we're in trouble.
I don't think we're gonna make it to Poe in time.
[beeping] [gasps] I think this is it, BB.
It was great knowing you.
[dramatic music] Come on! Don't explode on me! Don't explode! [readout beeping] Yeah, we're gonna explode.
[dramatic music] Ah, Poe! Finally! Don't worry, kid, we've got you in a tractor beam.
Ease off the accelerator.
We'll take you in from here.
I thought we were fried for sure.
I'll have some mechanics take a look at your ship while we're having our little debriefing.
I still can't believe you're flying that death trap.
[uplifting music] Whew.
Too close.
I hope they can fix the Fireball.
- [beeps] - Yeah.
You're right, BB.
It's probably unfixable.
There he is.
BB-8, I told you Kaz wouldn't blow up as long as you're around.
- Yeah.
Wait, what? - [beeps] Ha.
I missed you too, buddy.
[beeping] [beeping] [beeping] [beeps] - [beeps] - [beeps] All right, all right, you two love droids.
There'll be plenty of time to catch up.
So, what have you got for me, Kaz? A copy of the First Order's proposal to Doza.
Decrypted and ready to go.
You're doing great work for the Resistance, kid.
In fact, the boss wants to see you.
Wait, General Organa is is here? [mysterious music] [door whizzes] General.
You remember Kaz.
One of our spies.
He brought that First Order proposal as promised.
Haven't you, Kaz? Oh.
Um, yes.
Right here, ma'am.
Excellent work, Kazuda.
I'll have my team analyze this immediately.
Based on your reports, we've calculated a possible flight path through the Unknown Regions that could lead to a First Order outpost.
Really? What kind of outpost? That's what I'm gonna find out.
You want to come along, kid? Uh, me? Go with you? Hey, my mission, so I pick my wingman.
That means a lot.
But remember, Poe, your mission is reconnaissance only.
Do not engage the enemy.
Am I clear? Of course, General.
You know me.
I am not one to engage unless provoked.
That's why I'm going to say it again.
Do not engage the enemy.
[door hisses] [ships whirring] You ready for this? [chuckles] Never really ready for anything, but that hasn't stopped me yet.
Ah, that's the spirit, kid.
Now you're thinking like a Resistance pilot.
Yeah, well, still not used to this life-or-death-situation stuff.
That's good, 'cause I'm not either.
You never get used to it.
So What are we looking for exactly? We'll know it when I see it.
[readout beeps] Wait a second.
I'm picking up something manmade.
[dramatic music] [devices beeping] It's a beacon of some kind.
For marking a path.
Isn't that nice of them? [beeping continues] [beeps] BB-8 is picking up something big.
A ship maybe.
Power down to avoid detection.
Let's drift in.
They'll think we're asteroids.
[ships whirring] What do you think it is? Some kind of First Order station.
[beeps] Nice work, CB-23.
Looks like there are no life-forms aboard.
No active droids either.
- Power on, we're gonna land.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
General Organa said surveillance only.
Remember? We are doing surveillance.
From the inside.
[ominous music] Wow.
What is this place for? This is the biggest installation I've seen 'em build yet.
Seems a little too easy.
[echoing] What if the First Order comes back? CB-23, fly these ships out, and hide 'em in that asteroid field, just in case anyone decides to show up.
I'll call you when we need a pickup.
[beeping] [engine humming] [doors hiss] All right, let's look around, find out what this place is.
[mysterious music] Know how to use one of these things? Yeah, yeah, I had some target practice in the Navy, with, uh, simulated weapons.
Simulated weapons? What does that even mean? Like you pretend to shoot something? Well, yeah.
But I was good at it.
Well, this is real, Kaz.
Things could actually try to shoot you, so you actually have to shoot back.
[door hisses] Uh, I'm still not clear what we're looking for.
See if you can find some kind of computer terminal where we can access their records.
[beeping] [intense music] [beeps] [beeping] How about this one right here? BB-8, plug in to see what you can find out.
[beeps] What's not good? This station isn't abandoned.
It's being prepped for demolition.
Demolition? When? BB, find out.
[beeps] Oh, no.
We just lost power to the terminal.
We need to find a control room.
Uh, what is that? I thought there weren't any active droids here.
That one looks pretty active.
[beeps] [electricity crackles] We better find that control room fast.
Yeah, I don't think he's gonna give us directions.
[blaster fire] Whoa! Ah! [yelping] [whimpering] [blaster fire] [dramatic music] Whoa! Ah! Can you pretend-shoot something already? Well, I haven't seen you hit it! So much for no engagement.
Nah, this droid doesn't count.
It will if we set off an alarm.
See, that's why I like you, Kaz.
Always with the positive thoughts.
Trust me, we didn't set off an alarm.
[dramatic music] [alarm blaring] Captain Phasma, you wanted to see me? Yes.
Station Theta-Black is scheduled for demolition today.
How does that concern me? You and I will be accompanying the demolition crew.
We have intruders on that station.
Resistance? We shall find out.
Gather your squadron, Major.
We leave at once.
[mysterious music] Poe? I think we should leave.
The First Order could be here any minute.
You don't know that for sure.
We need to figure out what this station is used for.
[beeps] [beeping] What? You agree with Kaz? You're supposed to agree with me.
Well, that's because he knows when I'm on a mission, it never goes according to plan! [beeps] [TIEs screaming] [beeps] [beeping] This is a big station, Poe.
We're gonna get lost! You worry too much.
Worse things could happen.
- [beeps] - Ow! [beeping] Don't tell me.
Worse things just happened.
The First Order's here.
[TIEs screaming] [ominous music] [door hisses] The hangars are all empty, Captain Phasma.
Perhaps the intruders already left.
There are life signs moving through the upper levels.
Probably just scavengers, Captain.
I have no interest in your theories.
Scour the upper floors.
Find them.
Spread out the explosives.
I want this station completely destroyed.
What are they doing with all of those explosives? You read it yourself.
This place is slated for demolition.
They're trying to get rid of any evidence of what they're doing down here.
Now we have to find out what's going on.
Place them at each quadrant.
Not a shred of evidence must be left.
BB-8, find that control room.
[beeping] [beeps] [beeps] Great job, buddy.
This is it.
- [beeps] - Let's tap in.
I'm not finding anything, just lots of encrypted data.
Junk transmissions, some kind of log.
I think I have it.
This place is actually a mining and processing station.
That makes perfect sense.
They're mining the asteroids for dedlanite.
Two hundred million keels of the stuff.
What's dedlanite? That's what they use to make blasters.
That's a lot of blasters.
BB-8, copy the data.
[beeps] [device clanking] Okay, Kaz.
Now we're getting out of here.
CB-23, stand by for pickup.
Wait for my signal.
[dramatic music] [beeps] [cymbal shimmering] Whoa! Oh.
Lower your blasters.
Take it easy, fellas.
I don't want to engage you.
I said lower your blasters now! Not engaging you.
Not engaging you.
Just pointing my blaster at these explosives.
I think that's technically engaging if you shoot the explosives.
Final warning! Put your blasters down now! - Kaz.
- Yeah.
Prepare to engage.
Don't move! Not moving.
No, keep backing up.
Back up! When a trooper with a blaster tells me not to move, I tend not to move.
Just move down the hallway.
[suspenseful music] Troopers are behind us now.
Doesn't matter, just a few more steps.
Drop your weapons! Now! On the ground! Not yet.
Guys, if you know what's good for you, you'll let me and my friends walk out of here.
Terminate them on my mark.
[intense music] [blaster fire] - Run! - Whoa! [explosion booms] Captain Phasma, they're on level two, heading back towards the main hangar.
We have them.
Follow me.
[coughs] [screams] [blaster fire] [grunts] [beeps] [yells] Move, BB! [screams] Yah! [sighs] I think the hangar's this way.
Come on! - [beeps] - You're right.
The other way.
Get him! [ominous music] Faster, BB-8! [blaster fire] [yelps] [machinery whirring] [grunts] [grunts] Figured I needed to do the saving for once.
You know? Just to be fair.
I'm fine with that.
Bring those birds in fast, 23.
[beeping] [dramatic music] [blaster fire] [beeps] Don't let them escape.
Move! Now's our chance.
[blaster fire] Ah! Whew! [grunts] [yells] Troopers, return to the shuttle.
We are detonating this station at my command.
[dramatic music] [TIEs screaming] [blaster fire] It's him! We need cover, Poe.
We're sitting ducks out here.
Bank left.
[blaster fire] Ah! This isn't good! [grunts] Can't shake them.
Hold tight, kid.
I got you.
[TIEs screaming] Thanks, Poe.
I needed that.
[beeps] He's on me, Poe.
He's too fast! Stay with me, kid.
We can outrun him.
[blaster fire] [TIEs screaming] Bank now! Vonreg, break off your attack.
I almost have them.
If you don't break off now, you'll die with them.
Blow the station.
Now! They're turning away.
Where are they going? [dramatic music] There's your answer.
Let's get out of here.
[explosion booming] I'm not gonna make it.
I'm not gonna make it.
We need to jump out of here! Not with those asteroids.
Now, move! Kaz! Kaz! BB-8! Come in! [uncertain music] - [beeping] - I know, CB.
Kaz, can you hear me? BB-8, come in.
Do you read? Kaz! BB-8, talk to me! Loud and clear.
[uplifting music] Kid! Whoo! That was close.
You used the asteroid as a shield? I'm impressed! You're smarter than you look.
I have my moments.
[beeping] Yeah, I know I don't have that many.
But let me have this one.
[beeps] You earned it, kid.
Let's get back to base.
So, as you can see from the intel we gathered, the First Order is clearly making weapons.
A lot of weapons.
It would seem so.
If the other senators are anything like my father, there is no way they're gonna believe the First Order is a threat just because of this intel.
You're right, Kazuda, considering so many of them are profiting from the creation of these weapons.
But while this information might not be important to the Senate, it's invaluable to me and my efforts.
Well, I'm just glad I can help in any way that I can be a part of your resistance.
Kaz, the Resistance doesn't belong to me alone.
I help guide it, but everyone can play a part in it, just like you are now.
I never thought of it that way.
I wish we had more like you, because if what I believe the First Order is planning, we're gonna need all the help we can get.
I think there are a lot of people who would help if they knew what was at stake.
I hope you're right, Kazuda.
I hope you're right.
[dramatic music]